Turin is a key global center for Aerospace and Advanced Hardware. It’s the main hub in Italy, fourth in Europe and seventh largest in the World.

With an ecosystem of more than 160 aerospace companies and more than 12.300 workers, Turin is the ultimate city to pair the expertise of Aerospace tradition with top-notch agile upstream and downstream startups.

Plug and Play Turin

Takeoff Accelerator is a custom program that invests a pre-seed/seed ticket every year to eight to ten early-stage startups in the Aerospace and Advanced Hardware industry.

The Takeoff Accelerator is an initiative formed by CDP Venture Capital, UniCredit, Fondazione CRT through Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT and powered by Plug and Play as an accelerator and co-investor to provide a unique financing and business opportunity for startups to thrive in the Italian ecosystem.

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Our Aerospace Focus Areas:

  • Upstream
  •   • Satellites
      • Rockets
      • Launchers
      • Space Infrastructure
      • Space Exploration
  • Downstream and Applications
  •   • Satellite-related SW
      • Astronaut Assistance
      • Space Manufacturing
      • Applications enabled by Earth Observation
      • GNSS
      • TLC satellites
  • Aeronautics and Advanced Air Mobility
  •   • Connected fleet
      • Data-driven Digital Services
      • Training and Maintenance Services
      • Digital Twin

Our Advanced Hardware Focus Areas:

  • Sensing
  •   • Smart sensors (electrical/ image/ environmental/ motion/ proximity/ presence)
      • Lidar Sensors
  • Computing
  •   • New cloud infrastructure
      • Semiconductors
      • Edge Computing
      • Silicon Photonics
      • Quantum
  • B2B applications
  •   • Asset monitoring
      • Tracking and Predictive Maintenance
      • Remote assistance
      • M2M connectivity
      • Robotics
      • Data Centers
      • HVAC
      • Power Management
      • Exoskeletons
      • Embedded security

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