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  • TOM Robotics Logo
    TOM Robotics

    Company Description
    TOM Robotics is an Austrian Deep-Tech Startup in the field of automotive and robotics. Our goal is to provide a cooperative perception service to OEMS and TIER1 that enables autonomous cars to share perception information to improve their safety, performance and perceived safety by the passengers in order to drive the acceptance of autonomous driving. • High Accuracy Positioning – TOM Robotics leverages high accuracy positioning services to globalize sensor data from connected vehicles in a way that they can be shared with other connected vehicles. • 5G Low-Latency Communication – All information is shared via 5G Low-latency communication protocols such that highly-dynamic information can be shared for decision making. • Trustworthiness – TOM Robotics maintains trustworthiness of the information shared with other traffic participants through their trust-building algorithms.
  • Switch EV Logo
    Switch EV
    Switch EV Logo
    Switch EV

    Company Description
    Switch is founded by Marc Mültin, the leading global authority on interoperability and ISO 15118. The company is backed by Link Ventures from Norway and a number of family offices and angels in California, Brazil, Slovenia and the UK. Based in London, Switch is now a team of 25 leading engineers and business developers, and will be launching its flagship charger management suite, Sara, in Q3 2022. Its operating system Josev enables the future of 2.0.1 charger capability, including plug-and-charge, V-2-G, V-2-X, predictive maintenance and true "smart charging". Our clients include leading charger manufacturers, mobility providers and OEMs.
  • CAPSolar Logo

    Company Description
    CAPSolar develops high-performance vehicle-integrated solar modules for electric vehicles. Accompanied by proprietary dynamic charge controllers, they significantly extend the range of electric vehicles while optimizing the fleet management of mobility companies. As the mobility industry moves toward Electric Vehicles (EVs), CAPSolar are committed to power them with an accessible, affordable and clean energy source. Whether the vehicle needs extra range, longer battery life or a clean energy source for daily commuting, they develop flexible, high efficiency solar modules with customers' needs in mind.
  • Neuron Logo

    Company Description
    Neuron is a London-based technology company utilising distributed ledger technology to connect the next generation of intelligent transportation systems. Their network can be used to enable drone deliveries, to share data between e-bike providers and to connect vehicles to smart technology Their API's provide developers with tools for sharing and monetising data in a secure, permissioned environment allowing for frictionless integration and resilient automation of critical processes. Neuron provides the benefits of blockchain, with the performance of the cloud, and the economics of a marketplace. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from the network, please reach out to out team
  • itselectric Logo

    Company Description
    itselectric is electric vehicle (EV) charging purpose-built for cities across the US, unlocking access to clean vehicles for millions of drivers who park their cars on the street - and we share with our neighbors. Their curbside charging posts are sturdy enough to survive in the toughest urban environments, with a minimal footprint and plug-and-play charging. itselectric’s unique business model utilizes existing, privately owned electrical infrastructure, ensuring rapid scaling and an equitable transition to the new electrified economy.
  • VoiceMe Logo

    Company Description
    In an always more contactless world, arises the necessity of a new model of digital trust. VoiceMe enables people, companies and objects to interact between each other through a simple interface and in an ultra-secured way opening the door to a new generation of services. Users can create their profile in a few seconds and use it to access all applications and services compatible with VoiceMe.
  • Sonatus Logo

    Company Description
    Sonatus helps automakers transform vehicles into “data centers on wheels'' with next-generation architectures capable of supporting the most advanced future mobility use cases. Leveraging our extensive software-defined expertise, we build scalable vehicle and cloud software solutions that orchestrate vehicle behavior dynamically—without requiring software updates—and can be integrated in as little as a year. Sonatus dynamic In-Vehicle Infrastructure, Data Management, and Automation solutions form the foundation for digitally dynamic vehicles that evolve and adapt in real-time — empowering automakers to innovate faster, reduce complexity and costs, and become more agile.
  • Route Konnect Logo
    Route Konnect
    Route Konnect Logo
    Route Konnect

    Company Description
    Route Konnect's sensors and analytics tools offer intelligent, real-time insights into the movement within our cities – saving time, resources and our planet. Route Konnect’s are developing an edge processing solution to process real-time sensor data to gain insights into movements within cities with the product “Road Konnect”. Such insights include: vehicle speeds, vehicle classification, vehicle counts, pedestrian counts and pedestrian movements heat maps. The company is currently exploring the use cases of such technology and deploy their software within a real world environment to test and validate system performance against defined use cases. Their technology is at TRL7 as it has received funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to develop innovations via the Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG).
  • DeepDrive Logo

    Company Description
    DeepDrive is developing a standardised vehicle platform for all car bodies. This will be the first fully modular, completely flat vehicle platform. The platform combines all driving functions – new players can build on top whatever they want. Using the platform results in ~50% less development costs of a new vehicle concept and >24 months faster time to market. Their core innovation lies in the highly innovative in-wheel motor system which is efficient, compact & powerful and cost-efficient (patents pending). The first motor prototypes are finalised and working. Their full platform prototype to be finalised in September.
  • Cubiq Logo

    Company Description
    Cubiq enables access to car manufacturer production raw data. We identify e.g. safety relevant features and transfer them in to harmonized and comparable format to enable insurer to understand the risk impact of latest vehicle technology and to reward customers for saver vehicles with lower premiums. We aim to develop a vehicle safety score for consumer but can also provide other meaningful information such as CO2 related data. Our data can also be used to optimize convenience for customers, to digitalize customer journeys, to optimize motor claims and to enter new distribution channels or to optimize existing.
  • Meep Logo

    Company Description
    Meep has the mission of providing solutions to promote a better connection between society and transport. And because of that, Meep has created a mobile application (iOs & Android) that integrates all available modes of transport into a single platform. Users can combine different modes of transport in one route, search for transport, reserve and pay in one transaction, eliminating the need for several apps. They can also select travel preferences that are incorporated into suggested routes. Meep has its own app as well as white-label solutions, which shows all transport nearby to a current location and contains a journey planner. Meep has also developed MeePath - a proprietary analytics tool that employs artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights for public and private providers. By the end of 2020 Meep will be present in +11 cities and 4 of them will be Agency-branded solutions. Currently in: Malta, Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza and Cyprus. Which goals or milestones have you reached so far? Are there details you would highlight as achievements to date? 2018: 3 cities deployment, 2 testing cities, 2 ticketing and 2 research projects 2019: 6 cities deployment, 4 testing cities, 2 pilots urban mobility + long distance. Full integration of several operators (plan, book and pay). 2020: 11 cities deployment, 4 of them Agency-branded solutions. 2 projects urban mobility + long distance. Presence in Malta, Lisboa, Málaga, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla and Cyprus. 2021: 27 cities deployment, 11 of them Agency-Branded. Expansion to Asia and Latam. Deck(s): Video(s):
  • OVO Automotive Logo
    OVO Automotive
    OVO Automotive Logo
    OVO Automotive

    Company Description
    Auto makers, Google, and Apple participate in a battle to control the last unconquered screen — the in-vehicle dashboard/Infotainment system — for direct interaction with captive audience and monetizing from connected vehicle services. OVO provides a cloud based connected car platform, using an original app delivery method to the in-vehicle screen, thus enabling customer interaction which is independent of automakers and Apple/Google, so fleet owners, car dealers, smart mobility service players and connected car service providers can start interacting directly with their own customers, on the go. OVO closed a commercial agreement with one of the leading Israeli car importers and in pilots with other European customers in the rental, car-sharing, car-as-a-service, smart parking and EV charging businesses. OVO was founded in 2019 by experienced entrepreneurs with successful track record in cyber security and cloud native service delivery at scale in the Telco and Enterprise spaces.
  • Mobito Logo

    Company Description
    Their objective at Mobito Technology is to render the complex process of exchanging and utilizing mobility data simple. Mobito enables businesses to improve their offering by accessing external data and help them advance their data strategy by making better use and monetizing their own data. They are focused on serving the external data needs of Automotive OEMs and Automotive Insurance companies and building data coverage in the categories that match these data needs. For data providers, Mobito offers a controlled way of sharing and monetizing their data in a trackable way. For companies that consistently rely on accessing external data, they take care of sourcing, integrating, preparing and delivering sought after data in an efficient way. The data categories that they already cover include: weather, air quality, mobile location data, vehicle data, individual fleets' data, road quality and traffic data.
  • Vianova Logo

    Company Description
    Vianova uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. Vianova is developing the essential data layer between cities and mobility operators, for them to collaborate seamlessly. They replace regulation playbooks with APIs, lowering enforcements costs and increasing mobility services efficiency. Thanks to aggregated mobility data, cities can monitor real-time compliance of vehicles and better understand their impacts on the streets network. Vianova works on building more liveable streets by becoming the control tower of the connected mobility world.
  • Ryd Logo

    Company Description
    ThinxNet is a fast-growing Startup based in Munich. With „ryd“ we created a solution bringing the connectivity to all cars and we created the first user-driven platform offering highly attractive services and benefits to users and partners. We use cloud-based, state-of-the-art technology to pursue our vision of making our streets a safer and more efficient place. Big Data Analytics and an innovative business model help us to achieve our goal and make our vision real, led by an experienced management team.
  • Kruzr Technology Solutions Logo
    Kruzr Technolo…
    Kruzr Technology Solutions Logo
    Kruzr Technology Solutions

    Company Description
    Kruzr is world’s first technology-powered driving assistant designed to help drivers understand and mitigate the avoidable risks they face on the road. This preventive motor insurance technology helps insurance companies understand their risk exposure accurately, create personalized insurance policies, and help their customer be safer on roads, helping them improve their claims ratio. Kruzr's risk measurement is the most comprehensive driving safety index, which not just measures acceleration, braking, turns, and speeding, but also captures distractions and fatigue levels of the driver. However, we not only measure what the driver is doing but also capture what the real-time traffic and weather conditions the driver has to encounter. This makes Kruzr's safety index truly contextual and comprehensive, making it more meaningful and useful for underwriting and actuarial purposes. But the true innovation we've brought in is that we analyze the risk in real-time to identify the critical
  • Cereverse Logo

    Company Description
  • Omniscope Logo

    Company Description
    Omniscope is a Deep Biotech whose technology decodes the immune system in High Definition to inform therapy and develop diagnostics through the convergence of immune cell sequencing, digital biomarkers, and artificial intelligence.
  • The CyberFish Logo
    The CyberFish

    Company Description
    Playing cyber crisis simulation games, with an additional focus on soft skills, such as team cohesion, crisis communications, decision-making increase personal resiliency of team members. Building the muscle memory for collaboration decreases individual stress levels, improves team resilience, and has a positive impact on the effectiveness of strategies used, when having to face a real crisis together. We help you exercise your crisis team's collaboration via our platform's immersive cyber incident game simulations, specifically designed to reflect your industry cyber threat landscape. Our clients pick the scenario most relevant to their threat landscape, we get their teams crisis-ready. Our simulations are used by our clients to help them as part of a regular crisis exercising compliance routine, but we have also exercised large cyber security decision-makers as part of their team-building events, and helped critical national infrastructure providers work with their supply chain partners more effectively and think together in terms of cyber security vulnerabilities and build a joint response capacity. We offer facilitated and automated exercises, via our platform Resilience Dojo, which is the go-to resource to crisis management and business continuity teams in the UK and beyond.
  • Prometheus Technologies Logo
    Prometheus Tec…
    Prometheus Technologies Logo
    Prometheus Technologies

    Company Description
    Prometheus Technologies develops a plug-and-play investment platform enabling fintech partners to offer institutional-grade investing to their customers. It is AI-driven and delivers personalized ESG and Impact investing using machine learning techniques for alpha generation. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in San Jose, California.
  • Skinive Logo

    Company Description
    Deep Learning company desing and develop AI&CV-based skin health screening solution (API, Web & Mobile Apps) using smartphone cameras for home and professional use at the dermatologist level and without the need for expensive equipment. Skinive 'solution supports: - More accurate identification of skin conditions and risk assessment, leading to better health outcomes and reduced treatment cost - Less onward referrals to secondary care, reducing strain on specialist clinics and lowering the costs of finding skin diseases.
  • NoID Solutions Ltd Logo
    NoID Solutions…
    NoID Solutions Ltd Logo
    NoID Solutions Ltd

    Company Description
    Private and secure encrypted email. We protect email, what you write, what you read, what you attach, we encrypt email, files and more adding privacy, security and intelligence so you can do more with email than just email. We build and supply server software to run your own Email server which encrypts email "On send" and decrypts "On receipt". If you value privacy, data security and want to be free of monitoring, tracking, fraud and reputational risk then our products and services are for you. Traditional email was designed in 1971 before privacy and security were considered. Today 300 billion emails are sent each day and multiple parties have access to those messages due to their plain text format. We are a Privacy and Cybersecurity business headquartered in Malta Europe, operating wherever our customers and users are. Today a growing, globally experienced team of 15 are developing and delivering solutions for the world we live in now and the future. The multi-national senior team have delivered multiple software and internet products and services since the late 90’s with over 100 man-years of application (Software/Web/App) development, Legal, Banking, Sales, Business Development, Operations, Support and Quality Assurance experience.
  • RegTick Logo

    Company Description
    Regtick is a visually intuitive software platform which simplifies the management of complex regulatory and compliance programmes so that organisations can reduce cost, improve control and collaboration and evidence compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis. Unlike existing platforms Regtick’s intuitive visual approach makes it easy to see actual progress in real time. Regtick is pushing the boundaries of visualisation software, creating our own technologies giving the user oversight of their end goal of compliance and the ability to zoom in on the specific detail of any given task. Unlike existing platforms, Regtick’s intuitive, visual approach pushes the boundaries of visualisation software, creating new governance reporting systems. Giving the client not only clear oversight of their compliance needs and a fully audited history of interactions but also providing real-time transparency and simple clear workflow between teams. Regtick uniquely sits across risk, regulatory, compliance and governance silos. Regtick leverages cutting edge UX design and visualisations embedding first-hand knowledge of how regulatory change programmes succeed and fail within the financial services-regulatory community. At Regtick “we take the complex out of compliance”.
  • Secure Elements Ltd Logo
    Secure Element…

    Company Description
    Secure Elements presents an Integrated Product Cybersecurity Platform for MaaS companies to design cyber secure systems. The platform offers design, engineering and management capabilities to secure the product throughout it’s lifecycle, in compliance with ISO 21434 and UN ECE R155/R156.
  • PharmaTrace Logo

    Company Description
    PharmaTrace is a blockchain based ecosystem where the pharmaceutical industry works together to do better business based on a common distributed ledger. It is secure, fast, efficient, trustful, agile, cross-interactive, cost-saving and easy to install. Our ecosystem is built on a decentralized network, utilizing the latest blockchain technology, thus providing high-level data security, complete traceability and simplified process pathways at both local and global levels. Our bleeding edge platform leverages the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to protect supply chains, data exchange and integrity, in transaction channels, while also providing cost saving models and business operation upscale. At PharmaTrace, we are the technical foundation to network the entire Healthcare Ecosystem for increased security and efficiency throughout the system.
  • Logo

    Company Description is building next generation platform that will enable non-experts to build 3D assets for variety of use-cases including e-commerce, games, XR, brands, retail, and Human-Machine interface. We can create high-quality models of a wide range of furniture, shoes, clothing, and other consumer goods.
  • ThroughPut Logo
    ThroughPut Logo

    Company Description is a Silicon Valley-based supply chain startup that puts industrial material flow on autopilot leveraging existing enterprise data. Being dubbed the "Next Wave of Supply Chain Technology" by FreightWaves, ThroughPut’s ELI software predicts demand, reorients production capacity, reassigns warehouse space, and reorders materials just-in-time, so businesses minimize overpromising & under-delivering. On a single "super-connector" software that sits on top of existing data architecture, ELI improves material flow and free cash flow, across the entire end-to-end value chain.
  • The Cool Corporation Logo
    The Cool Corpo…

    Company Description
    Cool is a CO2 utilization startup that begun at the University of Cambridge. They believe CO2 represents a source of carbon that can be used to make valuable materials. By making advanced carbon materials from CO2 they aim to close the carbon cycle, permanently. Their unique technology is permanently carbon negative, profitable and scalable. Their end product is an advanced forms of carbon that has applications in construction, aerospace, defence, and more. By installing on-site CO2 refinery, they can decarbonise industrial point source plants. The end products are sold to industry, ofsetting the carbon capture cost and making emissions reductions profitable.
  • Strayos Logo

    Company Description
    Strayos is a 3D visual intelligence platform that creates digital twins of sites using AI and data gathered by drones, satellites, scanners, smart drills & sensors etc. Strayos software helps Mining and Quarry blasting operators to reduce cost, improve productivity and safety by providing highly accurate survey data analytics. Strayos proprietary platform increases mining company ROIs, by automating tasks, directly reducing overhead and enabling enterprises to make actionable decisions from drone data.
  • Electrified Thermal Solutions Logo
    Electrified Th…
    Electrified Thermal Solutions Logo
    Electrified Thermal Solutions

    Company Description
    Burning fossil fuels to generate heat and electricity on-demand produces an enormous amount of carbon emissions. Wind and solar are cleaner but intermittent and can only deliver electricity, not the 1700-2000°C needed for intense industrial processes and to run efficient compressed-gas turbines. A technology that converts intermittent electricity into constant high heat could transform the energy industry. Known options to store renewable electricity thermally—such as hydrogen, hot rocks, carbon blocks, or molten salts—are capital-intensive, not very efficient, or both. There is an urgent need for highly efficient, cost-effective options to produce carbon-free heat for steel and cement production and on-demand electricity for the grid. Electrified Thermal Solutions is developing an energy storage technology that stores renewable electricity as 2000°C heat. Based on novel, low-cost conductive ceramics, this easily deliverable, zero-carbon heat is the most efficient and cost-effective option to replace fossil fuels in industrial plants and turbine power plants. ETS’s technology, the Joule Hive, can store gigawatt-hours of excess renewable energy as 2000°C heat more efficiently and cheaply than competitive thermal storage technologies.
  • O.C.O Technology Logo
    O.C.O Technolo…
    O.C.O Technology Logo
    O.C.O Technology

    Company Description
    O.C.O Technology has developed a Carbon Capture and Utilization technology that gives value to waste streams like bottom ashes, sewage boiler ashes and other combustion waste, and turns it into manufactured aggregates (Manufactured-LimeStone, or M-LS) while capturing CO2 in the process. The technology, called Accelerated Carbonation Technology or ACT, uses carbon dioxide gas and requires very little energy inputs — but rather relies on the high reactivity of the waste material.
  • ecoLocked Logo

    Company Description
    ecoLocked is dedicated to achieving a gigaton of CO2 impact using the power of biocarbon. We provide a set of biocarbon-enhanced, CO2-reduced "ecoLocked materials" to help decarbonize heavy industries. Our products substitute CO2-intensive materials like cement while also providing negative emissions from the conversion of organic waste into biocarbon—thus locking away carbon for thousands of years. In addition, ecoLocked materials are lighter, water-absorbant, and provide superior qualities in sound and thermal insulation. Beyond building materials, our biocarbon has great properties for soil improvement, flood protection, animal feed, water filtration, and diverse industrial applications
  • Concrete4Change Logo

    Company Description
    Using our technology concrete, pre-cast and cement manufacturers, contractors and developers can meet the 2030 and 2050 net-zero targets. Net-Zero Target Using our technology concrete, pre-cast and cement manufacturers, contractors and developers can meet the 2030 and 2050 net-zero targets. Market Advantage Our cost effective, innovative, environmentally-friendly technology will enable you to win new business in stringently regulated, sustainability driven, construction applications. Economic Edge Reducing the cost of concrete through direct cement reduction using the natural properties of CO2 sequestration.
  • Next2Sun Logo

    Company Description
    Next2Sun has developed an agrivoltaics system whose core innovation lies in the vertical installation of special solar modules that can exploit the solar radiation from both sides (“bifacial” modules). The two sides of the module are deployed facing East and West respectively. As a result, electricity is produced, especially in the morning or evening. The areas between the module rows can continue to be used for agriculture and emerging flowering strips offer space especially for the endangered insect world and many bird species. Variable row spaces of at least 8 meters continue to enable a wide range of agricultural destinations.
  • Guaranteed Logo

    Company Description
    In an industrial environment large equipment is often tailor-made and exposed to severe operational conditions requiring a high structural integrity and lifetime. This results in long lead times when metal parts break down or even complete replacement of entire installations when parts have become obsolete, moulds have been lost or suppliers have gone bankrupt. This either leads to huge financial losses due to unforeseen lengthy production standstills or to high storage and logistic costs. Guaranteed offers a solution to these problems. Guaranteed's technology allows to repair and rebuild on demand these large slow movers, reducing the long lead times and eliminating the need for large amounts of new raw materials as well as avoiding storage or transportation costs. Born from Innovation, we use state of the art unique simulation, monitoring and inspection tools to guarantee first time right zero-defect production; while being raised in Industry Guaranteed provides a one-stop-shop for industrial reliability.
  • Enco - Energia Collettiva Logo
    Enco - Energia…
    Enco - Energia Collettiva Logo
    Enco - Energia Collettiva

    Company Description
    Enco is a start-up with a clear mission: to give people back control over their own energy, 100% renewable of course. Enco is a fundamental step towards a zero-emission economy, more people-centred than profit-centred. How? By creating energy communities in a simple and transparent way, equipping citizens with the tools they need to produce energy on the roof of their homes, and share it with their neighbours, without having to deal with bureaucracy. Enco's vision is a world in which everyone benefits from the economic, environmental and social advantages of an energy community, and is empowered to produce energy. Specifically? Enco installs photovoltaic panels and storage systems, creates and manages energy communities, and distributes the proceeds fairly among the participants. With Enco you can produce renewable energy, consume it, share it with your neighbours, save on your energy bills and contribute to a greener Italy.
  • Tactotek Logo

    Company Description
    TactoTek creates injection-molded structural electronics that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. With its patented and patent pending technology, TactoTek enables differentiating and cost-effective designs with highly scalable production processes. Because TactoTek encapsulates electronics and circuitry in injection-molded plastics, the resulting products are inherently durable and protected from the environment.
  • Sustained Logo

    Company Description
    Sustained helps costumers make more sustainable choices starting with more environmentally friendly food, using their Chrome and Safari browser extensions users can get environmental impact information about the food products they are browsing when shopping. Their mobile app is the costumers' companion while shopping in store or assessing the pantry, ready to give environmental information for products costumers scan. Sustained currently calculates the product ratings using production and logistical averages based on the ingredients in the product. This is an estimate rating calculated using data from 'LCA background modelling' information and frameworks.
  • NextInput Logo

    Company Description
    Nextinput is the market leader in MEMs based force-sensing solutions for touch enabled devices in markets such as consumer, wearable, IoT, automotive, industrial, medical and many other applications. It is our mission to bring 3D touch solutions to market and enable the next generation of intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Parloa Logo

    Company Description
    Parola is a developer of a dialog management system intended for building automated dialogues with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The company offers a dialog layer that allows enterprises to unify their conversational AI strategy in a single hub and helps brands to manage their conversational AI experiences across all of their customer channels, enabling clients to have better conversations with their customers. Their aim is to build the most comprehensive solution in this sector for enabling every company in the world to have better conversations with their customers. The startup pursues this vision with the highest standards of technical engineering and combines it with innovative leadership and a strong commitment of every team member to re-imagine the future of customer communication.
  • Nourished Logo

    Company Description
    Nourished 3D-prints personalised supplements containing seven different types of vitamins, minerals and/or superfood ingredients. Each stack is printed fresh and shipped to the customer on a monthly basis. Alternatively to personalised stacks customers can purchase pre-made stacks. Nourished formulations use a base made up of erythritol, pectin and maltitol to create a pleasing sweet taste without any sugar and the negative impacts sugar can bring. All our packaging is recyclable and home compostable, and 98% of our ingredients are sourced from the UK.
  • Net Zero Logo
    Net Zero

    Company Description
    NetZero is a carbon-removal venture targeting corporates serious about moving towards net-zero emissions. We extract carbon (“biochar”) from agricultural waste in tropical developing countries, and convert it into sustainable soil amendment and green energy. When mixed with soil, biochar remains stable for at least hundreds of years, hence providing the only permanent carbon removal model currently scalable. The emission-offset effects of our products generate high-quality carbon credits. Biochar-specific methodologies for accounting carbon credits appeared in 2020; Verra/VCS (“Verified Carbon Standard”), the world’s leading certification body for carbon credits, will have its own methodology by autumn 2021.
  • Holifya Logo

    Company Description
    Holifya is an innovative healthtech startup, one of the first in Italy to offer such a personalised service rooted in science. Holifya's mission is to create the first hub, the first platform for Digital Health & Wellness, with a personalised and scientific approach, based on users' genetic profile, biomarkers, habits and goals. To leverage technology, and advanced data analysis modalities (such as machine learning), to support doctors or nutritionists in creating an increasingly personalised 360° health and wellness plan that evolves with the clients needs. Holifya analyses all aspects of health and wellness - through DNA testing in conjunction with costumers' relevant biomarkers and goals - from the body, to the mind.
  • HIRO Robotics Logo
    HIRO Robotics

    Company Description
    HIRO Robotics was founded to unlock access to the latest frontier of robotics. HIRO's team of robotics engineers partners with clients to develop a deep understanding of the specific process and then develops and deploys ad-hoc systems. HIRO Robotics' systems are applicable in industrial settings as flexible co-bots, as well as advanced systems to support in Electronics Waste (WEEE) disassembly and recycling.
  • Enuan Logo

    Company Description
    Enuan is an AI Conversational Partner with +10y experience selected by Enterprises to digitalize Customer Service & Support Virtual Agent (Chatbot/Voicebot) used by Enterprises as TIM Brasil(#1 Telco in South America), ENEL (#4 Utility Company in EU), TNT (#6 Logistic Enterprise in EU) to improve CX and reduce customer service costs for all contact channels (Live Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, IVR..)
  • Logo

    Company Description
    Covariant is building the Covariant Brain: universal AI that allows robots to see, reason and act on the world around them. Founded in 2017 by the world’s top AI researchers and roboticists from UC Berkeley and OpenAI, Covariant is bringing the latest artificial intelligence research breakthroughs to the biggest industry opportunities.
  • Copprint Logo

    Company Description
    Copprint's Nano Copper Ink is a self-sintering alternative for high conductivity, low cost printed electronics. Their Nano Copper Ink is compatible with standard printing technologies, featuring rapid 2 second sintering by standard heating methods, and 50% bulk conductivity, with substantial cost reduction compared to silver ink. Copprint's Nano Ink offers an affordable, conductive ink for a range of applications including: RFIDs printed on paper, touch panel bezel contacts, printed antennas, printed PCBs, heaters & defoggers, fabrics, 3D printing of conductive patterns, batteries and many other printed electronics applications.
  • Black Swan Data Logo
    Black Swan Data
    Black Swan Data Logo
    Black Swan Data

    Company Description
    Black Swan is a pioneer in using proprietary AI techniques to transform raw social data into refined datasets that generate remarkably accurate insights into consumer trends — so called Social Prediction. Using Social Prediction, Black Swan Data is able to predict consumer behaviour and trends more accurately and further ahead than anyone else. This is how Black Swan empowers leading CPG companies, like PepsiCo, Unilever, Danone, and others, to make the right decisions and to get to market faster, with greater confidence.
  • Actronika Logo

    Company Description
    Based on more than 30 years of research by our co-founder, Vincent Hayward, Actronika has developed haptic technologies that enable tactile feedback to be seamlessly integrated in human-machine interfaces. Actronika's technologies can be integrated in a plethora of devices. Unitouch is Actronika's interactive haptic ecosystem tailored for the integration of realistic vibro-tactile haptics in next-generation hardware and software products.
  • Arch Systems Logo
    Arch Systems
    Arch Systems Logo
    Arch Systems

    Company Description
    Arch works with top tier global manufacturers to extract data from machines, both legacy and new, and drive uniform metrics for enhanced productivity and predictive analytics. Arch focus on the discrete manufacturing supply chains around electronics in auto, medical devices, and enterprise and consumer goods. A core part of Arch's mission is to also make the building blocks of IIoT and Industry 4.0 technology available for sustainable development. Arch started by monitoring wells in Tanzania Africa and coming up with cutting edge technology to make dumb machines into smart machines. Arch powers various projects monitoring wells for access to clean drinking water, UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, and projects promoting sustainable industrialization for all nations, goal 9. Named Forbes 30 under 30, StartX, Skydeck, and Village Capital Founder, BASES Champion / Top Stanford startup in 2016.
  • Senzoro Logo

    Company Description
    Senzoro combines ultrasound with artificial intelligence to disrupt predictive maintenance for clients across various industries (i.e. utility companies (hydro power plants); power stations (motors and pumps); automotive industry (spindles, power station); etc.). The data acquisition is done with a mobile measuring device, artificial intelligence then derives the health status (no installation or fixed sensors is required). Ultrasound can detect failures much earlier than vibration technology. Advances in electronics and sensor technology have led Senzoro to acquiring big-resolution ultrasonic (raw) data. The data was trained on 5000+ different sources (pumps, motors, spindles, turbines, etc.). Senzoro is focussed on the monitoring of rolling bearings (ie. 1 measurement is sufficient), but also develop solutions for centrifugal pumps, gears and plain bearings (ie. up to 3 measurements are needed).
  • Envirolite Concrete Logo
    Envirolite Con…

    Company Description
    Our focus and drive is to produce lightweight concrete products of the highest standard using only recycled polystyrene aggregate. We work closely with waste management services across South Africa to divert polystyrene waste from landfill to be used in the manufacture of energy efficient walling and flooring products. Our vision is to turn the tide on waste ending up in our oceans and landfills. Any form of expanded polystyrene can be successfully used to manufacture lightweight concrete. We make use of items such as polystyrene food and beverage packaging as well as any type of polystyrene protective packaging utilised for transportation of electronic goods. More than 70,000 tons of polystyrene, of which most ends up in landfill, is used as packaging in South Africa every year. We can up-cycle this waste into energy efficient structures making Envirolite the most sustainable building solution currently on the market.
  • WEEE Centre Logo
    WEEE Centre

    Company Description
    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Centre (WEEE Centre) offers the services of awareness creation (training) and safe disposal of electrical and electronic waste (e-Waste); in accordance with NEMA waste regulations and WEEE regulations that are protective to both the environment and public health. As a fundamental core value, The WEEE Centre runs an environmentally friendly operation. We are committed to the efficient, safe and conservative disposal of electrical and electronic waste
  • Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd Logo
    Plastic Waste …
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    Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd

    Company Description
    Plastic Waste to Energy (Pty) Ltd (PWTE) is a South African based company that is dedicated to solving the global challenge of waste plastic in the environment. The problem of waste plastic has a detrimental impact on the health, social and economic of a country. Putative solutions such as landfill and incineration bring with them their own environmental negativities. There is an alternative solution, however, and that solution provides highly scalable investment opportunities. The company’s vision truly reflects the nature of the business, to become a key enabler globally in transforming waste into a valuable, cleaner, and usable resource by minimizing the impact on both the economy and environment. PWTE plan is to establish a plastic pyrolysis plant which can turn waste plastic into a reusable and valuable resource, lowering our dependency of fossil fuels, which are the main source of raw materials in plastic production. Using proven technology, the company intends playing a vital role in dealing with the plastic challenge, locally and globally.
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    Ecomak Recycle…

    Company Description
    Ecomak Recyclers was founded in mid-2020 as a leader in recovering and reuse of recyclable waste in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Uganda. Our objectives are to improve waste management across the marginalized communities of Uganda, encourage local businesses to a more sustainable lifestyle, and promote a circular economy. As of to-date we collect and recycle over 50 tons of waste per month and we are now taking a step forward. Advantages of Using Our Plastic Bricks (Manufactured from Waste Plastics) Durability: They replicate concrete and clay equivalents but outlast them in the application. Our ecobricks have a life expectancy of over 50 years, with minimal degradation. Cost effective: Our ecobricks are 42% cheaper than the conventional bricks and in terms of the "life cost", our ecobricks are significantly cost saving due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements. Zero breakages: Our ecobricks do not break once used and this implies there are no damages while using our products. You buy 1000 and use 1000. Termite Resistant: They cannot rot, become dump and termites cannot feed on them. Easy to work with: Traditional construction-working tools such as hammers and nails can be used. The products can be cut, drilled as easily as conventional bricks
  • Ramtsilo Logo

    Company Description
    Ramtsilo Manufacturing and Construction is the home of the plastic brick. We provide a sustainable and innovative solution to South Africa’s plastic pollution pandemic by using all types of plastic, including non-recyclable plastic, to make bricks. Our recycled plastic bricks look just like cement bricks, but they’re better in all respects. They use less water to manufacture, have a higher compressive strength, are less porous and last longer than conventional bricks. They are also fire-retardant, and are provide greater insulation and energy efficiency. At Ramtsilo, we’re passionate about recycling, reducing waste and creating a greener environment, whilst generating sustainable incomes through waste recycling. We work closely with waste pickers and buy-back centres to source plastic. Through these collection efforts, they not only save municipalities millions of Rands, but are able to earn incomes that support their families. Ramtsilo provides the following services: • Manufacturing of plastic bricks • Recycling • Waste management • Construction: general building, civil engineering and electrical engineering
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    BlueCycle Limi…

    Company Description
    We will put an end to the harmful impact of poorly managed polyolefin (specifically PE and PP) plastic waste by recycling these into virgin-grade pyrolysis oil, which can then be used to produce new plastics. We will thus be closing the loop on plastic waste. Our mission is to have
  • NAMe Recycling Logo
    NAMe Recycling

    Company Description
    NAMé recycling aims to provide a country wide solution for plastic waste, operating as a profitable sustainable business in the West-African region, generating broad environmental and social impact and operating at internationally recognized standards. Based on a lean process, NAMé recycling’s main activity is the collection and recycling of local plastic waste, followed by the commercialization of recycled PET flakes and pellets. The end products : PET straps and HDPE pallets are sold on the national and international market
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    Company Description
    PETCO is the industry body for recycling of post consumer PET in South Africa
  • Tile Green Logo
    Tile Green

    Company Description
    We developed a technology to completely replace cement in multiple applications, through utilizing low value and unrecyclable plastic waste. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we were able to make paving tiles that are 20X better whether resistant, 6X better abrasion resistance, and 2X stronger than conventional cement-based building materials. Our technology will enable us to manufacture different building materials such as paving tiles, roofing tiles, road pavements, and cladding sheets in the future. In the first 6 months of operations, we delivered multiple projects to construction market leaders. In addition, TileGreen will be participating in multiple large projects in Egypt as a green building materials provider. Regarding the environmental aspect, we are glad to announce that we are the first startup in the world to recycle flexible laminates in a mass scale, which is usually unrecyclable worldwide. With TileGreen, creating sustainable communities is a reality.
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    Company Description
    Gomboc.AI is the first security product to provide a true shift-left approach to cloud infrastructure security. It works on Infrastructure-as-Code and have DevOps in mind when implementing security configuration changes. It closes the knowledge gap – both for security engineers, as well as for DevOps. As such, it allows DevOps to more easily implement security into their cloud architecture, all while maintaining the business application requirements and other stakeholder constraints.
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    Karambit AI

    Company Description
    Software supply chain attacks delivered by sophisticated attackers have become a widespread and growing problem for organizations of all sizes by taking advantage of the software update process: attackers insert new capabilities into software updates to compromise organizations using the software. Karambit.AI stops these attacks. Karambit.AI automatically finds unauthorized modifications to software, keeping malicious updates from ever being installed. Most software supply chain-related tools, fall into a few categories: SBOM generation, vulnerability analysis, and source-code analysis. None of these categories, while vital for constructing effective digital defenses, even address the problem exemplified by the SolarWinds malware insertion attack and other similar attacks that have been observed recently. The attack did not abuse vulnerabilities in the SolarWinds software. Instead, the attackers added malicious capabilities into the software development pipeline after the source code was compiled but before the code was digitally signed. This resulted in AV scanners and other defenses trusting the malware because it came from where it was expected with a valid signature. This malicious update then compromised 18,000 customers. We stop these compromises.
  • Ockam Logo

    Company Description
    Ockam is a developer tool that tackles a critical problem in IoT. The product is a developer experience layer that makes it easy for developers to build highly secure, interoperable, multi-party IoT ecosystems faster and cheaper. The infrastructure underpinning the developer experience leverages blockchain's killer features (identity and distributed public key infrastructure) to enable high degrees of trust within systems.
  • Dig Security Logo
    Dig Security

    Company Description
    Dig Security is a holistic data security solution for public clouds. Dig combines capabilities from Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Detection & Response (DDR). With organizations shifting to complex environments with dozens of database types across clouds, monitoring and detecting data exfiltration and policy violations has become a complex problem with limited fragmented solutions. Dig Security harnesses native cloud technologies to provide a solution to help organizations discover, monitor, detect and govern their data through a single unified policy engine. Dig Security is funded by Team8, SignalFire, Felicis, Crowdstrike, Okta, Cyberark and Merlin and is co-founded by 3 serial entrepreneurs - Dan, Ido and Gad, who previously sold companies to CA Technologies, Toluna and Mimecast. The team today consists of 50 individuals based in Israel and the US.
  • Duality Logo

    Company Description
    Founded by world-renowned cryptographers and expert data scientists, Duality empowers organizations to securely collaborate on sensitive data with their business ecosystem: internal teams, customers, suppliers, and partners. By operationalizing Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) built for and in cooperation with the US Government, Duality enables secure analysis and AI on encrypted data — while complying with data privacy regulations and protecting valuable IP. Leading industry and government organizations partner with Duality to maximize the value of their data, including DARPA, Intel, Scotiabank, Oracle, IBM, World Economic Forum (WEF), and more. Key words: Homomorphic encryption, Secure Multiparty Compute, Differential Privacy, Zero Knowledge Proof, Anonymization, Privacy Enhancing Technology, Privacy Preservation in Analytics, Privacy Preserving Computation, Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Data Privacy
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    Company Description
    A.Team is a professional network for A-Talent to connect and form full-stack teams. It is powered by an invite-only professional network of top independent product builders. Its aim is to help companies keep up and thrive during today’s digital disruptions. A.Team was designed to help companies adapt agilely and build tech in areas outside of their core competencies—to pivot their product and adapt new methods of monetization.
  • Spectre Logo

    Company Description
    Spectre solves a massive enterprise data pain, reliably ingesting and monitoring third-party data from client, partners and vendors, preventing the spread of unhealthy data. Is a cloud-based data platform designed for management and monitoring of third-party data from vendors, partners and clients. They help companies deal with a variety of data across real estate, financial, geospatial, and marketing use cases. The Spectre data platform can manage your third-party data by ensuring that it is reliably sourced, seamlessly integrated with your internal systems, and monitored for good quality.
  • Basis Theory Logo
    Basis Theory

    Company Description
    Basis Theory puts great data security within reach of all developers so that privacy and compliance never inhibit creating value for customers. Basis Theory’s developer-first tokenization platform provides a simple API, native tools, and granular access controls that secure sensitive data—like credit card data and PII—to unlock new products, insights, and partnerships. Customers use Basis Theory’s compliant infrastructure and expertise to meet or exceed compliance requirements, like PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA, without taking on the burdens of securing it themselves. Basis Theory is building from first-hand experience at Twilio, Klarna, and Dwolla and has raised over $17 million from top-tier investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners and Kindred Ventures. For more information, visit
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    Company Description
    Luminai helps organizations transform time-consuming, repetitive processes into no-code automated and instantaneous workflows, ultimately saving them significant time and resources, and enabling them to better serve their customers. Luminai is a background layer that helps connect all SaaS applications, serving as an operating system and preventing teams from having to tab between a dozen applications to execute one action. Luminai uses a recorded video of the workflow and automates the task on the backend, generating a script that integrates it seamlessly into the primary workspace. To date, the company has worked with current customers to reduce their average handle time by 16%, decrease customer service agent onboarding time by 60% and save over 25 hours a month per agent. This intelligent automation can reduce a 100-person team’s spend by greater than $75,000 per month.
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    Company Description
    Graft™ is a cloud-native platform that makes the AI of the 1% accessible to the 99%. No machine learning skills, data science team, or infrastructure required. Graft’s novel approach solves every common AI use case: semantic search, recommendations, personalization, content moderation, marketing optimization, customer analytics, and more. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already deployed to production, Graft frees organizations to focus on business outcomes, not plumbing.
  • Dialpad Logo

    Company Description
    At Dialpad, we think of work as a thing you do, not a place you go. You won't find cubicles or desk phones in our San Francisco headquarters, just an open room full of energetic, extraordinary people with big ideas and determination to make the best business phone system on the market. Through smart engineering, beautiful design, awesome customer support, and high- energy sales and marketing teams, Dialpad brings simplicity to the phone experience with some of the world’s most innovative companies using our platform. Dialpad's products span video meetings, cloud call centers, sales coaching and dialers and business phone systems. All products are powered by Voice Intelligence, Dialpad's proprietary technology that helps companies unlock conversation insights, improve productivity and drive better performance across teams.
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    UNLESS Collective Logo
    UNLESS Collective

    Company Description
    Unless we change the fast fashion industry will continue to cover the world in plastic waste that never goes away. We're here to find a better way. We create statement product made from 100% plants, 0% plastic. All of our is built to last a lifetime, but is biodegradable when you're ready to return it to the elements.
  • PlasticFri Logo

    Company Description
    PlasticFri is a CleanTech company from Sweden with the vision to end plastic pollution catastrophe. Conventional plastics are made from petroleum & stay in the environment up to 1000 years! By 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish. We are on a mission to change that by transforming renewable resources (agricultural waste & non-edible plants) to eco-friendly alternatives. This revolutionary technology is already validated & CERTIFIED by the toughest certification standards in Europe. Our innovation has received several recognitions such as Audi Environmental Scholarship, Venture Cup Game Changer and “Gold Medal” winner in the World’s Invention Fair. PlasticFri was recently awarded as the “World’s Most Innovative Sustainability Startup” among 1402 companies Worldwide!
  • RobotDreams Logo

    Company Description
    ROBOTDREAMS develops an AI-based software for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases on the basis of the blood tests. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the EU, accounting for around two million deaths and costing around 196 billion euros per year. Especially in crowded emergency rooms, expensive and inaccurate diagnoses hinder timely and effective medical care. Many heart diseases are missed and, on the other hand, many healthy patients are hospitalized unnecessarily. ROBOTDREAMS offers a very simple and affordable solution using Artificial Intelligence. A software integrated into the laboratory will analyze the blood during a routine examination in a few seconds and diagnose the heart disease very accurately. This can save valuable time and help patients receive proper treatment.
  • Ourz Logo

    Company Description
    Ourz choreographs digital technologies to create trustworthy transparency and a direct connection between all parties involved - i.e. between consumers and companies. They help quality and sustainability-conscious producers and consumers to change our world for the better. With their blockchain-based platform, Ourz can give you direct and unalterable insights into the history of your products. They create a direct digital connection between you and everyone else who is involved in the creation of your product. Their vision is an economy in which you have all the information you need to create a better world with every purchase decision. Ourz allows to easily integrate your web-shop's products to its blockchain, creating a digital twin of the sortiment. Consumers can then scan the products unique QR code to get all relevant historical product & sustainability information. Hereby you can create more trust for your brand as well as directly interacting with the end customer.
  • Offsetted Logo

    Company Description
    We are building an automated integrator of decarbonization solutions with a built-in B2B marketplace and a deep-tech carbon reduction engine based on our already existing carbon accounting platform. Offsetted Orchestra is an integration system that would help our clients automatically manage and coordinate software and hardware needed to decarbonize a company (from measuring emissions to reducing them and communicating the result). It connects to various data sources and allows you to manage and analyze data from one place. The key component of the system is a carbon reduction engine with process mining technology at its core. The process mining field was introduced and popularized by professor Wil van der Aalst, the head of the process mining laboratory at the HSE Faculty of Computer Science, where Co-Founders Alex and Anton have been studying. How does the engine work: it uses event logs data from customers’ software systems and transforms that data into actionable insights and actions (we do this by combining process mining and environmental data). This module helps to enhance the processes internally and find the best decarbonization solutions (software or hardware) to reduce organizations’ carbon footprint.
  • mobOx Logo

    Company Description
    mobOx is a mobile blood analysis laboratory for emergency medical services. It enables the rapid and reliable diagnosis of respiratory disorders directly at the scene and with the accuracy of stationary clinical devices. Respiratory disorders often lead to multiple non-specific symptoms and can be considered potentially life-threatening. Due to the often non-specific symptoms and the many possible causes, it is challenging for the emergency medical services to quickly assess the situation correctly at the scene and make the right decisions. With mobOx, important blood parameters can be determined at the scene. This provides the emergency medical services with the informations they need to make life-saving decisions for the patient at an early stage.
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    Company Description
    For Software Engineers, Data Experts, DevOps and many more. is the first fully automated job matching platform worldwide.

    Company Description
    KRAFTBLOCK is an energy storage system that is able to decarbonize industries like steel, glass or ceramics. It will even help renewables to have their break-through in industrial heating. The modular and easily scalable system is based on a newly developed storage material that consists of app. 85% upcycled materials. It can store up to 1.2 MWh thermal energy at a temperature level up to 1,300 °C/2,500°F. Due to its modular character, a single module might also be used as a mobile storage unit, that enables you to charge the storage in one place, transport it by truck or train to another place and utilize the heat at the new location. Kraftblock decarbonizes by storing and utilizing formerly lost or wasted heat. This means Kraftblock minimizes the usage of fossil fuels, avoids the formation of carbon dioxide and increases the economic value of formerly lost or wasted energy.
  • iotis GmbH Logo
    iotis GmbH

    Company Description
    iotis equips analog sports equipment with sensor technology and a gamified training app. The first product is a smart and connected soccer ball with data being generated while playing. The tech framework is applicable for all kinds of ball sports such as golf, basketball, or baseball.
  • FrischGefischt Logo

    Company Description
    Due to many intermediaries and a broken supply chain, fish takes around 9 days from catch to kitchen. Through shortening the supply chain and digitization, we cut this to less than 3 days while supporting local fishermen and putting a strong emphasis on sustainability by protecting biodiversity and saving energy.
  • Contentflow Logo

    Company Description
    The all in one live streaming platform for secure and GDPR-compliant corporate communication, scalable virtual or hybrid events, and much more.
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    ai-omatic solu…
    ai-omatic solutions GmbH Logo
    ai-omatic solutions GmbH

    Company Description
    Our focus is on automatic text recognition, which we use for social analytics, knowledge management and predictive maintenance *Social analytics -> monitor the users' opinion about your products. This data is then linked to your financial metrics, revealing the reasons for sale fluctuations *Predictive maintenance -> an overview of the exact state of vitality of your machines *Knowledge management -> connect data from different departments with our AI-based knowledge management *Analysis of unstructured data -> only about 20% of all company data has been analyzed so far. The reason for this is unstructured data. This is data that cannot be evaluated using common methods. These include, for example, PDFs, social media posts, images and emails. As a result, companies lose valuable knowledge. Our software specifically extracts information from a wide variety of documents. We use the latest technologies for processing natural languages. This creates a uniform basis for further analysis
  • Breeze Technologies Logo
    Breeze Technol…

    Company Description
    Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and air quality analytics software. The company leverages the internet of things and artificial intelligence to help cities and businesses create better clean air action plans and a more liveable environment. Breeze Technologies supports organisations along 3 solution verticals: - Indoor air quality: monitoring and improving air quality in commercial spaces, e.g. office buildings - Urban air quality: monitoring and improving air quality in the built enviornment, e.g. a city - Industrial emissions: monitoring ambient emissions around industry plants and reacting to emission events Breeze Technologies was founded in 2015 and has been recognised as one of the most promising European startups by the European Parliament and the European Commission. Breeze's founders have been listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 and received numerous awards, including from the German Federal President.
  • Vortis Carbon Co. Logo
    Vortis Carbon …
    Vortis Carbon Co. Logo
    Vortis Carbon Co.

    Company Description
    Vortis is a carbon management company based in Calgary, AB focused on developing simple and affordable ways to capture, convert, and market Co2 emissions. Over the past three years, in partnership with the University of British Columbia's Clean Energy Research Centre, we have developed a novel approach to carbon capture that uses motion and vortex separation to separate CO2 based on its molecular weight. While molecular separation has commercially been proven in applications such as uranium enrichment, it has been overlooked for gas separation and carbon capture due to the need for high rpm's, energy, and costs required to create the high g-forces necessary for separation. Vortis has developed a novel way to overcome these hurdles by creating high g-forces at extremely low RPMs and energy. This approach is a new technology pathway for carbon capture. Our approach is to apply this technology for point-source emissions targeting large emitters in the oil and gas, steel, and cement industries. Over the long term, we believe there are also opportunities to apply this technology to DAC applications.
  • TerraFixing Logo

    Company Description
    TerraFixing are distinctive in their strategy to capture, concentrate, and sequester CO2 with the aim of helping the world reach net zero and going beyond. They use a unique adsorption based process using readily available industrial materials, and by placing their process in desirable cold-dry climates, can achieve the lowest operating and capital costs in the DAC industry. The working material of their process are zeolites, which are cheap, robust, and effective at capturing CO2 from cold and dry air. These super-materials have surface areas of over 800 m²/g and work via adsorption whereby the CO2 is selectively captured on the surface. TerraFixing employs these materials in a temperature vacuum swing adsorption process in which CO2 is captured at environmental conditions and then isolated at high purities for sequestration. TerraFixing's IP protected technology is simple: only 5 unit operations. Operating energies as low as 1 MWh/tonCO2 can be achieved when operating in cold dry climates, leading to record low capital costs and operating costs for DAC.
  • SolarSteam Logo

    Company Description
    SolarSteam, est. 2017 as Alberta corporation, is a hard/climate-tech start-up focused on development and commercialization of a novel enclosed concentrated solar technology delivering renewable heat to industrial and institutional clients in extreme climates. The technology offers plug and play integration into brownfield and greenfield facilities in heat-intensive industry markets such as petrochemical production, bio-refineries, cement and steel production, hydrogen production, pulp & paper manufacturing, district heating & cooling, food processing and alcohol/beverages production. Solar Steam’s system operates in conjunction with existing boiler systems, using boiler-fed water or heat transfer fluids to provide hot water and steam generation at temperatures up to 350°C. Distinguishing this technology from competitors is its modularity, tailoring to all climates, including northern climates, and capacity to decrease fuel consumption and carbon costs by displacing quantities of carbon dioxide produced by traditional heat generation and enabling companies to meet their 2030 and 2050 targets without investing in stranded assets and amortizing expensive existing OPEX.
  • Rocsole Logo

    Company Description
    Rocsole is the leading smart process imaging company. With AI & deep learning prediction solutions we support operational teams to reduce OPEX, to avoid unplanned shutdowns, and to monitor product quality to increase revenues. Established in 2012, and venture-backed by Shell, Repsol and Equinor, the company serves some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, along with other industries, such as electronics, pulp & paper, FMCG, mining and more. We provide data to get facilities to perform at maximum with in-depth process knowledge in real-time with tomography. Our field proven and award winning technology for process related imaging and services are applied on offshore and onshore pipelines, tanks, and separators. We aim to support an automated, digitalized and unmanned platform operations. We are contributing to the energy transformation with improved energy efficiency, improved process control/monitoring for reduced GHG emissions.
  • qualiTEAS Logo

    Company Description
    qualiTEAS is a Canada based corrosion inspection and management company. Besides specialized services, we have developed a machine learning based computer vision technology (Argus 1.21) capable of analyzing asset images to assess any impact(s) due to corrosion. This digital inspection solution can further augment the on-site asset inspection, as a part of digital twin application that can further complements the predictive maintenance practices.
  • NanosTech Logo

    Company Description
    NanosTech believes in evolution, not revolution. Our innovations support the economic and environmental sustainability of the energy sector. NanosTech, a Vorsana Company, emerged from the University of Calgary’s Alberta Ingenuity Centre for In-Situ Energy (AICISE). A Canadian powerhouse of innovation in catalysts and adsorbents for energy and fuels, AICISE encourages and promotes an environmentally sustainable, efficient, circular-economy approach to improve recovery and upgrading of Alberta’s bitumen reserves. Our CTO, Pedro Pereira-Almao, has held the NSERC Industrial Chair “Catalysis for Bitumen Upgrading” at the UofC’s Schulich School of Engineering, and has been working on upgrading technologies for more than 30 years, the last 18 years in In-situ (in-reservoir) upgrading and other technology schemes from CO2 conversion to renewable fuels. We hold more than 42 patents and have developed 15 different product solutions to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and restore compromised environments, creating sustainable products for the future.
  • Minera Systems Logo
    Minera Systems

    Company Description
    Through the release CO2 during controlled decomposition, compost facilities are missing a huge opportunity to increase their climate impact and generate additional revenue. At Minera, we’re working towards deploying equipment that captures both of these missed opportunities. Our small-scale modular systems will be installed at these facilities at no cost to the operators. We will capture the CO2 released at these facilities and sell carbon removal to companies looking to offset their hard-to-abate emissions. We’ll then share the revenue with the facility operators.
  • Innova Hydrogen Corp. Logo
    Innova Hydroge…
    Innova Hydrogen Corp. Logo
    Innova Hydrogen Corp.

    Company Description
    Innova Hydrogen is a renewable energy company that develops innovative and proprietary hydrogen, graphite and graphene producing technology. The company's revolutionary technology transcends existing carbon-emission processes currently used within the energy sector by creating valuable products with zero carbon emissions: clean hydrogen gas and customizable, tailor-made graphite and graphene. Innova's current intellectual property includes patent-pending technology for hydrogen, graphite and graphene production, which will be relied upon to support a global patent protection strategy, and a roadmap for additional proprietary advancements in clean energy technology. Innova was founded in 2021 and is based in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Element 4 Logo
    Element 4

    Company Description
    Existing Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor solutions are expensive and not adaptable. Furthermore, products currently available to industry are reliant on rechargeable batteries which require periodic replacements and have detrimental environmental repercussions. Element 4 has developed a proprietary battery-free and energy-independent IoT sensor. E4 is a ‘core’ component, capable of operating on its own with a core set of sensors, as well as with the assistance of ‘sub-modules’ to function like an app store for sensors. E4 powers itself using four core sources of natural energy based on the environment it inhabits. This, in turn, creates a battery free environment which eliminates lithium’s shortcomings in lifespan, temperature degradation, and environmental impact concerns. The modularity of E4 allows for a network of data sensing capabilities with custom sensors. Additional products are being developed for specific use cases including remote patient monitoring, agriculture, oil and gas, and transportation. The E4 core leverages machine learning to make decisions on the edge without requiring a continuous cloud connection. The company has a revenue model focused on three primary sources of income: hardware sales, SaaS, and partner accessories.
  • Electronic Grid Systems Inc. Logo
    Electronic Gri…
    Electronic Grid Systems Inc. Logo
    Electronic Grid Systems Inc.

    Company Description
    We at Electronic Grid Systems Inc. (eGrid) have developed the most cost-effective and scalable EV charging solution on the market using integrated hardware and software. Our solution covers both slow (level 2) and fast charging and was developed based on our proprietary DC power distribution and intelligent demand-side management technologies. We can effectively resolve the issues associated with power demand spikes and inadequate grid infrastructure required to accommodate the power draw from increased Electric Vehicle adoption. Currently, we are piloting the software with level 2 charging stations at the University of Alberta and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and the core power conversion units of the fast charger with major utility companies in Alberta. We have also received advanced interest and commitment from both utility and commercial customers. eGrid has also secured $1.6 million non-dilutive grants, of which $1.1 million is available for the next 24 months. We are now looking to raise $1 million to grow revenue in the level 2 charging market and fast development of the fast charging product. Our solution eliminates that largest barrier to widespread EV adoption in North America and will make affordable charging infrastructure available to all.
  • Digital Carbon Bank Logo
    Digital Carbon…
    Digital Carbon Bank Logo
    Digital Carbon Bank

    Company Description
    The Digital Carbon Bank (DCB) enables climate action by providing blockchain-based voluntary market carbon offsets that tie cryptocurrency to specific emission-reducing projects. The DCB then uses credible hard-tech measurement technologies and GHG accounting to validate real emission reductions so that tokens are robust, transparent, and bankable. The DCB Platform has four differentiators: • Platform creates liquidity by providing a pathway to mobilize more environmental projects through the issuance of GHG offset Tokens in exchange for project investment. • The platform will act as a broker to market emission-reducing projects from 3rd party delivery organizations (local delivery partners). • Emitters and impact investors can purchase offset Tokens to hold and trade as investment or use them to reduce carbon liability. • 3rd party validation of specific project will be done using hard-tech Measurement, Monitoring and Verification technologies (as appropriate including, satellite, airplane, drone, land-based, subsurface) by verification delivery partners. As a social enterprise, the DCB is committed to enabling inclusive climate action in addition to generating revenue and long-term value for DCB shareholders.
  • Deveci Tech-ENLIL Logo
    Deveci Tech-EN…
    Deveci Tech-ENLIL Logo
    Deveci Tech-ENLIL

    Company Description
    ENLİL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using the dynamics of the city. It also provides comfort and safety to the city thanks to the build-in sensors and an intelligent platform.By placing the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (including a solar panel on top of it) on highways, ‘’Metrobus-lines’’ and other transportation lines as well as high-rise residences , ENLIL will generate energy by using the winds created by the vehicles as well as the natural winds.It will also measure the city’s temperature, humidity, wind and CO2 by using the the build-in sensors and the IOT platform. The measurements made by ENLIL will be used on the carbon footprint map to provide the comfort of the city and it will also contribute to the safety of the city by providing information to possible earthquakes in Istanbul with the earthquake monitoring station. Also a mobile app will provide information and data about the generated energy and measurements made by ENLIL, to whoever needs it.
  • Crbon Labs Inc. Logo
    Crbon Labs Inc.
    Crbon Labs Inc. Logo
    Crbon Labs Inc.

    Company Description
    Crbon Labs Inc. is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was founded in November 2021 by former oil and gas industry executives. Crbon Labs accelerates the decarbonization of the energy grid by acquiring super high GHG intensity oil and gas wells, decommissioning them, restoring the land to its original state and make carbon credits for sale to corporate and consumers. Crbon Labs is a company that makes Climate Change Impact by converting oil and gas liabilities to carbon assets. Crbon Labs recognizes that the world needs carbon reduction now. The North American energy industry emits over 500 million tonnes of CO2e per year while over 70% of its emissions come from less than 10% of its production. The solution is to lower the intensity of the fuel life cycle by shutting down super high intensity production. World carbon credit sales will grow 100x, while carbon market value will grow over 400x by 2050. Crbon Labs is working with a Calgary based producer to acquire a prototype well with an option on 100 additional wells emitting over 100,000 tonnes of CO2e. The company has established two carbon credit pathways to market, and received Alberta Energy Regulator approval to hold well licenses. The have assembled a world class team to make carbon credits from closing the wells.
  • Carbon Cantonne Logo
    Carbon Cantonne

    Company Description
    Carbon Cantonne empowers carbon removal to utilize novel net-negative CO2 solutions that accelerate the return of clean air. Cantonne’s technology takes concentrated CO2 from capture sources, like air or exhaust gas, and turns it into marketable graphite that can be used for lithium batteries and reinforced concrete. Our unique approach minimizes the need for external power sources due to the large heat produced by the reaction, which is recycled for heating internal processes with plenty of excess heat to supply to capture operations. A megatonne/year scale plant can convert captured CO2 into value-added product at under $10 per tonne. Cantonne was founded in November 2021 by researchers at the University of Calgary with a passion for CCUS research. Our team entered into the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition and reached the Top 50 out of over 1100 contestants in the first milestone round.
  • Aurora Hydrogen Logo
    Aurora Hydrogen

    Company Description
    Aurora Hydrogen is developing the next generation of hydrogen production technology.
  • SwipeGuide - Capture Logo
    SwipeGuide - C…
    SwipeGuide - Capture Logo
    SwipeGuide - Capture

    Company Description
    Empower frontline excellence through crowdsourced digital standard work. The SwipeGuide platform and apps empower leading manufacturers to reduce errors and downtime across sites, lines, and teams. Crowdsource scalable digital work instructions, procedures, and checklists and give your deskless workers the critical operational knowledge they need to excel in their tasks. Our customers - including Heineken, PepsiCo, Orkla, Barilla, and Coca-Cola - have experienced increases in First-Time-Right (up to +26%) while motivating their workforce with clearer standards that improve knowledge retention by 25%. Digital standard work drives operational excellence and makes your workers awesome. SwipeGuide delivers it in a way that finally makes sense. SwipeGuide is currently reducing errors in >200 plants and >500 teams at the lines in 93 countries.
  • BetterMeal AI Logo
    BetterMeal AI

    Company Description
    BetterMeal AI is a data driven company on a mission to understand the biological connections between human gut and food at the deepest level. Gut and food have played a vital role in human health and we have yet to realize the full potential of both. BetterMeal AI is a data company with the technology to provide nutritional treatments for chronic health issues like PCOS, Thyroid, Type 2 Diabetes, IBD and Celiac. We help you identify specific foods works for your body. We identify the hidden sequence of biomarkers to detect your gut health that can impact your overall health. BetterMeal AI's core AI technology is one of the largest digital platform that reveals the interaction between gut and food. The reviver algorithm is a deep technology capable of predicting and helping you feel better with clinical validation. BetterMeal AI is a leading provider of first kind of a food based clinical study and deep technology, offering food based treatments for specific chronic health issues. Founded by Data Scientist and a Gynaecologist who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper followed by clinical studies and today we offer precise nutritional solutions and have created large community of ~500,000 and growing. We analyze deep connections between food and human gut.
  • Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes Logo
    Zero Cow Facto…
    Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes Logo
    Zero Cow Factory - The Future of Alternative Milk Comes from Microbes

    Company Description
    We are reinventing the meaning of traditional dairy/food industry by producing India's first milk & dairy/food products (certainly a world's first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & precision fermentation. We are developing a technology to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy/food products that are ethical, safe, delicious, and identical to cow milk without any animal involved. Our products which are free of lactose, antibiotics, hormone, cholesterol and saturated fat. This technology is also environmentally friendly and there is 99% less land consumption, 98% less water consumption, 84% less CO2e consumption and 65% less energy consumption compared to traditional dairy industry.
  • Kyomei Logo

    Company Description
    Kyomei has developed a first-in-class protein production platform using plants as bioreactors growing animal proteins for the alternative meat industry. Our platform is sustainable and carbon negative, naturally grown and purely plant-grown and produces the identical proteins found in meat. It uses sustainable ways to add flavor on meat-based alternatives. Kyomei was founded in 2021 and is based in Cambridge, England.
  • Yeasty Logo

    Company Description
    Yeasty produces a protein-rich super-ingredient for food manufacturers by leveraging the power of an industrial by-product : brewer's yeast. We have unlocked the main barrier to upcycling brewer’s yeast at a large scale for human food applications: its bitterness. Our main technological innovation is based on the de-bittering of yeast recovered from brewers through a process that does not alter neither the naturality of the product nor its nutritional properties. The business innovation is based on the circular economy, as we are using a recovered raw material at an attractive cost for brewers, still allowing for large-scale production at a competitive selling price. Our final product offers great characteristics to food manufacturers: it is a natural and complete yeast flour with 50% protein and all the essential amino-acids. It is also rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. All this with a naturally present and tasty umami flavour!
  • Ajinomatrix Logo

    Company Description
    Our aim is to produce software digitizing scent and taste as of fingerprints for food items, and produce a standard file that can be exchanged over networks, after being recorded into an AI driven database repository.
  • CrushDynamics Logo

    Company Description
    Crush Dynamics Inc. (CDI) is a privately owned, development stage corporation based in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. CDI has created a patent-pending bio mechanical process using a portable bioreactor for upcycling agricultural side streams into highly nutritious food. Agriculture side streams are often discarded creating a tremendous amount of methane from anerobic compost. Our patent pending process eliminates methane emissions. At scale, 50 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases per year would be eliminated with the valorization of our first side stream, wine making derivatives. Our target clients are commercial food producers driving to create the next generation of plant-based food products which address the deficiencies in taste, texture, nutrition, price & shelf life. Our initial products have already been designed and validated in multiple SKUs in our beachhead market of challenger brands in the North American plant-based “alt protein” market.
  • Yeastime Logo

    Company Description
    Yeastime Startup S.r.l. develops a fermentation 2.0 process using an innovative stimulation cycle induced through a device dynamically and externally applied to different geometries of already existing bioreactors. The developed technological innovation intervenes in the landscape of production processes that occur through liquid cell culture to optimize their economies of scale. Thanks to the alternative stimulation cycle we engineered and which is patent-pending, we act only in the active phase of bioproduction to decrease lenght, energy costs and environmental impact without affecting the chemico-physical properties of the obtained output. We started building this project fascinated by bioacoustics, a discipline that integrates studies of physics, engineering and biotechnology, with a focus on the "micro-world", confident that innovativeness in the multidisciplinary approach can provide new tools to impact bioproductions. Yeastime contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide through energy optimization of bioreactors closely linked to production times, helping industries to come into synergy with IPCC standards. From our research, the fermentation process requires 40% of the process energy cost, we act by reducing it in a range of 20-30% depending on the bioproduction.
  • Greencovery Logo

    Company Description
    Greencovery is a provider of food technology intended to enable food companies to produce sustainable ingredients from their production side-streams. The company's platform accelerates the time-to-market of new ingredients recovered from side-streams making businesses feasible, sustainable and also the technology can be applied to diverse ingredients and is used to produced circular flavours, supplements and other food ingredients for the growing sports nutrition, drinks and protein alternatives market, enabling food manufacturers to recover valuable products from their side-streams effectively. The problem is that recovering these compounds form side-streams (liquid and solid) source is lengthy and expensive. Greencovery tech makes it both affordable and faster to recover these compounds, while they are still food graded.
  • Multus Biotechnology Ltd Logo
    Multus Biotech…
    Multus Biotechnology Ltd Logo
    Multus Biotechnology Ltd

    Company Description
    Multus is enabling the cultivated meat industry to realise its disruptive potential, creating the key ingredients to make cultivated meat production scalable, affordable and profitable. Our first product, Proliferum M, grows muscle, fat and connective tissue using a unique formulation and ingredient design process. Based in London, UK, Multus was founded in 2019, went through the IndieBio S20 programme, and closed £1.5M seed round in June 2021. We use a proprietary machine learning platform to optimise a variety of growth factor proteins to meet the requirements for growing different animal cell types and tissues at scale. Taking a statistical and data-led approach we design animal-free growth media that is designed for the cultivated meat industry.
  • Cultivated Biosciences Logo
    Cultivated Bio…
    Cultivated Biosciences Logo
    Cultivated Biosciences

    Company Description
    Fermenting creamy fats - like in a brewery, but your final product is ice-cream, cheese or milk! Collaboration is key to success. We work with government institutions, academic laboratories, startup accelerators and industry organizations to ensure we have access to know-how, funding and talent to bring our vision forward
  • The Leaf Protein Co. Logo
    The Leaf Prote…
    The Leaf Protein Co. Logo
    The Leaf Protein Co.

    Company Description
    We're building a library of biodiverse plant proteins by unlocking Earth's most abundant source of protein, RuBisCo, found in green leaves. We source green leaves from crop by-products and use our extraction process to produce functional plant proteins that are not only sustainable and free from the major plant allergens, but also offer superior foaming, gelling and emulsification properties. Food companies can use our "protein+" ingredients to create cleaner label plant-based foods from meat and dairy analogues to beverages, sauces & condiments and baked goods.
  • Compound Foods Logo
    Compound Foods

    Company Description
    Compound Foods creates coffee without coffee beansCoffee is one of the most consumed and most polluting products in the world; we are reinventing coffee to make it better and more sustainable. 140 liters of water are needed to produce 1 cup of coffee and 1 kg of coffee produces 17kgs of C02 equivalents. We are giving customers a more sustainable alternative that tastes just like the coffee they love. We are an early stage food tech company creating coffee without beans. We are producing the best tasting and most sustainable coffee with fermentation. With the same flavors, aromas and benefits of coffee without the negative environmental and humanitarian impacts.
  • Voyage Foods Logo
    Voyage Foods

    Company Description
    Voyage Foods has made sustainable and scalable alternatives to foods that have current obstacles –environmental, social, and health alike. Our breakthrough technology provides endless opportunities to make delicious, nearly identical, versions of beloved foods, without compromising individual health or our planet. We replicated the world’s favorite foods so that we can all enjoy them, forever.
  • Logo

    Company Description, the Community Commerce Company, helps Brands grow exponentially by identifying, authenticating, and activating Brand enthusiasts.’s Community Commerce solutions enable brands to dramatically and cost-effectively increase sales, customer retention, and Brand engagement. CIPIO’s award-winning Community Commerce solutions serve leading brands such as World’s Gym, Dapper Boi, Crunch Fitness, Biovanta, Everybody Eat, CryptoCharged, Dlish, FitnessSF, Moehair, and many more.
  • Logo

    Company Description helps modern marketing and sales teams drive profitable growth with plug&play predictive analytics. It is most helpful for "long-cycle" businesses (like real estate, banking, SaaS, and EdTech) that suffer from not being able to optimize their marketing programs directly for revenue and LTV. We use Machine Learning to connect hyper-granular ("Ultra HD") behavioral signals (way beyond what's available in Google or Adobe analytics) with future CRM outcomes like sales qualified opportunities and closed won revenue. As a result, we turn first-party intent signals into rocket fuel for profitable growth by: - helping our customers align their marketing investments with marketing touchpoints and assets with highest incremental revenue contribution and true ROI; - turbo-charing feedback loops with ad platforms smart bidding/programmatic bidding engines to train them to drive revenue & LTV rather than leads, free trials, or content downloads, - upgrading accuracy of lead and prospect scores, enabling sales teams to improve win-rates and increase sales productivity. In short, makes it possible for traditional businesses with long and largely offline sales cycles to run efficient digital marketing campaigns that were previously only available to e-commerce.
  • Neosapience Logo

    Company Description
    Neosapience develops, a virtual voice and video actor casting service. They're a synthetic voice and video platform, Typecast, that allows users to turn text into video without having to record and edit it in a studio. Neosapience makes AI-powered virtual actors accessible to everyone. They have developed core technology to synthesize hyper-realistic and emotional speech from given text script. Currently, they run an AI voice actor service called Typecast based on the technology. Furthermore, they are also developing technologies to generate facial expressions and gestures, so that anyone can cast AI powered virtual voice and video actors and generate videos by just editing text. It would lead to a revolution in the media entertainment industry as creating content can be cheaper and easier. Neosapience is a startup founded by former Qualcomm engineers and KAIST graduates in 2017. It's an artificial being enabled by artificial intelligence, will soon be everywhere in our daily lives.
  • Pareto Logo

    Company Description
    We are revolutionizing the RPA market through Tess - the 1st professional AI assistant in the world. Our mission is to rehumanize people and robotize processes, through a powerful AI-enhanced automation software, freeing the human mind to do what it does best: be creative, strategic and brilliant. Our vision is to accelerate human success through a powerful AI-enhanced end-to-end automation platform. With a no-code DIAA (data integration, analytics and automation) platform we help mid-market and enterprise companies to scale their marketing and sales operation. Main solutions: Pareto ETL and Data Warehouse; Omnichannel Budget Manager; Paid Media and CRM Integration; Antifraud for Display Ads; A.I. Anomaly Detector; and Smart Triggers with 2nd Generation RPA Algorithm. More than 500 active customers, $500M+ under management per year and 25,000 companies connected to our software. We are an award winning technology, recognized by Google since 2017 as one of the most innovative partners in the world.
  • Adriel Logo

    Company Description
    Adriel is the Ad Operations (AdOps) platform of choice for leading brands and agencies around the world. We help businesses make effective decisions faster without manually collecting, processing, and managing data. To date, we’ve assisted over 6,000 enterprises automate data aggregation, mitigate marketing campaign risks, and discover insights. Adriel provides intuitive dashboards designed to help marketers identify profitable campaigns, channels, and ad creatives. The platform empowers you to make optimal decisions based on standardized cross-channel data, storytelling visualizations, and real-time performance alerts. Companies like Harley Davidson, H&M, LG, Samsung SDS, and many more trust us to scale their digital marketing initiatives.
  • Wink Logo

    Company Description
    Wink is industry’s first multi-factor biometric authentication platform that combines the convenience and security of face-id type experience enhanced by strong digital voice printing and very strong device biometrics. Our unique and patented one-way anonymous encryption technology ensures full privacy protection as the unique Wink ID represents the user’s device, face and voice data as a 3D model of numbers and characters that cannot be decrypted. Unparalleled Security, Guaranteed.Wink gives internet applications an unparalleled multi-factor authentication capability that eliminates passwords so they can deliver the ultimate omni-channel experience to their consumers with a unique combination of speed, convenience and security. Any app developer can integrate Wink Login authentication plug-in to eliminate account take-over, account sharing and other password related problems to enhance security, improve customer experience and say goodbye to reset password or forgotten password issues. Merchants and E-Commerce companies can integrate the Wink video checkout plug-in to eliminate account takeovers. Dramatically improve conversions and eliminate cart abandonments as consumers simply smile to check-out. Make long checkout forms and forgotten passwords a thing of the past.
  • Kahoona Logo
    Kahoona Logo

    Company Description
    Kahoona, a 1st party data activation platform for the open-web, anticipates the tectonic change towards a cookie-less and identity-less digital ecosystem. Kahoona's solution helps digital businesses secure revenue and protect their users' privacy, in a walled-garden world. Kahoona's novel AI driven approach understands users by analyzing their interactions with websites and apps, transforms insights into audience segmentation data and actionable personalization to increase user monetization and improve conversion KPIs.
  • Influur Logo

    Company Description
    Professional marketplace where brands and influencers can meet and work, with operations in the US and Latin America. Addresses the creator market economy, connecting multiplatform stars, digital celebrities, and influencers with brands. The platform simplifies all aspects of the traditional influencer marketing process – from prospecting, and negotiating to payment – in one place. How does it work? Brands post a job opportunity, Influencers apply, Brands do a casting and pay through the app. In less than a year, Influur is being used in 9 countries and brands activating campaigns on Influur include Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, Viacom, Paramount Plus, Boxy Charm, Subway, and Hard Rock Cafe, among others.  Influencers working on Influur include Sofia Vergara, Thalia, Jen Selter, Gianluca Vacchi, Danna Paola, Juanpa Zurita, Calle y Polle, Pautips, Juca, Camilo, Evaluna Montaner, Xime Ponch, Sebas, among others.  Our greatest customer value proposition is the optimization of budgets. On average, Influur optimizes 15%-30% of the brand's budget. This happens because Influencers are applying for job opportunities and they are choosing the jobs they want to do. Most of the time, Influencers end up charging less when they apply for job opportunities.
  • Rella Logo

    Company Description
    Gone are the days of trying to stay on top of your brand deals within your email inbox. Consolidate your deadlines, links, and earnings all in one place with the sponsorship feature. Rella is here to keep you organized so you can focus on creating connections with brands. With Net 30/60/90, getting paid as an influencer is a challenge in itself. Get paid on time, predict your expected monthly income, send automated invoices, and store all your brand payments in one place with the earnings feature. Rella is determined to help you be in control of your income. Most creators have more than one Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube profile. Manage your social profiles all under one account. Rella is here to keep your personal, business, and client content separate and organized. Your dream of having a consistent posting presence is now a reality! Schedule posts for any social platform from a day, week, month, or list view. Batch and auto-post with Rella’s content calendar. In order to encompass every aspect of your business, Rella is inclusive of all types of content, including non-social media platforms like podcasts, blogs, and newsletters.
  • Stakeholder Labs Logo
    Stakeholder La…

    Company Description
    Stakeholder Labs is building products at the intersection of community, ownership, and brands. The acceleration of the average consumer's financial literacy and overall market participation has created a unique opportunity for companies to engage with their customers as owners. The ownership economy hinges on this idea that customers who are also owners are better customers. Stakeholder Labs recently launched Roundtable - a platform for public brands to create ownership benefits programs (i.e. stockholders). The software integrates with a brand's existing loyalty and/or commerce experiences (web + mobile). The backend tracks marketing metrics across the entire customer journey - ROAS, CLTV, engagement, CAC, etc.
  • SwayBrand Logo

    Company Description
    SwayBrand's AI-powered platform creates authentic influencer micro-marketing moments. Their platform is built by actual influencers. Their mission is to become the go to platform for influencers to create content and for brands to discover and activate this authentic, creative content to audiences that want to reach.
  • Octane11 Logo
    Octane11 Logo

    Company Description
    Octane11 is a B2B-focused data analytics and collaboration platform that connects paid, owned, and earned marketing, sales, and product usage data to drive real business results. We help B2B enterprises with $100M+ in revenue to integrate, enrich, and analyze data across teams, and compare performance to industry benchmarks. Octane11 is backed by Javelin Venture Partners, BDMI, Honeystone Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, Circadian Ventures, Base Ventures, and AperiamVentures. Launched in late 2020, Octane11 is already helping some of the largest B2B enterprises break down data silos and turn every digital interaction into an actionable insight. Follow us on LinkedIn at:
  • Yofi Logo

    Company Description
    In 2021, 35% of Online Black Friday Shoppers were bots and fake accounts. Many of these bad actors (bots, arbitrageurs, fraudsters, etc.) are undetected and have rapidly expanded from tickets and limited-release items into anything that can be flipped for a profit. Individuals have multiple identities; whether unintentional or malicious, it skews critical data for operating the business - forecasting inventory, determining the success of marketing campaigns, increasing customer lifetime value, and more. Digital identity is essential for a successful brand. We have experienced the expensive and wrong decisions from using skewed data at some of the largest retailers in the world (e.g., Nike, Apple, Gucci, etc.), and we do not want others to go through the same struggle. We created Yofi because digital identity and customer operations are essential for all brands, and the tools being used were expensive and ineffective. Yofi is a platform that enables you to better understand your customers, their intentions, and the best way to interact with them. We solve this for brands by providing granular customer and product-level recommendations based on your genuine customers' intentions and desires. Stop guessing and start knowing with Yofi!
  • Lucky Labs Logo
    Lucky Labs
    Lucky Labs Logo
    Lucky Labs

    Company Description
    Lucky's platform enables omni-channel brands to engage with people at the right time and location to generate foot traffic to their physical stores. Our location-based Lucky Moments API collects consumer insights and audience profiles to personalize rewards that is given to a user to push them to visit a physical store. By integrating into location-driven apps and brands' own web and mobile e-commerce touchpoints, we deliver user engagement leading to customers showing up to the brand's location. Audience data, decisions, and preferences are easy to analyze by brands for further optimization.
  • Ownit Logo

    Company Description
    Ownit is a seed-stage startup based in Palo Alto, CA that raised $8M last year from Caffeinated Capital, SciFi VC (Max Levchin’s fund), GGV Capital, and industry angels. The team consists of ex-Amazon, Walmart, and Meta alums with combined decades of eCommerce and ad-tech experience. Additionally, the CEO and CTO's previous company was acquired by Amazon. (1) Key Problem: While brands and creators run hundreds of personalized marketing campaigns to improve conversion, they all drive to the same dot-com experience negating the entire personalization effort. (2) Ownit Solution: Ownit's technology allows brands to quickly and efficiently build personalized landing pages optimized to convert, to match each marketing campaign. Ownit's checkout experience allows brands access to first-party, multichannel transactional, and behavioral data as brands and their partners better understand how consumers shop across all their channels. (3) See live pages --
  • Syrup Tech Logo
    Syrup Tech

    Company Description
    🌍 In a world with deep supply chain disruptions, true omni-channel networks, and sustainability-minded consumers, there is a need for next-generation inventory systems. 🍯 That’s why we’ve built Syrup, an AI-powered predictive software for inventory decisions in commerce. By leveraging more data in real-time, we empower merchandising and planning teams with allocation, ordering, and planning recommendations. 🚀 Our eventual hope is for commerce to no longer be a wasteful industry, as our intelligent platform empowers inventory excellence at every step in the value chain. 👔 We're VC-backed by Google's AI fund (Gradient Ventures), as well as former executives from Adidas, Zalando, ASOS, Reebok, Bonobos, Salesforce, ThredUp, and Stripe. We're working with fast-growing brands such as Faherty, Reformation, and Desigual.  Concretely: For omni-channel brands and retailers who use Excel or legacy software to manage their inventory, Syrup Tech provides predictive software powered by AI to empower better and more sustainable inventory decisions. Our software is being used by fast-growing brands (incl. Reformation, Faherty, Desigual) who are seeing dramatic reductions in manual work (-90%), significant P&L results (+6.8% full-price sell-thru, -75% stock-outs).
  • XGen AI Logo
    XGen AI

    Company Description
    XGen Ai is a comprehensive machine learning framework for eCommerce that includes a multi-model framework, independently trained models per customer, automated model turning and performance enhancements, real-time predictions (5-7 times per second), and individualized recommendations using multiple hyper-sophisticated neural nets. Beyond the machine learning that forms the core of the XGen Ai solution, it is also a comprehensive, full-stack analytics and personalization solution that allows eCommerce teams of any size to deploy everything – starting with the fully custom model through to XGen Ai CX Cloud to render dynamic user experiences directly on site. By providing the pinnacle of machine learning technology in a fully automated and configurable environment unique to each brand, XGen Ai enables eCommerce teams to maximize the value of their data and build a truly unique customer experience for every visitor.
  • Wafi Logo

    Company Description
    Wafi provides a simple API and drop in UI that makes it easy to send and receive instant bank payments. Built on the RTP network, Wafi enables ecommerce businesses to accept payments via bank accounts instead of credit/debit cards and save on payment processing fees.
  • Brij Logo

    Company Description
    Brij is a platform for brands to create & manage QR Code-activated digital experiences for their products, allowing customers to register, reorder, and more with a scan. Brands can build ROI-optimized landing pages using Brij's no-code builder, manage the dynamic experiences in Brij's platform, track analytics to understand how this new channel is performing, and sync customer data collected with their e-commerce platform and CRM.
  • Retail Aware Logo
    Retail Aware

    Company Description
    Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners track in-store product and shopper behavior data in real time. We help you know what shoppers want like never before to increase your ROI. For the first time, an accurate and precise way to track shopper behavior around your products in-store. We were founded with the mission to bring in-store shopper behavior data to brands, retailers, and their partners in real time. Our patent-pending and award-winning BiaaS data solution is helping clients understand what shoppers want like never before to drive ROI.
  • Enzymity Logo

    Company Description
    We are developing a method for breaking down polymers such as plastics and resins into monomers with the help of synthetic enzymes. The enzymes are tailored for specific types of material (e.g. PET or synthetic rubber) and are produced by genetically modified microorganisms. The monomers which result from the process can be used to create new virgin polymers, thus reducing the need for fossil fuel derived plastics/resins. The cycle can be repeated many times and does not deteriorate the quality of the material, as opposed to the currently prevalent mechanical recycling. We are using nature-inspired active proteins (enzymes) engineered for efficiency and scale – a somewhat similar principle to how animal stomachs work to digest complex organics. Our business model is process licensing to plastics value chain players (producers, recyclers, precursor producers), prototype process release planned for H1 2022.

    Company Description
    The company develops and produces luminescent tracers, nanomaterials and intelligent materials, studies their formulations and designs optical instrumentation for use in the industrial sector. The company is currently validating an oxygen sensing system for modified atmosphere packaging. SINBIOSYS also aims to commercialize a new silicon-based material (Si), which is part of a family of luminescent semiconductor nano materials known as 'quantum dots' (QDs). In recent years SINBIOSYS has developed a portfolio of synthetic routes to obtain SiQDs that can be used in a wide range of applications, a plan for industrial scale up for both SiQDs and for the non-destructive oxygen tracking system for the food industry. SiQDs also offer the possibility of sorting plastic waste with a biocompatible and cheap material, obtaining purity of the recycled polymer higher than 99%. Knowledge in the field of molecular sensors and optical and spectroscopic instrumentation also allows us to provide materials, consultancy and ad hoc solutions also in other industrial fields. At the moment the company is collaborating with the first potential customers who are testing its products, if the results are positive it will be necessary to scale the production processes.
  • Enlipsium Logo

    Company Description
    An innovative materials company with a portfolio of products for Manufacturing, Medical and Building industries. Enlipsium's core strength is in thin-film materials and coating materials, we have our own Research and Development capabilities as well as scale up synthesis capabilities for various solution processed materials. One of our flagship product includes - Enlit SG100 Anti-Dust Coating Technology. This is a water-based sustainable coating solution that can be applied on a variety of surfaces, such as building facades and front glass of Solar Panels. With this coating in place, users can reduce their maintenance cycles since dust accumulation gets reduced drastically. In areas of high rainfall, the super-hydrophillic surface allows dirt and dust to be rinsed off effective keeping the surface clean for a long time. We see a minimal reduction of 50% in water usage to maintain the same area cleanliness and a 20% long term cost savings for facility management. Enlipsium is also working on few other innovative solutions for various technology. Such as thin film dosimetry and coming out with the world's first perovskite-based scintillators. There is also strong interest in using our materials in the field of anti-counterfeiting.
  • Super Polymer Logo
    Super Polymer

    Company Description
    We transform polymers into super polymers. Our technology generates new and improved polymer properties that will impact many industries such as coating, paint, displays, optics, electronics, micro and nano electronics, sensors, medical, cables and many more. Some important properties are: • Particle size - we can produce particles in a controllable diameter in the range of 3-40 microns. It can be reduced to a sub-micron size. • High refractive index - SP-HDPE has a refractive index of 1.96 comparing to raw HDPE that has a refractive index of 1.52. Effective scattering observed in a wide spectral range of 400-2000 nm [VIS to NIR]. • Opacity – the particles are white and opaque. • High dielectric constant - Calculated dielectric constant is 3.85. • Suspension in liquids - Stable dispersion in liquids (water, oil, organic media), no surfactants required, no media optimization (i.e., pH) required. • Super Hydrophobicity - Coatings that contain SP’s particles have a contact angle of 155° or higher, and a sliding angle of 2°. • Dry particles repulsion - Free dry particles would not adhere or attached to a surface containing SP’s particles. • Unique structure - The special morphology of SP's polymer’s carries many merits.
  • CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limi…
    CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limited

    Company Description
    CelluComp is a Scottish-based material science company that produces microfibrilated cellulose from the waste streams of root vegetables, namely from sugar beet. CelluComp produces a product called Curran®, which is shipped in powder form and adds mechanical and thickening properties to a wide range of other materials, such as paints, concrete, cosmetics, home-care products, paper and even composites.
  • Teratonics Logo

    Company Description
    See through the matter... This is the solution proposed by Teratonics to the industry to reduce its poor-quality costs and to optimise its processes. Teratonics markets an innovative non-destructive imaging solution based on ultrafast terahertz (THz) pulses to reveal the invisible inside many non-conductive materials (e.g. plastics, composites…). This breakthrough technology can perform 3D dimensional control (typically thickness measurements with micrometric precision) and detect defects such as voids, dimples, density variations... The key differentiators of Teratonics's technology are its single-shot detection (10 million times faster than the state of the art) and its high level of automation (part scan, image generation and defect detection). This solution is safe for operators, contactless and rapid. It can address several markets such as automotive, aerospace, naval, renewable energy, medical devices…
  • Biotic Logo

    Company Description
    Biotic provides an end to end, fully bio-based, fully biodegradable polymers manufacturing process. We use macroalgae and our secret recipe to create PHBV polymers.Enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, eliminating recycling needs, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, with a zero waste and circular economy approach.Biotic is an Israeli based startup, which envisions a world where plastic pollution is not a concern and in which the consumer purchases and uses the product in the exact same manner, and after use, tosses it to any trash and the product fully biodegrades no matter to the environment.
  • Montinutra Logo

    Company Description
    Montinutra develops and produces ingredients for the cosmetics, food, and beverage, and chemical industries using forest industry side streams as its raw material. Our products can be used as a functionals for film forming, emulsions or a as a biopolymer for bioplastics. Further, they also have active properties as for anti-oxidants, prebiotics, anti-inflammation, soothing and skin conditioning. We are in a Seed+ phase, progressing with market development towards the Series-A financing and establishing a Commercial Plant. Currently we run a TRL7 pilot production. The proprietary production technology is proven, all natural, good yield, scalable and CAPEX affordable. Through our industrial partner, Metsä Group, we have secured our raw material supply, and the raw material is globally abundant. The technology is not limited to current raw material, saw dust, but also other biomaterials can be leveraged. Looking forward new partners to develop and commercialize new products! Montinutra produces Sprucegum™ from sawdust, which is commercially relevant, underutilized Forest industry side stream. Sprucegum™ is an adjustable emulsifier & stabilizer, and could be a potent component in future health beneficial functional foods.
  • BIOWEG Logo

    Company Description
    Founded as Cellulosic Technologies (now BIOWEG) in 2019 in Germany, they are a purpose-driven organization powered by conscious ChemDesign. They match BioInnOvation to business problems. They explore and combine biotechnology, material science, and molecular simulation learning to create and sell advanced sustainable and bio-based high-performance ingredients. Their ingredients are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably produced without using any harsh chemicals. We work with results-oriented, forward-thinking companies and consumer brands with global scale in the beauty, nutraceuticals, and food/beverage sectors who desire highly-differentiated, 100% animal-free and sustainable, science-based ingredient technologies. We bring to you biodegradable and clean ingredients made with bacterial cellulose. Our portfolio includes bio-based and customized microbeads, biodegradable rheology modifier, bio-based and highly functional hydrocolloid.
  • Titan BioPlastics Logo
    Titan BioPlast…

    Company Description
    We all know the global agenda calls for real solutions to solve plastic pollution. We seamlessly adapt materials to include nano technology into a variety of resins and composites. Titan has the solution to maximize the commercialization of healthy polymers. With industry revolutionizing sustainable options, Titan provides insightful composite development for companies looking to comply and innovate towards sustainable mandates for bioplastics and recycled plastics. Our expertise spans, but is not limited to: coatings, polymer composite development, nano barrier technology, the use of graphene oxide and graphene resin composites and masterbatches, pilot compounding, material testing, bioremediation and energy capture technology.
  • LAM'ON Logo

    Company Description
    LAM’ON is a biodegradable and suitable for composting laminating film. It offers the same results as the currently used ones and even using the same machinery. What makes it stand out is it’s composting properties of both film and glue. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that we developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble in order to ease the recycling process. On top of that our production method is simplified in a way that saves us time and money. LAM’ON offers the same results, is used on the same machines, and is offered at the same price range as the currently used laminating films. During the development of the product we received a big amount of inquiries for a packaging foil as well. And so another product was born - PACK'ON.
  • Phaxtec Logo

    Company Description
    Combating plastics pollution requires innovative alternatives and PolyHydroxyAlkanoates (PHA) are the most appropriate alternative to plastics due to them being marine, fresh water and soil biodegradable, recyclable, and home and industrially compostable. They are being produced commercially in small scale and have been thoroughly validated in 100’s of applications for 40+ years. PHAXTEC, Inc. would use Biogas, an abundantly available GHG, be cost competitive to plastics and enable recycling, and home and industrial composting, eliminating landfills. PHAXTEC uses proprietary microorganisms and patented and commercial production and applications technologies to ensure competitive advantage. Priority markets include a) foodservice paper coatings - enable packaging to be either recycled for the cellulose or composted - and b) slow-release fertilizer coatings - allow reduced fertilizer usage without losing yield, reduce fertilizer leaching into the waterways to reduce Algae Bloom and Red Tide. The PHAXTEC® team is successfully bringing together hi-tech development, manufacturing and traditional markets positioning PHAXTEC® to be a leader in transitioning the industry to circularity and sustainability.
  • FunCell Logo

    Company Description
    FunCell is a company that provides biobased additives for paper, boards and nonwoven industry : - Packaging - Hygiene papers - Specialty papers - Cardboard industry Our product: - BioWet: reinforces paper mechanic x2 when dry and 20x when wet. It allows paper manufacturers to save 30% of primary material. We are using a natural polymer extracted from biomass. The additive is non-toxic! We are in the process of getting the food contact approval. The beauty of our additives is that they are increasing the mechanical strength of the treated paper and at the same time they do not hinder recyclability. A paper treated with BioWet can be “repulped” to make new paper. Paper manufacturers directly integrate the additive in their processes - it react with the cellulose naturally by forming a chemical liaison to reinforce the paper. We already have proven our additive efficiency with top-tiers customers in Europe. We are located in Grenoble (French Alps) in a region that used to be the heart of the paper ecosystem and even if this Industry has now vanished, the paper ecosystem in the region remains very active and FunCell is a living proof of it.
  • Gig and Take Logo
    Gig and Take

    Company Description
    Gig and Take developed a workforce management software intended to reimagine the future of work in industrial manufacturing and logistics. The company aims to change the work culture of factories and manage a flexible workforce by increasing diversity, reducing mandatory overtime, and operationalizing flexibility, thereby breaking the century-old construct of rigid work schedules and unlock disproportionately diverse talent pools to work in a key sector of the economy. GAT also handles the integration process, making it easy for factories to easily schedule the flex workers with their full time workers. Current pilot customers including Michelin and Carlisle Industries who both jumped at the opportunity to complement their labor force blend. Gig and Take is reimagining the future of work in Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics. Gig and Take believes the future of work is flexible and that factories and warehouses are no longer an exception.
  • intramotev Autonomous Rail Logo
    intramotev Aut…
    intramotev Autonomous Rail Logo
    intramotev Autonomous Rail

    Company Description
    They are developing a self-driving rail vehicle that enables a point-to-point freight transit model, eliminating the time and costs required to gather and pull static railcars with a locomotive. By putting the motive power in the railcar itself, they can reduce the shipment size and route distance typically required for railroad profitability and enable better competitiveness with trucking .Each year in the US alone, goods worth over $690bn are moved by a fleet of 1.6 million railcars. On any given day, 900,000 of these railcars don't move at all. And on every single leg of its journey, a loaded railcar will sit idle for an average of 24.6 hours - just waiting for a locomotive. Rail’s inefficiencies push many shipments to trucking, which is bad for society. Trucks emit 9x more GHGs per ton-mile than rail, add congestion to roads, and contribute to deadly accidents. intramotev is building a future where no railcar needs to sit idle waiting for a locomotive, and not a gallon of diesel is burned to move them. Their autonomous zero-emissions vehicles are revolutionizing the future of freight in applications such as mining, intermodal, port, and other industries.
  • Kardinal Logo

    Company Description
    The company's platform uses AI and offers automatic dispatch, pick up and delivery support, routing optimization, static and dynamic delivery management and time prediction of courier arrival. Their solutions assist your operational teams on a daily basis by dynamically adapting tour plans according to exogenous shocks (breakdown, traffic, schedule changes, etc…). Their algorithms are constantly looking for the best solution, taking into account the new information that arrives in real time. The company provides an accessible SaaS solution easy to use for complex transportation tasks. By relying on technological supports (smartphones, cloud services, etc.), the intelligence system artificial integrates completely with the logistics processes put in place in transportation companies and allows them to respond more quickly and effectively to all problems encountered.
  • Faction Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in 2020, Faction develops driverless electric vehicles that have the speed and performance of cars, but at a fraction of the cost. Our combined team has engineered driverless systems from light electrics to large semi trucks, and we’re taking a new approach. Faction uses three wheel vehicles that are regulated as motorcycles making them faster to develop and “right sized” for typical urban deliveries and trips. We combine autonomy with remote human supervision, so we’re not constrained by waiting for 100% autonomous technology. To us, autonomy is an optimization, driverless is a product. To start, we’re focusing on less than truckload delivery, and vehicle-on-demand, where you can summon a vehicle and drive it yourself. In all cases, we can beat the cost of human driven fleets. Faction's patent-pending DriveLink™ and TeleAssist™ technologies allow us deploy driverless solutions on a range of vehicle platforms in a safe, reliable, and scalable manner.
  • Qualle Logo

    Company Description
    Qualle was established in late 2019 and just launched their soft beta in 2021 with Maersk. Qualle is building out a street turn automation tool, targeted at truckers to request the reuse of containers with shipping lines. A street turn is when a carrier uses a container from one trip, and instead of bringing the empty container back to the rail, they use it for a pickup. The carrier makes money from both loads while running less miles. Qualle takes an outdated process of communicating with the Steamship Lines to effectively facilitate Street Turn requests, while empowering truckers to do more by connecting fragmented dots between all stakeholders within the ecosystem. Their software helps with container triangulation to match import containers with exporters demand. Right now navigating and booking street turns is a very manual process and can take hours finding, uploading and negotiating prices through email. With Qualle’s first product “V1” you can do it all on one dashboard within minutes. Qualle has two more products coming to market “V2” that helps with container triangulation through an empty container marketplace for truckers and “V3” that integrates with importers and exporters to help build out the entire street turn ecosystem.
  • Freightpay Logo

    Company Description
    Freightpay is building the future payment layer dedicated to global logistics. Our goal is to increase the speed and efficiency at which the supply chain transacts. The Freightpay platform will digitize payments to enable faster, more connected financial transactions. The system will also provide dispute resolution and more intelligent exception management for all payment functions. Resolving payment issues more efficiently, while identifying problematic transactions, will give executives superior financial intelligence and more control over cash flow.
  • Carbmee Logo

    Company Description
    Carbmee accelerates your decarbonization and empowers your operational teams to take science-based actions on scope 3. Carbmee's solution uses science-based methodologies for a detailed comprehension of your corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Detect reduction potential, automate your workflows, collaborate with customers & suppliers and track your progress in common reporting frameworks. The Environmental Intelligence System is a software platform that guides your enterprise through the most critical business challenge of all time - increasing profit and decreasing emissions, at the same time. It is built to assist operational teams with a workflow-based experience for making profound decisions based on specific data. The Environmental Intelligence System guides your enterprise to net-zero.
  • bops Logo

    Company Description
    bops is a headless, supply chain intelligence platform helping manufacturers and distributors source, make, and deliver their products. By powering data applications, bops provides operators with end-to-end supply chain visibility and continuous insights to make daily decisions and unlock working capital.
  • Soapbox, Inc. Logo
    Soapbox, Inc.

    Company Description
    Soapbox is an e-commerce command center for your fulfillment operations. Our solution covers your end-to-end needs, from storefront listing and order management, to inventory reconciliation, warehouse, and shipping management. The software is designed for, and as, a best-practice fulfillment workflow to get your products to your customers easier, quicker, and more cost efficient. Best of all, Soapbox is FREE for startups and small businesses.
  • icustoms Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of a customs clearance platform intended for companies and customs agents to electronically file customs declarations with greater accuracy. The company's platform is based on AI and ML and does not include any third-party agents or middlemen, includes smart processes tailored based on the company's profile, less manual work, and more business, enabling businesses to make their customs declarations directly.

    Company Description
    TO THE MARKET is the turn key solution for ethical manufacturing and sourcing of apparel, accessories and home goods. Through our syndicated network of suppliers, we work with Fortune 500s, brands and retailers to provide story-rich products that appeal to the next generation of consumers with transparency, sustainability and authenticity. We enable the supply chain of the future, in which retail manufacturing empowers people, protects the planet, and delivers quality products that result in a better bottom line.
  • EAIGLE Logo

    Company Description
    Who We Are: We are a human-centric Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company developing enterprise computer vision solutions for the workplace and public spaces. Our solutions enable customers to optimize processes, reduce costs and grow revenues. Our purpose is to change the way people think about Artificial Intelligence by creating a wide variety of human-centric Al solutions that enhance the performance of humans and enterprises globally. Our vision is to become the world's most trusted Al enterprise solution provider in the next 10 years. Who We Help: We work with global enterprises in a wide range of sectors including retail, supply chain, logistics and commercial real estate. Our technology enables our customers to identify inefficiencies in their operations or breaches in their policies all in real-time notifications or alerts. What's Unique About Us: 1-Our technology is hardware agnostic; this means we can work with existing cameras and sensors reducing our customers’ capital investment when deploying our solutions enterprise wide. 2-Our technology processes inputs from optical cameras, infra-red and radar sensors. 3-Our technology has superior accuracy which eliminates false positives and interruptions to operations
  • WARP Logo

    Company Description
    Warp connects shippers, carriers, and facilities to find the most efficient route for middle-mile freight. The first freight network of its kind, Warp weaves together digital pooling, back-hauls, and physical consolidation points (Warp Stations), to provide shippers with a cost structure for shippers previously unthinkable with old school trucking companies.
  • Allosense Logo

    Company Description
    Allosense delivers an easy user experience for integrating smart sensors and analyzing data, by designing and manufacturinng "always connected" asset trackers that use satellite, cellular, and mesh connectivity. Allosense trackers incorporate a suite of sensors for monitoring high-value assets in real-time. Allosense specializes in high-volume test and measurement solutions for both commercial and military applications. The team works with large industrial partners and integrate turnkey measurement solutions for improving quality and yield of electronics while reducing time-to-market of new product introductions.

    Company Description
    CTHINGS.CO develops and manufactures end-to-end 5G IoT solutions designed to uncover the hidden potential in processes and assets. There’s much more to processes and assets than the naked eye can see. Even the simplest actions and seemingly trivial objects are glowing with impressive amounts of data that can be the key to higher efficiency, lower costs, and sustainable growth. The company is in the business of developing reliable and user-friendly 5G IoT solutions that allow their customers to make better decisions based on precious data hidden in multiple aspects of their businesses. CTHINGS.CO designs, develops, and manufactures 5G IoT hardware, software, sensors, cloud platforms, and web applications. Their solutions employ cutting-edge technology and components to monitor, capture, transmit, and analyze massive amounts of data in near real-time. The organization supports the digital transformation of industries and municipalities with an end-to-end approach and offers a solution portfolio of 5G connectivity infrastructure, asset tracking sensor networking, and remote distributed monitoring that can be combined, customized, and adapted to cover even the most specific use cases.
  • Transparent Path Logo
    Transparent Pa…
    Transparent Path Logo
    Transparent Path

    Company Description
    Transparent Path is a social purpose corporation focused on supply chain visibility. Our mission is to reduce food waste and financial risk by creating a more agile, efficient, and predictable supply chain. Powered by IoT sensors, blockchain security, and artificial intelligence, Transparent Path’s secure, scalable platform provides food manufacturers, processors, logistics partners and retailers with the ability to see and act on supply chain issues in real-time. As a result, Transparent Path’s customers know immediately when something goes wrong, can act to prevent risk, and can anticipate supply chain issues before they occur.
  • UrsaLeo Logo

    Company Description
    UrsaLeo is a platform as a service technology company that enables companies to visualize operational data in a 3D representation of the facility. Backed by a powerful end-to-end IoT platform, UrsaLeo Cloud, UrsaLeo displays data from multiple systems to create a digital command center for all facilities information. Pulling in data from sensors, assets databases, and other IoT systems, the UrsaLeo 3D system zooms automatically to user defined events, allows recording and replay of the entire system during failures, accelerates triage response time, and eliminates training needs. UrsaLeo was founded by manufacturing and software engineering experts with more than 50 years of industry expertise. UrsaLeo was founded on 2017 by manufacturing and software engineering experts and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. audit.
  • Carpe Diem Solutions Logo
    Carpe Diem Sol…

    Company Description
    Carpe Diem Solutions is an IoT company and a specialist in ML-based edge computing which innovates, designs and engineers real-time and ALFA*-powered sensor-fusion and digital signal processing technologies for connectivity, movement tracking, precise positioning and navigation. Our solutions empower industrial, commercial and professional applications such as 5G broadband, 3D motion capture/tracking in animation, sport, VR/AR and biomechanics, indoor location, robot/drones orientation, industrial control & stabilization, radar systems, etc. *ALFA - Adaptive Lattice FIlter Algorithms
  • Really-Virtual Logo

    Company Description
    Really-Virtual provides a modern way to staff and train equipment-based operators using our Real-Forklift virtual reality simulator. Schools, workforce development organizations, and companies utilize a mix of authentic physical controls, virtual reality software, data collection and analytics to onboard, train and maintain forklift operators. For 2023, Really-Virtual aims to launch BluWorkz. BluWorkz will address labor shortages, by engaging potential jobseekers that have been disenfranchised or marginalized in the workforce, by offering assessment, training, and job placement at zero cost. By leveraging our partnerships in education and workforce development, our network of Real-Forklift simulators will attract and qualify untapped talent expanding the labor pool for employers.
  • Fulfilld Logo

    Company Description
    Fulfilld is the evolution of intelligent warehouse management software (WMS) that answers the real-world business need for truly intelligent, innovative, light-weight, rapid-deployment, and cost-effective WMS SaaS for the Midmarket. Flipping old-school WMS in the bin - Fulfilld optimizes warehousing via bleeding-edge cloud-native SaaS (Best Practice Business Process Templates, Machine Learning, Digital Twin physical layout virtualization, proactive system-driven recommendations, embedded Analytics, Natural Language, "Phil" the Chat Bot, etc.) integrated with real-time location tracking richness hardware capabilities (UWB, 5G, Scanners). Our end-to-end visibility provides an unparalleled perspective into in motion warehouse activity empowering the system and users to pivot real-time.

    Company Description
    WORKERBASE helps manufacturing companies to make their workers more productive by up to 50%. We have seen that, while some companies have already done digitalization projects, they have missed to create a modernized way of how humans work. Manual work is still divided into static jobs and coordinated using paper and human supervisors. This leads to a lack of transparency and a long cascade of everyday problems. These problems lead to millions of Euros being wasted in every manufacturing company. We have created a new way of working which breaks monolithic jobs/roles into smaller portions of skills. One job can become 100s of individual skills and workers can constantly acquire new skills using a digital training system. Work is then allocated in realtime based on these skills which allows clients to utilize the time their staff previously had nothing to do in their jobs. Combined with a system of prediction algorithms, we are able to save €3.6m annually for an average factory.
  • The Predictive Company Logo
    The Predictive…
    The Predictive Company Logo
    The Predictive Company

    Company Description
    The Predictive Company has developed an energy efficiency software that saves up to 30% of energy and CO2 emissions and can be implemented in any type of a commercial building. The software connects the data of a building with external and internal variables to create its digital twin and make an accurate prediction of its energy need with the end of an autonomous and optimized operation of HVAC machines. (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Additionally, as the technology is based on self-learning algorithms, the software is able to detect small machine failures before they become a serious problem, therefore, the software also provides a predictive maintenance solution. Therefore, 2 solutions (energy efficiency and predictive maintenance) in 1. The Predictive Company is a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and it has been founded through the "The Collider" program, a pioneering tech-transfer program of the Mobile World Capital Foundation.
  • Industrial Analytics Logo
    Industrial Ana…
    Industrial Analytics Logo
    Industrial Analytics

    Company Description
    (Acquired) Industrial Analytics IA GmbH Industrial Analytics provides plant and machine monitoring software for rotating machinery as a combination of acoustic and vibration measurements with physical models and AI. The hybrid solution is a combination of edge computing and analytics software, which can be integrated into any IoT platform. The aim is to obtain transparent, deterministic, and localisable results with clear instructions for action, and above all no more false positives and false alarms. The results are far more efficient monitoring with more machines per monitoring staff and reliable predictive maintenance.
  • Plunk Logo

    Company Description
    Plunk’s advanced analytics revolutionize the way homeowners, home experts, and investors value and invest in residential real estate—through the power of AI, machine learning, and image analysis. Plunk tracks an individual home’s price in real time and represents a new level of both comprehensiveness and transparency. Plunk’s real-time solutions are accessed by consumers, real estate professionals, and the investment community via a suite of data and software products, across both web and mobile platforms. Plunk was co-founded by Brian Lent and David Bluhm, two tech startup veterans who have played integral roles at some of the world's most innovative companies.​ With their combined experience, our founders are building a new evolution of housing analytics. And with a world-class team of data scientists and engineers, they are bringing next-generation Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to the residential real estate industry.​
  • Bdeo Logo

    Company Description
    Bdeo is a Spanish scale up founded in 2017 in Madrid. It currently works for clients in 20 countries and has a presence in Spain, Mexico, UK, France and Germany. This technology company develops Visual Intelligence, a specific type of Artificial Intelligence, to help automate the tasks of motor and home insurance companies in underwriting and claims management processes. Bdeo's goal is to transform the insurance industry to evolve the way insurers engage with their customers.
  • NewRetirement Logo

    Company Description
    NewRetirement delivers a hybrid financial planning solution to consumer end users and enterprises, with innovative software, educational classes, digital coaching, and human advice. The comprehensive planning and modeling engine considers thousands of scenarios, enabling individuals to do holistic accumulation and decumulation planning with digital guidance, and at scale for enterprises. Designed for a person’s entire life, the platform also provides automated strategic outreach to individual planners based on their specific needs that delivers a financial wellness benefit for employers, and enables financial services organizations to leverage new business models, better retain assets, and drive revenue with more engaged planners. NewRetirement is used by millions of people and deployed with enterprise companies such as MarketWatch and Nationwide.
  • XP Health Logo
    XP Health
    XP Health Logo
    XP Health

    Company Description
    XP Health is a health tech startup introducing a new kind of vision benefit for employees leveraging machine learning. Founded in 2019 by Antonio Moraes and James Wong, XP Health is an AI-powered vision benefits platform for employees and their families to get frames from the world’s leading designers like Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Armani, Gucci, Coach. Its proprietary deep learning model uses facial recognition technology that recommends the best frames based on facial dimensions with 98% accuracy. The company is working with companies like Chegg, Zenefits, and Sequoia Consulting Group.
  • Hammurabi Logo
    Hammurabi Logo

    Company Description
    Hammurabi is targeting the most intractable problem within the health insurance industry: how to predict major medical events and price stop loss insurance using minimal data inputs. Our technology is powered by novel machine learning algorithms, coupled with a vast proprietary database. We improve loss ratios for carriers and close ratios for brokers -- all while providing value for employers.
  • Thumbscore Logo

    Company Description
    Thumbscore is a quantum-powered engine for insurers to offer financial well-being to individuals, giving each a personalized financial GPS for everyday guidance and education.
  • InsurAce Protocol Logo
    InsurAce Proto…
    InsurAce Protocol Logo
    InsurAce Protocol

    Company Description
    InsurAce is the leading decentralized insurance protocol, providing reliable, robust and secure DeFi insurance services to the DeFi users. InsurAce not only guarantees unbeatable portfolio premiums but also offers sustainable investment returns. We have a unique insurance product, tailored just for your project. From insuring your smart contract against hacks to allowing users to secure their investments against risks. Our community is one of the best in the DeFi space and is a key element to our success. We continue to innovate and improve for them.
  • Sustema Logo

    Company Description
    Sustema is a behavioural data analytics company founded by experienced underwriters and risk managers to help commercial insurers improve underwriting performance. With ever-increasing volumes of data and digitisation of the insurance industry, the need to analyse and extract meaningful insights from information has never been greater. However, at its core, commercial underwriting is about insuring companies and specifically insuring the decisions made by the people running those companies. Therefore, to improve underwriting performance, the way companies behave should be taken into account when putting your capital at risk on their behalf. Analysing the publicly available data of over 17’000 companies worldwide, Sustema makes this possible at scale. Sustema behavioural analytics service (BASE™) enables insurers to integrate ESG data into their underwriting processes, reduce exposure to corporate behavioural risk and significantly increase profitability with a secure and intuitive cloud-based service. Built to meet the current and future needs of underwriters, client acquisition teams and portfolio managers, Sustema BASE™ operates independently of your existing core IT infrastructure − enabling you to get up and running swiftly and securely.
  • baoba Logo

    Company Description
    baoba is marrying location intelligence x technologies to create a marketplace for geodata-driven coverage for the embedded insurance industry. Baoba believes that the key aspects are to offer the right type of insurances (decomposed / modular) at the right time (time-stamp capabilities), at the right place (geo-triggered coverages), and at the right price (parametric, dynamic, etc. pricing). Baoba has an unparalleled strategy as data is in our DNA. We use location data to drive product development and to offer the right products at the right place. We feed back distribution data to create market intelligence and push the right products to our customers. This way we can influence risk calculations, pricing, and offer hyper-personalized experiences. Our vision is to become a key ecosystem player / AI-driven operating system for geo-triggered insurances by leveraging our data-driven approach and distribute our products through B2B2C and later B2C distro channels. Baoba's product suite consists of baobaCONNECT (single API marketplace access) and baobaGO (customer dashboard and app). We create value to incumbent insurers, travel industry partners (GDS, travel tech, online travel agencies, airlines), financial apps, superapps, e-commerce and most importantly our end-customers.
  • Surebright Logo

    Company Description
    SureBright is an Insurance-as-a-Service platform that enables any company to embed insurance and warranty products on their website. Connect, embed, and increase Average Order Value by 14% with SureBright!
  • Claim Genius Logo
    Claim Genius

    Company Description
    Claims Genius’s AI image analytics & machine learning platform is making "touchless claims a reality”. With our cloud based predictive models & white labelled Mobile App we are INSTANTLY providing FNOL decision, repair estimation, damage severity, parts analysis & salvage bids. Our innovative product brings huge cost savings, reduced claim cycle time and great customer experience &satisfaction. Instant Damage Pricing CG’s powerful AI engine can predict total loss and repairability estimates with > 90% accuracy in under 10 seconds Hidden Damage Detection Identify areas of hidden damage that may not be evident based on photo analysis alone Fraud Detection Prevent insurance fraud via automated photo validation of insured vehicles before processing accident claims Instant Preinspection Automates the preinspection process, thus enabling AI underwriting decisions Telematics Integration Integrate CG with telematics data to further augment estimate accuracy (future)
  • Cogo Insurance Logo
    Cogo Insurance

    Company Description
    COGO is a AI-powered MGU insurtech with a commercial auto liability product tailored for “Smart Trucking” operations, owner operators, small fleets, and autonomous trucks. Developed by a team of fleet owners with realworld, tech-enabled trucking experience and a proven book of the commercial auto business. Selected for the 2022 Dayton Startup Week pitch competition.
  • Verbal Logo

    Company Description
    Many organizations struggle to improve customer engagement and satisfaction due to long onboarding periods to reach proficiency coupled with high turnover of customer-facing front-line staff. These inefficiencies hamper organizations from building teams of highly proficient experts and cause companies to lose $450k/yr in wasted costs for a team of 100 front-line staff members according to a recent study. Enter Verbal. The Verbal voice intelligence assistant analyzes live calls and draws on organizational protocols to provide real-time coaching, automates QA, and streamlines admin tasks. Verbal supports non-licensed staff handling scheduling and customer service to licensed clinicians handling care management and drug safety. Verbal shortens the time to onboarding proficiency by providing real-time coaching during customer interactions to minimize rote memorization and lecture style training. Meanwhile, managers can skip manual QA and instead take on more direct reports or get more time for training and hiring.
  • Lazarus Logo
    Lazarus Logo

    Company Description
    Lazarus Forms is a data extraction API that makes cluttered, unstructured PDFs as usable as any JSON. Our form extractor pulls entities, tables, and key value pairs from your documents, out of the box with no need for example forms or training. Our AI recognizes both handwritten and typed text, extracting more data and requiring even less human intervention. We streamline your data intake and transfer processes associated with various types of documents; claims forms, new patient intake, attending physician statements, adjuster reports, lab results, ACORDs, and anything that can be fit in a PDF.
  • eXate Logo

    Company Description
    eXate is an aggregator of Privacy Enhancing Techniques focused on consistently protecting Data in Motion (APIs and streaming), as well as Data at Rest. With fine-grained access controls, and the ability to apply the Principles of Least Privilege, eXate can automatically enforce data policies and control the flow of sensitive data within a firm and across geographic borders. With more than 2/3rd of the world's population being covered under data protection regulation, the demand for data privacy by consumers is at an all-time high. 87% of consumers have indicated that they will not do business with a company who does not protect their personal data. As a result, 94% of companies now share privacy metrics with their Boards, and it is getting exponentially harder for organisations to stay on top of current data privacy demands. Securing data is hard. eXate makes it easy.
  • Prevedere Logo
    Prevedere Logo

    Company Description
    Prevedere’s predictive AI leverages global data, econometric modeling and machine learning algorithms to create a critical new layer of planning insight to the enterprise to forecast future performance of metrics such as demand, supply, cost and price up to 5 years into the future. Macroeconomic and industry volatility are increasingly impacting business planning and strategy in many ways. According to Harvard Business Review, 85% of a company's performance is dependent on external factors. However, most organizations forecast and plan leveraging primarily internal data, missing the key drivers of their business. They may also lack the ability to include their unique leading external drivers into the forecasting process in an automated and repeatable manner. Prevedere's platform is a comprehensive toolkit for systematically forecasting and proactively monitoring lines-of-businesses, by geography, product, category, customer, channel, or end-use industry.
  • Diesta Logo

    Company Description
    Diesta is an early Insurtech start-up which was founded in March 2022 by Julian Schoemig and Chris Davis. The two have successfully raised their pre-seed round from Antler VC. Antler is a global investment fund which hosts a start-up accelerator where Chris and Julian met and develop the concept in. Diesta is a modern premium processing platform specifically built for insurance. Through smart integrations with industry systems, payments can be automatically reconciled and distributed. The insurance market relies on a fragmented distribution chain. As a result of this premium payments travel traditionally through each intermediary and are handled by manual processes until they reach the insurer or reinsurer respectively. This processes costs the insurers as well as intermediaries 6-7% of their annual revenue. With Diesta the insurance premium flows through smart accounts where we automatically reconcile and distribute the payments to each entity. This saves each entity significant time, money and effort. They have found early traction with large market participants and already have a first client with whom we develop the solution and start generating revenue in August this year.
  • Togggle Logo
    Togggle Logo

    Company Description
    At Togggle, we believe in a human-centric approach to personal data: our goal is to ensure that users are the only entitled holders of their data and retain full power to control and manage them. To turn our vision into reality, we rely on the PIMs (Privileged Identity Management) concept: Users’ data are automatically stored in their personal POD, a secure and decentralized data storage. As a result, users can now decide consciously which services and third parties can access their data and for what purposes. Togggle’s PIMs require users to verify themselves once as all the credentials and information provided are ready to be reused as often as desired without going into the KYC process repeatedly. From a company perspective, through our service is possible to efficiently decentralize KYC and considerably reduce storage and security costs, representing considerable expenses in the user authentication process. This means **instant onboarding** for the people already verified into other platforms: in one click, all information is verified. Companies will have access to even more data from an inter-operable perspective: decentralization will cut costs while offering a better-customized service thanks to comprehensive and consistent user data.
  • Sherpa Logo

    Company Description
    Sherpa is a disruptive InsurTech start-up, shaking up the traditional insurance model to benefit consumers. We help close the advice gap in insurance by offering a simple, intuitive way for consumers to visualize how well protected and resilient they are. Our unique Protection Score and engagement platform gives customers the tools they need to make smarter choices to boost their coverage needs and financial wellbeing. Using intelligent technology, we offer personalized and data-driven recommendations 24/7, delivering swift, unbiased and trustworthy advice, throughout their lifetime. We empower consumers to confidently make the decisions that matter most, and enable businesses to increase engagement, conversion, cross-sales and loyalty, through our tested, unified experience. No matter what channel, brand or product your customers engage with, Sherpa's Protection Score is proven to help companies convert on-line insurance prospects into long-lasting paying customers.
  • Lamar Health Logo
    Lamar Health
    Lamar Health Logo
    Lamar Health

    Company Description
    Lamar Health provides a software to clinical geneticists to save time while improving patient care. We help with patient onboarding, AI-powered clinical notes and connecting patients to clinical trials. Rare disease treatment has a lot of trial and error due to small numbers of patients. Through it's software Lamar Health is building a centralized database of genetic-treatment-outcome information that is valuable to life science companies, physicians and patients. We contribute to efforts in improving diagnostics and therapeutics using the data we collect. Our founding team is stacked with Stanford alumni with PhDs in Genetics, founders with profitable startups and a family member of a rare disease patient.
  • Neura Health Logo
    Neura Health

    Company Description
    Neura Health is a venture-backed startup with a mission to improve access and quality of care for neurologic conditions. Our longer-term vision is to find cures by learning from the experience of every neurology patient. We were inspired to create Neura because of two key problems in neurology: access and quality. Access is sub-par because there are not enough neurologists in the country, so the average wait time is 35 days, with patients often having to travel hours to access the right specialist. Quality is sub-par because diagnoses are currently based on self-reported data with significant recency bias.
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    Ciba Health

    Company Description
    Ciba Health is a personalized digital therapeutics and virtual care platform. We utilize a precision health approach to treat and reverse chronic conditions while optimizing the physical and mental well-being of our patients. We are focused on researching the unique biochemistry of every patient, get to the rootcause of symptoms, reduce medications, prevent and reverse diseases, and let people live life to its fullest. Ciba Health utilizes a multidisciplinary root-cause approach grounded in holistic and precision medicine. We take a comprehensive and personalized approach to care for each patient — studying their medical history, lifestyle, and unique biochemistry. We are using cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of providers to equip patients with the knowledge they need to reverse chronic conditions and lead healthy lives. Each patient has a dedicated health coach, dietitian and physician who work as a team
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    Company Description
    Renalis is a digital health company creating platforms to improve experiences and outcomes for people with pelvic health conditions. Designed to tackle the biggest challenges in pelvic health management, Renalis platforms increase patient engagement, improve adherence, decrease out-migration, saving providers valuable time and effort. Our first platform is for persons assigned female at birth, and our long-term goal is to optimize the pelvic health of all individuals throughout the life course. Ultimately, we will create a digital therapeutic to increase access through reimbursement, and revolutionize the way pelvic health is delivered in the U.S.
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    Company Description
    Disposable medical equipment is the second largest variable cost category in most hospitals after wages. Yet hospitals and ambulatory surgical treatment centers lack the ability to track and optimize costs across routine surgeries and procedures. AssistIQ's Surgical IQ (SIQ) is the only scalable, commercial software application that provides real-time tracking capabilities inside the operating room (OR) along with data insights to empower surgical care providers to offer the best value to their patients. With an estimated 234 million surgeries and annual spending of $162 billion on medical disposables that are estimated to grow to $370 billion by 2028, the serviceable obtainable market is estimated at over $2 billion annually.
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    Company Description
    (Travelin.Ai is part of the Amadeus Startup/Launch Pad program) We learned that about 50% of business travel is booked outside of the company's TMCs. The other 50% of business trips are booked on consumer platforms simply because employees' leisure requirements on TMCs are not met. According to Skift 50% of business trips are now Bleisure trips. When employees book outside their TMCs, it creates a security challenge, and employers lose visibility. Additionally, businesses lose bargaining power when negotiating contracts with suppliers since 50% are booking outside the company's TMC. The solution is to offer platforms that employees would like to use. Travelin.Ai enables employees to book a pure business trip in less than 60 seconds, and Bleisure trips (Combining Business & Leisure and all expenses are automatically separated - zero manual intervention (Patent Pending). Travelin.Ai automatically separates the costs of hotels, car rental and flights between business and leisure. To retain and attract talent, employers can allocate a Workation travel budget to each employee and with that, create competitive compensation packages. The employee can use the budget at check out and add additional personal funds if needed.
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    Company Description
    Our vision is to consolidate the travel industry by empowering businesses to serve travelers seamlessly through chat, automated by AI. Empowering Hospitality; Serving Travelers. One Business, One Guest, One Conversation at a time. Trabble is a chat-based Guest Engagement SaaS platform designed to help customer service staff in the travel and hospitality industry to take a guest seamlessly from Pre-Trip, Check-In, In-Trip, Check-Out and Post-Trip, entirely within our customers' multiple chat communication channels. The platform enables businesses to easily deploy technologies which allow them to compete in the fragmented and challenging market. We help them automate Guest Enquiries, Reservations and Services, to increase operational efficiency, revenue channels and guest satisfaction. Leveraging a unique combination of chatbots, Machine Learning, AI and direct human interaction to streamline the travelers' entire journey.
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    Company Description
    Cherry is a new browser extension that hijacks travellers from all OTA's (Booking/Expedia/Airbnb) and redirects them with an offer/discount to book directly with the property. Saving property owners huge $$$ in commission costs and also owning the customer data. We have signed up approx 700 hotels in Australia in the past 2 months of launching the product and we have 340 hotels in Canada launching 1st July.
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    Company Description
    Rasa supplies the standard infrastructure for conversational AI, providing the tools required to build better, more resilient contextual assistants. With more than 25 million downloads since launch, Rasa is loved by developers worldwide, and supported by our friendly, fast-growing community working together and learning from each other to make better text- and voice-based AI assistants. There are two key components to Rasa’s Conversational AI offering. Rasa Open Source is the most popular open-source framework for conversational AI. Rasa Enterprise is the company’s commercial offering, providing an enterprise-grade platform built on top of Rasa Open Source for developing contextual assistants at scale. Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s and provides the data privacy and security needed by enterprises of every size. Rasa is privately held with funding from Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Basis Set Ventures, and others. The company was founded in 2016 and is remote-first with a presence in San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Belgrade.
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    Company Description
    ResortPass is an online booking platform for access to resorts and hotels for the pool, spa, fitness, and amenities. They offer a new daycation experience to the world to enjoy all the luxurious amenities at a hotel or resort for the day, without needing to book a room. ResortPass' guest booking platform provides to the hotel industry a solution to monetize their under-utilized amenities and boost ancillary revenue while offering people a way to enjoy hotel amenities on-demand. Local leisure and business day guests can book amenities and workspaces at hotels, without an overnight stay, a flexible model relevant and necessary in a new changing world. ResortPass drives new revenue streams to over 650 hotel partners including top brands such as Hyatt Hotels, Marriott International, Fairmont Hotels, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Hilton Hotels, Kimpton, Ritz-Carlton, Radisson, and many more. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.
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    Company Description
    NLX enables organizations to build and manage next generation conversational experiences - personalized conversations that are automated, integrated, measurable, highly scalable and available anytime and anywhere. NLX conversational self-service automation combines the best of AI and the best of the human support experience, empowering travel and hospitality customers to solve their own problems in ways that are faster, more satisfying, and more cost effective than before. Automate - Deliver an automated, secure, and integrated customer self-service journey for account management, logistical, and transactional tasks like upgrading seats, requesting a price quote, or checking in. Get personal - Everyone’s passport is different. Integrate with all your systems of record to personalize the customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Go mobile - We are ready for take-off! Give customers access to your products and services from anywhere, whether they are in the office or car, or comfortable at home.
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    Company Description
    Give your teams the freedom to meet where they want, when they need: The one and only technology that allows you to organize and book a team stay in less than a minute. Invest in your corporate culture by moving from the traditional seminar to regular productive team stays Naboo offers a unique collection of more than 200 certified places for productive team stays of 3 to 15 people in France