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  • Remote Optix Logo
    Remote Optix

    Company Description
    Provides easily accessible, high quality live video and collaboration tools for construction, inspection and real estate use cases.
  • Lula Logo

    Company Description
    A technology company that transforms convenience stores into last-mile micro-fulfillment centers.
  • Cartken Logo

    Company Description
    Cartken makes communities more connected by bridging the distance between customers and the local businesses they love. Our autonomous robot platform is designed to transport goods over short distances and in local neighborhoods. We use advanced AI to power our robots, making them the safest and most reliable in the market today.
  • Zaak Technologies Logo
    Zaak Technolog…

    Company Description
    ZaaK Technologies is an eco-innovative start-up dedicated to treating and upcycling industrial by-products, with the aim of delivering environmentally sustainable and commercial solutions for the production of value-added building material.
  • Water Horizon Logo
    Water Horizon

    Company Description
    "Water Horizon's goal is to develop an innovative renewable energy solution for industrial heating and cooling applications as well as district heating. The technology is a mobile thermal battery which recovers waste heat from industrial activities. "
  • vGis Logo

    Company Description
    "Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmented view that includes holographic infrastructure objects, improving their environmental assessments and increasing their situational awareness. "
  • Immaterial Logo

    Company Description
    "Immaterial is the only company to commercialise monolithic MOFs, a class of super-adsorbent nanomaterials with potential global impact. Applications of Immaterial's technology include use cases like carbon capture, emissions control, gas separation and storage, wastewater management, and several other industrial use cases. "
  • Hiboo Logo
    Hiboo Logo

    Company Description
    Hiboo builds a whole new vision of equipment operation using field data, to help companies achieve better management of their operations and increase productivity. The data infrastructure platform enables new tools for interpreting equipments park inside companies: location, use, security, consumption, areas of activities, maintenance.
  • Enway Logo

    Company Description
    "Enway’s software stack enables centimeter precise autonomous navigation for specialty vehicles such as street sweepers or garbage trucks. The development of operating modes that allow human workers and self driving vehicles to cooperate is one of the key priorities for Enway."
  • Clairion Logo

    Company Description
    "Clairion is a cleantech startup that leverages innovative patents technology to simultaneously remove pollutants such as NOx, SOx and Hg from industrial emissions. The advantages of its solution are unprecedented efficiency, cost reduction, minimization environmental impact and ensure compliance with regulations. "
  • Carbon8 Systems Logo
    Carbon8 Systems
    Carbon8 Systems Logo
    Carbon8 Systems

    Company Description
    "Carbon8 Systems provides technical solutions that capture and store CO2 through the treatment of industrial waste. The company uses Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) to combine carbon dioxide with thermal residues from a variety of different industrial processes to produce materials for reuse, mostly in the construction industry. "
  • Carbon Upcycling Logo
    Carbon Upcycli…
    Carbon Upcycling Logo
    Carbon Upcycling

    Company Description
    "Carbon Upcycling converts CO2 emissions into valuable nanomaterial powders that improve the performance of concrete, plastic, battery, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. The produced nanoparticle powders have a range of technically-validated applications such as additives in the plastics, coatings, epoxy, adhesives, concrete, lithium-ion battery industries. "
  • Carbix Logo

    Company Description
    "Carbix transforms atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbonates to build industrial products. Its novel bioreactor takes enriched CO2 from power and cement plants and in just hours converts it into cement and aggregates for the construction industry, home and yard goods for consumers looking to support the environment. "
  • Blue Planet Technologies Logo
    Blue Planet Te…
    Blue Planet Technologies Logo
    Blue Planet Technologies

    Company Description
    "Blue Planet captures CO2 from industrial and power plant flue gas emissions, permanently sequesters CO2 in a manufactured limestone construction aggregate for further use in concrete. In addition to the CO2, Bleu Planet utilizes calcium oxides taken from a wide range of waste streams to up-cycle those wastes into salable products. "
  • Xylene Logo

    Company Description
    Xylene changes the way companies interact with their supply chains. The technology is a combination of supply chain visualization, due diligence and product traceability, which leverages on blockchain and remote sensing (satellite imageries) to validate the authenticity of the data exchanged.
  • Swirltex Logo

    Company Description
    "Swirltex has developed a membrane filtration system for treating wastewater. The patented membrane system can utilize lower-cost polymeric membranes, and provide a significantly higher flux while avoiding fouling."
  • Recyda Logo

    Company Description
    Recyda provides suggestions for designing product packaging to ensure regulatory compliance, reporting tools to support recyclable claims, and sales tools for packaging manufacturers, everything in a unique solution.
  • Provenance Logo

    Company Description
    "Provenance makes information open and accessible throughout the supply chain and at the point of sale. The software-based technology connects information to things that help us understand and discover the origin, journey and impact of our products."
  • Oriient Logo

    Company Description
    "Oriient can activate indoor positioning in any building without installing anything with an accuracy within 1m (3ft). Oriient provides users with extremely accurate navigation on their smartphones and allows facilities and retails to improve their service, space utilization, staff performance and operations."
  • Neurons Inc Logo
    Neurons Inc

    Company Description
    Neurons is an applied neuroscience and AI-based tech startup which helps asses and understand consumer responses. Neurons Inc has been able to protocolize and move consumer- response analysis from the lab to anywhere.
  • Greencovery Logo

    Company Description
    Greencovery has developed technology that helps food manufacturers recover valuable compounds from their side-streams. The resulting, high-quality ingredient helps businesses offer an attractive economical proposition that reduces CO2 and waster consumption.
  • Kiinns Logo

    Company Description
    Kiinns has developed a patent-pending technology that eliminates the need to clean food processing equipment after use in food production lines by coating the equipment with a biodegradable polymer.
  • Aryballe Logo

    Company Description
    Through supervised machine learning, Aryballe is training its hardware-enabled software to recognize and discern between scents to power research and development, ensure product and sourcing quality, and facilitate the creation of positive consumer experiences.
  • Virtuleap Logo

    Company Description
    Virtuleap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels, and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning challenges. We have created a library of VR games designed by neuroscientists in order to test and train a range of cognitive abilities and make that data accessible through our enterprise platform. Our first paid client is the AARP, and we are now working with leading institutions, like the VA Health Care System and the Pacific Brain Health Center, to validate our solution as an effective diagnostic and treatment for attention deficit and cognitive decline.
  • Tali Health Logo
    Tali Health

    Company Description
    TALi is a Australian digital therapeutics company that develops patented and clinically validated solutions to screen, assess and improve cognitive function. TALi’s first solution utilises app-based technology and gamification to deliver a digital therapeutic that addresses the outstanding need to assess and treat attention deficits during early childhood.
  • Takalam Logo

    Company Description
    Takalam is an online counseling and mental well-being platform offering a convenient and personalized solution to individuals, couples, and organizations through a seamless digital experience using video, audio and instant messaging, with an option of anonymity.
  • Nafas Logo

    Company Description
    Nafas Meditation App, help the Arabic population to reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia through audio-only guided meditations that promotes the practice of mindfulness to live a healthier and happier life.
  • Healium Logo

    Company Description
    Healium is a clinically validated mental fitness channel that uses virtual and augmented reality apps for the self-management of stress and anxiety. It’s the world’s first virtual and augmented reality media channel powered by brainwaves and heart rate via an EEG headband or Apple Watch.
  • Fatster Logo

    Company Description
    " Fatster is a highly scalable community-based mobile social network that aims to connect people through weight loss and achieving their fitness goals. This startup believes that weight loss and fitness are the keys to preventing and lowering the risk of chronic diseases from diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease."
  • Invitae Logo

    Company Description
    Invitae Corporation is a leading medical genetics company whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people. Winner of the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Startup Showcase, YouScript was acquired by Invitae in 2020 to provide real-time, evidence-based genomic clinical decision support.
  • Perx Health Logo
    Perx Health

    Company Description
    Perx Health is a Digital Therapeutics and Chronic Care company building the world’s most engaging programs for condition management. Whether in clinical research or large, real-world programs, it has proven to improve health and business outcomes. This startup helps insurers and healthcare providers by providing chronic disease management, remote patient monitoring, medication and much more, all on one platform.
  • Kinnos Logo

    Company Description
    Kinnos is a venture-backed infection prevention company that is pioneering colorized disinfection. Their patented Highlight technology standardizes disinfection techniques and leads to significantly better quality metrics. Highlight is the only product on the market designed to provide real-time visual feedback during manual disinfection so that quality is maintained every single time a disinfectant is used.
  • Zelros Logo
    Zelros Logo

    Company Description
    Zelros is an insurance specialized AI and Machine Learning technology with an ethical approach helping insurers increase sales efficiency and improve customer experience.
  • Vesttoo Logo
    Vesttoo Logo

    Company Description
    Alternative reinsurance for the Life & Non-Life insurance market.
  • RavenPack Logo

    Company Description
    RavenPack is the leading big data analytics provider for financial services.
  • Quantexa Logo

    Company Description
    "Powered by AI technology, Quantexa provides accurate context driven automated decisions by generating single customer views and relationship links in big data. "
  • My Voice AI Logo
    My Voice AI

    Company Description
    "DNA of human voices and identity extraction within a few seconds of them speaking. "
  • Moengage Logo

    Company Description
    MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement built for the mobile first world. MoEngage helps growth marketers send personalized relevant communications over App and Web Push, In-app, Email, SMS and Social channels.
  • Cachet Logo

    Company Description
    Cachet is an insurance marketplace and wallet. With Cachet customers will keep their insurance history, when moving from country to country or between insurance providers locally or internationally.
  • BlackSwan Technologies Logo
    BlackSwan Tech…
    BlackSwan Technologies Logo
    BlackSwan Technologies

    Company Description
    BlackSwan Technologies’ ELEMENT™ challenges the conventions of transforming data into knowledge, automatically combining all available sources of information with Cognitive Computing capabilities to infer insights and enhance the decision-making abilities of your enterprise.
  • Bringly Logo

    Company Description
    Your Sustainable First-to-Last-Mile Partner.
  • Onomotion GmbH Logo
    Onomotion GmbH

    Company Description
    Moves your Business - Move the World
  • Shopi Logo

    Company Description
    Shopi is a cloud-based retail operating platform that connects inventories with customers at all channels in the most efficient way possible.
  • ASAP Logo

    Company Description
    Fully integrated Q-commerce-as-a-Service
  • ZenOwn Logo

    Company Description
    ZenOwn - All your products in 1 place
  • Etvas Logo

    Company Description
    Marketplace and platform for value added services
  • Citkar GmbH Logo
    Citkar GmbH

    Company Description
    Setting new Standards for sustainable smart urban MOBILITY
  • SLVRCLD Logo

    Company Description
    SLVRCLD enables insurers, brokers and administrators to quickly and efficiently quantify and settle your non-motor content claims. This does not just decrease your claim cost dramatically but results in a happier and more trusting client.
  • Healthy Virtuoso Logo
    Healthy Virtuo…

    Company Description
    Virtuoso rewards and remunerates people for their healthy lifestyle.
  • Etsimo Healthcare Logo
    Etsimo Healthc…
    Etsimo Healthcare Logo
    Etsimo Healthcare

    Company Description
    The Digital Health Assistant
  • Clearbox AI Solutions Logo
    Clearbox AI So…
    Clearbox AI Solutions Logo
    Clearbox AI Solutions

    Company Description
    SaaS: Explainable AI engine that enables trustworthy and human-centric AI model deployment in enterprises at scale
  • Spearhead AG Logo
    Spearhead AG

    Company Description
    Spearheads is building solutions for a digital, automated, smart and customer-focused automotive claims.
  • Userlane Logo

    Company Description
    Userlane helps businesses automate user onboarding and employee training.

    Company Description
    MINDZEIT is your personal relaxation space that you always have with you wherever you go.
  • Applica Logo

    Company Description
    Applica’s proprietary AI automates text-intensive work by extracting meaning from unstructured and semi-structured documents.
  • EasySend Logo

    Company Description
    EasySend empowers banks and insurance companies to quickly convert paper forms and clunky PDFs into digital experiences
  • Voiceitt Logo

    Company Description
    Automatic speech recognition technology designed to recognize non-standard speech patterns of people with disabilities
  • Curiosity ai Logo
    Curiosity ai

    Company Description
    Unlocking the knowledge in unstructured documents
  • SlidePiper Logo

    Company Description
    SlidePiper is an enterprise SaaS platform that enables building web-based portals for customer on-boarding.
  • Knexus Logo

    Company Description
    Hyper Relevant Content Delivery, Growing Sales
  • Fixico Logo

    Company Description
    Fixico is like a mini IT guy in your computer who works 24/7, never sleeps and is constantly making sure your computers run smoothly
  • Cytegic Logo

    Company Description
    Cytegic- Automated Cyber Risk Officer
  • Cobee Logo

    Company Description
    Cobee is a Spanish fintech startup that develops an online platform that automates and simplifies employee benefits management.
  • Aktivolabs Logo

    Company Description
    Aktivo - A scientific approach to a long and healthy Life.
  • Vigi Logo

    Company Description
    With us you can easily insure your devices and travel. You only pay for the moments when you actually used the insurance.
  • Fjuul Logo

    Company Description
    Fjuul offers an application that is able to track its users’ fitness level and provides real-time analytics and guidance.
  • Envelop Risk Logo
    Envelop Risk

    Company Description
    Envelop Risk is a global specialty cyber insurance firm.
  • Fosanis Logo

    Company Description
    Fosanis supports cancer patients coping with their mental and medical challenges through their digital Mira app.
  • Mutumutu Logo

    Company Description
    Mutumutu is a startup from Czech Republic, that has developed a lifestyle based platform for behavioral life insurance (tied agent).
  • Zana Technologies Logo
    Zana Technolog…
    Zana Technologies Logo
    Zana Technologies

    Company Description
    Zana is a voice-powered AI companion in your smartphone for continuous health monitoring.
  • Yseop Logo

    Company Description
    Yseop is an international AI software company and a pioneer in the field of natural language generation technology powering enterprise-level customer support, sales and reporting applications.
  • Prevision io Logo
    Prevision io

    Company Description develops a fully automated Machine Learning Platform that increases productivity in data science projects, reduces time to market to deliver accurate predictive models and put them in production, and delivers a full pallet of explainability to understand the decisions of the models.
  • Wenalyze Logo

    Company Description
    Wenalyze is a Big Data Analytics platform that enables insurance companies to discover new up and cross-selling opportunities and reduce fraud rates.
  • Torafugu Logo

    Company Description
    Torafugu Tech uses AI and Machine Learning to develop solutions that enable individuals with pre-existing health conditions to reduce their insurance costs by actively managing their disease while improving their wellness.
  • ThinxNet Logo

    Company Description
    With “ryd“, Thinxnet creates a solution bringing the connectivity to all cars and creates the first user-driven platform offering highly attractive services and benefits to users and partners.
  • SkenData Logo

    Company Description
    SkenData simplifies the value and risk assessment of real estate, making it easier, faster and more objective. SkenData is the first, completely digital method of building valuation.
  • QED-it Logo

    Company Description
    QED-it is driving enterprise blockchain networks to their full potential by providing an essential privacy layer powered by Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography. This way, people and businesses preserve their privacy when interacting with others.
  • Kinetikos Logo

    Company Description
    Kinetikos is a data company with the mission to revolutionise clinical decision-making to objectively diagnose, analyse and support clinicians in planning treatments for mobility disorders around the world.
  • Hepster Logo

    Company Description
    By developing digital products and markets for businesses and consumers, hepster revolutionizes InsurTech. Fast, accurate and available anytime - as easy as online shopping.
  • Enterprise Bot GmbH Logo
    Enterprise Bot…

    Company Description
    Enterprise Bot is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides white-labeled cognitive solutions. Their out-of-the-box plug and play chatbots are designed to improve customer service while creating operational efficiency for the large financial companies that they cater to.
  • DigitalClaim Logo

    Company Description
    Digital Claim supports insurance companies with a highly automated claim recovery process that utilizes machine learning technology and a proprietary claim software.
  • Anorak Logo

    Company Description
    Anorak is a Smart Life Insurance Advise platform. It gives everyone easy access to personalised, regulated, transparent and impartial life insurance advice.
  • LexaTexer Logo

    Company Description
    LexaTexer is next generation software for predictive analytics.
  • Click-Ins Logo

    Company Description
    Innovative technology in insurance.
  • omni:us Logo
    omni:us Logo

    Company Description
    omni:us offers a suite of insurance-focused AI tools developed for claims management.
  • onegini Logo

    Company Description
    Onegini protects the personal data of customers and allows secure transactions, using any device any time.
  • IMburse Logo

    Company Description
    Imburse is a cloud-based "Payments as a Service" platform simplifying the integration into global payments ecosystem for corporates.
  • Fing Logo

    Company Description
    Consumer Electronics, Mobile Apps, SaaS, Data Intelligence for the Internet of Things
  • Digital Fineprint Logo
    Digital Finepr…

    Company Description
    Digital Fineprint is an insurtech startup that builds AI and big data tech solutions to help insurers and brokers protect businesses.
  • Wellabe Logo

    Company Description
    Wellabe is a horizontal solution provider of human-aware AI.
  • Valiot Logo

    Company Description
    Valiot creates state of the art software for manufacturing processes and distribution.
  • Retrocausal Logo

    Company Description
    Building visual "mistake-proofing" systems that assist manufacturing assembly workers become more efficient, leveraging cameras and computer vision.
  • Logo

    Company Description is the prediction engine for the electric vehicle (EV) market, helping companies micro-target EV-buying households, and optimize the deployment of EV charging stations and grid infrastructure.
  • Liftango Logo

    Company Description
    Want better results from your existing commute program? Drive reliable performance with Liftango On-Demand Transport & Carpooling platforms
  • Dreyev Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered Copilot to prevent Distracted and Drowsy Driving to fleet managers, insurers and ride sharing companies.
  • Intecells Logo

    Company Description
    Intecells is a manufacturer of lithium batteries.
  • ChargerHelp! Logo

    Company Description
    On demand repair of networked electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Anthill Logo

    Company Description
    Anthill enables companies to retain, engage, and develop employees when work happens away from the office.
  • Zoi Meet Logo
    Zoi Meet

    Company Description
    Zoi Meet develops enterprise-focused speech recognition solutions that harness the potential of voice data in a privacy-compliant manner.
  • VAY AG Logo
    VAY AG

    Company Description
    VAY uses computer vision motion analysis to provide truly personalized digital therapeutics experiences.
  • Syrona Health Logo
    Syrona Health

    Company Description
    Syrona is a Digital Health startup with an initial focus on Chronic Gynaecological Conditions.
  • Pryv SA Logo
    Pryv SA

    Company Description
    Pryv is a swiss-made ready-to-use middleware for personal data and consent management
  • Oncoustics Logo

    Company Description
    Oncoustics is creating and deploying advanced AI solutions for low cost, non-invasive surveillance, diagnostics, and treatment monitoring of diseases with high unmet clinical need including diseases of the liver, prostate, kidney, breast and thyroid.
  • Nemesysco Logo

    Company Description
    Nemesysco provides genuine emotion detection via voice analysis solutions, enabling organizations to provide better customer service, optimize customer engagement and improve veracity and qualification assessment.
  • MIRA Rehab Logo
    MIRA Rehab

    Company Description
    MIRA Rehab is a digital health company which aims to help people get better in a faster, easier, more fun way and maintain their level of well-being.
  • Lifelight Logo

    Company Description
    Lifelight allows completely contactless measurement of vital signs using a smartphone in 40 seconds.
  • Lark Logo

    Company Description
    Lark Health is the leading chronic disease prevention and management platform using proven, AI-augmented health coaching to deliver better health outcomes at scale.
  • Healthtap Logo

    Company Description
    HealthTap brings affordable, on-demand virtual healthcare to those who need it most, from query to cure, using proprietary technology to match patients with U.S. board-certified doctors.
  • Deigma Logo

    Company Description
    Deigma is the digital solution that allows biology laboratories to guarantee the reliability of the pre-analytical phase for 100% of blood samples.
  • Curatio Logo

    Company Description
    Curatio delivers personalized support at scale for the world’s largest healthcare organizations through private peer-to-peer patient social networks.
  • Confirmed Consent Logo
    Confirmed Cons…

    Company Description
    Confirmed Consent is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, interactive patient consent solution.
  • Catalia Health Logo
    Catalia Health

    Company Description
    Catalia Health is a chronic disease care management company with a focus on increasing adherence to therapy to improve patient outcomes with a scalable, patient-first platform.
  • Cardiolyse Logo

    Company Description
    Cardiolyse markets CE certified predictive cardiac ML platform and RPM applications for Pharma and Healthcare providers to bring care out of the hospitals.
  • Captiv 8 Logo
    Captiv 8

    Company Description
    Captiv8 provides the full service spectrum in Influencer marketing backed by deep data metrics.
  • CapsiscoHealth Logo

    Company Description
    CapsicoHealth offers an AI platform to simplify value-based care models for providers and payors, and enables analyses of care and cost opportunities
  • Koyeb Logo
    Koyeb Logo

    Company Description
    Koyeb is the serverless company delivering a next-generation platform to quickly deploy and run apps globally.
  • LeapYear Technologies Logo
    LeapYear Techn…
    LeapYear Technologies Logo
    LeapYear Technologies

    Company Description
    Differentially private reporting, analytics and machine learning.
  • Hyro Logo

    Company Description
    Hyro deploys Conversational Assistants within days rather than months. Unlike traditional solutions, we can deploy Conversational AI without vast volumes of training data or pre-defined intents.
  • Aptivio Logo
    Aptivio Logo

    Company Description
    Aptivio is the first Augmented Sales Intelligence App to help Account Execs sell more in a volatile economic world.
  • Panaseer Logo

    Company Description
    Panaseer helps businesses make informed, risk-based security decisions.
  • Illusive Networks Logo
    Illusive Netwo…

    Company Description
    Despite significant investments, it’s still difficult to see and stop attackers moving inside your environment. Illusive Networks identifies your weakest links and eliminates risky pathways and credentials so you can actually beat the red team and defeat the attackers.
  • Levarti Logo

    Company Description
    Levarti delivers automated passenger disruption management and operational and passenger process improvement through staff mobility solutions on the ground, above the wing and below the wing, as well as in the cabin. Levarti's solutions drive increased ancillary revenues and passenger satisfaction.
  • CHOOOSE Logo

    Company Description
    CHOOOSE delivers technology for consumer-facing enterprises helping their customers address the climate footprint of any transaction.
  • Patch Logo

    Company Description
    Patch provides solutions to calculate emission and carbon footprint. It provides API to automate the sustainability goal for the business. It integrates with businesses, calculates their emissions, and compensates their environmental footprint by purchasing verified from carbon removal projects
  • Splio Logo

    Company Description
    Splio Mobile Wallets makes it possible for brands to communicate on their customers' mobiles, with no app to install, using native applications (Apple Wallet and Google Pay). Through the digitisation of your loyalty cards and vouchers in wallets, you can send push notifications and nearby alerts.
  • Hyperguest Logo

    Company Description
    HyperGuest is an API-based platform that creates a direct connection between accommodation providers and travel providers in order to empower both sides to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency.
  • HotelRunner Logo

    Company Description
    We make travel supply universally accessible as a SaaS-enabled sales management platform and B2B network for accommodations, travel agencies and payment providers to find, contract, connect, and transact with each other online, at scale.
  • Splyt Logo

    Company Description
    Splyt is a B2B mobility marketplace that connects institutional supply and demand for ground-based transport. It makes mobility inventory available through its single API, without the users of its demand-side partners needing to download or register with additional suppliers.
  • PayParc Global Solutions Logo
    PayParc Global…
    PayParc Global Solutions Logo
    PayParc Global Solutions

    Company Description
    Payparc offers a platform optimizing the B2B payments for the travel industry.
  • Kyte Logo

    Company Description
    Kyte is an airline retail platform empowering airlines and travel agencies to maximise their customer experience and retailing.
  • Thrust Carbon Logo
    Thrust Carbon

    Company Description
    We’re on a mission to make travel effortlessly green.
  • Grapevine Logo

    Company Description
    Grapevine is an AI-powered digital concierge providing personalised ‘right time, right channel’ offers to business travellers. We work closely with Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to increase ancillary attachment rates and capture in-destination revenues.
  • Livn Logo

    Company Description
    Livn is an Open Connectivity Hub for creators and sellers of tours, activities & attractions.
  • Deal Engine Logo
    Deal Engine

    Company Description
    B2B SaaS to automate travel management
  • Logo

    Company Description
    LaaSie powers a new kind of loyalty by pairing AI with our network of 1,000+ instant gratification partners to personalize the optimal mix of rewards to match each user's preference.
  • PassiveBolt Logo

    Company Description
    PassiveBolt is revolutionizing the supply chain for smart door locks by bringing to market the first-ever turnkey smart lock module.
  • One Key Access Logo
    One Key Access

    Company Description
    One Key Access provides authorized delivery drivers with convenient entry to apartment buildings and parcel lockers.
  • Digital Blue Foam Logo
    Digital Blue F…

    Company Description
    AI-powered design tool that helps customers discover the right building configuration in a sustainable, efficient, efficiently, and intelligent way.
  • Gryps Logo

    Company Description
    Empowering construction owners by providing the fastest access to quality information to make better decisions during the project life-cycle.
  • VIMaec Logo

    Company Description
    VIMaec offers a suite of tools that provide visualization, data analytics, and collaboration to the Architectural, Engineering processes.
  • Plazrok Logo

    Company Description
    Plazrok USA is turning waste plastic into a commercially viable technical concrete additive with scalable revenue and cost-savings for the concrete and waste management sectors.
  • Ipsum Logo

    Company Description
    Scheduling and planning made easy, fast, and collaborative based on Lean Construction.
  • UbiQD Logo
    UbiQD Logo

    Company Description
    UbiQD is a quantum dot technology company that will power and feed the smart cities of the future.
  • Strong by Form Logo
    Strong by Form

    Company Description
    Specialized in the development of high performance prefabricated structural elements based on composite materials.
  • Daika Logo

    Company Description
    Daika developed formulation that enables digital fabrication of 100% wood, using existing mass manufacturing technologies.
  • CivRobotics Logo

    Company Description
    Civ Robotics is automating construction layout and stakeout with unmanned systems.
  • Voyage Control Logo
    Voyage Control

    Company Description
    Voyage Control is a cutting-edge 'Air Traffic Control' for inbound logistics management. Powerful, efficient, and easy to use.
  • METAseismic Logo

    Company Description
    METAseismic is a UC Irvine Applied Innovation startup.
  • Vocalytics Logo

    Company Description
    We are Acoustic Ambient Intelligence. Vocalytics is an AI software that listens to ambient noise, analyzes events & trends, and sends real-time alerts to improve essential business operations, reduce cost, and drive tangible business outcomes.
  • Habidatum Logo

    Company Description
    Financial risks of being in the “wrong place”: big data driven location scoring system for commercial real estate
  • Basking Automation Logo
    Basking Automa…
    Basking Automation Logo
    Basking Automation

    Company Description
    Basking Automation is an occupancy analytics platform for office spaces.
  • Imperium Drive Logo
    Imperium Drive

    Company Description
    Enable autonomous vehicles to safely navigate through complex environments.
  • R4DAR Logo

    Company Description
    R4DAR is developing the integrated sensor solution for a Level 4 and above automated vehicles.
  • Creation Labs Logo
    Creation Labs

    Company Description
    Safer, more fuel efficient Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) for trucks.

    Company Description
    Sensor fusion software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles (SDC).
  • Ottonomy IO Logo
    Ottonomy IO

    Company Description
    Autonomous robot fleets to make contactless deliveries for safe and enhanced user experience in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Downtown.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Downtown.AI uses ML to optimize & predict traffic.
  • Helix Technologies Logo
    Helix Technolo…

    Company Description
    Helix Technologies is pioneering Dielectric-loaded Multi-Filar Antenna (DMA) technology to address immediate applications that require precision geo-location and timing such as Autonomous Vehicles, Drones and the Internet of Everything.
  • Iomob Logo

    Company Description
    Iomob is an open MaaS technology platform for rail, cities and their transit agencies. It enables transport providers to offer citizens world-class connected mobility services, by creating scalable and efficient mobility markets that are interoperable between cities.
  • Autoflow Logo

    Company Description
    Autoflow is creating the future of user experience by combining next-gen interface technology like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and OLED with highly contextual, AI-driven content fed by a vast and diverse range of data sources.
  • Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Sys…
    Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Systems Inc.

    Company Description
    Xona Space is developing a next-generation "Super-GPS" system to provide the high accuracy, security, and availability that the autonomous and connected word needs, both indoors and out.
  • Beam Connectivity Logo
    Beam Connectiv…

    Company Description
    Connected Vehicle as a Service platform.
  • Car Scanner Logo
    Car Scanner

    Company Description
    Body and interior visual documentation of a car within two minutes.
  • Deeyook Logo

    Company Description
    Deeyook offers a wireless based, infrastructure free, power saving, and accurate indoor and outdoor positioning solution.
  • Inspektlabs Logo

    Company Description
    Inspektlabs automates inspections of vehicles with photos and videos.
  • Koffie Labs Logo
    Koffie Labs

    Company Description
    AI-driven insurance for commercial fleets.
  • Angoka Logo

    Company Description
    ANGOKA is an IoT security start-up focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.
  • Logo

    Company Description is developing AI software that makes it easy to teach robots new, complex skills.
  • Elemental Coatings Logo
    Elemental Coat…

    Company Description
    Next-generation anti-icing and anti-scaling coatings. Serving the aerospace, transportation, energy, marine, and consumer sectors.
  • Cavli Wireless Logo
    Cavli Wireless

    Company Description
    Cavli Wireless provides the building blocks of IoT as a B2B subscription based offering to IoT companies, enabling them to launch the various use cases across the globe in a cost efficient, fast, secure manner.
  • causaLens Logo

    Company Description
    Leading Causal AI and Time-Series Research - Autonomously discover value in data.
  • Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics
    Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics

    Company Description
    Enabling warehouses and factories to select, implement and operate the best robotic solutions.
  • Flexiv Robotics Logo
    Flexiv Robotics
    Flexiv Robotics Logo
    Flexiv Robotics

    Company Description
    Flexiv is a global leading robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate force control, computer vision and AI technologies.
  • Flusso Logo

    Company Description
    Flusso is developing the world's smallest flow sensor to enable flow sensing in high-volume applications.
  • Bessern Logo

    Company Description
    The smart way to train people to thrive and be at their best at work.
  • emocean Logo

    Company Description
    Liquify data.
  • Grasp Data Logo
    Grasp Data

    Company Description
    Grasp is a space-time data visualization company for warehouse optimization.
  • Unifai Logo

    Company Description
    Fuelling industrial AI with world-class data.
  • Airqoon Logo

    Company Description
    Airqoon is a hyper local air pollution management solution that provides data-driven, actionable, environmental intelligence to enterprises, cities and institutions.
  • Moeco Logo

    Company Description
    Moeco helps companies to manage their Logistics of sensitive goods in a better way. We help our clients to save their resources and money by providing them real-time monitoring and insights about their goods, shipments, and inventory.
  • Population Logo

    Company Description
    Population is the first suite of software-enabled Far-UVC products to destroy dangerous pathogens and promote health and wellbeing in shared spaces. Using a new kind of UV light that’s both effective and safe, they continuously sanitize to create healthier high-traffic areas.
  • Jaxon Logo

    Company Description
    Jaxon automates the process of labeling data for AI training.
  • Alloy Enterprises Logo
    Alloy Enterpri…

    Company Description
    Lower cost aluminum parts with novel additive manufacturing
  • Hypatos Logo
    Hypatos Logo

    Company Description
    Hypatos deep learning technology automates complex document based back office processes. The technology captures data points from documents, performs validations and automates processes, like accounting, travel & expense management, loan underwriting or claims handling.
  • Unum ID Logo
    Unum ID

    Company Description
    Instantly know who you’re dealing with online.
  • Spyglaz Logo

    Company Description
    Spyglaz is a proactive customer retention platform that enables better live customer conversations. Spyglaz uses machine learning to flag high-value customers at risk, and opportunities for cross-sell. We integrate seamlessly into call center software, giving support teams targeted opportunities to retain customers and grow revenue within existing workflows.
  • Brella Insurance Logo
    Brella Insuran…
    Brella Insurance Logo
    Brella Insurance

    Company Description
    Brella Insurance is a modern supplemental health insurance company that provides personalized financial support to help people on their way to recovery.
  • Walnut Logo

    Company Description
    We've turned life insurance into a premium membership that can be embedded in consumer products being distributed at scale.
  • Second Nature Logo
    Second Nature
    Second Nature Logo
    Second Nature

    Company Description
    Second Nature helps people lose weight and change their habits - sustainably - for good.
  • Bold Health Logo
    Bold Health
    Bold Health Logo
    Bold Health

    Company Description
    Bold Health develops digital therapeutics for the management of complex digestive chronic conditions, starting with IBS and IBD.
  • Carefull Logo

    Company Description
    Carefull is building the first and only financial services platform for a new generation of caregivers and their $190 billion of annual spend; allowing adults to manage, coordinate, contribute, and monitor an aging loved ones’ daily money and finances.
  • Pilotbird Logo

    Company Description
    The power of lifestyle analytics for insurance. Pilotbird empowers insurance teams to better score risk, engage customers and detect claims fraud by analyzing social data points.
  • Nayya Health Logo
    Nayya Health

    Company Description
    Nayya Health generates the insights needed to optimize health networks and improve the patient journey, leveraging connected data and machine learning.
  • InterGen Data Logo
    InterGen Data

    Company Description
    Develops proprietary AI/ML algo's to predict when Life Events may occur, what it could be, & how much of a financial impact it would make.
  • Workera Logo
    Workera Logo

    Company Description
    Workera is an Enterprise workforce skills measurement, benchmarking and upskilling solution focused on Data and AI capabilities.
  • Sarus Logo
    Sarus Logo

    Company Description
    Sarus accelerates AI innovation within and between companies without sacrificing privacy by allowing data scientists to work on data without accessing it.
  • Fiddler AI Logo
    Fiddler AI

    Company Description
    Fiddler AI offers an ML Model Performance Management Platform powered by Explainable AI. Simply connect Fiddler's MPM Platform to your ML stack to monitor, observe, analyze, and explain the ML models in production. Manage and maximize your model performance with minimal effort.
  • Inpher Logo

    Company Description
    Inpher pioneers cryptographic Secret Computing® technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning.
  • Surfly Logo

    Company Description
    Surfly is on a mission to innovate online interactions with our flagship products universal co-browsing, videochat, real-time eSigning and more
  • Dasha.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Powerful and easy-to-use APIs for building human-like voice interfaces. The only Conversational AI platform for developers that allows you re-create Google Duplex for your business over the afternoon.