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  • Fermelanta, Inc. Logo
    Fermelanta, In…
    Fermelanta, Inc. Logo
    Fermelanta, Inc.

    Company Description
    Plant-based chemicals for microbial fermentation. It produces rare plant-based ingredients developed through microbial fermentation using synthetic biology. It engineers cells to build a biosynthetic pathway of targetting molecules with gene transfer.
  • Smart Kiwi Logo
    Smart Kiwi
    Smart Kiwi Logo
    Smart Kiwi

    Company Description
    Predictive Software for Shared Mobility and Logistics.
  • Scitodate Logo
    Scitodate Logo

    Company Description
    At Scitodate, we provide you with AI-powered tools designed to access knowledge and solve complex problems in the fields of Science, Technology, and Medicine. The Scitodate knowledge portal empowers deep-tech companies, including those in pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, and chemical industries, to expedite their intensive research processes, facilitating smoother product development, effective marketing strategies, and efficient commercialization of their products. Simply put, using Scitodate enables these companies to more easily understand what to develop, how to develop it, who to hire, what the competitive landscape looks like, and who they should target as customers. Scitodate, therefore, integrates with and supports the entire product life cycle for some of the world's most advanced companies. As we move forward, we aim to transform this end-to-end solution into a marketplace for technical knowledge and data, specifically catered for deep-tech companies. Moreover, our vision includes integrating third-party data, thereby expanding the diversity and breadth of available information, turning Scitodate into a comprehensive, one-stop marketplace for technical knowledge. Some of Scitodate customers: Biggest high end Laser manufacturer, Thermofisehr, Merck, BD BioScience, Ametek, Bruker and etc.
  • HeartKinetics Logo
    HeartKinetics Logo

    Company Description
    HeartKinetics is a company active in e-health, specializing in medical solutions and dedicated to the remote screening and monitoring of patients with heart failure. Created in 2019, HeartKinetics began in the space field thanks to technology for monitoring the heart function of astronauts during their stay in space. Building on the results obtained as part of this ESA-funded project, HeartKinetics now aims to revolutionize the management of heart failure, the leading cause of death worldwide with nearly 65 million cases recorded. By combining the accessibility of new technologies using only a mobile application, the precision of personalized medicine in real-time (digital patient data management platform), and the power of artificial intelligence, HeartKinetics offers a solution fully integrated with the ultimate goal of intercepting the disease in patients at risk of developing heart failure even before the first symptoms appear.
  • Bonfire Analytics Logo
    Bonfire Analyt…

    Company Description
    The $300B healthcare sales industry lacks intelligent tools that generate repeatable revenue. Bonfire Analytics provides ML-driven healthcare market intelligence for cheaper, faster, and high-quality customer acquisition.
  • Nexus-MD Inc Logo
    Nexus-MD Inc
    Nexus-MD Inc Logo
    Nexus-MD Inc

    Company Description
    A medical image management platform that automates the capture of prior medical imaging from 41,000 sites of services across the U.S. The platform leverages large language models, computer vision algorithms, and a purpose-built database to make data more searchable and discoverable for clinicians managing care. Nexus-MD is the solution that eliminates the need for clinicians, staff, and patients to chase prior medical imaging data while at the same time activates the investment in the diagnostic data to make healthcare safer, more efficient, and more cost effective.
  • HeHealth Logo
    HeHealth Logo

    Company Description
    HeHealth’s mission is to democratize STD screening and eliminate the social stigma associated with seeking professional treatment, particularly for men. Their app combines AI technology with expert clinical knowledge to offer a private and non-invasive method to assess penis health and accurately screen for STDs. Immediate support is provided for any sexual health concerns via partnership with clinical and lab-testing facilities, ensuring a confidential and stress-free experience for all. Currently, we are the only service provider in the digital screening and diagnosis of sexual health. Our beta product saw strong early adoption with 25K+ global downloads and 100+ organic media articles in 12 languages (eg. TechInAsia, CNA, CNB) with zero marketing efforts. Launching in April 2023, we have signed 6 MOUs across 3 countries for our flagship product on penis-related pathologies, including Safe Health, CureID and DrSafeHands.
  • Binkey Logo

    Company Description
    Binkey is a financial technology company that helps merchants to accepts FSA and HSA as a form of payment.

    Company Description
    The company generates 3D patient avatars to help surgeons visualize medical images, assess surgical options, train fellows, and engage patients.
  • Yarta Logo

    Company Description lets you monitor markets while receiving AI-based insights on risk management, farm business management, agronomy, and global carbon markets. Access powerful real-time insights, turbocharge your analysis, and stay ahead of the competition with Functionalities: 1. Review macroeconomic and commodity-related data points. Covers key global supply and demand data for over 20 commodities. 2. Set up custom dashboards by search term, country, language, or topic to track real-time news. Never miss a market-moving headline again. 3. We’ve done the hard work to bring global weather maps and live weather to one location. Covers precipitation, temperature, radars, soil moisture, vegetation info. 4. Make smart decisions with our AI tools built on global proprietary agricultural industry datasets. Find what you need, when you need it. 5. We track futures and esoteric cash markets so you can keep your finger on the pulse. 6. Giving you the edge on your competition, our alt data tools cover vessel tracking, satellite analytics and much more.
  • TierraSpec Logo

    Company Description
    TierraSpec develops a platform for measuring and validating carbon sequestration in agricultural soils using remote sensing, employing unique testing methods and advanced machine learning modeling.
  • Nitronic Logo

    Company Description
    Nitronic is optimising, scaling-up and commercialising its nitrogen fixing technology. Nitronic's technology goes the extra step in fertiliser production to produce a solid nitrogen fertiliser. The technology utilises non-thermal plasma and operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The technology is scalable and is being developed for on-farm fertiliser production, reducing the requirement for transport. Nitronic is working with researchers at the University of Illinois to optimise and scale-up the technology. The research program will produce designs which will be utilised for the building of Nitronic's first pilot plant. Nitronic will seek to commercialise its technology through the provision of production systems for on-site fertilisers production, larger centralise systems for the production of fertiliser on a regional scale and the licensing of the technology to fertiliser and chemical manufacturers for widespread exploitation of the technology.
  • Nanotica Logo

    Company Description
    Nanotica is a technology-based startup that aims to create new products for the agricultural industry using nanotechnology structures. The company specializes in reducing the use of agrochemicals and develops nanocarriers and nanocapsules to increase the efficacy of agrochemicals and increase the yield of crops.
  • Kirkwall Logo

    Company Description
    Kirkwall was founded in 2022 to bring cybersecurity to the autonomy sector. For years, most commercial UAV and IoT-connected Agricultural equipment has been left wide open to cyber attacks, cyber takeovers, ransomware, and intentional sabotage. Kirkwall is currently working towards the completion of a trained Machine Learning algorithm that will allow swarms and teams of autonomous systems to automatically self-assess members for security concerns and shut down access and communications to affected systems in the event of an incident. Additional R&D is underway for the required physical mesh-networking hardware with a partner in Kansas City. Upon completion, the combination of this Machine Learning model and mesh networking hardware will be scalable to the entire UAV sector, Agricultural equipment sector, and United States Department of Defense as an enterprise-level solution.
  • Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA Logo
    Good Agricultu…
    Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA Logo
    Good Agriculture | Atlanta GA

    Company Description
    Good Agriculture is a farm business management platform that helps small-and-midsize farmers spend less time on back-office activities and do more of what they do best: produce nourishing food and steward the land. America’s 1.5M small-to-midsize farmers struggle to stay in business. This is despite $70B+ in investment trying to transition our $244B farm industry to regenerative ag (a business model that is profitable on a smaller scale, unlike industrial agriculture) – today, the money has trouble reaching farmers. There are tech solutions (that farmers don’t have time to find, figure out, and get value from) and inefficient service solutions (university extension, gov’t support) that fail to meet farmers’ needs. Good Agriculture has the only scalable, tech-enabled platform to do back-office tasks for the farmer. We use our products to help farmers find and apply to funding, manage farm finances, and do marketing. We free up farmers to grow their operations and boost their revenue and profits.
  • finres Logo
    finres Logo

    Company Description
    The platform offers an AI-assisted decision-making solution that underwrites climate and price risks to reveal investment opportunities that support agricultural resilience Combining the best elements of science and investment, finres’ sole purpose is to help drive better investments in better agriculture. The AI-assisted platform offers loan underwriting services that account for climate and price risks for any crop and global location. To date finres claims to have informed more than €1.4 billion worth of deployments across 32 countries, and includes the World Bank, the United Nations, the French Development Agency (AFD), and CRDB, the largest bank in Tanzania amongst its client base.
  • Crop Intellect Logo
    Crop Intellect

    Company Description
    Crop Intellect operates a research and development company intended to develop innovative agricultural technologies for improved crop productivity. The company's research and development services focus on cultivation consultancy services, growing technologically advanced crop nutrition products, developing plant technology, photocatalyst and chlorophyll sensors that increase calcium uptake to increase shelf life and fruit uniformity, enabling cultivators and agriculture businesses to deploy smart agricultural techniques, increase crop yields and reduce inputs of agrochemicals for food sustainability.
  • Bovi Logo

    Company Description
    Bovi is solving the biggest problem in agriculture, the ever worsening labor shortage. More than 70% of farmers are unable to find the workers they need to manage their main crop. Coupled with a lack of real time information about what's going on in the field orchard managers are forced to “spray and pray.” Lower yields and more pollution result. Bovi’s retrofit kit is an autonomous swiss army knife. It allows for autonomous mowing, spraying and fertilizer spreading while also carrying around a “mini-bus” of A.I. agricultural expertise; a tractor driver, agronomist and entomologist all in one. This results in a 200% increase in workforce productivity and a 10% increase in yield, by providing real time feedback about problem spots in the orchard.
  • Bank Barn Logo
    Bank Barn

    Company Description
    We're creating the first AI driven credit model and fully digital lending platform for the agribusiness industry, starting with beef and dairy. We understand that you would rather spend your time farming, not applying for loans. That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire loan application process to save you time and get you the money you need. Farmers can get money to pay for farm operating expenses, such as fertilizer and chemicals, labor, and other input costs. They receive the funds you need for your business in as little at 72hrs, which can be used for: - Input expenses - Livestock - Facility repair and improvement - Other operating expenses
  • American Edge Grain Logo
    American Edge …
    American Edge Grain Logo
    American Edge Grain

    Company Description
    American Edge Grain (AEG) is the first data-driven, virtual Grain Attribute Exchange to connect farmers who have grain with premium attributes with the end-users that need them. AEG offers a fully transparent, end-to-end service – from procurement to sales and delivery. This includes grain management and certification, attribute analysis, real-time bushel availability, pricing, logistics and delivery.
  • Logo

    Company Description provides a software platform for building, hosting, and scaling Smart Agents that extend the power of Large Language Models with connections to your own data sources, systems, and tools. Think of Fixie like a way of building a ChatGPT-like experience that can be infinitely extended with new capabilities and interfaces to any software system. In Fixie, each Agent is a standalone service that combines an LLM with a little bit of code — which can be implemented in any programming language — that understands how to connect to an external system, like a database or an API. Building an Agent is as easy as writing English instructions, “teaching” the Agent how to perform a certain task through examples. Agents can be built by anyone and hosted directly on Fixie (or, you can host your own), and we provide tools to make it incredibly easy to build your own Agents and add them to the platform.
  • FeatureByte Logo

    Company Description
    The gap between the promise and reality of Enterprise AI is enormous, and only continues to grow. Technologies such as AutoML and MLOps have democratized ML modeling. But the process of preparing data, deploying pipelines and managing it at scale is where Enterprise AI breaks down. AI data management is laborious and expensive and requires deep domain, data science and data engineering expertise. At FeatureByte, we're on a mission to scale enterprise AI by radically simplifying and industrializing AI data. Our self-service feature platform simplifies and automates and entire ML feature lifecycle - from creation, experimentation, serving to management. It empowers data scientists to create and share state-of-the-art features and production-ready data pipelines in minutes — instead of weeks or months. And it does so while reducing compute by up to 10X and resources by 5X. The founding team is ex DataRobot and comprises of two #1 ranked data scientists on Kaggle. The company is backed by Glasswing Ventures and Tola Capital, and co-founders of technology Unicorns such as Netezza, DataRobot and Collibra.
  • QuSecure Logo

    Company Description
    The quantum security problem. Solved. At QuSecure, our pursuit for discovery and advancement never stops. It’s this philosophy that’s enabled us to develop QuProtect™, our state-of-the-art, software-based quantum security solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly with today’s technology, QuProtect gives our clients the protection and assurance they need, so they’re ready for today. And tomorrow. We know the quantum threat is real. We also know it’s preventable. At QuSecure, we’ve created an all-encompassing software-based solution, QuProtect, that enables our clients to focus on their goals, with confidence. QuProtect can be easily adapted to suit unique business requirements and industry-specific challenges. It’s this tailored approach that allows us to pre-empt potential challenges and confidently navigate the quantum threat. Together. At QuSecure, we know that certain industries have unique needs and challenges. When it comes to achieving quantum security, a different approach
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    Insightcircle.… Logo

    Company Description
    We create a security layer on top of your favorite conversational AIs such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Anthropic Claude, or any of the open-source LLM such as alpaca, llama, chinchilla, gorilla, and the list goes... you name it, and we'll integrate it within our network. Customize your company's own ChatGPT alternative with our extra security layer, available on premise throughout all your devices' endpoint or on hybrid- and private Cloud. Our Enterprise Solution is on its way to become fully SOC2-certified and HIPAA compliant. Let your company leverage AI productivity tools while keeping your data secure. We provide a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for your favorite LLMs or conversational AIs. Use LLMs securely, rest assured that your sensitive data and IP is safe. A worry-free and transparent way to incorporate AI into your company's workflow. With your very own ‘Insights Console’, view audit logs, configure role based access control, and generate unique insights from employee LLM interaction. A completely enterprise friendly, trusted, and flexible solution. Only you can access your DLP history and ‘Insights Console’. We’re also on our way to becoming fully SOC2 certified and HIPAA compliant.
  • Holistic AI Logo
    Holistic AI

    Company Description
    Holistic AI provides an AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform that enables discovery of AI applications and manage their impact. Typically, at roll-out we manage 300+ systems across the business. With a single dashboard for risk posture management, role-based reporting, and automated workflows, we have your organization covered, so your team can create, operate, and innovate with AI. The product tracks the most up to date frameworks and approaches by standard bodies, regulators and research. Holistic AI achieves this by having a team that engages frequently with policy-makers and legislators, having their research published by the OECD, EU Commission, UK CDEI, and many others. As a background, Holistic AI’s core team spun out of University College London, United Kingdom, with a core team made of PhDs in Computer Science, Policy, and Ethics in 2020. Together as a team, they pioneered the field of AI Audits and Risk Management, publishing early research and evidence in this space. The team addresses the broader concern with meeting the standards of best practice and upcoming regulations currently being discussed in many countries, such as the US Algorithmic Accountability Act or the EU proposal to lay down harmonized rules on AI.
  • Moveworks Logo

    Company Description
    Moveworks is the AI platform that powers the best places to work. Movework's platform lets employees focus on what really matters by providing support in seconds, while enabling leaders to prevent problems in advance. With Moveworks, companies like Hearst, DocuSign, and Broadcom make work magic.
  • Qdrant Logo

    Company Description
    Qdrant is an open-source vector database written in Rust. It deploys as an API service providing a search for the nearest high-dimensional vectors. With Qdrant, embeddings or neural network encoders can be turned into full-fledged applications for matching, searching, recommending, and much more. Also, available as a managed cloud solution. With Qdrant, users can take the most out of their unstructured data.
  • Logo

    Company Description
    8Flow creates an enterprise-grade self-learning workflow automation platform for analyzing and automating customer support workflows. By equipping support agents with a solution that learns their workflow, we identify the repetition and can eliminate the cumbersome, manual navigation and constant transfers of information across applications.
  • Wand Logo

    Company Description
    Wand is on the mission to democratize the power of AI and make it accessible to everyone. Wand was founded to empower business experts that wants to change their businesses, to create powerful solutions that could influence billions of people. Collaborative As we progress, we want Wand to be a lot more than just a platform - but a movement. We want to empower people and enable them to do great things. We want to remove the constraints of technical knowledge and make it easy for anyone to apply AI to solve their most pressing problems. We want to make Wand the central place where everyone can collaborate, share ideas, and create value together, using the power of AI to transform industries and change the world. With Wand’s end-to-end AI platform, users in an organization can bring their ideas to life in a matter of days: - Take data from multiple sources and connect them to pipelines in minutes - Build end-to-end AI solutions efficiently - Rapidly scale up to support more data and solutions, and create more value over time
  • Altimate AI Logo
    Altimate AI

    Company Description
    Altimate AI is a seed-stage startup founded by two veterans in the data / ML space who spent 10+ years doing product, marketing, and engineering roles at key companies in the SF Bay area. Altimate AI's product is DataPilot - It’s a collection of AI agents for data and analytics teams. These teams use it to automate their data workflows like writing data documentation, generating data quality tests, and improving existing warehouse queries & configurations. It directly results in saved warehouse costs and accelerated data teams through automation. DataPilot free community edition has been installed 70,000 times and many marquee enterprise companies utilize the product today.
  • Pathway Logo

    Company Description
    Pathway ( is a data processing framework for building real-time and reactive data products. Pathway is currently used for real-time anomaly detection, predictive analytics, churn detection, logs data observability, recommender systems, and alerting. Code in Pathway feels familiar to data scientists and engineers alike. You can program in Python or SQL. When you are done with batch mode, you connect live data sources and simply run in streaming mode. Enterprise clients such as La Poste and DB Schenker have already deployed the solution.
  • SanChip Logo

    Company Description
    SanChip has developed a technology that helps machinery owners and operators across different sectors (e.g. industrial, energy, maritime, food & beverage) implement Predictive Maintenance and Industry 4.0 strategies. In fact, our IIoT systems allow real-time, remote asset condition monitoring via lubricant analysis help machinery owners/operators: - Minimising repair and downtime costs, - Reducing carbon footprint, - Increasing safety and plant reliability.
  • Signol Logo

    Company Description
    Signol, a London-based workforce nudge tech software startup, engages captains and crew with personalised performance feedback to motivate decision-making that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. By the end of 2022, Signol saved aviation and shipping customers $16 million in fuel costs and 60,000 mt of CO2 emissions. For Captains: - Personalized nudges based on data - Positive messaging through multi-channel communications - Custom impact scenarios and donations - Dynamic content For Managers - Insights about fleet behaviors - Feedback and flight overviews - Anonymized identities for union compliance - Automated and custom reporting For Business - Multiple channels of communication to speak to your teams - Customizable behaviors - Streamlined donations and impact - Easy, guided on boarding
  • 13 Mari Logo
    13 Mari

    Company Description
    13 Mari Ltd decreases the cost of fuel for the maritime operators, lowers operating expenses, optimizes crossing times and increases profit. The company has created a resource for maritime vessel owners to increase hull efficiency of their vessels through the water for the duration of the voyage. Our first-generation family elements resulted in a measured 3.7% drag coefficient reduction, which translates into several benefits: carbon emissions and underwater noise reduction, decreased fuel consumption and resulting fuel cost savings. What makes our solution so remarkable is scalability, ease of implementation, and passive installation. Because the elements used in the 13 Mari Ltd solution are based in common physics and fluid dynamics science, they can be attached to any commercial shipping vessel in order to garner the efficiencies & savings. The elements in our solution are passive, installed externally to the hull with no welding / drilling. Because the hull integrity is not compromised anyhow, they can be incorporated as a cost savings retrofit into any ship’s scheduled maintenance window. Annual fuel savings in the case of 30,000DWT - 60,000DWT bulkers is between 130k - 180k USD per vessel on conservative 3% fuel savings estimate. This goes up to $800k for a 360m vessel.
  • Everimpact Logo

    Company Description
    Everimpact has developed a platform that helps cities and companies measure, reduce, and monetize their CO2 emissions. The company also developed an maritime onboard GHG emission monitoring system. The system measures emissions in real time and provides the data onshore through an online dashboard. Through our software, clients can access their own individualised platform providing them with unique CO2 accurate measures, identify CO2 reduction opportunities to achieve their climate goals, and monetize and finance their CO2 reduction efforts. We have deployed our technology with 8 municipalities (London, Manchester, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Santander, and Herning) and 2 telecom companies (Telefonica, GSMA). The EU Commission ranked Everimpact as one of the top 15 projects in all EU out of 1,000 financed startups. Recently, Google selected Everimpact among 1,200 startups to accelerate the company (Google for Startups). We are seeking to establish partnerships with companies that develop low carbon solutions primarily in the transport, energy, and waste sector.
  • Amogy Logo

    Company Description
    Amogy is working on a novel carbon-free energy storage system using ammonia as a fuel. Amogy's technology: - Has substantially-increased energy density (higher than 700 Wh/kg). - Can act as a renewable fuel, boosting zero carbon emissions during operation. - Offers simple liquid refueling, with no adjustments from today's infrastructure. - Is cost-efficient, costing less than a quarter dollar per kWh.
  • DRB Logo

    Company Description
    We delvelop HW and SW technologies enabling safe and precise automatic drones' missions. Our unique value proposition is the combination of DRB patented positioning system, and our proprietary AI SW. We allow our customers to exploit all the potentials of drones, we deliver freedom. DRB positioning system is based on a radio frequency communication between a transmitter and a receiver, with a coverage of about 3-400m and a precision of 10s of cm. It is a very general purpose means of localization that combined with a "vertical" AI SW enables a number of services ranging from inspections of industrial plants (e.g., wind farms) and infrastructures (e.g., bridges), to NDT over HV insulators, and urban mobility. For the inspections market, we are able to ship a kit that can be used by our clients to make professional inspections without being drones pilot with a consistent saving in costs and operations complexity. For urban mobility, our technology can be used for precise landing with no worries for atmospheric conditions (i.e, our RF system is immune to weather, dust, wearing of markers, etc...), package delivery, vertiports (automatic recharging stations), and logistics (indoor and outdoor).
  • Involve Space Logo
    Involve Space

    Company Description
    Involve Space Autonomous stratospheric pseudo-satellite platform and intelligent software to enabling access to space Involve Space is the only Italian supplier of stratospheric flights, and one of the leading in Europe. We offer a pseudo-satellite platform for aerospace launches for testing, Earth observation and atmospheric research missions. The company also develops an innovative intelligent software to effectively and autonomously manage both the individual and collective positioning of networks of entities of various kinds (including stratospheric balloons, satellites and drones).
  • Airizon Logo

    Company Description
    Arizon is a recently established start-up oriented to the development of novel and innovative software tools for aviation industry. The start-up has the mission of channelling innovative aircraft design methods and lean procedures in a completly new digital suite (HEAD) for product lifecycle management. Specific attention is given to the topics of ecological transition and digitalization of aerospace industry.
  • Dromt Logo

    Company Description
    Dromt is an innovative start up that aims to make drones autonomous and smart. Our software interact with commercial drones (eg. DJI, Parrot, etc...), making them fully automatic, and enabling them to fly in fleets. Furthermore, the platform integrates flight management with image processing and analysis, transforming images into information, making our platform a one stop solution for everyone that wants to use a drone, or a fleet, in order to collect data and analyze them. Our patent pending automated monitoring suite can be applied to numerous verticals: agriculture, construction, emergency, and many more. We also provide APIs to unlock the drone/s control, by using our technology everyone can integrate its existing analysis software with Dromt management platform. This enables our customer to easily control its drone/fleet without the specific knowledge required to fly a drone. Dromt aims to make flying a drone easy and useful, unlocking their full potential.
  • Space Frontier Logo
    Space Frontier

    Company Description
    Space Frontier developed and tested an innovative class of engines based on 3D printed bio-polymers. Space Frontier's thruster is simple to produce, economical, secure to store and reliable, capable of shifting cubesats' orbit or even traveling from the LEO to the Moon orbit. In the long run, Space Frontier will develop a micro-launcher scaling up this technology, to make it the most affordable way to deploy cubesat in the LEO and beyond. Up to 50 kg of payload (200 0.25U cubesats) as low as €7500 per cubesat.
  • OhmSpace Logo

    Company Description
    For spacecraft manufacturers/primes/integrators who need a propulsion system for their satellites, OhmSpace provides ground-breaking thruster technology that combines good value, high thrust, and low power demand better than any competitor.
  • DM-AirTech Logo

    Company Description
    DM-AirTech develops technology to support VTOL operations in urban areas with complex wind and weather conditions. Target markets include air taxi operators, drone services in the city or providers of the infrastructure, e.g. Vertiports are the beneficiaries of our full dedication. The technology provides granular weather data leveraging existing sensors and algorithms anywhere in the world, including in highly complex urban environments. These data can be provided as a report, integrated in real-time by API or accessed via a user interface to support strategic or operational decision-making. For vertiport designers, DM-AirTech identifies optimal designs for Vertiports based on their location and their statistical localized microclimatological conditions, and helps select the most promising locations based on operability. It also provides pilots (and autopilots) with real-time weather data to support take-off decisions (go or no-go) and route optimization.
  • Golbriak Space Logo
    Golbriak Space
    Golbriak Space Logo
    Golbriak Space

    Company Description
    Golbriak Space OÜ - is an aerospace company located in Tallinn, Estonia. Since the beginning of 2018 we are also a resident of ESA BIC Estonia. Our mission is to develop and implement the services and the enabling technologies for distributed and federated satellite missions. We believe that these novel paradigms can bring several advantages for the space industry not only by optimization of data distribution, but also by increasing overall missions performance and reducing operational costs. As a first step, we want to enhance the communication capabilities of small and micro satellites by offering affordable optical communications terminals with datarates in the order of hundreds of megabits. Our solution: ERMES AI is a high-speed, license-free and cyber-secure optical telecommunication system and AI hub suitable for CubeSats and SmallSat. The ERMES flight terminal provides backbone inter-satellite and downlink connectivity in Low Earth Orbit. - Low power consumption (8W Peak Power) - High Datarate (1Gbps in LEO) - Link distance (up to 4000km) - License-free (no ITU license coordination and fees - Variable Divergence Laser Beam (Reduces required altitude pointing accuracy to 0.10 deg or lower) - AI Data Hub (Small & powerful board for AI)
  • Betadynamiq Logo

    Company Description
    Betadynamiq is a startup founded in 2021 and whose mission is to develop and deliver cutting-edge AI technology that can be easily integrated into a wide range of devices and systems, enabling them to process and analyze data on the edge, in real-time, with low latency, and minimal power consumption. The startup's flagship project is BetaEdge, a Space satellite payload that leverages Edge AI technology for classifying data acquired from SAR and hyperspectral cameras on Small Satellites. The team that is working on BetaEdge includes: - Davide Buellis, CEO, founder and head of classification algorithms; - Loris Marchignani, CTO, founder and responsible for hardware, integration and testing; - Claudio Ferrara, structural and systems engineer, expert in optical systems; - Eleonora Ciaccia, marketing and sales manager. In addition, Betadynamiq recently carried out a project with Leonardo S.p.a. to apply AI on flight simulators with augmented reality. The HW (for haptic feedback) and SW (for command and voice recognition) were successfully tested on Leonardo's simulator. Betadynamiq has also patented Haptear, a device that uses Edge AI to enable offline classification of hundreds of different environmental sounds in Real Time and communicate them promptly to the deaf person.
  • Advertima Logo

    Company Description
    Advertima is the provider of analytics data in physical retail through the visual interpretation of people. The AI interprets the physical appearance, the full-body motion and the situational context of visitors entering shopping centers or retailer locations. The powerful analytics tool allows the understanding of visitor journeys, the demographic segmentation of visitors, dwell times, tenant performance, and many more individual applications. Beyond that, they provide powerful upgrades to Digital Signage through audience analytics and smart targeting of viewers. This allows a sophisticated customer interaction at the point of contact, boosting customer attention, interaction, and response. Additionally, the setup measures content performance, which enables content analytics with tools such as A-B testing. CLIENTS & PARTNERS: SPAR, TopCC, TopPharm, Posterscope
  • ZwitterCo, Inc. Logo
    ZwitterCo, Inc.

    Company Description
    Our mission is to make it practical for industries to recycle water and enhance product recovery with breakthrough advancements in filtration. We offer water treatment and separation solutions that cut chemical demands, maintain steady performance, and last. Our membranes are built from a breakthrough zwitterionic copolymer that can solve organic separation challenges that are not feasible for other membrane technologies. Our innovation is a new material that is immune to irreversible organic fouling, enabling treatment for the most challenging streams. ZwitterCo works with channel partners to deliver cost-effective treatment processes. While our initial focus is treating digestate (from anaerobic digestion of manure and organic streams), wastewater from food processing facilities, bioprocessing streams (DSP and wastewater), and landfill leachate, ZwitterCo membranes are applicable to many other streams containing organics such as proteins, fats, oils and grease.
  • Glana Sensors Logo
    Glana Sensors

    Company Description
    Glana’s patent pending solution consists of state-of-the-art continuously variable optical filters in combination with 3D reconstruction techniques. By making use of this innovative approach to hyperspectral imaging, Glana’s solution provides a high spectral and spatial resolution together with 3D-modelling capabilities. One of the many application areas of the technology lies within the agtech-area where Glana's product is used in combination with drones to scan cultivation fields. By combining the hyperspectral data cubes with machine learning and computer vision; weeds, nutritional deficiencies and pathogens can be detected prematurely, which means a dramatic improvement in decision support for farmers. The company is at an early stage with many opportunities for application areas and is happy to discuss your possible needs.
  • PERS Logo

    Company Description
    PERS was born from the vision of 2 PhD students and an industrial designer, which also happened to be good friends. We imagined a world where the waste energy of a process is recovered and reused, therefore improving energy efficiency. In other words, PERS aims to design, develop and commercialise energy recovery devices. Within the transition to a fully sustainable economy, energy recovery plays a crucial role, since it allows to reuse energy that would otherwise be released into the environment in form of waste heat. This allows the reduction of CO2 and pollutant emissions, in addition to the reduction of energy demand and costs. Our first device, the PERS, aims to recover energy from pressurised liquids, such as the oil of forklifts hydraulic system, store this energy in dedicated supercapacitors, to reuse it during normal operating conditions.
  • SphereCube Logo

    Company Description
    Nowadays, the majority of the high performance composite companies face problems such as high time to market and lead time, use of moluds for parts production with a related increase of fabrication costs and limited repeatability due to the low automation of the process. SphereCube is developing a system to solve these issues for high performance composites, combining 3D printing, laser sources and high strenght composite materials. Currently, there are start-ups on the market already involved in composites 3D printing but the difference between SphereCube and every other startup can be found in the matrix material (thermosetting resin) and/or in the curing method. SphereCube has indeed developed and patented a laser-based system to thermally cure thermosets, in order to increase the mechanical performances of the final composite material and to allow the use of traditional and bio-based resins
  • X - ENDER Logo
    X - ENDER

    Company Description
    AI-driven multi-layer Decentralized Control System will guarantee safe and scalable autonomous control to groups of Drones, Nanosatellites' Constellations and items connected in a Smart-City. This system could be intended as an undefined master-slave logic with multiple thematic common registers with relative prioritizations. The mission is to deliver value to the world in the fields that are most sensible for our subsistence: food production and emergency response. To do so, we designed an Heavy Autonomous Drone (250kgs of payload) to fight wildfires and for aerial agriculture, based on the decentralized control system being cited first. We aim to provide a more scalable and affordable solution to these issues, by providing a way to stop wildfires before it’s too late, by merging extensive and precision agriculture advantages, by leveling up logistics and by making possible the deployment of drones through blockchain smart-contracts, a staking collateral principle and a pay-per-service structure of action business model. The aerial drones MANTA, the land drones OX and the SKYSHIELD sensoring architecture will be the beginning of a new ecosystem of services and products that will aesthetically and functionally evolve our approach to existentialism, irrationalism and idealism.
  • REA Space Logo
    REA Space

    Company Description
    REA Space Technologies was founded in February 2022. The Team is composed of competent and passionate people with more than 10 years of experience in many fields like aerospace, design, management, biotechnology and electrical engineering. Within the perimeter of this project, REA has large experience in prototyping and testing aerospace materials, in particular carbon fiber texture for multiple applications. In October 2021 we participated at GITEX in Dubai. At the same time we exhibited the first prototype of our space suit (EMSi) at EXPO, at the Italian pavilion. We strongly believe that our project could really lead to a wearable space revolution.
  • Vitruvian VR Logo
    Vitruvian VR

    Company Description
    Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, Vitruvian VR® simulator is a professional mechanical system with a gyroscopic structure. Vitruvian VR has been conceived as an open platform: developers can adapt and/or create new software for a wide range of VR experiences. The extreme flexibility to different interfaces (jet-pack, helicopter etc.) makes it the most appealing product for the following markets: VR Location Based Entertainment and Professional Training. Since 2019 Vitruvian VR has been partnering with the Wired Next Fest, by far the biggest technology-related event in Italy. Laura Winterling, former ESA astronaut instructor, invited Vitruvian VR to showcase its solution at the ESA Astronaut Centre in Cologne, after testing the prototype along with Astronaut Walter Villadei. Vitruvian VR 4XS is made in aircraft aluminum grade and carbon fiber, with 800 watt torque motors in a modular configuration. Drivers are distributed on the central axis and on the secondary axis.The modularity of the mechanical structure can be adapted to any type of aircraft, obtaining EASA certifications of different types, at a reduced cost compared to the purchase of new simulators for each aircraft. Vitruvian VR 4XS allows the collection of users' biometric data.
  • Revolv Space Logo
    Revolv Space

    Company Description
    Due to the current performance limitations of satellite buses, payloads are operated for less than 20% of the time they spend in orbit. This is a big missed revenue opportunity for our customers and our mission at Revolv Space is to rethink the subsystems in the satellite bus to increase their performances. The biggest limitation is the power and we are solving it with our first product: SARA. SARA is a subsystem that introduces the capability of rotating the deployed solar panels of small satellites and orienting them to face the Sun, increasing the satellite’s available power by 2X. Thanks to the amazing 6-people team we have assemble, we have recently redesigned SARA to incorporate the feedback from the potential first users and the technology is at TRL 5. We are getting ready for our testing campaign in the summer to reach TRL 7, which will anticipate the first mission in space mid of 2024.
  • Xylene Logo

    Company Description
    Europe aims to stop the trade of raw materials that are responsible for deforestation, finance of armed groups and human rights abuses forcing operators to perform supply chain due diligence. Yet 30% of timber is illegal and 80% of companies don’t know if their products contain conflict minerals. In the traceability market, worth 6B$ by 2027 with 15.3% growth p.a., Xylene offers a visibility and traceability solution to take control over supply chains and comply with legislation and certifications, protecting companies brand reputation.
  • ARCA Dynamics Logo
    ARCA Dynamics

    Company Description
    Arca Dynamics wants to take sustainability to a new level reducing environmental impact by monitoring Earth and its orbits while ensuring sustainable exploitation for human resilience in Space.
  • Stratobotic Logo

    Company Description
    Stratobotic provides innovative Earth Observation Services as Products and Services. By using our stratospheric platforms, we will offer Ultra High Resolution images at lower costs than the satellites', High Resolution 3D Models in real-time and all-weather radar images. These features will enable groundbreaking services. We will cover wider areas compared to the drones and will have a higher revisit period over targets than any other solutions. Our platforms called CubeHAPS are easy and fast to deploy and upgrade, staying in the stratosphere from few hours up to a few days, and when they are done, a new generation substitutes them, offering in this way a continuous presence over a specific target.
  • Sortie Cargo Logo
    Sortie Cargo

    Company Description
    Sortie Cargo is a new generation transportation method. Autonomous High-Speed Cargo UAV Project: Sortie carries out autonomous and sustainable cargo transportation up to 2500 km with its new generation cargo vehicles. These vehicles, which travel at a speed of 1000 km/h, will be used for a cargo network that will cover the world and will provide point-to-point transportation service.
  • Imagen Energy Logo
    Imagen Energy

    Company Description
    Imagen Energy offers highly efficient and compact energy systems. It scales up and commercially demonstrate efficient, cost-effective EV fast charging equipment manufactured in the United States. The compact EV fast charger optimizes limited grid power availability at public and fleet charging locations to enable resilience and flexibility, making it ideal for urban communities that would otherwise lack investment opportunities to deliver the benefits of EVs.
  • Snowbotix Logo

    Company Description
    An all electric, all terrain robot for commercial snow and ice management -Cost-effective, consistent, continuous, on-demand operation -Re-configurable attachments (plow, broom, mower, etc.) -Safe and reliable autonomous and teleoperation under any weather condition -Social-aware navigation with autonomous collision avoidance & failsafe -Auto-return to dock for recharging -Cloud based robot management tool for planning, real-time monitoring
  • Electric Outdoors LLC Logo
    Electric Outdo…

    Company Description
    EO consists of a team of purpose-driven, tech and outdoor enthusiasts. We find value in bringing remarkable, world-changing innovations to life. We value nature and freedom. We embrace technology. We create awesome experiences. By bringing together a suite of new innovative green technologies ready for primetime, in the service of enjoying the outdoors, built and designed by a rockstar team, a proprietary best in class technology stack, world class partnerships, and an obsession with crafting a new genre defining experience.
  • Voltpost Logo

    Company Description
    Voltpost transforms lampposts into smart electric vehicle charging stations managed by a mobile application. This solution accelerates EV adoption and decarbonization by providing cities scalable curbside charging for divers.
  • JouleLabs Logo

    Company Description
    Joule Labs is taking a new approach by providing a high-performing, cost-effective, and future-proofed fast EV charging solution for parking operators, hospitality companies, and real estate commercial enterprises, substantially expanding EV charging availability in their parking lots/garages and enabling owners to generate additional revenue. Their automated and autonomous robotic system can provide 100% enablement and full coverage, making every parking slot EV Charging ready and capable. To start Joule Labs is focusing on semi-automated charging service where you can summon a Robot to deliver fast EV charging Pod and plug it yourself (or by building attendant). Later on, they will be adding a robotic arm to completely automate the charging service. Pitch Deck:
  • Tappy Technology Logo
    Tappy Technolo…

    Company Description
    Tappy Guide is a smart city and mobility tech for people with disabilities and senior citizens. We help cities, it's mobility systems, and the automotive industry become smarter for people who have a disability and senior citizens. Tappy Guide mobile application, provides wayfinding to help locate and identify pick-up/ and drop-off locations, and building entrances and exits. The user-friendly technology eliminates the First Mile/Last Mile navigation problem such as true, point-to-point, demand-response service. The solution uses a call center, live video feed, and GPS data to allow the fullest service available using today’s technology. The user opens the app and places a video call to the call center where the call is answered by a live guide. The Participant guide has the ability to view the user’s GPS location and live video stream. Our guides have displays in our user friendly dashboard. One displays the user’s live video feed to understand the user’s point of view. The second displays user’s real-time GPS location via Google Maps. We help the blind and low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, wheelchair users and seniors.
  • Hive Power Logo
    Hive Power

    Company Description
    Hive Power provides a Software as a Service solution for ESCOs and aggregators using a B2B2C model. The software aims to help end-users, energy retailers, fleet and grid operators to improve their operations, enable new savings, revenue streams, and optimize asset management. The Hive Power platform includes data-driven, machine learning and AI-powered applications to provide: - Smart Charging, V2G & V2X - Energy Communities design & management - National Aggregation - White label apps web and mobile apps for businesses and their customers - User engagement & analytics - Stochastic forecasting of energy demand and renewable production - Simulation of future scenarios for low-voltage distribution grids. - Optimal management of aggregated flexible devices, such as water heating boilers, heat pumps, storage batteries, and electric vehicles (including V2G). Pitch Deck:
  • DeepHow Logo

    Company Description
    DeepHow is an award-winning AI-powered, video-centric platform for skilled workforce training. AI underpins the entire DeepHow platform to successfully digitize and transfer know-how 10x faster and 40% more effectively. DeepHow bridges the gap between process documentation and skills management and up-skilling, helping enterprise organizations meet future workforce readiness goals.
  • Fermata Energy Logo
    Fermata Energy

    Company Description
    Fermata Energy leverages electric vehicle (EV) batteries to provide energy storage for the electricity grid. Because EVs remain parked and unused much of the time, they are an underutilized asset. With Fermata Energy's bidirectional charging platform, the energy in EV batteries can be exploited with little-to-no incremental cost. By leveraging existing batteries they avoid much of the cost competing storage technology requires while providing vehicle customers a lower cost of ownership through shared grid storage revenue. Pitch Deck:
  • Pontosense Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturer of AI-powered wireless sensors for human motion detection. It offers mm-wave radar technology-based non-invasive sensors that can detect the human presence, classify users, and measure both heart rate and respiration rate. It also offers software to filter out environmental noise and disturbances from collected data, and analyze them to extract valuable insights. It has applications in the automotive and consumer electronic sectors. Pitch Deck:

    Company Description
    The BAVERTIS team has developed a combination of software and hardware that significantly extends the battery life of electric vehicles and facilitates the integration of cars into the energy grid via vehicle-to-x applications. In recent months, this has generated a lot of interest from the automotive industry and the first LOIs have been collected. The first customer projects are now in the pipeline. The key facts: -Extending battery life by up to 80%, -The integration of vehicles into the power grid for grid stabilisation and local supply in home applications is possible on a purely software basis, -In the last 12 months, the team has developed the technology, filed 3 patents and built and validated a first prototype. -There is significant interest in our products from a rapidly growing market - confirmed by intensive customer discussions and first LOIs (co-development is currently being negotiated).
  • Salient Motion Logo
    Salient Motion

    Company Description
    Hardware sensors are the most unreliable part of the system; they are difficult to interface with, yet the most critical component in a motor. Additionally, removing a single high accuracy position sensor saves over $200 in sensor cost and assembly. Salient Motion replaces hardware with software and leaves rare earth materials behind; for the first time, Salient's team has achieved performance parity using ferrite instead of neodymium when using its software. Its backwards compatible software enables automotive companies to not only remove the sensor on all new drivetrains but perform remote software updates on all existing vehicles in the fleet. For established OEMs and new incumbents manufacturing vehicles, designing and producing the electric drivetrain takes months of engineering and large amounts of money (need components that are critical and mostly come from China). The limited number of companies selling this parts have been around for 40 years and are usually very good at making hardware but not software. Salient Motion has figured out a way to detect the position of the magnets for the magnetic field to rotate (leading to motor rotation) without using sensors, just software.
  • Betterfrost Technologies Logo
    Betterfrost Te…
    Betterfrost Technologies Logo
    Betterfrost Technologies

    Company Description
    The Betterfrost solution defrosts and defogs an Electric Vehicle’s windshield with 20 times less power than current technology. It extends the range of an EV by 38 km in winter, worth $600/vehicle in battery pack cost. Our system provides high-voltage, pulsed power to the conductive layer of windshields to melt only the interfacial layer of ice. Traction: 1. Raised $2.5M from Toyota Tsusho and grants 2. Customer Trials completed at VW and AGC/ Polestar has installed in an EV and begins testing in 2 weeks. 3. Won the 2022 Global Automotive Mobility Innovation Competition (GAMIC) and completed the New Enterprise Forum (NEF) program 4. Team has deep automotive, startup and R&D experience 5. 12 patents granted 6. Global TAM > $4B
  • Conamix Logo

    Company Description
    Conamix is commercializing new low-cost high-energy materials for the global lithium-ion battery market. The company’s materials are designed to drop-in to existing manufacturing infrastructure to both improve the energy density and lower the cost of lithium-ion systems. Founded in 2014, the company is led by an experienced team of chemical and battery industry leaders and has intellectual property agreements with multiple leading global research institutions.
  • Shield. Logo

    Company Description
    Shield was established in 2018 by Shiran Weitzman and Ofir Shabtai out of an acute market failure that the two recognized. They built a leading RegTech startup, focusing on employee communications data management, supervision, and compliance for regulated financial institutes and other highly regulated enterprises. Shield utilizes AI, Natural Language Processing and Visualization capabilities to automate and orchestrate the complete employee communications compliance lifecycle. From Capture, retention, enrichment through analytics and AI-powered proactive surveillance to mitigate risk, reduce operational costs and make employees monitoring efficient and ROI driven. Leading, global financial institutes have adopted Shield’s technology and are seeing significant regulatory readiness and operational efficiency improvements.
  • VoxSmart Logo

    Company Description
    VoxSmart is a surveillance technology provider that designs, develops and deploys software to better manage business risk, market insights and meet regulatory requirements. Our team includes experts in finance, regulation and business analytics that can help to find and fix the problems encountered by regulated firms in the financial space andbeyond. Our technology captures employee communications, both voice and electronic, wherever they are working, and turns the data this generates into useful information about your business conduct, operations and opportunities. We help connect a firm’s people, processes, and technology to deliver operational efficiencies and enable smarter business decisions. With a global client base including top banks and inter-dealer brokers in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, we pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive suite of products that addresses key challenges around data integration, processing and analytics for the world’s financial community.
  • DMAT Logo

    Company Description
    DMAT develops highly-advanced concrete formulas that increase durability and reduce carbon emissions. DMAT's technology relates to proprietary admixtures, as well as their specific calibration within concrete formulas. This results in mixes with up to 50% greater durability, 10% greater profit margins for readymix producers, and 20% CO2 reduction compared with traditional concrete mixes. DMAT's patent-pending technology does not require retrofitting. DMAT's business model is to sell concrete formulas under production license contracts.
  • Litus Logo

    Company Description
    Litus is an emerging leader in the use of nanotechnology to provide ground breaking solutions to some of the world’s biggest energy challenges. Litus was formed in Calgary, Canada in 2019, by a team of experienced scientists and engineers. The Company’s first offering is a solution that selectively extracts lithium directly from water sources using a proprietary and patent pending nanomaterial composite. This technology enables companies to recover lithium with unmatched purity, speed and efficiency, resulting in far lower financial and environmental costs than any other known method.
  • 4Zero Technologies Logo
    4Zero Technolo…

    Company Description
    Integrated operations are no longer optional – they are mission critical. 4Zero deploys the power of deeply integrated, AI enhanced technology to provide real-time access and control of your operations. By fusing together the intelligence of remote sensing and control, predictive analytics and human resources, we implement relevant solutions that solve real problems. Optimizing in ag, food and beverage, mining, and waste. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, 4Zero set out to achieve a simple mission – bridge the gap between operations and the rest of the organisation through advanced tech like IOT, AI and predictive analytics, and to do this in a way that makes the customer’s life easier. From reducing unplanned downtime, to increasing efficiency and operational resilience, 4Zero technology transforms businesses – all while maximizing their bottom line. The Parent Company Omnesse Is A Powerful Interoperability Platform, Driven By A Universal Language. It connects disparate machines and devices, enabling them to finally communicate and collaborate successfully. Through their cooperation, useful data can be collated in one place and applied in ways that transform industries.
  • Arolytics Logo

    Company Description
    We help the oil and gas industry become leaders in emissions management. Our data management software and emissions modelling solutions enable our clients to design, manage, and track the most efficient emission reduction programs, providing third-party data transparency while aligning with regulatory and corporate ESG objectives. Navigating the diverse array of options for methane detection and quantification is challenging. How can emissions measurements be used to achieve: Compliance? Cost savings through an alternative LDAR program? ESG targets? Differentiated product pricing? Voluntary initiatives and certifications (ex. OGMP 2.0)? This is where we excel. Our solutions: 1) AroFEMP Model - A modelling and emissions forecasting tool that evaluates and designs best-fit emissions monitoring programs tailored for cost, effectiveness, and alignment with corporate objectives. AroFEMP has been used by multiple producers and service providers to support the design and application of cost-effective alternative leak detection programs (alt-FEMPs) to the regulator. AroFEMP has been used to develop and approve individual and collaborative multi-operator alt-FEMPs. 2) AroViz Emissions Software - A centralized platform to streamline the end to end workflow of emissions management, a
  • Stranded Solutions Logo
    Stranded Solut…
    Stranded Solutions Logo
    Stranded Solutions

    Company Description
    Stranded Solutions is commercializing a patented chemical process that is an industry first combining two well-known technologies to combat GHG emissions and increase oil and natural gas producers’ profits. One technology is the process of direct partial oxidation which combines natural gas with oxygen at elevated temperature and pressure to produce methanol. The other technology is a fluidized bed reactor which is a chamber in which the reaction occurs and that manages temperature and pressure to increase efficiency. Methanol is a $42+ billion market expected to increase 5-fold by 2050. Stranded Solutions’ patented methane-to-methanol conversion technology can be scaled down to 1/100th the size of typical methanol plants, a solution that accommodates diverse types of smaller and non-traditional gas resources such as associated gas flared from oil wells. Comments from a natural gas producer’s CEO and prospective customer: “Stranded Solutions uses the earlier simpler direct reaction process of “partial oxidization” (burning). This is less efficient but less capital intensive. The potential low capital cost of Stranded Solutions’ process may become a “game changer” in upgrading natural gas in-field to higher value products.”
  • Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics
    Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics

    Company Description
    Kiana strengthens physical safety and security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions to understand visitor behavior at physical locations worldwide. Corporate campuses, event venues, transportation hubs and shopping malls use Kiana’s patented device detection capabilities and cloud-based software. Kiana uses data fusion - WiFi signals from mobile devices and security camera images to detect the presence and monitor customer location and movements. Large volumes of real-time data are collected for each device, aggregated, and processed to provide customer behavior analytics, intelligent alerts, and actionable information.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycli…
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies

    Company Description
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies (“CUT”) uses the waste of today to build a better tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. CUT sells advanced solid products derived from greenhouse emissions and cheaply available solids. Since 2014, CUT has scaled its ability to convert CO2 emissions into value-add end materials by over a million times and has since been confirmed as one of the top CO2 utilization companies in the world as a winner of the X-Factor Award in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Through its portfolio of CO2-derived solid nanoparticles, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in concrete, coatings, and plastics. CUT recently launched a consumer brand called Expedition Air. CUT commercialized a corrosion-resistant coating, utilizing its nanoparticles, in 2017, becoming the youngest CO2 utilization company to generate commercial revenue (<2.5 years since inception). CUT has been named as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label recipient, a funding recipient of Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund, and a winner of the 2019 76West Clean Technology Competition.
  • Copperstone Technologies Logo
    Copperstone Te…
    Copperstone Technologies Logo
    Copperstone Technologies

    Company Description
    Copperstone helps clients manage liabilities and safety costs associated with maintenance and monitoring of hazardous infrastructure. We do this by building field robots that can access their these environments in a way never before possible. Our robots carry sensors, surveillance, and sampling payloads, keeping people out of harms way, reducing costs, and improving efficiencies for our clients. Our primary markets include mine waste tailings ponds, sewer infrastructure, and industrial or agricultural waste water storage ponds. Copperstone runs also geotechnical surveys that are aimed at understanding the behaviours and properties of earth and foundations. These surveys include soil sampling, soil mechanics, and subsurface investigations to evaluate the foundation of structures, such as tailings storage facilities and earthen dams.
  • ClimateWells Logo

    Company Description
    A science-first approach to cleaning up American oilfields. ClimateWells plugs oil and gas wells and creates verified emission reduction projects in the carbon market. ClimateWells is a carbon credit company that measures and removes emissions in the oilfield. Marginal oil and gas wells make up less than six percent of production but over 50% of all oilfield methane emissions. Plugging and wellsite reclamation stops emissions and restores the native landscape.
  • Diesel Tech Industries Logo
    Diesel Tech In…
    Diesel Tech Industries Logo
    Diesel Tech Industries

    Company Description
    Diesel Tech Industries is Driving Innovative Technology for the Transportation Industry, a subsidiary of DTTR (1999), founded in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta and has taken on multiple challenges that have faced the trucking industry over the years. DTI is developing the Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel System. We are currently designing this latest technological innovation as a solution to the 2050 net-zero goal. Our solution provides a dual-fuel hydrogen blending solution, multiport injection, full ECM integration and a proprietary control system. Our Guardian HDS technology will support fleet operators with the energy transition and ensure competitiveness and economics for their fleets.
  • Qaptis Logo

    Company Description
    Truck & ship industry are together responsible for more than 10% of global CO2 emissions and are part of the hard-to-decarbonize sector. There is a strong pressure to bring rapid changes! However, the current solutions, like hydrogen and electric vehicles, are not ready to clean these sectors before decades. This is why Qaptis is committed to a greener tomorrow and their mission is to solve the climate change challenge in the transportation industry by capturing the emissions at their source. With their plug-in technology, their solution is able to capture up to 90% of the emitted CO2, store it in liquid form directly onboard and recycle it (fuel, plastics, building materials, CO2 sequestration).
  • Optiseis Solutions Ltd Logo
    Optiseis Solut…
    Optiseis Solutions Ltd Logo
    Optiseis Solutions Ltd

    Company Description
    OptiSeis is a geophysical company focused on providing high-resolution, cost-effective subsurface data with the lowest environmental footprint. We specialize in seismic acquisition design for optimal inversion results. Utilizing our proprietary software, we help clients plan, acquire, process, and interpret their seismic datasets, enabling accurate development of all subsurface resources including oil and gas, critical minerals, geothermal, and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Seismic exploration often requires the clearing along seismic lines to provide safe access for equipment deployment. As industry progresses and the long-term operational footprint associated with these programs becomes better understood, new methods are needed to reduce the environmental impact of acquiring seismic, including reducing the emissions associated with fuel usage. Our new technology, EcoSeis, can reduce the total operational footprint of a seismic program by more than 55% while still maintaining subsurface data quality and providing safe access for field operations. This method has the potential to reduce the emissions associated with the acquisition, the amount of reclamation required at the end of a project, and potentially the costs due to fewer linear km and improved efficiencies.
  • Hago Energetics, Inc. Logo
    Hago Energetic…
    Hago Energetics, Inc. Logo
    Hago Energetics, Inc.

    Company Description
    Our company reduces carbon emissions through various technical approaches. Our first focus is the conversion of agricultural waste to green hydrogen. We are a group of scientists and engineers with deep expertise in the area of using renewable energy to decarbonize the present chemical industry.
  • Nanoprecise Logo

    Company Description
    Nanoprecise has created a patented solution (hardware + software) that combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with machinery and detects anomalies, characterizes the faulty components and predicts the "Remaining Time to Failure." Nanoprecise's sensor is the first sensor in the world that extracts RPM, vibration, sound, temperature & humidity information, all from one sensor. The software (which is built on AI algorithms that are only limited to research papers until now) analyzes the data from various sensing elements and achieves anomaly detection, fault characterization & remaining useful life prediction.
  • Cvictus Logo

    Company Description
    Cvictus’s patented and proprietary Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery (EHR™) technology can produce clean hydrogen with lower carbon intensity than green hydrogen from hydropower and at a cost that’s less than half the cost of hydrogen from SMRs. EHR™ extracts hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas) from ultra-deep coal and brine and re-injects associated CO2 back into the space it creates in the same deep seam for permanent geological sequestration, turning coal ‘from a source to a sink’ of CO2. Cvictus’s technology and projects target the most difficult climate challenges with flexible applications and huge scalability. We can produce the lowest cost, lowest carbon intensity bolt-on products (hydrogen, methanol, ammonia) to decarbonize difficult industries (chemicals, energy, transportation) providing a way for Canada, the US and many other countries that lack other energy resources to extract valuable products from heavy hydrocarbon while leaving carbon in the ground. Cvictus is also developing a bolt-on industrial fermentation system to produce single cell protein (SCP) as a high-quality, low-carbon alternative for soybean meal and fishmeal in animal feed to help restore our natural carbon sinks. At commercial scale, the process generates 80% EBITDA margins.
  • Terrapin Geothermics Logo
    Terrapin Geoth…
    Terrapin Geothermics Logo
    Terrapin Geothermics

    Company Description
    Terrapin Geothermics Inc. (Terrapin) is a designer and developer of industrial heat recovery projects. As a turn-key solutions provider, Terrapin helps large industrial emitters advance their net-zero commitments by generating emission-free, baseload power from wasted heat off their operating assets. Unlike the traditional project developer, Terrapin will self-finance and build turnkey clean energy projects at zero cost to the client where we will pay them for access to turn their waste heat into value. Terrapin can provide the generated carbon offset credits as a royalty payment for access to their waste heat which offers rare opportunity to receive emission reductions for $0 per tCO2 reduced or clients can buy our emission-free power behind the fence at a reduced $/kWh rate. Terrapin's team is comprised of energy and utilities experts who specialize in developing the operational, commercial, technical, and regulatory aspects of heat recovery projects. Ultimately, Terrapin's projects represent a negative-cost, emissions reduction opportunity for industrial facility operators.
  • Ayrton Energy Logo
    Ayrton Energy

    Company Description
    As home electrification grows, so does the strain on the current electrical grid system. Net-zero regulatory policies like zero-emission vehicles by 2035 in Canada and the US continue to provide further pressure on an electrical system already under severe strain. To alleviate the increased electricity demand expensive infrastructure upgrades are required to the transmission and distribution systems. Ayrton Energy is developing a hydrogen-powered EV charging and energy storage system. Ayrton's EV charging systems can be installed at small commercial sites for fleet charging or at residential locations for individual use. The system is remotely monitored for automated just-in-time hydrogen delivery. The hydrogen is delivered in compact, safe containers that fit directly inside the unit. While clean hydrogen is the next clean fuel to decarbonize the energy market it currently lacks the transportation network to enable safe and efficient delivery to a broad customer base. Ayrton's technology solves this challenge - Ayrton's proprietary hydrogen storage and transportation technology delivers hydrogen no differently than gasoline.
  • NGON Solutions Logo
    NGON Solutions

    Company Description
    NGON’s mission is to help the oil industry eliminate flaring of natural gas by capturing, converting and utilizing the gas onsite in an environmentally friendly way. NGON captures excess gas before it is flared and converts it onsite to usable energy. We provide and operate modular equipment for upstream and industry operators without economic access to a pipeline. Our solution reduces aggregate emissions for our producer clients by 40-60% per site, and provides competitive power pricing for our hosting clients while utilizing off-grid economics. Our regulatory tailwinds are robust, from methane taxes levied from the IRA, endorsement from Federal agencies as additive to US climate and economic goals, and tax rebates from state emissions regulators. Oil producers feel the urgency to address their fugitive emissions immediately, and NGON's services provide a turnkey solution with positive economics.
  • C the Signs Logo
    C the Signs

    Company Description
    C the Signs is an evidence-driven AI platform, founded by Doctors for Doctors, to accelerate early cancer diagnosis and survival. Covering all cancers, C the Signs creates a systematic approach that stratifies patients according to their cancer risk, using signs, symptoms, risk factors and other clinical markers. With thousands of data points, we've created a Bayesian model with optimisation and prioritisation systems, to indicate which cancers a patient is at risk of and what test, investigation or review they need in under 30 seconds. The platform is used for face-to-face or remote risk assessment. Using ML, we adapt algorithms to the local population to identify cancers that are more prevalent or harder to detect. Using dashboards, we're able to support a better understanding of tumour burden and capacity and demand-modelling for diagnostics, thereby diagnosing cancer sooner and more cost-effectively, improving patient prognosis and survival.
  • uCarenet Logo

    Company Description
    uCarenet is a HealthTech social enterprise helping keep seniors and palliative patients at home. uCarenet achieves its mission by developing technology solutions that close gaps in the healthcare journey of seniors from companionship and personal care, to wellness support, to home health care, and to end-of-life palliative care. Current uCarenet e-health solutions directly support seniors, their family members, home-care providers, and healthcare practitioners — coming together to help seniors age in their own home while also helping to solve one of healthcare’s most pressing problems: reducing hospital visits and stays.
  • nQ Medical Logo
    nQ Medical

    Company Description
    nQ Medical is an artificial intelligence company that has developed a computational biomarker that has been proven in five years of clinical trials to substantially change the way disease is managed for a wide range of neuromotor and neurocognitive disorders (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, mTBI, et al. nQ focuses on analysis of user interaction with common electronic devices to capture functional decline related to neurodegenerative disorders. The fine control of typing and touch screen kinematics together with the frequent use of electronic devices allows for precise monitoring of small changes in neurodegeneration that frequently go unnoticed by clinicians. nQ allows for early detection of disease, 24/7, passive, at home, remote monitoring of disease progression and the measurement of impact of therapy at a fraction of the cost of current gold standards. There is no required task. Just use your device as your would normally use it. nQ received Breakthrough Designation from the FDA in 2019.
  • Clinical Trial Hero Logo
    Clinical Trial…
    Clinical Trial Hero Logo
    Clinical Trial Hero

    Company Description
    Clinical Trial Hero is a digital healthcare platform that helps underserved patients join clinical trials quickly. We are transforming healthcare by empowering underserved patients to get new life-changing therapies by making it easier for them to find and enroll in clinical trials across the globe. We use disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and social media to create a faster approval process for novel drugs, improving access and empowering patients. At Clinical Trial Hero we believe investing in technology and data is the best way to expand access to life-saving treatments. We are building a better way to fill trials, allowing access to underserved patients in rural and urban areas who would not otherwise have easy access to clinical trials. Our mission is to transform the clinical trial process by using disruptive technologies to create a faster approval process for novel drugs, improving access and empowering patients. Through our technology platform, we find those who don’t get exposure to clinical trials- this is now an FDA requirement, connecting them with people that do.
  • Kaleidoscope XR Logo
    Kaleidoscope XR

    Company Description
    Based out of Calgary, Canada and with a global team, Kaleidoscope XR's vision is to Enhance the human experience with technology for the greater good of all. We do this by developing live multiuser Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for Healthcare and Training. To address the growing aging population which is projected to double from 703 million in 2019 to 1.5 billion globally by 2050, and the need for well trained caregivers, we will be launching Caregiver VR in April 2023. Caregiver VR is a VR/Desktop platform that enables live role-playing simulations between Teachers (subject matter experts) and trainees role-playing as caregivers and patients in front of a virtual classroom. This platform also helps end-users practice interactions with and experience the world from the perspective of those experiencing dementia and aging. The Caregiver VR platform is designed with the following goals: help caregivers share core soft skills, and hard skills in a hands-on manner globally, reduce training costs, increase accessibility to subject matter experts, and finally increase caregiver expertise and capacity, all of which will lead to better healthcare outcomes for patients and our loved ones.
  • Health Gauge Inc. Logo
    Health Gauge I…

    Company Description
    To help people on every step of their personal health journey, we created Health Gauge, the next generation of health and wellness applications. Bringing together the most sophisticated health technology and artificial intelligence (AI) into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, we give you the freedom to monitor your health from the comfort of home. Founded in 2014 by a collective of medical doctors, engineers, and computer scientists – Health Gauge was created on the simple principle: that everyone should have easy access to personal health coaching and biometrics. Our first wearable device and AI platform will be commercially available by November 2020, and our current applications are focused on bringing new and better health monitoring to the people who want to be healthy, get healthy, and stay healthy.
  • Cherry Health Logo
    Cherry Health

    Company Description
    Cherry Health is Canada’s medical careers network. We empower providers with connectivity and tools to solve systemic healthcare problems. The core of our medical network is the job search and recruiting platform. We are democratizing medical recruiting by ensuring that every employer with any size budget is able to get visibility to their job opportunities. We make it easy for doctors to identify high quality jobs, improve patients' access to care, and facilitate engagement between physicians and industry. It is free to sign up, post jobs and apply, and users have the option to promote their opportunities through paid tiers.
  • Greenspace Mental Health Logo
    Greenspace Men…
    Greenspace Mental Health Logo
    Greenspace Mental Health

    Company Description
    Greenspace empowers service providers and users with the tools and insights they need to provide the best care possible. Through innovative and intuitive technology, organizations delivering mental health services are able to easily implement Measurement-Based Care, improving outcomes for the people they serve. Measurement-Based Care is at the core of all Greenspace solutions and its driving improvement across the entire ecosystem of mental health services— from clinics, hospitals, and health systems, to the workplace or campus. How it works: Greenspace allows organizations to consistently collect objective, patient-reported outcome measures (PROM’s) throughout treatment. With automated delivery and a selection of 50+ evidence-based assessments, providers can tailor their measurement process to their clients’ specific needs and gather rich insights throughout care. Organizations using Greenspace can leverage their data and insights to improve client engagement and outcomes, inform treatment planning and program innovations and advocate for increased funding. From individual clinicians to small clinics, hospitals, campuses, or entire health systems, their MBC solutions are built to flex to the unique needs and challenges of any workflow.
  • Gotcare Logo

    Company Description
    Gotcare is a social enterprise improving health outcomes by prioritizing personalized, efficient, and timely care delivery within the home. With Canada's largest network of care workers Gotcare is able to deliver health services to homes that were traditionally unreachable. Gotcare’s unique approach to home health is a balance between high-tech and high-touch, powered by a network of 30,000 qualified community care workers across Canada. Gotcare reduces hospital length of stay by bridging service wait time for traditional home care by providing responsive 24/7 in-home patient monitoring, and sending real-time data reporting and predictive analytics to primary care. Assisted by our patented AI algorithms, our team matches clients with the most qualified worker for them, often within a 5-minute walk or drive of where care is needed. With this approach, we're able to free up hospital and primary care resources, and remotely monitor the state of health across health authorities, allowing these regions to make informed decisions on clients in real-time by monitoring key metrics ranging from biometrics to changes in mobility, cognition, and mental health.
  • Arkangel Logo

    Company Description
    Arkangel is an AI as a service platform. We transform medical data from healthcare institutions to automatically create AI algorithms for early disease detection at scale. Any health care company like pharma, hospitals, or healthcare insurer gets a license to use our technology based on their use cases. Allowing physicians, researchers, and digital health developers to access to create their own Ai models without code, to make decisions in real-time, optimize access, improve early detection patients' care worldwide and at a fraction of the cost. Arkangel Ai has been developed with scientific entities such as Google, Novartis, and McGill University Canada.
  • Dyne Logo

    Company Description
    Dyne is a B2B SaaS platform that provides AI-driven revenue and marketing solutions to restaurants. It collects data from various sources, including customer satisfaction, foot-traffic, and point of sale integrations, to build a comprehensive "Dine-In" dataset. This dataset is then used to automate marketing, provide insights, and drive revenue for restaurants. Dyne's product is unique as it offers a combination of AI-driven analytics and a community app that connects people over food. The app provides continuous user sentiment analysis, coupon and event-loyalty programs, AI market/pricing recommendations, and a competitive coupon marketplace. Dyne's target customers are restaurants of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to large enterprises. To date, Dyne has over 700 clients in 6 cities and a community app with 20,000+ users. The company has already generated $10 million in additional revenue for its customers and has sustained a 20% MoM growth. Now focusing on expanding to new cities and new verticals, Dyne is currently backed by investors and partners like Microsoft, NRC-IRAP, and Launch House and has committed $1.4M of its $1.5 million seed round with a further $4.6M in interested cheques to further scale its business.
  • SmartConcil Logo

    Company Description
    SmartConcil is a platform that helps companies to consolidate and standardize all financial information in one place, automating the entire reconciliation process With SmartConcil, finance teams can identify mismatched information in real time, increasing the reliability of financial metrics and dramatically reducing the time and effort spent each month on these tasks
  • Phaze Logo

    Company Description
    Phaze is a prepaid payout API for Fintech companies. It is trusted by multi-billion dollar digital banks and 10M+ users for its powerful simplicity. We enable users from 134 countries to receive digital payouts from over 2,000 prepaid brands including Visa and MasterCard. Our mission is to help the world transaction to digital payouts.
  • Quickly Logo

    Company Description
    Quickly is an earned revenue access technology that lets small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) take control of their working capital by providing next day access to their verified receivables. They provide a platform that streamlines the relationship between buyers and sellers while matching enterprise level capital providers, like banks and institutional lenders, with SMB’s that would not normally have the capacity to access these resources.
  • Redlining Manager Logo
    Redlining Mana…
    Redlining Manager Logo
    Redlining Manager

    Company Description
    Kemisoft Consulting is a Canadian technology company focused on helping businesses enhance their operations through Digital Modernization with a specialization in Salesforce and Mulesoft. We have worked with companies of all sizes and scales including non-profit and government agencies, providing a range of services including: a) Full Suite SalesForce – Architecture, Development, Configuration, Implementation, Project delivery b) Mulesoft Support – Enterprise Integration, Architecture, Designing, Development, Project Delivery c) Digital Strategy & Architecture - Architecture assessments, Gap analysis, Road-mapping, Strategic digital planning d) Business Process Automation – RPA, Workflow Management System, A2P e) Data Analytics &amp; BI – Architecture, Development, Project Delivery, Specialized in MS PowerBI &amp; Tableau
  • TIQ Software Logo
    TIQ Software

    Company Description
    For over 10 years, TIQ Software has been the trusted partner of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, empowering them to design engaging, interactive and impactful training with integrated gamification.
  • Scription Logo

    Company Description
    PROBLEM Owning and operating out-of-warranty commercial equipment is fraught with challenges: unexpected costs, unoptimized maintenance paid hourly, and frequent equipment breakdowns are all risks to the owner. SOLUTION Scription is powering the new way to protect commercial equipment with a personalized subscription warranty: equipment owners pay a fixed-monthly fee that bundles together all costs to maintain the equipment. With these subscription plans, equipment uptime is now the goal for both the equipment owner and the Service Partner. PRODUCT AND TRACTION We offer the platform to streamline maintenance delivery and enable personalized subscription warranties The platform -> Used by the maintenance companies to streamline equipment repair (B2B SaaS) -> $5.5k USD MRR (set to grow to $20k MRR by end of year) -> Currently monitors $500M worth of equipment from 30,000 commercial locations such as McDonald's, Subway, Chipotle, and 800+ other brands The warranties -> Sold by the maintenance companies to their equipment clients (Scription takes a 15% commission) -> $100k+ USD MRR in pilots starting in fall 2022 -> Pilots with McDonalds, Burger King, Casey's
  • ZipStall Logo

    Company Description
    Our mission is to improve the downtown experience. Parking is the number one problem that we hear about from both businesses and customers and we are striving to change this. By focusing on the customer experience and amazing local businesses, Zipstall is making it easier to love coming downtown.
  • Recorem Logo

    Company Description
    RECOREM enables & curates Web3.0 Jobs at Events using Augmented Intelligence thereby helping recruiters leverage the massive talent pool of passive job seekers from the attendees. The Founders helped a Scotland based Decentralized Internet Company, hire a Rust Developer back in 2018. The term Web3 was coined in 2021 but the team behind RECOREM has been leveraging Web3 Events to find talent since 2018, so we decided to build the Web3 community by curating events & jobs. Our unique web application is specially designed for you to discover talent & opportunities at events.
  • Clearhead Logo

    Company Description
    Clearhead is an innovative workplace wellbeing EAP provider delivering holistic and proactive employee wellbeing support. Our AI platform take an integrated approach of evidence-based AI mental health tools, a global therapists network, and sophisticated organisational wellbeing data insights.
  • MachEye Logo
    MachEye Logo

    Company Description
    MachEye’s AI-powered BI platform offers natural search, click-less intelligence, and interactive audio-visuals to improve the speed of decisions, uncover business opportunities, and increase user engagement. MachEye ensures a single source of truth through zero data duplication, and simplifies the on-boarding process with an automated data catalog. Simply put, MachEye makes data analytics stress-free, instantaneous, and insightful for every business user.
  • Personify XP Logo
    Personify XP
    Personify XP Logo
    Personify XP

    Company Description
    Personify XP automates digital experiences for anonymous digital shoppers driving an average increase of 10% in revenue. Personify XP partner with some of the world’s most exciting brands like Farfetch, Boohoo, Pentland Brands, Lovehoney and Vitabiotics. A Gartner Cool Vendor in Personalisation, Personify XP delivers ‘personification’ solving the ‘cold start problem for personalisation’. Personify XP is able to personalise in real time onsite shopping behaviour by identifying the purpose of the shoppers visit completely anonymously. Personify XP’s proprietary AI dynamically inserts content and products based on shopping context without business user involvement. Changes in behaviour, driven by celebrity endorsements, discount and new product launches are recognised automatically in real time, updating/creating new behaviours to drive highly personalised experiences. With GDPR, CCPA and Google phasing out 3rd party cookies in 2022 we deliver exceptional experiences today.
  • SCOOTY Logo

    Company Description
    Started in 2019, SCOOTY is a Canadian born and operated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform bringing shared electric micromobility to Canadian cities. 75% of Canadians still commute via car today, and 83% of these car trips are under 7 kilometers. SCOOTY works with cities, transit agencies and property developers to deploy shared electric scooters and electric bikes in urban neighborhoods for residents and commuters. SCOOTY’s vision is to integrate micromobility with public transit, to help cities offer multimodal transportation options that will seamlessly connect residents and commuters between their first, middle, and last mile commutes. SCOOTY's mission is to help the busiest and fastest growing cities in Canada reduce congestion and replace short-distance car trips with 100% emission-free commuting.
  • Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc Logo
    Gaze and Movem…
    Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc Logo
    Gaze and Movement Analysis Inc

    Company Description
    GaMA is a spin-off company out of the University of Alberta. Our founding team has developed an expertise in the measurement and analysis of gaze & movement behavior, with over three decades of combined research experience. GaMA's mission is to leverage data from how you look, move and interact to unlock insights for skill training in extended reality (XR). XR is an ideal skill-training platform because it natively generates gaze and movement data, which can be harnessed to provide unparalleled insight into how efficiently you complete a task. Interpreting this raw data is a formidable challenge. GaMA brings meaning to this data, automatically converting gaze and movement information into actionable insights that improve performance. GaMA provides current XR training customers an advanced analytics add-on, offering a genuine proof of learning guarantee - not just if you finished a task, but where, when, and how the task was done. GaMA provides critical insights to: Trainees, who can use targeted, individualised feedback to improve their own learning journey Managers, who can assess whether individuals and teams are hitting training milestones Authors, who can use group-level behaviour to identify and fix problematic training steps or scenarios
  • Logo

    Company Description
    Our platform’s capabilities range from intelligent document processing and robotic process automation to natural language processing, machine learning and No-Code development. We uniquely deliver this through HyperApps – pre-packaged end-to-end automation applications that are reusable and extensible across the enterprise. HOLISTIC APPROACH AUTOMATE is our core automation platform, which combines enterprise-grade robotic process automation (RPA) with intelligent data capture, advanced analytics and cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver measurable impact on productivity, efficiency and profitability. SCALABLE, UNIFIED PLATFORM AUTOMATE is the only app-based intelligent automation platform that lets you implement, manage, monitor and analyze enterprise-wide automation through a single dashboard that combines the power of RPA, ML, AI, document processing, workflow and analytics, to support the end to end lifecycle management of automation. And our human-in-the-loop approach accelerates and optimizes human-machine collaboration.'s biggest differentiators are its unified platform, intelligent document processing, cognitive capabilities, scalable architecture and ability to achieve sustainable ROI.
  • Sentire Logo

    Company Description
    Sentire augments robots via machine vision and learning so they can quickly learn a new task, adapt or react to complex environments (i.e., farm).
  • Chexy Logo

    Company Description
    Chexy is a tenant-focused fintech platform, allowing them to automate roommate splitting, earn rewards on every rent dollar and build credit. We are on a mission to eliminate the paper based rent payment methods still widely used in the industry to date, while making renting a more rewarding experience for this generation of tenants, who are and will be renters for much longer. Our long term vision is that the data we will gather with payments will enable us to disrupt the entire residential space by better matching tenants and landlords in the future.
  • Liva Healthcare Logo
    Liva Healthcare

    Company Description
    Founded in 2014, Liva Healthcare is an innovative digital health coaching platform for scalable lifestyle and disease management. Winner of 'Health IT Firm of the Year' at the HealthInvestor Awards 2018 and 'Healthtech Innovators of the Year - Europe' at the Global Health & Pharma Awards 2018, Liva Healthcare is used by public healthcare, private insurance and pharma companies including NHS England and AXA PPP Healthcare. Liva Healthcare’s platform facilitates ongoing personalised health coaching through an intuitive app, building strong bond between coach, GP and patient. Its focus lies on tackling chronic illnesses, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease by driving behaviour change. The app is multilingual across several languages, proven to work efficiently across all socio-economic backgrounds and is capable of engaging groups normally hard to reach. It is based upon nine to 18 months of continuous patient engagement to make new habits and behaviours stick. One coach
  • Altibbi Logo

    Company Description
    Altibbi is a digital health platform that offers tools and information to provide access to health advice 24/7 anywhere through its website and apps.
  • Sqreem Technologies Logo
    Sqreem Technol…
    Sqreem Technologies Logo
    Sqreem Technologies

    Company Description
    Sqreem is an artificial intelligence company to find patterns and digital footprints across the internet. It maps out human behaviour based on the online data they provide. A pure AI company, SQREEM is one of the world’s biggest digital behaviour aggregators. SQREEM's AI engine continuously collects analyses, translates, and catalogues vast amounts of open web data, fusing this information to capture anonymous digital footprints that define highly targetable cookie-free audience cohorts. SQREEM provides some of the world’s top brands with intent-based insights on digital consumer behaviours to identify relevant key audience segments while informing the development of tailored media messaging. Introduced in 2021, ONE Market is the world’s first AI-enabled media exchange. A game-changer in the programmatic advertising industry, ONE Market merges all SQREEM's tech stack layers, delivering an optimised end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects the right audience with the right digital destination - when and where behaviours occur. ONE Market is purposefully designed as a plug and play platform to work directly into any workflow. Cookie-free and GDPR compliant. Our clients include Nissan, KPMG, MetLife, Guardian Life, HSBC Bank & Insurance, SOMPO, UBS, and Ogilvy Advertising.
  • General Prognostics Inc. (GPx) Logo
    General Progno…
    General Prognostics Inc. (GPx) Logo
    General Prognostics Inc. (GPx)

    Company Description
    GPx combines digital biomarkers and the blood biomarkers to deliver the most actionable RPM system. We pass digital biomarkers gathered passively from wearables through our proprietary algorithms to determine the optimal time to test relevant blood biomarkers. This staged triage reduces false positives from digital biomarkers by validating via accurate and clinically acceptable, blood biomarkers, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our first product is a novel blood biomarker-assisted RPM for Heart Failure. The product is provided as a package to patients upon discharge from the hospital and includes a smartwatch, a Bluetooth wireless scale, and capillary blood collection tools. The patients wear the smartwatch while the GPx algorithm monitors trends 24/7. If a significant change is identified, the patient is notified to collect and mail a blood sample. The blood sample is analyzed and results are updated to the physician dashboard with appropriate alerts to the patient within 24 hours.
  • NursIT Institute Logo
    NursIT Institu…

    Company Description
    With careIT Pro, nursIT has for the first time developed a digital workflow solution for the professional nursing. It is not only about the documentation, but about the structuring of the activities of nursing staff. The use of digital tools from nursIT leads to a signifcant and sustainable reduction in the effort required for documentation and logistics. This frees up capacities for patient care. CareIT Pro not only improves the use of human resources, but also leads to an optimization and noticeable reduction of the daily work routine of the nursing staff in health care facilities by signifcantly enhancing the quality of the workflows. As a result, careIT pro also signifcantly improves treatment quality and safety for patients. Nurses, especially in hospitals, spend too much time on administrative and documentation work. Studies show that this could reach 60% of the actuall work time. Our mission as a company is to bring the nurses back to their patients by using modern technologies.
  • Katana Graph Logo
    Katana Graph

    Company Description
    Katana Graph develops technologies to help people and businesses unleash the immense potential of their large-scale irregular and unstructured data. The company's platform combines algorithms, hardware acceleration, and emerging storage technologies to provide a graph database, graph analytics, and graph mining workloads with multiple orders of magnitude performance improvements.
  • humanITcare Logo

    Company Description
    HumanITcare is the next giant in connected health. Our platform is an API-based solution that allows healthcare professionals to monitor patients in a remote way. Thanks to our customizable solution, different care plans can be created by selecting which data from medical devices, wearables, and surveys they want to collect from patients remotely. Then, this data is processed using AI to trigger potential complications. Moreover, our API system can be easily connected to EHR or other platforms. HumanITcare is a CE-mark software that is helping +20 hospitals, clinics, home care companies, and other institutions to radically improve patients’ access to healthcare. HumanITcare is the first CE Certified software that can easily integrate through an API model that connects medical devices. Backed by clinical evidence, and powered by highly accurate AI.
  • Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emiss…
    Highwood Emissions Management Logo
    Highwood Emissions Management

    Company Description
    Highwood’s Emissions Management Toolkit (EMT) is a software platform that creates a digital twin of an oil and gas company’s emissions inventory and a dynamic knowledge ecosystem of technologies, incentives, and projects for mitigating emissions. The core purpose of EMT is to help operators make better emissions management decisions and accelerate decarbonization by revealing profitable emission reduction opportunities. 1. Emissions Insights Module: An inventory management system that can be considered the “base module” of EMT. Users are able to build out their inventories and visualize their emissions data, methane, and carbon intensity, simple benchmarking, and the impact of changing inventories and production over time, including both projected and historical emissions. Emissions Insights is a data visualization tool that can be used by leadership teams to engage with emissions data. 2. Reduction Pathways Module: A framework for building marginal abatement cost curves (MACCs) that are both interactive and customized to an operator’s assets. MACCs are then used to conduct scenario analysis to explore and formalize emissions reduction roadmaps. 3. Measurement & Reconciliation Module: Enable clients to upload and manage fugitive emissions data using standard formats that applies
  • FuVeX Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturer of hybrid-technology drones intended to facilitate aeronautical access to large companies and institutions. The company's drones are easy-to-use multi-rotor aircraft with vertical landing technology, thereby enabling users to have an airplane flight with twice the autonomy of helicopters.
  • Ahyres Logo

    Company Description
    Ahyres is developing an UAS Inspection Solution that will lead the Next-Gen of Remote Infrastructure Inspection by Automating Drone Operations and Saving Costs
  • Eugenie Logo

    Company Description
    Eugenie accurately predicts the failure probability of heavy machinery up to six months in advance. This empowers operations teams to optimize maintenance scheduling as per necessity, avoiding either under or over-maintenance. The reliability improvement offered by Eugenie lowers process dependencies on carbon-contributing backup equipment over time, helping industrial operations become more environmentally sustainable. Eugenie's two products, Ray-finn and Papillon, ingest high-velocity, multi-variate data from machine-plugged sensors and SCADA system to predict machinery failures to enable proactive preventive maintenance using patented algorithms, deep technology, AI, and unsupervised ML.
  • Zauben Logo

    Company Description
    Zauben is a green product and services company reimagining how people think and interact with nature. The products are changing the future of wellness at work and eco-homes. Nature plays a vital role in creating a healthier and happier environment for people. It's carefully designed with self-irrigation, IoT plant sensors, and attached plant lighting to provides the perfect amount of light to make sure that the living wall is always beautiful and healthy. The living wall systems are modular and made from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable hydroponics growth materials. Plants improve air quality by removing particulates and filtering toxins out of the air. Zauben designs the living walls with resilient, allergy-friendly, and plants known for their air purification benefits that help breathe life back into your space and purify the air up to 87%.
  • JuuNoo Logo

    Company Description
    JuuNoo invented a solution to drastically reduce 2,35 million tonnes European building waste originating from demolishing interior walls per year. This accounts for 174 million ton CO2 yearly, as there is only a 1% recycling rate. The patented solution is an interior wall that is both aesthetic and movable. It is installed easily and up to 7 times faster than a traditional wall (drywall). The solution consists of adaptable core-modules, decorative boards and reusable tapes. It is equally priced as a drywall and 100% circular; meaning it can be built, moved and rebuilt cost-efficiently. The ambition is to get the solution in 30% of the office projects in 5 different cities by 2023 (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Dublin). To achieve this goal, JuuNoo initially focuses on real estate developers who rent out fully fitted offices, a 3.61% market segment of a 63 bn€ industry in Europe. JuuNoo currently seeks 350 k€ pre-Series A capital to expand to 1 additional city region in 2021.
  • MAA'VA Logo

    Company Description
    MAA’VA™ is developing a proprietary sustainable carbon negative construction material, turning plastic and nonplastic waste into eco-material, advancing solutions to climate change crisis, waste crisis, global river sand shortage, water scarcity and rapid urbanization. Their eco-concrete can be used for both conventional and 3D printing construction. By optimizing 3D printing technology they can build environmentally friendly low cost housing with eco-concrete in one day for 1/10th of the construction cost and half of the construction waste.
  • Dirtsat Logo

    Company Description
    DirtSat is building an IoT-enabled network of urban rooftop farms, empowering smart cities to accelerate food security and climate resilience — and farmers to make accurate decisions through real-time data and pooled analytics. DirtSat helps cities target, measure and reframe their sustainability footprint in climate and food susceptible neighborhoods. Using geospatial data and predictive analytics, our platform offers an end-to-end solution to decrease cities’ reliance on fossil fuel models, minimize heat island effects and reinforce food assistance programs.
  • AECInspire Logo

    Company Description
    AECInspire streamlines the current material management lifecycle of construction projects with its user-friendly, patent-pending SaaS application, effectively addressing current challenges faced by contractors. By digitizing every step of the process, from generating Bill-of-Material (BOM) to procurement, tracking, and installation, it reduces time-consuming manual processes, minimizing costly mistakes by 90% and reduce material waste by up to 95%
  • Tangible Logo

    Company Description
    Building materials are responsible for around 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is currently challenging for developers & owners to connect decarbonization goals to the products that can make them happen. Tangible is a platform that enables real estate actors to identify, manage, and report on products that meet their carbon, environmental, and social goals.
  • OpalAi Logo

    Company Description
    OpalAi lets anyone with a phone create a floorplan and digital twin of a property with a simple walkthrough. Their AI does the rest.
  • Safety Bolt Logo
    Safety Bolt

    Company Description
    Through the development of monitoring technologies, Safety Bolt is able to reduce cost, time, and risks associated with structural bolts across a wide range of industries. The company focuses on bringing substantial bottom-line savings, flexibility, and scalability to structural maintenance of wind farms, mines, infrastructure, and tooling. The company primary serves Construction, Infrastructure and Mining industries.
  • Loris Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of a beacon Internet of Things (IoT) light towers and data platform intended to create safer, cleaner, and greener industrial job sites. The company's beacons offer to provide long-lasting, battery-powered temporary lighting while automatically capturing 360° photos, blanketing job sites in WiFi, delivering security notifications, reducing slip, trip, and fall hazards, capturing and comparing real-time progress photos, and securing the job sites all from the comfort of the mobile and desktop software, thereby helping general contractors, owners, and trades to work smarter, increase safety, lower costs, and reduce waste. Loris bridges the gap between the field and the office. In the field Loris empowers job site workers with a safer, portable, cost-effective, and green solution for lighting. In the office, Loris allows GCs to instantly set up WiFi, deploy a robust security system to prevent theft, automatically capture job site data, and do virtual job site walks. We're creating safer, leaner, and greener job sites by delivering 360° light and data.
  • CivilGrid Logo

    Company Description
    CivilGrid is a construction intelligence platform combining layers of utility, environmental, and geotechnical project site data. They aggregate and curate datasets that developers, engineers, and construction companies need to make critical planning and project implementation decisions. By partnering with local utilities and agencies, they gain access to the most current GIS datasets. These datasets help you accelerate project due diligence, reduce utility research and project engineering cost, and improve risk identification and construction planning.
  • Allium Engineering Logo
    Allium Enginee…
    Allium Engineering Logo
    Allium Engineering

    Company Description
    Allium is developing the next generation of steel rebar coating to make concrete infrastructure safer, long lasting, and more sustainable.
  • Reental Logo

    Company Description
    Reental is a provider of tokenized investment services intended to give access to investment opportunities in profitable and liquid goods. The company provides investment services in the real estate sector in the form of tokens with investment agreements, enabling users to invest in real estate tokens to get capital gains.
  • IMAJION Logo

    Company Description
    IMAJION connects remote and onsite workers securely and effectively through augmented reality video conferencing. IMAJION offers cross-platform video calling in the browser and on augmented reality devices like the HoloLens 2 and iPad Pro, connecting project stakeholders instantly with access to the physical job site, files in the cloud, and team members anywhere in the world. IMAJION lets offsite team members reach directly into the site with patented precision remote augmented reality markup.
  • Logo

    Company Description's vision is to transform the way project teams leverage technology and make construction monitoring simpler, faster, and easier with Reality capture data is becoming increasingly important for construction project teams in order to better understand project progress.'s automated progress monitoring augments project teams with comprehensive progress analytics derived from reality capture data, making it simpler and easier to monitor construction progress. This enables teams to better execute their projects, saving time and money. enables asset owners, contractors, and project managers, to have complete, accurate, measurable, and accessible insights of the construction site.
  • Skycatch Logo

    Company Description
    Skycatch is the leading industrial data collection and analytics company, focused on indexing and extracting critical information from the physical world. We use a combination of hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to deliver high precision data at unprecedented speed and ease of use. Built for enterprise, our turnkey solutions are deployed across global project sites with the world’s largest construction, mining, and energy companies.
  • Coros Logo

    Company Description
    Coros is developing the next generation logistics technology, to help the world move things faster and smarter than ever before. They are using advanced optics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to add intelligence at every touchpoint in the logistics chain. 1. Connect The Chain Coros is able to provide real-time visibility into a parcel's journey across the entire logistics chain. 2. AI-Powered Efficiency Computer vision and a robust suite of digital tools automates manual processes 3. Optimize Humans in the Loop Enables every worker to be as efficient as a 20 year veteran
  • Loopr AI Logo
    Loopr AI

    Company Description
    Loopr is a no-code and cross-function SaaS offering for manufacturing & aerospace companies to adopt pre-built AI solutions within days. Loopr offers a library of ready-to-use, end-to-end and pay-as-you-go micro-apps, which eliminate the largest barriers to entry that companies face in adopting AI – time and cost. Using Loopr’s apps, organizations leverage AI to reduce QA costs by automating defect detection in products or reduce processing time on the factory floor by digitizing documents, automate process compliance in real-time and more.
  • Firecell Logo

    Company Description
    Firecell enables industrial companies to deploy and operate their own 4G & 5G private networks. Firecell Private Network solutions are built based on the specific needs of enterprise IT departments. Easy to install, easy to manage, both covering indoor and outdoor needs, their Private Mobile Network solutions are made to be as simple as Wifi and are based on Open-RAN architecture. Firecell solutions were integrated and validated with several Chipset and Radio Access vendors such as AW2S, Benetel, Quectel, Sierra Wireless, Ettus, Qualcomm, Samsung, Xilinx.
  • BitRipple, Inc. Logo
    BitRipple, Inc.

    Company Description
    BitRipple solutions enable end-to-end delivery of data with consistent ultra-low latency in all types of challenging wireless network environments. Immersive experiences, such as cloud gaming, remote collaboration, augmented and virtual reality, require the delivery of large volumes of data in real time across wireless networks with consistent ultra-low latency. BitRipple data delivery software solutions are designed and deployed commercially to enable immersive experiences. BitRipple solutions are also deployed within cybersecurity applications in the defense and satellite communications industries.
  • Golioth Logo

    Company Description
    Golioth provides turnkey IoT cloud services with unmatched levels of choice in what matters most to hardware developers: flexibility in hardware, embedded software, messaging protocols, and connectivity. Golioth supports a range of open IoT protocols and connectivity for communication, providing security by default.
  • Sateliot Logo

    Company Description
    Sateliot is a telco connecting IoT devices in no-coverage areas through a LEO constellation of Nanosats. The Sateliot business model aims to offer a roaming like service to final customers allowing the mobile operators (MNO) to deliver a full coverage service to its final customers. The technology developed by Sateliot permits a seamless roaming between the covered areas through the base stations of the MNOs to the satellite areas covered by Sateliot. This is possible because our unique technology splits the 4G/5G core in two between the ground station and the satellite and the adaptation of the IoT protocols to the space. Sateliot's satellite technology is like an IoT based station from space.
  • Infinite Foundry Logo
    Infinite Found…

    Company Description
    Infinite Foundry is an end-to-end 3D digital plant platform that hosts the precise 3D model of the plant obtained from laser scan, called plant digital twin, and provides three SaaS services: (1) 3D real-time animation of the production process to understand the root cause of quality and aftermarket problems (2) 3D plant and process optimization to find the best way to solve production problems and improve manufacturing efficiency (3) virtual reality immersive training where production workers are quickly trained on the new optimized production tasks for efficient implementation of improved production processes.
  • Voaige Logo

    Company Description
    Voaige is an AI company building a next-gen foundational AI model for physical intelligence. Like OpenAI's language model but for robotic vision. We provide automation experts the vision AI-based developer tools they need to solve challenging problems such as mixed SKU/part picking, kitting & packing. Our DeepSpace API enables them to automate these challenging tasks while handling almost any item/object/SKU without utilizing any end user training data. Using ideas from systems and cognitive neuroscience, we have built a new neural network layer that allows for efficient computation that generalizes to new categories without requiring item-specific training data. We are the only vision AI software company for automation that is targeting industries across verticals. We have about a dozen customers in the pipeline for partnerships across manufacturing, logistics, and food. With our easy to use API, we enable automation experts to quickly and accurately automate previously infeasible operations with fewer resources, drastically reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. By providing a comprehensive suite of AI-driven tools, we are well positioned to become the go-to provider for physical intelligence solutions.
  • WEAV3D Logo

    Company Description
    WEAV3D Inc. is an innovator in composite materials, manufacturing processes, and processing equipment. The patent-pending WEAV3D composite forming process enables the production of optimized lattice structures that can be combined with injection molding, compression molding, or thermoforming processes to create lightweight structural composite parts at a fraction of the cost and cycle time associated with traditional composite manufacturing. This Rebar for Plastics® approach enables companies across a wide range of industries to produce parts that are lighter, stronger, and less expensive.
  • ThoughtForge Logo

    Company Description
    ThoughtForge believes in autonomy that improves lives. ThoughtForge is pioneering the next step in machine learning: a breakthrough technology based on Active Inference. First stop: bringing common sense to robots. Their cloud-based software development platform accelerates the adoption of robust autonomous robots that adapt to the real world.
  • ABAGY Robotic Systems Logo
    ABAGY Robotic …
    ABAGY Robotic Systems Logo
    ABAGY Robotic Systems

    Company Description
    Abagy is a software provider in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space. Abagy is focusing on the high mix/low volume manufacturing market (initially welding, cutting and painting) consisting of 200,000+ manufacturers. Before Abagy, the use of robots in small series production or custom manufacturing was extremely limited because: 1) today’s robots must be constantly re-programmed for each new item resulting in prohibitively high costs; and 2) today’s robots require zero tolerance to any deviations in the workpiece or its position versus the robot. Abagy has solved these problems, creating software that automatically converts 3D CAD drawings and technology requirements into real-time instructions for a robotic cell, without any need of programming by engineers. This allows small-scale and individual production manufacturers to achieve the same economic efficiency as robots used in mass production, resulting in cost savings, higher quality and faster time-to-market. see less
  • Epic Charging Inc Logo
    Epic Charging …

    Company Description
    Company is focusing on creating EV fleet management software to accelerate transportation electrification. And help fleet owners create cleaner and leaner transportation. Hardware agnostic electric fleet software that simply works. The easiest way to check charge level & state of charge. Smart charging with remote control to avoid peak hours. Automated carbon credit reporting (e.g. LCFS) and demand-response market participation.
  • Blue Line Battery, Inc. Logo
    Blue Line Batt…
    Blue Line Battery, Inc. Logo
    Blue Line Battery, Inc.

    Company Description
    Blue Line designs and manufactures advanced industrial battery systems for the motive power industry.
  • Argonaut AI Logo
    Argonaut AI

    Company Description
    Argonaut AI offers a range of solutions that enable enterprises embrace the latest advances in machine learning to solve their toughest business problems. They believe there is an opportunity to rewire the traditional supply chain software stack with lightweight low-code machine learning (ML) apps and models that can optimize the key decision variables with a higher degree of accuracy and agility. Manufacturers and retailers can benefit from more powerful probabilistic ML models that can better simulate today’s complex and uncertain real-world supply conditions.
  • Tag N Trac Logo
    Tag N Trac

    Company Description
    Tag-N-Trac was founded with a mission to simplify supply chain edge data acquisition. Pain points are mainly categorized into excess inventory, wastage due to wrong cold-chain, and fragmented data can’t meet regulatory compliance. Tag N Trac's C-MaaS (Continuous Monitoring as a Service) platform combined with sacrificial "Smart sense"(TM) bar code labels provides the fabric for extended supply-chain and logistics data acquisition and analytics in real-time. This solution uniquely combines serialization aggregation for real-time inventories, condition monitoring, and alerts to keep track of product integrity through the chain of custody. Their centralized data analytics provides actionable supply chain insights and eliminate overspending on fragmented and redundant systems. Tag-N-Trac serves a variety of market verticals and works with supply chain partners including Multi-Modal 3PLs, ERP, BI software providers, and packaging/labeling manufacturers. Tag-N-Trac's labels and real-time sensors can enable companies to track the status of a product or item based on their location. These sensors can work at a minimum of 1 meter distance. If the client cannot use sense, users can also use their mobile phone as a gateway.
  • Sentons Logo

    Company Description
    Sentons is Software-Defined Surfaces: Bringing high-resolution touch and force sensing to various surfaces on any device, and unlocking a new level of interactivity for human machine interfaces. The company’s patented SDSwave electronic acousto-mechanics technology is in-market on a number of mobile devices, and is expanding its ability to bring richer user experiences to a dozen more phone models. The ultrasonic SDSwave sensors and processors represent a new technology capable of accurately sensing touch and force on unconventional materials and substrates. Force sensing on curved waterfall displays, aluminum or stainless steel, or even bendable/foldable displays all become possible, providing unprecedented levels of design freedom to a device manufacturer. The basis of SDSwave technology is the use of actively-driven ultrasound waves. Similar to sonar arrays, piezoelectric transducers are attached to the interior of the touch surface, and these transducers are used to both transmit and sense ultrasonic waves traveling through a substrate. As a finger contacts the surface, the wave that has been transmitted is disturbed and the receiver senses the change in the waveform; pulses in the receiver waveform then correspond to disturbance of the ultrasound vibrations by each touch.
  • Drive Secure Logo
    Drive Secure

    Company Description
    Drive Secure is revolutionizing health and safety monitoring using AI to detect and analyze facial features from video and audio to provide early health issue detection, well-being monitoring for chronic conditions, and health and safety emergency detection. Their goal is to save lives, reduce injuries and minimize monetary losses from catastrophic accidents and health emergencies in the vehicle and beyond, such as fleets, passenger cars, trains, hospitals, elderly homes, telemedicine and more. They also provide anonymized population health insights to protect the privacy of individuals to insurance companies, biopharmaceutical companies and health agencies.
  • Meili Technologies Logo
    Meili Technolo…

    Company Description
    The Mobileye for in-cabin safety, Meili Technologies is a contactless medical emergency detection and response system. By employing machine learning techniques such as computer vision and anomaly detection, Meili automatically identifies if a rider is experiencing a medical emergency, whether as the result of a car crash or a medical event such as a heart attack or a seizure. Our system then alerts first responders to ensure that riders receive the care they need as quickly as possible.
  • Nanobionic Logo

    Company Description
    Our bodies produce and emit energy in the form of body heat. Nanobionic's technology captures that energy by transforming that heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflecting them back to the body. Like an infrared sauna, the body's receiving this energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays results in improved circulation and oxygen absorption at a cellular level, promoting increased strength, increased endurance and faster recovery. CHRIS HEMSWORTH Our bodies produce and emit energy in the form of body heat. Nanobionic's technology captures that energy by transforming that heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflecting them back to the body. Like an infrared sauna, the body's receiving this energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays results in improved circulation and oxygen absorption at a cellular level, promoting increased strength, increased endurance and faster recovery. Our bodies produce and emit energy in the form of body heat. Nanobionic's technology captures that energy by transforming that heat into Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflecting them back to the body. Like an infrared sauna, the body's receiving this energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays results in improved circulation and oxygen absorption at a cellular level, promoting increased strength, increased endurance
  • PreAct Technologies Logo
    PreAct Technol…
    PreAct Technologies Logo
    PreAct Technologies

    Company Description
    Using proven US defense technology and entirely rethinking near-field sensing, PreAct's software leverages ADAS & autonomous vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash, thereby reducing severe injuries and deaths by up to 86%* and saving the economy $22 billion per year* in the US alone. PreAct Technologies approach to vehicle safety systems differs from any current offerings. This isn’t collision avoidance. PreAct Technologies solution only has a view of a very close area around a vehicle. Within this zone it identifies, classifies, and reacts to threats in milliseconds. In that very short amount of time, PreAct’s algorithms will determine if there is an imminent collision and precisely where the collision will impact the vehicle. With this foresight, they can help prepare the vehicle and occupants for the collision, before it actually occurs. PreAct Technologies software also enhances the effectiveness and reliability of other ADAS and AV sub-systems.
  • Nota AI (Nota America Inc.) Logo
    Nota AI (Nota …
    Nota AI (Nota America Inc.) Logo
    Nota AI (Nota America Inc.)

    Company Description
    Nota AI is a tech startup with a focus on optimizing AI models with NetsPresso, our proprietary hardware-aware AI optimization platform and enabling a diverse range of AI solutions including those for the intelligent transportation systems and low-powered driver monitoring system.
  • Clairways Logo

    Company Description
    Clairways provides smart lung monitoring for pharmaceutical clinical trials. Clairways' wearable lung function monitor captures all of the most important respiratory metrics for people suffering from asthma, COPD, CF, or other chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Logo

    Company Description is a website automation platform for creating and launching 1000s of new pages on your website. Don't painstakingly write long-form content and manually build pages, generate pages and content using's lightweight sheet interface and integrated AI. Even trigger the creation of pages and content based on user and prospect activity. Fire up your organic growth machine. Publish more content, drive more traffic, test and experiment more, target more niches, personalize more experiences, hold onto visitors longer, and sell more with
  • Reflekt Me Logo
    Reflekt Me

    Company Description
    The future of eCommerce is inclusive, dynamic, and interactive! Reflekt Me is a catalyst for change in terms of representation, diversity and inclusion within eCommerce. The venture is an enterprise solution that enables eCommerce companies to be representative of all their potential customers. Reflekt Me’s tool allows sites to match the characteristics of the shopper (size, skin tone, hair texture, etc.) in the images they show via user and influencer generated content. Video here: Customers will love seeing someone who actually looks like them using and discussing your products. Not only that - shoppers are able to share this content, read tips, and watch videos about your products - within a dynamic experience on your ecommerce site. With Reflekt Me, the entire social media value chain is on your site, for a frictionless path to purchase. With a team of Ph.D. level sociologists, multicultural insights specialists, psychologists, and technologists, they have created an enterprise solution
  • Membird Logo
    Membird Logo

    Company Description
    We created a fast and user-friendly solution that helps organizations retain and engage their community members. We enable any company to create unique memberships in Apple & Google wallet and use AI-powered push notifications to increase customer engagement, retention, and LTV. Create dynamic mobile wallet cards with "Linktrees" and send push notifications - without an app. Product Demo and Info:
  • Kea Logo

    Company Description
    Kea empowers restaurants to operate more intelligently and own their relationship with customers. Its product, Kea Voice, takes orders over the phone at a high level of efficiency and consistency so that restaurants can focus on making delicious food. Launched in 2018, Kea is one of the fastest-growing companies on a course to change the way restaurants operate. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. With Kea you can automate with our NLP technology but have the peace of mind of agents always on call in case, a human is needed. This means freeing up labor in your restaurant and saving time on mistakes typically made over the phone. You can start using Kea seamlessly as the first step is to forward calls using existing telephony provider – no new hardware required. Then it integrates with your existing POS or Online Ordering Provider. Lastly, your voice orders start coming in digitally.
  • Kumo Logo

    Company Description
    Democratizing AI for predictions on the Modern Data Stack. The team behind PyG ( has built an end-to-end platform for developing predictions using AI over large scale data warehouses. We believe the future of ML is a seamless integration between modern cloud data warehouses and AI algorithms. Our platform massively simplifies the training and deployment of ML models on complex data. Kumo utilizes Graph Neural Network (GNN) architectures. GNNs, one of the hottest areas of machine learning now, are a class of deep learning models that generalize Transformer and CNN architectures and enable us to apply the power of deep learning to complex data. GNNs are unique in a sense that they can be applied to data of different shapes and modalities. Kumo can be used for a variety of use cases: -New customer acquisition -Customer loyalty and retention -Personalization, next best action -Entity resolution, search/retrieval -Abuse detection -Financial crime detection -Forecasting and planning -ML features for data scientists
  • Arya Logo

    Company Description
    Arya helps flex workforce operators get compensation, incentives and rewards right to grow faster, more profitably and with happier workers. Companies like AptDeco, Bellhop and SteadyMD use Arya to replace their once static, highly manual compensation programs with real-time, dynamic, and highly engaging total compensation programs that are loved by their workforce.
  • Knit Logo

    Company Description
    Knit enables 60+ brands like Adobe, NASCAR and JBL Speakers to tap into a network of 1M+ Gen Z consumers to gather on-demand, video feedback. Brands use Knit to de-risk their marketing & sales initiatives and drive more revenue with their next generation of consumers. Better understand the voice of Gen Z Get instant answers to your biggest Gen Z strategy questions and feedback on all your ideas – through Knit’s Gen Z Insights Platform & Agile Video Feedback Solutions. Gen Z Insights Platform Knit boasts the largest nationwide panel of Gen Z consumers, enabling brands to conduct both Quant + Qual studies that are hyper-targeted to specific geos, attributes and demographics. Customize your own Gen Z Panel with ease Source the Gen Z panel of your dreams from Knit’s network of 1,000,000+ Gen Z consumers. Screen candidates based on interests, diversity, geo and more and ask them anything on-demand. If they’re not already in our panel, we’ll recruit them for you in no time.
  • Drop Logo

    Company Description
    Drop is a social commerce platform that allows brands & creators to engage with their Instagram following through direct messages (DMs) at scale. Before Drop, DMs were viewed as a medium which 1:1 communication was purely manual. Through automation, our platform is able to give brands & creators the ability to enhance organic and paid interactions with Instagram. This enables them to convert their Instagram following into one of their top acquisition channels for growth and customer feedback. Ultimately we strive to drive alignment among social, growth and e-commerce teams. Drop allows you to own your IG Audience. We made it a top priority that every Drop user would begin to own their IG audience, instead of renting them. Every customer you capture and engage with through DM will be added into your own, downloadable audience. We are the only platform that can combine IG info with first party data collected from DM and Shopify. Every question you ask can be added to enrich your audience profile. By pairing these insights with Shopify’s transaction history, browsing behavior, and more we wanted to give Drop users a real, full picture of their customer.
  • Swaypay Logo

    Company Description
    Gen Z has a lot of creativity and sway ;) but not a lot of money. You're a brand hungry for better ways to market...especially on TikTok. Swaypay connects the dots with our mobile app that rewards Gen Z shoppers for TikToking their favorite purchases. Let Swaypay put your marketing dollars where they belong: in your shoppers' pockets with "zero-party marketing."
  • Rime Logo

    Company Description
    Rime disrupts traditional voice assets markets by leveraging in-house speech data collection, annotation, and experimentation pipelines to create the world's most flexible TTS solutions.
  • Reco Logo
    Reco Logo

    Company Description
    Reco believes that cloud collaboration tools have fundamentally changed the way modern organizations create business value. Attempting to secure these tools with techniques that were developed for legacy on-premises systems restricts collaboration, and misses a broad range of security events. Only by understanding the complete business context of an interaction, can security analysts identify, interpret, and determine the best way to respond to potential threats. Reco provides this business context. Reco builds tools to secure sensitive assets for organizations by mapping and monitoring contextual metadata. Using applied machine learning, Reco creates a model of the relationships among an organization’s employees, teams, and third parties as they interact and collaborate, helping security teams understand and visualize threats from collaboration and sharing. In addition, Reco quickly plugs into tools like Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Jira and more to create a contextualized knowledge graph through which security teams can detect and respond to unauthorized or anomalous activity instantly.
  • Footprints AI Logo
    Footprints AI

    Company Description
    Footprints AI is one of the most advanced Retail Media platforms worldwide. It uniquely uses customer behavioral data from physical stores to power profits and growth for existing Retail Media Networks or to help retailers launch their Omnichannel Retail Media Network in 3 months instead of 3 years. Our Retail Media platform uses in-store customer intention data to predict and influence physical retail sales more profitably. Our data & AI technology understands, predicts, and influences the complete path to purchase of customers in the physical retail environment. This is done through indoor positioning, predictive models, and omnichannel targeting. The result is that brands can target media audiences based on their predicted physical shopping behavior and different stages of their purchasing journey.
  • GoCharlie.AI Logo

    Company Description
    We're a generative artificial intelligence company leading the development of a goal-driven and multimodal engine: Charlie! Charlie helps entrepreneurs and enterprises create content that performs across text, images, and more. Imagine asking an AI to write a social media post that maximizes engagement with your target audience. At GoCharlie we know engagement means commerce, and we want to give you the tools to drive business through all your marketing channels. Charlie will help you with... Blog Posts: Generate a 1000+ word blog from just 1 click or step-by-step with Charlie's blog wizard. Social Media: Create engaging Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn ads and captions. Even create influencer style posts. Images & Art: Turn text into 4K, Vertical and Widescreen images. Have an image but not sure what to write? Image2Ad it. Content Repurposing: Turn your existing brand assets including text, audio, video and creative into into blogs, and social media campaigns in seconds. And 50+ more Marketing Copy use cases!
  • Tuney Logo

    Company Description
    Tuney's music engine uses AI to generate, edit and remix music. Our SMB and Enterprise solutions automate music production and editing functions that would be impossible or cost prohibitive to do manually. Our customers include record labels, media publishers, brand marketers and music companies.
  • ApertureData Logo

    Company Description
    ApertureData is a B2B, data infrastructure startup. We offer a unique data management solution, ApertureDB, a database designed for visual data such as images, videos, feature vectors, and associated metadata including annotations, for the primary purpose of simplifying data access for CV / ML use cases. Data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts within the visual intelligence teams at a Fortune 50 home improvement retailer, Jabil, Zippin, Walmart, use ApertureDB to save months of data engineering when accessing data and setting up their CV / ML workflows. In a world without ApertureData, these users had to rely on a combination of databases and data management solutions, which they are often forced to re-purpose, to fit their visual access requirements due to a lack of recognition of the intrinsic characteristics of visual data by contemporary solutions. ApertureData is therefore well positioned to be the technical leader in addressing the next generation of challenges for visual AI applications.
  • Boostr Logo

    Company Description
    Boostr is a CRM management software that offers ad sales management services to its users. Boostr features forecasting, delivery pacing, pipeline management, sales activity, revenue management, and client and contact management. Delivery pacing offers notifications regarding ad campaigns. Pipeline management offers automation services to its users. Sales activity offers client activity capture services. Media brands like BuzzFeed, Bustle, Insider, and Vice use Boostr to analyze and forecast their ads sales performance. Boostr is also improving legacy advertising systems like Mediaocean, which is widely used across the ad industry. Boostr partnered with Mediaocean to speed up the deal making process between ad buyers and sellers.
  • Jasper Ai Logo
    Jasper Ai

    Company Description
    Jasper is an artificial intelligence platform that helps marketing and sales teams create high-quality content faster. Stop chasing word-count and start pursuing ideas. Jasper is trained to write original, creative content including blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more. Our clients include global enterprise customers, editors and bloggers. Using the latest OpenAI technologies, Jasper is on the forefront of creating content using proprietary technology and unique product offerings. Jasper.AI software works by taking the minimal information you give it and searching the web to create content relevant to the topic you’re covering. You have the option to create new content by selecting a format and creating a title, typing a few sentences about what you want the summary of the article to be, and even selecting a tone that you want it to take on. These tone options range from informational to “Joe Rogan”. It intuitively learns as you use it more, adapting to make the content sound more personal and taking on your voice as it works.
  • Argoid Logo

    Company Description
    Argoid's AI-powered Personalization Engine powers media enterprises with 1:1 personalization in real-time thereby boosting conversions and customer engagement. Argoid’s personalization engine enables data curation using generative AI and applies proven machine learning algorithms to provide unparalleled accuracies in predicting consumer behaviour in real-time and boosts the conversion rates significantly. The platform offers personalization at every point in a user journey of an OTT Media enterprise: 1) Recommended for You: Recommend the right content at the right time to your users and 10x their user experience and reduce churn. 2) Search for You: Netlfix-like search for users to understand the context of the search query and personalizing the search experience for the user. 3) Campaigns for You: Engage users through AI-driven push notifications, serve offline recommendations, run effective campaigns, and enable true customer delight. We founded Argoid to help organizations increase their user engagement multifold by bridging the gap between each individual consumer’s intentions and preferences.
  • Wolf Logo

    Company Description
    Wolf is a trailer software and hardware system that is scalable across all truck weight classes. The hardware system consists of a trailer with an electric drivetrain, battery system, solar array, advanced charging system and ADAS sensor suite. Wolf software enables the core functionality; range extension/ fuel consumption reduction, exportable power, virtual power plant (V2X), autonomy and fleet optimization/ management.
  • Vieaura Logo

    Company Description
    Vieaura’s Industry Leading SaaS Platform extends your access to the edge enabling guided workflows with built-in features that streamline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), provide insight into asset performance, increase throughput and maximize productivity of your industrial workforce. Integrate into your back-office applications using our API gateway with “zero customization”. Collate data in real-time or store & forward mode for dissemination and analysis to provide visibility needed to handle process exceptions and updates to downstream applications.
  • Ventory Logo

    Company Description
    Digitize your field inventory and spare parts in a simple and intuitive way. Ventory is an innovative inventory management solution for enterprises in medical devices, renewables, engineering, and high-tech industries. Our mission is to provide your business with an intuitive, simple, quick-to-deploy solution to digitize your field inventory and spare parts while ensuring visibility across every location. Ventory’s smart solution is trusted by some of the largest enterprises to digitize and manage their inventory across their networks.
  • TrueValueHub Logo

    Company Description
    TrueValueHub B2B software as a service (SaaS) solution developed by supply chain and engineering professionals with decades of industry experience in large and small companies. TrueValueHub solution drives value through data-driven lean strategic sourcing processes, supplier discovery, and collaboration for direct materials and services. Enabling the procurement team to drive the most value for the product portfolio sourced. Our vision is to democratize big data and insights into the true cost of sourcing products and services from across the globe. Create transparency and drive collaboration between the buyer and the supplier through data-driven lean processes. Reduce overall sourcing cycle time and eliminate non-value adding sourcing steps while driving maximum value for the product portfolio sourced.
  • Pulsar Logo

    Company Description
    Pulsar helps traditional manufacturers monitor their factory operations in real-time to run more efficiently and sustainably. Our sensor and AI-based technology can be deployed in a full factory in one visit and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • Peruse Logo

    Company Description
    Document automation for the transportation industry. Peruse uses state of the art AI and Machine learning customized to your workflows. Peruse eliminates data entry. Information from rate confirmations and 50 other document types auto-populate your systems via API. Incoming documents are received, matched and verified against related documents. Every document is categorized, labeled and made legible.
  • Paccurate Logo

    Company Description
    Paccurate reduces shipping costs and wasted material by finding the optimal way to pack every shipment. It is crafted with real-world fulfillment concerns in mind, but they make a special effort not to be rigid. Cartonization refers to a step somewhere in an order lifecycle where the correct box configuration is determined for optimal shipping. It's a piece of the supply chain puzzle that's becoming more and more critical as ecommerce explodes and parcel carriers struggle with capacity. Typically three things are required to implement cartonization: - Item Dimensions - Box Dimensions - Item/Business Rules & Constraints Adding any kind of automated cartonization to your fulfillment process can have dramatic effects on your bottom line, but you may find that not all solutions are created equal. As a rule of thumb, Paccurate more than pays for itself with saved corrugated, averaging a reduction of one square foot per carton in most cases. Reduce filler material by an average 20%. In addition, your negotiated rate tables have incentives built in to pack a certain way, depending on the dim weight and zone - Paccurate is the only cartonization solution that optimizes for these costs directly.
  • Optioryx Logo

    Company Description
    Optioryx provides an integrated AI platform to optimize your logistic operations. Our platform can help you: - Collect and enrich item/pallet dimensions and master data with AR - Pack, stack and transport less air in boxes, on pallets and in containers & trucks - Tailor your box assortment to the orders you usually fulfill - Optimize pick routes, taking optimal stacking into account for pick-to-box order picking With seamless API integration into ERP/WMS/TMS systems or stand-alone use in our web application, our platform is accessible and easy to implement for businesses of all sizes. With Optioryx, companies can improve their supply chain efficiency and accuracy, reduce emissions, and save money in just a few weeks.
  • Logo

    Company Description
    Matchory is a cloud-based supplier search engine. Matchory collects and processes global supplier data and compiles it into a unique supplier database. It uses mostly public data, including website information, certifications, sustainability information, company KPIs, customer relationships and more. Matchory software helps strategic buyers and tech scouts in their daily sourcing business to make more efficient and reliable decisions. Relevant suppliers from all industries can be identified in real time, backed by state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Mantis Robotics Logo
    Mantis Robotics

    Company Description
    Mantis Robotics is building fenceless industrial robots with physical intelligence, that interact and collaborate safely with humans. By completely rethinking safe human-robot collaboration, they are creating responsive robots for flexible factories where humans and robots can work together without sacrificing productivity. Their mission is to build the fastest and safest industrial robots that can work safely with people, to make robotic automation accessible to anyone wanting to automate a manual task.
  • Infinity Loop Logo
    Infinity Loop

    Company Description
    We're digitizing procurement to help companies eliminate surprises. Our technology makes the onboarding experience simple, so you can immediately triage and manage your 3rd party spend effectively. Never miss a renewal again, powered by smart notifications and collaboration tools to kick start negotiations.
  • GoodShip Logo

    Company Description
    GoodShip simplifies the historically messy business of working in freight, making it considerably more enjoyable for transportation teams to do their jobs. Think of us as an extension of your TMS, with the ability to supercharge your efforts with intelligence + automation, resulting in stronger carrier relationships, significant time savings, service improvement, and cost reduction. GoodShip is a startup that offers a solution to the complex and often frustrating work of managing freight transportation. Our platform acts as an extension of your existing Transportation Management System (TMS), providing additional intelligence and automation capabilities that make it easier and more efficient for transportation teams to do their job. With GoodShip, you can enjoy a range of benefits that include stronger carrier relationships, significant time savings, improved service levels, and cost reductions. Our platform is designed to make the freight management process more enjoyable and streamlined, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Flymingo Logo

    Company Description
    Flymingo developed an AI based platform for logistics centers, aiming to cut down picking mistakes, increase inventory accuracy and reputation for delivery which translates into improved efficiency. Flymingo's solution utilizes the facilities’ existing camera infrastructure to track all types of objects continuously. The Company uses its API to easily and safely transfer the clients warehouse management system (WMS) data to cross-validate the moving path of objects. Flymingo generates insights and various types of alerts such as: pick-packing mistakes, sorting errors, efficiency, safety and more. The Company has already performed successful pilots with leading global brands in Israel and is working with other international brands on its way to deploy its product.
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    Company Description
    We are an innovative blockchain-based data solutions company. We develop turnkey and modular blockchain-based computer software applications and risk management tools for the purpose of authenticating and verifying product and sustainability claims. Our digital transparency solutions help organizations to easily harness and leverage blockchain technology to digitize or tokenize data and assets; and to real-time record and audit chain of custody and other related supply chain transactional data on an immutable blockchain ledger. Our flagship application is GoTrace: a first of a kind turnkey SaaS blockchain-based system, which provides enterprises of all sizes with a modular blockchain-based track and traceability solution that enables the real-time recording of key data elements and critical tracking events -- all auditable on a highly scalable, affordable, and environmentally friendly blockchain ledger. In addition to GoTrace, our digital transparency product solutions include our asset and data tokenization solution "Tokenizer" in addition to our "Aftermarket" QR code scan solution offerings. Industry agnostic, our work is especially well-suited for advancing sustainability, verifying claims, ensuring compliance, and modernizing supply chains globally.
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    Bot-Hive lists robots based on user's needs and provides detailed case study examples to help users discover relevant solutions based their individual need. We support standard product and service information with case study examples to generate additional customer confidence. Our Robot Builder tool provides intelligent elastic matchmaking based on suppliers tags. Our site recommends equipment, software and installation providers based on their suitability for the end user's requirements. For too long, automation suppliers have kept a closed book on their pricing. Bot-Hive is transforming the availability of purchase information by listing price details of the robot equipment as well as indicative guide price information on installation & consultancy fees.