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  • Lokato Logo

    Company Description
    Lokato is an all-in-one plateform specializing in rental investment management. Its mission statement is to make rental property investment simple, transparent and secure.
  • Pogo Logo

    Company Description
    "POGO is a startup founded in 2021 by three young moroccan entrepreneurs with a vision : Assuring a sustainable future through urban mobility digitization. POGO seeks to make city life enjoyable and way more fun for urban commuters by providing easy, affordable and most importantly eco-friendly transportation : electric vehicles (mopeds and kick scooters) available in self-service for short-term rental through a mobile App. Currently, POGO has a fully operational App, its fleet is composed of 42 vehicles : 30 mopeds and 12 kick scooters dispatched in two cities. POGO is planning an expansion in other cities in Morocco before entering the African & European Market."
  • Konta Logo

    Company Description
    "KONTA automates the entire lifecycle of your supplier invoices, from receipt to settlement. With our comprehensive platform accessible from anywhere, you can say goodbye to piles of invoices to be entered manually and the race for approvals."
  • Tasbiq Logo

    Company Description
    Tasbiq is a FinTech startup whose aim is to improve the financial-wellness of corporate employees.
  • Fellahi Logo

    Company Description
    Aware of the problems of small Moroccan farmers, who are unable to improve their standard of living due to lack of direct access to markets due to the lack of financial and logistical means as well as the strong presence of intermediaries. The Start-up Fellahi aims to revolutionize the traditional food chain by offering a short, sustainable and efficient circuit that offers value to small Moroccan farmers as well as fresh products of high nutritional quality to customers.
  • Jodoor Logo

    Company Description
    Jodoor is a network of franchised, modern, ecological farms specializing in high quality leafy vegetables and aromatic herbs. Our products are healthy, good, homogeneous, without pesticides or chemical residues. Our technology provides consistent productivity and quality as well as a fixed price throughout the year to our loyal customers.
  • Kezakoo Logo

    Company Description
    "Kezakoo's main objective is to bridge the gap between the Moroccan educational system and the students. Our mission is to help students fall in love with what they are learning and to accompany them in a personal development perspective. Our content is delivered to students in various forms such as quizzes, exercises, videos, and much more than just theoretical knowledge. Kezakoo's motivation does not only focus on students who are interested and motivated to learn, but on everyone, regardless of their level, regardless of their social background, equally. We work to create a situation in which students take the initiative to learn instead of filling them with content that they quickly forget after taking the exams."
  • Agenz Logo

    Company Description
    Agenz is an online service platform whose mission is to bring transparency to the real estate market in Morocco. Our team brings together data scientists and real estate experts in an unprecedented way, who use the best of technology to develop estimation and market research tools for all players in the value chain (Agencies real estate-banks-institutional investors...) Our solutions are based on supervised Machine Learning algorithms developed internally, as well as on databases that we enrich, structure and analyze every day to produce the most usable and relevant information possible. for our customers.
  • KWIKS FRC Logo

    Company Description
    Do you know that out of 100 CVs received by a recruiter of a company, 80 do not even pass the analysis phase because of the format of the CV, 15 are not going to be retained because of the content, and with a bit of luck 1 out of the 5 who will have passed the interviews, will be retained... Do you also know that the biggest problem of any company is the resources. Often the need of a company does not correspond to the reality of the market. Very small companies often do not have the means to be accompanied by a quality recruitment, SMEs and GEs do not have the time and enough data The consequences are very important: Unemployment, lower purchasing power, no IR for the state, no VAT, ... KWIKS positions itself as a trusted third party to solve this economic problem by proposing an innovative and intelligent platform based on a community of professional headhunters (FastRecruiters). These FastRecruiters have access to lead missions on our platform, to qualified data, and to powerful tools to allow them to optimize the time-consuming tasks of a recruitment. Thanks to our approach, you recruit according to your budget
  • DataPathology Logo

    Company Description
    DataPathology is the Casablanca-based Medtech platform, providing remote pathology consultation.
  • Smartprof Logo

    Company Description
    Smartprof is a B2C educational platform based in North Africa. It's a platform that links students of primary, secondary and Highschool, with students of universities, business, and engineering schools that are able to teach and dispense coaching sessions. Smartprof helps match easily the supply and demand in the learning sphere in Morocco. It then creates a differenciated and innovative offer of teaching and learning, as the teachers and coachs are freshly young graduates that are molded to teaching. Finally, Smartprof aspires to become the reference of online courses and e-learning in the Northern African market and on the long term the Asian one.
  • Mytindy Logo

    Company Description
    MyTindy is your online shop for handmade items made in Morocco. Unique items made by artisans and designers. Shop moroccan home decor, moroccan slippers or babouche & fair-trade gifts. Discover moroccan products from moroccan Argan oil, moroccan prickl...
  • Analytical Flavour Systems Logo
    Analytical Fla…
    Analytical Flavour Systems Logo
    Analytical Flavour Systems

    Company Description
    Gastrograph AI is a specialized artificial intelligence platform for the F&B industry that understands what consumers taste and how consumers develop preferences based off that perception. Our software makes predictions that optimize every step in a food or beverage product's lifecycle - from conception to consumption. Once a product is profiled in Gastrograph, perception and preference predictions are automatically generated with minimal time and cost. Gastrograph AI is trained on all of your data, all of the time, and is constantly learning. Models are continuously updated and made more accurate. Gastrograph AI can be continuously queried to answer new questions and “mined” for new insights. Gastrograph’s expert formulation tools help you translate consumer sensory descriptors into clear and actionable product enhancement insights.
  • H2Ok Innovations Logo
    H2Ok Innovatio…

    Company Description
    IoT contaminant management platform helping water-dependent businesses anticipate future contaminant outbreaks, preventing them from happening in the first place. We have three products that collaborate in an IoT hardware-software system: PhoneScope, AquaSensor, Neptune.
  • The Coffee Cherry Company Logo
    The Coffee Che…
    The Coffee Cherry Company Logo
    The Coffee Cherry Company

    Company Description
    Each year the billions of coffee beans that eventually make their way into the Americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos of the world are harvested by milling and extracting them from the coffee plant. The surrounding fruit is discarded, often dumped into rivers or left to rot in heaps. So we invented something better to do with it. Something that’s better for everyone. For food & beverage companies, it is an all-natural, clean-label, nutrient-dense and distinctly flavorful ingredient as a sustainable found food. For farmers and families in coffee growing countries, it creates sustainable jobs and a new revenue source for some of the poorest areas of the world. And, for the environment, it removes botanical waste from streams and soil, strengthening the land and lives of the people and species there.
  • Caskai Logo

    Company Description
    Caskai creates beverages from cascara - the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. We use only certified Premium Sun-Dried Cascara™ in our products that meet our flavor and nutritional standards. Beyond just tasting great, cascara contains a host of important nutrients and bioactive compounds that have a positive effect on health. Caskai has created two product lines; 1) Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion, a lightly carbonated refreshing cascara drink with only 40 calories and; 2) Caskai Cold Brew Cascara, a strong and highly functional all-natural energy drink. Once considered the forgotten part of the coffee and a waste product, except for a few parts of the word, coffee fruit and cascara are being "rediscovered"​ and upcycled into delicous and nutritious food & beverages.
  • Sphera Encapsulation Logo
    Sphera Encapsu…

    Company Description
    The demand for research and development of new delivery systems and formulation of bioactive compounds or molecules with specific characteristics is increasing worldwide. This tendency is supposed to grow in the next decade as a consequence of the creation of new reliable formulations, the higher competition between industries and the ambition for designing new concepts at a lower price. Sphera was born out of the desire to respond to the high demands of the encapsulation market and to provide research and development tools that will assist the creation of specific solutions for the realisation of products that are both innovative and competitive. All formulations are made with 100% biocompatible and biodegradable matrices — more convenient and safer than synthetic polymers.
  • erthos (formerly EcoPackers) Logo
    erthos (former…
    erthos (formerly EcoPackers) Logo
    erthos (formerly EcoPackers)

    Company Description
    We are a team of passionate scientists, environmentalists and engineers who have come together from various backgrounds to influence one of the largest industries in the world to make a positive change. We transform agricultural by-products into compostable replacements to traditional polystyrene and polypropylene inputs. It’s simple. We use the power of plants to help existing plastic manufacturers create single use plastics in a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic way. Our eco-resins are created using agricultural by-products and have the following key features: (1) Cost Competitive, (2) Compatible With Existing Plastic Manufacturing Lines and (3) Compostable in 65 Days (or less).
  • CelluForce Logo

    Company Description
    Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) is a new advanced biomaterial produced from wood. Made of infinitely small cellulose crystals derived from trees, CNC is produced as a spray-dried powder or as a liquid suspension and can be used to improve product performance such as strength, impermeability, homogeneity and biodegradability in several applications (packaging, cosmetics, adhesives, paints, oil and gas, rubbers, polymers...). In the packaging field, CNC can provide high gas barrier when applied as a thin primer (1 micron) on various film substrates. As such, the film can still be considered mono-material for recycling purposes. CelluForce NCC® can be tuned to perform functions through hydroxyl and sulfate groups. Some of these functions include emulsifiers, lubricants, blockers, suspensions, strengtheners, and thickeners.
  • Notpla Logo

    Company Description
    Made from edible material combined with seaweed and plants, Notpla replaces plastic cups at sporting events, drinks at festivals and private parties; as well as sachets for a wide range of products, from perfumes and skincare creams to salad dressings and condiments.
  • Wiliot Logo

    Company Description
    WIliot is a fabless semiconductor company developing passive SoC platforms for the IoT market. No battery and seamless connectivity operation will be the baseline enabler of IoT future growth. Wiliot’s IoT Pixel tags, which are about the size of a postage stamp, continuously collect data about the world around them. They’re Bluetooth-enabled, encrypted, and designed to be manufactured into clothing, food packaging, and more. And because they harvest radio frequency energy from their surroundings, they don’t require a battery. At the platform level, Wiliot taps AI algorithms to make sense of inputs from its tags. Wiliot helps retailers and brands transition to the new world of omni-channel, next gen instore experiences with more efficient store real-estate and staffing; forecast demand and optimize inventory levels, understand customer behavior, and prevent theft and loss. When one of our IoT Pixels is applied to your product - you can achieve item-level product intelligence and a continuous view of how inventory flows from manufacturer to customer.
  • Inphocal Logo

    Company Description
    inPhocal uses a unique laser beam technology that will revolutionise the field of laser processing. The long focus length of our beam will speed up laser marking systems. The long focus also allows for marking on curved surfaces without loss in quality (for an accurate view of the laser system here). Our laser beam can also be focused down to smaller spot sizes than current technology. This results in higher precision for wafer dicing. This increases chip yield and can help solving our current global chip shortage problem.
  • Karakuri Logo

    Company Description
    Karakuri, a fledgling robotics startup that’s meshing machine learning, optics, and sensors to help commercial kitchens automate the process of dispensing ingredients and measuring precise quantities.
  • Dexai Robotics Logo
    Dexai Robotics
    Dexai Robotics Logo
    Dexai Robotics

    Company Description
    Dexai automates activities in commercial kitchens and the food industry more broadly. "Alfred", our flexible robot arm, is a plug-and-play solution that can assemble food recipes using utensils to scoop/pick ingredients, exceeding human capabilities in speed and precision. Alfred assembles your recipes, in your kitchen, using your ingredients. How it works: Alfred identifies ingredients and adapts to layout using vision and machine learning. It autonomously picks utensil and uses the utensils to manipulate any ingredient with 95% portion accuracy, reducing waste Commercial use cases to date include: Ice cream store, salad bar, ghost kitchen
  • Positive Carbon Logo
    Positive Carbon

    Company Description
    Through the use of their patent-pending food waste sensors & food detection AI, Positive Carbon provides high quality food waste reporting tools to hotels, restaurants & cities to enable them to develop advanced waste reduction strategies which increase their food operations gross profits by 2-8%.
  • Encentive Logo

    Company Description
    We take the green energy transformation to the next level! By connecting energy consuming assets with energy providers our breakthrough technology helps to match electricity demand with renewable supply. Improve portfolio performance as energy provider or get paid for offering flexibility as asset owner - All in the virtual load plant of encentive!
  • Gazelle Wind Power Logo
    Gazelle Wind P…
    Gazelle Wind Power Logo
    Gazelle Wind Power

    Company Description
    Gazelle Wind Power Limited was founded to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by introducing the next generation of advanced offshore wind platforms. The key for market growth is the reducing Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) through lowering of CAPEX and OPEX and improving yield. Gazelle significantly reduces CAPEX, as well as speed to market. Additionally, by enabling the reduction in cost from offshore wind energy, Gazelle contributes to accelerating the decarbonisation of electricity production. Gazelle’s team brings together veteran experts from the global renewable energy and power generation industries supported by leading naval engineers. The Board of Directors includes Chairman, Dr Javier Cavada, previously, President at Wärtsilä Corporation, with extensive experience leading international expansion and deployment of successful proprietary technologies; Founder and President, Jon Salazar, a former executive with Deloitte and Heathrow Airport in London; Pierpaolo Mazza, a veteran of GE Power Generation and Wärtsilä; David Mesonero, Iberdrola's Deputy Director of corporate development and former CFO at Siemens Gamesa Renewables, and Connie Hedegaard, the former Minister of Energy of Denmark and EU Commissioner for Climate Action.
  • Levistor Logo

    Company Description
    Levistor is a private company formed to commercialize innovative kinetic energy storage technology for grid power boosting. Their goal is to build the only known, fail-safe flywheel with a simple, low-cost steel construction that can spin faster for greater energy storage, enabling ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging. Their inherently safe flywheels require little containment and no safety enclosures or bunkering that flywheels traditionally require to protect people and property in the event of a mechanical fault. This brings down the cost and makes flywheels a viable technology for supply bursts of energy, as in EV charging or regenerative braking. The patented laminated flywheel uses sheets of high-strength, low-cost steel to allow higher speeds, lower costs, and a structure that ensures a crack can never pass from one sheet to the next. They can thus achieve a high energy density, lower cost, and a safer flywheel than competitors.
  • Forecasty.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Forecasty.AI helps customers with accurate commodity forecasts to enable better & faster business decisions: 1. Highly accurate commodity forecasts and insights by applying advanced AI on established and alternative data sources. 2. Easy, accessible, and explainable forecasting for the business users and executives. 3. Scenario analysis and simulation aiding decision making. 4. Automation of forecasting tasks that saves time and effort. 5. AI-enabled data repository with established, alternative & event data that helps identify drives of prices aiding business insights.
  • Brimstone Energy Logo
    Brimstone Ener…
    Brimstone Energy Logo
    Brimstone Energy

    Company Description
    Brimstone Energy is a venture-backed R&D company with the ambition to reduce global CO2 emissions by a couple of percentage points. The cement/concrete industry is a $1T market opportunity responsible for 5.5% of GHG or approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions, the same emissions as cars. Brimstone has developed a process capable of producing carbon-neutral Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials, regardless of the energy source. Brimstone Energy was founded in 2019 at Caltech and since then moved to the Bay Area thanks to Cyclotron Road and other federal and private grants. We are lucky to be supported by wonderful investors and advisors. Over the years, we have assembled a strong and diverse team of special individuals devoted to making an impact on climate change. Our culture is focused on hard work, equity, and gratitude.
  • Cemvita Factory Logo
    Cemvita Factory

    Company Description
    At Cemvita, we apply synthetic biology to reverse climate change. We do this by engineering microbes to use carbon dioxide or methane as a feedstock for the production of carbon-negative industrial chemicals. Our clients are oil and gas, chemical, mining, and aerospace companies that strive to apply nature-inspired technologies for reducing their carbon footprint while creating new revenue streams. Our CO2 Utilization platform mimics photosynthesis to produce industrial chemicals and polymers for energy sustainability.
  • Uptake Logo

    Company Description
    Uptake is an Industrial AI company with a unique collection of proven data science models, deep industry expertise and a comprehensive library of industrial asset data. Together, our products empower you with new knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance, optimize spending and reduce operational risk faster than any other industrial analytics company can deliver. We make information more accessible and actionable in order to improve operations, augment human decision making and drive rapid industrial-scale optimization. Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky founded Uptake Technologies in July 2014, with its headquarters in Chicago in Illinois.
  • 247Solar Logo

    Company Description
    With technology originated at MIT, 247Solar Plants represent the first distinctively new approach to solar power in many years. Their modular design brings all the advantages of mass production to applications requiring as little as 400kW capacity 24/7, while occupying as little as 4 acres of land. Yet, 247Solar technology is scalable to meet any demand. 47Solar Plants combine three proprietary core technologies from 247Solar’s Ultra-High Temperature Technology Platform: 1. An innovative Solar Collector that uses sunlight to heat ambient-pressure air to 970°C (1800°F). 2. A simple, inexpensive, Thermal Energy Storage system that stores energy as heat instead of electricity 3. A revolutionary Heat2Power turbine that converts ultra-hot, ambient- pressure air to electricity without combustion or emissions.
  • Chement Logo

    Company Description
    Our technology gets rid of the highly-polluting coal-fired kilns, using renewable electricity and the same raw materials to perform the chemical reaction with less energy and less CO2 emitted. Chement technology also enables carbon capture that is cheaper and easier than carbon capture in conventional cement production. The result: - More efficient production - No energy emissions - Easier carbon capture
  • AiSight Logo

    Company Description
    AiSight develops a product that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the state of a machine in real time, predict errors and dynamically regulate the machine parameters based on sensor data. The solution consists of both hardware and software components.
  • Echogen Power Systems Logo
    Echogen Power …
    Echogen Power Systems Logo
    Echogen Power Systems

    Company Description
    Echogen is a producer of scalable heat-to-power systems. Their process captures heat energy—which would normally be lost—and converts into higher value, usable power. Echogen offers a cost-effective solution to monetize their customers’ otherwise wasted heat.
  • ALT TEX Logo

    Company Description
    ALT TEX is reimagining the uninventive and environmentally disastrous materials that have been used in the fashion industry for decades. As the demand for fashion continues to grow, textile production cannot continue to happen at the cost of the planet. At ALT TEX, we believe the solution lies getting creative with the materials we already have, rather than manufacturing new ones.
  • Solutum Logo

    Company Description
    After years of intensive R&D, we have managed to produce a uniquely eco-friendly compound that provides the best user experience. The unique manufacturing process allows for usage of regular plastic machinery to create our products - reducing costs and meeting manufacturers' requirements. Our product feels and looks like plastic, but is made of a 100% environmentally friendly material which requires only water to biodegrade. No elaborate process or the use of chemicals is needed - once you're done, just throw it down the drain. Easy to produce, easy to use and easy to dispose of - our product allows for a sustainable and cleaner environment.
  • TerraStor Logo

    Company Description
    TerraStor is an independent energy storage provider reinventing the electrical grid by solving difficult technological problems to create low-cost, highly-responsive, extra-long duration, grid-scale energy storage for a 24/7 carbon-free energy future. They develop highly efficient advanced compressed air energy storage (ACAES) systems. ACAES systems are large, mechanical batteries that: - Charge by compressing air during periods of high electricity production and low demand - Store the compressed air until needed in an underground reservoir, such as a repurposed natural gas field or salt cavern - Discharge the compressed air through a turbine to run an electric generator when electricity is in high demand
  • Ocean Grazer Logo
    Ocean Grazer

    Company Description
    Ocean Grazer's mission is to unlock the untapped potential of offshore renewable energy generation. Ocean Grazer develops innovative solutions for the offshore renewable energy sector. Their innovations integrate multiple renewable sources together with onsite storage technology to improve the efficiency of offshore wind farms and the energy yield per square kilometer. Their current main focus is on their newest development, the Ocean Battery. The Ocean Battery is a scalable, modular solution for large-scale storage of electricity that is produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar energy farms at sea. The Ocean Battery system is a pumped hydro system in a box that provides eco-friendly utility scale energy storage up to GWh scale. The mechanism is based on hydro dam technology, that has proven itself for over a century as highly reliable and efficient. To store energy, the system pumps water from the rigid reservoirs into the flexible bladders on the seabed. Now the energy is stored as potential energy in the form of water under high pressure. When there is demand for power, water flows back from the flexible bladders to the low-pressure rigid reservoirs, driving multiple hydro turbines to generate electricity.
  • Vertus Energy Logo
    Vertus Energy

    Company Description
    Vertus Energy is accelerating the world’s transition to green energy. Its BRIO™ technology turbocharges the production of green fuel from waste and generates a more powerful biofuel, producing 60% more energy from the same amount of waste while also processing three times the amount of waste than any other system on the market. Vertus Energy has two main technologies: BRIO: A small but powerful unit that lives inside the anaerobic digester. BRIO allows AD plants to process three times more waste in the same sized tank while delivering biogas with 60% more energy potential than ever before. BODA, is carbon sequestration and conversion technology. BODA can either be used to “upgrade” the biogas from AD into Bio-methane or it can capture raw CO₂ and convert it into Renewable Natural Gas. BODA is a unit that "eats" CO₂ and H₂ to produce Renewable Natural Gas.
  • Wildfire Energy Logo
    Wildfire Energy

    Company Description
    Wildfire Energy is a privately held renewable energy startup developing technology for gasification and waste to energy applications. Wildfire has developed a novel, proprietary gasification process to enable cost effective conversion of low value biomass and waste feedstocks into high quality syngas for electricity generation and production of fuels and chemicals. The technology employs a unique, scalable configuration which avoids common problems typically associated with biomass and waste utilisation. Testing is currently underway at a pilot plant located in Brisbane, Australia prior to scale up and commercialisation of the technology.
  • Boston Atomics Logo
    Boston Atomics

    Company Description
    Boston Atomics is reinventing fission reactors by creating a Modular, Integrated, Gas-cooled, High-Temperature Reactor (MIGHTR) with a “design to build” philosophy to accelerate deployment of safe nuclear energy with minimal cost. Decades of research and development has shown HTGRs lead the industry in safety and have high technology readiness. MIGHTR is an evolution from this global R&D effort.
  • Emvolon Logo

    Company Description
    Emvolon is a technology company developing a platform for distributed chemical production from resources that otherwise would be wasted. Its platform converts wasted natural gas at flare sites into usable chemicals for use in a broad array of industrial applications or as a fuel. The team is reimagining mass-produced diesel engines as miniature chemical reactors that can efficiently and effectively provide communities the raw materials they need, without building massive refineries and chemical plants. The process enables economically attractive small plants by exchanging economies of mass production for economies of scale.
  • EnerVenue Logo

    Company Description
    EnerVenue provides metal-hydrogen batteries for large-scale renewable and storage applications. EnerVenue's technology: - Durable: Operate in -40 to +60C ambient temperature with a 30+ year lifespan and 30K+ full cycles without degradation or usage restrictions. - Safe: No fire or thermal runaway risk, or toxic materials and easy to recycle. - Flexible: Charge/Discharge range >5C to C/10+. Future proof with a scalable and stackable form factor for C&I and Grid-scale. - Maintenance-free: No moving parts and no O&M required. - Affordable: Low-cost materials enable CAPEX that beats Li-Ion learning curves and zero O&M. - Proven: Over 200 million cell-hours in orbital spacecraft & more than 100,000 charge and discharge cycles.
  • Orbio Logo

    Company Description
    Orbio aims to eradicate global methane emissions and leaks by leveraging the power of satellites and data fusion technology. Orbio formats this data for companies' methane reporting requirements and configures it to inform methane reduction efforts on the ground, enabling companies to align with their net-zero targets.
  • 1s1 Energy Logo
    1s1 Energy

    Company Description
    1s1 Energy is a Portugal and US-based company developing key technology that improves the economics of water electrolysis to eliminate the 300% to 400% "green premium" that hampers the adoption of green hydrogen. A core element of the technology is a novel proton exchange membrane (PEM) that provides superior performance and durability at a fraction of the cost, enabling a Levelized Cost of Hydrogen production (LCOH) below $1.5/kg. 1s1 Energy will be producing PEMs, water electrolysis stacks, and 1 MW water electrolysis modules. The 1 MW modules will be integrated into 2-10 MW distributed operation or combined to realize centralized plants with a capacity exceeding 100 MW. 1s1 scale-up plan includes working with large plant integrators that use third-party electrolysis stacks and modules to implement hydrogen fueling stations and large plants by first engaging in testing collaborations to develop these products to meet their specifications.
  • Geofinancial Analytics Logo
    Geofinancial A…
    Geofinancial Analytics Logo
    Geofinancial Analytics

    Company Description
    Geofinancial Analytics is a climate tech startup at the forefront of a science-driven revolution in radical transparency using satellite remote sensing. We have a passion for rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions – especially methane, a powerful heat trapper when airborne. The UN now says that methane emissions must be cut by almost half during the next decade to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Geofinancial’s technology addresses the first crucial step in solving this problem – attributing emissions to the parties responsible. Leveraging an advanced satellite-powered remote sensing platform, Geofinancial's MethaneScan® subscription data product informs investment professionals, insurers and energy producers with transparent, objective facts on sustainability leaders and laggards. This helps them innovate and avoid ESG risks. Worldwide distribution via Bloomberg (Summer 2021).
  • SunGreenH2 Logo

    Company Description
    SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen production by building the world's highest performance electrolyzers using their platform technology to incorporate proprietary advanced nanostructured materials into electrolyzer components. Electrolyzers made with their materials increase production 2x and decrease energy consumption 10% using 30x lower amount of expensive platinum group metals.‍ Their novel, ground-breaking technology is a result of over 10 years of cutting-edge research and innovation in electrochemistry and nanotechnology for renewable energy generation. They have a vision for decarbonising the planet with zero carbon, low cost, renewable H2. They use only sustainable, earth abundant materials and their fabrication method is compatible with existing industrial processes allowing the technology to scale from KW-MW-GW scale systems. They have successfully demonstrated a working prototype of their electrolysis cell utilizing their proprietary components. Their aim is to seek strategic partners to commercialize their electrolyzer components and mass-deploy them across all types of electrolyzers. In future their platform technology can be used to make other green transition materials for fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen compression, storage and solar-hydrogen panels.
  • Kanin Energy Logo
    Kanin Energy

    Company Description
    Kaning energy is a development company that focuses on transforming industrial waste heat into emission-free power with no capital needed from host facilities. Kanin brings together technology, engineering, construction and third-party capital to turn wasted energy into revenue for our industrial partners. We build independent power plants that allow our partners to reduce carbon emissions with no capital expenditures. Industrial partners can monetize their waste heat and not worry about plant construction, financing or operations.
  • Harvest Thermal Logo
    Harvest Thermal

    Company Description
    Buildings produce over 20% of CO2 emissions in the US, and utilities still burn fossil fuels. Harvest Thermal provides disruptive heating, hot water and cooling for homes, uniquely delivering emissions reductions of 90%, while lowering bills and supporting the penetration of renewables on the grid. Harvest's proprietary controller manages a high efficiency heat pump and a hot water tank. With built-in thermal storage by default, it decouples the time of purchase of electricity from the time the energy is consumed, minimizing costs and emissions. Harvest's systems have been endorsed by professionals in the energy sector, with a total of $1.45M from the California Energy Commission, National Science Foundation, and local utility PCE. Policies supporting building electrification are growing, with cities, utilities and states taking strong action to reduce emissions from homes. Harvest's unique capability positions it to capture this market, saving money and slashing emissions.
  • Utility Global Logo
    Utility Global

    Company Description
    The world should be powered by low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions. That’s not what we see around us today. Utility Global is changing that. Utility’s hydrogen production systems are based upon our proprietary high-temperature electrolysis processes that convert water into high-purity hydrogen. Our cutting-edge techniques are centered around high-efficiency, environmental-sustainability, and low-cost. High-temperature electrolysis leverages heat & electrochemistry to increase efficiency beyond that of traditional low-temperature electrolysis and conventional steam methane reforming. Our small, modular units are designed to fit perfectly on any customer’s site. With hydrogen-as-a-service customers can realize immediate savings for all of their hydrogen needs. Utility was founded in an innovation hub, Hall Labs, renowned in the fields of energy technology, material science, clean-tech, and manufacturing. Hall Labs is a modern-day Edison lab with 70 years of track record of developing and deploying new technologies and innovations with $700 Million in exits.
  • ServicesApp Logo

    Company Description
    ServicesApp is a facilities management prop-tech company, empowering space with a SaaS modular platform, giving customers full control over their facilities in just one place, serving the largest asset class in the world. The platform's modules include asset management, operational services and community engagement. ServicesApp reduces costs and inefficiencies for customers through optimizing facility operations, all while delivering a smooth user experience. Some of its major clients include Microsoft, Kimberly Clark, Pfizer & UBS The app is available for iPhones, iPads, Windows 8 devices, Android devices and desktops. ServicesApp was founded by Boaz Keidar and Michal Keidar in 2010 and its operations are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Super Logo

    Company Description
    Super is the operating system for buildings. Run your building with smarter software so that owners can get back to enjoying their homes, boards can focus on improving building value, and property managers can streamline operations.
  • RELSTAY Logo

    Company Description
    RELSTAY is the first Italian short term rentals chain and is characterised by 3 key elements: - technology: i) to improve the guest experience, ii) to make operational and management processes more efficient; - positive impact: we do not want to have only a 0 impact on the environment. We want to have a positive impact at 360 °; - superior guest experience: higher quality / price ratio. We are delivering a seamless customer experience building streamlined and efficient operations. Starting from the online reservation, the RESTAY guests will be able to manage the entire experience from their smartphone: self check-in, smart room and code assignment, Guest Portal to manage the stay, 24/7 real time support, and the smart platform to optimise the cleaning service are some of the elements digitalising the processes. Our focus on the customer experience is our real competitive advantage. Thanks to the RELSTAY brand, we are bringing reliability and consistency to vacation rentals offering what the travellers are really looking for.
  • Azure Printed Homes Logo
    Azure Printed …
    Azure Printed Homes Logo
    Azure Printed Homes

    Company Description
    Azure is fundamentally changing the construction industry by leveraging 3D printing technology using polymers.
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    Company Description
    Asap work has developed a temporary work platform for the Construction and Public Works market that connects the best construction industry profiles to your job offers.

    Company Description
    The company focuses on digitalization in the AEC Industry. The industry has great potential to impact world sustainability and is supporting huge projects despite the very low levels of digitization. Bimcrone has the vision of changing the world for the construction industry. They want to help the industry to better, make more effective and profitable the projecting. Their digital twin platform BIMCRONE creates a digital twin of buildings and increases resource utilization by digitalization, monitoring, and reporting project data from planning, construction, facility management to demolition. BIMCRONE helps reduce expenses, increases profits, proficiency, and efficiency, preventing delays. And makes the project traceable from other parties such as banks, insurance companies, suppliers, public institutions, creating smart cities from bottom to top. BIMCRONE is a smart city application designed to create full digital cities. BIMCRONE give an opportunity to make simulation and projection on buildings and also cities.
  • IngeniousIO Logo

    Company Description
    IngeniousIO provides a data-driven platform that enhances the entire project life-cycle by elevating efficiency and reducing tech spend. The platform allows its user to orchestrate projects across multiple stakeholders and partners from business development to close-out. This Integrated cloud-based application is designed to manage daily operations within business development, project execution, and completion. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Carbon Limit Logo
    Carbon Limit

    Company Description
    The concrete industry is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide. Considering all stages of production, concrete is estimated to be responsible for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Carbon Limit’s nature based technology quantifiably reduces the carbon footprint of the concrete manufacturing process and transforms the concrete into a permanent to help decarbonize the cement and concrete industries. The product is a carbon negative cement that is a simple drop in solution that doesn’t require any new equipment, processing, or CAPEX from the customer. The technology allows any cement and concrete company to offer a lower carbon footprint concrete product.
  • TechnoCarbon Logo

    Company Description
    Thanks to its innovative CarbonFibreStone® technology, TechnoCarbon® has developed and patented a family of innovative materials.
  • Lavanda Logo

    Company Description
    Lavanda is a modular SaaS platform designed to optimize real estate assets by enabling landlords and property managers to tap into legitimate short and medium-term rental demand. Lavanda has built an integrated ecosystem focused on delighting residents whilst boosting net operating income. Target markets include multifamily, build-to-rent (BTR), student housing, serviced apartment and vacation rental portfolios.
  • ARK Logo

    Company Description
    ARKLOGIC™ software generates optimized building designs instantly, allowing architects to make better and faster decisions. From concept to construction, design the most profitable configurations, optimizing for density and profitability. ARKLOGIC™ brain analyzes and learns metadata of architectural designs and creates infinite variations that account for US local regulations and ordinances. Built by a dedicated team of AI scientists, architects, and software developers, Ark’s solution is 100 times faster than the current design process and cuts design costs by up to 90%. Ark’s software generates infinite variations that optimizes the design, while taking local regulations and ordinances into account.
  • Carbon Reform Logo
    Carbon Reform

    Company Description
    Carbon Reform is a Wilmington, DE based company focused on modular carbon capture for indoor air. Ventilation is an enormous financial burden on commercial building owners and operators, especially as organizations like the CDC encourage buildings to be over-ventilated to maintain good indoor air quality. State of the art variable air ventilation systems track building occupancy, correlating with CO2 and pathogen buildup, and increase ventilation during the peak hours of the day when electricity prices are highest. At Carbon Reform, we have created a smart appliance which will capture CO2, with drop-in filters for other harmful pollutants like VOCs, human bioeffluents, and viruses, and allow building owners to decrease their ventilation rates and save energy. We capture and sequester the CO2, allowing our customers to take advantage of carbon credits and work towards their sustainability goals.
  • Asynos Logo

    Company Description
    Supply-Chain-Digitalization-as-a-Service with full vertical integration. From 'Material-to-Datapoint' approach making assets smart generating trillions of digital twins in global supply chains for full end-to-end tracking (B2B2C). Single-Unit Digitalization for any kind of physical product/asset in Food, Pharma, Construction, Industrial IoT, Agetech, Warehousing etc. Turnkey provider of ultra-low-cost digitalization solutions for large supply chains (Food & Bev, Pharma, Construction, Automotive, and others). Helping Fortune-500s to digitalize trillions of assets on the single-unit level with ultra-cost efficient IoT solutions.
  • Spaceti Logo

    Company Description
    Spaceti is a leader in PropTech, providing integrated solutions of sensors (our own or integrated with building systems - Compatibility across the entire Cisco wireless product portfolio), data analytics and mobile user interfaces that enhance the satisfaction and productivity of people in buildings while improving the bottom line for organizations. The system  is  made up of a set of modules that can be combined or used separately to  tailor  the  solution  to  the  client’s  needs,  saving  owners  and  tenants  building  management  costs  while  increasing  people’s well-being.
  • Qflow Logo

    Company Description
    Qflow combines IoT and ML to revolutionise the way engineers manage emergent risks during construction; protecting them from legal breaches and stakeholder unrest. Qflow collates data into a centralised cloud based platform, analysing and visualising it in real-time, delivering the world’s first tool that provides targeted interventions to eliminate environmental risk in construction.
  • District Technologies Logo
    District Techn…
    District Technologies Logo
    District Technologies

    Company Description
    District is one of the rising stars in London’s PropTech and smart city space. They enable property owners and companies to create seamless and unique office experiences through community features and smart building tech. Their app, connects people, services and spaces, allowing property owners and companies to improve their bottom-line and exceed tenant and employee expectations.
  • HoloBuilder Inc. Logo
    HoloBuilder In…

    Company Description
    "Google Street View" for construction projects and facilities. HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360 imagery, computer vision, and AI, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder's customers include 40% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Its investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital. HoloBuilder is the fastest and most advanced reality capturing solution. Its solution is made up of a combination of applications: Mobile, Web Browser, Desktop. Together they serve the purpose of capturing sites and facilities in a streamlined process and making the information securely accessible to stakeholders.
  • Envio Systems Logo
    Envio Systems

    Company Description
    Envio Systems was started with the goal to positively impact the world via automated solutions and focused on creating a suite based on compatibility, scalability, affordability, and intelligence. The result was the world's most advanced web-based building management system to affordably enable exponentially smarter buildings in real-time. This breakthrough IoT solution is for any existing commercial building regardless of its size, age, and infrastructure. Ease of installation, ability to upgrade in stages and universal compatibility of the Envio solution make it truly an end-to-end solution for building monitoring and control. Founded in Berlin, Germany, Envio’s team is a unique group of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and more from around the world. For more information, please visit We have implemented our solution across 14 countries in offices, retail spaces, banks, multi-use commercial, and even chicken farms.
  • CashOnLedger Logo

    Company Description
    Our world is becoming increasingly connected - by 2025, 41.6 billion IoT devices will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data. Data, that is currently disconnected from financial services and remains unused. CashOnLedger is the technological bridge between banking and industry, and enables the realization and scaling of new, seamless digital business models such as Pay-per-Use and Asset-as-a-Service. With CashOnLedger's payment engine, companies are finally able to monetize their data streams. Whether it's telematics data from vehicles or usage data from milling & drilling machines, connected to us, the data is processed and fed into a billing logic that can be as complex as needed. But our solution does not only trigger invoices in leading ERP formats and automatic payments, at the same time we track each transaction as well to analyze the profitability of machines, vehicles or other devices. Hence industrial products such as machines or commercial verhicles are transformed into financial assets and become investable.
  • Timeseer.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Timeseer AI tames unreliable data, reduces overall data downtime, and makes time series analytics more trustworthy. It allows to empower your data teams to detect, prioritize, and investigate data quality issues before they hit operations. Timeseer.AI is already trusted by leading data teams of more than a dozen Fortune 5000 companies.
  • WarehouseBlueprint Logo

    Company Description
    They were a team of industrial engineers, designing warehouse layouts for customers. They had to explain to clients the details of the warehouse layout frequently. Aside from the CAD software, they tried this other commercial tool to produce 3D warehouse layouts as well. The licensing fee was pricey and the learning curve was steep. They were then introduced to SketchUp and their initial project using this software brought an "awe-moment" to the clients. They were delighted to see the new proposed changes to the current warehouse in three dimensional pictures. Modeling the entire warehouse takes time, and the components from previous projects are required to be modified to be reused. In order to speed up the entire process, they have started to design various dynamic components. The creation of these dynamic components allows us to complete a warehouse modeling in 3D within the shortest possible time. The idea is simple. They modify the components by changing the parameters and then place these components to the required locations within the warehouse.
  • Natifi Logo

    Company Description
    Natifi is an AI-powered no-code technology platform being used by organizations to create, design & manage their enterprise technology solutions in different business verticals & industries such as SCM, Grant Management, and FMS.
  • Screevo Logo

    Company Description
    According to a McKinsey Report, manufacturing workers spend an average of 800 hours per year entering data into forms, spreadsheets and software systems: approximately 40% of their overall time. For this reason, Screevo offers a voice assistant capable of guiding users through industrial processes and doing the data entry tasks on their behalf. Thanks to a pure voice interaction, workers can focus of what matter the most: create value with their hands. Screevo delivers on its promise through algorithms of natural language understanding (NLP) and robotic process automation (RPA). The RPA engine allows the voice assistant to control any software system seamlessly: the initial setup takes only a few weeks and no integration with in-house systems is required. The customer shall only record its screen during standard operations: Screevo team prepares a tailored process and allows the customer to download Screevo app on PC and smartphone, wear the headphones and let the voice assistant take care of the rest.
  • Logo

    Company Description helps industrial companies prevent unplanned downtime and unnecessary wastages. Their core solutions lie in Condition Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, maritime and construction. They achieve this by deploying our ‘proprietary IoT sound sensors and AI platform’, thereby helping clients to save substantial maintenance expenses without the need for a huge learning curve nor high-risk deployments on ground. Their proprietary high-performance IoT sound sensor is compact and built to withstand harsh industrial environments, allowing for flexible deployments across a wide range of industries, operational sites and machines. They then leverage on their unique 3-dimensional approach to analyse the sound data collected and do Condition Based Monitoring for a wide range of machinery, as well as to pick out sound anomalies for Predictive Maintenance, where accurately identify potential machine failures and downtime. Their solutions are 5X faster with the help of Meta Asset Capsule™, their existing library of data resources to catapult the speed of deployment so that clients can see a faster ROI. At heart, they see themselves as a catalyst to help industrial companies transform into ‘Industry 4.0’ and beyond.
  • Tractonomy Logo

    Company Description
    Tractonomy builds compact autonomous towing robots that take the hassle out of industrial cart handling in logistics. Their towing robots offer hassle-free cart pick-up and drop-offs at the performance expected in real-world warehousing applications. They want you to reuse your existing carts without additional investments to start profiting from robotic towing immediately. Like all machines, robots need regular checks to function optimally. Expecting your staff to do this on a regular basis is impractical so they offer to do it for you. Their Maintenance-as-a-service (MaaS) platform automates diagnostics and troubleshooting to scale with your workloads. For example, they could monitor your robot fleets every minute during the holiday season and every other day during the off-season.
  • NODE Robotics Logo
    NODE Robotics
    NODE Robotics Logo
    NODE Robotics

    Company Description
    Today, manufacturing in high-wage countries is challenged by multiple trends: Decreasing batch sizes, demand volatility, cost pressure, lack of specialists and social distancing. Therefore, the factory of the future must be highly flexible and autonomous. NODE provides plug & play software solutions, which enable operation of collaborative multi-vendor AMR fleets and reduce TCO for intralogistics by up to 65%.
  • Extend Robotics Logo
    Extend Robotics

    Company Description
    There is a huge need in industry to avoid physical labour presence in workspace. Normally for three reasons: (1) dangerous environments with risk of injury; (2) cost of operation, such as shutting down the facility for maintanence and (3) tedious and inefficient workflow, because of long travel, and preparations. Extend Robotics oversees those are the key driving force for robotic industries. Actually, the global service robot market is growing exponentially, not only In Unit sales but also in many new application areas such as inspection and maintenance. They are building a immersive interface for robot using virtual reality. Everyone can intuitively control a robot remotely. It works as the physical avatar of the user to perform manipulation tasks at human-like dexterity. So the operator who were doing the job originally can easily teleoperate the robot to finish the same job reliably and flexibly but without physical present in workspace.
  • Grayscale AI Logo
    Grayscale AI

    Company Description
    Grayscale AI is a B2B SaaS platform which improves safety and operational efficiency using neuromorphic vision and computing. Key points: - Participating in the Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator in Knoxville, TN. - Winner of mobility UK gov grant of £100k from Zenzic. First to test neuromorphic vision in the UK in real-world automotive scenarios. - Graduated 5PRING 5G accelerator backed by Wayra UK. Demoing solution to construction giants in the UK/Spain, meeting 4+. - Secured key partnerships with Intel and NVIDIA, with access to soon-to-be commercialised R&D hardware. - High interest from automotive, defence, aerospace players, most at meeting 3+. - Market: neuromorphic computing, growing at a CAGR of 89% The core tech is neuromorphic computing. Simply put, that is computers that mimic the functionality of the human brain. This allows them to collect and monitor data in real-time, at microsecond resolution, at an up to 10,000x more energy efficiency than existing solutions. Their vision for the future is zero-accident and efficient mobility, delivered through automation, while minimising costs and environmental impact. Grayscale AI is at the intersection of computer vision, neural computation and robotics.
  • ElectroKnox Logo

    Company Description
    ElectroKnox’s Intelligent Vehicle Platform helps car makers to overcome network communications challenges in today's highly complex vehicle networks that could include 100+ ECUs using different protocols. EK’s hardware- and vehicle E/E architecture- agnostic SW Stack seamlessly bridges network communications across different vehicle domains and communications protocols. Car makers using EK’s SW Stack have much better control over their vehicles’ SW architecture and are able to take advantage of new, centralized vehicle architecture as Tesla has. EK SW also allows vehicle apps to be deployed in a safe, secure, and stand-alone manner, simplifying development of vehicle applications such as smart diagnostics, whole vehicle OTA, etc, thus clearing the path to software-defined vehicles. Vehicle feature development and update become much less complex when more vehicle functionalities are software defined and the number of hardware ECUs is reduced. EK's powerful, vehicle architecture agnostic HW offers a high-performance compute solution that serves well as central / zonal gateways or domain controller, replacing multiple HW ECUs to give car OEMs the ability to better adapt to changing vehicle network topology, new technology, & fit the future need of software-defined vehicles.
  • Hyperspec AI Logo
    Hyperspec AI

    Company Description
    Only 3% of US roadways are covered by the high-definition master maps that today's self-driving cars require to navigate. Without a hard tether to these maps, or beyond their bounds, autonomous vehicles simply cannot operate. Worse, the coverage of these maps is expanding at a rate of only 2% every 5 years. At Hyperspec AI we are expanding navigable roadways for autonomous vehicles to 95%, today, by equipping each car with our onboard vision hardware that localizes and navigates with true autonomy. Our high-frequency periodic calibration corrects for drift using satellite imagery to achieve continuous precise real-time positioning at a fraction of the cost. Hyperspec AI is my third company and the second to focus on mapping and localization for autonomous vehicles. I am a serial entrepreneur with successful exits and the deep domain expertise required to lead this new generation of navigation technology. Today, my team includes top talent in computer vision, simulation, and high-perf
  • WingDriver Logo

    Company Description
    Starting by targeting mobility, WingDriver aims to significantly reduce the number of road accidents caused by driver mistakes, by building an Aftermarket AI tech for driver and vehicle monitoring, designed specifically for smartphones. WingDriver is the only company applying AI to a combination of facial analysis, vehicle inertial data, and the vehicle surroundings to accurately identify dangerous situations, before the driver causes an accident. The WingDriver app uses smartphone sensors and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) research results, as the foundation for all the interoperability between sensors and all the decision making processes. Additionally to the app we will launch the complementary: - Cloud data: Enabling for a better risk assessment and consequently improved insurance products; - Fleet manager dashboard: Enabling professional fleets to better manage their assets and drivers; - WingDriver SDK: To enable any mobile application company to include these safety features in their products. - White label apps: Our iOS and Android apps are developed in a way that enables a quick change on the visuals to fit our client needs. Facilitating proof of concept activities. New Vehicle Mandates Coming in 2022, from Europe, USA and China.

    Company Description
    Cybersecurity is becoming a requirement for ensuring the safety of today's mobility. Autocrypt provides comprehensive, end-to-end security for transportation technologies, including: - In-Vehicle Security : autonomous and connected vehicles cybersecurity including consulting, testing, security solutions, intrusion detection and protection system (IDS and IDPS), vehicle security operations center (vSOC) - Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X): Smart cities and connected cars security based on Public Key Infrastructure, Certificates and Encryption - Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Security: EV Charging security based on Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) - Digital Key: vehicle smart key installed on your smartphone - Fleet Management System (FMS) for Shared Mobility: efficient and secured fleet management though data analysis and customized development
  • dRISK Logo

    Company Description
    dRISK is an autonomous vehicle company that provides smoother and safer AV solutions for the vehicle industry. The company focused on reducing transportation risk and helping customers create safe and effective autonomous technologies. With dRISK, AV developers can now rigorously test and improve their systems on the full space of edge cases, via: • A comprehensive taxonomy of edge cases derived from a huge variety of edge-case-specific data sources, • A patented technology delivering optimal, semi random and non overlapping test sets guaranteed to traverse the training space while minimizing overtraining, i.e. uniformly improve on all edge cases while preserving performance on center cases, and • A sensor-realistic, reality-matched simulation environment for massively parallel, real-time HIL testing as well as perception re-training. dRISK is now offering these capabilities to AV developers in the form of an edge case API and associated simulation product suite which can test a fully sensorized autonomous vehicle in simulation.

    Company Description
    WHYGRENE’s Energy Exchange is a SaaS application that accelerates the sustainable energy transition by helping solve renewable energy’s greatest problem, which is the power supply & demand imbalance. Our solution is a Blockchain-based TDERMS that automatically buys & sells energy with utilities & their DER customers to balance the grid. While addressing this problem, WHYGRENE adds value to both utilities & DER owners. First, we save utilities money by aggregating DERs as Virtual Power plants (VPPs) for grid services instead of building expensive fossil fuel plants. Second, we increase the ROI for DER owners by compensating them for providing these services. Our hybrid cloud & blockchain application is more secure, decentralized, efficient & affordable, compared to existing software which is centralized & unsecure, or other blockchains that are inefficient & costly. We have over 75 years experience with software, business & utilities when enabling us to find the right product market fit. Our app is the missing piece of software that utilities & DER owners need to monitor & manage the production, storage, consumption & transfers of energy & Renewable Energy Credits (REC). WHYGRENE’s goal is to help utilities Decarbonize, Digitize & Decentralize the grid.
  • Talyn Air Logo
    Talyn Air

    Company Description
    Talyn Air is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft system. It separates and recombines in the air and allows each vehicle to operate at peak efficiency without wasting energy. Jamie Gull and Evan Mucasey established it in Los Angeles, California.
  • Emsense Logo

    Company Description
    A Sweden based software development company focusing on developing software and algorithms for sensors that can be used for multiple cases - focusing on the automotive sector, personal safety, public spaces and logistics. This solution is very flexible and provides scalability across business areas. Automotive: Radar technology that can detect heart rates, respiration and other parameters that are affecting the drivers during the ride. This health data is sent in realtime to dispatchers and emergency personnel if a road traffic accident occurs. By providing dispatchers with this data as soon as an accident occurs they have the ability to prioritize rescue efforts, thus saving both lives and expenses. Personal safety and public spaces: by detecting health parameters in public spaces the company can both know if a space is occupied and if the person is in need of help. This is practical in areas where cameras are not feasible. Logistics: Emsense wants to prevent accidents in environments where warehouse equipment is used, such as trucks, pallet lifters and other machines. Focus here is both preventive and reactive measures to save lives.
  • eLeapPower Logo

    Company Description
    eLeapPower has developed a suite of trail-blazing technologies for zero-emission electric vehicles. Our innovative powertrain technology optimizes battery performance and significantly cuts charging time. This also allows for bidirectional charging, as well as charging directly from renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Our patented technology eliminates the need for on-board chargers, lowering manufacturing costs. Moreover, our powertrain works across all manufacturers, vehicle types and batteries.
  • Cling Systems Logo
    Cling Systems

    Company Description
    The Cling platform connects the dots between manufacturers, owners of used batteries, dismantlers and workshops [sellers] with the buyers that capture most environmental and commercial value. In turn, by aggregating batteries and data on the platform and providing logistics, remanufacturers and recyclers [buyers] can source the batteries that fit their specific needs. By coupling each battery with its material content and location, Cling is developing the world’s first online mine.
  • ELEXIR Logo

    Company Description
    Elixir is developing a new, completely digital software platform for the automotive industry; it helps automotive companies to develop their cars much faster. Their technology allows car functions to reside in secure, containerized apps such that developers can improve vehicle functions - even while the car is already in customer hands. This shortens development cycles from years to weeks. Car functions are no longer defined by components but rather by apps running on the versatile ELEXIR platform. For this to work, a clean-sheet-of-paper approach is needed that the big OEMs cannot perform or risk. They envision ELEXIR to be a modern building block from new EV startups to big OEMs. ELEXIR enables its customers to concentrate on what makes their car special, while they make the development process and customer experience a breeze. Car manufacturers and app developers alike don't need to care anymore about certification, security, deployment, and updates. Their architecture aims at providing the highest level of security and safety while abstracting from underlying hardware details of the vehicle: The operating system of mobility. This will transform mobility as we know it by opening the market to 3rd party creativity through open data and open APIs that solve actual user needs.
  • Morelli Tech Logo
    Morelli Tech

    Company Description
    Morelli Tech is a start-up born with the idea of revolutionizing the concept of 'hologram'​ making it attractive to people as well as companies. The company develops hologram augmented reality systems with the possibility of interacting with them, to be implemented on cars of the future (holographic windshields), 3D prototyping systems and transparent touch screens. They are building a mixed reality system that can display all the information necessary for driving, such as speedometer, navigator, time, incoming calls, etc. on the windscreen by the projection of a hologram. With AI, they are able to detect any obstacles on the road, such as pedestrians, cars or objects that obstruct the journey or road signs.
  • Driver Technologies Logo
    Driver Technol…
    Driver Technologies Logo
    Driver Technologies

    Company Description
    Driver Technologies provides enterprise partners with critical behavioral driving data at scale. Working with the industry's leading insurance and autonomous vehicle companies, DTI's DriverCloud combines driving video (both internal and external), telematics, computer-vision-based reference labels, distance and speed calculations and analytics in a search-optimized, cloud-based platform. From highways to cities, edge cases to geographical nuances, the DriverCloud's powerful search and filter capabilities enable users to quickly understand real-world driving behavior and improve their own data models. Existing partners utilize the platform for planning and prediction, informing simulations and training context-aware telematics and risk models to bring their products from R&D to production worldwide.
  • ACCURE Battery Intelligence Logo
    ACCURE Battery…
    ACCURE Battery Intelligence Logo
    ACCURE Battery Intelligence

    Company Description
    ACCURE is a data analytics platform improving the safety, reliability and longevity of battery systems through cloud computing. Accure works with energy and mobility companies around the world and has built strong partnerships with insurance firms. Their database contains the operating data of over 1,000 MWh of batteries from all relevant suppliers and in all relevant use cases- the largest independent database of battery performance in the world.
  • Moment Energy Logo
    Moment Energy

    Company Description
    Electric Vehicle batteries still have up to 80% of their capacity left when they are retired from electric cars. Moment is re-purposing EV batteries to create sustainable energy storage. Their units can be paired with any energy source and will be used to replace diesel generators in remote communities. By re-purposing electric vehicle batteries, they extend their lifetime value and provide a viable option for remote communities to transition from using diesel power.
  • Electric Fish Logo
    Electric Fish

    Company Description
    Electric Fish's plan is to engineer, design, and assemble energy storage units with XFC outlet ports, with an initial focus on mobile deployable units. These mobile units will help to make better selections for infrastructure upgrades, to deploy large scale distributed urban energy storage. ElectricFish’s 350² provides community energy storage infrastructure with extreme fast charging. Their plug-and-play system is designed to power community loads through a bi-directional electricity meter, and an ultrafast charging CCS port that can deliver extreme-fast charging rates to vehicle architectures from 300 - 950 VDC. CoReScore is a siting algorithm that uses data from electrical grid local power capacity, vehicle trip-to-trip data, and user demographics to choose the most impactful locations to build distributed storage. Their approach considers hosting capacity, consumer behavior, and technical challenges for building a new electrical grid.
  • Maaind Logo

    Company Description
    Maaind is a neuroscience and AI start-up developing novel neurotechnology that fuses biometrics, sensors, BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) and Machine Learning to enable objective measurements of mental states (stress, emotional states, cognitive performance) in real-life settings. Neuroadaptive platform Their core offering is the Maaind middleware platform - available through an API as well as through app-level integrations. Real-time mental state Using real-time biometric and speech recordings in a secure and privacy-preserving way, the platform allows understanding the user's affective state in real-time. Multi-modal Their algorithms are trained using multiple types of data to achieve higher accuracy in different settings. They combine speech, HRV, neural and behavioral data.
  • Social Airbag Logo
    Social Airbag

    Company Description
    Social Airbag is a Mexican company whose purpose is to eliminate transit accidents caused by texting and driving and fatigue. Social Airbag mobile app blocks the user cellphone when exceeding 15km/hr allowing navigation systems, incoming calls, and emergency calls. This way the driver can use the phone in a responsible way. The web app display route analysis and driver's behavior allowing the fleet manager to control in real-time all their fleet and to generate reports in order to increase productivity and performance on their drivers. Social Airbag (Tired Bag) is a facial recognition system that runs through a night vision camera on the unit that identifies when the driver is falling asleep setting up an alarm to let them know they are not in conditions to drive. These products generate a cost decrease on our clients in insurance policies, opportunity costs, accident costs, etc. Most importantly Social Airbag is committed to saving thousands of lives annually worldwide.
  • GO TO-U Logo
    GO TO-U

    Company Description
    GO TO-U enables charge point operators (CPOs) to manage, operate and monetize EV charging infrastructure. With GO TO-U complete end-to-end services for EV charging management and operations, CPOs drive two times higher utilization of the locations. GO TO-U mobile application helps EV drivers to find CPOs’ locations, book EV charging stations together with access to facilities and services while charging. Their products include: 1. Powerful dashboard for operators: - EV charging management - Location-based marketing - Billing and invoicing - Statistics and Big Data Analysis 2. Convenient mobile application for EV drivers: - Chargers reservation - Amenities reservation - Simple payments - Route planning
  • Phantasma Labs Logo
    Phantasma Labs

    Company Description
    At Phantasma Labs, they are changing the way in which Autonomous Vehicle companies acquire crucial human behaviour datasets - at scale. Through their Simulation as a Service platform, they crowdsource human input to generate synthetic datasets for training autonomous cars(L3-L5). Users interact as pedestrians or drivers etc., with their life-like virtual worlds which are powered by high-performance physics and game engines. This unique approach allows autonomous systems to be trained for the crucial behavioral edge cases occurring in urban environments. These are the cases currently keeping driverless cars from entering cities. They can answer hard questions, such as what are the ways in which humans behave in urban areas? How do crazy drivers/violators drive on streets? How do people behave across cultural differences? Their first offering includes scenario datasets and human behaviour models that can be used in the existing workflows and simulation stacks of autonomous driving companies.
  • LinkbyCar Logo

    Company Description
    LinkBycar is the connected vehicles Intelligence Platform, that use car telematics natively embedded by cars connected to a high frequency network. No more bag of tools and wasted time. LinkByCar is one single platform connected to multiple car brands allowing product and service providers to derive values from data generated by cars. Why Now? Connected cars growth will outpace population growth for the next 10 years. It will generate about 152 million actively cars connected to high frequency network. What issue are we trying to solve? A lot of the frustration with providers of cars products and services come from poor communication and a poor knowledge between provided services and the way customers use them. The LinkBycar platform allows automotive product and services providers to create a new generation of products that integrates driving behavior of their customers from the surrounding environment, generates insights and simplifies customer experiences.
  • Uniquesec AB Logo
    Uniquesec AB

    Company Description
    UniqueSec AB is an innovative company, developing advanced signal processing algorithms for small-scale radars in various applications such as level measurement, distance and speed measurement, presence detection, outdoor surveillance and object classification. We also design test and verification solutions for radars in different applications particularly in automotive. Our core expertise is the development of signal processing for short-range radars, operating in high frequencies and wide band. We develop advanced signal processing algorithms to make these sensors perform measurements in various conditions. Using this know-how, we have implemented a complete radar system for distance measurement. This product, called UR2, is an affordable solution which improves the precision and maximum range of measurement. It can be reconfigured to measure distance, speed and direction of movement through software upgrade. Our other product is a radar for object classification. It demonstrates the potential of our radar in security and surveillance with reduced cost and without privacy issues. UniqueSec also provides a Radar Development Platform (RDP1) to help signal processing development in industries, universities and research institutes.
  • Albora Logo

    Company Description
    Albora provides reliable high-precision and ultra-low power geolocation technology and solutions. Among its products are: (1) Cloud-based: ALBA Pro (software solution for Asset Tracking and Management), (2) H/W based: ALBA M (a highly precise and fast GNSS receiver for Connected Autonomous Vehicles, CAVs), and ALBA S (an ultra-low power and precise GNSS receiver for Drones and UAVs). Existing solutions problems: (1) Inconsistent Precision, (2) Urban Canyon/Multi-path, (3) Slow Signal Acquisition, (4) Spoofing and Jamming, (5) Lack of Fault-tolerant Redundant Systems (ISO 26262 or ASIL D), (6) High-Precision not Cheap. Our core technology applied to H/W and S/W products is embodied in the Albora Engine (ALCORE), a proprietary algorithm that performs better than existing solutions in acquiring weak and noisy signals faster ideally suited for urban environments including multi-constellation (GPS, Galileo, Beidou) and multi-frequency, including quality of service with 3 patents granted.
  • BroadBit Batteries Logo
    BroadBit Batte…
    BroadBit Batteries Logo
    BroadBit Batteries

    Company Description
    BroadBit is commercializing sodium chloride (table salt) based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, sustainability and scalability; making electric cars cheaper and better performing, grid storage economically attractive and even enabling electric airplanes. BroadBit's batteries are exceptionally fast charging and have high energy per weight and low material and manufacturing costs. For brand manufacturers, BroadBit sells in-house produced battery components for assembly or licenses its battery chemistry, structure and manufacturing technologies. For others, BroadBit sells 3rd party / white-label assembled batteries directly or via distribution partners. BroadBit's components are scalabily made by simple roll-to-roll processing. BroadBit outsources the most labor and CAPEX intensive part of manufacturing, battery and pack assembly, while maintaining control over its key component IP and know-how.
  • Blickfeld Logo

    Company Description
    Blickfeld is disrupting the LiDAR sensor industry by using MEMS-based mirror technology to steer the ranging laser beam instead of relying on mechanical spinners. Our solution is more compact, maintenance free, and provides new capabilities, such as changing scan resolutions on the fly. They work with global automotive OEMs and suppliers to integrate sensors within the vehicle body, providing mid-range sensing data for autonomous navigation. They also offer a stand-alone sensor, the Cube, that can be deployed in a variety of Internet of Things applications, including: • People counting and monitoring – the sensor system is particularly well suited for deployment in large halls or outdoor settings. The companion software (Percept) makes it easy to locate counting “portals” anywhere in the scene. • Mapping: a key early application area is the real-time volume measurement of large stockpiles of minerals and other mining products. • Security: LiDAR sensing works in all lighting conditions and is far less sensitive to false alarms than existing solutions in perimeter monitoring. • Navigation: The Blickfeld’s Cube light weight (270g) makes it a perfect sensor for deployment on drones, performing collision avoidance and mapping tasks. The Cube has been shipping since 2020.
  • Simplifyber Logo

    Company Description
    Simplifyber is changing the way clothes are created, transforming the world's $1.5 trillion Apparel Industry and 250-year old factory system into sustainable, additive manufacturing. By assembling clothes with chemistry rather than with sewing machines, the Simplifyber process eliminates much of the waste, carbon emissions, and water pollution that have led to fashion’s devastating environmental and social impact in recent years. Efficient, plant-based and closed-loop, Simplifyber is revolutionizing the way the world manufactures clothing with its proprietary technology and cutting-edge techniques.
  • Connect Earth Logo
    Connect Earth
    Connect Earth Logo
    Connect Earth

    Company Description
    We are building the API-toolkit to calculate the carbon footprint of any purchase. Companies and consumers are demanding more accurate data to reduce their emissions. We are building out the merchant- and product-level data infrastructure to empower consumers and companies to reduce their emissions. We work together with Raiffeisen Bank, Qvalia, MoneyHub, Cogni amongst many others financial institutions and FinTechs globally.
  • Babaco Market Logo
    Babaco Market
    Babaco Market Logo
    Babaco Market

    Company Description
    Babaco Market is a subscription with which you receive out-of-the-ordinary fruit and vegetables at home. Products that do not exceed the beauty contests organized by traditional channels and which risk being wasted. We deliver them to your home, in a box. Bring all the goodness of nature to the table and reduce food waste! A heart-shaped potato, a nosed eggplant, a kiwi or a Siamese cherry, these are just a few examples of what you will find in your box. But not only that, in each box you will also find products that are unique by nature because they come from small farmers who cultivate according to traditional methods and which safeguard the local Italian gastronomic tradition, unique in the world. Ordering your box is very simple and you can choose between the Bonsai box or the Jungle box: different for quantity of products. Think about how much fruit and vegetables you eat and who you share them with and you will find out which Babaco Box is right for you! Curious? Order the first box and choose between a weekly or fortnightly subscription, but don't worry: you can unsubscribe freely when you want, without any problem.
  • SolarMente Logo
    SolarMente Logo

    Company Description
    We make Solar savings simple for any homeowner by packaging together hardware, installation, warranties, financing, insurance, and continued tech support to bring out of pocket investment and risk for customers to 0. We are essentially producing trust and peace of mind in an otherwise jargony, regulation-heavy, sale to a non-technical customer.
  • Rubi Laboratories Logo
    Rubi Laborator…

    Company Description
    At Rubi Laboratories, we turn carbon emissions into carbon-neutral cellulosic textiles for fashion brands with critical sustainability goals. Apparel is one of the top 3 dirtiest supply chains on Earth, and most major fashion brands have committed to critical and urgent sustainability goals amid consumer, investor, and supply chain pressure. However, brands are left frustrated with no scalable supply chain solutions despite some billions of dollars of investment per year. Our patent-pending technology sequesters carbon and produces carbon-, water-, and land-neutral textiles for apparel (~10 tons CO2 mitigated & sequestered per ton of textile, and ~0.4 GtCO2/year impact opportunity). Our textiles meet the needs of stakeholders across the fashion value chain: comparable costs to commercial textiles, easy manufacturing using existing viscose facilities, and properties which can mimic cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Today, Rubi is a team of 5 with expertise across science, business, fashion, and million-dollar-grossing product development. We have developed our lab prototype validating the core our technology, filed IP, interviewed 30+ potential customers and earned 2 LOIs, and attracted a stellar advisory board of leaders across science, business, supply chain, and fashion.
  • Sylvera Logo
    Sylvera Logo

    Company Description
    Sylvera’s mission is to be a source of truth for carbon markets. Sylvera’s team of experts leverages proprietary data and machine learning technology to produce the most comprehensive and accessible insights on carbon projects. Backed by renowned investors and partnering with leading researchers at UCLA, NASA and UCL, Sylvera is helping corporate sustainability leaders, carbon traders and governments confidently evaluate the best, and most impactful, carbon credits to invest in. By pioneering a much-needed solution and creating the first carbon intelligence platform, which provides independent ratings and market insights, Sylvera is raising the bar on project accounting and analysis, and introducing a much needed source of truth for carbon markets.
  • EMAGIN (acq. by Innovyze) Logo
    EMAGIN (acq. b…
    EMAGIN (acq. by Innovyze) Logo
    EMAGIN (acq. by Innovyze)

    Company Description
    EMAGIN provides water and wastewater facilities with an operational intelligence platform that supports real-time decision making when controlling critical processes. In doing so, we’re helping facilities reduce operational costs, enhance reliability and prepare for emergencies. Our intelligent control engine is designed to reduce energy and chemical usage resulting in OPEX reductions of 25-30%. Meanwhile, our early warning engine helps operational staff proactively identify and manage instrument or process faults. Lastly, our APM solution notifies operators about how assets are performing and when to optimally maintain them.
  • Heirloom Logo
    Heirloom Logo

    Company Description
    Naturally occurring minerals - alongside forests, soils, and the ocean - are one of our planet's most vital carbon sinks. Over geological timescales, carbon dioxide in the air and water chemically bind to these minerals and permanently turn to stone. Heirloom's technology enhances this natural process, called carbon mineralization, to help minerals absorb CO2 from the ambient air in days, rather than years. By combining the best of engineering and nature, they can offer the most cost-effective and scalable Direct Air Capture solution in the world.
  • Journey Foods Logo
    Journey Foods
    Journey Foods Logo
    Journey Foods

    Company Description
    Journey Foods software enables food companies to quickly grow from new ideas, or new improvement, to commercialization by configuring desired consumer preferences, generating improved product formulations through ingredient tagging, receiving automated compliance and supply chain insights on nutrition and sustainability indicators. The solutions give management teams significantly faster data to make better strategic decisions and increase the ease of monitoring products for the 3 trillion dollar packaged foods market. The Journey Foods database retains an extensive and standardized database to extract data from millions of ingredients for algorithms to dynamically analyze and methodically recommend optimized portfolio recommendations based on pricing, supply chain, and nutrition parameters. To date, the company has established a database comprised of over 2 billion ingredient insights.
  • Nilus Logo
    Nilus Logo

    Company Description
    There are over 2 billion people in the world who suffer from food insecurity. It doesn’t have to be this way if we consider that we waste over a third of the food that we produce in the world, while the food is perfectly edible, for reasons such as aesthetic or packaging defects, or because the food is about to expire. At Nilus, we have developed a digital platform that facilitates the sourcing of food products that are at risk of being wasted from producers and retailers, and we distribute them at 30% to 50% of their market price among soup kitchens in low income neighborhoods. We are currently operating in Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico, where we have delivered over 3 million plates of food to over 90,000 people. Since COVID-19 broke out, we have grown over 1400% between March and June. Nilus was incubated at the Harvard Innovation Labs and received an honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas. Its investors include Google, Siemens and Marriott.
  • Mellizyme Logo
    Mellizyme Logo

    Company Description
    It's our vision to build a healthy, equitable and sustainable world, and we believe we can do this by making biology fundamental to every industry on earth. Based off of 20 years of research by Professor Douglas Kell, CBE, we're building a computational platform for intelligent enzyme development. We take advantage of advanced AI and Deep Learning, combined with proprietary lab automation and genomic sequencing to intelligently navigate the vast search space of enzymes. This allows us to design and discover enzymes for any purpose, and in timelines to suit client need. We have first applied this to solve the plastics crisis, and have developed a plastic-eating enzyme that enables the bulk breakdown of mixed waste plastics. This technology will enable the direct conversion of plastics into chemicals for use in polymer manufacturing, chemicals production and other industrial processes. This technology also enables plastics to be utilised as a feedstock for bioprocesses, greatly improving the cost-competetiveness of biomaterials and specialty chemicals. Plastics are our first target, and we have plans to, and have already begun to tackle many other focus areas in health, the environment and industrial processes.
  • Ketos Logo
    Ketos Logo

    Company Description
    KETOS sits at the intersection of data science, IoT, and water automation. KETOS serves an array of industrial and agricultural enterprises, commercial businesses, institutions, cities & utilities, empowering them to make smarter decisions through real-time water intelligence and predictive analytics. Our innovative, patented hardware, and intelligent, interactive KETOS SmartFabric provides a robust software platform for predictive and actionable metrics - delivering the tools & insights needed to optimize water usage, ensure resource sustainability and provide water safety assurance.
  • Checkerspot, Inc. Logo
    Checkerspot, I…
    Checkerspot, Inc. Logo
    Checkerspot, Inc.

    Company Description
    Checkerspot is a materials company. Our innovation platform enables the design -- at a molecular level -- of new high performance materials, starting with next-gen polyurethanes and textile coatings/finishes utilizing building blocks (such as triglycerides and fatty acids) never available before at scale that can impart unique high value physical properties for materials. Our approach is also more sustainable than relying on petrochemical inputs.
  • Minimum Logo
    Minimum Logo

    Company Description
    Minimum’s hybrid solution of cutting-edge sustainability software supplemented by best-in-class human know-how helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals fast. We leverage the powerful scaling effects of our sophisticated technology to empower our world class in-house experts to focus on impactful, high-value analysis and advice, getting companies up and running with an all-important baseline carbon footprint and reduction strategy in a matter of weeks, not months. Our software tool is a holistic carbon management platform. It streamlines the data collection process, automates the calculations and displays the output reports. The flexibility of our data collection software allows us to customise the data collection process to each specific customer's needs. Our carbon calculations combine each customer's input data with the most appropriate emission factors, pulling from multiple datasets including leading government data sets, scientific reports and our own proprietary data. Where necessary we also fill gaps in the data with benchmarks and estimates that we are able to make from across all the companies we have previously footprinted. Our dashboards and reports are generated using the outputs of the calculations and a overseen by our sustainability experts.
  • Helios Logo
    Helios Logo

    Company Description
    We want to respond to environmental challenges and bring about a sustainable economy that respects the Planet. Together let's create an alternative, transparent and low-carbon bank.
  • Circulor Logo
    Circulor Logo

    Company Description
    Circulor is using blockchain, IoT and AI to bring transparency to materials supply chains. The Circulor platform tracks raw materials from source to finished product, helping manufacturers and their suppliers build a sustainable future. Circulor's clients' raw materials concerns range from cobalt to palm oil to plastics recycling. Materials are given a dynamic identity which is the basis for a complete chain of custody, even as their composition changes during refining and amalgamation. They help customers to demonstrate responsible sourcing, to monitor inherited emissions from the supply chain and to underpin their circular economy ambitions. They help procurement and sustainability professionals see and manage what previously was invisible.
  • InterAx Biotech Ltd Logo
    InterAx Biotec…
    InterAx Biotech Ltd Logo
    InterAx Biotech Ltd

    Company Description
    InterAx is pioneering a new scientific discipline at the intersection of biology and machine learning with the aim to be on the forefront of the digital transformation of drug discovery and ultimately improve human health. InterAx is a Swiss biotech company, spinoff of ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute incorporated in 2016, reinventing drug discovery to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with the discovery and development of new drugs for a wide array of human diseases. Our solution lies in the combination of in-house experimental assays, mathematical modelling and AI to analyze and predict the physiological response of cells to drugs. We are able to describe the complex action of drug molecules in their cellular context and to guide the optimization of drug candidates to achieve a specific cellular response leading to higher efficacy and reduced side effects in humans, thus significantly accelerating drug discovery and de-risking clinical trials.
  • InSilico Trials Logo
    InSilico Trials

    Company Description is a web-based platform, which provides a user-friendly computational modeling and simulation environment where many integrated easy-to-use in silico tools are readily available. The platform targets primarily users from the medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors. The in silico tools available for medical devices enable computational testing in different biomedical areas like radiology, orthopedics and cardiovascular during product design, development and validation processes. For the pharmaceutical sector, the platform provides access to in silico tools developed at all stages of the drug discovery and development processes and for many different therapeutic areas. The platform further ensures users management, content protection, simulation solvers, a validated environment, IT security, results reporting, pay-per-use licenses, the computational power of cloud machines and cloud storage.
  • Pipra AG Logo
    Pipra AG

    Company Description
    30% of patients aged over 60 suffer from cognitive impairment after surgery. Disorientation, memory loss, difficulty in speech, and behavioura changes are among the symptoms experienced by patients affected by Post-Operative Delirium (POD). These cognitive disorders result in longer post-surgical recovery time, with increased hospital stays and associated costs. In addition, the most severe forms of post-operative cognitive disorders can lead to admission in nursing homes, dementia and even death. After onset, POD cannot be treated. Instead, prevention can be very effective. By giving special care to high-risk patients, the incidence of POD is reduced. Our novel AI-based approach allows us to identify high-risk patients before the operation. In addition to reducing risk, it also allows the benefit of the intervention to be weighed up against the real likelihoods of adverse effects.
  • Scailyte AG Logo
    Scailyte AG

    Company Description
    Scailyte has established a biomarker discovery platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to extract insights from single-cell molecular data. This gives us the ability to rapidly identify disease-associated cells and use this knowledge to develop ultra-sensitive molecular diagnostics. We first applied this approach in skin T-cell lymphoma and discovered a biomarker that detects the disease with an unprecedented accuracy of 95%. We are now scaling up our biomarker discovery effort into multiple indications in oncology and women's health.
  • Eyepick Logo

    Company Description
    Our software makes robots execute dexterous tasks that were never automated before, by users who have no technical skills. With our software, robots can: pick, pack and sort objects of variable size and shape. Automation works best for highly standard and high-volume processes. Hence, manual workers are still needed today in underserved industries with a high diversity of objects or small batches. However, finding labour for repetitive, physically-intensive tasks is hard and turn-over is skyrocketing. We provide robotic workers as a service. Powered by EyePick, these robots are aware of their environments and can autonomously perform tasks as any trained human in unstructured environments.
  • Px HealthCare Logo
    Px HealthCare

    Company Description
    Patiënten kunnen met OWise onder meer bijhouden hoe zij zich voelen en hoe zij reageren op medicatie. Hierdoor krijgen zij beter inzicht in het verloop van hun ziekte en hun herstel en kunnen zij die informatie delen met artsen. Voor de behandelende ar...
  • MediBioSense Logo

    Company Description
    [siteorigin_widget class="Tribe_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget]Who We Are MediBioSense are at the global forefront of medical wearable technologies. We
  • cerascreen Logo

    Company Description
    Cerascreen is a start-up in the digital health industry, providing self tests for blood, saliva, urine and breathing gas analysis via eCommerce and Online Marketing channels to enable point-of-care tests for patients at home, accompanied by personalized digital health assessment and analysis.
  • decentriq Logo

    Company Description
    Redefining the trust model in cloud-computing Sensitive data is extremely valuable and at the same time very hard to leverage and analyze safely. What if you could securely and safely get insights from sensitive data without any added friction? Decentriq’s avato platform enables our clients and partners to securely match and analyze sensitive data via a browser application. No friction, easy to test and apply while providing state-of-art security. avato cryptographically proves the privacy of the data from any other party, including us. TEP allows complete confidentiality for computations, even while sitting in a public cloud. More under:
  • Neurotrack Logo

    Company Description
    Neurotrack works with re/insurers, pharma, and healthcare providers to develop new solutions to assess, monitor and reduce the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease (AD). Neurotrack's core technology includes a suite of complementary solutions: -- Digital Assessment Platform: Neurotrack’s digital assessment platform uses advanced computer vision technology to create consistent and sensitive measures of cognitive health. The assessments represent a novel digital biomarker that can quantify performance across the major domains of cognition. -- Cognitive Health Program: The Cognitive Health Program is a digital, multi-domain lifestyle intervention that is designed to reduce risk for developing cognitive decline. This program is based on the landmark FINGER trial, which demonstrated that a multi-domain lifestyle intervention can reduce Alzheimer's disease risk and slow cognitive decline.
  • Soso Care Logo
    Soso Care

    Company Description
    Our goal at SOSOCARE is to always offer quality and affordable healthcare coverage for Nigerians. When you buy a health plan, you agree to pay a certain rate hereafter called premium to SOSOCARE. In return, SOSOCARE pays your medical bills using our innovative technology, provided they are covered by the health plan you sign up for. SOSOCARE’s plan not only helps you manage the cost of receiving medical care—whether routine or unplanned, but also creates an affordable avenue to access high quality and affordable medical services across 991 hospitals and more. At no cost to you upon signing up for a plan covered by our SOSOCARE Bronze or Silver package.
  • Arena Recycling Industry Logo
    Arena Recyclin…
    Arena Recycling Industry Logo
    Arena Recycling Industry

    Company Description
    Arena Recycling Industry is a social business that collects plastic waste from beaches in Dar es Salaam and produce building materials such as Eco-Bricks, paving block and tiles out of recycled plastic waste for construction of affordable houses, toilets and other buildings in rural areas. Our solution not only contributes to plastic-free beaches and waterways, but also helps bridge the water and sanitation gap by constructing water tanks and latrines with our eco-bricks. We educate and promote the change of behavior in waste disposal, by involve community recycle’s into logistic and improve their income by buying collected plastic waste from environment, the collected plastic waste is then sorted according to plastic waste composition (density) melted and mixed with sand to produce bricks covered during courses.
  • Ecoplastile Logo

    Company Description
    EcoPlastile is a tech enabled (mobile app, web, USSD, location and agent based) waste management, green materials social enterprise that addresses the challenges of urban waste management (plastic pollution), chronic youth unemployment, deforestation, climate change, and indecent housing while improving access to health and education services especially for the marginalized communities. Ecoplastile has started from Uganda it's pilot market with expansion plans to other countries like Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, DRC Congo and the entire East African market. Ecoplastile has launched, “WasteInsure” a digital micro waste- health insurance program which uses garbage as a financial resource in exchange for health and education insurance using a handy phone. WasteInsure uses both a mobile application, web, USSD and agent based platform that allows people to use a mobile phone anywhere any time to exchange plastic for health insurance cover. With this program, the community and uninsured poor slum dwellers and other low income households are able to pay for health cover, drugs, and other health bills by using plastic garbage as payment to an insurance scheme. After plastic has been collected, Ecoplastile uses an innovative, chemical free and energy conserving plastic extrusion processes
  • Kudoti Logo

    Company Description
    Kudoti is a digital supply chain and marketplace platform for waste materials, enabling companies to reach a zero waste impact by maximising the value from offloading waste materials, or traceably sourcing new materials for production and landfill diversion. We work with companies to build inbound and outbound supply chains for waste materials, from source to end point, to ensure the continuous flow of materials from waste to resource. Our digital platform allows corporates, manufacturers, recyclers and municipalities to do the following: - Trace and identify and trace the origin of waste materials, locate & tally volumes to certify material recycling or reuse - Trade waste materials for any material, anywhere as well as manage and display inventory to partners - Tracking materials and product lifecycle, with full tracking of each stage and real-time updates - Rewarding and incentivising suppliers and partners with goal-setting, progress milestones, notifications & reminders and incentives upon achievement
  • Recycle Up! Ghana Logo
    Recycle Up! Gh…

    Company Description
    In 2014, a group of young Ghanaian and German started an initiative called Recycle Up! Ghana to tackle the tremendous waste challenges in Ghana and the world through education and empowerment of the youth. The approach is based on a core set of beliefs that young people are the change-makers of the future and that local problems need to be solved by local residents. The goal of Recycle Up! Ghana is to train the youth to be able to identify societal challenges such as plastic waste pollution and to develop local sustainable solutions that contribute to alleviating this problem. Recycle Up! Ghana believes that these plastic waste can be recycled into useful products in an exchange to save the environment from pollution. With this belief we started the Community waste recycling project which seeks to educate, segregate, collect and recycle post-consumer plastic waste from the community level into useful products like school bags, phone cases, carabiners, furniture, building materials(bricks) etc. We also setup a Plastic Waste innovation center to research, prototype and test products that can be developed from the recycling of plastic waste. These ideas can further be incubated as startups in our business incubator program to become fully profitable business ventures.
  • DalO Systems Logo
    DalO Systems

    Company Description
    DalO Systems is a software platform that helps African waste collection operators deliver better service to their customers and easily provide reporting to government regulatory authorities. We allow waste operators to easily register and geolocate their customers, monitor operations and fleet position in real time, provide traceability of cash payments, and allow for electronic payment. DalO systems platform is accessible on both mobile and desktop, and allows engagement across multiple stakeholders: management team, field operators, customer agents, government regulators, and customers. We enable businesses to move from analog to digital and provide applications that would meet the needs of a wide array of African businesses.
  • Sesa Recycling Logo
    Sesa Recycling

    Company Description
    SESA Recycling is a young social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana. Launched in 2019 with support of DOW Chemical and awarded in 2021 by UNDP Ghana & Coca-Cola Foundation, we are implementing recycling programs where households, faith-based organization, schools can redeem their sorted waste for products (data/airtime, mobile money, sanitation products, food or plastic items) or innovative services (pay electricity/water bill with plastics). To date, the company: - Collecting and recycling 20 t/m of plastics (PET/LDPE/PP/PE). - Supervising a School recycling program (30 schools, ), Church recycling program (30 churches, 15,000 students), and Home recycling program (500 households) - Managing 2 collection centers across Accra, including a recycling centre equipped with conveyor and plastic crusher
  • Yo-Waste Logo

    Company Description
    The Yo-Waste cloud platform helps government & private garbage collection companies and municipal authorities to manage garbage collection logistics such as maximizing garbage collection locations while lowering operating costs in terms of fuel expenses and others. This is all achieved through our hauler app and garbage collection and scheduling mobile applications. Our core objectives as a company include; To create a full waste & recycling company focussed on sustainability To work with customers and recycling firms to divert wastes from landfills To develop new & innovative technologies focussed on waste management & recycling To disrupt the waste management industry in Africa To connect haulers & recyclers with businesses & households to reduce unnecessary waste transportation costs and save both environmental & economic resources. To help haulers & recyclers get more clients and earn extra income
  • rePATRN Logo

    Company Description
    rePATRN intends to bridge the gap between the developed world that is in dire need of PET plastics and Ghana, a developing country, which does not have the infrastructure to manage the material. Rather than building a new collection system from scratch, we decided to leverage the existing informal collection system, that after extensive research, proved to be more effective than formal waste collection. It is through these informal workers, that rePATRN is looking to procure 900 tonnes of PET a month to feed West Africas first food grade PET recycling plant. The journey to the recycling plant is divided into three phases. In phase 1, the current phase, we are rebuilding our supply network after it collapsed post-COVID. In this phase the entire volume that is procured is sorted by color, separated from contaminants, baled and exported to Europe for recycling. There the material is used for food grade applications, textiles and packaging straps. Once we get back above the levels of September 2019 (857 tonnes), phase 2 will be initiated. Here we will evaluate where the new plant should be situated, what type of building we will need to fulfil our needs and what supplier of recycling machinery to choose to ensure highest quality pellets. Phase 3 will see the execution of phase 2.
  • BioMec Logo

    Company Description
    BioMec produces high performance eco prosthesis based on ghost fish nets and PET bottles from the sea, aimed to increase access to artificial limbs at reasonable prices, using a technology that increases compatibility between the residual limb and prosthesis creating comfort and consuming 90% less time, while recycling plastic wastes in the ocean. We improve peoples lives so they can feel and experience things that would otherwise be challenging without a well designed prosthesis, giving them confidence and productivity. BioMec believe in climate change, recycling and harmony with nature by re-purposing harmful plastic materials to lift peoples lifes providing biomechanics solutions for biomedical engineering
  • TakaTaka Solutions Logo
    TakaTaka Solut…

    Company Description
    TakaTaka Solutions is a vertically integrated waste management company. We are active in waste collection, sorting, recycling and composting. We support our customers in achieving their recycling goals while also working with them on data insights and regulatory compliance issues. when there are no other recyclers for many waste materials, we invest into our own recycling infrastructure to ensure that almost every waste material gets a second life. This is why we recycle the majority of the waste we collect internally. We compost all organic waste at our own composting plant. We recycle all plastics (other than PET bottles) at one of our two in-house plastic recycling plants: One for plastic containers and one for flexible packaging. We collect 60t of Nairobi's waste every day from hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial clients across the Nairobi Metropolitan area. We sort 40 different fractions into cardboard, paper, plastic containers & packaging, styrofoam, glass, metal, aluminum, shoes, textiles and many more fractions. We recycle 95% of the waste we collect. We recycle plastic containers and packaging ourselves; we make compost from organic waste; and work with recycling partners for other materials.
  • Trashin Logo

    Company Description
    Trashin performs waste management from collection to transformation. We educate, operate collections, track waste, extract consumption data and seek alternatives for waste recovery; strengthening the companies' reverse logistics, income generation and the local and circular economy. We operate strong projects in Circular Economy, focused in waste management and reverse logistics, bringing technology, innovation and great way to communicate the sustainable efforts.
  • Instituto Muda Logo
    Instituto Muda

    Company Description
    Instituto Muda has promoted sustainable practices in buildings through waste management.
  • Atando Cabos Logo
    Atando Cabos

    Company Description
    Atando Cabos arises from the dream of restoring the coasts and ecosystem of Patagonia. In partnership with Recollect and Comberplast, we collect plastic waste that ends up all over the austral coast, to transform them again into raw material and reincorporate them into the production chain as long-term recyclable products, generating circular economy. Atando Cabos articulates between all the members of the chain, in order to collectively give a second life to the discarded plastics along the entire southern coast.
  • WAS Company Logo
    WAS Company

    Company Description
    Worldwide Accountability Solutions, the main objective is to generate and integrate solutions with high social and environmental impact, with a technological base, currently focused on the construction industry. WAS Co has generated 5 business units such as: Polycrete by WAS Co: Development of sustainable building materials based on recycled polymer compounds applied to structural and non-structural material, with better mechanical and chemical properties and at a competitive price. MWorks by WAS Co: Construction of buildings for social use such as decent housing, schools, clinics, shelters, among others, sustainable and affordable with new sustainable construction materials from Polycrete by WAS Co and a new lego-type construction system, to reduce costs up to 60%, and build the house in 2 to 3 days. The material insulates heat and cold, does not spread fire, and is highly resistant to earthquakes. Polycreate by WAS Co & P.olin: Development and marketing of products based on recycled materials such as: personal and household accessories, business and corporate products, interior and exterior design, among other custom designs. Bauss by WAS Co: Commercialization of materials for auxiliary or secondary use within the construction processes of projects.
  • AddiCo Logo

    Company Description
    AddiCo provides solutions to enable the circular economy of plastics, main verticals that we work for are the automotive and food packaging industries. Our solutions include tailor-made products (under the tradename AddiCo) combined with proprietary technology and know-how. Our product lines include polymer additives that allow the recycling of plastics waste, particularly coming from mixed plastics automotive post-industrial streams, and multilayer plastic films from packaging industries. We also have a family of polymer additives that allow formulation and recycling of biodegradable /compostable resins and articles. Our technology team fully supports the product lines that strive to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers (product+process).
  • ReciclApp Logo

    Company Description
    ReciclApp is an application that seeks to optimize and improve the recycling process in Chile, joining people who have reusable material, with recyclers willing to remove this material and market it freely
  • Algramo Logo

    Company Description
    Their business model is focused on a distribution channel of basic needs products in bulk. Revolving around retail sale through dispenser machines in returnable packaging they aim at reducing prices, responding to the problem of lack of liquidity in low-income families that cannot buy higher volume formats, combating poverty tax and further reducing the environmental packaging impact. Algramo aims to establish a wholesale relationship with manufacturers of consumer products such as detergents, rice and oil, amongst others, in order to buy the products in bulk, saving packaging costs significantly without lowering the quality of the product . Thus, bulk suppliers are able to distribute products in stores in large quantities, whilst reducing logistics costs.
  • ecoins Logo

    Company Description
    Ecoins tackles the low recycling rates in Latin America by addressing the challenges experienced by three main stakeholders: • Collection centers: By 2018 only 4.5% of waste in Latin America is recycled, in large part due to the fact that most waste management systems still lack the capacity to collect recoverable waste separately. • Producers: Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is starting to gain traction in LATAM, and companies are taking significant steps to recover the materials they put into the market and use recyclable materials in their packaging (eg. Pepsico, Nestlé). However, they are facing collection bottlenecks. • Consumers: They are progressively more aware of the need to do responsible consumption. But because municipal waste collection / management systems haven't shown leadership in recycling, many citizens willing to recycle lack the basic knowledge, means or incentives to do so. Through an online platform (app + web) as well as communication and educational campaigns, ecoins incentivizes the consumer to separate waste and take it to existing community or municipal collection centers, rewarding them with the ecoins currency which can be exchanged for discounts and promotions from partners.
  • Green Mining Logo
    Green Mining

    Company Description
    Green Mining has developed an Intelligent Reverse Logistics technology to efficiently retrieve post-consumer packaging and bring it back into the production cycle with full traceability using IoT and blockchain. Green Mining intends to continue increasing the amount of collection operations throughout Brazil and the world, and consequently the amount of waste that will be guaranteed recycling, collaborating with the environment, in addition to giving dignity and respect to more and more workers.
  • Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis Logo
    Triciclo Soluç…
    Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis Logo
    Triciclo Soluções Sustentáveis

    Company Description
    Deliver your packaging and recyclable material and earn with it! Through an innovative collection program distributed in several public and private places, your waste is worth tricycle points that can be converted into several benefits! The most complete and fun environmental loyalty program!
  • so+ma Logo

    Company Description
    So+ma offers a loyalty program to create new habits and expand opportunities in low-income communities. The program has advantages over the same logic as any other loyalty program, with a differential: behavior is the currency of exchange. From the attitude of the citizen (recycling, saving money, encouraging reading and or having adequate food), anyone accumulates credits that can be exchanged for: training courses, services, discounts on local commerce, food, among others benefits. Through technology and using behavioral science the company expand citizens' choices by encouraging healthier and sustainable attitudes and habits. This fosters individual and social development. The major attitude that is being promoted up to now is recycling.

    Company Description
    ECO PANPLAS is an innovative startup industry of contaminated plastic packaging recycling, that performs this process without using water, without producing waste and with a high C02 emissions reduction, achieving great socioenvironmental benefits and through its own technological solution, 100% Brazilian, disruptive and pioneering worldwide, solving today's major environmental problems: climate change, plastic pollution and preservation of resources, especially water resources. We have developed an innovative production system, composed of equipment and processes patented, that performs the decontamination and recycling of lubricant packaging in an ecological way: without the use of water, without waste generation, and 30% less cost than the process used by our competitors today. More than that, all residual oil is recovered and sold for the production of new oil, eliminating the environmental risk. The result is a recycled raw material of excellent quality, that we sale for the production of new oil bottle, 100% made of our recycled plastic and with 10% cost reduction, thus creating a true circular economy.
  • Rekosistem Logo

    Company Description
    Rekosistem is an end to end zero waste ecosystem Start-Up that aims to redefine existing ecosystem to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. Rekosistem operates based on circular economy principle. Our solutions improve how the waste value chain works to be more productive and efficient with minimal behavioural changes. We believe in technology and innovation, they are implemented our pillars as follows: 1. Rekosistem App The zero waste ecosystem app that enables user to apply sustainable living with certain features such as routine pick-up, transfer/ sell your waste, and waste pick-up. 2. Repick - IoT Drop Box This product is a smart bin for plastic waste of products packaging. User can drop certain classified plastic waste into the Drop Box. The drop box will directly reward digital money per waste dropped to user. 3. Renergi - IoT Biodigester Biodigester that converts the organic waste to valuable biogas and biofertilizer. Which goals or milestones have you reached so far? Are there details you would highlight as achievements to date? 1. We participate in several accelerator programs such as MRT Jakarta Acceleration, Startup Studio by Ministry of Communication and Information Indonesia, Plug & Play End Plastic Waste Program, and OPPA Accelerator by SecondMuse. 2. Secure 5 B2B Partnerships that consist of Private Company and Government. 3. 219 Individual Users of Mini Composter for Organic Waste. 4. 168 Individual Users, Send Your Waste and Waste PickUp Deck(s): Video(s):
  • Re>Pal Logo

    Company Description
    Re>Pal is based in East Java, Indonesia, with a small HQ in Australia as part of its ASX listing (ASX RAN). We recycle waste into logistic pallets and work with large multi-nationals such as Unilever OleoChemicals, Nestle, SC Johnson, LF Logistics, Danone as well as large domestic Indonesian companies. We are recycling waste, diverting it from landfill and in 2019 we diverted 5,800,000kg of waste, cleaning it and recycling and extruding into pallets. We also use corporate waste, which is ideal as it is generally clean & post-factory waste. As a part of this partnership with a growing yet small number of corporates for their waste, we are seeing interest in multi-layer plastic waste recycling into our Re>Pal pallet. This is a huge potential for Re>Pal as it will also drive the adoption of our pallet instead of companies relying on the traditional and unsustainable hardwood timber pallets. This initiative will also drive down waste/ raw material pricing and see our COGS improve.
  • PolyCycl Logo

    Company Description
     PolyCycl’s technology chemically recycles waste plastics to high value petrochemical feedstock and fuels.  The company is today one of handful companies globally, that has developed a differentiated, continuous (non-batch) and scalable process.  The technology is highly scalable, with single modular lines of upto 75 TPD each. Multiple such lines can be implemented in parallel to setup projects to process several 100,000 tons of waste plastics per annum.  Generated fuels have been analyzed by a petrochemical major and confirmed to be compatible for steamcracking and manufacturing of new plastics.  The continuous process architecture enables a capEx and OpEx reduction of up to 50% vis-à-vis first generation batch variants.  Yield 830 – 870 litres per ton of waste plastic. Project EBITDA 40% -65% ; IRR(e) > 25%.  Readiness to implement projects in EU, USA, India, South East Asia.  Video related to the technology:
  • Plastics For Change Logo
    Plastics For C…

    Company Description
    Plastics For Change enables industry partners to transition towards a circular economy while measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Plastics For Change is expanding its plastic recycling centers to coastal communities riddled with plastic pollution. The franchise model for plastic collection is empowering wastepickers to become wantrepreneur. The company partners with global brands and manufacturers to catalyze positive change in communities that need it the most through responsible supply chains. The company’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty for millions around the world at the base of the informal recycling supply chain and prevent ocean-bound plastics from contaminating the environment.
  • Myanmar Recycles Logo
    Myanmar Recycl…

    Company Description
    Since 2017, Myanmar Recycles has been providing an industrial scale solution to Myanmar’s plastic pollution problem with support from Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) through a partnership at Myanmar’s largest landfill. MR is the leading recycler in Myanmar with a vision of a zero plastic waste future. We focus on plastic film that is simply too dirty for other companies to recycle: Myanmar Recycles collects, sorts, washes, and recycles traditionally unrecyclable, valueless post-consumer plastic film that is significantly contributing to our global plastic waste crisis. MR has developed a scalable collection model that works in countries with little to no plastic collection infrastructure. We work with marginalized and low-skill communities to collect plastic, while providing transparency and fair wages and creating a value for plastic waste that will make it more likely to be collected and recycled.
  • Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd Logo
    Ishitva Roboti…
    Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd Logo
    Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt Ltd

    Company Description
    Ishitva aims at solving real-world problem of Waste by building automation solutions based on industry 4.0 tools, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. Effective sorting of the waste is currently the weakest link in creating circular value chain. Therefore, to avoid dumping and burning of the dry waste, we particularly focus at creating effective and efficient sorting system to improve both quantity as well as quality of recycling activities. Our solutions use computer vision to make sorting more efficient at different stages of the waste value chain. With a futuristic vision of revolutionizing the recycling industry, today we provide solutions for automated picking, sorting, and segregation of plastics based on composition, color, brands etc. Our current solutions include SUKA AI-powered Air Sorting, YUTA AI-powered Robotic Sorting, Netra Machine Vision system, and Sanjivani Fully Automated MRF plant for decentralized sorting applications.
  • BluePhin Technologies Logo
    BluePhin Techn…
    BluePhin Technologies Logo
    BluePhin Technologies

    Company Description
    BluePhin Technologies is a youth led, cleantech company disrupting age old environmental conversation techniques by leveraging technology. Our first solution, BluePhin is a smart robot that can autonomously collect waste in water. The BluePhin team has been featured on CNN, Dubai Eye and several sustainability podcasts for their hard work and perseverance to fight climate change and decarbonize our economy. The team has since won the Sharjah EF Pitch Competition, Unilevers Young Entrepreneur Award, exhibited at GMIS, Gitex Future Stars, and was invited as a speaker to several conferences like the WGEO and UN ESCWA Technology Meeting.
  • Banyan Nation Logo
    Banyan Nation

    Company Description
    Recycling activities in much of the developing world are relegated to the shadow economy or the informal markets. Banyan Nation is a new age recycling company that is formalizing the informal supply chain through a data intelligence platform and has developed a pioneering plastics cleaning technology to produce near virgin grade recycled HDPE material. Banyan's innovative business model has unlocked ‘Circular Economy’ in India compelling responsible brands such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Shell, Tata Motors to use thousands of tons of recycled plastics instead of virgin plastics. Banyan collects thousands of tons of discarded post consumer HDPE waste such as shampoo, lotion, edible oil, engine oil bottles through its informal recycler network and recycles them into high quality recycled HDPE Blow Grade granules at its state of the art recycling facility in Hyderabad. Banyan Nation won the Dell Circular Economy People’s Choice Award at the World Economic Forum, Davos in 2018. Milestones & Achievements: Developed a robust and traceable informal supply chain; developed plastic washing technology; signed contracts with FMCG and Auto Majors; raised $7.8M to build a state of the art recycling facility; commercially supplying materials as per signed contracts.
  • BlockTexx Logo

    Company Description
    BlockTexx is an early stage clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing. Through an Australian developed patent pending process that combines chemical recovery technology and advanced manufacturing to produce high quality recycled materials of rPET pellets and cellulose powder from textile waste. BlockTexx is positioned at the end of the value chain, where raw materials and end-of-use solutions have the highest environmental impact and revenue potential.
  • Bintix Logo

    Company Description
    Bintix brings together two seemingly separate problems/markets- waste management and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) marketing. Problems plaguing both sectors are solved by Bintix in one stroke. Bintix generates consumer consumption data from waste thereby making the value of the plastics (low/high) irrelevant. This removes systemic collection bias and ensures that every plastic matters and is collected - preventing plastics from entering the water bodies right at source. Valuable data from waste helps avert FMCG companies from making inaccurate/imprecise marketing decisions due to current data paucity/unreliability in India and abroad. Bintix has completed Proof of Concept with Unilever, L'Oréal, Kellogg's, Godrej, J&J and others to establish data product and has scaled up operations to 6 cities across India to obtain Pan-India data. Revenue from data on top of the revenue from plastic recycling/service makes the model sustainable and scalable globally. Novel value to waste!
  • APChemi - Agile Process Chemicals Logo
    APChemi - Agil…
    APChemi - Agile Process Chemicals Logo
    APChemi - Agile Process Chemicals

    Company Description
    We are leaders in pyrolysis - commissioned 30+ pyrolysis plants since 2007 Pyrolysis and oil purification technology patent granted. We offer Patented PUREMAX™ Technology to remove organic contaminants of Cl, O, S, N from pyrolysis oil. Our product, PUR♽IL™ is produced from post-consumer mixed plastic waste and biomass waste. PUR♽IL™ is the best feedstock for the production of retail-blended biofuels, circular polymers and sustainable chemicals. We offer CARB♽N-TRANSITI♽N™ SOLUTIONS and PYROMAX™ pyrolysis technology.
  • Poliloop Logo

    Company Description
    We developed a microbial cocktail that degrades, metabolises and mineralizes fossil based plastics. Our process is applicable to all sorts of single-use plastics (PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS, CPE, EVA -all tested) and can operate under suboptimal conditions. we have tested these plastics separately and mixed in together as well. The listed plastics are post-consumer waste plastics: colored, clear, sterilized and plastics with food debris on them. This method not only solves the plastic issue but also generates valuable end-products: bioplastics and biogas. With these, our aim is to create a circular, thus more sustainable economy. The process itself can be described as follows: we take a blend of hydrocarbon based plastics, put them in a batch with the bacteria, our minimal essential media and water. Afterwards in about two days we can macroscopically confirm the beginning of the degradation process. Complete degradation of the polymers will take about two months.
  • Greenback Logo

    Company Description
    We are solving a global problem by creating an ethical, predictable, and liquid market for certified recycled plastic that’s safe to use in food-grade packaging Greenback is creating a solution for post-consumer waste plastic which supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are implementing an efficient, scalable and distributed process that offers consumers a better product while providing full transparency and traceability. We support local economies to help them extract untapped value from waste. In developing countries, we create fairly-rewarded, safe jobs and new income streams for thousands of waste pickers. We are building a decentralised network of recycling plants near the sources of plastic waste, which we buy from local collectors. We use the infrastructure already in place and combine it with our advanced technologies to provide feedstock for the production of food-grade packaging at scale. To evidence the recycled content in the packaging, we use our ecoVeritas certification system, based on blockchain and AI technologies, giving brand owners and consumers confidence from shelf to shelf.
  • Urbyn Logo

    Company Description
    Urbyn is a young clean tech developing a smart waste management platform. Our mission is to help companies reduce their landfill waste by matching them with the best up-cycling and recycling solutions. To do that we have built a network of 400+ haulers and recycling companies and a waste management software. Our solution allows our client to increase their recycling rate by 20%, decrease their waste cost by 20% and improve waste traceability. History : 2019 : first year of commercialisation 140 k€ revenues 2020 : target 750 k€ rev.
  • Naturbeads Logo

    Company Description
    Plastic pollution is not just due to plastic packaging. Many products contain as much plastic on the inside as they do in their packaging. And yet most innovations focus on plastic packaging that can be collected and recycled. Naturbeads is one of the few companies focusing on the plastic inside the products. Plastic microbeads are intentionally added to personal care and cosmetic products, paints and coatings, adhesive, inks, detergents and many other industrial and consumer products. The global market for microbeads is $6 Billion in 2021 of which the plastic market share is $1 Billion. We have already completed a pilot plant (1 ton/year) and we have three customers in personal care and cosmetics and paints and coatings and additives, which have successfully tested our material and are interested in purchasing our beads (business opportunity 400 tons/year). We are now looking for funding and partner to accelerate the scale up and commercialize our technology ahead of incoming regulations (
  • Aquapak Polymers Ltd Logo
    Aquapak Polyme…
    Aquapak Polymers Ltd Logo
    Aquapak Polymers Ltd

    Company Description
    Aquapak’s polymers are non-toxic, marine-safe and soluble in warm or hot water. Aquapak products such as Hydropol™ are specially engineered materials that can create a range of packaging products that are specially targeted to make unrecyclable packaging fully recyclable within existing waste streams and thereby reduce the amount of ‘single use’ plastic being used. They allow users to maintain the primary functionality of their products whilst designing-in end-of-life recyclability, anaerobic digestion or compostability. We produce stable resin pellets that are converted by our network of manufacturing partners using their existing machinery. Our polymer pellets can be manufactured into a single-layer plastic film, extrusion coatings, laminations to paper or board and injection mouldings.
  • Litta Logo

    Company Description
    Litta are turning mobile gamers into citizen scientists. Our solution gives individuals the tools to tackle litter in their local community, local authorities the data to make informed decisions and brands the platform to engage an increasingly sustainably minded consumer. Individuals -- a mobile-based game that enables users to utilise augmented reality to 'capture' litter and feed it to their LittaBug, compete in community challenges, win prizes and learn about the effect and danger posed by litter. Local Authorities - We use the data captured to overlay litter hotspots with local authorities' current infrastructure and street cleaning routes to identify potential efficiency improvements in the EOL of the supply chain. We help address the issue of "binfrastructure", recording locations and typology of bins whilst also providing an innovative solution to help with litter surveys and comparative data sets across local authorities, an issue identified by DEFRA in the "Litter Strategy For England". Brands/Producers - We integrate augmented reality marketing and brand-sponsored competitions into the game and use data to identify recyclability issues of their packaging and reduce their usage of single-use plastics.
  • Trebo Logo

    Company Description
    We have made it our mission to provide the plastics industry with technologically advanced tools that help limit plastic waste through circularity. We believe that plastic should be recycled, not down-cycled. Our novel sorting system allows plastics converters and brand owners to recycle plastic waste that current technologies cannot handle. We sort complicated plastic mixtures into individual plastic types, obtaining very high purities. This means that the sorted plastic types easily can go back into production, enabling closed-loop recycling. The system's scalability makes on-site implementation possible, allowing plastics converters and brand owners to obtain full control and traceability of their own waste streams. Moreover, our tonnage based lease model makes our system profitable from day one, both economically and environmentally. Our aspiration is to change the entire mindset of the plastic recycling industry, from a centralized, volume focused mindset to a decentralized, quality focused mindset. So, if your company has a plastic waste headache... We can sort you out today.
  • Circular in Motion Logo
    Circular in Mo…
    Circular in Motion Logo
    Circular in Motion

    Company Description
    The buy & sell e-commerce platform for certified circular materials. The platform enables companies to connect, generate business, and create value chains around sustainability and circular economy. We promote interconnectivity of companies, materials, and industries to operate in an unrestricted digital environment. We offer a trustworthy ecosystem that facilitates and certifies commercial transactions in a secure digital environment, via blockchain technology. Through transparency, the platform promotes proof of origin and traceability of the sustainable and circular materials to enable the shift toward a Circular Economy. We enable our users to gauge supply and demand mismatches, promoting long-lasting commercial relationships and ensuring long term demand aggregation whilst creating added value to businesses and society. We make circularity a reality. Circular in Motion adds value by offering a comprehensive solution on: 1. Value chain connectivity and creation 2. Traceability & proof of origin 3. Transparency and visibility 4. Standardisation 5. Gauge supply & demand 6. Increase marketability of recyclates/renewable materials 7. Smart contracts and operational efficiencies
  • Diwama Logo

    Company Description
    Transparency and traceability are key to connect the waste value chain and drive sustainability and this is why Diwama is on a mission is to collect smart data on waste streams and translate them into actionable insights to drive green behavior and improve operational efficiencies across the waste value chain. Diwama is working on “Vitron”, an AI-based image recognition software that automates waste analysis to drive recycling revenues. Vitron consists of a supervisory unit, an AI vision and an online dashboard. The supervisory unit is a camera connected to a computer which are installed above conveyor belts in waste sorting and recycling facilities. The AI vision is a deep learning algorithm which is installed on the computer and trained to detect the several types of waste passing on the conveyor belt in real time based on what the camera sees. Data analytics and KPIs will then be displayed on an online dashboard along with actionable insights to optimize the facility performance, increase recycling rates and increase purity of recyclables. Vitron Features: • Real time and historical data on waste classification based on type, weight and brand • Quality control over sorted plastics • Maps waste composition to source • Provide consumer behavior analysis
  • Veridis Logo

    Company Description
    We are an ambitious start-up, aiming for a significant improvement of the quality control in the plastic recycling industry. We are developing new analytical technologies to improve material property characterization of plastics and complex materials. Currently, we are realizing our Proof-of-Concept, and aim for pilots later this year. Therefor, we are actively searching for partners that can help us in this journey. Conventional DSC devices are highly accurate and process all types (and colours) of plastics but can only process samples of approximately five milligrammes of plastic flakes per scan (about 1-2 flakes). With an average batch of plastic (one big-bag) weighing one tonne (1000 kg), a quality scan of a mere five milligrammes is not representative nor reliable to assess the quality of such batches. In order to make analyses reliable and scalable, our MADSCAN device will be able to provide samples for up to 500 grammes of plastic per scan, whilst maintaining the same level of accuracy (99%) and plastic range. This increases the analysis capacity by a factor of 100.000 per scan without a decrease in accuracy or applicability.
  • Reath Logo

    Company Description
    Reath are experts in safe reuse of everyday items, from packaging to PPE. The Reath system is a combination of machine-readable tags with our Open Data Standard, We designed our platform to succinctly and comprehensively capture all the data points needed to run a safe, compliant and optimised reuse system. We are building the digital infrastructure for the circular economy.
  • Empower Logo

    Company Description
    Empower is creating a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value. By introducing an easily deployable digital deposit system, where plastic waste collection and recycling is incentivised, they are cleaning up the world while fighting poverty by providing a wage to those in need. The digital deposit systems provides financial incentives to crowdsource collection and segregation at source, vastly lovering the costs of collection and recycling of plastic waste while also contributing to higher quality materials. Empower has piloted its system in 16 countries across Europe, SE Asia and Africa and has permanent collection points in 7 countries where plastic waste is collected and brought to recycling. Through Empowers system it is possible to source socially collected plastic waste and track its journey through the value chain, from collection to recycled products. It is a fully digital, scalable & easy to deploy system that can be a core part of any supply chain.
  • Ichthion Logo

    Company Description
    Ichthion, a multi-award winning company born out of the laboratories of Imperial College London, seeks to overcome the limitations of existing technologies by delivering the first truly scalable solutions to reduce the flow of plastics into the world’s oceans, proposing energy-generative systems that uniquely can installed in rivers, coastal areas and the oceans to remove plastic waste and generate data. We have developed three types of technology streams, Azure, Cobalt and Ultramarine. These operate in different environments to prevent macro and micro plastics entering into the phytoplankton growth areas in coastal zones, and also for the reclamation of plastics in the ocean. Our systems are in Technology Readiness Level 4 (Test system Validation in lab environment). Our technologies have been designed to provided data about the plastic, which we use to inform goverments about strategies of circular economy that can effectively reduce the pollution entering the waterstreams.
  • Interface Polymers Logo
    Interface Poly…

    Company Description
    We are about to revolutionise the polyolefin industry. With radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, we are opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining and finishing. Whichever polyolefin market you are in, we have a compatibility solution for you.
  • The Great Bubble Barrier Logo
    The Great Bubb…
    The Great Bubble Barrier Logo
    The Great Bubble Barrier

    Company Description
    The Great Bubble Barrier wants to remove as much plastic as possible from the environment. We will achieve this by ensuring that as many inland waterways in the world as possible are free of plastic, so that the plastic soup in our oceans is dramatically reduced, and will not increase (supporting the initiatives of The Ocean Cleanup). By doing so, we want to improve water quality and the quality of life for humans and animals. We filter plastic from the water by strategically placing bubble curtains in rivers, canals and channels. In this way, we want to sustainably recycle plastic to the supply chain. In addition, we want to bring awareness of the plastic pollution problem, in order to prevent the increase of plastic ending up in the waterways. And ultimately, we want to make the Bubble Barriers completely unnecessary!
  • Upp! UpCycling Plastic Logo
    Upp! UpCycling…
    Upp! UpCycling Plastic Logo
    Upp! UpCycling Plastic

    Company Description
    Every year, 300 million tonnes of plastic gets thrown out as waste, with under 10% being reused or recycled. Most of the plastic waste is being incinerated with a high carbon footprint and a lot of toxic air pollution as a consequence. And a lot of plastic waste ends up in the oceans, killing fish, birds and even ending up in our food chain. Upp! takes action against plastic pollution. Upp! is currently active in the Netherlands and in Vietnam. We want to close the plastic circle locally. The products we make are designed for circular use so should be re-usable or recyclable. Modular, easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. Durable so re-usable at end-of-use and 100% recyclable so truly circular if needed. Products as a service business models to be developed. Lease or deposit schemes to be applied. And everything together with the customer.
  • Greyparrot Logo
    Greyparrot Logo

    Company Description
    At Greyparrot, we provide waste recognition software that identifies materials using AI-based computer vision to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale. Our goal is to empower waste managers with actionable insights to increase recycling rates. Our first product, an Automated Waste Monitoring System, is currently deployed on moving conveyor belts in sorting facilities to measure large waste flows. The system provides waste analytics to increase resource capture, give quality guarantee to buyers and mitigate against risk. We are committed to unlocking the financial value of waste, which will, in turn, support our transition to a circular economy and keep our environment clean for generations to come.
  • Plastic-Back Logo

    Company Description
    Plastic Back has developed a technology able to convert plastic waste to crude oil and other valuable chemicals. Our product, a conversion unit based on this technology, allows treatment and land-fill sites to reduce the amount of waste land-filled. On the other side, our solutions allows 'waste producers' such as factories, agriculture operations, hospitals and more the alternative to their high removals and treatment fees they pay for waste removal. By treating the waste with our innovative, chemical solution, we are able to: 1. Work in room temperature: under 100 C. a Hugh economic advantage compared to competition (600-1200 C) 3. Develop physically small units compared to competition 4. Work in a closed system allowing use to control all aspects of the conversion unit and reduce and even eliminate GHG emissions Plastic Back won 1st place in HP's 'carbon neutral' competition and 2nd place in the prestigious New Energy Challenge by Shell
  • Impact Recycling Logo
    Impact Recycli…

    Company Description
    Impact Recycling has developed a breakthrough plastic recycling technology which separates the components of post-consumer, mixed plastic waste to recover two consistent streams of plastic; polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), each with a 98% purity. Our water based, density separation process is known as BOSS (Baffled Oscillation Separation System). The purity of the recycled PE & PP produced by BOSS ensures a high value product to meet the demand from the plastic moulding industry. BOSS recycles the hard to recycle plastics left behind by waste companies and is a driver of significant quantities of plastic away from landfill and incineration. The mixed feedstock we process makes up 60% of the plastic sent to landfill or incineration in the EU. Existing solutions either cannot technically separate this plastic or do so in an economically unviable way. BOSS technology is also colour agnostic, allowing effective separation of black material not possible with existing technologies
  • Plastic Odyssey Logo
    Plastic Odyssey

    Company Description
    Plastic Odyssey aims to promote and make recycling technologies accessible. To do so, we develop low-tech and open-source technologies to valorize plastic waste. These machines are based on existing technologies that have already proven to be successful as far as sorting, recycling, and pyrolysis are concerned. However, they have to be improved and adapted to be mobile, budget-friendly, easy to produce and to repair. Blueprints will be available online for free so that everyone can have access to them freely. To promote sustainable practices and technologies, Plastic Odyssey will embark on a 3-year expedition, +30 stopovers, 40,000 nautical miles sailed to study local cultures, needs and use of plastics and initiate the building of small local recycling units and waste reduction initiatives. We have financial partnerships with L’Occitane en Provence, Clarins, Matmut, and Groupe Crédit Agricole.
  • Recycleye Logo

    Company Description
    Current waste sorting infrastructure relies on huge facilities far outside city centers that still depend heavily on expensive manual picking (exposing workers to health hazards). Spun-out from academia, Recycleye developed an ultra-low-cost computer vision sensor capable of classifying all items in waste streams by material type and brand (costing <£300 vs traditionally used NIR sensors that cost >£40k and only detect plastics) – it is continuously being improved through our active partnership with Microsoft and the Imperial Data Science Institute. The ‘material passport’ logs generated will enable waste pickers/traders/facility managers to understand levels of contamination (and place an exact value on each ton of recycled plastic – turning waste into an easily tradable commodity). By leveraging this with affordable robotics the company is working with partners to launch an autonomous low-cost sorting solution that is unlocking the value-add behind decentralized sorting.
  • Circularise Logo

    Company Description
    Sharing information across supply chains can present challenges, not only because of the inherent complexity and scale but also due to concerns around trust, privacy and confidentiality. Circularise has developed a patent-pending technology to enable supply chain transparency for materials and products via creating a digital twin on a public system that avoids exposing sensitive data. This enables material producers, OEMs, and manufacturers to trace raw materials from source, into parts and ultimately to the end product and end of life recovery. This innovative technology enables companies to show "good-stewardship" practices towards customers and regulators, but at the same time maintain control over the information they share to improve collaboration and competitive advantages. We have a proven track record of working with companies such as Marubeni, BASF, Covestro, Domo Chemicals, Stanley Black & Decker, Arcelik, Porsche and a number of their Tier 1-2 suppliers.
  • Thread Logo

    Company Description
    Thread collects plastic waste from the poorest neighborhood around the world to turn it into fabric. The connection made between the bottom of the supply chain to the consumer not only instantly improves the social and environmental impact of the products but also makes Thread the most responsible fabric on the planet. Thread increases job opportunities in developing cities while enabling the traceability of the products. Thread has also recently been partnering with Aerie, Reebok, Timberland, and Marmot.
  • Universal Matter Logo
    Universal Matt…

    Company Description
    Universal Matter Inc. was formed in July 2019 to scale-up and commercialize a breakthrough process (Flash Graphene) to produce the best and the most affordable graphene. We make this high-value material using simple carbon ingredients such as recycled plastics, turning a waste product into a resource. Meanwhile, adding graphene to other materials makes them stronger, lighter, and more resilient while dramatically cutting their carbon footprint, contributing to a more circular economy. Our technology is expected to support broad adoption of graphene across several major industries. Universal Matter has signed an exclusive worldwide license with Rice University to fully leverage this technology for development of graphene solutions. Our vision is to become the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality, most economical graphene products using a broad range of carbon materials, including biomass and recycled plastics to dramatically reduce GHG emissions and solid waste streams.
  • Scrapo Logo

    Company Description
    Plastic Recycling Marketplace: Connect and trade directly with suppliers & buyers of recyclable plastics. Browse through thousands of offers in top categories. All types of plastic for your recycling or manufacturing needs.
  • rePurpose Global Logo
    rePurpose Glob…
    rePurpose Global Logo
    rePurpose Global

    Company Description
    rePurpose Global is the world's leading Plastic Action Platform making positive environmental impact accessible for anyone, anywhere. Our one-stop solution empowers purposeful people and companies to go Plastic Neutral by meaningfully reducing their plastic footprint and financing innovators solving for our planet's future. Through rePurpose Impact Projects across 3 continents, we are creating systemic change for people across 26 countries and hundreds of conscious brands, including Grove Collaborative, AB InBev, The Hut Group, Google, Dalberg, and Colgate. On behalf of this global coalition, we eliminate millions of pounds of plastic waste from nature every year, and in doing so, improve the lives of 9,500+ marginalized waste workers worldwide.
  • Replenysh Logo

    Company Description
    Replenysh is building technology to help brands close the loop on their products and materials. We are currently focused on the broken waste and recycling industry, which sends $275 billion of material to landfill each year. Our vision is the end of landfills and plastic pollution. To achieve this, we are building tools to reinvent the collection, transportation, and sale of secondary materials while delivering an enhanced customer experience for all participants. Built by an experienced team with domain expertise, world class design and technical talent, and strong industry relationships, we are backed by leading angel and venture capital investors including Kindred Ventures, Floodgate, and 122WEST.
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    Company Description
    If you're in the city, you probably put your recyclables at the curb next to your garbage. But many rural areas in the United States have little or no access to such services. Recyclops is keeping an eye out for those folks. The company hires local independent contractors with pickup trucks, using a tech-driven smart routing app. Recyclops serves more than 3,500 homes and plans this year to more than double that number across 40 cities nationwide. Recyclops operates in Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona, and is expanding into Texas, the CEO says. Since its inception in 2014, the startup has recycled nearly 2,000 tons and diverted 4 million pounds of waste from landfills. Recyclops charges $10 a month for twice-monthly pickups. For businesses, Recyclops provides glass recycling services as well.
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    The Olyns solution is a highly scalable, advertising funded HW/SW platform designed to collect and sort recycled plastic and aluminum in locations with high pedestrian traffic. The company’s proprietary recycling machines and mobile app provide compelling gamified incentives for users to recycle their plastic and aluminum containers in the machines. Once deposited, machine learning algorithms sort and crush the material. When the machines are approaching full, an alert is sent via the app to gig workers who empty the machines and transport the material directly to processors in return for payment. Digital out-of-home advertising provides revenue and is shared with host locations as an added benefit of hosting the machines. Host locations can be: grocery stores, big box, cinemas, malls, transportation hubs, etc.
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    Net Your Probl…
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    Net Your Problem LLC

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    We build coalitions of interested stakeholders, interested in reforming the waste management system, to move towards a responsible disposal method for end of life fishing gear. We are currently active in Alaska, Maine and California and are building programs around the world. We believe that landfill or indefinite storage are not the best disposal method for end of life fishing gear, and are working on collecting it and determining the best recycler based on location and capacity, to mechanically recycle end of life fishing gear. We enable this material to get back into the supply chain so brands and manufacturers can use fishing gear plastic to replace virgin plastic in their products. As of Sept 2020, we have collected 880,000 lbs of fishing gear for recycling.
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    Intermix Performance Materials

    Company Description
    Our polymer additive enables the valorization of mixed plastics at low cost producing a high quality alloy. Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) account for about 2/3 of all plastics in post-consumer waste. Due to their different structures, they are not miscible, resulting in plastic mixtures with unacceptably poor strength. One way to create higher quality recycled materials is to perform careful manual separation, but this is expensive and the separated materials still exhibit performance that is inferior to pure PP and PE unless separation is near perfect. Intermix has developed a polymer additive that when added to a stream of mixed PP and PE enables these two polymers to be combined, yielding a polymer alloy that is mechanically comparable to pure PE and PP samples. This obviates laborious and expensive sorting. The polymer additive is particularly potent - as little as 0.5 wt% effectively compatibilizes mixtures with as much as 30% PP contamination.
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    Circ (formally…
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    Circ (formally Tyton BioSciences)

    Company Description
    Circ (formally Tyton) is headquartered in Danville, VA where our research takes place. Danville is a former textile town located on the Virginia/North Carolina border, an hour north of the Research Triangle. Circ developed a solution to chemically recycle blended waste textiles (cotton and polyester) to economically recover both products. The system uses sub-critical water to de-polymerize the polyester so that the TPA and Ethylene Glycol can be recovered from the liquid stream. These polyester monomers can then be polymerized into polyester, replacing oil; as a feedstock. The solid fraction, residual cotton, is converted into a high quality cellulose for use in making viscose, lyocell or acetate, replacing trees as a feedstock. Circ is in the process of scaling its technology and is currently testing with multiple corporate partners across the textile supply chain, through to major global fashion brands.
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    Muuse is as much a global movement as we are a company. With nine different nationalities represented on our team, we are young and passionate changemakers that are disrupting togo packaging. Through our data-driven platform, our thoughtfully designed togo containers, cups, and bottles, and a growing network of cafes, universities, corporate offices, airports, and large scale events, we are pioneering sustainable reuse models to eliminate single-use packaging. We are 18 months into our journey and we have run 38 different projects and pilots across four countries. We have won numerous awards and have participated in four accelerator programs. We are actively scaling our pilots in San Francisco and Singapore currently and have ambitious expansion plans in the year ahead. We are working with most of the largest brands in packaging to design and plan for a more sustainable future.
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    Betterbin is a social enterprise tech startup. Our mobile platform monetizes increased consumer recycling accuracy to benefit the financial viability of the material recovery industry. The Betterbin app incentivizes consumers to scan the UPC barcode of any product or text search for any brand-specific product or material to get instant, local how-to-recycle answers. More than just an app, Betterbin is building a one-of-a-kind data hub for online retailers that will provide the retailers with the data they need to tell consumers exactly how to properly dispose of purchased product packaging based on where the consumer lives. Betterbin's product and location-specific decontamination solution is the first of its kind in the U.S. to tackle the two biggest barriers to consumer recycling accuracy: (1) Acceptable recovered materials vary from one community to the next; and (2) Consumer goods packaging is increasingly complex.
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    ByFusion Logo

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    The plastic recycling industry is facing extreme challenges. Costs of operations are skyrocketing due to an increase of non recyclable plastic packing, high contamination rates and decrease of secondary markets for the non recyclables is forcing recycling center to landfill more plastic than ever which has devastating downstream impacts.