Frequently asked questions

What services does Plug and Play provide?

We help our corporate partners in every stage of their innovation journey, from education to execution. We offer a tailored service, adapted to the needs of each of our corporate partners.

First-hand access to the startup ecosystem helps our partners solve business challenges efficiently. We also host workshops, conduct partner-to-partner introductions, deliver startup lists, and so much more. Partners are also able to further access the Plug and Play ecosystem by attending our hundreds of innovation-focused events.

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What does open innovation mean? Do I have to work with my competitors?

Innovation thrives through collaboration. That’s why our open innovation approach is the most effective: We bring together corporations, startups, venture capitalists, government entities, and universities, by providing the platform for everyone anywhere to engage.

We do encourage partners to work together as we have experienced that corporate-to-corporate engagements promote further innovation. It’s of course up to each organization to decide whether they want to collaborate with these stakeholders or not.

How do you measure the success of the partnership?

When working with startups, new expectations are set each year of the partnership. Some examples of measurable ROI would be the number of startups met, number of NDA’s signed, number of pilots initiated, how many pilots led to commercial deals, and how many of these commercial deals helped achieve a corporation’s overarching goals.

Corporate partners are exposed to a new, Silicon Valley-like mindset. Our platform inspires and energizes organizations, by expanding their innovative reach beyond their corporations’ walls.

How much access will I get to other verticals?

Cross-industry collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our model allows our corporate partners to access startups across all industries we are experts in, and not just from the vertical they’ve joined. We want our partners to take advantage of our scope and get inspiration from everything that we’ve built together.

I already have an in-house VC, why should I work with Plug and Play?

This is great news! If this is the case, we can fast-track your innovation efforts and enhance your already-existing processes. We’re a venture capital firm at our core, so we can co-invest in startups or share opportunities. We can also share best practices to help you avoid pitfalls that we've seen with other companies. With our vast global database, prominent portfolio, and experience we expedite execution while having the pleasure of collaborating.

How do I know if my competitors are already working with you?

Take a look at this list with all our public partners. We have the largest corporate innovation network in the world, which means you will be able to speak with your industry peers, and benefit at times from competitors, about their challenges and their approach to innovation. This will accelerate your learning, help you avoid pitfalls, and allow you to execute quicker. By working with us, your competitors are privy to exclusive information only accessible through the Plug and Play network. Do not get left behind and get in touch today!

What marketing exposure can we potentially have when we join your innovation platform?

We showcase our new partnerships in press releases. Partners who are excited to share their successes with startups will also have the opportunity to be featured in case studies or to have their own customer success story. If you are interested in more collaboration around marketing, we will work together to accomplish your goals.

Can we have events on-site at our premises?

Of course! We love to bring innovation all over the world. We organize innovation days (typically 1 day to 1 week in length) with our partners on-site in their own location and bring relevant startups to showcase to their audience. Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event with us, even if you are not yet an official partner.

Is Plug and Play an accelerator?

Plug and Play is so much more than an accelerator: we are an open innovation platform. Our primary goal is to drive innovation worldwide and, to do that, we connect the largest corporations with global stage-agnostic startups that meet their needs.

We do organize pilot-oriented acceleration programs to give more visibility to the startups, but they’re just one out of the many services that we offer.

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How does Plug and Play help startups with business development?

Startups in our ecosystem get connected with world-leading companies. Our corporate partners share with us their problem areas of focus, needs, and tech interests, and we match them with the most suited startups to potentially solve those challenges through mutual collaboration.

These matches are stage-agnostic and focused on business development. We foster pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) opportunities, investments, and acquisitions. We also leverage our ecosystem learnings to help startups understand market dynamics and business model best practices. Joining our ecosystem is a unique opportunity for startups looking to grow their business.

Is there a fee or equity requirement for startup participation?

No. All our services for startups are totally free. We don’t take equity and we don’t charge any fees nor commissions to be in our ecosystem and participate in our activities.

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How does the corporate/startup matching process work?

In order to be matched with corporations, startups have to register on Playbook, an invite-only platform developed by Plug and Play. After the initial meeting with a startup, Plug and Play Ventures will send them an invite to register on Playbook if it's a fit with our service offering.

Once a startup has registered, anyone from Plug and Play can reach out and give them the opportunity to connect with our corporate partners. The startup is then free to decide if they want to take the opportunity or not based on the relevancy.

How often does a startup get connected with corporate partners?

These introductions are subject to our partners’ requests, which vary every year and in every industry. Hence, there isn’t a defined frequency when these matches happen. This match-making is more focused on the relevancy and quality of the meeting rather than quantity.

Besides corporate-startup matching, startups also gain exposure by participating in our global events, networking sessions, and accelerator programs.

Are corporate partners looking to acquire startups?

The corporate/startup matching is focused on fostering pilot opportunities. After a successful pilot, some corporations may want to acquire the startup.

Who does Plug and Play typically invest in?

We are one of the most active VCs in Silicon Valley. We typically invest $50K-250K in Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A startups. In follow-up investments, we may invest up to $1M.

We don’t regularly ask for any specific percentages, although typically we get between 1% and 5%. Our goal is to fund the teams that are building the businesses of the future and to support them through our ecosystem and activities globally.

Do startups need to be invested by Plug and Play to be matched with corporations?

No. Any startup can join our ecosystem at any given moment, even if they’re not looking to raise capital or haven't received funds from Plug and Play. And we encourage you to do so!

How can a startup apply to join the Plug and Play ecosystem?

If you’re a startup and you want to join our ecosystem, you can do so by filling out this form. Our Ventures team will review your application. If our experts consider that your startup qualifies to be part of our ecosystem, they will reach out to you and schedule a call.