Topeka and Shawnee County are the nation's fastest-growing areas for the health sciences. Companies located within this region represent 67% of the total animal health, diagnostics, and pet food sold in the US, totaling $21.5 billion in sales. 

Plug and Play is building a world-class animal health ecosystem by pairing Silicon Valley technology with the Kansas region's state-of-the-art industry R&D, workforces, and animal health companies.

Topeka and Shawnee County helped build what is now known as the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor. More than 300 animal health companies are located between Manhattan, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, including four of the top 10 animal health companies in the world.

Our founding partners

  • cargill - plug and play
  • Evergy
  • Hills
  • Bimini.001

Our focus areas

  • Alternative Feed
  • Livestock Monitoring
  • Animal Health
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Drug/Vaccine Development
  • Production Efficiency
  • Sustainability

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