Supply Chain

Rethinking Supply Chain & Logistics

We match large corporations with the brightest startups to drive change in supply chain & logistics.

Meet startups, discover the latest trends, attend unique events, and become more innovative from the core.

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USPS startup accelerator
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Supply Chain Partners
Supply Chain Partners
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Our Supply Chain ecosystem, in numbers

  • 45
    corporate partners fast-tracked
  • 184
    POCs & Pilots developed
  • 205
    startups accelerated
  • 35
    investments made
  • 2
    Supply Chain unicorns backed

Innovation in a Circular Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains have become circular. This paradigm shift, which is intrinsically linked to sustainability, is reshaping the industry as we know it. In this new landscape, innovation needs to tackle each and every step of the process. From raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, recycling, and more.

Supply Chain Innovation

Learn about future trends in Supply Chain

2023 Supply Chain Future Trends

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