Our Policy against External Harassment and Discrimination

At Plug and Play our mission is to empower, connect, and invest in startups who are challenging the world of today by creating the technologies of tomorrow. We are privileged to work alongside exceptional founders every day, and are deeply committed to continuing to build an ecosystem that supports success for founders, startups, and companies worldwide. Alongside our peers in the industry, we acknowledge the disproportionate and systemic lack of opportunity faced by underrepresented folks in our community. We realize that we are at the beginning of our journey to ensure that we enable and support all people, and we are committed to taking action alongside our public commitment to diversity, inclusion, anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination.

Recently, we’ve pursued a number of initiatives to help foster diversity and inclusion within our ecosystem. We have evaluated and modified our internal hiring practices to build teams more representative of the world we live in and the founders we aim to invest in. Through ongoing external D&I training workshops we've begun to equip our team with new tools that will help us to continue building a cultural foundation of diversity and inclusion. We have launched FoundHer, an organization focused on producing content, events, and guidelines to empower female employees and founders across Plug and Play's ecosystem. Beyond this, we are exploring more future of work tools to fortify our internal systems from bias and exclusion. Though there is yet a long journey forward, we are excited to keep moving and iterating on new solutions.