Food & Beverage

We’re from Silicon Valley, California. We love farm-to-table, we love our avocados, and we hate the drought.

With 33 million people affected by our drought over the last four years, it was only natural that the minds of Silicon Valley took to the task of making things better with technology.

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We run three month accelerator programs twice a year boosting our startups through corporate business development, networking and pitch events, world-class mentorship, and the potential for investment.

Some focus areas include:

  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Food Freshness & Safety
  • Automation
  • Functional Foods
  • Protein & Ingredient Alternatives
  • Asset Tracking
  • Distribution
  • Waste Reduction

Our Food & Beverage corporate innovation partners.

  • Pepsico startup accelerator
  • Tyson Foods Startup Accelerator
  • Taylor Farms Startup Accelerator
  • Bremer Bank - Plug and Play
  • Tetra Pak Corporate Innovation
  • Smithfield Foods Startup Accelerator
  • ajinomoto
  • ezaki glico - plug and play corporate partner
  • DuPont - Plug and Play
  • Red Bull - Plug and Play
  • Mondelez International - Plug and Play
  • Lavazza - Plug and Play
  • Esselunga - Plug and Play

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