We are building the world’s leading innovation platform

We drive innovation by connecting the brightest minds

We want to build a smart future. To achieve that, we’re building a unique ecosystem that connects change-makers and leading organizations.

Our network consists of over 75,000 startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries. Together with our partners, we are creating a unique ecosystem designed to develop and implement the technologies of tomorrow.


Corporate Innovation

We work with the largest corporations and give them access to a strategically-aligned selection of startups that meet their tech interests.

Corporate partners also get a unique perspective on the latest tech trends, as well as firsthand access to a network of industry leaders and top-level executives, to learn best practices and set standards.

Our Mission: To drive innovation by connecting entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors worldwide.

Meet our CEO & Founder: Saeed Amidi

A Silicon Valley heavy-weight and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience. Saeed has successfully launched businesses across the globe, and invested in future-thinking companies such as PayPal, Danger, Dropbox, and Lending Club.

Saeed is an active player in the tech ecosystem, with a passion to inspire others and boost innovation.

Innovation to me means using technology or a business model or process to reach your decision, and add value faster, better and cheaper than ever. ” - Saeed Amidi, CEO & Founder

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