The Rise of Femtech

There has been a systemic history of excluding women from healthcare innovation and clinical research. Industry thought leader, Brittany Barreto, kicked off this event with a Femtech trends presentation and overview of the opportunity to change the status quo.

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A Conversation Between Industry-Leaders

Anish Sebastian, Co-founder and CEO, Babyscripts: Sebastian’s mission at Babyscripts is to drive access in maternal care and eliminate the challenges with remote monitoring and gaps in clinical outcomes.

Brian Rothstein, Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals Ventures: Rothstein brings together health innovators and business unit champions across the University Hospitals system to pilot, invest, and launch digital health solutions.

Liza Kunz, Disease Area Network Lead Obstetrics and Gynecology, Roche Diagnostics: Kunz is working to redefine medical affairs as a strategic partner to the C-suite and to bring patient centricity to diagnostics within the pharma industry.

Monte Curnutt, VP of Corporate Development, Roche Diagnostics: Curnett leads strategy and development of Roche’s entrance into new market segments both in traditional diagnostics areas and new areas such as digital health.

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The Highlights of the Panel Discussion

  • Partnering with digital health companies can solve challenges with gaps in diagnostics and remote monitoring especially within the complexity of the health system
  • The power of more data and patient education during pregnancy is critical as dangerous conditions are able to develop between visits where the symptoms seem benign
  • Advocacy is so important to drive awareness into femtech venture investments and women’s health technology advancement
  • We need to address head-on the care of women to reverse the growing inequities and gaps in care
  • Delivering better care requires a lot of stakeholders to be aligned, a key is to work in partnerships with clinician, patient, and payer engagement. Don’t try to innovate without the clinicians on board.

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