The New Consumerism in Healthcare

Betsy Bluestone and David Gordon discussed the trends of how empowered consumers are using technology and new products to manage their own health and wellness.

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A Conversation Between Two Heavy Hitters

Betsy Bluestone is Senior Director of Global Scouting and Partnerships of P&G Ventures. Her team partners with entrepreneurs, investors, and startups to discover and create consumer products, brands, and businesses that solve the needs of consumers in areas that are new to P&G. She has 20+ years of experience in brand and sales management within P&G.

David Gordon is Head of Investments of Longliv Ventures. A digital health pioneer and a tech veteran, David has been at the forefront of technology for 25 years, holding senior positions at Intel, Orange, and Elbit in areas such as strategic planning, product and business development, and technology forecasting.

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The Highlights of the Panel Discussion

  • New Models: Digital health entrepreneurs are focusing on the out-of-pocket spending and the premium D2C models.
  • The Customer: If a brand can win Gen Z consumers, they’ll likely be able to win over the other groups such as aging boomers and urban millennials.
  • At The Store: Retailers are dedicating up to 30% of space to their health-focused service offerings
  • In Your Location: At-home diagnostics have empowered consumers to better understand treatment effectiveness.
  • Brand Trust: Per an Edelman study, 81% of consumers said that personal vulnerability is the reason why brand trust has become more important.
  • VC: Investment is flowing towards direct-to-consumer and addressing problems on a global scale.

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