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We fast-track innovation in Financial Services.


Bringing innovation to an old industry.

Brand & Retail

Solving the biggest problems top brands, retailers, and industry players face today.

Internet of Things

Connect our world with new technology.


Reinvent the wheel.


Join us in revolutionizing the future of healthcare.

Supply Chain

The future of the end-to-end supply chain.

Real Estate & Construction

Redefine our built environment.

Food & Beverage

The future of food is a critical global issue. We’re playing our part.

Travel & Hospitality

Disruptive technologies rethinking innovation in travel and hospitality.


Tackling the innovation challenge in industry that powers the world.

New Materials & Packaging

Looking into the future of how things are made.

Smart Cities

Redefine our built environment.


Accelerate the growth of startups that are tackling the most difficult environmental issues of our time.

Enterprise Tech

Disrupting the foundational status quo of every company.

Media & Ad

The personalized, automated, immersive, experiential, and measurable future of media and advertising technology.


Plug and Play is creating the world’s most effective Agtech platform to find and develop new applications in automation, analytics, sustainability, and supply chain.

Animal Health

With the support of local industry leaders, Plug and Play is building a world-class Animal Health ecosystem.

Startup Autobahn

The spirit of Silicon Valley in the hub of mobility engineering.

Plug and Play Japan

A bridge between Japan and the world's global innovation ecosystem.

BNP Paribas–Plug and Play

The ultimate Fintech and Insurtech ecosystem in Paris.

Plug and Play Abu Dhabi

Powered by Abu Dhabi Investment Office. Accelerating innovation in the financial and healthcare sectors of the Middle East.


Build a bridge to connect with Singapore to Silicon Valley.


Where innovation meets determination.

North Dakota

With the support of local industry leaders, Plug and Play is building a world-class Agtech ecosystem.

Plug and Play China

Build a bridge to connect with China to Silicon Valley.

Plug and Play Thailand

A bridge between Thailand and the world's global innovation ecosystem.

Kering x Plug and Play

Crafting Tomorrow’s Luxury.

GK-Plug and Play Indonesia

Build a bridge to connect with Indonesia to Silicon Valley.

Global Overseas Acceleration & Learning

Build a global gateway to connect international talent to Silicon Valley.

Startup Camp

Our program dedicated to pre-seed startups with great ideas.


Safety: A digital future

Awesome Lab

The 1st FashionTech Accelerator Program in Spain.