Plug and Play supports startups in Malta, and those looking to begin operations in the country. This platform offers mentorship, training, access to our VC network, business development opportunities, and more. 

Malta is the EU’s smallest member state, situated in the middle of the Mediterranean. With a rich history, diversified economy, ideal climate, and competitive cost of living, Malta is a highly attractive place for companies to incorporate and grow.

Our Founding Partner

Malta Enterprise is the country's economic development agency, tasked with attracting new foreign direct investment as well as facilitating the growth of existing operations.


The “Start in Malta” initiative

Start in Malta is Malta Enterprise’ governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the Maltese startup ecosystem for it to be the birthplace of many startup success stories

Plug and Play will be working with Malta Enterprise within the Start in Malta initiative, assisting companies to start and flourish in the country.

Plug and Play Malta and Malta Enterprise have put together an extremely strong proposition for startups to scale up in Malta. To learn more, visit their website to understand the financial incentives offered, such as operational and relocation costs (including salaries). These schemes can serve as seed funding and other equity measures against others, with a maximum of 1.2 million Euros.


Target industries

Startups in these areas will have the chance to accelerate their business through the program. Plug and Play Malta will be focused on three specific industries with its second batch of startups, always with a Data-Driven Component as this is key to run a successful business.

How startups can apply

Submit your details to get in contact with the Plug and Play Malta team. If your startup is a fit, the team will let you know all the opportunities available and put you on the right track to scale your business.

Batch 1: Data-driven solutions

  • Logo Logo is building next generation platform that will enable non-experts to build 3D assets for variety of use-cases including e-commerce, games, XR, brands, retail, and Human-Machine interface. We can create high-quality models of a wide range of furniture, shoes, clothing, and other consumer goods.
  • PharmaTrace Logo
    PharmaTrace Logo
    PharmaTrace is a blockchain based ecosystem where the pharmaceutical industry works together to do better business based on a common distributed ledger. It is secure, fast, efficient, trustful, agile, cross-interactive, cost-saving and easy to install. Our ecosystem is built on a decentralized network, utilizing the latest blockchain technology, thus providing high-level data security, complete traceability and simplified process pathways at both local and global levels. Our bleeding edge platform leverages the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to protect supply chains, data exchange and integrity, in transaction channels, while also providing cost saving models and business operation upscale. At PharmaTrace, we are the technical foundation to network the entire Healthcare Ecosystem for increased security and efficiency throughout the system.
  • Secure Elements Ltd Logo
    Secure Elements Ltd
    Secure Elements Ltd Logo
    Secure Elements Ltd
    Secure Elements presents an Integrated Product Cybersecurity Platform for MaaS companies to design cyber secure systems. The platform offers design, engineering and management capabilities to secure the product throughout it’s lifecycle, in compliance with ISO 21434 and UN ECE R155/R156.
  • RegTick Logo
    RegTick Logo
    Regtick is a visually intuitive software platform which simplifies the management of complex regulatory and compliance programmes so that organisations can reduce cost, improve control and collaboration and evidence compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis. Unlike existing platforms Regtick’s intuitive visual approach makes it easy to see actual progress in real time. Regtick is pushing the boundaries of visualisation software, creating our own technologies giving the user oversight of their end goal of compliance and the ability to zoom in on the specific detail of any given task. Unlike existing platforms, Regtick’s intuitive, visual approach pushes the boundaries of visualisation software, creating new governance reporting systems. Giving the client not only clear oversight of their compliance needs and a fully audited history of interactions but also providing real-time transparency and simple clear workflow between teams. Regtick uniquely sits across risk, regulatory, compliance and governance silos. Regtick leverages cutting edge UX design and visualisations embedding first-hand knowledge of how regulatory change programmes succeed and fail within the financial services-regulatory community. At Regtick “we take the complex out of compliance”.
  • NoID Solutions Ltd Logo
    NoID Solutions Ltd
    NoID Solutions Ltd Logo
    NoID Solutions Ltd
    Private and secure encrypted email. We protect email, what you write, what you read, what you attach, we encrypt email, files and more adding privacy, security and intelligence so you can do more with email than just email. We build and supply server software to run your own Email server which encrypts email "On send" and decrypts "On receipt". If you value privacy, data security and want to be free of monitoring, tracking, fraud and reputational risk then our products and services are for you. Traditional email was designed in 1971 before privacy and security were considered. Today 300 billion emails are sent each day and multiple parties have access to those messages due to their plain text format. We are a Privacy and Cybersecurity business headquartered in Malta Europe, operating wherever our customers and users are. Today a growing, globally experienced team of 15 are developing and delivering solutions for the world we live in now and the future. The multi-national senior team have delivered multiple software and internet products and services since the late 90’s with over 100 man-years of application (Software/Web/App) development, Legal, Banking, Sales, Business Development, Operations, Support and Quality Assurance experience.
  • Skinive Logo
    Skinive Logo
    Deep Learning company desing and develop AI&CV-based skin health screening solution (API, Web & Mobile Apps) using smartphone cameras for home and professional use at the dermatologist level and without the need for expensive equipment. Skinive 'solution supports: - More accurate identification of skin conditions and risk assessment, leading to better health outcomes and reduced treatment cost - Less onward referrals to secondary care, reducing strain on specialist clinics and lowering the costs of finding skin diseases.
  • Prometheus Technologies Logo
    Prometheus Technologies
    Prometheus Technologies Logo
    Prometheus Technologies
    Prometheus Technologies develops a plug-and-play investment platform enabling fintech partners to offer institutional-grade investing to their customers. It is AI-driven and delivers personalized ESG and Impact investing using machine learning techniques for alpha generation. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in San Jose, California.
  • The CyberFish Logo
    The CyberFish
    The CyberFish Logo
    The CyberFish
    Playing cyber crisis simulation games, with an additional focus on soft skills, such as team cohesion, crisis communications, decision-making increase personal resiliency of team members. Building the muscle memory for collaboration decreases individual stress levels, improves team resilience, and has a positive impact on the effectiveness of strategies used, when having to face a real crisis together. We help you exercise your crisis team's collaboration via our platform's immersive cyber incident game simulations, specifically designed to reflect your industry cyber threat landscape. Our clients pick the scenario most relevant to their threat landscape, we get their teams crisis-ready. Our simulations are used by our clients to help them as part of a regular crisis exercising compliance routine, but we have also exercised large cyber security decision-makers as part of their team-building events, and helped critical national infrastructure providers work with their supply chain partners more effectively and think together in terms of cyber security vulnerabilities and build a joint response capacity. We offer facilitated and automated exercises, via our platform Resilience Dojo, which is the go-to resource to crisis management and business continuity teams in the UK and beyond.
  • Omniscope Logo
    Omniscope Logo
    Omniscope is a Deep Biotech whose technology decodes the immune system in High Definition to inform therapy and develop diagnostics through the convergence of immune cell sequencing, digital biomarkers, and artificial intelligence.
  • Cereverse Logo
    Cereverse Logo