BRB Open Innovation program

The BRB Open Innovation Program aims to form strategic partnerships with companies that have technological solutions applicable to the financial or government sector

Introducing BRB Open Innovation Program a 6-month program by BRB & Plug and Play for innovative, and forward thinking startups in the financial services space.

In partnership with BRB

Banco de Brasília or even BRB, is a public bank, which, in addition to being a financial agent for the Federal District government, is a social agent with the population.  BRB's mission is to act as a solid, agile, modern, efficient and profitable public bank, the protagonist of economic, social and human development, the generation of employment and income and the improvement of the regional quality of life, in line with the best governance practices and management, and ethical principles and values. 


Celebrating two years of partnership between Banco BRB and Plug and Play Tech Center

Focus Areas

The purpose of the program is to select Solutions from companies that are already regularly constituted, in the traction or operation phase, that have, at least, a marketable solution and that seek an addressable market for their Solution with and / or for BRB, within one of the thematic lines below:

Startups we are looking for

  • Companies already regularly constituted, in the traction or operation phase, that have, at least, a marketable solution and that seek an addressable market for their Solution with and / or BRB
  • Private company
  • Revenue of R$ 81k
  • Company with share capital not formed by spouse, partner or relative in a straight line, collateral or by affinity, up to the third degree, of BRB employees
  • Desire to learn how to innovate and scale business with BRB
  • Diverse and focused leadership team with strong technical expertise

What to expect from the program

BRB Open Innovation program is a unique 6-month program made for forward thinking founders like yourself. We’ve designed the virtual program with content for you to extract as many insights as possible through the activities that will take place on a bi-weekly basis. Our goal is to guide you and support you to grow your business.

Key dates

  • Sep, 17
    Applications Open
  • Oct, 23
    Applications Closed
  • Oct, 26 - Nov, 6
    Selection of up to 35 Solutions (First Stage)
  • Nov, 9 - Nov, 20
    Selection of up to 15 Solutions (Second Stage)
  • Nov, 23 - Dec, 11
    Selection of up to 10 Solutions (Final Stage)
  • Jan, 4
    Program Launch
  • Jun, 29
    Program Wrap Up

Selected Startups

  • Accountfy Logo
    Accountfy Logo
    Accountfy is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides several tools for financial management.
  • BitCapital Logo
    BitCapital Logo
    Bit Capital is an open and modular platform for companies that want to digitally evolve, integrating themselves to the brazilian financial ecosystem in the most democratic, fast and secure way.
  • BluPay Logo
    BluPay Logo
    BluPay is a new way to make and receive payments, with more speed, economy and security.
  • CashBanx Logo
    CashBanx Logo
    Have a Partner Network for your customers to buy Online at a Market Place with CASHBACK and DISCOUNT COUPONS
  • Comdono Logo
    Comdono Logo
    Do you want to sell your property but have difficulty pricing the value? Calm! Here at #Comdono we help you with this in less than 2 minutes!
  • Datarisk Logo
    Datarisk Logo
    DataRisk is an online predictive modeling platform focused on credit, collection, and fraud serving mainly financial institutions.
  • Fligoo Logo
    Fligoo Logo
    Fligoo is a tech company that helps FIs increase revenue by increasing their up selling and cross-selling. We use AI and Machine Learning to analyze customer behavior data to identify each customer's needs and recommend what, when and how to make the product offer.
  • Flowfinance Logo
    Flowfinance Logo
    White label solutions for credit lines
  • Fullface Logo
    Fullface Logo
    FullFace Biometric Solutions has a proprietary algorithm of facial biometrics, is specialized at people identification, does not store images and can easily integrate with any existing hardware or software.
  • GoEPIK Logo
    GoEPIK Logo
    Allows you to build your own digital transformation without bugging your IT Team or coding.
  • Inbenta Logo
    Inbenta Logo
    Inbenta is a global leader in AI, whose patented natural language processing fuels highly accurate search solutions for customer support, e-commerce and chatbots. With a foundation of 11+ years of R&D, Inbenta’s technology understands & delivers results based on the meaning behind customers’ search queries, not the individual keywords. The result: industry-leading 90%+ self-service rates.
  • Kublau Logo
    Kublau Logo
    Card tracking platform (CRM) that helps Issuers improve delivery, increase activation and optimize Card´s lifecycle enabling a proactive and personalized onboarding experience
  • MaisCâmara Logo
    MaisCâmara Logo
    Mais was born from the desire of its founders to offer a product that could reduce defaults without increasing costs, bringing people and institutions closer together.
  • Moxtra Logo
    Moxtra Logo
    Moxtra, created by the founders of WebEx, provides an omni-channel customer engagement platform for financial services companies. With Moxtra, banks can deliver a customer-centric, digital branch experience to help attract, engage, and retain today’s banking customers.
  • Nama Logo
    Nama Logo
    Nama is a conversational AI platform to build enterprise-level solutions in a collaborative way.
  • Nuveo Logo
    Nuveo Logo
    Nuveo Technologies boosts its client's competitiveness by applying the latest technology tools through artificial intelligence in their manual processes, turning them into faster, safer and cheaper processes.
  • Onsurance Logo
    Onsurance Logo
    On demand Insurance services
  • Pluggy Logo
    Pluggy Logo
    We are the easiest way for applications to connect to their users' financial accounts. We make open banking accessible to every innovator through a developer friendly, secure and compliant solution that can be easily implemented, no matter how busy your development pipeline is.
  • SquareCity Logo
    SquareCity Logo
    B2B2C - percentage of successful sales in the marketplace and recurrence in the hiring of platform tools for the tourist trade.
  • TelosTouch Logo
    TelosTouch Logo
    TelosTouch enables institutions to build interactive client experiences that were previously impossible. Our real-time engagement technology creates insights that institutions don’t have but need to understand client context & behavior. Advice is now timely, transparent and personalized at scale.
  • Logo Logo
    Ensure your audience’s happiness with valuable analysis and insights. Increase sales and retention with the market's most up-to-date customer experience metrics platform
  • True Blue Logo
    True Blue
    True Blue Logo
    True Blue
    Get answers in seconds and make the best decision to engage your consumers.

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