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Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups – A software that provides the first Smart Charging plug-in for EV charging networks to reduce high charging costs. The founder is former energy consultant at PwC. Customers include one of the world's biggest charging point operators. View their Website >

AVRL – Cognitive Automation Platform. View their Website >

Axiom Exergy – Software-based “virtual battery” provides the same services as a battery - without expensive hardware or scalability challenges - for portfolios of buildings with large thermal loads. View their Website >

Blue Planet Energyy – We enable grid independence with our scalable energy platform, Blue Ion, that delivers safe, resilient, clean energy through distributed, smart energy storage and microgrids. View their Website >

Copper Labs – Helps utilities take control of energy demand by engaging consumers with real-time meter data.  View their Website >

Enapter – On a mission to replace fossil fuels with affordable green hydrogen using its modular anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser technology, which is scalable across power, industrial, heating and transport applications. View their Website >

Gecko Robotics – Robotic inspections for industrial assets. View their Website >

GridCure – Provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) predictive analytics for electric utilities  View their Website >

Heila Technologies – An MIT-born startup dedicated to simplifying the integration and operation of individual Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). It is focused on the commercialization of the Heila IQ Platform, a decentralized optimization system that reduces system complexity and cost. View their Website >

Helios – Helios is an online platform to streamline, accelerate and scale building energy retrofits. View their Website >

Konectcity – Smart Technology Control Center Innovations for Smart Cities, Buildings, Airports, Grids, Waste Management, Facilities Management, Logistic. View their Website >

Live Eo – We Identify Potential Threats For Infrastructure Grids From Space. View their Website >

Mission Secure – A leading industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company protecting clients in energy, defense, maritime & critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. The patented MSi Platform is the only end-to-end ICS cybersecurity solution with visibility & protection down to Levels 0-1. View their Website >

Orbital Sidekick – Global, persistent monitoring services for the energy sector and beyond. View their Website >

Predii – Processes repair and maintenance data with AI to transform the servicing, maintenance and design of mission-critical equipment.View their Website >

Relectrify – Supplies advanced control technology, which increases the lifetime and decreases the cost of battery storage systems, both for second-life and new batteries. View their Website >

Revterra – Developing a highly efficient flywheel energy storage system for utility scale applications such as storage of wind and solar energy. View their Website >

Scanifly – Drone-based 3D modelling software for surveying, designing and maintaining solar energy projects. View their Website >

Terrapin – Designs and develops industrial heat recovery projects View their Website >

TOKU – TOKU’s ILLUMASS IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology is revolutionizing industrial monitoring with simplicity, accuracy & affordability by connecting cost-effective, industrial-grade wireless sensors to smartphones & mobile apps. View their Website >

Enterprise Tech

Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

Agara – Agara is the future of business-to-consumer communication. Agara uses advanced Voice AI to process customer support calls in real-time. View their Website >

Aigo – Aigo (say I-go) is World's First Intelligent Cognitive Assistant, and is the most advanced natural language intelligence platform. View their Website >

Alcide – Alcide is a Kubernetes security leader empowering DevOps teams to drive frictionless security guardrails to their CI/CD pipelines, and security teams to continuously secure and protect their growing Kubernetes deployments. View their Website >

Dataddo – Dataddo is a cloud-based data integration, automation and transformation platform that ingests data from almost any online service and sends it to BI tools, dashboarding apps and data storage solutions. View their Website >

ForePaas – ForePaas is the first end-to-end platform to build, deploy and scale entreprise AI applications.  View their Website >

Inpher – Inpher pioneers cryptographic Secret Computing® technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning.View their Website >

Infinipoint – Infinipoint is a cloud-based platform enabling IT and security teams at enterprises of all sizes to to continuously discover, query and control all assets in realtime at scale. View their Website >

Injure – Injure is a next-generation cyber security company, creating mobile threat defense solutions that is scalable, user-friendly and forward-looking.  View their Website >

Kaholo – Kaholo is a DevOps automation platform. Its intuitive, visual interface lets developers easily build even the most advanced automation workflows in minutes while providing managers full transparency and control.  View their Website >

Lexion – Lexion gives you one place to store all your contracts, track key metadata in AI-powered and custom fields, and instantly search the full text of all documents, even scans. View their Website >

OpenLegacy – OpenLegacy automates and standardizes the process of creating digital services, so that without changing any backend applications, an organization can move to a fast, agile and robust modern architecture at a fraction of the time and cost. View their Website >

r4 – r4 is the first company to apply AI across the enterprise, driving new revenue and profit growth without changing systems or people. View their Website >

Secure Channels – Secure Channels is a cybersecurity solutions development company which develops high-performance, cost-effective cybersecurity technologies as platform-agnostic software and hardware-ready solutions to protect against present and emerging threats. View their Website >

Senseye – Senseye uses high-resolution video footage of the eye to quantify previously inaccessible cognitive insights. View their Website >

Skan. AI – Skan. AI is a cognitive technologies platform used to uncover, untangle, and unleash enterprise business processes.View their Website >

Ushur – Ushur is the complete solution for intelligent automation. Designed for high-contact industries like insurance, logistics and financial services. View their Website >


Plug and Play Health startups

Aart – Aart is a SaaS solution to customize all types of plastic and virtual cards with a picture from a preset gallery or uploaded by the user. We offer an integrated tool stack to efficiently manage the entire image approval process pipeline from end user through financial institution, network, and fulfillment. View their Website >

AeroPay – AeroPay is an alternative payments platform that reimagines the way money is moved in exchange for goods and services both in-store and online. View their Website >

BlueRush – BlueRush offers a cutting-edge interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo. With IndiVideo, engage customers, simplify complex products, motivate action, and accelerate the buyer journey while providing a superior digital experience to lift conversions and increase customer lifetime value. View their Website >

Ciphertext Solutions – Ciphertext Solutions provides financial institutions with a comprehensive digital card services API platform that allows their institution to offer instant digital issuance and virtual card management to its customers from any digital channel in their organization. View their Website >

Clearlaw – Streamlines the contract review process for corporate in-house legal teams. View their Website >

Contiq – Contiq’s Buyer Engagement Platform dynamically recommends the most effective content for deals; enabling at-scale personalization and data-driven engagement insights at every stage - all within your native sales tools - resulting in higher ACV deals, faster. View their Website >

Direct ID – Direct ID uses 'open' bank data to help businesses on board customers where there is a credit risk decision. View their Website >

Everplans® – Everplans® helps people organize, securely store, share, and keep all the critical information their family may need up-to-date and at their fingertips. View their Website >

Facteus – Arm Insight unlocks the value and power of financial data without compromising data privacy, security or compliance. View their Website >

Fiddler Labs – Trust, Visibility and Insights with Explainable AI. View their Website >

fino – fino provides market-leading products and analytics in three business lines: bank account mining (FinTech), invoice aggregation (DocTech) and KYC/AML (RegTech) View their Website >

Fligoo – Fligoo is a tech company that helps FIs increase revenue by increasing their up selling and cross-selling. We use AI and Machine Learning to analyze customer behavior data to identify each customer's needs and recommend what, when and how to make the product offer. View their Website >

HyperScience – HyperScience automates manual document processing for global financial services, insurance, healthcare, and government organizations. View their Website >

Instnt – Instnt is the first AI-powered customer on-boarding platform for businesses providing fraud loss liability insurance. View their Website >

kompany – kompany is a RegTech platform for global Business Verification & Business KYC (KYB) View their Website >

Lemonade – Lemonade is new learning experience platform designed specifically for banks. Lemonade features both employee and public facing tools that quickly transform staff and customers into digital experts. View their Website >

Mythic Markets – Mythic Markets allows fans to invest in fractional shares of vintage comic books, collectible cards, fantasy art and other alternative assets with huge fandoms. View their Website >

OneUp – OneUp, Banking and Business in-one. AI Accounting, CashFlow Forecast, Invoicing, BFM View their Website >

Optiopay – Optiopay, an open banking technology for personalized and value-adding recommendations to your customers. View their Website >

Pliops – The Pliops architecture exploits the repetitive nature of database-related storage operations— indexing, searching, sorting, merging, etc.—and accelerates them with purpose-built hardware to deliver profound performance gains. View their Website >

Spiro – Spiro is the first Proactive Relationship Management platform. Natively built on artificial intelligence, Spiro consolidates CRM capabilities, sales enablement and analytics into a single platform. View their Website >

SecurityScorecard – SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate security ratings & continuous risk monitoring for vendor and third party risk management. View their Website > – forges the next generation banking eco-system by combining intelligent decision making with customer-centric digital products, acting like a super brain for financial institutions. View their Website >

SELECT – SELECT is a next-generation black card, concierge, and community that connects its members with exclusive events, pricing, and perks at over 1.6 million premier partner locations. View their Website >

TelosTouch – TelosTouch enables institutions to build interactive client experiences that were previously impossible. Our real-time engagement technology creates insights that institutions don’t have but need to understand client context & behavior. Advice is now timely, transparent and personalized at scale. View their Website >

Troc Circle – Troc Circle is a Public netting platform, that offsets your receivables & payables so that you get paid faster, at a lower cost and without moving money. View their Website >

V2verify – V2verify offers a voice biometric technology that can eliminate the need for passwords, PINs, and challenge questions with 99%+ accuracy, while requiring just 2-seconds of speech. Our solution can improve security, enhance the user experience, and reduce operational costs. View their Website >


Plug and Play Health startups

Bold Health – A digital therapeutic platform that leverages evidence-based cognitive behavioral and stress reduction therapies to help patients with chronic digestive conditions to better manage and treat their physical & mental health. View their Website >

BurnAlong – Personalized wellbeing classes and social motivation to help employees at companies with superior engagement and retention levels. View their Website >

Carevive Systems – A health technology company focusing on care management and patient engagement solutions to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients. View their Website >

Ferrum Health – Provides health systems around the world with an AI monitoring system to detect medical errors before they affect patient care. View their Website >

GenerationsE – Develops AI-driven cancer biopsy diagnostic solutions for pathologists, to drive the excellence of pathology and benefit patients with fast, accurate, and affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment. View their Website >

HealthSnap – Translates lifestyle data from wearables, health and medical devices, and questionnaires into actionable insights. View their Website >

Kinside – Makes it easy for your employees to access the child care they need to be fully productive and engaged at work. View their Website >

Lazarus – Uses patient data and deep learning to improve cancer early detection. View their Website >

Life365 – A platform that offers a variety of tools to connect care providers with patients who can benefit from managing their health at home. View their Website >

Lunit – On a mission is to conquer cancer through AI, Lunit has successfully commercialized diagnostic biomarkers for chest and breast imaging that significantly augment diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. View their Website >

Lumiata – An AI company built for the healthcare industry to manage costs and risks. View their Website >

PatchAI – The first empathetic AI-powered virtual assistant for patient engagement, data collection & analytics in late phase and Real World Studies. View their Website >

Pops! Virtual Care – Virtual healthcare platform to enable people to self-manage diabetes through consumer-centric sensors and Mina, your personal AI coach. View their Website >

RxAll – An AI-hyperspectral platform for authenticating drugs. View their Website >

Unison Migraine – A digital health company that aims to be the best non-drug treatment addressing the world’s most prevalent health problems: Migraine, Chronic Pain and Stress. View their Website >

Suggestic – Empowers professionals, businesses and enterprise customers to deliver the most delicious food options that meet their users’ needs when at restaurants, at grocery stores and at home. View their Website >

Sway Medical – Provides mobile software for neurological assessment with patented tests that leverage the accuracy of sensors built into any mobile device. View their Website >

Tilak Healthcare – A series of fun medical games to change the way we monitor chronic diseases. View their Website >

VisionApp – Designed to address the global pandemic of myopia (nearsightedness) which can potentially affect 50% of the World population by year 2050. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

Airkit – Airkit is a cloud-based CX platform that makes it easy for service and sales teams to build delightful customer-led moments, wherever they take place. View their Website >

Akur8 – Akur8 revolutionizes insurance pricing with transparent AI based on proprietary algorithms, combining actuarial world with machine learning world. View their Website >

Assured Allies – Assured Allies provides non-healthcare insurance carriers a suite of solutions to reduce the costs of their life/longevity/LTC books of business. View their Website >

Attestiv – Attestiv verifies the authenticity of digital media and data, helping businesses build efficient processes, improve customer experience and provide a higher standard for information exchange.View their Website >

Bello – Bello is a direct-to-consumer digital life insurance distributor. View their Website >

Benchmark Labs – Benchmark Labs provides personalized weather forecasting for the agricultural sector, and beyond.View their Website >

Brighthive – Brighthive’s data trust management platform helps networks of organizations securely, responsibly, and ethically share and use their combined data to solve shared business problems. View their Website >

BurnAlong – Leveraging our video technology and social motivation platform, BurnAlong provides programmatic health and wellness content, on a subscription basis, to employers, payers, hospitals, and government entities with superior engagement and retention levels. View their Website >

Dorothy – Simplifying catastrophic insurance for consumers and businesses. View their Website >

DynaRisk – Credit score for personal and SME cyber security. View their Website >

ForMotiv – ForMotiv's Behavioral Intelligence platform allows companies to collect and analyze end users "digital body language" to improve user experiences as well as predict and prevent risk & fraud.View their Website >

Glovebox – Consolidate insurance document all in one place. View their Website >

Gradient A.I. – Gradient A.I. is a insurance and healthcare industries. View their Website > – A.I Powered Commercial Insurance Exchange. View their Website > – Our mission is to deliver predictive risk management and dynamic insurance pricing for Commercial Fleets and Insurers s. View their Website >

JAUNTIN – JAUNTIN’ is a SaaS platform created in conjunction with the insurance industry that allows insurance carriers to offer short-term coverage to consumers. The platform allows for both direct distribution (via smartphones) and through third-party integrations, such as brokers and gig-platforms. View their Website >

Jaxon – Jaxon trains machine learning models to be experts in their fields . View their Website >

LivNao – Passively collected data from smartphones to detect changes in mental health. Burnout prevention through just-in-time intervention delivery for healthier lifestyles. Remote patient monitoring for better outcomes & de-centralized clinical trials. View their Website >

Parametrix - Parametrix specializes in parametric (claim-less) insurance for SaaS PaaS and IaaS downtime such as cloud outages, network crashes, and platform failures. Our products help close a protection gap in business interruption insurance, tailored to the tech-reliant SMEs. View their Website >

Peacefully – We take care of all the tasks required after a death, so that surviving loved ones can focus on what matters. View their Website >

Planck – Increasing commercial premiums, while reducing expense and loss ratios. View their Website >

Pridatex – Automatically anonymizes data that can be used in extensive analysis. View their Website >

Pythonic A – Pythonic AI builds software that eliminates repetitive and tedious tasks for insurance industry professionals who regularly review medical records, saving time and improving job satisfaction. View their Website >

Recursive Labs – We provide an online live visual customer engagement platform. View their Website >

Riskbook – Riskbook is a secure, hyperconnected reinsurance marketplace, radically improving the placing experience for brokers and underwriters . View their Website >

Riskwolf – Parametric InsurTech as a Service. Developing a Loss Protection Product against Internet Outages for SME's.View their Website >

SecurityAdvisor – Cyber Security firm with Cyber Insurance applications providing real time and personalized security awareness to end users. Using this approach we reduce cyber risk in a measurable way. Recent outcomes include >98% reduction in malware in multiple customers using our proprietary algorithm . View their Website >

Skan AI – Skan AI is a cognitive technologies platform used to uncover, untangle, and unleash enterprise business processes . View their Website >

Sweatcoin – Sweatcoin is a digital currency backed by physical movement. View their Website >

TCARE – TCARE mitigates Long-Term-Care claims and retains family wealth by providing an evidence-based Aging-in-Place solution, preventing the burnout of family caregivers. View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play Internet of Things startups

42 Layers – B2B Automation and Data Exchange. View their Website >

Altin Labs – Enabler of the 5G transformation for industrial IoT. View their Website >

AUCTA – Enables your workforce to make full use of the data available on the shop floor through immersive technology. By contextualizing information and focusing on the task at hand, we increase productivity while lowering error rates. View their Website >

BEAD Technology – Creates digital models of buildings by using real-time data and AI. View their Website >

Flapmax – SaaS platform for seamlessly deploying inference models into production environments. View their Website >

GoEPIK – Allows you to build your own digital transformation without bugging your IT Team or coding. View their Website >

Jeeva – Redefining the standard in wireless connectivity by eliminating power as the roadblock to IoT by using reflected RF signals to transmit sensor data using protocols with 1000x less energy than any existing conventional radio solution.View their Website >

Kinetic Eye – Stealth-mode vision-based analytics platform. View their Website >

Knaq – Provides an integrated hardware/software IoT solution for condition-based and predictive industrial equipment maintenance. View their Website >

NanoFlowX – Developer of nano-coating technology that prevents damage for electronic devices against liquids, moisture, humidity, gases, dust, corrosion and bacteria. The application takes only 1 minute and doesn't require much training. View their Website >

Nebbiolo Technologies – Hyper-converged Infrastructure for Edge Computing, purpose built for the IIoT domain across Industrial Automation, Oil & Gas, and Utilities verticals.View their Website >

Neuro AI – Neuro AI is a startup making hardware for the high speed processing of AI. View their Website >

Robust Machines – Developing technologies and solutions to address these bottlenecks and accelerate the integration of AI into enterprise and IOT applications. View their Website >

SmartAxiom – Provides comprehensive blockchain security for the Internet of Things, protecting from edge to cloud and everything in between. View their Website >

Southie Autonomy – Makes a No-Code software platform for robot arms that lets logistics and manufacturing businesses automate tasks as fast as their products change. View their Website >

Tellius – AI-powered analytics. Uncover hidden insights faster with natural language interface. View their Website >

Ubiik – Long range, low power wireless technology for IoT. View their Website >

Vanti – Helps hi-tech enterprises to be data-driven, so they can launch their products faster and operate with increased margins.View their Website >

Wynd Technologies – Enables healthy spaces so people can be at their best. View their Website >

Xailient – Lowers costs and improves performance of computer vision with software that optimizes the processing of AI across devices, from camera to cloud. View their Website >

XIris – Software that uses AI to 'watch' surveillance cameras 24/7.View their Website >


Plug and Play Mobility Startups

Above – Many Systems. One Mission. Teamwork for Robots. View their Website >

ADAPT – Accelerates Sustainable Transportation through a single API on an Open Data Exchange. View their Website >

Bia –Turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids.View their Website >

Caliber Data Labs –Building AI platforms for perception-heavy applications. View their Website >

Clay AIR – AI and computer vision company specializing in hand tracking and gesture software. View their Website >

Datu – Aims to empower everyone with our meta Al technology that can automatically generate customized Al pipelines for different tasks and domains. View their Website >

Ducktrain – A smart, clean and efficient urban transportation. View their Website >

Electriphi – Simplifying electrification planning and operations for commercial vehicle fleets. View their Website >

EV Chip – A company developing innovative solutions for power consumption. View their Website >

Frenzy – Makes mobility free, sustainable and engaging. View their Website >

HiAuto – Automotive Grade Speech Recognition. View their Website >

JETCOOL –Cooling for high power electronics. View their Website >

Magnax – Axial flux electric motors with extreme power density and best in class efficiency for application in next-generation mobility requirements. View their Website >

NeurobotX – State-of-the-art neuroscience, AI and robotics company that creates spatial intelligence for autonomous drones and cars. View their Website >

Next-Ion – Battery component startup for fast charging. View their Website >

One Silicon Chip Photonics –Integrated and reliable motion sensing solution. View their Website >

Owl Autonomous Imaging – Thermal Ranging™ platform that uses proprietary sensors and software to deliver safe autonomous operation to the Autonomous Vehicle, ADAS, and Robotic Mobility markets. View their Website >

Relectrify – Supplies advanced control technology, which increases the lifetime and decreases the cost of battery storage systems, both for second-life and new batteries. View their Website >

Roadz – MaaS platform transforming the fragmented $60B global fleet technology market into an integrated Smart Fleet ecosystem. View their Website >

RoboTire – Automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and software.View their Website >

SoundTrack AI – Acoustics-based and AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance Platform. View their Website >

Synaptiv – Connected car platform helping fleet and OEMs monetize the data generated by their connected vehicles. View their Website >

Tactual Labs – Innovator in human-computer interaction technology. View their Website >

Wluper –Specializes in building a conversational AI for transportation and navigation space. View their Website >

Real Estate & Construction

Plug and Play Real Estate Tech Startups

BEAD Technology – Helps commercial buildings owners optimize their energy usage and operations by adopting the automation system to the day cycle and occupancy of the building. View their Website >

BodySafe Technologies (BST) – Improving productivity and safety on construction sites by giving visibly into worker location and creating an onsite culture of safety with real-time alarms and smart dashboards. View their Website >

Butlr – Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions using artificial intelligence and real-time behavior analytics. View their Website >

eguana – Wireless monitoring systems for civil and environmental engineering. View their Website >

Hauzd – The easiest way to create interactive 3D presentations for real estate: Boost Sales, Engage Clients and Centralize all marketing information in one place and integrate with CREMs. View their Website >

Inspirit IoT – Bringing real-time, safety and situational awareness to worksites. View their Website >

Urbanico – Urbanico is a smart-cities' data integrator, providing private sector companies that works in the urban arena with direct access to standardized civic data. View their Website >

Uvara – End-To-End Mapping and Management of Infrastructure Assets. View their Website >

Vero Solutions – Disruptive, patent-able hybrid (steel and concrete) modular construction technology that reduces construction cost and time. View their Website >

Zweispace – Zweispace targets to redesign the standard practice of real estate industry by combining the real world property with online virtual community through a series of innovative applications. View their Website >