Spring Summit 2019 Startup Announcement

Brand & Retail

plug and play energy & sustainability startups

AB Tasty –AB Tasty helps marketers increase online conversions through A/B testing, data insights, personalization, and user engagement. View their Website >

AiFi – AiFi is building world's most advanced checkout free solution at scale. View their Website >

b8ta – B8ta is a software-powered retailer designed to make physical retail accessible for all. View their Website >

Blue Bite – Blue Bite connects brands and customers through products by transforming them into a content channel. View their Website >

CameraIQ – Camera IQ is a camera experience manager. The company helps digital marketers create new worlds that customers love to explore. View their Website >

ChargeAfter – Buy now, pay over time. View their Website >

Enigma – Enigma links internal data with real world data to bring contextual intelligence to bear on critical decisions. View their Website >

FlavorCloud – FlavorCloud makes international shipping easy, affordable and friction free for retailers and their consumers. View their Website >

PkgSpot – The PkgSpot platform gives retailers the opportunity to open up their Click & Collect locations for any e-commerce shipments, providing consumers with a convenient and safe local pick up option. View their Website >

Placer Labs – Get insights into any place. View their Website >

ProcessGold – ProcessGold offers the most comprehensive, powerful and affordable development and operations platform for professional process mining, used to build process intelligence applications. View their Website >

Quid – Quid is revolutionizing the way companies analyze written content, unlocking insights that until now were hiding in plain sight. View their Website >

Reveel – Reveel helps brands and retailers increase revenue and engagement by inviting consumers to explore, learn and buy from all forms of visual media. View their Website >

Simporter – A.I. platform that predicts sales for new products before they hit the market. View their Website >

Streetbees – Streetbees is a global intelligence platform that reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from its 1.7m users worldwide. View their Website >

Surf – Surf places media tablets in rideshare vehicles to entertain passengers and promote brands & businesses. View their Website >

Syte – Syte is visual AI that helps retailers connect consumers with the products they love. View their Website >

TalkinThings – Complete IoT smart packaging platform for brands to benefit from connected products throughout the entire supply chain. View their Website >

Twikit – Twikit is a B2B software company that enables brands to offer advanced customization at scale to their customers. View their Website >


Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

Amberoon – Amberoon Lucre is a SaaS solution which facilitates a risk-based approach to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) for banks by using contemporary technologies such as Big Data and AI provisioned in the cloud. Unlike traditional solutions, Lucre is easy to deploy and specifically focuses on alert optimization to reduce very high false positives and associated risk and compliance costs. View their Website >

Anjuna – Anjuna moves the security perimeter from the host machine to the application, by creating a software perimeter around applications to completely isolate the application from the infrastructure. View their Website >

ArecaBay – ArecaBay offers InfoSec and DevOps teams an innovative solution for API Observability and Security. View their Website >

AttackIQ – AttackIQ enables companies to automatically and continuously test and validate their security tools, processes and people. View their Website >

BigID – BigID is transforming how enterprises protect and govern personal and private data. View their Website >

CyGov – Better security governance through awareness, insights and timely action. Empower organizations to understand their cyber risks and how best to deal with them. View their Website >

CYR3CON – CYR3CON applies artificial intelligence to data gathered from malicious hacker communities to predict cyber attacks in a transparent manner. View their Website >

Dark Cubed – We re-engineer and re-design cyber security to make security affordable and accessible for small and midsized companies. View their Website >

Elevate Security – We’re building the first Security Behavior Platform; changing employees’ security habits while giving Security teams unprecedented visibility. View their Website >

IDRRA – Automated third party risk & compliance management. View their Website >

Protego Labs – Our solution is designed to help companies embrace serverless architectures securely while freeing application developers to move at the speed of serverless. View their Website >

SCYTHE – Get insight into your security portfolio investment in technology and people. What works? What doesn’t? And why. All within the context of your business impact. Our platform allows you to bound the attack space to provide real data insights. View their Website >

Seclytics – Attack prediction and threat aggregation. View their Website >

Sepio Systems – Sepio protects organizations against malicious hardware device attacks. View their Website >

Tala Security – Tala delivers the next generation enterprise website security platform. View their Website >

Energy & Sustainability

Plug and Play Health startups

Climacell – ClimaCell is a weather tech company that uses new proprietary technologies to see weather that no one else can see View their Website >

DEX – Direct to the customer, an integrated platform for procurement, partnership, and management of energy products and services including grid electricity, renewables, and distributed energy resources. The platform is powered by secure and efficient blockchain and machine learning enabled technologies. View their Website >

eLichens – First comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform. View their Website >

Intellicharge – Software to optimize electric vehicle charging so cars are charged with the cleanest and the greenest electricity while helping electricity grids balance. View their Website >

Miqrotech – Merging IoT and AI to predict oil and gas pipeline leaks before they happen. View their Website >

Noiseless Acoustics – We aim to be the leading provider of acoustics based predictive maintenance solutions in the world. Our solutions can find problems by literally making sound visible, and by applying audio machine learning methods for predictive maintenance. View their Website >

Ondaka – We help oil & gas operators, industrial service companies, and heavy equipment manufacturers speed up time to revenue 5x faster than industry best practices by decreasing the workforce’s time to knowledge and giving instant access to relevant data, replacing what is still a ‘paper and pickup truck’ process. View their Website >

Prenav –PRENAV develops robots, software, and deep learning algorithms for the inspection of critical infrastructure. View their Website >

Sapient Industries – A plug load management system that deploys smart outlets and uses machine learning to optimize buildings' electricity consumption. View their Website >

Smartvid – Smartvid.io’s easy-to-use software applies artificial intelligence to improve safety, productivity and quality in the $10T global AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry. View their Website >

SparkCharge –SparkCharge offers a portable charging unit that is small, ultra fast, and modular. View their Website >

Sterblue – Sterblue builds software that helps drones inspect power lines and wind turbines. View their Website >

Resec – Ultimate protection from known and unknown file-based malware threats, using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. View their Website >

VIA – VIA helps energy companies across the globe realize the value of their data through AI and blockchain. View their Website >

Xelectrix Power – Innovations for electrical energy storage and power control. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

Accern – Accern aggregates, filters, analyzes, and delivers data solution to solve enterprise research inefficiency. View their Website >

Aigo – Aigo delivers Highly Intelligent & Hyper-Personalized Conversational Assistants @Scale for enterprises.View their Website >

AlphaSense – Don’t work harder. Work smarter. AlphaSense is an AI-powered business insights platform that helps the largest and most agile organizations make better strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge. View their Website >

AutoBooks – Autobooks is the first fully integrated payments & accounting platform for business, delivered through online banking. View their Website >

ChargeAfter – Buy now, pay over time. View their Website >

ClickSWITCH – ClickSWITCH is a direct deposit and automated payment switching solution, transferring payments from an existing account to a new account. View their Website >

Cogni – Banking Your Lifestyle™. View their Website >

Compound – Crux helps financial firms find and make use of relevant data. View their Website >

Deep Labs – Powered by our patented persona intelligence-based decisioning platform, we enable next generation risk services. View their Website >

DemandJump Inc. – The DemandJump Traffic Cloud® shows our customer how to outmaneuver their competition and double marketing performance. More efficiently acquire customers - grow revenue and eliminate wasted spend. View their Website >

Digs – Digs is an educational savings product built for first-time homebuyers. View their Website >

Everlance Inc. – 100% automatic mileage and expense tracking. View their Website >

Glia – Glia powers customer communication for the Financial Services industry in one seamless OmniChannel platform. View their Website >

LexAlign PBC – An automated solution for ongoing third-party compliance monitoring, assessment, and support at scale. View their Website >

Mezu, Inc. – Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity private and your spending habits anonymous. View their Website >

nsKnox Technologies – nsKnox Technologies is a Fintech-Security company that provides revolutionary solutions in the ground-breaking field of Cooperative Cyber Security (CCS) based on a whole new approach for protecting corporate payment systems against insider threats, external fraud, and data manipulation attempts. View their Website >

Ocrolus – The solution for automating document review workflows with 99+% accuracy. View their Website >

Promethium – Promethium is the first and only data context solution built to enable both powerful analytics with prudent data governance for the modern age. View their Website >

Pryon –Pryon is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company, developing a platform providing the accuracy and security features necessary for enterprises. View their Website >

ReSec Technologies – Ultimate protection from known and unknown file-based malware threats, using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. View their Website >

Sila – Sila is a simple, secure, and accessible suite of developer tools for building financial applications. View their Website >

Sparkir Inc – Transparent SMB Equipment Financing at the Point-of-Sale. View their Website >

Status Money – Status shows people how their finances compare with their peers and gives them cash rewards for engaging with targeted offers. View their Website >

Symend – Symend helps enterprise companies better reach, engage, treat and retain their at-risk customers, for more productive and cost efficient recoveries. View their Website >

Taiger – SaaS + vendor for Financial institutions in automating processes. View their Website >

ZestFinance – ZestFinance is committed to making fair and transparent credit available to everyone. Los Angeles, California, United States. View their Website >

Food & Beverage

Plug and Play Internet of Things startups

Anavo (Tethis) –Tethis designs and licenses high volume biomaterials. View their Website >

Babylon Micro-Farms – We are making sustainable food production accessible by empowering a network of decentralized urban farms. View their Website >

bioinspira – We are taking air chemical sensing to the next level. View their Website >

Cambridge Crops – Natural and edible solutions for extending the freshness of food. View their Website >

Carbiotix AB – Personalized nutrition company focused on consumer gut health solutions and microbiome therapeutics. View their Website >

CocoTerra – CocoTerra has developed the world’s first table-top, bean-to-bar chocolate maker. View their Website >

CosmosID – Microbial genomics platform for research and diagnostic applications in pharma, clinical, food safety, and environmental monitoring. View their Website >

CRATUS Technology, Inc. – AI platform bridging the gap between business intelligence and the physical world, making it extremely easy to access to real time sensor data and analytics for enterprise software. View their Website >

Jovian Technologies – Lower cost of new food & beverage products with artificial intelligence. View their Website >

Kiverdi – Kiverdi technology uses all natural microbes, we call them Nature's Super Charged Carbon Recyclers, to transform CO2 and other gases into high-valued oils, nutrients and bio-based products. View their Website >

Mimica – Accessible, affordable freshness indicators. From food to pharma, Mimica aims to become the global mark of freshness for industry, consumers & communities. View their Website >

Ocean's Halo (New Frontier Foods) – New Frontier Foods Inc. and our Ocean's Halo brand brings delicious, nutritious and amazing innovations to the consumer food & beverage market. View their Website >

Primordial Genetics – Primordial Genetics is a synthetic biology company focused on performance improvements of microbes and enzymes used in high-value applications for nutrition, pharma and bio-manufacturing. View their Website >

Quid – Quid is revolutionizing the way companies analyze written content, unlocking insights that until now were hiding in plain sight. View their Website >

ShipChain – ShipChain is making transport and logistics more effective, secure and transparent by utilizing blockchain technology. View their Website >

Sweep Energy – We simplify equipment monitoring- Device Level Health monitoring. View their Website >

Vessl – With the Vessl™ technology we have been able to compact and mobilize heavy liquid containers, bringing a wide array of liquid products into the age of ecommerce. View their Website >

Vestaron – A biologic pesticides company. View their Website >

Viveo Labs Inc. (Qbit) – Qbit is a decision intelligence platform that helps CPG brands scale faster by revealing why consumers buy. View their Website >

Wild For – Wild For is a natural food company making delicious and nutritious chips based on the ancient Ethiopian grain, teff. Our air-popped teff chips have more than twice the protein and less than half the fat of traditional chips. View their Website >

New Materials & Packaging

Plug and Play Mobility Startups

algotek – Creating algae based bio plastics to help combat the waste generated from traditional plastics. View their Website >

Arcanum Alloys – Disrupting global steel production one alloy at a time. View their Website >

AREVO – Arevo Labs produces products and provides services pertaining to 3-d printing. View their Website >

Cambridge Crops – Natural and edible solutions for extending the freshness of food. View their Website >

Checkerspot – Designs high performance materials at a molecular level with technology at the nexus of biology and chemistry. View their Website >

Cratus Technology – AI platform bridging the gap between business intelligence and the physical world. View their Website >

Digital Alloys – For manufacturers of hard metal parts, additive manufacturing with Digital Alloys’ radically simple Joule Printing™ delivers the highest speed and lowest cost. View their Website >

Drop Water Corporation – Drop Water is solving the plastic waste problem associated with bottled water, while making the industry more profitable and efficient. View their Website >

Elemental Machines – Smart lab platform delivers powerful, data-driven insights that improve R&D, laboratory operations, and manufacturing outcomes. View their Website >

Industrial Microbes – iMicrobes invents green manufacturing methods using synthetic biology by partnering with Global 500 companies to bring chemical products to market. View their Website >

Loomia – LOOMIA creates drapable circuits that can be used for heating, lighting and sensing. View their Website >

Magic Add – Magic Add uses unique identifiers and a cloud-based platform to make cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). View their Website >

Monolets – Enables the network for intelligent machines. View their Website >

Nanosferix – Advanced nano-materials for lightweight composites and specialized applications in pharma/drug delivery/cosmetics etc. View their Website >

OakBio – Commercializing a fundamentally new way to make the building blocks of food and materials, using natural microbes to capture and covert industrial CO₂ emissions into new products. View their Website >

Owl Cameras Inc. – Owl Cameras, Inc. focuses on design, development and production of video security for your car never seen before. View their Website >

Pivot Materials – Pivot specializes in manufacturing lightweight, sustainable, durable and cost competitive composite plastics for injection and extrusion molding applications using natural fibers including bamboo and rice waste fiber. View their Website >

TacSense – Pioneer in developing tactile intelligence. View their Website >

TG0 – Using one material to sense human touch without electronic sensors. View their Website >

WEAV3D Inc. – A manufacturing technology company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing processes and processing equipment. View their Website >

Supply Chain

Plug and Play Real Estate Tech Startups

Arviem – Arviem’s supply chain visibility solutions support their users in the efficient management of strategic, operative and financial supply chains. View their Website >

Atollogy – Atollogy provides a turnkey IIoT solution that uses cameras and sensors to turn physical operations into data and insights without process changes. View their Website >

Autobon – Autobon upgrades existing semi-trucks into safer and more efficient vehicles with a platform that delivers advanced driver assistance features. View their Website >

Descartes Labs – Descartes Labs is a predictive intelligence company that makes a data-agnostic platform for performing global-scale analyses unbound by computing limitations. View their Website >

Fitter – Fitter is a customer-centric logistics tool that helps companies achieve operational efficiency with optimal route planning, automatic monitoring based on road traffic. View their Website >

FleetUp – Autobon upgrades existing semi-trucks into safer and more efficient vehicles with a platform that delivers advanced driver assistance features. View their Website >

HopStack – Hopstack is an IoT powered visibility and intelligence Enterprise Platform to help Warehouse and Factory managers automate processes and generate actionable insights. View their Website >

InOrbit – InOrbit is a cloud robot management platform that enables robotics companies and their customers to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale. View their Website >

InstaDeep – InstaDeep harnesses the ability to address and solve issues across a range of industries and sectors through our innovative AI products and solution. View their Website >

Jackfruit Systems – Jackfruit Systems is a blockchain platform built to create an advanced on-demand marketplace of qualified drivers, by delivering real-time access to pre-credentialed driver profiles. View their Website >

Kinema Systems – Kinema Systems develops deep-learning and 3D vision based solution for robotic depalletizing and other picking tasks in logistics and manufacturing. View their Website >

LogiNext – LogiNext is a machine learning platform to create dynamic routes, capacity allocation and real-time alerting for last mile deliveries and LTL businesses. View their Website >

Logistics Exchange – LogisticsExchange uses advanced analytics to help its customers improve service and cost predictability through binding, digital 'Flex Dedicated' contracts. View their Website >

MonoLets – MonoLets is a systems' company which develops battery-less wireless sensors to collect very high-value data in real-time from a low-cost disposable infrastructure. View their Website >

Morpheus Network – Morpheus Network optimizes global trade using blockchain with a potential total cost savings of 10%. View their Website >

Nextquestion.io – NextQuestion deep neural network algorithm deploys on top of existing supply chain systems to optimize forecasting and planning accuracy. View their Website >

Parsyl – Powerful insights into supply chain quality conditions from the first mile to the last. View their Website >

Platform Science – Platform Science is an enterprise grade IoT fleet management platform for the new era of connected trucks, freight and the digital supply chain. View their Website >

Project Cosimo – Project Cosimo develops and deploys AI Automation for Enterprise Administration using the latest machine learning methodologies for Business Process Automation. View their Website >

SnapSupport – SnapSupport is a smart remote assistance platform for equipment maintenance and field support powered by mobile, IoT and collaboration. View their Website >

Zorroa – Zorroa offers solutions that make sense of information trapped in visual assets: documents, images, and videos. View their Website >