6 Infographics Every Entrepreneur Should See Right Now

By Mike York Published on May. 22, 2018

So, you have a startup? You have an idea that is sure to turn into the next Facebook, or Snapchat? Hundreds of people are in the same boat.

Just starting a business or having an incredible idea is not what makes you an entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur is about getting the most out of yourself and your employees. It is about knowing what your strengths are, how to make the right decisions, and when to think about the future.

There is no proven technique or method to automatically make you a better decision-maker and time manager. Fear not, there is help. Here are six insightful lessons that entrepreneurs at every level should apply to their daily operations.

1. Started from the bottom, now we're here.

Few startups ever receive millions of dollars in early rounds of funding. Any good entrepreneur must play the cards dealt to her/him and not make any excuses about a lack of resources.

how much money should my startup raise

Source: fundersandfounders.com

2. Employee Engagement > Employee Happiness

Engaged employees are happy, but happy employees are not necessarily engaged. Keeping your workers challenged and interested reaps benefits across the board. Not only will it make for an exciting work experience, but the entire office will be more productive and successful.

startup employee retention

Source: successstories.com

3. Do you lift?

A little exercise goes a long way. Take a page out of Elon Musk’s book and get ripped. Most successful executives find time in their busy schedule to stay active, and for good reason. It provides a spark and helps brighten the rest of the day.

benefits of startup exercise

Source: gethealthyu.com

4. Big Data = Big Decisions.

Most entrepreneurs have learned to recognize the importance of data in decision-making. Using it to predict events in the future and analyzing the past has helped many companies maximize revenue. To be an entrepreneur in the digital age, you must understand the essential role data plays in building a successful company.

startup big data infographic

Source: IBM

5. Don't forget to run your business.

Many entrepreneurs are caught stargazing at the few corporations that are valued at billions of dollars. Although shooting for the best is admirable, the point of a business is to make a profit. Focusing on valuation instead of sales or customer service sometimes doesn’t end well.

startup metrics infographic

Source: Clarity

6. Take a break!

Taking just a couple of minutes to gather yourself and daydream can work wonders. Thinking about unicorns (as in magical unicorns, not Uber!) or anything else to take your mind off work can increase concentration for the day and provide energy.

take a break entrepreneur

Source: Lifehack