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Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

75F – 75F is a BEV-backed tech company with IoT sensors and controls to make commercial buildings more efficient, healthy, and comfortable than ever before. Our customers saw a 41.8% energy savings on average in the past 12 months. View their Website >

BIA – Bia turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids. View their Website >

Charm Industrial – Charm Industrial is working to return the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO₂, through novel sequestration methods, green hydrogen and green steel production.View their Website >

Divigas – Over US$15 billion worth of hydrogen is lost every year at petrochemical plants due to equipment failure against heat and chemical conditions. Divigas has invented proprietary polymers materials to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for much of this wasted gas to be re-used. Saving $ billions & avoiding millions of tons of CO2. View their Website >

Electric Fish – Distributed energy storage for Extreme Fast EV Charging  View their Website >

Electrochaea GmbH – Electrochaea integrates established processes for CO2 and renewable hydrogen generation into a third, flexible methanation system, to produce renewable natural gas at grid scale. Our scalable, proprietary process provides a rapid pathway to displacing geologic gas from the pipeline, and decarbonizing the gas grid. View their Website >

Eliq – Eliq provides utilities with customer engagement software that enables stronger and more profitable customer relationships through rich digital experiences View their Website >

HeyCharge GmbH – We build ultra-low-cost retrofit solutions for electric car charging in apartment buildings. View their Website >

Litmus – Intelligent Edge Platform for IIoT. View their Website >

Utility Global – Revolutionizing the world's electricity & hydrogen landscape with zero-carbon, low-cost energy. View their Website >

VECKTA – The Energy Transition Marketplace Platform - Empower your Energy Future. View their Website >

Wallbox Chargers – Wallbox designs and develops intelligent charging stations and user-friendly energy management software for electric vehicles . View their Website >

Yotta Energy – Yotta has developed a smart energy storage solution designed to effortlessly scale with solar PV projects at a much lower total installed cost than any current solution on the market today. View their Website >


Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

Aptivio – A Revenue Intelligence Platform for Detecting Hidden Revenue Opportunities ahead of competition. View their Website >

Attunely – Offers a proven, compliant, and trustworthy machine learning platform that makes the recovery of receivables easy, seamless, and profitable. View their Website >

Automation Hero – Combines RPA with AI to form an end-to-end intelligent process automation platform that automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks for knowledge workers. View their Website >

CloudVector – Protects enterprise applications from data breaches due to advanced API threats with a unique zero-impact solution that can discover/monitor/secure all APIs.  View their Website >

Dasha.AI – The first and only AI platform that allows you to design, test and launch rich, human-level voice conversations. Automate your entire work flow and bring your costs down or sell your own solutions built on top of Dasha.  View their Website >

ElectroNeek – Hyperautomation platform with ML-powered products to automate 90% of operations with documents, voice and business apps. View their Website >

Hydrogen – Is a modular financial API platform that helps developers quickly build and manage savings, investing, insurance, and wellness applications. View their Website >

Hypatos – Deep learning technology automates complex document based back-office processes. View their Website >

Inpher – Pioneers cryptographic Secret Computing® technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning.  View their Website >

Keyless – Technology is a deeptech, cybersecurity company building the world's first privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform. View their Website >

Kinetica – The streaming data warehouse. Stream. Analyse. View their Website >

Okera – Solves one of the biggest challenges with hybrid, multi-cloud and multi-vendor data platforms—opening data access for innovation while ensuring proper data security, governance, and compliance. View their Website >

OpenLegacy – A Digital-Driven Integration platform made specifically to easily leverage complex legacy and core applications in digital transformations View their Website >

Persado – Unlocks the power of words. View their Website >

Railz – Our Accounting Data as a Service API provides a single connection from all major accounting software providers on your Small Business customers. View their Website >

RMI Insights – Automates three statement financial modeling by allowing their clients – asset managers and lenders – to ingest company financials “as is” and visually project how these companies will perform in the future. View their Website >

Skan AI – Uses computer vision and machine intelligence to discover and map business processes , without human interviews . This evidence-based approach to business process discovery drives effective optimization and transformation. View their Website >

swIDch – An enabler with its tech which is able to generate unique, uni-directional, dynamic codes in a network-less environment, all of which can be used to securely authenticate users/devices. View their Website >

TriggerMesh – Provides a real-time cloud native integration platform that allows you to connect services together, automate workflows, and accelerate the flow of information across your organization. View their Website >

Unum ID – Instantly know who's who online. View their Website >


Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

BrightHive – A data trust management platform helps networks of organizations securely, responsibly, and ethically share and use their combined data to solve shared business problems. View their Website >

CellMax Life – Preventing and detecting cancer early even before symptoms appear, with an accurate routine blood test to detect and analyze rare pre-cancer and cancer cells. View their Website >

Chronicled – The custodian of MediLedger, the primary blockchain-based network in the healthcare and life science industry that powers solutions to facilitate trust and automation between companies. View their Website >

Heartbeat – An experience created to screen, diagnose, track and manage cardiovascular risk and disease to keep you at your healthiest. View their Website >

KeepAppy – Is the app and social enterprise that puts wellness in people's pockets, everywhere. View their Website >

Kintsugi – Is building smarter mental healthcare with voice biomarkers.View their Website >

Luminare –Has developed software that allows hospitals better diagnose and treat patients with sepsis. View their Website >

LuminDX – Does a visual search of skin conditions using computer vision and artificial intelligence to help physicians save time and improve care. View their Website >

Netramark – Has built a fast, explainable AI, that loves small data and is able to discover insights that no one knows are there, and we use it to crack open disease and save pharma companies time and money via superior drug development. View their Website >

NuraLogix – Has developed patent pending technology for detecting hidden emotions. View their Website >

nQ Medical – Is a computational biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases. View their Website >

RxDiet – Is a prescription based dietary treatment which addresses the #1 problem in modern healthcare, poor diet. View their Website >

RxLive – A nationwide telehealth platform of clinical pharmacists delivering concierge medication counseling to provider’s patients, employer groups, and consumers. View their Website >

Second Nature – A smartphone application that coaches and motivates diabetes patients to live a healthier lifestyle. View their Website >

Wellthy – Designs clinically validated behavioral interventions to help people change their behaviors and reduce their risk of chronic disease. View their Website >


Plug and Play Health startups

Accern – Accelerates AI workflows for enterprises with a no-code development platform. View their Website >

Agara – An autonomous voice conversation agent powered by Real-time Voice AI. View their Website >

Artificial Labs – As a company we provide zero-touch underwriting for complex commercial lines of insurance business. An extension of this process that we are currently working on is the extraction of submission data from unstructured means such as email body text and attachments. View their Website >

Brightside – An employer-based financial care solution that combines financial assistants, smart technology and innovative products. View their Website >

Bubble Insurance – Makes life insurance accessible & ubiquitous by making it a no-brainer for home buyers/owners to purchase it seamlessly bundled with home insurance as a natural part of their home/mortgage transaction, leveraging proprietary analytics and digital processes. View their Website >

Cake – Is the digital platform for mortals: we make it easy to create and share your end-of-life plans and documents securely in the cloud. View their Website >

Conservation Labs – enables cost effective and sustainable water use with our smart water technology, H2know. View their Website >

Describe Data – Analyses underwriting data for complex insurance risks, specifically for financial lines. We empower underwriters by providing key risk insights, allowing them to model scenarios and to assess portfolio impact. Our “Bionic Underwriting” approach delivers real value. View their Website >

Ecopia.AI – An artificial intelligence company specializing in extracting insight from geospatial big data. View their Website >

Even Financial – The leading search, comparison, and recommendation engine for financial services. View their Website >

Flareless – A predictive wildfire analysis platform. We work by surveying static and dynamic variables, generating a mapping and warning of areas with the highest fire risk, we identified these areas 5 days before the fires.  View their Website >

Friss – Pro-active fraud detection. View their Website >

HearMe – Allows the user to anonymously connect with an empathetic HearMe Listener. View their Website >

Hyperscience – Leveraging machine learning, Hyperscience helps organization to automate document processing (IDP) with both speed and accuracy. View their Website >

Kit – Contactless at-home kit replacement for the insurance medical exam. View their Website >

Monk AI – A software solution that evaluates any item's condition based on its visual aspect thanks to AI & computer vision, with a first focus on mobility & insurance. View their Website >

Nuralogix – Take a selfie, know your healthie™! Using our technology, we have developed the world's first smartphone app that can measure your blood pressure and other physiological measurements that are important for general health and wellness.View their Website >

Pluto – All your health records, in one place. View their Website >

PolicyDock – Turnkey Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for insurers to enable digital distribution, automate their workflows and augements their current core legacy systems. View their Website >

Rene – We provide companies the tools they need to keep their employees safe and healthy on their journeys. View their Website >

Safekeep – Identifies claims with recovery potential and predicts recovery amounts by applying NLP on adjuster notes and by executing regulatory, line of business, and special handling business rules. View their Website >

The Climate Service – The Climate Service provides climate analytics to help financial firms, companies, and communities measure and manage the financial risk from climate change. View their Website >

UnderWrite – Exists to make underwriting easy for insurance carriers and agents. It does so by aggregating business operations information of prospects for insurance professionals to use in writing insurance policies. Data enables better underwriting! View their Website >

Urban Sky – Near space micro-balloons for fresh, high-res data over urban area. View their Website >

Vero – Vero Intelligence is a mission driven company enabling everyday people and advisors to manage risk and insurance smarter. View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play Health startups

Aionics – Aionics is a data-enabled materials design platform for batteries. View their Website >

Automation Hero – Automation Hero combines RPA with AI to form an end-to-end intelligent process automation platform that automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks for knowledge workers. View their Website >

Clairify – Clairify improves employee wellbeing and productivity by optimizing indoor air quality to user needs and activity. View their Website >

Dapster AI – AI-fueled touchless pick. View their Website >

Decision AI – Translating machine learning into better business results. View their Website >

Edgeless Systems – The most secure platform to store, process, and share sensitive data. View their Website >

EmbeDL – Efficient deep learning in embedded systems. View their Website >

ForceN – ForceN is enabling robotic and other high-tech industries to collect and transmit multi-axial, noise-immune, drift-proof, and sensitive force-data in real-time, all in one complete patent-pending force-sensing-system.View their Website >

IndustrialML – Factory productivity through machine learning.View their Website >

Increment – Tracking platform of internal on the job up-skilling for industrial workers in order to help manufacturers and workers adapt to Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing skills needs.View their Website >

Everguard – AI-based industrial worker safety solution. View their Website >

Gideon Brothers – Fast-growing provider of safe, collaborative, mobile-material handling automation solutions that help companies transition into intelligent enterprises by bringing their people, systems, and our self-driving robots together into orchestrated, collaborative workflows in an ever-changing environment. View their Website > – Sales enablement for industrial manufacturing. View their Website >

Oloid – offers a secure privacy-forward software solutions for improving safety and security at the workplace in the post-COVID world. Oloid provides contagion safety solution such as QR-code based wellness attestation, AI-based temperature scanning and contactless biometrics for clocking & access. View their Website >

Pascal Tags – Pascal Tags builds a data driven supply chain through chip-less inventory tags that perform like a VIN number, but for every product. View their Website >

Reflekt – Augmented reality platform for maintenance, operations, and training.View their Website >

Smabbler – Smabbler cause-effect reasoning language engine analyzes and unlocks knowledge from diverse textual data assets. It's fully scalable across topic domains, processes, and applications able to ensure information consistency, productivity enhancing, and business value scaling. View their Website >

Synthesis AI – Synthetic data technology generates vast amounts of perfectly-labeled data enabling the development of more capable models across industries and use-cases. View their Website >

TRACTIAN – TRACTIAN's platform monitors and analyzes the vibration and temperature of machines and equipment, foreseeing breakdowns and preventing downtime. View their Website >

Werk24 – Werk24 digitizes technical drawings, allowing machine builders and manufacturers to accelerate their processes. View their Website >


Plug and Play Internet of Things startups

42 AiChemist Metal Inc. – Enables sustainable lightweight batteries using high strength, thin-film, metal and nano-fiber materials. View their Website >

Allganize – Helps business automate answering questions with Natural Language Understanding technology. View their Website >

Arris Composites – Next-gen composites for mass market applications including aerospace, automotive, and consumer products. View their Website >

Bitsensing – Radar development for self-driving. Promoting better safety through Radar solutions in the era of self-driving cars. View their Website >

Carbin.AI – AI system that provides real-time local and global connectivity between vehicles and their surroundings.View their Website >

CY Vision – 3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays for next generation and autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

Gestoos – AI solution enabling cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement, gestures, and activities. View their Website >

Heat Inverse – Photonic thin films that cool with no energy input. View their Website >

Heex Technologies – Data management solution improving access to relevant data for autonomous driving. View their Website >

Hybrid LiDAR Systems – Enabling autonomous driving and next generation automation. View their Website >

Interplai – Creating the world’s most efficient last-mile delivery solution using smart collaborative robots and agents. View their Website >

Ivex – Technology company developing a safety co-pilot for autonomous cars. View their Website >

LiveRoad Analytics – Advanced road weather solution for improved prediction and mitigation of safety or delay risk in transportation. View their Website >

Nth Cycle – Modular Recycling tech for cost-efficient recovery of critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector. View their Website >

Omnitron Sensors – Providing a new degree of freedom to design with in silicon process for sensors. View their Website >

Potential Motors – Uses Artificial Intelligence to boost vehicle safety and performance. View their Website >

Provizio – Accident prevention platform embeds safety-first thinking to radically transform vehicle safety. View their Website >

Qcraft – Bringing autonomous driving into real life. View their Website >

Qumulus Seating – Data driven, truly personalized smart seating technology. View their Website >

Sensagrate – Real-time software for intelligent traffic signals. View their Website >

Soar Robotics – Reliable Connectivity for the Autonomous World. View their Website >

SpearEye Technologies – Next generation of HD-map lane driving & navigation with V2X capabilities. View their Website >

Traxen – Energy optimized semi-automated driving for heavy duty trucks. View their Website >

Viaduct – Cloud platform deriving actionable insights from connected vehicle data to make them safer, more reliable, and personalized. View their Website >

Real Estate & Construction

Plug and Play Mobility Startups

ArchChat – ArchChat lets project collaborators work remotely on design & construction projects and get business opportunities Architects, designers, engineering consultants, contractors, product sellers, project owners and their teams collaborate here. View their Website >

AreaScan – Applies Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the estimation portion of pre-construction takeoff. View their Website >

ARUtility –Augmented Reality utility locating, asset management, BIM visualization and remote assistance.View their Website >

Auditmate –First-ever SaaS to get more from your elevator maintenance contract. View their Website > – Digital assistant in construction that helps do work easier and faster. View their Website >

Chunker – On-demand, short-term warehouse marketplace connecting companies needing temporary space with those that have excess space. View their Website >

Constru – AI-powered solution to perform ongoing site inspections. View their Website >

Contilio – Contilio is an AI analytics platform empowering the construction industry to improve project performance and enable real-time payments. View their Website >

DABBEL – AI Self-Driving Buildings. View their Website >

dataArrows – dataArrows develops smart building information technologies for commercial buildings. It results in minimizing the energy consumption buildings while enhancing the health, safety, and productivity of the occupants. View their Website >

Gleensite –Predictive Analytics for Real Estate. View their Website >

SlatPlanner –SlatPlanner blurs the lines physical and digital look-ahead planning.View their Website >

Staytion –Dedefining the living experience by deploying AI and AR technologies.View their Website >

TracFlo –TracFlo is an online financial tool developed to help contractors manage project risk. View their Website >

Voxxlr – Where digital twins are made.View their Website >

Travel & Hospitality

Plug and Play Real Estate Tech Startups

3Victors – Big Airfare Data with AI & Machine Learning. View their Website >

altumAI – futureWork captures and interprets the data that surrounds every worker to improve health and safety. View their Website >

Bagchain – Bagchain is an airline/airport communication and leading mobile baggage check-in provider. View their Website >

Blueboard – Blueboard is the employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace. Blueboard enables companies to reward top employees with memorable, personal and shareable experiences. View their Website >

CheKin – Chekin is the new standard to Check-in Guests. We digitalize guest registration to offer frictionless check-in to the tourism industry. View their Website >

Data Appeal – We provide the most powerful mix of geo-spatial, business information and customer perception data for any Point of Interest worldwide. View their Website >

Ditto – Ditto is a cross platform SDK that allows apps to sync without internet connectivity. View their Website >

Fever – Fever inspires users to enjoy the best local experiences, from gigs to theatre, live music, immersive experiences, and pop-ups. Fever helps organizers attract new customers for their events, and optimize the creation of new events, by leveraging behavioral data. View their Website >

Greyparrot – Greyparrot provides AI-based computer vision waste recognition software to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale. We are on a mission to digitize waste flows to increase transparency and automation in waste management. View their Website >

Holibob – Holibob is a B2B marketplace for tours and experiences, we help consumer facing travel brands to gain a selling opportunity in the fastest growing vertical in travel. View their Website >

Kuvrr – Intelligent and affordable safety anywhere anytime! View their Website >

Perksy – Perksy is an on-demand consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with real consumers through an interactive and gamified mobile app that rewards users for answering questions. View their Website >

Port – Port enables travelers and working professionals to on-demand book remote guides around the world and receive live, interactive video calls to experience new destinations or attend events that they can't physically go to. View their Website >

Rene – We provide companies the tools they need to keep their employees safe and healthy on their journeys. View their Website >

Sitata – Sitata provides worry-free travel with easy itinerary management, hyper-localized information about any type of travel disruption, and help at the push of a button for everything from lost passports to medical emergencies. View their Website >

Smooss – The Travel Technology Platform for merchandising and customer care. Solve the complexity of your inventory and reservation systems thanks to our no-code layer. View their Website >

Wishbox – Wishbox empowers hotels to accomplish a complete digital transformation of their guest experience, by combining automation, communication, smart check-in and e-commerce solutions in a single holistic and white-labeled platform. View their Website >