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Energy & Sustainability

plug and play energy & sustainability startups

Aurtra –Aurtra is an IOT/Big Data based solution that delivers an online condition monitoring service for transformer assets used by electric utility and large energy uses based on a SAAS business model. View their Website >

Blacksands – Blacksands is transforming business by allowing companies to control connections to singular devices, applications and services at will for third party access, without cumbersome set up and maintenance, significant overhead nor increased network risk. View their Website >

Breezi – With our platform and our connected device, AirPulse, we help homeowner’s track the fitness of their HVAC to avoid repairs, save energy, and breathe clean air. View their Website >

BuildPulse – BuildPulse connects to communicating assets in buildings to collect and normalize data and provide analytics and optimization for them. View their Website >

Chargehub – Mogile Technologies builds the ChargeHub platform. ChargeHub is a community driven platform that helps electric vehicle drivers beat “range anxiety” by helping them find over 60,000 public charging stations in Canada and the US. View their Website >

CleanO2 – CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies has developed a unique application, which directly removes approximately 5 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year per unit. View their Website >

EV Connect – EV Connect has created EV Cloud™, the most innovative, robust, flexible and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and their interaction with utilities, energy management systems and drivers. View their Website >

Evolve Energy – With our autonomous load management software, residential and SMB customers can take advantage of the very low-priced TOU or real-time wholesale rates while minimizing their exposure to high-priced hours. View their Website >

HST Solar – Our platform has been used to design over 45 GW of solar power projects globally and our suite of applications include feasibility and design, energy marketing, as well as equipment and financing marketplace. View their Website >

KeraCel – KeraCel is the creator of a revolutionary solid-state battery that is safe, 2-3 times longer lasting, half the cost for the same energy as the best batteries in the market, and can be built to fit into any shape. View their Website >

Place to Plug – Place to Plug is a Blockchain based platform that connects electric vehicle drivers and charging points. View their Website >

Qlair – Qlair is the leading platform for proactive clean air management in commercial buildings using Artificial Intelligent (AI) based technology. View their Website >

Salient Energy – Salient Energy is developing a new type of battery called the zinc-ion battery. It is made with far cheaper and more abundant raw materials than lithium-ion, has double the service life, and uses an intrinsically safe water-based chemistry. View their Website >

Sigmagen – Sigmagen offers the world’s most portable, rapidly deployable, fuel-independent, and high-performing smart electricity generators. View their Website >

SPIN Storage Systems – SPIN will disrupt the market for grid-scale electricity storage by delivering high efficiency flywheels with significantly lower life-cycle costs than Li-ion and other batteries. View their Website >

Weave Grid – Weave Grid uses machine learning across utility, automotive and driver data to predict, optimize and manage electric vehicle charging, solving grid integration challenges from rapid EV adoption. View their Website >

Enterprise 2.0

Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups – is an AI marketing cloud for enterprises to build content experiences in real-time and increase engagement, generate leads and earn revenue. View their Website >

Astronomer – Astronomer is a lightweight, dev-friendly data engineering platform that captures, transforms, and routes data anywhere, continuously. View their Website >

Augment – We help enterprises improve customer outcomes by identifying and acting on the moments that matter most. View their Website >

Beaconforce – Software that uses biometrics and AI to extract real time insights about what makes people intrinsically motivated and leads them to create environments where they can achieve their potential. View their Website >

Censia – Censia intelligently matches enterprises with the most in-demand professionals with radical efficiency. View their Website >

Clearlaw – Clearlaw helps enterprises close deals more quickly by providing an AI Assistant to help guide in-house legal teams throughout the contract review and negotiations process. View their Website >

CompIQ – CompIQ uses artificial intelligence to provide customized compensation benchmarking data for every employee at your firm at a radically low cost. View their Website >

Contract Wrangler – Contract Wrangler applies a proprietary machine learning system uncover hidden data in business agreements and help clients maximize profitability and reduce risk. View their Website >

Fishbowl – Fishbowl is providing an actual social network to connect professionals within the same industry or company. View their Website >

Flype – Flype is a cloud-based infrastructure that enables businesses to understand every customer's journey and orchestrate end-to-end intelligent experiences that drive outcomes. View their Website >

nlightn – The analytical intelligence cloud based SaaS platform that computes and delivers automated business insights empowering business leaders to make timely, effective decisions View their Website >

PeopleJoy – PeopleJoy helps employers attract, retain and engage talent using student loan assistance, counseling and education as an employee benefit. View their Website >

Reltio – Self-Learning Data Platform that organizes enterprise data for continuous self-learning where customers continuously organize data and leverage recommendations to measure & improve operations View their Website >

Remesh – Remesh's mission is to make engaging with and understanding a group of people fast, informative and accurate. View their Website >

Sagewise – Sagewise builds technology to efficiently resolve disputes using blockchains and cryptocurrency. View their Website >

Shujinko – Shujinko allows enterprises to build secure cloud environments in hours instead of months.View their Website >

Swarm – Swarm is a SAAS platform to find the people who will transform your organization. View their Website >

Taloflow – Taloflow is an event-driven data collection platform that works with all layers — including the business layer — and is coupled with decision-making and AI engines to drive real-time end-to-end observability and actionability over your event-driven architecture. View their Website >


Plug and Play Health startups

BioSymetrics – BioSymetrics’ Augusta platform performs advanced data pre-processing and integration of complex chemical, genomic, imaging, and clinical data sets, enabling projects ranging from target deconvolution to care optimization. View their Website >

Blue Mesa – I Blue Mesa’s digital therapeutics product delivers a solution specifically targeted at diabetes prevention, combining the latest advances in software, hardware, cloud infrastructure and applied behavioral psychology. View their Website >

Cardiomo – Cardiomo is a consumer-friendly wearable health technology to save lives by preventing heart diseases, through continuous monitoring of vital signs (ECG, heart rate, breath rate, skin temp) for timely detection of cardio vascular risks. View their Website >

ChromoCare –ChromoCare is a healthcare services company providing Employer Groups with a unique medication-compatibility genetic testing platform that is based on the employee's individual genetic variants. View their Website >

Chronus Health – Chronus Health is building a portable diagnostic platform that reduces turnaround times for blood tests from days to minutes. View their Website >

eMocha – eMocha is a mobile health platform redesigning the way patients take medication to improve medication adherence, strengthen patient-provider relationships, and reduce costs. View their Website > – provides people with the right level of emotional support and guidance, at the right time through coaching, therapy and psychiatry - all from the convenience of a smartphone app. View their Website >

Helpsy – Helpsy is a smart Oncology symptom management platform for patients and HCP to decrease adverse events and treatment disruptions and improve quality of life. View their Website >

Karuna Labs – Karuna Labs creates evidence-based VR applications that address the neurological causes of centralized chronic pain conditions. Karuna's applications target sensorimotor incongruences and fear avoidant behavior. View their Website >

Koniku – Koniku makes devices that have the smelling capability of a dog's nose. The device can be used for cancer diagnostics, bacteria screening in cancer units, even "smelling" for mental illness. View their Website >

Limbix – J Limbix provides the complete VR system for clinics, hospitals, and mental health centers. Their mission is to improve patient care with virtual reality. View their Website >

nGageIT – nGageIT detects the medication you take from your breath using smart health tools, AI and the world’s first Digital Pharmaceutical Nano Encoding sensor technology to measure medication treatment effectiveness. View their Website >

Onesoftdigm – Onesoftdigm (USA) developed first Pocket-size portable device that measures body composition through BIA technology. We also developed mobile app so customers can efficiently and consistently manage their results. View their Website >

Quid – Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter. View their Website >

Relax VR – Relax VR’s virtual reality app reduces stress and anxiety using 360 videos and CGI of beautiful locations, guided meditations and music to help people relax. View their Website >

Remedy – Remedy’s AI-assisted platform equips non-physician staff with clinical expertise to uncover hidden chronic diseases through phone screening interviews. View their Website >

SilverCloud – SilverCloud provides evidenced-based mental health services for all by increasing access to treat subclinical, mild, moderate and severe patients with the largest comprehensive library of customizable evidenced-based programs. View their Website >

SyncThink – SyncThink is a VR-based eye tracking platform that can assess brain health and improve performance. View their Website >

VastBiome – VastBiome harmonizes and contextualizes data across the clinical spectrum of immune disease and uses AI to understand the core mechanisms through which the microbiome controls the human immune system. View their Website >

Woebot – Woebot is an app that delivers in-the-moment emotional assistance based on cognitive behavior therapy through friendly conversation, leading reductions in both cost and risk, and dramatically increases access to CBT. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

Agentero – Agentero is building software to help insurance agents serve their customers more effectively. View their Website >

BeemaBroker – BeemaBroker makes business insurance easy to understand, purchase and manage for millennial business owners and small business owners.View their Website >

BetterDrive – BetterDrive is transforming how insurance reaches millennials & how they engage with it.View their Website >

BlockRe – BlockRe provides leading cryptoasset and blockchain risk mitigation services -- focusing initially on cryptoasset custody insurance. View their Website >

Broker Buddha – Broker Buddha is a next-generation customer engagement platform for independent insurance brokers and captive agents. View their Website >

Chisel – Chisel can read and understand unstructured and structured text just like a human. View their Website >

ContinUse Biometrics – ContinUse Biometrics is bringing to the market the only remote, effortless and non-touch sensing technology that both authenticates users and monitors their physiological state. View their Website >

Crux – Crux helps financial firms find and make use of relevant data. View their Website >

CyberCube – Software as a Service platform helps insurance companies make more informed, effective and efficient decisions when underwriting cyber risk and managing cyber risk aggregation. View their Website >

Cyberfense – Cyberfense is the world's first comprehensive cyber insurance platform.View their Website >

Edmund – Edmund is Australia's first dedicated digital cyber insurance provider focused on improving how businesses protect themselves from the financial impact of cyber risk. View their Website >

Estated – Estated aims to make real estate simple by offering a suite of products for consumers and businesses powered by one of the largest property databases online. View their Website >

Evoshare – Evoshare utilizes employees' spending habits to generate an entirely new source of money for their retirement savings.View their Website >

FairClaims – FairClaims resolves disputes 10x quicker, cheaper, easier. View their Website >

Friendly – Friendly automates many health and life insurance tasks by accurately digitizing claims and transferring them into structured format, ready for analysis. View their Website >

getmeins™ – getmeins™ , concentrates its efforts at helping carriers predict fraud at point of sale as well as point of claim. View their Website >

LifeNome – personalization platform, leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced computational genomics. View their Website >

MakuSafe – MakuSafe is an Insurtech SaaS/Data company focused on identifying workplace risks and reducing worker compensation claims. View their Website >

Neurocern –Neurocern is a predictive analytics and data modeling platform that enables insurance companies to analyze claims and underwrite risk from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. View their Website >

Openly – Openly is a digitally-enabled personal lines MGA designed specifically to win in the independent agency channel. View their Website >

Peanut Butter – Peanut Butter administers Student Loan Assistance programs so employers can attract and retain college-educated talent. View their Website >

PLNAR – PLNAR is an Augmented Reality (AR) enterprise solution, delivers fully-measured 3D models of any space within the home in real-time. View their Website >

Plumis – Enabling smarter homes starts with a dramatically different fire sprinkler: widely used in the UK, intelligent, & uses 90% less water. View their Website >

ProcessGold – Potentials to increase efficiency and reduce risks becomes visible, and the process can be optimized. Our recommendation: Stop guessing. Act on facts. View their Website >

RemitRix – RemitRix aims to bring ML tools to the insurance world, and particularly to risk factors predictions. View their Website >

RozieAi – RozieAi’s state-of-the-art language comprehension and context management technology helps brands scale the delivery of personalized care, delivering a single continuous conversation with an individual. View their Website >

Spire – Spire’s Health Tag is the world’s first “invisible” health tracker. View their Website >

Ushur – Ushur is a workflow acceleration platform harnessing the power of enterprise data and AI to automate customer engagements. View their Website >

vlot – vlot provides integrated (white label) life risk analysis and coverage solutions that harmoniously fit unique and changing life situations - applying cutting edge APIs and artificial intelligence algorithms. View their Website >

Water Hero – Water Hero is an IoT device that allows you to monitor and control your water with your smartphone, protecting your home or business from burst pipes. View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play Internet of Things startups

Atlas Dynamics – Atlas Dynamics vision is to lead the Next Gen Aerospace industry with autonomous and cost efficient solutions that optimize resources while saving lives.View their Website >

Atollogy, Inc. – Atollogy’s proprietary algorithms & capabilities are revolutionizing how physical operations are managed by integrating the physical world with artificial intelligence. View their Website >

Bare Conductive – Bare Conductive is a printed electronics company providing functional coatings, printed sensors and integration solutions to industry for applications in smart home, pest control, security, and healthcare. View their Website > – Dispel is the sole commercial provider of automated, network-level, moving target defenses. View their Website >

Emoshape – Emoshape developed a whole new generation of Emotion Chip that gives a plug and play emotion technology to IoT, Ai, Robotics, Gaming, and Automation. View their Website >

MemComputing – MemComputing’s software-based MemCPU™ Coprocessor technology attacks today’s most complex and time-consuming problems reducing compute times by orders of magnitude, at scales and complexity once thought impossible. View their Website >

MonoLets – MonoLets is building an end-to-end encrypted and enterprise-scale data warehouse. We build the network with batteryless and standards' compliant wireless mesh sensors, at a profile and price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects. View their Website >

Nanonets – Nanonets is a machine learning API platform offering developers a platform with limited data & knowledge of deep learning to build custom models solving problems specific to their applications. View their Website > – AI Building AI™ - Ople's software models the behavior, experience, and intuition of elite data scientists and delivers deployable production-grade AI-models in minutes, ready to predict. View their Website >

Rafay Systems – Rafay Systems enables applications to achieve global scale within minutes without any DevOps effort. View their Website >

Rescale – Inertial Sense focuses on micro-navigation solutions for an autonomous world. View their Website >

Robotik Innovations – Tech company developing tactile sensors and AI for robots.

Scortex – Automation of on-premise quality control using deep-learning and AI. View their Website >

SensorUp – SensorUp is the leader in Internet of Things cloud service platform for customers who rely on geospatial in their IoT Implementations. View their Website >

SLAMcore – SLAMcore provide robot OEM’s with the tools they need to build autonomous machines with true spatial understanding. View their Website >

SnapSupport – SnapSupport is an IoT enabled monitoring & resolution platform on mobile. View their Website >

Streametric – STREAMETRIC is a digital service platform that helps these operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities meet and exceed their targets for productivity, costs and quality. View their Website >

Ubiquios – The ubiquios full stack simplifies the development of wireless IoT devices. View their Website >

Uptake – Uptake is the leader in advanced analytics software that makes industries more productive, reliable and safe. View their Website >

VLNComm – VLNComm's LiFi solution offers an alternative to WiFi by using optical energy for wireless connectivity, and integrates access-points into lights. View their Website >

VTRUS – Vtrus Inc. has developed ABI, an autonomous indoor inspection drone. View their Website >


Plug and Play Mobility Startups

aiPod – aiPod is developing city-integrated autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service by leading pilots of autonomous mobility in complex urban environments in concert with the right stakeholders. View their Website >

BlinkAI – BlinkAI Technologies is building a transformative deep learning AI platform to optimally extract and reconstruct information from sensor data for enhancing image fidelity in difficult, low-signal environments. View their Website >

Brodmann17 – Brodmann17 is a software company, who has developed a deep neural network (DNN) with game-changing technology that can handle real time deep-learning vision on low power processors. View their Website >

Carmera – CARMERA builds “living” HD Maps by maintaining the world’s most robust real-time, street-level intelligence platform. View their Website >

Darwin AI – Darwin AI offers a platform that allows companies to use AI to build, optimize and explain AI. They focus on applications in automotive, consumer electronics and computer hardware industries. View their Website >

Enroute – Enroute creates a personalized interaction platform which enables mobility companies and passengers shape the new travel time paradigm. View their Website >

Inhalio – Inhalio is changing the consumer experience in Mobilty Industry through Intelligent Broadcast Scent Technology. View their Website >

Kelzal – Kelzal produces the Perception Appliance™, followed by Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles. View their Website >

Latent Logic – Latent Logic uses state-of-the-art AI to build virtual testing environments for autonomous cars. View their Website >

Lithium Cycles – Manufacturer of light electronic motorbikes designed to provide high quality motorbike that are fun and easy to ride. View their Website >

MDGo – MDgo is the medical personnel onboard. View their Website >

Momenta – Momenta’s deep-learning based software in perception, HD semantic mapping, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy. View their Website >

Ouster – Ouster is a leading provider of LIDAR and related robotics technology dedicated to bringing 3D sensing to the masses. View their Website >

Owl Cameras Inc. – Owl Cameras, Inc. focuses on design, development and production of video security for your car never seen before. View their Website >

Poly AI – PolyAI is a London-based startup building the next generation of conversational user interfaces. View their Website >

Populus – Populus is a transportation technology company that helps cities and private mobility providers deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets through better data and analytics. View their Website >

Realtime Robotics –General Purpose autonomy platform for robotic systems. View their Website >

Regulus – Regulus is the first company looking at sensor security as its primary focus. View their Website >

Silicon Mobility – Silicon Mobility is a full stack technology player powering control solutions for a cleaner, safer and smarter mobility. View their Website >

SWVL – SWVL is a private premium alternative to public transportation that enables riders heading in the same direction to share a ride during rush hour for a flat fare, thus increasing the overall system’s efficiency and making the process convenient and affordable to all stakeholders. View their Website >

Tangi0 (TG0) – TG0 is an interactive technology that allows brands and manufacturers to build 3D touch control systems. View their Website >

Thor Trucks – Thor is a fleet lab offering holistic, flexible solutions for fleets adopting electric mobility. View their Website >

Voicery – At Voicery, they synthesize ultra-realistic voices using cutting-edge deep-learning research. View their Website >

Watt-Learn – Watt-Learn is an AI Software company for batteries. We are turning energy storage and second-life batteries into autonomous robots that act as smart participants of the electricity grid. View their Website >

Wavelength – Wavelength is an AI technology company. We provide deep learning neural network and computer vision software for automotive industry including ADAS and autonomous driving, as embedded low power edge computing solutions.View their Website >

Zeleros – Zeleros has designed an innovative hyperloop transport solution.View their Website >

Real Estate Tech

Plug and Play Real Estate Tech Startups

Acculis – Acculis helps construction projects fully leverage BIM assets with a lightweight collaboration platform. View their Website >

AlcatrazAI – Alcatraz' mission is to make authentication secure and frictionless. View their Website >

Assemble Systems – Assemble is the web-based 3D solution that lets you extract meta data, add coding, collaborate, and connect. View their Website >

BuildPulse – BuildPulse connects to communicating assets in buildings to collect and normalize data and provide analytics and optimization for them. View their Website >

Flow Labs – Flow Labs delivers smart water management and leak detection solutions to commercial buildings. View their Website >

Form Found Design – Form Found Design, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based startup using six-axis industrial robots to cast concrete with precision levels usually reserved for the auto industry. View their Website >

OnSiteIQ – OnSiteIQ is a progress documentation platform for owners and developers. View their Website >

RealWear – RealWear is a knowledge transfer company that provides in-situ information and in-the-field training to help people improve safety and increase productivity at work. View their Website >

Spotscale – 3D content for the VR/AR revolution in Proptech View their Website >

StructionSite – Automated site capture and progress reporting for the construction industry. View their Website >

Triax – Triax Technologies, Inc. develops and delivers IoT technology for construction. View their Website >

Travel & Hospitality

Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality Startups

Aerones – We are building heavy lifting drones which can lift up to 200kg. We have a version which is flying on batteries for rescue and delivery purposes and a tethered solution for industrial cleaning and firefighting, as well as deicing. View their Website >

Arevea – Online event management platform that enables users (Event Planners, Marketing/ Sales Event Coordinators, Office Managers, Executive Assistants) to create, plan / collaborate, book vendor services and invite guests for any type of event. Venues and vendors can run their entire business operations from leads to payments on the vendor portal. View their Website >

ClimaCell – ClimaCell is a weather tech company that uses new proprietary technologies to see weather that no one else can see. View their Website >

Destygo – Destygo is a B2B technology provider of A.I platform. We allow airlines, airports, travel agencies, and mobility companies to build a smart customer assistant for their travelers. View their Website >

Easymile – Manufacturer of electric driver-less shuttles designed to offer software powering autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

Gladly – Gladly is seeking to reinvent customer service. We put people at the heart of the interaction, provide a lifetime of conversations to the agents, unlock data in secondary systems to make agents wildly productive every day. View their Website >

Go Moment – Guest Engagement, Automated. Go Moment's Ivy platform automatically engages hotel guests in real time using Artificial Intelligence over messaging channels like SMS and Alexa. View their Website >

HYP3R – HYP3R is a location-based marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to acquire and retain high-value customers. View their Website >

Liberio – Liberio provides Natural Language Processing based personalized search as a service to businesses to reduce R&D cost and to improve sales and conversion. View their Website >

Loyyal – Loyyal is the industry-leading blockchain platform for incentive management. We are built to incentivize any behavior, action, or event. The only limitation is imagination. View their Website >

LuggAgent – Same day luggage delivery service between airports and hotels for travelers who take the early arrival or late departure flights. View their Website >

Mydutyfree –Mydutyfree is a marketplace for travel retail. We help airports and airlines increase non-aviation sales. And let travelers buy whatever they want using the advantage of duty-free prices. View their Website >

Optym – Optym develops intelligent solutions for transportation companies to reduce their operational costs, increase their profitability and improve service quality. View their Website >

Shep – Shep's open-booking platform lets SME travelers book their biz travel on their favorite sites and gives enterprises visibility into their off-channel booking blindspot. View their Website >

Stasher – Stasher connects travelers with local businesses who can store their bags, fully insured. In the near future, we'll also facilitate transport between our storage points. View their Website >

Synapse Technology – Synapse Technology provides an artificial intelligence platform for physical security checkpoints. View their Website >

TRILL – TRILL creates bookable experiences from social travel content. View their Website >

Trip Loop – Trip Loop is a mobile platform for professional, real-time group travel communication & coordination.View their Website >