Cyber Security & Digital Risks in Insurance

In a digital-first world, insurers must cover risks never encountered before. But cyber insurance poses many questions. In this webinar, we analyzed this new landscape and set some guidelines for insurers to successfully adapt to it.

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The topics we talked about

  • Cyber insurance: The latest cyber product trends, covering pricing, commercial and personal lines, and distribution
  • Data ownership & privacy: In a world where data is everything, innovation is key.
  • The importance of prevention: Prevention is key to a sustainable cyber insurance business model.

Featured Speaker: Rachel Anne Carter

Dr. Rachel Anne Carter is the Director of The Geneva Association’s Cyber program, which promotes global industry thought leadership and industry innovation. She leads the Geneva Association and IFTRIP Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Warfare Task Force. 

She is a regular speaker at international conferences and has even spoken at the World Economic Forum (special focus cyber event). She has research experience in natural catastrophe, terrorism, cyber and cyber war and corresponding insurance solutions. 

Webinar: Cyber Security & Digital Risks in Insurance

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