Travel & Smart Cities

This event has been postponed to June 9th, 2022 due to the nationwide lockdown in Austria. 

Stay safe and see you next year!

This event has been postponed to June 9th, 2022 due to the nationwide lockdown in Austria.  Stay safe and see you next year!

„All major stakeholders from around the world come to Vienna to showcase their developments, align on new projects and together move an entire industry forward. “

Nik Munaretto, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Plug and Play Vienna

Travel & Hospitality Focus Area

  • Airport Analytics
  • HVAC Optimization
  • Sustainability
  • Circular Economy
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Efficiency

Smart Cities Focus Areas

  • Green Finance
  • Data & Lead Generation
  • Digital Twin
  • Geo Spatial Data
  • Energy Grids
  • Data Analytics
  • Mobility

Vienna Partners

  • Vienna Airport - Plug and Play
  • Brussels.jpg
  • Star Alliance logo
  • INVEN.png
  • VIG
  • Wiener Städtische
  • Vienna Business Agency
  • EcoPlus
  • Tecnet_logo.jpg
  • Accent_Logo
  • value one_logo
  • Fraport_logo
  • Ontario airport investments_logo.png
  • Vienna Region_logo.png
  • lead ventures_logo.png
  • Copy of Aeroporti_di_Roma_Logo.svg.png
  • Bristol Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • SFR_logo-297x300.png
  • 90e6491c-f9b9-42ff-a74f-9bccbc04e3f4-partners-Stadt-Wien.png

Smart Cities Vienna Batch 3 Startups

  • Bia Logo
    Bia Logo
    Turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids.
  • Everimpact Logo
    Everimpact Logo
    Helping cities and companies finance their CO2 reduction efforts.
  • Neticle Logo
    Neticle Logo
    Neticle helps enterprises become more data and insight-driven with it's unique text analytics engine. Their main goal is to provide action-ready business insights from any kind of textual data.
  • Nomoko Logo
    Nomoko Logo
    Nomoko is building the digital infrastructure for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Users will be able to stream spatial data and build custom applications with game engine-ready, fully segmented digital twins of entire cities.
  • UNL Logo
    UNL Logo
    UNL is a smart location platform that provides businesses with the mapping, location and data tools to build highly scalable, hyper-local services and applications.

Travel & Hospitality Vienna Batch 3 Startups

  • Airboard Logo
    Airboard Logo
    Make waiting history. Airboard remove lines at boarding and security for airlines and airports around the world.
  • BrainBox AI Logo
    BrainBox AI
    BrainBox AI Logo
    BrainBox AI
    BrainBox AI provides solutions for HVAC management in commercial buildings through self-adapting artificial intelligence technology.
  • Heirloom Logo
    Heirloom Logo
    Heirloom is restoring balance to our atmosphere by capturing CO2 from the air through engineering the most cost-effective, scalable direct air capture system.
  • ZYTLYN Logo
    ZYTLYN Logo
    ZYTLYN is a data analytics and AI company, helping customers address their most urgent problems and opportunities with granular, qualified, and actionable data, predictions and insights. Its platform gives customers the ability to optimize critical decision making through predictive insights.

Plug and Play Vienna

Based in the most livable city in the world, Plug and Play Vienna marks the hotspot for Smart Cities innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. Together with its ideally situated office space right at Vienna International Airport, Plug and Play Vienna also represents Europe's hotspot for Travel & Hospitality innovation.