The Venture Fund «AloqaVentures» was established in 2021 by the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank «Aloqabank» to invest in innovative and promising start-up projects.

The main activities of the Venture Fund "AloqaVentures" include

  • accumulation of funds of legal entities and individuals, including foreign legal entities and individuals, to benefit from further investment in start-up projects;
  • financing the development, implementation, and expansion of innovative and technological products of start-up projects through participation in the authorized capital of newly created and existing organizations, as well as by providing start-up projects with convertible loans;
  • participation in the management of start-up projects in which the Venture Fund is a shareholder (participant).

The activities of the Fund are aimed at ensuring the following goals:

  • development and analysis of the market for start-up projects and venture capital;
  • development of strategic directions of investment activity and formation of investment (financial) resources of the Fund;
  • assessment of the attractiveness of start-up projects, development of the most effective financial instruments for investing in them;
  • management of planning and implementation of individual investment programs and projects.
  • The activities of the Fund include investing in companies in the early stages of their development that have the potential to enter the market through equity participation in their authorized fund or providing convertible loans to companies.