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  • Modo Logo

    Company Description
    Modo is the better, faster way to connect payment systems by providing a utility to enable interoperability between payment systems.
  • Whyline Logo

    Company Description
    First company to combine enterprise SaaS & navigation systems to offer a complete solution to a fast-growing, yet highly outdated industry.
  • Novisto Logo

    Company Description
    Consolidate your ESG data and reporting in one place and leverage the power of automation and AI-driven insights for better decision-making and value creation.
  • Airboard Logo

    Company Description
    Make waiting history. Airboard remove lines at boarding and security for airlines and airports around the world.
  • ZeroAvia Logo

    Company Description
    ZeroAvia is building the world's first practical zero emission aviation powertrain, based on hydrogen fuel cells.
  • ZYTLYN Logo

    Company Description
    ZYTLYN is a data analytics and AI company, helping customers address their most urgent problems and opportunities with granular, qualified, and actionable data, predictions and insights. Its platform gives customers the ability to optimize critical decision making through predictive insights.
  • Tickitto Logo

    Company Description
    At Tickitto we are democratising access to the world’s best events and experiences. Tickitto is a B2B marketplace for tickets to live events and cultural experiences for brands looking to bring in a holistic events buying experience into their platforms.
  • Reposite Logo

    Company Description
    Reposite is the all-in-one workspace to power the travel trade.
  • Plug and Play

    Company Description
    Omnevo’s mission is to power transformation towards digitally-generated ancillary revenues in the global travel business, enabling our clients to increase ancillary revenue and become digital revenue leaders. As part of the AOE group we have the support of 250+ experienced e-commerce experts.
  • givvable Logo

    Company Description
    givvable is a data platform automating the discovery and tracking of supplier sustainability credentials.
  • FullStory Logo

    Company Description
    FullStory is a customer experience data app that captures customer experience data in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.
  • BagsID Logo

    Company Description
    The baggage identification network
  • APEXX Fintech Logo
    APEXX Fintech

    Company Description
    APEXX offers clients an independent, whole of market, payments optimisation platform that will deliver higher sales and lower costs globally. A Single Integration to APEXX gives you the flexibility to build your perfect Global Payments System.
  • Evernym Logo

    Company Description
    Evernym is a software company that develops decentralized, self-sovereign identity applications in order to form more trusting interactions.
  • Cloverly Logo

    Company Description
    Our Sustainability-as-a-Service platform calculates and purchases carbon offsets to neutralize the environmental impact of everyday activities like ecommerce deliveries, ridesharing, flights, and more.
  • Levarti Logo

    Company Description
    Levarti delivers automated passenger disruption management and operational and passenger process improvement through staff mobility solutions on the ground, above the wing and below the wing, as well as in the cabin. Levarti's solutions drive increased ancillary revenues and passenger satisfaction.
  • CHOOOSE Logo

    Company Description
    CHOOOSE delivers technology for consumer-facing enterprises helping their customers address the climate footprint of any transaction.
  • Patch Logo

    Company Description
    Patch provides solutions to calculate emission and carbon footprint. It provides API to automate the sustainability goal for the business. It integrates with businesses, calculates their emissions, and compensates their environmental footprint by purchasing verified from carbon removal projects
  • Splio Logo

    Company Description
    Splio Mobile Wallets makes it possible for brands to communicate on their customers' mobiles, with no app to install, using native applications (Apple Wallet and Google Pay). Through the digitisation of your loyalty cards and vouchers in wallets, you can send push notifications and nearby alerts.
  • Hyperguest Logo

    Company Description
    HyperGuest is an API-based platform that creates a direct connection between accommodation providers and travel providers in order to empower both sides to deliver rooms with maximum efficiency.
  • HotelRunner Logo

    Company Description
    We make travel supply universally accessible as a SaaS-enabled sales management platform and B2B network for accommodations, travel agencies and payment providers to find, contract, connect, and transact with each other online, at scale.
  • Splyt Logo

    Company Description
    Splyt is a B2B mobility marketplace that connects institutional supply and demand for ground-based transport. It makes mobility inventory available through its single API, without the users of its demand-side partners needing to download or register with additional suppliers.
  • PayParc Global Solutions Logo
    PayParc Global…
    PayParc Global Solutions Logo
    PayParc Global Solutions

    Company Description
    Payparc offers a platform optimizing the B2B payments for the travel industry.
  • Kyte Logo

    Company Description
    Kyte is an airline retail platform empowering airlines and travel agencies to maximise their customer experience and retailing.
  • Thrust Carbon Logo
    Thrust Carbon

    Company Description
    We’re on a mission to make travel effortlessly green.
  • Grapevine Logo

    Company Description
    Grapevine is an AI-powered digital concierge providing personalised ‘right time, right channel’ offers to business travellers. We work closely with Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to increase ancillary attachment rates and capture in-destination revenues.
  • Livn Logo

    Company Description
    Livn is an Open Connectivity Hub for creators and sellers of tours, activities & attractions.
  • Deal Engine Logo
    Deal Engine

    Company Description
    B2B SaaS to automate travel management
  • Laasie.ai Logo

    Company Description
    LaaSie powers a new kind of loyalty by pairing AI with our network of 1,000+ instant gratification partners to personalize the optimal mix of rewards to match each user's preference.
  • Wishbox Logo

    Company Description
    Wishbox - Wishbox empowers hotels to accomplish a complete digital transformation of their guest experience, by combining automation, communication, smart check-in and e-commerce solutions in a single holistic and white-labeled platform.
  • Smooss Logo

    Company Description
    The Travel Technology Platform for merchandising and customer care. Solve the complexity of your inventory and reservation systems thanks to our no-code layer
  • Sitata Logo

    Company Description
    Sitata provides worry-free travel with easy itinerary management, hyper-localized information about any type of travel disruption, and help at the push of a button for everything from lost passports to medical emergencies.
  • Port Logo

    Company Description
    Port enables travelers and working professionals to on-demand book remote guides around the world and receive live, interactive video calls to experience new destinations or attend events that they can't physically go to.
  • Kuvrr Logo

    Company Description
    Intelligent and affordable safety anywhere anytime!
  • Holibob Logo

    Company Description
    Holibob is a B2B marketplace for tours and experiences, we help consumer facing travel brands to gain a selling opportunity in the fastest growing vertical in travel.
  • Fever Logo

    Company Description
    Fever inspires users to enjoy the best local experiences, from gigs to theatre, live music, immersive experiences, and pop-ups. Fever helps organizers attract new customers for their events, and optimize the creation of new events, by leveraging behavioral data.
  • Ditto Logo

    Company Description
    Ditto is a cross platform SDK that allows apps to sync without internet connectivity.
  • Data Appeal Logo
    Data Appeal

    Company Description
    We provide the most powerful mix of geo-spatial, business information and customer perception data for any Point of Interest worldwide.
  • CheKin Logo

    Company Description
    Chekin is the new standard to Check-in Guests. We digitalize guest registration to offer frictionless check-in to the tourism industry.
  • Blueboard Logo

    Company Description
    Blueboard is the employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace. Blueboard enables companies to reward top employees with memorable, personal and shareable experiences.
  • Bagchain Logo

    Company Description
    At bagchain we develop solutions that simplify and improve processes by offering simplified, innovative and economical products for airlines and airports.
  • 3Victors Logo

    Company Description
    Big Airfare Data with AI & Machine Learning
  • Rene Logo

    Company Description
    We provide companies the tools they need to keep their employees safe and healthy on their journeys.
  • AltumAI Logo

    Company Description
    futureWork captures and interprets the data that surrounds every worker to improve health and safety
  • Perksy Logo

    Company Description
    Perksy is an on-demand consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with real consumers through an interactive and gamified mobile app that rewards users for answering questions.
  • MostlyAI Logo

    Company Description
    Mostly AI offers a Synthetic Data Engine that can be used to unlock data assets that otherwise have to be locked away for privacy reasons. The engine learns the patterns in the original data to create new synthetic datasets, and can thus be used or shared for any purpose without privacy issues.
  • MoonVision Logo

    Company Description
    MoonVision is the preferred solution for automated visual inspection. They have significantly improved the process of generating and applying Computer Vision models through an optimized customer-facing platform and proprietary efficiency algorithms. The result: Customers like Audi and Miba automate their processes and get their visual inspections solutions faster, in high quality and with little data.
  • Bespoke Logo

    Company Description
    The world’s leading real-time customer engagement and measurement platform for the travel & hospitality industry. 100% privacy compliant. The Japanese government, cities and transportation authorities are using Bespoke to effectively communicate with residents and travelers in Japan during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The company's chatbot allows travel companies, cities and governments to communicate bi-directionally and provides an effective information channel in multiple languages. Various industry magazines have covered Bespoke as a viable means to combat the pandemic. Bespoke also work with airports, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), cities and transport authorities to engage with visitors on location to a) communicate, b) engage and c) receive valuable insights in return.
  • Nüwiel Logo

    Company Description
    Let's change cities together! We are NÜWIEL, a startup from Hamburg. We produce e-powered bicycle trailers for city logistics and urban lifestyle.
  • CosmoTech Logo

    Company Description
    The Cosmo Tech Platform is the world’s most advanced complex systems modelling and simulation platform, capable of modelling any system in any industry and drawing on the expertise of dozens of specialists. It assists C-level managers to take the right decisions regarding critical infrastructure.
  • Dedrone Logo

    Company Description
    Dedrone provides hardware and software solutions for airspace security. It is one of the market and technology leaders in airspace security. The Dedrone platform combines hardware sensors and machine-learning software, providing early warning, classification of and mitigation.
  • CyberX Logo

    Company Description
    CyberX provides the most widely-deployed industrial cybersecurity platform for continuously reducing ICS risk, enabling organizations to prevent costly production outages, catastrophic safety failures, and theft of corporate IP. It addresses the need for stronger industrial security by delivering continuous ICS/SCADA threat monitoring, asset discovery, and threat intelligence.
  • Paanini Logo

    Company Description
    Its core products, JiffyRPA, combines enterprise-grade robotic process automation (RPA) with intelligent data capture, advanced analytics and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver measurable impact on productivity, efficiency and profitability for global enterprises. JiffyRPA’s intelligent automation capabilities can convert unstructured, semi-structured and hand-written data into structured data before automating corresponding processes. This way unstructured data becomes structured making it clean and usable for automation of various related processes, and to be sent to the advanced analytics engine to glean insights.
  • Greyparrot Logo

    Company Description
    Greyparrot provides AI-based computer vision waste recognition software to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale. We are on a mission to digitise waste flows to increase transparency and automation in waste management.
  • ZestIOT Logo

    Company Description
    ZestIOT is a IOT/AI powered connected airports aviation platform
  • Zenner Logo

    Company Description
    Creating super empowered travelers through an always on, AI-powered, digital concierge.
  • Yoti Logo

    Company Description
    Yoti is a digital identity system that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and face to face.
  • Welcome Pickups Logo
    Welcome Pickups

    Company Description
    Welcome offers the best mobility service in the world for travel. The company will welcome more than 1.3m travelers in 2020, is active in 53 destinations worldwide, and grows in a fast pace. Welcome cooperates with 1000+ hotels, and is expanding to vacation homes, airlines and travel agents.
  • Upgrade Pack Logo
    Upgrade Pack

    Company Description
    Upgrade Pack provides direct access to bookings with our airline and hotel partners, allowing customers to search and secure the perfect upgrade. The app is exclusively available via our corporate clients (e.g. banks, credit card issuers) - who give access to their most valuable customers.
  • Trooptravel Logo

    Company Description
    Meeting & Events Location Optimizer powered by Big Data.
  • Trip Ninja Logo
    Trip Ninja

    Company Description
    Trip Ninja automates the creation of complex itineraries to lower operational costs for TMCs and improves customer service.
  • Sanctifly Logo

    Company Description
    Sanctifly is a global members club that grants access to wellness activities at airports including access to hotel gym, pool and spa facilities without having to book a room.
  • Pilota Logo

    Company Description
    Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Rebook Flights for Free During Disruptions.
  • OccasionGenius Logo

    Company Description
    OccasionGenius has created the first premium Events API for companies to provide events to the experiential traveler. For hospitality companies, this means adding upcoming events to their website to inspire travel; sending "proactive concierge" emails pre-stay; and app integration during the stay.
  • MeTripping Logo

    Company Description
    Intelligent Travel Search helping consumers and travel agents make the best travel decisions by making sense of the world's information. MeTripping has developed a B2B solution for dynamic packaging.
  • Juvo Robotics Logo
    Juvo Robotics

    Company Description
    Revolutionizing Aircraft Ground Handling using Robotics and AI.
  • Daycation Logo

    Company Description
    Daycation allows guests to enjoy the day at hotel amenities without getting a room.
  • Bidroom Logo

    Company Description
    Bidroom is the world’s first no-commission hotel booking platform with up to 25% lower room prices as compared to other booking websites.
  • Ascendance Flight Technologies Logo
    Ascendance Fli…
    Ascendance Flight Technologies Logo
    Ascendance Flight Technologies

    Company Description
    Hybrid air taxi that will disrupt the aerial mobility market by providing a cheap, green and silent air transport solution to passengers and operators.
  • Airportr Logo

    Company Description
    We developed the world's first home bag check-in and delivery service. Transforming journeys for airline passengers and enabling airports to become more distributed. We're not stopping there - as we look to make air travel baggage-less and effortless, door-to-door.
  • Wheel the World Logo
    Wheel the World

    Company Description
    Wheel the World is the one Stop Shop for people with disabilities to find and book accessible hotels and tours around the world the easiest way possible.
  • Tripkicks Logo

    Company Description
    Tripkicks is an enterprise technology company that rewards business travelers for making cost-saving travel decisions. When business travelers spend under their trip budget, they keep a portion of the savings.
  • TravelWits Logo

    Company Description
    TravelWits is a travel tech startup that uses AI to find door to door itineraries optimized around business meeting times and locations
  • Tarmac Technologies Logo
    Tarmac Technol…

    Company Description
    A communication and tracking platform bringing all stakeholders together to monitor operations and improve collaboration
  • Safety Line Logo
    Safety Line

    Company Description
    Safety Line provides Big Data solutions for the safety & efficiency of airlines & airports
  • RubiQ Logo

    Company Description
    RubiQ is on a mission to help airlines turn flight disruptions from crisis to opportunity using AI-based communication
  • Routier Logo

    Company Description
    Bridging the communication gaps to improve guest satisfaction, brands' service performance and reputation
  • Migacore Logo

    Company Description
    We leverage cutting-edge machine learning with contextual data to provide accurate demand forecasting, helping travel providers dramatically improve revenue and increase yield.

    Company Description
    DRONAMICS develops unmanned aerial systems for shipping commercial and special cargo applications.
  • Density Logo

    Company Description
    Density is a modern infrastructure for anonymously counting people.
  • Avian Logo
    Avian Logo

    Company Description
    Avian is the google adwords for sales incentives in the airline industry
  • Opus 12 Logo
    Opus 12

    Company Description
    Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals like methane, ethylene, and ethanol.
  • Instadeep Logo

    Company Description
    InstaDeep harnesses the ability to address and solve issues across a range of industries and sectors through our innovative AI products and solutions championed by our cutting-edge in-house team of researchers and developers.
  • Nethone Logo

    Company Description
    Know Your Users to resolve fraud. Gain more loyal customers, reject only fraudsters.
  • Kustomer Logo

    Company Description
    Kustomer is an omnichannel Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM platform specializing in customer service.
  • Phion Logo

    Company Description
    True spatially independent wireless power and data over distance.
  • Vision-Box Logo

    Company Description
    Vision-Box wants to make a positive contribution to the world by continuously enhancing the security and safety of people in every nation, improving their quality of life and access to services by way of smart, trusted digital identification technologies.
  • Airship Logo

    Company Description
    A Customer Engagement Platform that creates deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel.
  • Timeshifter Logo

    Company Description
    Timeshifter® - The Jet Lag App® - is developed with world-renowned scientists, based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience.
  • Situm Logo

    Company Description
    Situm delivers indoor positioning, way-finding and tracking solutions to corporate clients for airports, malls, headquarters and hospitals.
  • Signol Logo

    Company Description
    An employee feedback software platform which increases profits, reduces environmental impact, and improves job satisfaction.
  • Sherpa Logo

    Company Description
    Sherpa enables Airlines and OTAs to distribute eVisas as an ancillary service.
  • Redknot Logo

    Company Description
    A trusted network of locals that provide in-destination travel & concierge services in the emerging world.
  • Pana Logo

    Company Description
    Pana is the first corporate travel and expense platform exclusively for world-class guest trips, including on-site interviews, customer visits, internships and more.
  • Parcy Logo

    Company Description
    Parcy is the single application for the entire event planning lifecycle. A B2B SaaS platform for large event companies that automates the workflow of corporate events.
  • Hoopo Logo

    Company Description
    Enabling low-power, wide-area tracking solutions.
  • Exosonic Logo

    Company Description
    We're muting the sonic boom to develop the world's first quiet commercial supersonic aircraft that will cut long-haul flight times in half at business class seat prices.
  • Bluedot Logo

    Company Description
    Bluedot’s location services enable brands (via the mobile app) to learn about their customer’s physical behaviors and habits, enrich CRM profiles and loyalty, deliver better curbside and delivery experiences and drive timely customer engagement - in real time or later.
  • Bacarai Logo

    Company Description
    Bacarai empowers airlines to automate their group sales and publish contracts in a central marketplace.
  • Assaia Logo

    Company Description
    The Apron AI turns ramp video feeds into turnaround timestamps & equipment coordinates. This new level of situational awareness allows airlines, airports and handlers to improve on-time performance, increase asset utilization, and make the ramp a safer place.
  • Arrivalist Logo

    Company Description
    We provide GPS based visitation analytics to stakeholders in the travel and real estate industries.
  • Alula Logo

    Company Description
    Provide a radically cheaper, universal system for real-time aircraft data streaming.
  • Embr Labs Logo
    Embr Labs

    Company Description
    Embr Labs, a tech start-up that introduced thermoelectric bracelet called the Wristify that straps onto users’ wrists and heats their skin.
  • Trip Loop Logo
    Trip Loop

    Company Description
    Trip Loop is a mobile platform for professional, real-time group travel communication, and coordination.
  • TRILL Logo

    Company Description
    TRILL creates bookable experiences from social travel content.
  • Synapse Technology Logo
    Synapse Techno…

    Company Description
    Synapse Technology provides an artificial intelligence platform for physical security checkpoints.
  • Stasher Logo

    Company Description
    Stasher connects travelers with local businesses who can store their bags, fully insured. In the near future, we'll also facilitate transport between our storage points.
  • Shep Logo

    Company Description
    Shep's open-booking platform lets SME travelers book their biz travel on their favorite sites and gives enterprises visibility into their off-channel booking blindspot.
  • Optym Logo

    Company Description
    Optym develops intelligent solutions for transportation companies to reduce their operational costs, increase their profitability and improve service quality.
  • Mydutyfree Logo

    Company Description
    Mydutyfree is a marketplace for travel retail. We help airports and airlines increase non-aviation sales. And let travelers buy whatever they want using the advantage of duty-free prices.
  • LuggAgent Logo

    Company Description
    Same day luggage delivery service between airports and hotels for travelers who take the early arrival or late departure flights.
  • Loyyal Logo

    Company Description
    Loyyal is the industry-leading blockchain platform for incentive management. We are built to incentivize any behavior, action, or event. The only limitation is imagination.
  • Liberio Logo

    Company Description
    Liberio provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) based personalized search as a service to businesses to reduce R&D cost and to improve sales and conversion.
  • HYP3R Logo
    HYP3R Logo

    Company Description
    HYP3R is a location-based marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to acquire and retain high-value customers.
  • Go Moment Logo
    Go Moment
    Go Moment Logo
    Go Moment

    Company Description
    Guest Engagement, Automated. Go Moment's Ivy platform automatically engages hotel guests in real time using Artificial Intelligence over messaging channels like SMS and Alexa.
  • Gladly Logo

    Company Description
    Gladly is seeking to reinvent customer service. We put people at the heart of the interaction, provide a lifetime of conversations to the agents, unlock data in secondary systems to make agents wildly productive every day.
  • Easymile Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturer of electric driver-less shuttles designed to offer software powering autonomous vehicles.
  • Destygo Logo

    Company Description
    Destygo is a B2B technology provider of A.I platform. We allow airlines, airports, travel agencies, and mobility companies to build a smart customer assistant for their travelers.
  • ClimaCell Logo

    Company Description
    ClimaCell is a weather tech company that uses new proprietary technologies to see weather that no one else can see.
  • Arevea Logo

    Company Description
    Online event management platform that enables users (Event Planners, Marketing/ Sales Event Coordinators, Office Managers, Executive Assistants) to create, plan / collaborate, book vendor services and invite guests for any type of event. Venues and vendors can run their entire business operations from leads to payments on the vendor portal.
  • Aerones Logo

    Company Description
    We are building heavy lifting drones which can lift up to 200kg. We have a version which is flying on batteries for rescue and delivery purposes and a tethered solution for industrial cleaning and firefighting, as well as deicing.
  • Quid Logo

    Company Description
    Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.
  • AiFi Logo

    Company Description
    AiFi, a computer vision technology company, is introducing the first scalable checkout-free solution for stores from small convenience shops to mega-retailers. At AiFi, we're building intelligence at scale, and targeting the trillion dollar market of retail. Using computer vision, deep learning, and edge computing, we're developing a scalable checkout-free solution with minimal store modifications to the stores and enable AI-powered real time in-store analytics.
  • Glassbox Logo

    Company Description
    Glassbox is next generation enterprise session replay technology used to capture and analyze the full customer experience on both mobile/web channels.
  • Utrip Logo

    Company Description
    Utrip is a free travel planning technology that brings together the best in artificial intelligence and human experience, making it easy for travelers to quickly create their perfect trip.
  • TimePlace Inc. Logo
    TimePlace Inc.

    Company Description
    TimePlace Inc. has created a powerful platform that provides travelers a unique way to discover the real world. To put it simply, we organize the world’s information by time and place in order to benefit consumers, brands, and developers. We can enhance existing travel platforms and services through our API and related concierge services.
  • Skylights Logo
    Skylights Logo

    Company Description
    Skylights does VR on planes, as passenger inflight entertainment. Skylights enable passengers to wear VR headsets on an aircraft, to tune out their environment and escape their flight. Skylights integrates content licensing deals, secure software, the right hardware, and ground operations. All four are leased to airlines.
  • ShoCard Logo

    Company Description
    ShoCard is a digital identity card platform built on mobile devices and the public blockchain data layer, using public/private key encryption and data hashing to safely store and exchange identity data.
  • Recharge Logo
    Recharge Logo

    Company Description
    Recharge allows Bay Area guests to nap or shower in luxury hotels 24/7. Our guests pay by the minute and can stay for as long or as short as they like. Bay area executives and commuters love our service. Recharge operates in Hyatt, Hilton, and Starwood hotels throughout the Bay area.
  • NomadApp Logo

    Company Description
    Get the travel experience you want for the price you choose. NomadApp is an experience based travel planner. Just tell us your budget and preferences - we’ll show you where you can travel.
  • Mission Control Logo
    Mission Control
    Mission Control Logo
    Mission Control

    Company Description
    Mission Control is a provider-agnostic end-to-end travel assistant handling requests 24/7 and globally via SMS, Instant Messenger and email. Focus is on B2B customers (SMEs) paying a monthly subscription fee per user. Customer profiling, travel rules, company-wide travel analytics in real-time as well as export of data for travel expense management.
  • LikeWhere Logo

    Company Description
    LikeWhere uses the local knowledge of your passengers, to help you sell new and under performing destinations.
  • Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics
    Kiana Analytics Logo
    Kiana Analytics

    Company Description
    Kiana provides patented cloud-based real-time device detection and presence analytics for customers to improve operations, strengthen on-site security and execute real-time targeted services. www.kiana.io
  • Innovative Binaries Logo
    Innovative Bin…

    Company Description
    Innovative Binaries’ artificial intelligence platform provides the quickest way for operators to leverage benefits of their aircraft sensor data - accelerating failure detection, improving safety, and reducing operating costs.
  • Beyond Pricing Logo
    Beyond Pricing
    Beyond Pricing Logo
    Beyond Pricing

    Company Description
    Beyond Pricing is the first/most popular revenue management and dynamic pricing software for the $100B vacation rental/homesharing market. They optimize prices for distinct, individual units of perishable inventory - an incredibly hard problem that they've solved for over 50,000 listings in over 250 global markets. With integrations into the major listing sites and property management systems like HomeAway Software.
  • Bluesmart Logo

    Company Description
    Bluesmart creates smart connected travel products. By combining software and hardware we reinvented luggage making suitcases that can be tracked globally, weigh themselves, auto-lock and become a personal travel assistant. We ultimately seek to create a smart travel ecosystem encompassing products, data and services.
  • Avisell Logo

    Company Description
    Avisell helps airlines resell high demand inventory by targeting low fare passengers and presenting them with personalized, pre-departure offers to buy back or re-book their ticket.
  • AirGo Design Logo
    AirGo Design

    Company Description
    AirGo Design brings economy class seating to 21st century. With new technologies, award-winning design and materials used, passengers will enjoy new levels of comfort while airlines will be able to improve profits with lightest seats ever.
  • 8tree Logo

    Company Description
    8tree makes 3D surface inspection tools that solve chronic surface inspection problems. Airlines and MROs are adopting 8tree’s dentCHECK to improve the efficiency of their dent-mapping and blend-out tasks. dentCHECK is designed to empower the operator/mechanic – zero-learning curve, 1-button operation and actionable answers in seconds.
  • 30SecondstoFly Logo

    Company Description
    Our technology Claire is an A.I. assistant that manages corporate travel for small and mid-sized businesses. Employees search and book flights in free language via SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger or the Claire app. Over time Claire learns their preferences to curate a highly personalized shortlist of trip options for them.
  • Winding Tree Logo
    Winding Tree

    Company Description
    Winding Tree is decentralized data layer for the travel industry, soon to be open-sourced. Our goal is to make travel distribution as simple and transparent and possible.
  • WhereForBusiness Logo

    Company Description
    WhereFor Business is a smarter travel booking tool, built in partnership with a Fortune 5 company that wanted a better way . It makes bookings in a few clicks based on user behavior and corporate policy, saving the employee time and the company money. It's an easy to use booking tool for the 21st century!
  • Waylo Logo

    Company Description
    Waylo can book any hotel for you in a minute. Just type in when and where you are traveling, select the hotel and tap to pay. As you book hotels, Waylo learns your preferences and simplifies the booking process. Waylo's chat-only deals guarantee the best prices and takes care of price comparisons.
  • Unicobag Logo
    Unicobag Logo

    Company Description
    Unicobag is the tech baggage delivery company for airlines to deliver mishandled bags and for passengers to deliver checked in bags, so they bypass the baggage carousel. Currently, Unicobag has signed contracts with 13 airlines and looking forward to launching operations at 5 major US airports
  • Tarzango Logo

    Company Description
    Tarzango is an online Hotel Negotiator for Events and group travel.
  • SeatAssignMate Logo

    Company Description
    SeatAssignMate builds instant app in email, to help merchants like Airlines increase email point of sales.
  • Portier Logo
    Portier Logo

    Company Description
    Portier equips hotel rooms with fully connected and customized smartphones that come with extensive content, provided by local experts. Guests get to use it for free and can book hotel services, make phone calls and use box standard apps from their devices.
  • PassengerOne Logo

    Company Description
    Enterprise software that removes the pain points of business travel planning and management.
  • OpenKey Logo

    Company Description
    OpenKey has rapidly become the standard for Universal mobile key among Independent hotels. With operating properties worldwide and more global lock partners than any other mobile key, OpenKey is well positioned to bring the convenience and efficiency of remote check-in and mobile keyless entry to the modern hotel guest.
  • Mezi Logo

    Company Description
    Mezi offers an AI-powered Travel Assistant to every traveler and an AI-powered travel booking platform to our travel partners
  • LuxTripper Logo

    Company Description
    We untap the potential of data to address the basic human need of personalized travel, and help people discover their unique travel DNA. We take all of the great benefits of a traditional travel agent, and put this online. We profile travelers, make the best recommendations, find the best price and fit all of the travel pieces together.
  • Hitlist Logo

    Company Description
    Hitlist is an app that alerts you when there are cheap flights to places you want to go.
  • Hepstar Logo

    Company Description
    Hepstar enables travel merchants to maximise revenues from travel insurance sales using personalised customer engagement and advanced e- merchandising technology.
  • Hello Scout Logo
    Hello Scout

    Company Description
    Hello Scout uses data to provide personalized in-destination recommendations for hotel guests. Hotels use this data to sell more ancillaries, save money on staffing, and improve TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Groups360 Logo

    Company Description
    Our proprietary technology, GroupSync, allows meeting planners to build their perfect meeting and find the best destinations and hotels that match their preferences. By educating planners on the best markets and hotels for their meeting prior, we convert bookings at 10x the industry average, saving the planners and hotels time and money.
  • Grabr Logo

    Company Description
    Grabr is a peer-to-peer traveling and shopping community where shoppers can get anything they want from around the world, delivered by travelers who are going their way.
  • FLYR Logo

    Company Description
    FLYR is the data science company that predicts prices for flights and other travel categories and develops unique proprietary products that leverage those predictions. See us on large partners' sites such as Trip Advisor.
  • CrowdVision Logo

    Company Description
    CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company. CrowdVision’s video analytics software shows what is happening to an entire pedestrian population, in real time. This enables infrastructure operators like airports, transport hubs, retail malls, convention centres and theme parks to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability, both in the moment and in the future, whilst improving their customers’ experience.
  • Cambiu Logo

    Company Description
    Cambiu creates the world’s first currency marketplace. Cambiu optimizes demand and supply at the user’s level from various service providers, generating the best deals for money conversion. Cambiu’s enabling websites and applications of the traveling industry to sell exchange as a service to their users and generate additional revenues.
  • Voyway Logo

    Company Description
    Voyway is a web and mobile based solution for small business travelers, combining booking, research and expensing all in one.
  • Tripgrid Logo

    Company Description
    Tripgrid is a customizable, flexible and automated workspace, designed and proven to reduce time spent organizing team travel.
  • Timescenery Logo
    Timescenery Logo

    Company Description
    All-in-One Trip Planner and Marketplace
  • TraknProtect Logo

    Company Description
    TraknProtect provides an IoT platform to hotels to address operational inefficiencies in hotels. Specifically, we provide inventory tracking, vendor tracking, room service tray and safety buttons with more use cases being developed every day to help make staff efficient, increase productivity, increase guest as well as employee satisfaction and optimize capital costs for hotels.
  • SPLT Logo

    Company Description
    SPLT is one of the world's fastest growing MaaS companies, partnering with global organizations to improve quality of life.
  • Skipper Logo

    Company Description
    Skipper books hotel rooms for groups & events.
  • Rulai Logo

    Company Description
    AI Chatbot Design Tool for Business Users
  • RealWear Logo

    Company Description
    RealWear manufactures and designs rugged wearable computing devices purpose built for industry, completely voice-controlled and hands-free industrial workers
  • Portapp, Inc. Logo
    Portapp, Inc.
    Portapp, Inc. Logo
    Portapp, Inc.

    Company Description
    Peer-to-peer and Point-to-Point Intercity Ride sharing
  • Obie.ai Logo

    Company Description
    We help teams access their collective knowledge & documentation quicker with our virtual assistant, Obie.
  • Keyo Logo

    Company Description
    Our Product is a biometric payment terminal that sits on counters in stores and allows shoppers to pay with a simple touches scan of their palm.
  • HotelFlex Logo

    Company Description
    We are building a PMS plug in that allows to offer complete flexibility as to guest check-in and check-out times.
  • Groupize Logo

    Company Description
    Groupize is a end to end SaaS platform for corporations to book and manage their simple meetings & events
  • FetchyFox Logo

    Company Description
    An Airport marketplace that connects air travelers with service providers and retailers
  • Entropik Tech Logo
    Entropik Tech

    Company Description
    We develop technologies that enable your brand, products and campaigns to become emotionally perceptive towards your customers.
  • Baarb Logo

    Company Description
    Baarb provides the leading AI-based search assistant solutions designed specifically for the travel industry to help global brands surface hyper-relevant results and increase conversion on text and voice devices. We’re taking the friction out of finding the perfect results so the most innovative companies will rely on us to make travel a dream!
  • 30K Logo

    Company Description
    30K adds the frequent flyer miles, upgradability, and status benefits (free luggage, lounge, priority, etc) to all flights in a flight search. Airfare shoppers get personalized flight results and travel suppliers achieve increased conversion and revenue while creating a big data basis for highly targeted ads.
  • SeatWizer Logo

    Company Description
    SeatWizer helps flight retailers to differentiate airline products visually by enabling travelers to try on their actual airline seat before they fly. Travelers can easily compare comfort and cost to confidently make the quicker and smarter decisions made by more knowledgeable flyers.
  • Proxce Logo
    Proxce Logo

    Company Description
    Proxce provides a proximity based identity management solution. The system allows for a seamless association of different types of guest profiles with location and connected devices (IOT) thus enabling hotels to provide services like mobile check-in and keyless entry to guest rooms
  • Angel.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Angel.ai is a technology company focused on enabling the most natural UI for commerce, powered by artificial intelligence. Angel.ai's natural language, domain-specific messaging solution, built on an extensive data set of real conversations, is available natively or via any messaging platform.
  • DUFL Logo

    Company Description
    DUFL is a premium travel service- a personal valet that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing your business attire. DUFL stores your clothing in your personal DUFL closet and allows you to virtually 'pack' by selecting your clothing items from within the app.
  • CleverTap Logo

    Company Description
    CleverTap integrates app analytics and mobile engagement. Engage and retain users through personalized Push, In-App, Email and Web messaging.
  • Bellhop Logo

    Company Description
    Bellhop is a concierge platform that makes all entertainment, food, and transportation services available on-demand globally. Travelers can truly feel like locals by having the same experience in their preferred language from anywhere in the world.
  • Adventure Bucket List Logo
    Adventure Buck…
    Adventure Bucket List Logo
    Adventure Bucket List

    Company Description
    Adventure Bucket List offers SaaS, enterprise solutions and GDS empowering tour operators to increase their profit and organization by bringing their businesses online. This allows travelers to book the top things to do in an area without spending the time and effort traditionally associated with it.
  • Springshot Logo
    Springshot Logo

    Company Description
    Springshot is the collaboration platform for travel operations. Its workforce management solution provides unique visibility and insight into airport and hospitality operations This unique insight has allowed the company to build mobile applications tailored toward the demographics of today’s service workforce
  • Rocketrip Logo

    Company Description
    Rocketrip is the leading tech platform that reduces corporate travel expenses by letting employees keep half of what they save on their business trips.
  • KeyReply Logo

    Company Description
    KeyReply helps small & medium business teams engage their customers on the exploding number of chat, social and email channels faster and better.
  • Georama Logo

    Company Description
    Georama’s technology helps anyone go anywhere virtually in real-time, via mobile and interactive live video tours. Our platform enables organizations and individuals to provide live mobile guided tours in HD quality to viewers across any device who can interact in real-time for an authentic and personalized experience.
  • DeltaBid Logo

    Company Description
    DeltaBid is a E-Sourcing software to replace ineficent e-mail and excel based procurement methods with an easy to use tool that helps sourcing managers on their job.
  • BLADE Logo

    Company Description
    BLADE is an asset-light, digitally powered consumer aviation company. By leveraging our technology and on-the-ground customer experience network, we enable travelers to enjoy air travel that up until now was only available to owners and charterers of private aircraft.
  • App in the Air Logo
    App in the Air

    Company Description
    App in the Air is a personal travel assistant that gives you one consistently great resource for the right information — no matter what airline you fly — as well as providing additional features that can save you time and money.
  • @YourGate Logo

    Company Description
    @YourGate is an in-airport personal shopping service. Travelers can open our app and shop at any retailer or restaurant, anywhere in the airport. Our uniformed staff will shop for your items, aggregate the items into one bag, and hand deliver those items to your departing gate.
  • Umapped Logo

    Company Description
    Umapped provides a B2B API-based itinerary management platform, enabling dynamic upsell/cross sell for travel providers to capture a much broader scope of the travel wallet.
  • TripCreator Logo

    Company Description
    TripCreator is a powerful and time-saving itinerary building software for anyone who needs to create and share customized itineraries. The platform is beneficial to travel agencies, DMC’s, tour operators and airlines for simplifying and automating processes for itinerary creation, leading to better customer engagement with the customer and higher conversion rates. With TripCreator you can find and arrange accommodation, transportation, tours and activities as well as points of interests. The complete itinerary can be booked all at once, or item by item.
  • Travelstride Logo

    Company Description
    Stride is the #1 US marketplace for tour and adventure packages

    Company Description
    SIMPLENIGHT is a B2B2C Global Distribution Platform for In-Destination Experiences enabling any company to sell everything there is to do in a city to their customers
  • Lumo Logo

    Company Description
    Lumo uses complex algorithms and machine learning to produce detailed insights on potential flight delays months, weeks, and days ahead of time, allowing users to proactively avoid and manage disruptions.
  • Layer Logo

    Company Description
    Layer is a customer conversation platform, enabling companies and their customers to have immediate, interactive, and personalized experiences from any digital interface.
  • FLIO Logo

    Company Description
    Your one stop source for all your airport needs
  • Conichi Logo

    Company Description
    Conichi enhances the business travelers' hotel experience by offering a smart check-in/out, mobile payment as well as automatic expensing through multiple travel apps and web solutions.
  • Beekeeper Logo

    Company Description
    Beekeeper is an award-winning digital workplace app that digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform.