The Story of Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a leading provider of sustainable logistics that partnered with Plug and Play in hopes of advancing its digital accelerator through our global platform. The company aimed to move towards a more open-minded approach by finding external solutions to keep up with fast-paced technological advances.

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  • Supply Chain
  • Sept. 2019
    Year they joined the platform
  • Oslo
  • 80+
    Startup Meetings

Piquing Curiosity Through Empowered Partnerships

As Wallenius Wilhelmsen went on its digital acceleration journey, the company encountered several challenges, which included inspiring others to be more curious. Finding solutions was their end goal, but it would take a leap of faith within the company. In 2019, Wallenius Wilhelmsen met Plug and Play in Hamburg and thus embarked on this innovation journey together. Ultimately, there was a mindset match between Plug and Play’s leading innovation platform and Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s sustainable logistics for the world in motion.

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“The exciting part of working with startups is that it takes you into a realm of possibilities; it opens the door towards things which are doable. The more startups you meet, the more POCs – you become curious, and you become confident that a company can reinvent and compete with digitally native companies.”

Roopesh Das, SVP Digital Accelerator, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Supercharging the Logistics Space Through Computer Vision

Roopesh Das, SVP of the Digital Accelerator at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, identified some key focus areas from some of their most interesting pilots with startups – one of them being computer vision. Working with Plug and Play demonstrated the benefits of tapping into an ecosystem. Wallenius Wilhelmsen learned the more they contributed, the more they gained from the partnership.

“Using computer vision, we can supercharge our workforce by putting AI-based apps in the hands of the workforce. We’re able to do autonomous technology deployment, both aerial and terrestrial. We can deploy transportation management systems for our customers, as well as [gather] insights from this data…which helps in making time-sensitive decisions for our customers.”

- Roopesh Das, SVP Digital Accelerator, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

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  • September 2019 - Wallenius Wilhelmsen joins the Plug and Play platform
  • April 2020 - First dealflow on mobile fleet services
  • June 2021 - Fifth dealflow on computer vision (co-discovery session)
  • October 2022 - Wallenius Wilhelmsen presenting the DeGould pilot during the Hamburg EXPO
  • November 2022 - Wallenius Wilhelmsen wins the Corporate Innovation Award during the Supply Chain Expo at Plug and Play’s Silicon Valley November Summit

Reaching Digital Readiness for Sustainable Logistics

Technology can help define, improve, and accelerate the lives, work, and interactions of all of us. Now is the time to become a driver of digital solutions and innovation in Supply Chain.