The story of Inven Capital: Investments to change the world

Inven Capital is a venture capital fund focused on cleantech and the new energy sector with a sole purpose: to hand over a greener planet to the next generation.

Plug and Play is enhancing their corporate and startup network to help their portfolio companies grow in order to achieve their mission.

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  • Prague
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Investing in a better world

Making the world a better place is a big responsibility and Inven Capital's investment strategy is focused on building a greener future. Three years ago they found the perfect partner to achieve this mission in Plug and Play.

The Plug and Play team of venture associates constantly infiltrates the global network of startups, and their extensive network of corporate partners commit to achieving a sustainable future. Tapping into Plug and Play's sustainability ecosystem, Inven Capital was able to boost its performance and engagement through various events, expos and introductions. They have met 500 startups in these three years, received exposure to 530 corporate partners, and were able to promote their portfolio startups within Plug and Play's global network.

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The Value of Innovation

Plug and Play is a place where the most innovative startups from around the world meet the most powerful global corporates, working together with the goal to make this world a better place.

— Petr Míkovec, Managing Director, Inven Capital

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Networking through events

In the three years working together, Inven Capital has gained access to multiple new channels for generating international exposure for their portfolio companies. Partnering with Plug and Play allowed Inven Capital to participate and engage in ecosystem events all around the world where they met corporations that shared their views and innovation objectives on energy, mobility, and agriculture tech with an overall aim towards decarbonization.

As a result, the primary goal of scaling their portfolio companies was successfully achieved and they continue scouting new opportunities and making meaningful connections in new markets.

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  • March, 2020: Inven Capital enters into a partnership agreement with our Vienna office
  • February, 2021: Forto pitches at Plug and Play Vienna Selection Day 2
  • June, 2021: Cloud&Heat presents at Plug and Play Vienna EXPO Day 2
  • September, 2021: Driivz pitches at Plug and Play Vienna Selection Day 3
  • September, 2021: Annual Strategy Workshop in Prague
  • January, 2022: Neuron Soundware lands POCs with MESS and BRF
  • June, 2022: Investment Landscape panel discussion at Plug and Play Vienna EXPO Day 3
  • December, 2022: Annual Strategy Workshop in Prague

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