The story of Buzzi Unicem: Pioneering technologies to implement sustainable actions

Buzzi Unicem decided to work with Plug and Play to discover and develop the most innovative technologies to improve their offering in the building industry.

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  • Sustain-ability
  • 2020
    Year they joined Plug and Play
  • 70+
    Startups introduced
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    Dealflow Sessions
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An international company committed towards a sustainable development

Buzzi Unicem is a modern industrial group specialized in the integrated production and sales and marketing of cement, ready-mix concrete and natural aggregates.

Buzzi Unicem perceives innovation as the creation of new solutions, products and services that add value to the organization and to the end-user. They are deeply committed to creating more sustainable building materials and investing in efficient production to reduce environmental impact. They are also pioneering technologies to reduce CO2 emissions thus implementing concrete sustainable actions.

In recent times, companies are required to evolve in order to meet the ever-changing needs of their stakeholders and we firmly believe that, in our business, innovation is crucial. Original and inspiring ideas help develop new and sustainable products as well as boost processes that make businesses grow and develop in the most efficient way.

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The Value of Innovation

The cement industry is facing one of the greatest challenges of its history, targeting carbon neutrality as a hard-to-abate sector. We need new ideas and a fresh approach to foster innovation with breakthrough technologies in the process, products and materials field.

— Marco Borroni, Environmental Strategy Manager, Buzzi Unicem

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  • 2019 – Trial dealflow session
  • 2020 – Joined our Plug and Play Sustainability program, which had just opened in our Italy location
  • 2020 & onwards – Participation in all of our sustainability batches (0-5)

Creating a sustainable world

We bring together game-changing ideas from different industries and countries onto one platform to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges that our society faces today. 

Find and elevate the solutions that will solve our plastic waste crisis, provide clean drinking water, and enable us to transition from a linear to a sustainable circular economy.