The future of API's

How can banking data and modern APIs enable and improve the business and growth of start-ups and other companies?

Plug and Play and the Deutsche Bank API Program have organized 3 networking-focused events to discuss platform economy and its benefits for the market

In collaboration with Deutsche Bank API Program

With its API program, Deutsche Bank has opened up to third-party providers in 2017. The API Program develops API products that enable partners to access Deutsche Bank’s client data and use it to develop personalized applications that offer added value beyond banking. This also allows corporate clients to integrate their own accounts into their accounting systems via an interface.


Open IoT, Real Estate and Mobility.

  • IoT: Solar Energy Company and Energy Utility Companies / Services for Smarthome
  • Real estate: Real Estate Management / Property Manager / Estate Agent 
  • Mobilty: Carsharing / Bikesharing /E-scooter / Independent Petrol Stations / Travel Providers

Open IoT, Real Estate and Mobility.

Open Data, Education and E-Commerce.

  • Data: Data Trade / Identity Provider / Data Sovereignty
  • Education: Example Learning account for children
  • Sports apps
  • Social commitment: Donations /Charity Crowdfunding
  • E-Commerce

Open Data, Education and E-Commerce.

Open Fintech and Insurtech.

  • Fintechs: Digital financial managers, digital investments managers, digital accounting services / Digital invoicing services / Digital tax services/Account change services
  • Insurtechs: Generalists / Daily insurances / Health insurance