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  • havr Logo

    Company Description
    The company was created on the 31st of August 2017 by Simon Laurent and Alexandre Ballet, software engineers based in Compiègne, France. At Havr, we developed the Bright Lock. The first smart lock opening with light, a patented and safe solution that functions without a bridge or Bluetooth, but works with an encrypted code in the flash of your Smartphone! Safe and easy to use, the Bright Lock gives you control of your home. You can share the access with your friends, your family. Anyone you want. Havr will make your home safer. You won’t need keys anymore with our new smart lock technology. Hold your phone up to the door, press it and walk through.Our hybrid (physical & digital keys) electronic door lock, coupled with our application and online dashboard gives you the ultimate combination of flexibility and security. We are seeking to shine light into your homes, offices and cities.
  • Streamr Logo

    Company Description
    Streamr is building the open source infrastructure that will power the world’s data economy. They believe that creating a decentralized Network and the world’s leading Marketplace to trade, swap and share the world’s information will benefit everyone. People will regain control of the data they produce. Companies will be able to better build, market and monetise their products in the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Steerpath Logo

    Company Description
    World’s first universal indoor positioning solution able to provide both seamless indoor-outdoor positioning for location based services and wayfinding as well as tracking assets indoors without needing wired or networked infrastructure. Steerpath enables venue owners to create digital models of their venue in minutes and enable location aware services like product search or location sharing without technical skills.
  • Soundeye Logo

    Company Description
    SoundEye is an emergency monitoring company that uses sound event classification technology that was previously used for homeland security to detect gun shot and explosion sound. The same technology was packaged into SoundEye ARK as an intuitive means for anyone in distress to scream for help when they are in an isolated location with its flagship product, SoundEye ARK. ARK is a sensor that comes with a camera, motion sensor and the capability to recognize abnormal sound events such as screaming and crying aloud.
  • SharingOS Logo

    Company Description
    SharingOS offers a mobility sharing platform that enables effortless, plug-and-play and sustainable solutions for large corporations to enter the mobility sharing market. SharingOS's offering includes software, hardware, vehicles, charging and AI optimisation. SharingOS has focused in developing the innovative solutions to help their operation partners to reach profitability.
  • Magnax Logo

    Company Description
    Axial flux electric motors with extreme power density for next-gen electric vehicles. They have developed a unique, proprietary variant of axial flux direct drive machines, which can provide a step change in efficiency, size, reliability, manufacturing resource requirement, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Qlue Logo

    Company Description
    QLUE is a part of the initial program for Smart City Jakarta to help report problems to the governor. Their solution is leveraging public empowerment, mobile-workforce, AI and IoT connecting multiple stakeholders -- from the municipal city, ministry, real-estates, law-enforcement, transportation agency and more. Also a platform for the citizen to report and share civic issues in their neighborhood, city authorities and enterprises while also allowing users to access real-time information on traffic and public transport.
  • Kiana Logo

    Company Description
    Kiana uses data fusion; WiFi signals from mobile devices and security camera images to detect the presence and monitor customer location and movements. Large volumes of real-time data are collected for each device, aggregated, and processed to provide customer behavior analytics, intelligent alerts, and actionable information.
  • Haupcar Logo

    Company Description
    Their mission is to provide users the comfort and flexibility of driving a car, without the burdens of owning one. They solved every major pain point a user can have with a rental company. Haup is both a hardware and software company, meaning they developed both the app and the access + GPS device in our cars in-house. The hardware device is already patented. They do not own any cars. They obtain their cars through a P2P and B2B2C business model, meaning their partners could be an individual or a corporation.
  • Ascent Logo

    Company Description
    Ascent is an Urban Air Mobility platform. They aim to make cities more connected by unlocking and democratising the vertical transportation. Leveraging on the untapped urban air space, with the use of helicopters today and eVTOLs in the future. They save their users time by seamlessly transporting them in a matter of minutes within & around congested cities between airports, business hubs and leisure hotspots.