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  • Universal Matter Logo
    Universal Matt…

    Company Description
    Develop and produce high quality Turbostratic Graphene from plastic waste streams
  • Scrapo Logo

    Company Description
    Scrapo is the world's largest plastic recycling marketplace with more than 40,000 registered businesses from 140+ countries.
  • Thread Logo

    Company Description
    Thread turns plastic waste from developing cities into socially and environmentally responsible fabric.
  • rePurpose Global Logo
    rePurpose Glob…

    Company Description
    A global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going Plastic Neutral. As the world's first Plastic Credit Platform, we make environmental action simple for companies of all sizes by removing and recycling as much nature-bound plastic waste as they use in their packaging & operations.
  • Replenysh Logo

    Company Description
    Replenysh builds the operating system of material recovery.
  • Recyclops Logo

    Company Description
    Recycling made convenient and affordable.
  • Olyns Logo

    Company Description
    Rethinking recycling for impact and profit
  • Net Your Problem LLC Logo
    Net Your Probl…
    Net Your Problem LLC Logo
    Net Your Problem LLC

    Company Description
    We collect end of life fishing gear and send it to recyclers.
  • Circ Logo

    Company Description
    Chemically recycle blended textiles into raw materials for new fibers, creating a circular system for fashion.
  • Muuse Logo

    Company Description
    Muuse is the future of multiple use. Think Uber for all togo packaging.
  • Betterbin Logo

    Company Description
    Betterbin harnesses the power of data to make localized recycling and composting education relevant, convenient and accessible to all consumers.
  • Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Perfo…
    Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Performance Materials

    Company Description
    Intermix creates additives that enable the efficient and cost effective recycling of post-consumer mixed plastic waste.