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  • Query Vary Logo
    Query Vary

    Company Description
    Query Vary helps evaluate LLM output at scale. Our software is designed to empower developers with tools for designing, testing, and refining prompts in a systematic way, ensuring reliability, reducing latency, and optimizing costs.
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    Company Description
    At Zerio, we are at the forefront of transforming the logistics industry by introducing the first trust management platform for global shippers and carriers that helps global shipping operations comply with international supply chain security standards. Our mission is to simplify and automate compliance and security workflows, addressing the increasing demand in the automated security and compliance sector. Our platform simplifies compliance procedures for safe transportation of goods worldwide and guarantees that businesses adhere to intricate rules overseeing global shipments, establishing consistency and uniformity in security standards throughout an extensive supplier network. Additionally, our subscribers receive ongoing, real-time monitoring of shipment security status, granting them a 360-degree view of their security posture.
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    Company Description
    Revoy aims to revolutionize the trucking industry by offering a unique hybrid conversion solution for semi-trucks, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. By incorporating an electric drive add-on, Revoy allows for the existing diesel fleets to be upgraded into hybrids, bridging the gap towards a more sustainable future without the immediate need for entirely new electric vehicles. This approach not only promises significant operational cost savings but also contributes to environmental sustainability by lowering the carbon footprint of freight transportation.
  • Spectrohm Logo

    Company Description
    Spectrohm has developed a new radio wave technology which enables high-speed, high-throughput inspection packages, luggage, or cargo. Their patented radio wave imaging technology can both image and identify threat materials. This combination will fuel fully autonomous inspection systems and deliver 100% insight to the internet of packages, capturing the $50Bn+ market of small package fraud, threat and hazard detection.
  • Facilis AI Logo
    Facilis AI

    Company Description
    At Facilis.AI, we're not just committed - we're passionately driven to bring the transformative power of AI-fueled insights right to your fingertips. We're breaking barriers and democratizing data access like never before, all from the heart of your own data. Our team, working with dynamic stealth and unwavering dedication, operates behind the scenes. However, the impact of our work is front and center, heralding a paradigm shift in the data analytics landscape. We're not just delivering tips; we're empowering you with insightful, knowledge-rich game-changers that redefine the way you connect, interact, and unlock the true potential of your data. Welcome to Facilis.AI - where we're reshaping the world of data access and analytics, one insight at a time! Facilis targets key challenges hindering AI adoption. These include data accessibility hurdles, handling complex and voluminous data, quantifying its value, and addressing skill gaps among staff. Additionally, it tackles issues related to inadequate technology know-how, lack of capability to leverage AI techniques & complexity of AI solution(s) integration with existing infrastructure.
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    Company Description
    With tire-related issues causing 30% of total truck accidents and contributing to over half of the average fleet’s operating costs, fleet managers and logistics companies are faced with two primary considerations: driver safety and cost savings. BANF's iSensor prevents accidents and reduces vehicle operating costs by offering real-time analysis of tire and road conditions. The sensors identify potential hazards and trigger immediate actions to mitigate risks. The system also enhances fuel efficiency by assessing wheel alignment and provides accurate predictions of fuel economy and tire lifespan. Given that tires constitute the sole point of contact with the road surface, they play a crucial role in preventing road fatalities and serve as a vital tool in detecting road conditions. Vehicles with lower fuel consumption emit less exhaust smoke. Our wheel alignment optimization feature significantly improves truck fuel efficiency by an average of 20%. Tire issues are a global concern, and BANF collaborates with international and multinational companies, providing support in various langugaes.
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    Ship Angel

    Company Description
    Ship Angel introduces a SaaS rate management tool for shippers to address the rise in container freight rate complexity. The increasing prevalence of macro events, such as Covid, geopolitical events and severe weather, have greatly amplified the frequency and intensity of market fluctuations in the global supply chain ecosystem, especially in the area of container freight rates. Today, managing shipping rates is a significant pain point for shippers as they work with short term contracts, are forced to dive into the spot market more often, face greater surcharge variability and find large rate differentials on trade lane port pairs. Additionally, the Ship Angel rate management tool helps reduce ocean carrier invoice issues, another industry pain point. Cloud-based, AI-powered Ship Angel rate management further distinguishes itself with a modern user interface (UI) and streamlined user experience (UX). Shippers access rate data that has been enriched with valuable insights, providing intelligent “best option” predictions for each shipment. Ship Angel will help shippers save time, reduce costs and increase revenue with easy implementation digital logistics solutions. The company’s first product is a revolutionary AI-first Rate Management Platform aimed at medium and large shippers.
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    Company Description
    Soource is a B2B SaaS platform that harnesses the power of AI to optimize and automate repetitive tasks for purchasing managers, introducing a new sourcing model based on comparing huge networks of suppliers. Through Soource, managers can tap into a vast global supplier network and massively send out qualitative and quantitative requests via email. Soource’s AI extracts key data from supplier responses, presenting it to purchasing managers in a user-friendly dashboard for easy comparison. Additionally, Soource automatically updates the supplier database with new information obtained, with the objective to creating the most profiled supplier database in the world.
  • Auba.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Auba is building the next generation of supply chain tools. We use AI to give companies the power to go above and beyond visibility, creating a next-generation conversational copilot for all things logistics. With our product, you'll be able to optimize supply chain operations, discover meaningful insights, and gain complete visibility over potential risks. All of this using only one input: access to conversation channels. With emails, or text messages, we can find shipments and track them accurately for clients. Our goal is for clients to know when their shipments will arrive, and when they won't, give them a clear explanation as to why. Learn more of us at: auba.ai
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    Company Description
    Dexory is the only system to combine autonomous scanning robots with AI powered analytics, to provide holistic real-time visibility of your entire facility for deeper, more impactful insights than solutions that only deliver partial visibility. Dexory’s data capture capacity and ability to integrate multiple sensor capabilities delivers both the data volume and sensor variety required for adaptive, resilient operations, but has not been feasible until now. As data sets grow, Dexory’s powerful AI recognizes trends and patterns to optimize, report and ultimately predict both operational and environmental facets of our customer's business. Dexory does not require any infrastructure changes which enables us to deploy our solution quickly, and without disruption.
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    Protex AI

    Company Description
    We believe that every worker has the right to go home safe every day. We also believe that every employer should provide a duty of care in order for this to happen. At Protex AI, we're helping enterprise EHS teams to revolutionise how they make proactive safety decisions that help contribute to a safer work environment. Our AI-powered technology is enabling businesses to gain greater visibility of unsafe behaviours in their facilities. The privacy-preserving platform plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure and uses its computer vision technologies to capture unsafe events autonomously in settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities and ports.
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    Ceres Technolo…
    Ceres Technology Logo
    Ceres Technology

    Company Description
    Ceres is a leader in AI-driven supply chain management solutions that enable companies to optimize their logistics network by finding patterns and trends in linear and non-linear data to predict upstream disruptions, often months in advance. We help companies to mitigate risk and build resilience in their supply chain: 1) Understand which purchase orders and suppliers are at the most risk for a delay or disruption based on order details and millions of external factors (geopolitical risk, economic factors, commodity prices, logistics, news, events, and many more) 3) Aggregate 25,000+ external data sets from almost any source to provides actionable analytics 3) Deliver insights to mitigate the risk of delays 4) Predict when a disruption or delay in the supply chain occurs months in advance 5) We’ve proven our solution with a Fortune 50 client by delivering exciting results that exceeded expectations Our AI engine, named Nostradamus, can find patterns in the supply chain and predict upstream supply chain disruptions months in advance. Ceres takes historical Purchase Order information and combines that with thousands of external data sets Ceres has in its database.
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    Dextrous Robot…

    Company Description
    Dextrous Robotics is a robotics company that develops AI-enabled warehouse robots. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Equipped with two precision arms and custom AI brains, Dextrous robots are just that. They can quickly move objects of assorted shapes and sizes — even heavy ones. Our bots will handle parcels up to 88 pounds at three Gs (picture a kid in a roller coaster loop and you’ll get the idea). The robots can accomplish the following tasks: 1) Dextrous robots can load and unload pallets, trucks, and containers at least 4X faster than humans. 2) Running proprietary software, our robots can identify if something is out of place and deftly nudge it so it can be picked up. 3) Toppling boxes and shifting loads are no match for Dextrous bots. They can analyze, adjust, and continue their task without intervention. Why our arms outperform suction: • Won’t tear heavy or unbalanced boxes • Can move a wider array of sizes and shapes • Faster speeds with more precision • Works in all temperatures • Can handle porous materials, like cloth
  • Rightbot Technologies Logo
    Rightbot Techn…
    Rightbot Technologies Logo
    Rightbot Technologies

    Company Description
    Rightbot is building a flexible mobile carton handling robot that does unload/load of floor loaded containers/trailers and goes on to do case-picking and mobile palletization and de-palletization.
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    Atlas Robotics…

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  • Knosc Logo

    Company Description
    The Knosc intelligence platform brings visibility by providing a single source of truth to supply chain data. It answers different what-if questions, gives solutions, and is fast to implement. Our technology is capable of aggregating multiple data sources, providing much needed visibility. The unique scenario analysis functionality answers questions such as: what’s the impact of a port shutdown on my business? Our AI risk management module highlights risky orders or items that might be running out, so you can plan proactively. We streamlined our implementation so our customers can see benefits in a matter of weeks.
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    Osa Commerce

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    Created by SigParser
  • Isometric Technologies (ISO) Logo
    Isometric Tech…
    Isometric Technologies (ISO) Logo
    Isometric Technologies (ISO)

    Company Description
    ISO is the first collaborative performance management solution for the supply chain industry. We create a centralized source of truth by reconciling data discrepancies between business partners in real time. By associating costs from chargebacks and service level failures to the responsible parties, we surface actionable insights that help optimize complex business relationships. Supply chain data is flawed. Manufacturers, retailers and shippers all operate on separated, siloed systems of record, making it challenging to reconcile data and arrive at a source of truth. Flawed data results in billions of lost dollars from unjustified chargebacks and poor procurement decisions. Supply chains need a verified, third-party source of trusted data. ISO fixes it. Do More With Less ISO eliminates the need for long email chains, endless spreadsheets and human analysis to identify root-causes for service failures and supply chain inefficiencies. Give your operators more of their most valuable resource back - time. Know The Cost Of Everything Every business relationship is unique. Service requirements vary from retailer to retailer. A failure for Customer A doesn’t cost the same as a failure for Customer B. Understand the true cost associated with every order, shipment and carrier.
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  • Learn to Win Logo
    Learn to Win
    Learn to Win Logo
    Learn to Win

    Company Description
    Learn to Win is an advanced microlearning platform that empowers anyone to teach faster and more effectively, transforming current training material into an interactive learning experience backed by the latest in cognitive science research. With Learn to Win, teams are prepared to perform at their best, with highly engaging training material accessible to every team member, anytime, anywhere. We save instructors hours of time and millions of dollars by cutting down content creation and authoring time, eliminating formal training sessions while easing and accelerating employee onboarding, continuation training, ensuring safety & compliance, and real-time tracking results. Our analytics capability provides the ability to evaluate and analyze learning results to the question level and analytics dashboards support a range of learning analysis, data displays. Learn to Win started working with top athletics programs, but quickly expanded into defense and enterprise.
  • Muir Logo

    Company Description
    Muir Al is a data solution that leverages machine learning and satellite imagery to generate rapid climate insights for corporations. Starting with premier scope 3 emissions data for the supply chain, they will provide the climate data necessary to identify, track, and reduce emissions and environmental risk across the entirety of the corporate value chain.
  • Clearly Logo

    Company Description
    Clearly accelerates the world's logistics and passenger fleets towards net zero with its flexible emissions visibility and reductions platform. They gather data from across the mobility supply chain. Only then do you get the full picture. But combining and making sense of that data can seriously slow you down. That’s why clearly cleanse and enrich it to give you only what you need for clarity through their single lens platform: • Financial & Sustainability Filings • Satellite & Mobile Applications • Telematics & Connected Vehicles • Smart Cities & Operations The delivery of materials and products involves many stakeholders. From driver behaviour, to package metrics, to city and vehicle controls, they quantify emissions down to a trip level to give brands and fleet operators the insights they need. Whether you’re a business measuring the emissions of your employee travel, or a mobility as a service provider encouraging your customers to reduce their emissions. Over 70% of the regular emissions are located in your supply chain (also known as scope 3), where even company wide data is not sufficient to calculate them. Their climate intelligence platform gathers, cleanses and enrichs data across your supply chain to calculate all your emissions.
  • Collaborative Robotics Logo
    Collaborative …
    Collaborative Robotics Logo
    Collaborative Robotics

    Company Description
    Collaborative Robotics, founded in May 2022, is at the cutting edge of robotics technology and change leadership. Backed by Sequoia, Khosla Ventures, and Mayo Clinic, we are developing an innovative collaborative robot (cobot) designed for the seamless movement of boxes, totes, and carts in a variety of commercial spaces, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals, stadiums, and airports. Our distinguishing factor lies not just in our technical expertise, but in our unique approach to driving organizational and operational change through the integration of robotics. Our flagship Flywheel program equips customers with the tools and guidance needed to successfully implement and manage robotics solutions, thus catalyzing their journey towards operational transformation. As we forge ahead, Collaborative Robotics remains committed to harnessing the power of robotics and AI to redefine human robot interactions, driving efficiency and productivity in the 21st-century workspace.
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    Company Description
    Created by SigParser
  • KODIF Logo

    Company Description
    Kodif is a low-code customer support automation platform powered by GPT4 & Generative AI that enables non-technical teams to build and maintain self-service customer support automation without engineers. Has 4 serial entrepreneur cofounders from Stanford, Uber, Amazon, Walmart, and Plug and Play. Kodif's founding CTO, Norm Usenkanov, initially created this platform for Uber/Uber Eats which has now handled over 600m customer requests. Kodif has 10+ customers and is able to scale with large enterprises. Here are the use cases: 1. AI Agent Assistant: Turn any multi-step agent workflow into a one-click action and enable agents with automation to reduce average handling time and improve agent morale 2. Omni-channel Self-service customer support automation powered by AI. It enables customers to self-serve over their preferred channel of communication: sms, email, voice and chat 2. Proactive Outreach: move from reactive mode to proactive by notifying your customers about late delivery, order, status, or special offers 4. Risk and Fraud Prevention: Leverage contextual customer data and anti-fraud rules and templates to prevent fraud in self-service. 5. Refund: Use the contextual customer data to make decisions and refund customers based on their LTV, geography, or any other parameter
  • Wand Logo

    Company Description
    Wand is on the mission to democratize the power of AI and make it accessible to everyone. Wand was founded to empower business experts that wants to change their businesses, to create powerful solutions that could influence billions of people. Collaborative As we progress, we want Wand to be a lot more than just a platform - but a movement. We want to empower people and enable them to do great things. We want to remove the constraints of technical knowledge and make it easy for anyone to apply AI to solve their most pressing problems. We want to make Wand the central place where everyone can collaborate, share ideas, and create value together, using the power of AI to transform industries and change the world.
  • Wolf Logo

    Company Description
    Wolf is a trailer software and hardware system that is scalable across all truck weight classes. The hardware system consists of a trailer with an electric drivetrain, battery system, solar array, advanced charging system and ADAS sensor suite. Wolf software enables the core functionality; range extension/ fuel consumption reduction, exportable power, virtual power plant (V2X), autonomy and fleet optimization/ management.
  • Vieaura Logo

    Company Description
    Vieaura’s Industry Leading SaaS Platform extends your access to the edge enabling guided workflows with built-in features that streamline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), provide insight into asset performance, increase throughput and maximize productivity of your industrial workforce. Integrate into your back-office applications using our API gateway with “zero customization”. Collate data in real-time or store & forward mode for dissemination and analysis to provide visibility needed to handle process exceptions and updates to downstream applications.
  • Ventory Logo

    Company Description
    Digitize your field inventory and spare parts in a simple and intuitive way. Ventory is an innovative inventory management solution for enterprises in medical devices, renewables, engineering, and high-tech industries. Our mission is to provide your business with an intuitive, simple, quick-to-deploy solution to digitize your field inventory and spare parts while ensuring visibility across every location. Ventory’s smart solution is trusted by some of the largest enterprises to digitize and manage their inventory across their networks.
  • TrueValueHub Logo

    Company Description
    TrueValueHub B2B software as a service (SaaS) solution developed by supply chain and engineering professionals with decades of industry experience in large and small companies. TrueValueHub solution drives value through data-driven lean strategic sourcing processes, supplier discovery, and collaboration for direct materials and services. Enabling the procurement team to drive the most value for the product portfolio sourced. Our vision is to democratize big data and insights into the true cost of sourcing products and services from across the globe. Create transparency and drive collaboration between the buyer and the supplier through data-driven lean processes. Reduce overall sourcing cycle time and eliminate non-value adding sourcing steps while driving maximum value for the product portfolio sourced.
  • Pulsar Logo

    Company Description
    Pulsar helps traditional manufacturers monitor their factory operations in real-time to run more efficiently and sustainably. Our sensor and AI-based technology can be deployed in a full factory in one visit and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
  • Peruse Logo

    Company Description
    Document automation for the transportation industry. Peruse uses state of the art AI and Machine learning customized to your workflows. Peruse eliminates data entry. Information from rate confirmations and 50 other document types auto-populate your systems via API. Incoming documents are received, matched and verified against related documents. Every document is categorized, labeled and made legible.
  • Paccurate Logo

    Company Description
    Paccurate reduces shipping costs and wasted material by finding the optimal way to pack every shipment. It is crafted with real-world fulfillment concerns in mind, but they make a special effort not to be rigid. Cartonization refers to a step somewhere in an order lifecycle where the correct box configuration is determined for optimal shipping. It's a piece of the supply chain puzzle that's becoming more and more critical as ecommerce explodes and parcel carriers struggle with capacity. Typically three things are required to implement cartonization: - Item Dimensions - Box Dimensions - Item/Business Rules & Constraints Adding any kind of automated cartonization to your fulfillment process can have dramatic effects on your bottom line, but you may find that not all solutions are created equal. As a rule of thumb, Paccurate more than pays for itself with saved corrugated, averaging a reduction of one square foot per carton in most cases. Reduce filler material by an average 20%. In addition, your negotiated rate tables have incentives built in to pack a certain way, depending on the dim weight and zone - Paccurate is the only cartonization solution that optimizes for these costs directly.
  • Optioryx Logo

    Company Description
    Optioryx provides an integrated AI platform to optimize your logistic operations. Our platform can help you: - Collect and enrich item/pallet dimensions and master data with AR - Pack, stack and transport less air in boxes, on pallets and in containers & trucks - Tailor your box assortment to the orders you usually fulfill - Optimize pick routes, taking optimal stacking into account for pick-to-box order picking With seamless API integration into ERP/WMS/TMS systems or stand-alone use in our web application, our platform is accessible and easy to implement for businesses of all sizes. With Optioryx, companies can improve their supply chain efficiency and accuracy, reduce emissions, and save money in just a few weeks.
  • Matchory.com Logo

    Company Description
    Matchory is a cloud-based supplier search engine. Matchory collects and processes global supplier data and compiles it into a unique supplier database. It uses mostly public data, including website information, certifications, sustainability information, company KPIs, customer relationships and more. Matchory software helps strategic buyers and tech scouts in their daily sourcing business to make more efficient and reliable decisions. Relevant suppliers from all industries can be identified in real time, backed by state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Mantis Robotics Logo
    Mantis Robotics

    Company Description
    Mantis Robotics is building fenceless industrial robots with physical intelligence, that interact and collaborate safely with humans. By completely rethinking safe human-robot collaboration, they are creating responsive robots for flexible factories where humans and robots can work together without sacrificing productivity. Their mission is to build the fastest and safest industrial robots that can work safely with people, to make robotic automation accessible to anyone wanting to automate a manual task.
  • Infinity Loop Logo
    Infinity Loop

    Company Description
    We're digitizing procurement to help companies eliminate surprises. Our technology makes the onboarding experience simple, so you can immediately triage and manage your 3rd party spend effectively. Never miss a renewal again, powered by smart notifications and collaboration tools to kick start negotiations.
  • GoodShip Logo

    Company Description
    GoodShip simplifies the historically messy business of working in freight, making it considerably more enjoyable for transportation teams to do their jobs. Think of us as an extension of your TMS, with the ability to supercharge your efforts with intelligence + automation, resulting in stronger carrier relationships, significant time savings, service improvement, and cost reduction. GoodShip is a startup that offers a solution to the complex and often frustrating work of managing freight transportation. Our platform acts as an extension of your existing Transportation Management System (TMS), providing additional intelligence and automation capabilities that make it easier and more efficient for transportation teams to do their job. With GoodShip, you can enjoy a range of benefits that include stronger carrier relationships, significant time savings, improved service levels, and cost reductions. Our platform is designed to make the freight management process more enjoyable and streamlined, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Flymingo Logo

    Company Description
    Flymingo developed an AI based platform for logistics centers, aiming to cut down picking mistakes, increase inventory accuracy and reputation for delivery which translates into improved efficiency. Flymingo's solution utilizes the facilities’ existing camera infrastructure to track all types of objects continuously. The Company uses its API to easily and safely transfer the clients warehouse management system (WMS) data to cross-validate the moving path of objects. Flymingo generates insights and various types of alerts such as: pick-packing mistakes, sorting errors, efficiency, safety and more. The Company has already performed successful pilots with leading global brands in Israel and is working with other international brands on its way to deploy its product.
  • Chainparency Logo

    Company Description
    We are an innovative blockchain-based data solutions company. We develop turnkey and modular blockchain-based computer software applications and risk management tools for the purpose of authenticating and verifying product and sustainability claims. Our digital transparency solutions help organizations to easily harness and leverage blockchain technology to digitize or tokenize data and assets; and to real-time record and audit chain of custody and other related supply chain transactional data on an immutable blockchain ledger. Our flagship application is GoTrace: a first of a kind turnkey SaaS blockchain-based system, which provides enterprises of all sizes with a modular blockchain-based track and traceability solution that enables the real-time recording of key data elements and critical tracking events -- all auditable on a highly scalable, affordable, and environmentally friendly blockchain ledger. In addition to GoTrace, our digital transparency product solutions include our asset and data tokenization solution "Tokenizer" in addition to our "Aftermarket" QR code scan solution offerings. Industry agnostic, our work is especially well-suited for advancing sustainability, verifying claims, ensuring compliance, and modernizing supply chains globally.
  • Bot-Hive Logo

    Company Description
    Bot-Hive lists robots based on user's needs and provides detailed case study examples to help users discover relevant solutions based their individual need. We support standard product and service information with case study examples to generate additional customer confidence. Our Robot Builder tool provides intelligent elastic matchmaking based on suppliers tags. Our site recommends equipment, software and installation providers based on their suitability for the end user's requirements. For too long, automation suppliers have kept a closed book on their pricing. Bot-Hive is transforming the availability of purchase information by listing price details of the robot equipment as well as indicative guide price information on installation & consultancy fees.
  • Axya Logo

    Company Description
    Axya startup created an online platform connecting small and medium-sized shop owners with suppliers. It provides an easy-to-use marketplace that standardizes and centralizes the subcontracting process for the manufacturing industry. Procurement professionals use Axya to be 5X more efficient in the source-to-pay process by cutting down on emails and manual tasks. Axya integrates seamlessly with your existing tools to support you. Retrieve siloed information and tap into the full scope of your organization’s knowledge.
  • Aircon Logo

    Company Description
    Aircon is a technology-focused airfreight consolidation company that is disrupting the $270 billion airfreight market. Our differentiator is that we are the first company to deliver gateway services at scale to the freight forwarding community. Our algorithms pool shipments that combine dense and voluminous cargo to achieve the best master consolidation available while passing the “net effect” or savings back to the freight forwarder.e costs
  • Gig and Take Logo
    Gig and Take

    Company Description
    Gig and Take developed a workforce management software intended to reimagine the future of work in industrial manufacturing and logistics. The company aims to change the work culture of factories and manage a flexible workforce by increasing diversity, reducing mandatory overtime, and operationalizing flexibility, thereby breaking the century-old construct of rigid work schedules and unlock disproportionately diverse talent pools to work in a key sector of the economy. GAT also handles the integration process, making it easy for factories to easily schedule the flex workers with their full time workers. Current pilot customers including Michelin and Carlisle Industries who both jumped at the opportunity to complement their labor force blend. Gig and Take is reimagining the future of work in Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics. Gig and Take believes the future of work is flexible and that factories and warehouses are no longer an exception.
  • intramotev Autonomous Rail Logo
    intramotev Aut…
    intramotev Autonomous Rail Logo
    intramotev Autonomous Rail

    Company Description
    They are developing a self-driving rail vehicle that enables a point-to-point freight transit model, eliminating the time and costs required to gather and pull static railcars with a locomotive. By putting the motive power in the railcar itself, they can reduce the shipment size and route distance typically required for railroad profitability and enable better competitiveness with trucking .Each year in the US alone, goods worth over $690bn are moved by a fleet of 1.6 million railcars. On any given day, 900,000 of these railcars don't move at all. And on every single leg of its journey, a loaded railcar will sit idle for an average of 24.6 hours - just waiting for a locomotive. Rail’s inefficiencies push many shipments to trucking, which is bad for society. Trucks emit 9x more GHGs per ton-mile than rail, add congestion to roads, and contribute to deadly accidents. intramotev is building a future where no railcar needs to sit idle waiting for a locomotive, and not a gallon of diesel is burned to move them. Their autonomous zero-emissions vehicles are revolutionizing the future of freight in applications such as mining, intermodal, port, and other industries.
  • Kardinal Logo

    Company Description
    The company's platform uses AI and offers automatic dispatch, pick up and delivery support, routing optimization, static and dynamic delivery management and time prediction of courier arrival. Their solutions assist your operational teams on a daily basis by dynamically adapting tour plans according to exogenous shocks (breakdown, traffic, schedule changes, etc…). Their algorithms are constantly looking for the best solution, taking into account the new information that arrives in real time. The company provides an accessible SaaS solution easy to use for complex transportation tasks. By relying on technological supports (smartphones, cloud services, etc.), the intelligence system artificial integrates completely with the logistics processes put in place in transportation companies and allows them to respond more quickly and effectively to all problems encountered.
  • Faction Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in 2020, Faction develops driverless electric vehicles that have the speed and performance of cars, but at a fraction of the cost. Our combined team has engineered driverless systems from light electrics to large semi trucks, and we’re taking a new approach. Faction uses three wheel vehicles that are regulated as motorcycles making them faster to develop and “right sized” for typical urban deliveries and trips. We combine autonomy with remote human supervision, so we’re not constrained by waiting for 100% autonomous technology. To us, autonomy is an optimization, driverless is a product. To start, we’re focusing on less than truckload delivery, and vehicle-on-demand, where you can summon a vehicle and drive it yourself. In all cases, we can beat the cost of human driven fleets. Faction's patent-pending DriveLink™ and TeleAssist™ technologies allow us deploy driverless solutions on a range of vehicle platforms in a safe, reliable, and scalable manner.
  • Qualle Logo

    Company Description
    Qualle was established in late 2019 and just launched their soft beta in 2021 with Maersk. Qualle is building out a street turn automation tool, targeted at truckers to request the reuse of containers with shipping lines. A street turn is when a carrier uses a container from one trip, and instead of bringing the empty container back to the rail, they use it for a pickup. The carrier makes money from both loads while running less miles. Qualle takes an outdated process of communicating with the Steamship Lines to effectively facilitate Street Turn requests, while empowering truckers to do more by connecting fragmented dots between all stakeholders within the ecosystem. Their software helps with container triangulation to match import containers with exporters demand. Right now navigating and booking street turns is a very manual process and can take hours finding, uploading and negotiating prices through email. With Qualle’s first product “V1” you can do it all on one dashboard within minutes. Qualle has two more products coming to market “V2” that helps with container triangulation through an empty container marketplace for truckers and “V3” that integrates with importers and exporters to help build out the entire street turn ecosystem.
  • Freightpay Logo

    Company Description
    Freightpay is building the future payment layer dedicated to global logistics. Our goal is to increase the speed and efficiency at which the supply chain transacts. The Freightpay platform will digitize payments to enable faster, more connected financial transactions. The system will also provide dispute resolution and more intelligent exception management for all payment functions. Resolving payment issues more efficiently, while identifying problematic transactions, will give executives superior financial intelligence and more control over cash flow.
  • Carbmee Logo

    Company Description
    Carbmee accelerates your decarbonization and empowers your operational teams to take science-based actions on scope 3. Carbmee's solution uses science-based methodologies for a detailed comprehension of your corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Detect reduction potential, automate your workflows, collaborate with customers & suppliers and track your progress in common reporting frameworks. The Environmental Intelligence System is a software platform that guides your enterprise through the most critical business challenge of all time - increasing profit and decreasing emissions, at the same time. It is built to assist operational teams with a workflow-based experience for making profound decisions based on specific data. The Environmental Intelligence System guides your enterprise to net-zero.
  • bops Logo

    Company Description
    bops is a headless, supply chain intelligence platform helping manufacturers and distributors source, make, and deliver their products. By powering data applications, bops provides operators with end-to-end supply chain visibility and continuous insights to make daily decisions and unlock working capital.
  • Soapbox, Inc. Logo
    Soapbox, Inc.

    Company Description
    Soapbox is an e-commerce command center for your fulfillment operations. Our solution covers your end-to-end needs, from storefront listing and order management, to inventory reconciliation, warehouse, and shipping management. The software is designed for, and as, a best-practice fulfillment workflow to get your products to your customers easier, quicker, and more cost efficient. Best of all, Soapbox is FREE for startups and small businesses.
  • icustoms Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of a customs clearance platform intended for companies and customs agents to electronically file customs declarations with greater accuracy. The company's platform is based on AI and ML and does not include any third-party agents or middlemen, includes smart processes tailored based on the company's profile, less manual work, and more business, enabling businesses to make their customs declarations directly.

    Company Description
    TO THE MARKET is the turn key solution for ethical manufacturing and sourcing of apparel, accessories and home goods. Through our syndicated network of suppliers, we work with Fortune 500s, brands and retailers to provide story-rich products that appeal to the next generation of consumers with transparency, sustainability and authenticity. We enable the supply chain of the future, in which retail manufacturing empowers people, protects the planet, and delivers quality products that result in a better bottom line.
  • EAIGLE Logo
    EAIGLE Logo

    Company Description
    We are a human-centric AI and ML company developing enterprise computer vision solutions for the workplace and public spaces. Our solutions enable customers to optimize processes, reduce costs and grow revenues. We work with global enterprises in a wide range of sectors including retail, supply chain, logistics and commercial real estate. Our technology enables our customers to identify inefficiencies in their operations or breaches in their policies all in real-time notifications or alerts. What's Unique About Us: 1-Our technology is hardware agnostic; this means we can work with existing cameras and sensors reducing our customers’ capital investment when deploying our solutions enterprise wide. 2-Our technology processes inputs from optical cameras, infra-red and radar sensors. 3-Our technology has superior accuracy which eliminates false positives and interruptions to operations Access Control Solution To ensure only the right people get into your facility, we developed a robust check-in and check-out software housed in a heavy-duty kiosk. The system automates the registration process for employees, visitors, contractors, and packages. For added security, the system comes with the capability tointegrate with your access control system to unlock doors.
  • WARP Logo

    Company Description
    Warp connects shippers, carriers, and facilities to find the most efficient route for middle-mile freight. The first freight network of its kind, Warp weaves together digital pooling, back-hauls, and physical consolidation points (Warp Stations), to provide shippers with a cost structure for shippers previously unthinkable with old school trucking companies.
  • Moment Energy Logo
    Moment Energy

    Company Description
    Electric Vehicle batteries still have up to 80% of their capacity left when they are retired from electric cars. Moment is re-purposing EV batteries to create sustainable energy storage. Their units can be paired with any energy source and will be used to replace diesel generators in remote communities. By re-purposing electric vehicle batteries, they extend their lifetime value and provide a viable option for remote communities to transition from using diesel power.
  • Wareclouds Logo
    Wareclouds Logo

    Company Description
    Wareclouds puts brands products in their customers hands in a fast and cheap way, by using people idle space and time. This people store products and pick and pack orders in their house, which are then delivered by people in their car. We use a sharing economy model, where people in their homes take care of the fulfillment, and independent riders of the last mile.
  • Vendorflow Logo

    Company Description
    Recent investment in the trucking space has created dozens of TMS, marketplace, loadboard, and visibility apps that truck drivers are expected to use to service truckloads. The purpose of these apps is for truck drivers to automatically submit structured data back to core systems (load booking, GPS, documents, etc.). However, the fragmented environment leads truck drivers to use these apps only ~25% of the time, meaning 75% of critical truckload data is manually communicated back to operations teams over email, call, SMS, or social messaging apps. Vendorflow enables logistics service providers to capture the structured logistics data they need in a way that drivers will comply with, by reaching truck drivers "where they are" via popular channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and more. The result is increased driver compliance, driver satisfaction, and structured data capture.
  • Syncware Logo
    Syncware Logo

    Company Description
    SYNCWARE provides software to connect robots, barcode scanners, label applicators, with warehouse management systems in hours instead of months. SYNCWARE translates all robot languages to one common standard. We build on top of state of the art open source interoperability framework, making robotic connectivity possible.
  • Stoke Systems Logo
    Stoke Systems
    Stoke Systems Logo
    Stoke Systems

    Company Description
    Stoke helps improve uptime, reduce maintenance costs and maximize productivity for remote industrial assets by making it easy to monitor them, regardless of where they are located. Their solution, SmartEdge, combines smart sensors, edge AI and ubiquitous connectivity into a plug-and-play system that provides customers actionable insights to prevent asset downtime and failures before they can impact productivity.
  • Solo AVT Logo
    Solo AVT

    Company Description
    Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies – a VC-backed start-up – is revolutionizing the freight transportation industry by building the world’s very first purpose built heavy truck platform for autonomous driving. Engineered from the ground-up, it will be the safest, greenest, and most efficient heavy truck ever.
  • REPOWR Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in September 2020, REPOWR is refining the way transportation companies utilize over-the-road equipment (trucks, trailers, chassis, shipping containers, etc.) To do so, REPOWR is pioneering the world's first connected, collaborative asset-sharing platform and equipping logistics companies with the tools necessary to share and manage assets across locations, teams, and networks, efficiently and sustainably. REPOWR’s open marketplace and community of private networks allows companies to lease and share assets in a single, integrated platform. Our platform meets our customers right where they need it, including plugging directly into their existing operating systems, via our open APIs.
  • real items Logo
    real items

    Company Description
    Real Items provides Traceability as a Platform for end-to-end digitization of the product life-cycle using digital twins on blockchain. Real Items cloud platform enables enterprises to embed content into physical products and produce blockchain smart labels to any documentation. Our services protect against fraud in international transportation and cross-border commerce. Real Items provides a board application suite for enterprise managed services include blockchain traceability as a service API. Generate QR codes to blockchain smart labels to protect supply-chains & consumers.
  • Peer Robotics Logo
    Peer Robotics

    Company Description
    Industries are going through a fundamental shift from predictable to dynamic operations. And these dynamic operations require automation that can adapt as fast as humans can. Existing automation solutions are not flexible enough to adapt as per these changing requirments. Leading to enourmous upfront costs on integration and deployement (almost 70% of the total cost automation cost) and additonal costs or downtime for any change in the solution. At Peer Robotics we develop colaborative mobile robots, that can learn from humans in real-time. Making them extremely simple to deploy or reprogram in the existing infrastructure without any skilled manpower within hours.
  • Osaro Logo

    Company Description
    Osaro creates machine intelligence software that combines state-of-the-art perception with powerful adaptive decision-making abilities to help computer and robotic systems act efficiently and intelligently. Like many advanced machine learning technologies, Osaro's software automatically extracts information from high-dimensional, time-varying data. Osaro goes beyond merely classifying data. The technology interacts with the environment to learn, discover, and achieve a specific goal. By making machines more adaptive, intelligent, and efficient, Osaro frees up humans to focus time, energy, and capital on higher level tasks.
  • Navflex Logo

    Company Description
    Navflex is automating loading and unloading operations in a simple, quick and affordable manner through transforming material handling equipment into Intelligent Mobile Robots optimized for handling challenges of the loading ramp. Fusing information from array of sensors, we are capable of performing precise (un)loading operations without any need for physical infrastructure changes, dynamically adapting to different types of transport, pallets, loads, locations, or loading patterns.
  • Loko AI Logo
    Loko AI

    Company Description
    Loko AI is pioneering Autonomous Systems, Synthetic Data and Machine Learning at scale to solve the hardest security, surveillance, public safety, loss prevention and retail problems facing the world. We’re on a mission to build technology that benefits society and we are dedicated to building an awesome, diverse company culture at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Ledgerset Logo

    Company Description
    Ledgerset is a collaboration platform that helps retailers and suppliers discover new trading partners, create trusted trading relationships, and do business at scale.
  • Dash Systems Logo
    Dash Systems

    Company Description
    DASH Systems builds precision aerial delivery systems that allow any aircraft to land cargo without the need for runways or landings. This allows the world’s fastest shipping medium, air cargo, to deliver anywhere in the world an airplane can fly over. Cargo planes can deliver up to 5x faster and 2x cheaper than commercial courier companies by not relying on slow ground vehicles or the need for expensive infrastructure and distribution hubs. Currently DASH Systems is focused on replacing helicopters for emergency and remote logistics including deployments in Hurricane Maria, Florence, and Michael.
  • Curbhub Logo

    Company Description
    Curbhub is a delivery service and SaaS solution provider that enables retailers to extend their same-day delivery radius by over 5x upto 100 miles, cut last mile delivery costs by over 20%, and shave over 40% of their last mile transportation emissions. Curbhub’s collaborative transportation technology leverages integrations with local delivery service providers, crowdsourced delivery platforms, and autonomous delivery fleets to dispatch the right courier for each segment of the delivery route to get to a level of transportation efficiency not achievable with the existing last mile delivery alternatives. Curbhub also offers reverse logistics solutions to enable retailers to implement cost-efficient reusable packaging programs.
  • Contactile Logo

    Company Description
    Contactile is a Sydney-based start-up company established in early 2019. Contactile is an innovator in tactile sensors for robots and is enabling intelligent dexterous robotic gripping. The contactile tactile sensor provides robotic gripping systems with the sensory advantages of the human hand without the physical limitations related to size, strength, environment, and fatigue. contractile sensing technology was invented at UNSW Sydney by the founders with funding support from the Australian Research Council and the US Office of Naval Research Global.
  • Ambi Robotics Logo
    Ambi Robotics

    Company Description
    Ambi Robotics offers advanced AI-powered robotic systems designed to scale with your operations. Our hardware-software codesign opens up new possibilities in robotic dexterity to handle increasing demand in the supply chain.
  • Aklimate Logo

    Company Description
    A growing number of global corporates have ambitious net zero targets that will be impossible to obtain without engaging their suppliers at scale. Their supply chain typically represents 80% of their overall emissions, and they are only engaging ~2% of them at present, despite having short term (2025 or earlier) targets of +50% of suppliers reporting on their emissions. They license their platform to corporates to engage their suppliers at scale. They guide these suppliers through measuring a Scopes 1-3 carbon footprint, empowering them to reduce this over time, and automating the process of reporting these emissions to third parties like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
  • Above Robotics Logo
    Above Robotics

    Company Description
    With Above, autonomy looks like teamwork: As more autonomous systems become available, businesses are stuck when integrating them into operations. While automating a single task may seem like a great solution, it can easily become a very segmented process, sacrificing the desired efficiency. Above Robotics is a platform for coordinating various autonomous systems like trucks, drones, shuttles, and robots. The cloud connected platform allows businesses to easily adopt autonomous solutions. Above seamlessly integrates autonomy to keep operations moving forward without interruption. Above delivers an end-to-end solution as an orchestration layer that unites autonomous tasks with business processes such as requesting, routing or scheduling. With Above, disparate autonomous, manned and automated systems work cohesively to increase efficiency and overall cost effectiveness for industries with complex workflows including ports, airports, agriculture, security and utilities.
  • Voxel Logo

    Company Description
    Voxel uses computer vision and AI to bring companies real-time visibility and insights into their site safety and risks. Their AI software integrates directly with existing security cameras to identify potential workplace hazards, high-risk activities, and operational insights. Organizations use Voxel to proactively manage their sites, while significantly reducing workers’ compensation, general liability, and property claims costs. Voxel does this by analyzing security camera footage in real-time for the following activities and by providing risk scoring and additional analytics on workplace risk/safety trends: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Powered Vehicle Safety (i.e. Forklifts, Pallet Jacks) Ergonomics & Lifting Spills Smart Perimeter Protection (i.e. No Pedestrian Zones) Parking Violations, Blocked Exits & Aisles Open Doors Manufacturing Machinery Uptime/Downtime They have partnered with leading businesses and insurance providers to deploy their solution in warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and other related industries. Once implemented, customers can expect to see a 50-60% reduction in workers’ comp risks and losses, as well as overall improvements in operations, safety culture, and other types of insurance risks (General Liability and Property)
  • Basetwo AI Logo
    Basetwo AI
    Basetwo AI Logo
    Basetwo AI

    Company Description
    Basetwo provides a no code AI platform that helps manufacturing engineers troubleshoot and optimize their production processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Without writing a single line of code, manufacturing engineers can use the Basetwo platform to ingest, merge and transform large datasets in order to build digital twins of their plant. Using Basetwo's library of digital twins, engineers can improve their understanding of their plant performance, and run real-time scenario analyses to improve yield, product quality and efficiency of their plant.
  • Omnix Corp Logo
    Omnix Corp

    Company Description
    Omnix transforms complexity into fluidity. They solve complex processes in real-time and deliver solutions thanks to applied artificial intelligence. They automate processes, anticipate failures, improve the company's value chain and free up people's management time to redistribute efforts in higher value tasks and empower them Omnix connects to all customer systems, managing their information and triggering actions when there are operational failures. Currently our clients are large companies in the Retail and Telco sector, where our solution allows complete visibility and traceability of inventory.
  • Verity Logo

    Company Description
    Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems and a leading provider of drone failsafe technology. Founded in 2014, Verity's drones have completed more than 250,000 autonomous flights safely above people, in more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide.
  • XOSIGHT B.V Logo

    Company Description
    We automate inventory counting in warehouses with drones and AI Companies can save valuable time and costs by adopting automated inventory management in their warehouses. Instead of tedious manual counting our highly automated system is capable of performing inventory checks with a push of a button, requiring minimal user input.
  • Prewave Logo

    Company Description
    Prewave is a data analytics startup specializing in the prediction of supply chain risks from social media data.
  • F-Drones Logo

    Company Description
    F-drones’ vision is a world where maritime logistics is more efficient and sustainable. We develop and operate proprietary aerial delivery drones, which can ultimately deliver 100kg loads over 100km, to ships and offshore platforms. F-drones is the first company in the world to provide 24-hour commercial beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone deliveries.
  • Breeze Technologies Logo
    Breeze Technol…

    Company Description
    We're Breeze Technologies. We are an industry leader in air quality sensors, data and analytics.
  • Procuros Logo

    Company Description
    At Procuros, we rethink the way companies connect to their trade partners: A single integration with our platform empowers our customers to instantly connect to all their partners’ ERP systems and supplier portals. This way, their sales teams can focus on solving complex problems, instead of doing manual data entry.
  • Growth Academy Logo
    Growth Academy

    Company Description
    Digital assessment tool for reskilling and upskilling process.
  • Zapata Logo

    Company Description
    Our scientists help industry-leading companies understand — and capitalize on — the capabilities of quantum computing today, and the possibilities of quantum computing tomorrow. With Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, we are developing solutions for a wide range of industries including chemistry, logistics, finance, oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceuticals and materials. Zapata's quantum platform Orquestra(R) combines a powerful software platform and quantum algorithm libraries to deliver real-world advances in computational power for applications — particularly in chemistry, machine learning, and optimization. Orquestra enables users to compose quantum workflows and orchestrate their execution across classical and quantum technologies.
  • SlipRobotics Logo

    Company Description
    A stealth mode startup using robotic solutions to improve operating efficiency in warehousing and logistics.
  • Infinite Mobility Logo
    Infinite Mobil…

    Company Description
    Solar Electric Vehicles for Urban Mobility.
  • SemiCab Logo

    Company Description
    Digital freight ecosystem revolutionizing the long-haul trucking industry.
  • Trailer Dynamics Logo
    Trailer Dynami…

    Company Description
    Next Generation Trailers.
  • Tag N Trac Logo
    Tag N Trac

    Company Description
    Tag N Trac is next generation package tracking smart label platform for pharmaceutical logistics.
  • Sourcemap Logo

    Company Description
    Technology for 100% traceable, transparent, secure supply chains.
  • SIERA.AI Logo

    Company Description
    SIERA Makes Forklift Operations Safe with AI-enabled Vision Safety Systems and Digital Operator Checklists.
  • Remora Logo

    Company Description
    Carbon capture for semi trucks
  • Kavida Logo

    Company Description
    Digital Twins for Supply Chain Resiliency with AI & Simulations
  • FuelMe Logo

    Company Description
    Fuel Me simplifies the fuel procurement process.
  • Fillogic Logo

    Company Description
    Fillogic converts underutilized space at retail centers (i.e. malls) into tech-enabled, micro distributions hubs to help retailers and parcel carriers with outbound ship-from-store orders, inbound freight deliveries, forward staging inventory, and other value-added logistics services.
  • Cymbio Logo

    Company Description
    Cymbio develops an end-to-end drop ship and marketplace automation platform for brands to boost their digital sales.
  • Assetfloow Logo

    Company Description
    Awarded AI software that translates sales data into behavioural insights, for retail stores and warehouses.
  • Aiara Ai Logo
    Aiara Ai

    Company Description
    Manufacturing Intelligence Platform.
  • REPOWR Logo

    Company Description
    Virtual community and network marketplace that allows for B2B truck and trailer rentals and connects the supply chain's transportation companies and leasing companies to an asset-sharing, equipment rental marketplace
  • Lula Logo

    Company Description
    A technology company that transforms convenience stores into last-mile micro-fulfillment centers.
  • Userlane Logo

    Company Description
    Userlane provides a user-centric approach to digital adoption. From software rollouts to onboarding, ongoing employee training, and customer support, Userlane helps enterprises increase software acceptance and simplify and automate processes.
  • Proof Energy Logo
    Proof Energy
    Proof Energy Logo
    Proof Energy

    Company Description
    Commercializing Fuel Cells 2.0
  • Ware Logo

    Company Description
    An enterprise-grade supply chain digitization platform building technology at the intersection of robotics and machine learning. Automating warehouse inventory tracking with drones.
  • Vesta Smart Packaging Logo
    Vesta Smart Pa…
    Vesta Smart Packaging Logo
    Vesta Smart Packaging

    Company Description
    Their smart containers know when they’re empty, and automatically reorder environmentally friendly refills.
  • Terusama Logo

    Company Description
    Your virtual logistics coordinator. Self-service dock scheduling, digital driver checkin, automated workflows.
  • Slip Robotics Logo
    Slip Robotics

    Company Description
    Solves inefficiencies in short-haul logistics using a robot as a service solution
  • Shipium Logo

    Company Description
    Modernizing the e-commerce supply chain. Enables businesses to make better trade-offs between speed and cost and deliver on the promises they make to the customers.
  • Saara Logo

    Company Description
    Helps reduce returns, wastage and labor cost for Ecommerce and Logistics businesses using AI and computer vision.
  • Pascal Tags Logo
    Pascal Tags

    Company Description
    Builds a data driven supply chain through chip-less inventory tags that perform like a VIN number, but for every product.
  • Ohi Technologies Logo
    Ohi Technologi…
    Ohi Technologies Logo
    Ohi Technologies

    Company Description
    Building a micro-warehousing platform, connecting unused spaces in cities to e-commerce companies to enable them to save cost on fulfilment, whilst enabling same-day delivery.
  • Newtrul Logo

    Company Description
    a shipment aggregation platform that provides freight carriers an easier way to search for their next job.
  • Nemodata Logo

    Company Description
    Accelerate EV adoption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while enabling the world’s fleets to run continuously
  • HASH Logo

    Company Description
    HASH enables real-time modeling and simulation of complex systems
  • GebeCert Logo

    Company Description
    Gebecert is a microchip technology which helps brands regain revenue & Big Data.
  • Flowlity Logo

    Company Description
    Flowlity is a SaaS planning solution that optimizes inventory by being an intelligent and trusted 3rd party.
  • Expedock Logo

    Company Description
    Expedock’s context-driven technology can extract, enter, and reconcile any document all on its own. Documents and systems are seamlessly and securely integrated into a single source of truth on our platform. We empower your business to achieve unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction, cost savings, and reliable visibility. We specialize in automating workflows in Shipment Processing, Purchase Order Management, Accounting, and Compliance. Our AI revolutionizes back-office supply chain workflows for companies involved in cross-border container trade. We are an end-to-end solution that connects physical and digital data sources into one single source of truth in order to empower our clients with: - Cutting-edge AI that improves over time and can process documents never encountered before. All data is guaranteed to be 99.95% accurate. - Effortless data reconciliation with your existing databases, other documents, or 3rd party websites. -Seamless integrations and visibility with your existing TMS or ERP. - Presentation-ready intuitive analytics using AI that continuously improves based on real-time data.
  • eCustoms Logo

    Company Description
    eCustoms' value proposal is to simplify, digitize, and accelerate the logistic processes.
  • Dyna Express Logo
    Dyna Express

    Company Description
    A Fleet Management Platform making same-day and next-day deliveries accessible for any company.
  • Elementary Robotics Logo
    Elementary Rob…

    Company Description
    Transforming manufacturing & logistics with intelligent automation and visual AI for quality assurance and traceability.
  • Coros Logo

    Company Description
    AI Powered Logistics using advanced optics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to add intelligence at every touchpoint in the logistics chain.
  • Chain.io Logo

    Company Description
    Faster, easier supply chain systems integration. A platform connecting and coordinating systems and people.
  • Bleenco Logo

    Company Description
    We streamline the contract review process for corporate in-house legal teams taking the tedium out of contract review, allowing sales and legal teams to close deals more quickly while also mitigating risk.
  • byways Logo

    Company Description
    eliminating waiting times for trucks at pickup and drop-off locations and increasing the turnaround time of goods for shippers/warehouses.
  • BitRip Logo

    Company Description
    Scannable tape embeds digital messages in physical locations, allowing workers to communicate across space and time.
  • ABEJA Logo

    Company Description
    A platform that integrate state-of-the-art AI technologies including IoT, big data, and deep learning.
  • 7bridges Logo

    Company Description
    7bridges' mission is to help companies achieve optimal logistics efficiency through cutting edge, data driven AI tools and an open ecosystem of logistics providers.
  • Rvolt Logo

    Company Description
    Rvolt enables the smart home through the gamification of energy demand. Rvolt helps users to reduce their carbon footprint while earning rewards. It is SaaS company building an intelligence platform to understand smart meter data and build value-added services on top of it.
  • Emitwise Logo

    Company Description
    Emitwise’s unique AI technology empowers companies to automatically measure, report and reduce their carbon footprint across their operations and supply chain, future-proofing businesses for a zero-carbon world.
  • Normative Logo

    Company Description
    Normative is the only software capable of assessing a company’s social and environmental impact automatically by analysing its purchases, using artificial intelligence combined with the world's largest sustainability research database.
  • Animech Logo

    Company Description
    Animech combines engineering expertise and design excellence to create world leading visualization tools. Whether it be CPQ, interactive manuals or end customer product configuration.
  • Avatour Logo

    Company Description
    Avatour's remote presence solution makes it possible to visit a facility or job site without traveling. Combining full-motion 360° capture with real-time communication, Imeve enables remote inspections, marketing tours, trainings and more - saving time and money while keeping personnel safe.
  • Tsuru Robotics Logo
    Tsuru Robotics
    Tsuru Robotics Logo
    Tsuru Robotics

    Company Description
    Tsuru Robotics develops and deploys novel robotic systems with focus on flying robots, highly-integrated control modules and micro miniature industrial electronics.
  • Natix Logo
    Natix Logo

    Company Description
    NATIX provides video analytics solutions for smart cities enabling them to identify city-related events (e.g. traffic, crowd, crime, etc.) and trigger corresponding actions (alarms, controls, reports).
  • Mysupply Logo

    Company Description
    mysupply automates your entire tender process by speeding up the supplier search, evaluating offers easily and negotiating automatically with the help of our system intelligence
  • ClickLog Logo

    Company Description
    Clicklog optimally plans for loading cargo to trucks. Its solutions streamline the loading / unloading process, control & increase speed while dramatically reducing human errors.
  • Arrival Logo

    Company Description
    Arrival is a technology company, that creates Generation 2 Electric Vehicles. They are devices on wheels that outperform legacy technology to deliver an experience like no other, but are priced the same as fossil fuel equivalents.
  • Chunker Logo

    Company Description
    On-demand, short-term warehouse marketplace connecting companies needing temporary space with those that have excess space.
  • Velostics Logo

    Company Description
    Logistics collaboration
  • Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics
    Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics

    Company Description
    WAKU is making mobile robots very accessible by offering a pay-as-you-go rental solution, supported by independent consulting and a network of integration and servicing partners.
  • Track3t Logo

    Company Description
    Track3t collects and analyzes large volumes of precise location data to save companies millions of dollars by continuously locating all materials, equipment, and tooling moving inside distribution centers and factories.
  • TRAMES Logo

    Company Description
    Trames is an enterprise supply chain orchestration engine. We enable collaboration across logistics partners, to ensure the flow of information across supply chains in a trusted and efficient manner.
  • Plus One Robotics Logo
    Plus One Robot…

    Company Description
    Plus One Robotics builds robot perception software and solutions.
  • Photon Commerce Logo
    Photon Commerce

    Company Description
    Automatically reconcile invoices, packing slips, and receipts with AI.
  • MotionMiners Logo

    Company Description
    We generate automatic potential analysis for improvements of efficiency, productivity and ergonomics of manual processes in logistics and production using wearables, sensors and machine-learning algorithms.
  • Manna Drone Delivery Logo
    Manna Drone De…
    Manna Drone Delivery Logo
    Manna Drone Delivery

    Company Description
    Drone delivery of food for dark kitchens and online food companies.
  • Logmore Logo

    Company Description
    Logmore offers a end-to-end data logging service. Our technology is based on dynamic QR codes, that make it possible to save data on a QR code and upload it simply by scanning it with a mobile phone.
  • Iotics Logo

    Company Description
    Iotics is the leader in digital twin technology and digital ecosystem enablement.
  • OneRail Logo

    Company Description
    OneRail is a final mile orchestration platform that matches the demand signal (POS, ERP, eCommerce) with fulfillment networks in real-time.
  • Infrrd Logo

    Company Description
    Machine Intelligence Company
  • Handl Logo

    Company Description
    A one-stop-shop solution for document data extraction.
  • Flyability Logo

    Company Description
    Drones for indoor inspection and confined space.
  • Deeyook Logo

    Company Description
    Deeyook offers a wireless based, infrastructure free, power saving, and accurate indoor and outdoor positioning solution.
  • Commtrex Logo

    Company Description
    The Commtrex Exchange is the only open, electronic marketplace that expedites and improves every step from connection to contract between rail shippers, storage providers, service providers, and asset owners
  • CircularTree Logo

    Company Description
    Synchronizing supply chain compliance management.
  • Baton Logo

    Company Description
    Baton reduces last-mile inefficiency and warehouse dwell in long haul trucking with a tech-enabled hub and spoke network of drop zones and local drivers.
  • Arch Systems Logo
    Arch Systems
    Arch Systems Logo
    Arch Systems

    Company Description
    Manufacturing intelligence with data from new and legacy machines.
  • TipTags Logo

    Company Description
    Patented map based data generation. Create, preserve and share any kind of data on any map with extreme accuracy.

    Company Description
    DRONAMICS is developing the world-leading cargo UAV "The Black Swan"​ - a revolutionary fixed-wing unmanned aircraft that can transport 350 kg at a distance of 2,500 km cheaper than any aircraft in existence.
  • Warehowz Logo

    Company Description
    Warehowz is an innovative logistics technology company in the "on- demand" warehousing industry, which means we connect businesses that need warehousing space and services with businesses that have capacity.
  • Verve Logo

    Company Description
    Verve has developed a soft exosuit that assists with repetitive bending and lifting. The exosuit is lightweight at 4lbs and made of textile components worn at the waist and thighs, and is similar to a hydration vest with force applied in parallel to back and thigh musculature.
  • SVT Robotics Logo
    SVT Robotics

    Company Description
    SVT’s software platform enables companies to easily connect their enterprise systems to any robot or automation, in a fraction of the time, empowering them to compete in a quickly changing marketplace.
  • Shipamax Logo

    Company Description
    Shipamax automates data entry for the logistics industry (Robotic Process Automation). Our product connects to any e-mail inbox and automatically extracts data from e-mails & attachments in real- time, saving teams hours of repetitive admin.
  • Seegrid Logo

    Company Description
    Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with nearly two million miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management software for a complete connected solution.
  • Opendock Logo

    Company Description
    Overhaul your operational efficiency with dock, transportation, and warehouse appointment scheduling software from Opendock. It allows the user to access all of their appointments across all warehouses using a single platform.
  • Ocean Insights Logo
    Ocean Insights

    Company Description
    Ocean Insights is a leading ocean supply chain visibility and market intelligence provider based in Germany and with representatives in the US, India, Spain and Hong Kong that supplies real-time tracking data and market analysis to large shippers from a broad range of industries.
  • LearningPal Logo
    LearningPal Logo

    Company Description
    LearningPal’s AI-based enterprise solution has built-in feedback mechanism to ensure model improves continuously. It digitizes countless paper documents to well-structured data swiftly and accurately. Our solution can recognize both handwritten and machine printed characters.
  • KlearNow Logo

    Company Description
    The fastest way to clear customs, track shipments and access your critical data in real-time. KlearNow is looking to disrupt a multi-billion-dollar portion of the global supply chain by bringing it into the digital age through a state-of-the-art, shared-economy, internet-based, mobile-app platform.
  • Kinetic Logo

    Company Description
    Kinetic builds wearable devices to reduce workplace injuries for the industrial workforce.The discrete belt-mounted wearable can detect high-risk postures and movements, and provides real-time feedback to workers as well as safety analytics to managers.
  • Gather AI Logo
    Gather AI

    Company Description
    Gather AI is a software-only autonomous inventory management platform developed for warehousing. Gather AI is an inventory management on auto-pilot that can automate tasks. Users can use off-the-shelf drones, and can do 24 hour replacement.
  • FlytBase Logo

    Company Description
    FlytBase is the world's first Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, that allows developers to easily build intelligent drones, connected with cloud-based business applications.
  • Edgetensor Logo

    Company Description
    Edgetensor mission is to make edge-based AI affordable and accessible to the mass market. Our proprietary and hardware agnostic Neural Inference Engine powers our AI applications that run on various architectures such as ARM and Intel and is cross platform (Windows, Android, Linux etc) as well.
  • DARVIS Logo

    Company Description
    DARVISTM keeps track of available devices and special transport equipment and monitors the exact location of them. Search devices via the app to optimize device utilization within your health institution. DARVISTM uses computer vision to turn surveillance videos into useful data.
  • Augmentir Logo

    Company Description
    Augmentir is a leading provider of augmented worker software for industrial companies. Its flagship offering, the Augmented OperationsTM platform, is the first of its kind to combine enterprise augmented reality with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • AskData Logo

    Company Description
    With AskData, users ask questions in natural language and find answers across all their data. The Askdata platform is based on the Human2SQL, the biggest repository of natural language and SQL statements in the world.
  • AiDock Logo

    Company Description
    Customs clearance process automation. Our ground-breaking technology uses artificial intelligence to allow courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities to apply novel business practices that boost productivity.
  • AGILOX Logo

    Company Description
    AGILOX develops and manufactures intelligent logistics robots. All aspects are developed in-house, from the mechanical design, electrical engineering, navigation and related software. This allows for faster reaction to changing requirements.
  • Moeco Logo

    Company Description
    a blockchain-powered platform for global IoT connectivity that enables a new level of efficiencies for supply chain, insurance, telecom, and smart cities.
  • Fabric Logo

    Company Description
    Fabric is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers.
  • Nanothings Logo

    Company Description
    NanoThings is an automation platform for end-to-end, autonomous, cold chain sensor monitoring and delivery management.
  • Project Cosimo Logo
    Project Cosimo

    Company Description
    Project Cosimo develops and deploys AI Automation for Enterprise Administration using the latest machine learning methodologies for Business Process Automation.
  • Platform Science Logo
    Platform Scien…

    Company Description
    Platform Science is an enterprise grade IoT fleet management platform for the new era of connected trucks, freight and the digital supply chain.
  • Parsyl Logo

    Company Description
    Parsyl is a supply chain data platform that helps shippers and insurers understand the quality conditions of sensitive and perishable products as they move through the supply chain.
  • NextQuestion Logo

    Company Description
    NextQuestion deep neural network algorithm deploys on top of existing supply chain systems to optimize forecasting and planning accuracy and deliver up to a 10% accuracy improvement.
  • Morpheus Network Logo
    Morpheus Netwo…
    Morpheus Network Logo
    Morpheus Network

    Company Description
    Morpheus Network optimizes global trade using blockchain with a potential total cost savings of 10%.
  • Leaf Logistics Logo
    Leaf Logistics

    Company Description
    LogisticsExchange uses advanced analytics to help its customers improve service and cost predictability through binding, digital 'Flex Dedicated' contracts.
  • LogiNext Logo

    Company Description
    LogiNext is a machine learning platform to create dynamic routes, capacity allocation and real-time alerting for last mile deliveries and LTL businesses.
  • FleetOperate Logo
    FleetOperate Logo

    Company Description
    FleetOperate is a credentialed truck driver marketplace that enables drivers to provide on-demand driving services to carriers and shippers. Carriers and shippers avail Driver-as-a-Service to solve the problem of driver shortages, driver turnover, and unseated trucks while maintaining low costs
  • Instadeep Logo

    Company Description
    InstaDeep harnesses the ability to address and solve issues across a range of industries and sectors through our innovative AI products and solutions championed by our cutting-edge in-house team of researchers and developers.
  • InOrbit Logo

    Company Description
    InOrbit is a cloud robot management platform that enables robotics companies and their customers to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale.
  • Hopstack Logo

    Company Description
    Hopstack is an IoT powered visibility and intelligence Enterprise Platform to help Warehouse and Factory managers automate processes and generate actionable insights from the movement of their assets, equipments and personnel using data generated by IoT devices.
  • FleetUp Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in 2013 at Plug-n-Play, FleetUp provides a Total Mobility - Transportation Fleets, Assets, Equipment & Operators - Management System (MaaS) with a single uniform but Scalable Cloud Platform that incorporates Machine Learning & Data Analytics.
  • Fitter Logo

    Company Description
    Fitter is a customer-centric logistics tool that helps companies achieve operational efficiency with optimal route planning, automatic monitoring based on road traffic.
  • Descartes Labs Logo
    Descartes Labs

    Company Description
    Descartes Labs is a predictive intelligence company that makes a data-agnostic platform for performing global-scale analyses unbound by computing limitations.
  • Boxbot Logo

    Company Description
    Boxbot develops self-driving delivery vehicles for the last mile. Comprised of a team of engineering and operations professionals who believe in building technology that will solve real business problems, at scale.
  • Autobon Logo
    Autobon Logo

    Company Description
    Autobon is on a mission to upgrade America's existing semi-trucks into safer and more efficient vehicles with the Autobon retrofit platform that delivers advanced driver assistance features, real time video and GPS tracking feeds, and access to Autobon's online portal.
  • Atollogy Logo

    Company Description
    Atollogy provides a turnkey IIoT solution that uses cameras and sensors to turn physical operations into data and insights without process changes, system interfaces or connections to any equipment.
  • Arviem Logo

    Company Description
    "Arviem’s supply chain visibility solutions support their users in the efficient management of strategic, operative and financial supply chains via enabling real-time data-driven decision making."
  • Wise Systems Logo
    Wise Systems

    Company Description
    Wise Systems builds autonomous dispatch and routing software with machine learning to continuously improve fleet efficiency & performance.