Plug and Play Summer 2019 Startups

Enterprise 2.0

Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 startups

Agreemint – Through an innovative AI mediator algorithm, Agreemint AI allows any two parties to set preferences, rank weight those preferences, and generate a successful two party contract -- all without the redlines. View their Website >

Diana – Diana builds the first conversational AI for enterprise data that makes data analysis and analytics as easy as asking a question - in plain English - to get insights and to continuously inform business decisions, without writing a single line of code. View their Website >

Five to Nine – The platform enables people leaders to manage culture-building opportunities and collect employee feedback to assess ROI, ultimately driving better retention and employee experience. View their Website >

Lawgood – Lawgood makes contract drafting and review faster, easier, and more accurate so that small legal teams can do the same quality work as big law firms.

Mostly AI – Mostly AI offers a Synthetic Data Engine that can be used to unlock data assets that are otherwise locked away for privacy reasons. View their Website >

View their Website >

One Model – One Model provides people analytics programs with a solution to quickly integrate all of their data sources into one platform to generate comprehensive people analytics and gain the insights necessary to drive change and success. View their Website >

PlusOne – PlusOne builds immersive professional development and corporate training solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. View their Website >

ProcessGold – ProcessGold offers the most comprehensive, powerful and affordable development and operations platform for professional process mining, used to build process intelligence applications. View their Website >

RozieAi – RozieAi’s state-of-the-art language comprehension and context management technology helps brands scale the delivery of personalized care, delivering a single continuous conversation with an individual. View their Website >

SkyHive – SkyHive is an artificial intelligence technology that deepens our understanding of labour markets, workforces and individuals, enabling new ways of acquiring, developing and engaging talent. View their Website >

Slapdash – Slapdash is a collaboration platform that unifies the data and experience of the SaaS applications people use to get their work done. View their Website >

Spatial – Spatial's mission is to empower people to be more connected, creative, and productive. View their Website >

Spiro – Spiro is the first AI Powered CRM that reminds sales teams who to call, updates itself and has been proven to help companies close more deals. View their Website >

Talespin – Talespin is an immersive (VR, AR, MR) technology company on a mission to change the way the world works. View their Website >

Testfire Labs – Testfire labs builds solutions to help people do their best work in a busy and complicated world. Using natural language processing and ML, we're building cognitive tools for the modern workforce. View their Website >

Yobs Technologies – Yobs helps growing companies hire smartly and retain a high-potential workforce. View their Website >

Zeta – Zeta’s mission is to help couples thrive by enabling them to better manage their money together. View their Website >

Zorroa – Zorroa offers elegant solutions that make sense of information trapped in visual assets: documents, images, and videos—the largest untapped source of data-driven business intelligence. View their Website >


Plug and Play Health startups

Aiva – Aiva is the voice operating system for patient-centered healthcare. They put Amazon Echos, Google Homes and other voice assistants into hospital rooms and hook them up to their caregiver mobile apps and to other smart devices. View their Website >

Altoida – Altoida built a first in class augmented reality based platform for digital biomarkers measuring real-world outcomes using smartphone sensors. Altoida's first product, Altoida NMI, is an FDA Class II Medical Device for early Alzheimer’s Disease detection up to 6+ years before symptoms with an accuracy of 94%. View their Website >

Auspex – Auspex is the first and only company able to provide a complete set of diagnostics necessary to achieve optimal, individualized cancer treatment plans for all cancer cases. View their Website >

BeCareLink – BeCareLink is a predictive AI digital therapeutics platform that will improve the quality of care and reduce the overall cost of care of patients with neurological and physical impairment. View their Website >

ContinUse Biometrics – ContinUse Biometrics partners with leaders in healthcare, automotive and data analytics to bring to the market a revolutionary preventive care solution which enables users (and service providers) to detect deterioration in their physiological or competence status early on. View their Website >

Embr Wave – Embr Wave is a sleek wearable that "hacks" the way you feel temperature by cooling or warming the thermoreceptors on your wrist so you actually feel 5 degrees cooler or 5 degrees warmer in minutes. View their Website >

Enso – Enso has developed an Apple-like device that has been proven in clinics trials to solve chronic pain two times more effectively than Vicodin with no side effects. View their Website >

Gali – Gali advances consumer-powered healthcare by leveraging AI and mobile technologies to collect, analyze and synthesize health data from the global patient and medical communities, reward contributors and provide personalized support to individuals with chronic disease. View their Website >

iHealth – iHealth’s FDA approved devices help monitor hypertension, diabetes, obesity, SPO2 with heart rate, and temperature to yield a very complete picture of a person’s overall well-being. View their Website >

Neurotrack – Neurotrack is on a mission to change the way cognitive decline is assessed and treated, successfully building and deploying the first ever clinically-validated, fully integrated behavioral platform to help people take control of their long-term memory health. View their Website >

Nymbl Science – Nymbl Science has a mission of preventing one million falls among older adults. Nymbl’s validated balance system uses tablets/smartphones to deliver balance assessment and proven balance interventions. View their Website >

Repisodic – Repisodic revolutionizes the hospital, patient and post-acute care (PAC) relationship. They offer an application that quickly guides patients to the best PAC providers while providing tools to hospitals and PACs that improve the entire care transition process. View their Website >

Sensely – Offering an avatar and chatbot-based clinical platform, Sensely intelligently connects patients with clinical advice and services, enhancing access without compromising empathy. View their Website >

Soundable Health – Soundable Health is a digital health company with leading sound analytics and AI that identify early signs and symptoms of various diseases out of sounds recorded on smartphone. View their Website >

Tamadé – Tamadé develops app-based chronic pain therapy, powered by data and played in mobile X-Reality. View their Website >

Trayt – Trayt is an enterprise software company that improves assessments, treatments and outcomes in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. View their Website >

Treatment Technologies & Insights – TTI developed chemoWave, a user-friendly tracking system equipped with AI that quantifies for cancer patients how the daily condition shifts, symptoms and mood swings they track are uniquely related to activities, medications and a variety of other synchronously recorded treatment factors. View their Website >

VivaLNK – VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for patient monitoring and preventive medicine. The company offers an IoT enabled medical wearable sensor platform consisting of sensor devices, edge computing technologies and cloud services. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

AISense – AISense improves enterprise productivity with Ambient Voice Intelligence, a unique approach to speech recognition and deep learning. View their Website >

AkinovA – AkinovA is building an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks, focusing initially on cyber protection to transform and grow the insurance industry. View their Website >

Buddy – Episodic insurance for an active, outdoor lifestyle. View their Website >

Carrot Rewards – Public Engagement & Rewards Platform focused on Wellness. View their Website >

Claimbot – Claimbot leverages AI to transform customer experience for the insurance and auto ecosystem. Highlights: Backed by Google Customers include Audi/Silvercar, Brightside Cover and Omadi Roadside Seed funding lead by Google. View their Website >

Claimspace – Revolutionising the claims experience. View their Website >

Clearlaw – Clearlaw streamlines the contract review process for corporate in-house legal teams. View their Website >

CyberFortress – Cyber-insurance for small businesses. Launching product in 2019. View their Website >

CyberPolicy – Cyberpolicy is an insurance comparison marketplace. View their Website >

CyStellar – CyStellar is a geospatial intelligence company on a mission to deliver real-time insights for the insurance sector to support data-driven underwriting and claim assessment. View their Website >

Dowsure – Dowsure is a innovation cross border e-commerce insurance company dominated by seniors of insurance and IT experts. View their Website >

Enigma – Enigma links internal data with real world data to bring contextual intelligence to bear on critical decisions. View their Website >

FitBliss – Optimize Health & Productivity for the Global Workforce. View their Website >

FloodMapp – FloodMapp helps insurers improve safety and prevent damages with predictive flood mapping and smart alerts. View their Website >

Grove – Grove's mission is to make financial planning honest and accessible. View their Website >

Healthy Health – Using digital data to identify and prevent medical risks. View their Website >

In The Car – In The Car has patented a new and disruptive way to sell Automobile Insurance. View their Website >

Insurmi – Insurmi offers a white-labeled conversational interface platform that helps carriers generate quality leads online, streamline claims, and deliver excellent A.I. driven customer service. View their Website >

Koffie - AI-driven insurance for commercial fleets. View their Website >

Luminant Analytics – Analytics firm offering predictive models based on external data for insurers to improve risk selection & pricing. View their Website >

MDGo – MDGo saves lives and automates claim processing by providing real-time crash analysis for car accidents. View their Website >

Bonzah – Bonzah provides affordable and primary rental car damage insurance compared to the rental desk. View their Website >

PAI Health – PAI Health is a health technology company that offers biometric data insights rooted in the proven science of cardiorespiratory fitness, helping insurers and organizations assess and predict risk, improve population health, and create personalized insurance products. View their Website >

Pension Benefit Information – Pension Benefit Information (PBI) provides the most comprehensive and timely death audit and address location services using a combination of Technology & Industry Proven best practices. View their Website >

Planswell – We supercharge insurance sales. View their Website >

PORTABL – PORTABL provides portable insurance, benefits and savings products to the freelance and gig workforce of the world. View their Website >

REIN – REIN has created an insurtech platform that connects online ecosystems with carriers by building constantly improving digital insurance products around evolving risks. View their Website >

SkyWatch – SkyWatch provides a digital infrastructure for the distribution of Earth observation data and derived intelligence. View their Website >

Slingshot Aerospace – Slingshot Aerospace is an advanced geospatial analytics and signal processing company that leverages commercially available Earth observation imagery and remote sensing data to provide situational awareness products to stakeholders in insurance, defense and disaster response. View their Website >

Stratyfy – Stratyfy's predictive model development and decision optimization solutions empower business leaders with a revolutionary technology that combines the insights and agility of AI, with the control and transparency of traditional scorecards or rule engines. View their Website >

Surround Insurance – Modern insurance for urban professionals. View their Website >

Taloflow – Taloflow monitors your cloud resources and suggests automations that effortlessly save you money in real time. View their Website >

Tensor Flight – Instant and global commercial property data via computer vision. View their Website >

The Detection Group – A cloud-based IoT platform for water security in commercial buildings. View their Website >

True Flood Risk – True Flood Risk is a geolocation intelligence solution that provides property specific data on first floor structural elevation (FFE). View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play Internet of Things startups

Augmate – Augmate is making IoT more beneficial by building the first open platform for secure and scalable IoT device and data management that integrates technologies like blockchain & artificial intelligence. View their Website >

Crispify – Crispify is the first automotive air quality management system that works to create superior user experience by ensuring a clean air ride, anywhere any time. View their Website >

DeepHow – DeepHow develops an AI-powered learning platform for manufacturing, service, and repair. View their Website >

Dimensional Mechanics – They offer an AI platform that uses AI to build AI, provides governance support for operational implementation, can be run in most environments (cloud, on-premise, IoT) and enables all engineers, regardless of skill, to create AI solutions with as little as 10% of the effort of competing products. View their Website >

Drofika Labs – Drofika Labs is a fog computing platform that processes data for applications and IoT devices. View their Website >

FogHorn Systems – FogHorn Systems is a leader in edge intelligence for IoT. View their Website >

GenXComm – GenXComm enables true full duplex for next generation communications infrastructure. View their Website >

InOrbit – InOrbit cloud robot management platform enables robotics companies and operators to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale. View their Website >

Inspirit IoT – Inspirit IoT is a leader in delivering sensor intelligence through our design tools and custom platforms that analyze and optimize machine learning for efficient hardware deployment. View their Website >

IoT Block – Smart IoT governance and device management platform for the sharing economy and beyond. View their Website >

PHION – True spatially independent wireless power and data over distance. View their Website >

Purar – Purar protects commuters from the harm of air pollution without compromising on style. It's as easy and comfortable as wearing a scarf. View their Website >

pureLiFi – Recognised as the leader in the field – the use of the visible light spectrum instead of radio frequencies to enable wireless data communication. View their Website >

Qubercomm Technologies – Qubercomm Technologies is delivering superior products and services that enable enterprises to build IoT solutions. View their Website >

Reflective AI – Perception Intel for Industrial Automation. View their Website >

Sensadata – Sensadata's vision is to be a leading global supplier of valuable data, delivered through low-cost, high-value data acquisition solutions for IoT implementations across any industry. View their Website >

Symbio – Symbio helps Auto OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers improve their manufacturing through the implementation of Robotics and AI technologies. View their Website > – Predictive Analytics for Industrial Robotics. View their Website > – helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoors to move effortlessly on Smart Wheels. View their Website >

XYZ Robotics – Robotic perception and manipulation technology for material handling and industrial automation. View their Website >

ZaiNar – ZaiNar can track the real time location of anything with a radio signal including cellphones, IoT sensors, chipless RFID tags, and even vehicles. View their Website >


Plug and Play Mobility Startups

Actronika – Actronika builds haptic platforms enabling a seamless systems integration. View their Website >

Addionics – Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries. View their Website >

Amply Power – Amply Power is a distributor of energy storage. View their Website >

Cognomotiv – Automotive-grade, data-driven AI at the edge and in the cloud to detect and predict system faults, failures, malfunctions, and misbehaviors. View their Website >

Commute02 – Shared workspace in the suburbs for enterprise teams. View their Website >

COMPREDICT – COMPREDICT's purely software based solution (no additional sensors) uses AI to predict and understand failures of automotive components. View their Website >

EIQ Mobility – Enables the transformation to zero-emission mobility through optimized planning, delivery, and operation of electric mobility services at scale. View their Website >

HyperSurfaces – HyperSurfaces is a AI company that uses clever AI and ML applied to standard sensors to convert any object or surface of any material and shape into a data-enabled smart surface. View their Website >

Kopernikus Automotive – Kopernikus enables Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-based driving of serial production automobiles. View their Website >

Launch Mobility – Shared Mobility solutions provider, offering both Tech Platform and Operations Services. View their Website >

Lingrove – Lingrove is a material and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins that outperform traditional materials while preserving elegant natural grain finishes. View their Website >

Orbis – Patented Ring-Driven Wheel technology is a revolutionary solution for the high cost of batteries in battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. View their Website >

Passenger AI – Passenger AI provides autonomous mobility fleets with a full suite of cabin monitoring tools including embedded cabin sensing, realtime monitoring for agents and data cleaning for intelligence. View their Website >

Point Cloud – They are developing a 3D imaging platform on a chip, built from the ground up, and enable the future of augmented reality, robotics and autonomous. View their Website >

PreAct – PreAct leverages ADAS and autonomous vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash, thereby reducing severe injuries and deaths by up to 86%. View their Website >

Precivision – HD Mapping and Localization for safe autonomy. View their Website >

Solace – Solace challenges traditional power architectures with a wireless power, sense and data platform based on proprietary capacitive technology. View their Website >

SparkCharge – SparkCharge offers a portable charging unit that is small, ultra fast, and modular. View their Website >

Tanvas – Developer of next-generation technology designed to connect people to the digital world through rich touch interactions. View their Website >

Valerann – Valerann turns roads into data generating infrastructure that supports all road users: from road operators to autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

WaveSense – WaveSense enables autonomous vehicles to navigate on any road in any condition -- including snow -- using ground-penetrating radar.  View their Website >

Weave Grid – Weave Grid uses machine learning across utility, automotive and driver data to predict, optimize and manage electric vehicle charging, solving grid integration challenges from rapid EV adoption. View their Website >

Worklane – Mobile space as a service. View their Website >

Real Estate & Construction

Plug and Play Real Estate Tech Startups

Bldbox –Bldbox is a tech company that helps real estate investors, developers and contractors better evaluate feasibility of projects. View their Website >

Buildstream – Buildstream makes heavy construction equipment operations smart and connected. View their Website >

Fohlio – Fohlio helps construction industry centralize building material data and the transaction process. View their Website >

Humatics – Humatics microlocation will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate in the connected world. View their Website >

HyperSurfaces – HyperSurfaces is a AI company that uses clever AI and ML applied to standard sensors to convert any object or surface of any material and shape into a data-enabled smart surface. View their Website >

Kespry – Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform is transforming how organizations capture, analyze and share insights about their business. View their Website >

Real Factors – Real Factors does data intelligence for institutional commercial real estate investors. View their Website >

SentioVR – SentioVR is the (simplest) VR platform for AEC and Real Estate. View their Website >

TensorFlight – TensorFlight does instant and global commercial property data via computer vision. View their Website >

TouchLight Innovations – TouchLight Innovations help commercial properties adapt their property to self-generate as much of their own electricity as possible. View their Website >

Upflex – UpFlex is the first SaaS solution for Remote Employees and Remote Teams. View their Website >

Vedalabs – Vedalabs is a AI platform that allows allows anyone to capture and analyze 100's of attributes through just CCTV camera's. View their Website >

Visual Estate – Visual Estate is the visual-first marketing platform for the real estate industry. View their Website >

Wibotic – Wibotic's platform works on fleet-wide wireless charging and power optimization. View their Website >

Xinaps – Xinaps empowers design professionals to design more efficiently by minimizing manual work and utilizing building data. View their Website >

YouVR – YouVR develop affordable, large-scale 3D space scanning technology for real estate and construction to enable anyone to capture, experience and collaborate the world in 3D without expensive hardware or software. View their Website >

Travel & Hospitality

Plug and Play Travel & Hospitality Startups

AlulA – Provide a radically cheaper, universal system for real-time aircraft data streaming. View their Website >

Arrivalist – We provide GPS based visitation analytics to stakeholders in the travel and real estate industries. View their Website >

Assaia – The Apron AI turns ramp video feeds into turnaround timestamps & equipment coordinates. This new level of situational awareness allows airlines, airports and handlers to improve on-time performance, increase asset utilization, and make the ramp a safer place. View their Website >

Bacarai – Bacarai empowers airlines to automate their group sales and publish contracts in a central marketplace. View their Website >

Bluedot – Bluedot seamlessly connects people with the physical and digital world around them through its advanced location services software for mobile apps. View their Website >

Exosonic – We're muting the sonic boom to develop the world's first quiet commercial supersonic aircraft that will cut long-haul flight times in half at business class seat prices. View their Website >

Glassbox – We capture, structure, provide recordings and automatic insight on 100% of your digital traffic. View their Website >

Hoopo – Enabling low-power, wide-area tracking solutions. View their Website >

Nethone – Know Your Users to resolve fraud. Gain more loyal customers, reject only fraudsters. View their Website >

Parcy – Parcy is the single application for the entire event planning lifecycle. A B2B SaaS platform for large event companies that automates the workflow of corporate events. View their Website >

Pana – Pana is the first corporate travel and expense platform exclusively for world-class guest trips, including on-site interviews, customer visits, internships and more. View their Website >

Redknot – A trusted network of locals that provide in-destination travel & concierge services in the emerging world. View their Website >

Sherpa – Sherpa enables Airlines and OTAs to distribute eVisas as an ancillary service. View their Website >

Signol – An employee feedback software platform which increases profits, reduces environmental impact, and improves job satisfaction. View their Website >

Situm – Situm delivers indoor positioning, way-finding and tracking solutions to corporate clients for airports, malls, headquarters and hospitals. View their Website >

Timeshifter – Timeshifter® - The Jet Lag App® - is developed with world-renowned scientists, based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience. View their Website >

Vision-Box – Vision-Box wants to make a positive contribution to the world by continuously enhancing the security and safety of people in every nation, improving their quality of life and access to services by way of smart, trusted digital identification technologies. View their Website >