Plug and Play Summer Startups 2018

Energy & Sustainability

plug and play retail startups

Advano – Advano is an engineered materials company whose mission is to affordably, and scalably improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries by 10-40% with "drop-in" silicon nanotechnology. View their Website >

Aerospec Technologies LLC – Aerospec's vision is to automate industrial inspections with unmanned robotics and data analytics. View their Website >

AOMS Technologies, Inc. – AOMS Technologies has developed a fully integrated optical sensing technology using fiber optics to empower industries with uninterrupted monitoring of multidimensional performance data. View their Website >

CircuitMeter, Inc. – CircuitMeter represents a breakthrough in "behind the meter" energy metering and management. View their Website >

EnergySage, Inc. – EnergySage’s leading online comparison-shopping marketplace makes it as easy as possible for homeowners and businesses to go solar by empowering them with information, transparency, and choice. View their Website >

Enersis suisse ag – Enersis specializes in Visual Energy Analytics. Their software platform “grids“ is based on SAP HANA and integrates Big Data, analytics and visualization technologies. View their Website >

Envio Systems, Inc. – Envio has developed the world’s most advanced web-based building management system, a breakthrough solution which affordably and painlessly enables fully autonomous, AI based management of commercial buildings, without the need to replace any existing infrastructure. View their Website >

FGC Plasma Solutions – FGC Plasma Solutions, is developing a novel fuel injector for jet engines and gas turbines. Their technology uses plasma to solve many difficult combustion problems, thereby leading to improvements in emissions, operability, safety and fuel efficiency. View their Website >

Gravity Power, LLC – Gravity Power energy storage functions like PSH but can be constructed on very little flat ground at lower cost. It also operates with better efficiency. View their Website >

GreenFire Energy, Inc. – GreenFire Energy’s ECO2G™ closed-loop technology harvests geothermal energy, by far the largest source of continuous renewable energy. View their Website >

Indegy – Indegy protects industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error, by providing visibility and control. View their Website >

Indrio Technologies, Inc. – Indrio makes advanced laser-based sensors, poised to disrupt a 32B chemical detection IoT space. View their Website >

Industrial Optic, Inc. – Industrial Optic aims to be the global leader in the inspection and repair of water pipelines through the use of submersible robots. View their Website >

MICROrganic Technologies – MICROrganic is revolutionizing water treatment. They use the power of microbes to naturally and sustainably solve big problems, transforming energy-intensive processes to energy-positive. View their Website >

Nanogrid Technologies – Software Intelligence for Residential Energy. View their Website >

Nevados Engineering, Inc. – Nevados designs mounting systems for solar modules. View their Website >

Omniflow – Omniflow developed an autonomous energy platform powered by wind and solar that stores energy in built in battery to power multiple service layers like Smart Lighting, IoT, Surveillance and Telecom. View their Website >

Orison – Orison energy storage is the first self-installable, all-in-one home battery system. View their Website >

Pasteurization Technology Group dba PTG Water & Energy – PTG’s combination of water and energy technologies generate low-cost, sustainable solutions which provide the means to address two important resources together. View their Website >

SkyX – SkyX is data services and predictive analytics platform that uses purpose-built long range unmanned systems to capture and analyze data from real world assets and infrastructure in industries such as oil/gas, transportation, telcos and power grid. View their Website >

Solar Analytics – Founded by a team of passionate, world leading solar pioneers, our analytics platform empowers solar owners to realize more value from their solar system, creates more profitable customers for solar retailers, and enables energy utilities to defend their market position. View their Website >

Watt-Learn, Inc. – Watt-Learn has developed a stand-alone autonomous intelligence platform for grid-connected batteries. View their Website >

Wivity, Inc. – Wivity secures your IoT device with one line of code. View their Website >

YouSolar, Inc. – YouSolar delivers uninterrupted power with no glitches when the grid goes down. View their Website >

Enterprise 2.0

plug and play retail startups

Backplane – Backplane solves networking security and connectivity challenges so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks. View their Website >

Bridge US – Bridge US is a platform that combines proprietary workflow technology with world-class legal expertise to simplify the immigration process. View their Website >

Cloudbus – Cloudbus is bringing the Cloud to enterprises of all size, securely, reliably and onDemand. View their Website >

CogniCor – CogniCor is a cognitive virtual assistant platform to drive customer engagement for large enterprises. View their Website >

FairClaims – FairClaims is an online dispute resolution platform for enterprise. View their Website >

Fountain – Fountain uses automation, machine learning, and customizable workflows to hire large hourly workforces in half the time. View their Website >

Frame – Frame helps enterprise IT organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs) create and manage secure, software-defined workspaces in the cloud. View their Website >

Grappify – Gappify is a leading provider of software and services that cater to corporate accountants. View their Website >

Ople – Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. View their Website >

Headstart – Headstart uses Machine Learning to help enterprise employers screen and identify the best-suited talent for their organization in the shortest period of time. View their Website >

HireVisor – Hirevisor is a pooled talent network that grows smarter with each company that opts into it. View their Website >

PrimaryIO – PrimaryIO develops software solutions to dramatically increase application performance in the most cost effective and least disruptive way imaginable. View their Website >

PayActiv – PayActiv provides employers with secure infrastructure and tools to increase employee productivity and engagement by reducing employee financial stress. View their Website >

PrioriLegal – A platform that matches corporate legal departments and high growth companies with exceptional lawyers at discounted rates. View their Website >

Rafay Systems – Rafay Systems is building the world's first Programmable Edge, which will allow application owners to extend their reach closer to their end users. View their Website >

Rallyteam – Rallyteam is a platform that enables the user to better understand and utilize the most valuable asset - the people. View their Website >

Scoutible – Scoutible is a game-based hiring platform, using immersive mobile games to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs. View their Website >

Smart Screen – Smart Screen is an automated onboarding and background solution delivering fast, affordable, and highly personalized background checks. View their Website >

VCV – VCV is an AI-powered recruiting bot that searches for candidates, calls them with questions using voice recognition, and then invites them to record a video interview. View their Website >

Video My Job – Video app to create, edit, share and promote video job advertising. View their Website >

Worklete – Eliminating injuries and driving down corresponding costs in the workplace. View their Website >

Health & Wellness

plug and play retail startups

CancerAid – CancerAid is the number 1 cancer app in the world that helps cancer patients live longer. US Health Systems and Pharmaceutical Companies license integrated symptom tracking to reduce costs, improve patient satisfaction and improve clinical trial retention. View their Website >

GenID Solutions – GenID Solutions is on a mission to identify every single person that should be further screened for hereditary cancers. View their Website >

HealthTensor – HealthTensor uses artificial intelligence to automatically review all patient data, diagnose the most common conditions, and create documentation for physicians. View their Website >

kelaHealth – kelaHealth provides a comprehensive learning ecosystem that improves surgical care over time by predicting whether a surgical complication will happen for a patient before it happens and allows surgeons to intervene proactively. View their Website >

Kenzen – Kenzen combines health monitoring with machine learning to deliver real-time, actionable insights to enable early warning for injury or illness. View their Website >

LogicInk – LogicInk UV is a temporary tattoo-like device that visually records your accumulated exposure to UV radiation from the sun, alerting you of your daily recommended limit based on your skin group. View their Website >

Mammoth Diagnostics – Mammoth Diagnostics is revolutionizing the diagnostics industry by using CRISPR technology to create the next-generation platform for nucleic acid identification and quantification. View their Website >

Medopad – Medopad’s patient monitoring platform and advanced analytics transform how healthcare providers, doctors and patients connect with each other. View their Website > – is one example of a clinical trial matching solution that leverages AI to help providers and institutions implement evidence-based treatment, including referrals to clinical trials. View their Website >

MindsDB – MindsDB is an artificial intelligence predictive analytics tool used to make significant savings for healthcare insurance companies. View their Website >

Mymee – Mymee reverses the symptoms of chronic autoimmune disease with a 16-week program by building a data model of each person, identifying personal disease triggers, and coaching patients to remove them. View their Website >

PharmaJet – PharmaJet has developed user-friendly, inexpensive device platforms for “needle-free” fluid injection into the body. View their Website >

RX. Health – Rx. Health's RxUniverse platform is the first enterprise-level Digital Medicine delivery system integrated directly into EMRs and expedites innovation and transformation by enabling physicians and care teams to prescribe evidence-based digital care. View their Website >

Select Research – BVI is disruptive and a breakthrough in calculating visceral fat, total body fat and taking liner measurements, just with a smart phone. View their Website >

Talkspace – Talkspace is online psychotherapy where users can manage their mental health securely and confidentially via text, audio and video messages in a private, HIPAA compliant app. View their Website >

Togg – Togg uses radar sensors to help caregivers at senior homes detect anomalies in their residents health to intervene early and prevent hospitalizations. View their Website >

Twiage – Twiage is an award-winning prehospital communication and care coordination technology that delivers real-time patient data and GPS-tagged ETAs of incoming ambulances to hospitals reducing the need for radio/phone communication and improve care coordination. View their Website >

VR Health – VR Health uses Virtual Reality to deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home. View their Website >

Wellth™ – Wellth uses behavioral economics to drastically improve care plan adherence in patients with chronic conditions. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

Captricity – Intelligent Automation for the Enterprise. View their Website >

Centriq – ICentriq is the Ownership Experience Platform that empowers consumers to get the most out of everything they own. View their Website >

ClaimRide – ClaimRide is the leading facilitator of ride share and rental service providers for policy holders receiving transportation (rental reimbursement) benefits under their automobile insurance coverage. View their Website >

Clovi – Clovi helps improve team and organizational performance through AI-driven People Analytics. View their Website >

CrowdAI – CrowdAI provides scalable, high-quality image annotation. View their Website >

DataCubes – DataCubes is the first data science platform for commercial underwriting. View their Website >

DataRole – DataRole delivers the most accurate property data to modern P&C insurance carriers who need to write better risks. View their Website >

Eltropy – Eltropy is an Enterprise SaaS company focused on Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI). View their Website >

Fyusion – Fyusion enables more immersive & engaging imaging, captured from smartphones in HD & viewable on any device. View their Website >

Gridspace – Gridspace provides real-time speech software. View their Website >

Headstart – Headstart uses Machine Learning to help enterprise employers screen and identify the best-suited talent for their organization in the shortest period of time. View their Website >

Health Hero – Health Hero provides smart, multi-channel, and integrated health engagement experiences that are powerful, beautiful, and simple to deploy to patients & employees - in seconds. View their Website >

Kespry – Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform is transforming how organizations capture, analyze and share insights about their business, providing the information they need to accelerate their operations. View their Website >

Matterport – Matterport is a 3D media technology company using computer vision and sensor technologies to create the next generation of engaging photography that will enable more immersive interactions on Web, mobile, and VR - including the ability to engage with spaces as they are today and the ability to visualize future changes. View their Website >

Mody Data Solutions – HAI based insurance fraud detection software that uses the key process monitoring and threat awareness to be proactive against insurance fraud to manage risk, reduce leakage and drive stronger profits. View their Website >

Oneva – Oneva Enterprise Concierge Care helps you find trustworthy infant, child, adult, and elder care, plus driving, special needs, overnight and housecleaning, in the San Francisco Bay Area. View their Website >

Ople – Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. View their Website >

PHR Plus – PHR Plus aggregates health data and provides personalized health engagement to each user. View their Website >

Planet – Planet designs, builds, and actively operates satellites while also delivering data to customers via a highly scalable web-based platform. View their Website >

Qover – Plug your digital sales channel into our digital insurance library. Start selling digitally branded, innovative & traditional insurance to your customers via open API’s. View their Website >

Regard – Regard provides middle-class Americans with easy access to insurance that can help them financially when they’re dealing with health-related income truncation and cost shocks. View their Website >

Relativity6 – Relativity6 was founded at MIT, and is a machine learning company focused on identifying and reactivating lapsed customers. View their Website > – is an enterprise level bot building and management platform that makes B2C communication more manageable and efficient through messaging. View their Website >

Shift Technology – Reinventing insurance claims processing and fraud detection with Artificial Intelligence. View their Website >

SpatialKey – We are geospatial insurance analytics. At SpatialKey, we build technology that simplifies how insurers gain insights from information. View their Website >

SPOT – SPOT is the solution to the complicated, confusing, and expensive process to acquire life insurance. View their Website >

surance – Using advanced technologies executes on-going site survey, risk assessment, cyber intelligence collection, incident response & claims processing. View their Website >

Trillium – Trillium is a leading provider of transportation safety & information security solutions, including lifecycle protection for connected vehicles through a C-SaaS offering. View their Website >

TRUEPIC – TRUEPIC certifies which are authentic, unaltered, and trustworthy. View their Website >

Verikai – Verikai is a digital underwriter that appends proprietary third party data variables on 250 million individuals and appends that to first party claiming outcomes to create consumer segmentation that represents the highest life time value to the financial services or insurance carrier partner. View their Website >

Vymo – Vymo works in conjunction with other enterprise and open data sources (e.g. CRM, Google) to accelerate Sales by predicting 'Next Best Action'. View their Website >

Wellth – Wellth helps motivate people with chronic conditions to build and maintain healthy habits. View their Website > – AI-Powered Property Risk Analytics for Insurance and Real Estate. View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play IoT startups

APPLY – AI (linear, neural network) Computer vision, Machine learning firm. View their Website >

Ario – Our augmented reality platform allows you to see and search your data in the real world, placed where you need it, when you need it most. View their Website >

Bouquet – We believe that “getting answers at work should be as easy as chatting with a friend” and created Aristotle, your personal AI analyst for business intelligence. View their Website >

Cogniac – Cogniac makes it insanely easy to automate any visual inspection task using state of the art convolutional neural networks that learn by example. View their Website >

Dawex – Dawex is the global data marketplace where organizations (any size, vertical, geography) meet, buy and sell data, directly, securely and in full compliance with rules and regulations. View their Website >

Falkonry – Ready-to-use machine learning for industrial operations. View their Website >

Fero Labs – Fero enables factory personnel to automatically build ML models to predict quality issues and machine downtime, across a range of industries. View their Website >

Indegy – Security solution provider for Industrial IOT / ICS. View their Website >

Indrio Technologies – Advanced portable laser-based chemical sensors for energy, industrial manufacturing, defense and security, transportation and healthcare sectors. View their Website >

Inertial Sense – Inertial Sense focuses on micro-navigation solutions for an autonomous world. View their Website >

Machfu – Machfu has developed a secure embedded device platform with applications and communication capabilities for Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) that unifies a fragmented industrial automation market. View their Website >

NanoCore – NanoCore's advanced 3D metal printing technology produces high resolution parts that meet the critical needs of applications from automotive and aerospace to consumer product design and prototyping. View their Website >

QC Ware – QC Ware is a Palo Alto based startup company that develops a hardware-agnostic enterprise software platform running on quantum computers, and its purpose is to solve some of the world's most computationally complex problems. View their Website >

TacitWear – TacitWear enables the transfer of tacit knowledge for workers and ready access to expertise / information in context supporting universal and emerging enterprise wearable devices. View their Website >

Vizru – Vizru offers a Digital Transformation suite that allows enterprises to adapt to any changes in the industry. View their Website >


Plug and Play Mobility startups

Advano – Advano is an engineered materials company that focuses on improving the energy density of lithium-ion batteries by 10-40%, utilizing scalable and economical "drop-in" silicon-based materials. View their Website >

AEye – AEye develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

Arrivo – Solving the supply side of mobility with a high-speed, high-throughput integrated vehicle & infrastructure system. View their Website >

CarForce – CarForce has developed a cloud-based SaaS solution that leverages connected car telematics to provide dealerships with real time updates on the health of their customer's vehicles; enabling dealers to provide their customers with a white glove customer service experience including remote diagnostics while increasing service- and customer retention revenue. View their Website >

Deepen AI – Multi-sensor AI Tools for Autonomous/AI Dev. View their Website > – Platform to build, update and serve maps for autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

Imagry – Imagry is developing a cameras-only level 4/5 self-driving platform. View their Website >

Locomation – Founded by five seasoned robotics experts from CMU/NREC with over 100 years of collective experience in autonomy, Locomation develops safe and reliable autonomous trucking solutions. View their Website >

Lunewave – Lunewave offers cutting edge antenna and radar sensor technology for wireless communications and autonomous driving applications. View their Website >

Metawave – Leveraging adaptive metamaterials and artificial intelligence, Metawave's primary market focus is to build intelligent beamsteering radars for autonomous driving. View their Website >

Mystro – App that allows on-demand drivers automatically evaluate and accept only the best paying gig requests. View their Website >

Open Motors – Open Motor's open, modular, electric vehicle platforms allow new and existing car manufacturers to develop their own models saving up to two years of R&D and millions of dollars in investments. View their Website >

PERCEPTIVE AUTOMATA – Perceptive Automata is developing critical human behavior prediction technology for the safe large-scale rollout of highly automated and autonomous vehicles into densely populated cities. View their Website >

Phasya – Software for monitoring physiological/cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, stress, etc.). View their Website > – builds L4 autonomous driving solutions. View their Website >

Ridecell – Ridecell is the leading new mobility platform for carsharing and ridesharing operators. View their Website >

Saferide Technologies – The world’s leading Anomaly Uncovering & Threat Prediction and Prevention Solution for connected & autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

SEMPLUS – SEMPLUS has created a patented touch screen that combines flexibility, touch, and pressure into a single touch product, enabling innovative design, multi materials touch surfaces and new UX. View their Website >

Senseye – We can wirelessly read out all the activity of the brain via the iris muscles with the same fidelity as a fMRI. View their Website >

Skytree – We extract CO2 from closed spaces to improve the quality of indoor air and reduce energy consumption for buildings and increase the range for cars as a result of the energy savings. View their Website > – builds self-driving software with advanced safety features, from the ground up. View their Website >

Real Estate

Plug and Play New Traveltech startups

Cherry Labs – Cherry is an AI for your house which learns what is normal for your family and tells you when something goes wrong. View their Website >

Concrete Sensors – Concrete Sensors is committed to automating the construction industry by helping general contractors save money, reduce risk and improve quality control with this powerful wireless technology. View their Website >

Doorport – Doorport is focused on delivering simple, sophisticated living for the multi-family real estate industry. View their Website >

Envio Systems – Envio is an integrated IoT company capable of economically transforming any building into an energy efficient smart building regardless of its size, age or sophistication. View their Website > – is a solution for Real Estate professionals provides zoning information on-demand, search tool – off-market deals creator, and instant 3D rendering generator. View their Website >

Kognitiv Spark – Kognitiv Spark is specialized in Holographic Worker Support technology. View their Website >

LocateAI – LocateAI uses artificial intelligence to predict the value of any commercial real estate property. View their Website >

Matterport – Matterport is an immersive 3D media company. View their Website >

QlAir – QlAir provides the experience of breathing Clean Air indoors. View their Website >

VergeSense – VergeSense is a provider of advanced occupancy sensors and analytics software for CRE professionals. View their Website > – is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) data analytics platform that leverages 115Bn data points on 140 million buildings and their residents. View their Website >

Travel & Hospitality

Plug and Play New Traveltech startups – is a customer service automation platform that empowers support teams to provide exceptional service via omnichannel messaging, CRM and AI. View their Website >

Airbuy Inc. – Airbuy is a B2B platform deploying machine learning targeted marketing to increase non-aeronautical revenues for airports/airlines, with a focus on retail/duty-free. View their Website >

Airside Mobile, Inc. – Airside Mobile provides a secure digital platform for presenting and authenticating government-issued ID with the goal of creating frictionless travel experiences. View their Website >

Axle – At Axle, we're creating the easiest alternative to driving long distances while reducing the number of cars on the road. View their Website >

Bee Token – Home Sharing on the Bee Protocols. View their Website >

Beekeeper – Beekeeper is an award-winning digital workplace app that digitizes the non-desk workforce by connecting operational systems and communication channels within one secure, intuitive platform. View their Website >

conichi – conichi enhances the business travelers' hotel experience by offering a smart check-in/out, mobile payment as well as automatic expensing through multiple travel apps and web solutions. View their Website >

FLIO – Your one stop source for all your airport needs. View their Website >

Layer – Layer is a customer conversation platform, enabling companies and their customers to have immediate, interactive, and personalized experiences from any digital interface. View their Website >

Lumo – Lumo uses complex algorithms and machine learning to produce detailed insights on potential flight delays months, weeks, and days ahead of time, allowing users to proactively avoid and manage disruptions. View their Website >

Pypestream – Pypestream is a Customer Engagement Solution that connects businesses to their customers through the power of smart messaging to drive satisfaction and loyalty. View their Website >

SIMPLENIGHT – SIMPLENIGHT is a B2B2C Global Distribution Platform for In-Destination Experiences enabling any company to sell everything there is to do in a city to their customers. View their Website >

Stride Travel – Stride is the #1 US marketplace for tour and adventure packages. View their Website >

TripCreator – TripCreator is a powerful and time-saving itinerary building software for anyone who needs to create and share customized itineraries. View their Website >

Umapped – Umapped provides a B2B API-based itinerary management platform, enabling dynamic upsell/cross sell for travel providers to capture a much broader scope of the travel wallet. View their Website >