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  • Synbiote Logo

    Company Description
    Synbiote is a next-generation bioplastic designed to be competitive for mass-scale production and to fit existing manufacturing infrastructure with minimal adjustment. The product, Biota 360, is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, directly addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by transforming post-brew waste into high-performance bioplastics, thereby contributing to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns.
  • Carbon To Stone Logo
    Carbon To Stone

    Company Description
    We help industry leaders achieve their sustainability goals by turning CO2 and residual materials into valuable resources. We believe that, to address our planetary challenges, we need to build partnerships with established, large scale industrial leaders. Our unique crystallization technology uses recovered alkaline materials to turn carbon into stone.
  • Xatoms Logo

    Company Description
    Xatoms utilizes AI and quantum chemistry to accurately predict 3D models of photocatalytic structures, aiding in cleaning polluted waters across the globe. Water is the essence of life, and clean water is our global responsibility. At Xatoms, we harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the discovery of novel photocatalytic molecules. Our mission is to create a world where safe, clean, and sustainable water sources are accessible to everyone. Our AI-driven approach allows us to rapidly identify and validate potential photocatalytic molecules, significantly reducing the time and resources required for traditional trial-and-error experimentation ​By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, we are able to analyze vast amounts of chemical data, identify promising photocatalytic candidates, and rapidly prototype new molecules. By harnessing the power of sunlight, our solutions can break down a wide range of harmful contaminants, ensuring safe and clean drinking water for communities worldwide.
  • iEmulsions Logo

    Company Description
    iEmulsions Corporation is the trusted partner of pavement preservation. We are reliable pavement experts maintaining the road network using balanced asphalt technology. Our reputation as an asphalt pavement preservation company says a lot about our expertise to keep the pavement assets in good condition. We ensure the quality of work and protection with our patented product, Rejuvenated Asphalt Surface Sealer (RASS).
  • nido Logo

    Company Description
    NIDO is creating, designing and developing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in order to decrease the environmental impact of the construction industry and make it more efficient. NIDO is where science and circular economy meet construction. NIDO's first product is NIDO Cell. NIDO CELL is a patent-pending, pre-cast panel. NIDO CELL contains liquid to provide the thermal inertia that wood lacks in order to increase the thermal efficiency of wooden construction.
  • SMUSH Materials Logo
    SMUSH Materials

    Company Description
    SMUSH materials produces a circular and natural material by transforming organic agri-waste into a new advanced biomaterial through mycelium fermentation, offering compostable solutions in the industrial filler packaging sector which are suitable to replace current plastics. Developing a natural and advanced technology, we are able to transform organic agricultural byproducts with no destination of use (and for this reason 0 value) into a new advanced packaging biomaterial which shows competitive characteristics compared to traditional materials such as styrofoam: it is impact resistant and flame retardant with the advantage of being compostable (in 90 days at specific composting conditions) and it can be easily broken apart at the end of its use and disposed as organic or even in the environment, not having to worry about the end of its life.  Mycelium-based packaging production process requires just 12% of the energy required for styrofoam production, with 90% fewer CO2 emissions: we help corporates to meet european regulations by going plastic free, and to lower their carbon footprint.
  • BioTwin Logo

    Company Description
    We are passionate about the spaces you don’t see in a building. This can be between the walls or behind the boards – all these materials have a huge carbon impact. But out of sight, out of mind. We want to change that. We want to innovate, collaborate and make a difference in sustainable building materials. Vision To revolutionise construction and build zero carbon villages and cities for a sustainable world. Mission We design, develop and foster materials innovation to support the construction industry and enable sustainable building for a better future.
  • Klar2O Logo

    Company Description
    Developer and manufacturer of microplastic filter technology designed to remove micro and nano-plastics from drinking water. Our filter technology uses high flux performance ultrafiltration with tubular membrane and also adds mineral stone additive for nutrient enrichment intended to create clean water for a safe life.
  • Fibenol Logo

    Company Description
    Fibenol is a company that produces wood-based raw materials and is dedicated to redefining the forest industry through sustainable production and new-age technology. Our mission is to add value to industries by transforming wood residues to replace fossil-based materials with wood-based materials. At our flagship plant, we use a unique fractionation technology that easily converts woody residues into a processable liquid in just 20 seconds. From that, we further extract biobased building blocks that can be turned into much-needed low-carbon products for customers looking to switch over from fossil-based materials to bio-based raw materials in various industry fields such as bio-based plastics, construction materials, cosmetics, or even the future of pharmaceuticals. Currently, we have three primary products: • LIGNOVA ™ - can be used directly or processed further into a variety of biochemicals, coatings and adhesives, resins, and more. • Cellulosic Sugars - a sustainable alternative for the whole bioprocessing industry to produce many platform chemicals. • Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) - can be used as a strength additive in papermaking, as a thickener, emulsion stabilizer, and more. To find out more about Fibenol products visit our website and request a desired sample for testing:
  • Aquosmic Logo

    Company Description
    Aquosmic is an geo AI company for the monitoring and evaluation of water quality in continental and coastal surface bodies. We deliver reliable results on a global scale. We are currently building a scalable Earth Observation platform with the ability to monitor all surface bodies of water on the planet at high resolution and daily frequency.
  • Hetrom Technologies Inc. Logo
    Hetrom Technol…
    Hetrom Technologies Inc. Logo
    Hetrom Technologies Inc.

    Company Description
    At Hetrom Technologies, we revolutionize the membrane and filter industry with our cutting-edge nano-coating technology. We provide a breakthrough solution to the persistent challenge of membrane fouling faced by waste/water treatment companies and membrane manufacturers. Membrane fouling, the accumulation of unwanted substances that hinder performance, leads to increased operating pressure, energy consumption, and costly chemical cleaning procedures. Our nano-coating technology transforms ordinary membranes into fouling-resistant powerhouses, reducing fouling and operating costs in reverse osmosis water/waste treatment plants by over three times. What sets us apart is our coating's exceptional chlorine resistance, improving it by an incredible nine times compared to current commercial membranes. With Hetrom's expertise and proprietary technology, manufacturers can produce membranes with higher productivity, reduced downtime, and enhanced environmental sustainability by minimizing chemical waste. Our comprehensive product range includes coating services, application development support, and the design and development of inline nanocoating tools. We also provide essential equipment and materials support for membrane manufacturers.
  • Holocyte Logo

    Company Description
    We are a material science company and we focus on developing sustainable performance materials and clean energy with cost-effectiveness and versatility. Our products include high performance cellulosic materials, polyethylene materials, silicon carbide, extremely black material, conductive polymers, and sub-nanometer scale active metals.
  • MontblancAI Logo

    Company Description
    MontBlancAI specializes in AI-powered IIoT software. We help manufacturers embrace digital transformation and optimize operations. Our solutions include Generative AI, Anomaly Detection, and Predictive Analytics. Real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and quality control enhancement are key benefits. MontBlancAI empowers businesses with advanced technology for improved efficiency in the digital era.
  • Terran Robotics Logo
    Terran Robotics

    Company Description
    Terran walls use fewer materials than standard walls and reduce labor costs by replacing the work of at least 4 contractors. The construction of Terran walls produces almost no waste and generates 80% less CO2 than standard walls. Terran walls are built from clay subsoil, aggregate, and straw—the most widely available, ecologically sustainable building materials on Earth. Terran walls rely on cable-driven robotics systems for their construction. By “picking and placing” the building material, Terran avoids the additional processing costs that would be necessary to print using a conventional, pump-based system.
  • New Iridium Logo
    New Iridium

    Company Description
    Conventional chemical and pharmaceutical processes are energy-intensive and require multiple manufacturing steps. New Iridium’s next-generation photocatalysis platform delivers unprecedented reductions in manufacturing costs and time to market. The core of the platform is their suite of patented high-performance organic photocatalysts. These photocatalysts provide a sustainable and scalable solution for industrial usage. The technology reacts to light instead of heat, improving efficiencies in both product development and manufacturing leading to lower material costs, faster process turnaround and reduced energy inputs. Their novel approach is applicable to a wide range of chemical and pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing applications.
  • argento labs Logo
    argento labs

    Company Description
    Argento Labs Ltd is a UK-based biotechnology company that uses its proprietary patented bio-processing technology; to convert readily available waste streams into high-value biotechnology products such as energy, food, and materials. By optimising natural solutions through a multi-sectorial approach, Argento Labs is able to help industries decarbonise and move towards a circular economy. The company leverages its deep expertise in fungi, bacteria, and micro-algae strains and employs advanced automation, machine learning, and synthetic biology techniques to rapidly develop and license bio-manufacturing processes tailored to meet the needs of its commercial partners. By working with like-minded global partners, Argento Labs is committed to revolutionising industrial production with renewable, clean, and affordable solutions, all while staying true to its mission of delivering cutting-edge capabilities and reminding us that it all begins and ends with nature!
  • Solublion Logo

    Company Description
    The materials based on thermoplastic starch mixtures proposed by Solublion have the advantage of not posing an environmental problem at the end of their useful life if they end up in natural ecosystems, so we promote progress towards a circular and sustainable economy. Our solutions are mainly oriented towards the packaging industry, presenting mechanical properties similar to low-density polyethylene, which is why they are excellent substitutes for conventional polymers in this type of application. In addition, with our patented technology, we can offer a wide variety of features, allowing our products to be tailored to customer needs.
  • Circulania Logo

    Company Description
    We make used materials visible and digitally available by taking them online. Furthermore, we find purposes for these materials by creating new supply and value chains. The result: An industrial Circular Economy. We are so passionate about total material recycling since we have realized some simple facts: Europe highly depends on material imports Most materials come from a few countries with extreme market dominance Mining and processing of some minerals and metals emits high volumes of greenhouse gases (GHG). Recycling and re-using reduces such emissions by 50-90 % for the same material To landfill or to burn valuable materials is commercially unreasonable And most important: We despise squandering😉 As a network, we support R&D departments by choosing the best (secondary) material from the very beginning. We work together with Sales and Production teams by creating new materials that benefit production processes and customer needs. And the ultimate challenge: Circular Economy must be profitable. That is why all materials we create need to be competitive in quality and price to their primary material peer. And according to our business partners, that is the case.
  • Blend Energy Logo
    Blend Energy

    Company Description
    Blend Energy has a fully working product, which converts mixed plastic waste into energy without the need to sort or wash the feed material. Our design has been developed from the ground up, we use a unique catalyst, unique inhouse automation software and hardware and the ability to tackle any type of plastic including PVC and PET.
  • Agrona Logo

    Company Description
    Agrona is a B2B innovating company working on green based composites. Agrona is offering its new technology in manufacturing wood based panels such as MDF panels which is distinguished by its low price and wide range of applications in either industrial or furniture usages. Agrona is a mission driven company; existed to help the environment and the society by using the unutilized agro-residues in its operations that will add value to the harvested crops to the farmers in rural society. In Agrona we make a wood panels out of bio based resins without cutting a single tree with 50% cheaper price than the imported boards in short lead time of delivery. we have 2 patent pending for our tech and we are currently operating from Egypt aiming to acquire 10% market share by 2026 We are a unique startup company that has a pledge toward the environment. Agrona has strong ties between scalability of the business and the scalability of the environmental and social impacts. For every ton of the agri-waste that are used in our operations we are able to: - produce 1 cubic meters of wood panels that can be used to make 20 units of school furniture in rural areas, - Save 3 trees from getting cut down - Eliminate 500 m3 of CO2 emissions from burning 1 ton of agri-waste - Provide 6 decent jobs
  • Woamy Logo

    Company Description
    We make bio-based, recyclable and biodegradable foam with a mission to replace all harmful plastic foams. Our foam can be made from organic fibres, from wood or agricultural waste and our technology makes the foam superior in strength and lightness. In addition to this our production process is easily scalable. Inspired by nature and based on a decade of research Woamy, our Aalto University Spin-off, formerly known as Foamwood, is now ready to make the foam industry sustainable. We are starting with protective packaging, but the application possibilities are endless, from laminated boards to construction insulation.
  • enaDyne Logo

    Company Description
    enaDyne develops a novel kind of plasma reactor capable of converting CO2 into valuable hydrocarbons such as methanol, ethanol or ethylene in a novel, highly efficient and, above all, economically scalable process. Our reactors use a process called plasma catalysis. This allows CO2 and a hydrogen source – such as green hydrogen or green methane – to be converted into useful green chemicals or e-fuels. All this happens in a direct, single-stage process without having to produce syngas in an intermediate step.
  • Green Dot Bioplastics Logo
    Green Dot Biop…

    Company Description
    Green Dot is a full service bioplastic company with a wide range of sustainable materials including: wood plastic composites, starch biocomposites, biodegradable composites and compostable elastomers. Our mission is to improve the environment in which we live by building a more sustainable world with renewable biobased resins and promoting their use through invention, creation and research.
  • Nanoksi Group Logo
    Nanoksi Group

    Company Description
    Nanoksi is a Finnish nanocoating specialist company. With the help of our solutions, we improve the hygiene of surfaces by reducing pathogens and harmful organic compounds. We can also make surfaces dirt-repellent and easier to clean without using strong chemicals. We achieve all this with the efficient, ecological and human-safe methods we have developed. FOTONIT® – Self-disinfecting photocatalysis coating Fotonit Air® – Perceptibly cleaner indoor air Nanoksi-180™ – Dirt-repellent surface
  • Sustein Material Logo
    Sustein Materi…

    Company Description
    In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and assumptions of residues, specifically healthcare waste. By changing the way is managed nowadays, we produce beautifully designed and healthy to use carbon-neutral materials for architecture & construction, interior design, and furniture. With patent-pending technology, we offer hospitals the possibility to extend from their social health to environmental health.
  • WAI Technologies Logo
    WAI Technologi…
    WAI Technologies Logo
    WAI Technologies

    Company Description
    WAI Technologies offers intelligent water management solutions. They provide end-to-end smart water services. They offer operation monitoring, incident alerts, data analysis, data loggers data collection, with GIS and hydraulic model integration.
  • ChAI Logo

    Company Description
    ChAI exists to mitigate commodity price volatility for buyers and sellers (e g manufacturers, miners, refineries etc) of raw materials (e g metals, oil, gas, soybeans etc) by forecasting their prices using both traditional and alternative data (incl satellite and maritime) and the latest in AI techniques over time horizons of one day to one year for a full cross-section of commodities. The company's vision is to provide SMEs with the same price risk mitigation tools that are currently only available to their larger peers - essentially democratising commodity price risk management. We enable purchasing managers and CFOs to achieve more predictable cash flows and P&Ls for their businesses, improving their ability to plan for the future and strengthening overall resilience. ChAI is guided by transparency in everything we do, which is why each of our forecasts is accompanied by confidence bands as well as a breakdown of the data inputs behind it.
  • Vitriform3D Logo

    Company Description
    This year, over 8 million tons of glass will go to landfills. Low scrap values, high transportation costs and patchwork government support have led to a dismal 33% average recycling rate in the United States. We recognize that glass waste is a vast untapped resource. While finishing PhD's at the University of Tennessee, our team developed a patent-pending 3D printing method that converts low-quality glass waste into the next generation of ecofriendly engineered stone products. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy, we are working to commercialize recycled glass 3D printing for a wide range of applications.
  • TAF Composites Logo
    TAF Composites

    Company Description
    TAF Composites is a leading provider of advanced foam materials for the energy transition. We provide innovative, high-performance rigid foam solutions produced from sustainable sources with zero CO2 emissions. The company is supported by global patents for our technology, licensed from the United States Department of Agriculture. Over 95% of foam materials produced are derived from virgin fossil feedstocks. TAF foam materials in comparison are: Cheaper Enhance Performance Environmentally friendly Durable | Longer lifespan Our input feedstocks are in abundant supply in the United States and Europe. We have zero reliance on territories outside both regions. Our initial target markets are: Solar Trays (Solignea PV) Construction Materials Wind Blades Foam Cores Marine Foams Water AND Air Filters The company has 3 revenue sources: Manufacturing Foams. Licensing Patented Inputs and Processes to existing manufacturers. Selling Carbon Credits.
  • BioPlaster Research Logo
    BioPlaster Res…

    Company Description
    BioPlaster Research is an advanced material R&D startup that specializes in the development of sustainable materials made from algae such as knitted fabrics, fishing nets, bioplastics, materials for efficient agriculture and other biosolutions. Our vision is to reduce the plastic pollution footprint while giving a use to the millions of tons of sargassum seaweed that degrade the Caribbean.
  • Yangi Logo

    Company Description
    Yangi® is a manufacturing technology for dry molded cellulose based packaging. It is a result of more than 10 years of R&D work. By combining two technology platforms it is possible to go from paper pulp into ready made packaging, in one machine line, using minimal amounts of water. Yangi benefits: ​Recyclable materials compatible with existing recycling systems Renewable raw materials from sustainable forests Low energy & water consumption Lower investment & compact machine solution Efficient production with low cycle times
  • X-Centric Sciences Logo
    X-Centric Scie…
    X-Centric Sciences Logo
    X-Centric Sciences

    Company Description
    The quantification of soil organic content is currently achieved by wet oxidation, loss on ignition or dry combustion methods which are time consuming, destructive, expensive and/or produce environmentally harmful byproducts. Spectroscopy system such as visible near infrared and mid infrared have been used to predict soil carbon but these instruments can be expensive, require hyperspecialized calibrations, and conduct only superficial measurements. X-Centric is researching and developing pXRF instrumentation systems for soils allowing streamlined acquisition of vertically stratified geochemical, carbon, and density information through the soil profile. Their combination of pXRF, Spectroscopy, and their own proprietary Z plane hardware gives accurate quantification of soil elements regardless soil characteristics. X-Centric is currently based in San Diego, but moving to Australia.
  • Utopia Plastix Logo
    Utopia Plastix

    Company Description
    We have developed a plant-based alternative for petroleum-based plastics. Through our research and development, we patented a process that allows our resin to replace ANYTHING made of plastic. We use plant matter in blown film processing, extrusion with a thin wall, and injection mold. With manufacturers across the country, we have now produced samples of finished goods including straws, bags, spoons, forks, and knives, film, and a variety of containers.
  • Source Green Logo
    Source Green

    Company Description
    Source Green is a climate tech SaaS + sourcing platform with proprietary software that helps brands quit plastic and explore sustainable next-gen materials across their supply chain. Sustainable packaging is more than just buying materials to check a box – it’s knowing that you are actively making choices that improve the planet along every step of your supply chain. We know how hard that journey can be, so we’re making it easier than ever for you to discover, calculate & reduce your plastic footprint with our plastic reduction software for business. Going green has never been easier.
  • Scrapp Logo

    Company Description
    Scrapp is the free mobile app and tablet station that separates waste at the point of disposal. With a quick scan of a product’s barcode, Scrapp shows the user exactly how to dispose of a product’s packaging correctly - according to their local recycling rules. Businesses can license our tablet stations to reduce contaminated recycling in their corporate office buildings, conferences and events, as well as track waste to report for their Scope 3 emissions reporting. Through gamification and education, our mission is to make recycling simple and kickstart the circular economy, beginning with the bin.
  • Ourobio Logo

    Company Description
    Ourobio is accelerating the global transition towards a circular economy by using engineered microorganisms to produce high-performance bio-based petrochemical alternatives. Ourobio (Transfoam LLC) was inspired by our founders’ work on the 2019 UVA iGEM project & was spun out in March 2020. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge, bio-based technologies to accelerate decarbonization & eliminate the creation of microplastic pollution, and our vision is for biomaterials to replace the toxic, petroleum-based chemicals and materials that are difficult to recycle and contributing to many of our world’s environmental and human health issues. We are differentiating ourselves from other bioremediation and PHA-from-waste companies by engineering our microbes to use complex waste streams to co-produce PHB and performance enhancing additives. Initially, production will be focused on using whey-containing byproducts to produce masterbatches with high bio-based indigoid dye concentrations. Our ability to produce colored masterbatches in a single step saves significant energy costs & water usage compared to traditional plastic dying, and our use of bio-based additives provides a safer, healthier alternative to the industry's inorganic and petroleum based pigments.
  • Lignovations Logo

    Company Description
    Lignovations is an industrial BioTech startup developing a material platform from biomass lignin to replace harmful ingredients in consumer products. Many consumer products rely on functional ingredients like UV filters (sunscreen) and antioxidants (anti-aging cream) to give them their special properties. Currently available functional ingredients are mostly made from fossil resources using dirty production processes that produce toxic byproducts, waste, and high CO2 emissions resulting in a hazardous contamination of the environment as well as adverse effects on human health Lignovations has developed a patented process to produce a natural alternative to these harmful synthetic ingredients. By transforming upcycled biomass lignin into colloidal particles, Lignovations makes the lignin’s protective properties useable in consumer products. Lignovations’ material is already used by multiple customers to develop more sustainable products using lignin as a functional ingredient.
  • Lignolix Logo

    Company Description
    Manufacturer of synthetic materials designed to provide sustainable products. Lignolix's products are made from renewable biomass waste streams and has a process that selectively breaks down lignin to make synthetic materials, them to use industrial waste streams as feed stocks which are scalable for a secure supply chain. Although we believe that all chemicals will someday come from renewable sources, we recognize that switching away from petroleum-based chemicals is not easy. Today, only providing plant-based alternatives is not enough. Lignolix goes beyond just plant-based alternatives by delivering performance-driven, sustainable solutions to complex chemical challenges.
  • Genesis Systems LLC Logo
    Genesis System…
    Genesis Systems LLC Logo
    Genesis Systems LLC

    Company Description
    Solving the world’s water crisis requires holistic and novel approaches to technological development. Genesis Systems mission is to develop the next generation in unlimited sustainable supply-side water technologies. Genesis’ recent benchmarks include: (1) the lowest cost atmospheric water in earth that is (2) scalable with no upper limit on production. Validation by the USAF Research Labs. Our partners include: U.S. Air Force, Siemens, and U.S. Army, USAF Research Labs, and more. At Genesis Systems we are not just thinking about revolutionary water systems—we’re building them.
  • Blue Ocean Closures Logo
    Blue Ocean Clo…

    Company Description
    Fully biobased, ocean biodegradable and recyclable: Blue Ocean Closures are the first to develop an innovative concept for, fiber-based screw cap solutions. We achieve this through excellence in material know-how and a cost-effective production concept using advanced, proprietary vacuum press forming. Our technology enables state of the art definition and stability with the potential to offer fully functional and possible to drop in closure solutions. The design is a combination of a thin top-seal barrier layer, possible to combine with any type of filled goods and a body made of sustainably sourced FSC fiber material. Our process allows for a product that is biobased, ocean biodegradable and recyclable as paper.
  • Atiko Technologies Logo
    Atiko Technolo…
    Atiko Technologies Logo
    Atiko Technologies

    Company Description
    Atiko brings the lab to the field with our state-of-the-art portable Biosensor, designed to detect any bio-markers in samples taken directly from the subject in question: plant, soil, sea water, live tissue, manufactured material and more. Our biosensor comprises intensity-enhanced nanostructures, with or without a layer of unique antibody, for high specificity and selectivity in precise detection. This advanced technology allows high resolution detection with accurate, quantitative results within seconds. Results are sent to a unique/secured/dedicate-cloud database, where they are stored and analyzed. The user will have access to Atiko’s SaaS app where the information is displayed with further analytical tools.
  • AI Materia Logo
    AI Materia

    Company Description
    A uniquely trained ai platform to accelerate accurate decision-making process for better and faster materials R&D. By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, the AI Materia's platform integrates your technical materials and processing data with established scientific knowledge and provides actionable insights and solutions for more efficient development, optimization, and manufacturing. AI Materia works with companies of all sizes. By partnering with AI Materia, your company will have clarity and confidence in their decisions to introduce better products to the market faster.
  • PeelON Logo

    Company Description
    Peelon is a protective packaging technology that increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 3x. It offers multi-faceted wins for people and the planet, improving food security, addressing climate change, saving money and reducing pressures on land, water, biodiversity and waste management systems. The patent-pending solution retains the moisture, taste and freshness intact keeping the produce fresh for the consumers
  • Kamilo Logo

    Company Description
    Kamilo delivers tracking technology to verify and account for the recycled resin content of plastic products. We are a Public Benefit Corporation with a novel accountability system that tracks the journey of plastic from waste to next-life; we create a verifiable link between plastic recovery and re-use. We partner with businesses that put plastic waste back to work by providing them with real-time geospatial verification of provenance and successful recovery. Our innovative technology brings much-needed transparency and accountability to the global plastics supply chain and recycled plastics markets.
  • Aeternal Upcycling Logo
    Aeternal Upcyc…

    Company Description
    We are revolutionizing the carbon economy by combatting the plastic waste crisis, reducing the need for fossil fuels, and increasing sustainability measures. With our patented catalytic technology, we convert single-use plastic trash into higher-value chemical feedstocks, such as waxes, lubricants, and surfactants. These value-added chemicals are critical for the manufacturing of many consumer goods within the cosmetic, transportation, and household product industries, and currently have few to no other options in sustainable alternatives.
  • Enzymity Logo

    Company Description
    We are developing a method for breaking down polymers such as plastics and resins into monomers with the help of synthetic enzymes. The enzymes are tailored for specific types of material (e.g. PET or synthetic rubber) and are produced by genetically modified microorganisms. The monomers which result from the process can be used to create new virgin polymers, thus reducing the need for fossil fuel derived plastics/resins. The cycle can be repeated many times and does not deteriorate the quality of the material, as opposed to the currently prevalent mechanical recycling. We are using nature-inspired active proteins (enzymes) engineered for efficiency and scale – a somewhat similar principle to how animal stomachs work to digest complex organics. Our business model is process licensing to plastics value chain players (producers, recyclers, precursor producers), prototype process release planned for H1 2022.

    Company Description
    The company develops and produces luminescent tracers, nanomaterials and intelligent materials, studies their formulations and designs optical instrumentation for use in the industrial sector. The company is currently validating an oxygen sensing system for modified atmosphere packaging. SINBIOSYS also aims to commercialize a new silicon-based material (Si), which is part of a family of luminescent semiconductor nano materials known as 'quantum dots' (QDs). In recent years SINBIOSYS has developed a portfolio of synthetic routes to obtain SiQDs that can be used in a wide range of applications, a plan for industrial scale up for both SiQDs and for the non-destructive oxygen tracking system for the food industry. SiQDs also offer the possibility of sorting plastic waste with a biocompatible and cheap material, obtaining purity of the recycled polymer higher than 99%. Knowledge in the field of molecular sensors and optical and spectroscopic instrumentation also allows us to provide materials, consultancy and ad hoc solutions also in other industrial fields. At the moment the company is collaborating with the first potential customers who are testing its products, if the results are positive it will be necessary to scale the production processes.
  • Enlipsium Logo

    Company Description
    An innovative materials company with a portfolio of products for Manufacturing, Medical and Building industries. Enlipsium's core strength is in thin-film materials and coating materials, we have our own Research and Development capabilities as well as scale up synthesis capabilities for various solution processed materials. One of our flagship product includes - Enlit SG100 Anti-Dust Coating Technology. This is a water-based sustainable coating solution that can be applied on a variety of surfaces, such as building facades and front glass of Solar Panels. With this coating in place, users can reduce their maintenance cycles since dust accumulation gets reduced drastically. In areas of high rainfall, the super-hydrophillic surface allows dirt and dust to be rinsed off effective keeping the surface clean for a long time. We see a minimal reduction of 50% in water usage to maintain the same area cleanliness and a 20% long term cost savings for facility management. Enlipsium is also working on few other innovative solutions for various technology. Such as thin film dosimetry and coming out with the world's first perovskite-based scintillators. There is also strong interest in using our materials in the field of anti-counterfeiting.
  • Super Polymer Logo
    Super Polymer

    Company Description
    We transform polymers into super polymers. Our technology generates new and improved polymer properties that will impact many industries such as coating, paint, displays, optics, electronics, micro and nano electronics, sensors, medical, cables and many more. Some important properties are: • Particle size - we can produce particles in a controllable diameter in the range of 3-40 microns. It can be reduced to a sub-micron size. • High refractive index - SP-HDPE has a refractive index of 1.96 comparing to raw HDPE that has a refractive index of 1.52. Effective scattering observed in a wide spectral range of 400-2000 nm [VIS to NIR]. • Opacity – the particles are white and opaque. • High dielectric constant - Calculated dielectric constant is 3.85. • Suspension in liquids - Stable dispersion in liquids (water, oil, organic media), no surfactants required, no media optimization (i.e., pH) required. • Super Hydrophobicity - Coatings that contain SP’s particles have a contact angle of 155° or higher, and a sliding angle of 2°. • Dry particles repulsion - Free dry particles would not adhere or attached to a surface containing SP’s particles. • Unique structure - The special morphology of SP's polymer’s carries many merits.
  • CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limi…
    CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limited

    Company Description
    CelluComp is a Scottish-based material science company that produces microfibrilated cellulose from the waste streams of root vegetables, namely from sugar beet. CelluComp produces a product called Curran®, which is shipped in powder form and adds mechanical and thickening properties to a wide range of other materials, such as paints, concrete, cosmetics, home-care products, paper and even composites.
  • Teratonics Logo

    Company Description
    See through the matter... This is the solution proposed by Teratonics to the industry to reduce its poor-quality costs and to optimise its processes. Teratonics markets an innovative non-destructive imaging solution based on ultrafast terahertz (THz) pulses to reveal the invisible inside many non-conductive materials (e.g. plastics, composites…). This breakthrough technology can perform 3D dimensional control (typically thickness measurements with micrometric precision) and detect defects such as voids, dimples, density variations... The key differentiators of Teratonics's technology are its single-shot detection (10 million times faster than the state of the art) and its high level of automation (part scan, image generation and defect detection). This solution is safe for operators, contactless and rapid. It can address several markets such as automotive, aerospace, naval, renewable energy, medical devices…
  • Biotic Labs Logo
    Biotic Labs

    Company Description
    Biotic provides an end to end, fully bio-based, fully biodegradable polymers manufacturing process. We use macroalgae and our secret recipe to create PHBV polymers. Enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, eliminating recycling needs, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, with a zero waste and circular economy approach. Biotic is an Israeli based startup, which envisions a world where plastic pollution is not a concern and in which the consumer purchases and uses the product in the exact same manner, and after use, tosses it to any trash and the product fully biodegrades no matter to the environment.
  • Montinutra Logo

    Company Description
    Montinutra develops and produces ingredients for the cosmetics, food, and beverage, and chemical industries using forest industry side streams as its raw material. Our products can be used as a functionals for film forming, emulsions or a as a biopolymer for bioplastics. Further, they also have active properties as for anti-oxidants, prebiotics, anti-inflammation, soothing and skin conditioning. We are in a Seed+ phase, progressing with market development towards the Series-A financing and establishing a Commercial Plant. Currently we run a TRL7 pilot production. The proprietary production technology is proven, all natural, good yield, scalable and CAPEX affordable. Through our industrial partner, Metsä Group, we have secured our raw material supply, and the raw material is globally abundant. The technology is not limited to current raw material, saw dust, but also other biomaterials can be leveraged. Looking forward new partners to develop and commercialize new products! Montinutra produces Sprucegum™ from sawdust, which is commercially relevant, underutilized Forest industry side stream. Sprucegum™ is an adjustable emulsifier & stabilizer, and could be a potent component in future health beneficial functional foods.
  • BIOWEG Logo

    Company Description
    Founded as Cellulosic Technologies (now BIOWEG) in 2019 in Germany, they are a purpose-driven organization powered by conscious ChemDesign. They match BioInnOvation to business problems. They explore and combine biotechnology, material science, and molecular simulation learning to create and sell advanced sustainable and bio-based high-performance ingredients. Their ingredients are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably produced without using any harsh chemicals. We work with results-oriented, forward-thinking companies and consumer brands with global scale in the beauty, nutraceuticals, and food/beverage sectors who desire highly-differentiated, 100% animal-free and sustainable, science-based ingredient technologies. We bring to you biodegradable and clean ingredients made with bacterial cellulose. Our portfolio includes bio-based and customized microbeads, biodegradable rheology modifier, bio-based and highly functional hydrocolloid.
  • Titan Bioplastics Logo
    Titan Bioplast…

    Company Description
    As a sustainable material engineering company, Titan Bioplastics adapts existing and initiates original sustainable materials - including nano technology additives - into a variety of resins and composites. Titan has the solution to maximize the commercialization of a wide variety of healthy polymers. We have three core company initiatives: 1. We develop client driven projects - where clients come to us to solve a material mechanical or structural issue, or request production of a new material composite that needs to function to target specifications. 2. We develop Proprietary Innovation projects - This is where we see a market niche, produce a material/composite which we own, manufacture and take directly to market ourselves. Like Augie Bones ( The pet industry's first tough bioplastic chew toy for dogs. Our 2023 market innovation is in Ag Tech. 3. We develop nano technology additive systems for various applications, including water and oxygen barrier. Our expertise spans, but is not limited to: coatings, polymer composite development, nano barrier technology, the use of graphene oxide and graphene resin composites and masterbatches, pilot compounding, material testing, bioremediation and energy capture technology.
  • LAM'ON Logo

    Company Description
    LAM’ON is a biodegradable and suitable for composting laminating film. It offers the same results as the currently used ones and even using the same machinery. What makes it stand out is it’s composting properties of both film and glue. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that we developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble in order to ease the recycling process. On top of that our production method is simplified in a way that saves us time and money. LAM’ON offers the same results, is used on the same machines, and is offered at the same price range as the currently used laminating films. During the development of the product we received a big amount of inquiries for a packaging foil as well. And so another product was born - PACK'ON.
  • Phaxtec Logo

    Company Description
    Combating plastics pollution requires innovative alternatives and PolyHydroxyAlkanoates (PHA) are the most appropriate alternative to plastics due to them being marine, fresh water and soil biodegradable, recyclable, and home and industrially compostable. They are being produced commercially in small scale and have been thoroughly validated in 100’s of applications for 40+ years. PHAXTEC, Inc. would use Biogas, an abundantly available GHG, be cost competitive to plastics and enable recycling, and home and industrial composting, eliminating landfills. PHAXTEC uses proprietary microorganisms and patented and commercial production and applications technologies to ensure competitive advantage. Priority markets include a) foodservice paper coatings - enable packaging to be either recycled for the cellulose or composted - and b) slow-release fertilizer coatings - allow reduced fertilizer usage without losing yield, reduce fertilizer leaching into the waterways to reduce Algae Bloom and Red Tide. The PHAXTEC® team is successfully bringing together hi-tech development, manufacturing and traditional markets positioning PHAXTEC® to be a leader in transitioning the industry to circularity and sustainability.
  • FunCell Logo

    Company Description
    FunCell is a company that provides biobased additives for paper, boards and nonwoven industry : - Packaging - Hygiene papers - Specialty papers - Cardboard industry Our product: - BioWet: reinforces paper mechanic x2 when dry and 20x when wet. It allows paper manufacturers to save 30% of primary material. We are using a natural polymer extracted from biomass. The additive is non-toxic! We are in the process of getting the food contact approval. The beauty of our additives is that they are increasing the mechanical strength of the treated paper and at the same time they do not hinder recyclability. A paper treated with BioWet can be “repulped” to make new paper. Paper manufacturers directly integrate the additive in their processes - it react with the cellulose naturally by forming a chemical liaison to reinforce the paper. We already have proven our additive efficiency with top-tiers customers in Europe. We are located in Grenoble (French Alps) in a region that used to be the heart of the paper ecosystem and even if this Industry has now vanished, the paper ecosystem in the region remains very active and FunCell is a living proof of it.
  • Solutum Logo

    Company Description
    After years of intensive R&D, we have managed to produce a uniquely eco-friendly compound that provides the best user experience. The unique manufacturing process allows for usage of regular plastic machinery to create our products - reducing costs and meeting manufacturers' requirements. Our product feels and looks like plastic, but is made of a 100% environmentally friendly material which requires only water to biodegrade. No elaborate process or the use of chemicals is needed - once you're done, just throw it down the drain. Easy to produce, easy to use and easy to dispose of - our product allows for a sustainable and cleaner environment.
  • Asynos Logo

    Company Description
    Supply-Chain-Digitalization-as-a-Service with full vertical integration. From 'Material-to-Datapoint' approach making assets smart generating trillions of digital twins in global supply chains for full end-to-end tracking (B2B2C). Single-Unit Digitalization for any kind of physical product/asset in Food, Pharma, Construction, Industrial IoT, Agetech, Warehousing etc. Turnkey provider of ultra-low-cost digitalization solutions for large supply chains (Food & Bev, Pharma, Construction, Automotive, and others). Helping Fortune-500s to digitalize trillions of assets on the single-unit level with ultra-cost efficient IoT solutions.
  • Vizru Inc. Logo
    Vizru Inc.
    Vizru Inc. Logo
    Vizru Inc.

    Company Description
    Vizru ZEOS is a Zero-code platform that provides a scalable, fast-to-build, and low-cost approach to delivering full-stack enterprise applications. Our mission is to empower Enterprises to extract and increase the intrinsic value of their existing assets, enabling them to control their destiny, discover new revenue models, and achieve competitive advantage.Furthermore, Vizru has racked up countless accolades from sources like Gartner, Forrester, CES, and others within the last several years. contact or call/text Charlie at 408.677.8704.
  • Coat-it Logo

    Company Description
    At Coat-it we are interested in the prevention of corrosion problems and surface functionalization. We are developing nanoparticle-based additives which can significantly improve the properties of existing coatings and introduce to them new functionalities like self-cleaning, increased hydrophobicity or corrosion and wear sensing. The company was established in 2019, but our founders have been working on composite coatings for the past 10 years. Our team combines deep scientific understanding with business experience and knowledge of international markets. In 2020 we secured money from 2 independent sources to fully focus on developing our technology.
  • Cellulotech Logo

    Company Description
    Cellulotech believes cellulose will be a key material to build a sustainable economy and our mission is to expand its potential with science. We have developed a new scalable and economical green chemistry process that can provide water, grease, vapour and oxygen barriers to cellulose-based materials while preserving all their repulpbability, recyclability, biodegradability and compostability properties.
  • Heartland Logo

    Company Description
    Heartland Industries is a biotech company that engineers hemp materials to be infused in traditional plastics. Heartland's hemp additives make plastics stronger, lighter, cheaper and more sustainable. Our focus is on creating a reliable supply chain of carbon-negative hemp materials that can be leveraged by manufacturers across market sectors.Almost everything that can be seen or touched is made from plastics, rubbers, foams, papers, ceramics, and building materials. Infusing hemp into these existing raw materials allows manufacturers to increase the performance and reduce the carbon footprint of the products they're already manufacturing.Join us as we make a world out of hemp.
  • Brisil Logo

    Company Description
    Brisil is a leading company addressing the problem of rice husk ash utilization. Rice husk ash is the leftover generated after using husk as fuel. Brisil has developed an innovative green technology to use rice husk ash to produce green precipitated silica and highly dispersible silica.Brisil's innovative technology produce highly dispersible silica and other grades of precipitated silica from rice husk ash. Every year more than 20 million tons of ash is generated globally. Disposing of the ash is a big problem. Brisil's innovative technology uses the ash to produce advanced Highly Dispersible Silica. The highly dispersible silica is an advanced grade of precipitated silica used as a filler in energy efficient green tires to improve performance of tires. The precipitated silica has application in many industries such as Rubber products, Conveyor belts, Shoes, Toothpaste, Soaps & Detergents, Salt & Food Powders, Paints & Coatings, Pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Halocycle Logo

    Company Description
    Halocycle was established because of a shared passion for finding a solution to the plastics problem. We are a dedicated team who have spent a combined 40 years searching for answers to environmental and industrial issues. We are focused on deploying microwave processing in an innovative way as a means of recycling plastic, and particularly chlorine containing plastic (PVC).We are deploying established microwave processing technology to circumvent the problems associated with chemical recycling.​ The use of microwaves in industrial processing uses a different type of heating, whereby the target material is heated from the inside.This allows:​ ​The production of higher value end products with a broader scope for re-use in the formulation of new plastics;A reduced footprint and capital cost, enabling the use of smaller or mobile processing facilities;The potential to recycle chlorine containing packaging, such as PVC.
  • Evtek - Recycling Reimagined Logo
    Evtek - Recycl…
    Evtek - Recycling Reimagined Logo
    Evtek - Recycling Reimagined

    Company Description
    Evtek is reimagining recycling. Our leadership team believes in a circular economy where people and the environment thrive in a post-waste society. Our multiple collection, transportation and processing technologies are based off our fundamental AI Vision system which is unlocking never before seen value and information for the recycling supply chain. Within seconds we have the ability to understand what individuals and businesses have recycled, this information is as granular as; identifying brands, sizes, amount, commodity type and contamination rates for single use containers. Our smart IOT collection technologies cast a network effect, allowing us to know exactly when, where and how much one of our users recycled while interacting with our distributed network of collection infrastructure. Our AI Vision System coupled with our Smart Collection Infrastructure allows for an in-depth "Chain of Custody" for the recycling supply chain. We provide producers of recyclables, municipalities, consumers and processors with Life Cycle Analysis metrics for their specific recyclables. As a result we can pinpoint where recycling systems are broken and who is participating. Through targeted incentives and information we are seeing that our system can effectively increase recycling rates.
  • MakeGrowLab Logo

    Company Description
    MakeGrowLab (MGL) is biotechnology company that grows plastic free materials for the future. Scoby Packaging Materials™ (SPM) is weaved through a biological process that turns unwanted food into biomaterials. SPM™ is a form of pure cellulose has unique features that do not require petroleum-based additives and other nonbiodegradable and toxic substances. Scoby Packaging Material ™ is being developed for sustainable packaging for personal care and food brands looking to produce home-compostable, recyclable, and circular solutions that have outstanding oxygen, grease, and water barrier to replace petroleum-based formulations. Using our innovative, patent-pending technology we are able to grow Scoby Packaging ™ in two different forms: a flexible film and suspension additive for barrier coatings, adhesives and composites. The material can be used for all kinds of packaging and wrapping that might normally be done with plastic. *Material for food contact approved.
  • Esbottle Oy Logo
    Esbottle Oy

    Company Description
    The PBB (paperboard bottle) automation manufactures drink bottles in various sizes from a paperboard roll to meet the needs of different types of drinks manufacturers. The machine punches and creases, and prints the product data, pictures, logos etc. according to the requirements of businesses. The branding of the bottle is done directly by the automation and there is no need for separate labels. The machine shapes the bottle, doses the drink and attaches the cap, and packs the bottle into cardboard packs of the desired size.Esbottle Oy has developed and patented a cap, that fulfills the regulations for EU SUP directive. The cap fits all existing bottling devices in beverage industry and does not require any investments by companies. In addition, no changes have to be made in bottle return systems due to the new tethered cap.
  • B'ZEOS Logo

    Company Description
    B’ZEOS is a start-up developing seaweed-based packaging from sustainable sources, which is fully bio-based and home compostable. We are participating in projects like ERA-BlueBIO in collaboration with SINTEF and other academic institutions. We are based in Norway but have opened our new lab in Spain (Barcelona) and will therefore open a branch in Spain. B’ZEOS uses kelp since it can provide a sustainable feedstock for biopolymers through both cultivation and harvesting. The manufacturing process of the material does not use harsh chemicals and does not rely on land-based crops. B’ZEOS has been part of an incubator project (leading potentially to the accelerator program) of 1 of the top3 F&B Industy. B’ZEOS is about to start the second phase for the development of the seaweed based packaging solution. We secured funds and are looking for more investments (another 50%).
  • Circolution Logo

    Company Description
    circolution GmbH is a system development company that has the vision to accelerate the transition towards a world without packaging waste. To do so, our mission is to build the pool system of reusable packaging scalable to all food segments and retail channels. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have developed a standardized white label packaging solution. Standardized in its shapes and forms to fit scaled supply chains and white label so that it will be shared among many parties, covering various product categories and reaching the financial and ecological break-even point faster. The differentiation will then be done throughout the individual labelling and branding solutions.Circolution manages the entire process from delivery to collection, sortation, inspection, and sanitization. Our competitive Packaging as-a-Service operating model allows companies to save money, space, and time by renting the modular packaging solution instead of purchasing it. Companies will have no capital investment or depreciation, instead a simple pay-per-cycle fee. Limited storage is required, thanks to just-in-time delivery based on demand.
  • BioBTX Logo

    Company Description
    The future of BTX is biobased and circular.BioBTX creates sustainable BTX from non-food biomass and plastic waste. BTX are vital components needed to create high performance materials, such as new plastics. As a result of sustainable BTX, plastics can become part of a circular economy. In addition, plastics production can liberate itself from fossil resources.With BioBTX as the new norm, the future looks bright. Our goals are less waste, reduced CO2 emissions and an independence from fossil resources. Problems create opportunities for those who dare to imagine solutions
  • Trillium Renewable Chemicals Logo
    Trillium Renew…
    Trillium Renewable Chemicals Logo
    Trillium Renewable Chemicals

    Company Description
    Trillium Renewable Chemicals plans to manufacture acrylonitrile from renewable feedstocks and replace a portion of the $14B fossil-based acrylonitrile market. Our green drop-in replacement chemical offers customers a fast path to sustainability without requiring new materials or application development. Trillium's approach enables renewable carbon fiber, acrylic fiber, and ABS plastic; these are all interesting materials that can address growing demand for products like sustainable apparel, toys, auto parts, and wastewater treatment chemicals.
  • Sunthetics Logo

    Company Description
    There is no doubt that AI is key in the transformation of the chemical industry for a more sustainable future. However, traditional AI requires quality data, structured data, big data. This type of data may be available at the discovery (e.g. drug discovery) or manufacturing stages in some companies. However, there is a significant gap when it comes to connecting these two stages through process development. Data is not easy to obtain in process development, as it comes from proprietary, expensive, time-intensive experiments. At Sunthetics, we are bridging the gap and democratizing the use of AI in the chemical industry with the first AI approach to use small data in the prediction of chemical reaction behavior. We have leveraged physical insights and chemical engineering knowledge from literature to enhance traditional AI and accurately predict physical behavior with small datasets. This proprietary combination of algorithms enables the development of new chemicals, processes, and formulations in 20% of the time, according to our pilots. We offer our technology as a web application in a SaaS model. Our first generation product will launch in the next couple of months targeting pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.
  • Xinterra Logo

    Company Description
    Xinterra is a materials centric company unlocking innovation towards accelerating and increasing the efficiency of materials research and development. Building upon decades of materials experience, they innovate new materials that are essential for sustainable products and applications.The company offers accelerated materials development as a service, to startups and established small, medium, and large companies. They develop real materials with customers’ target application in mind, matching their target product profiles. The Xinterra Design FactoryTM is built upon deep domain knowledge in materials science, combined with a unique artificial intelligence system.
  • Albotherm Logo

    Company Description
    Albotherm is developing coatings that reversibly transition from transparent to white to reduce solar gain in hot weather, allowing buildings and greenhouses to regulate their own temperature without electrical input. Our coatings are tunable to transition temperatures between 18 °C and 45 °C to create comfortable internal temperatures in a range of climates. Through our clean technology, we aim to reduce the carbon emissions associated with some of the world biggest sector contributors as well as increasing crop yield to secure future food security.
  • Green Earth Institute Logo
    Green Earth In…
    Green Earth Institute Logo
    Green Earth Institute

    Company Description
    Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd. is committed and focused on producing carbon neutral biofuels and green chemicals from non-food biomass, such as leaves and stems of plants, instead of using food and feed crops. Using technology originally invented by RITE (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth), we developed a bioprocessing technology that enables more efficient production of low-cost green products from non-food biomass compared to conventional fermentation technologies. We were established to commercialize this innovative bioprocessing technology enabling our dream to become a reality by addressing major challenges such as global warming by limiting greenhouse gas production from fossil fuels and minimizing diversion of food crops to fuels.
  • Innotech Materials Logo
    Innotech Mater…
    Innotech Materials Logo
    Innotech Materials

    Company Description
    Innotech Materials dedicates the development of nanocellulose technology producing several of cellulosic nanomaterials for applications in biosurfactants and bioplastics.
  • Synovance Logo
    Synovance Logo

    Company Description
    We are a biotech company that uses microorganisms to produce natural dyes for textiles from sustainable biomass waste. We fight against the pollution caused by the textile industry.
  • Silvis Materials Logo
    Silvis Materia…
    Silvis Materials Logo
    Silvis Materials

    Company Description
    Silvis Materials is creating 100% bio-based materials for the adhesives, binders and coatings industries.
  • Papair Logo
    Papair Logo

    Company Description
    Papair develops and uses innovative technologies for the production of sustainable packaging materials.
  • ColorSensing Logo
    ColorSensing Logo

    Company Description
    ColorSensing is developing a range of applications from digital image standardization to printed sensing technologies.
  • Arylla Logo
    Arylla Logo

    Company Description
    Arylla connects products to the internet.
  • icpg Logo
    icpg Logo

    Company Description
    Sustainable packaging solutions for the replacement of PS in rigid thermoformed & FFS food, health, and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • LabsCubed Logo
    LabsCubed Logo

    Company Description
    Automating polymer testing for R&D and quality labs.
  • Filigrade Logo
    Filigrade Logo

    Company Description
    Embossed watermarks solution to sort all kinds of plastic at the most granular level (all types of plastic, food vs non-food sorting)
  • Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanote…
    Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanotechnology

    Company Description
    Nfinite Nanotech is commercializing a rapid open-air nanocoating platform that produces large-area, high-quality, ultrathin-films at low cost, for applications such as packaging, batteries, fuel cells, membranes, photovoltaics and flexible electronics
  • Enval Logo
    Enval Logo

    Company Description
    Microwave-induced pyrolysis solution for low-density packaging waste.
  • Carbix Logo
    Carbix Logo

    Company Description
    Carbix transforms atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbonates to build industrial products.
  • Graft Polymer Logo
    Graft Polymer
    Graft Polymer Logo
    Graft Polymer

    Company Description
    Polymer Modification (Modifiers & Alloys)
  • Performance BioFilaments Logo
    Performance Bi…
    Performance BioFilaments Logo
    Performance BioFilaments

    Company Description
    Performance BioFilaments Inc. (PBI) specializes in developing, producing, and commercializing nanocellulose additives that enhance advanced materials and specialty chemicals.
  • Hygratek Logo
    Hygratek Logo

    Company Description
    Liquid separation and repellent coating
  • Phiex Technologies, Inc Logo
    Phiex Technolo…
    Phiex Technologies, Inc Logo
    Phiex Technologies, Inc

    Company Description
    Chemical technology for solid-state to gas sterilizer that's portable and non-carcinogenic for self-sterilizing materials for healthcare and food safety.
  • Archipelago Technology Logo
    Archipelago Te…
    Archipelago Technology Logo
    Archipelago Technology

    Company Description
    Archipelago's Powerdrop technology enables non-contact coating with virtually no waste.
  • AddiCo Logo
    AddiCo Logo

    Company Description
    We are a company that provides solutions to enable the circular economy of plastics
  • traceless materials Logo
    traceless mate…
    traceless materials Logo
    traceless materials

    Company Description
    traceless is an innovative circular bioeconomy start-up offering a sustainable alternative material to conventional (bio)plastics.
  • Virtual Lab. Inc. Logo
    Virtual Lab. I…

    Company Description
    Make your own materials simulation in the most optimized cloud-based environment.
  • Scindo Logo

    Company Description
    Creating a novel biological platform to turn low-value plastic landfill waste into high-value molecules.
  • Uncountable Logo

    Company Description
    Uncountable helps R&D teams cut development time, reduce testing iterations, and find innovative new products faster.
  • Polymerize Logo

    Company Description
    Develop new high performance materials faster than ever.
  • OKEANOS Logo

    Company Description
    We can replace the majority of plastic in packaging with stone - Meet Made From Stone™, nature's solution to plastic pollution.
  • NanoSpy Logo

    Company Description
    NanoSpy has developed a new state-of-the-art rapid detection biosensor providing results in 20 minutes from collection to detection without the need for an enrichment process, environmentally harmful reagents, or laboratory facilities.
  • Lusoco Logo

    Company Description
    Imagine the potential that glass holds as a carrier for new technologies enabling energy harvesting.
  • Keiryo Packaging Technologies Logo
    Keiryo Packagi…
    Keiryo Packaging Technologies Logo
    Keiryo Packaging Technologies

    Company Description
    We reduce the environmental footprint and manufacturing cost of plastic packaging by changing the performance of the material in the injection process.
  • Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Perfo…
    Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Performance Materials

    Company Description
    Intermix creates additives that enable the efficient and cost effective recycling of post-consumer mixed plastic waste.
  • DePoly Logo

    Company Description
    We chemically recycle low valued post consumer PET plastic waste back to its high valued original chemical components.
  • BERKM Logo

    Company Description
    New type of additive and catalyst for PET plastic. Our additive improved strength of the PET for 66%, gas barrier properties 29X and UV resistance for 52X.
  • Atmonia Logo

    Company Description
    Sustainable Nitrogen Fertilizer. Electrochemical catalysis for ammonia production for on-site applications in precision agriculture
  • Integrated Lipid Biofuels Logo
    Integrated Lip…
    Integrated Lipid Biofuels Logo
    Integrated Lipid Biofuels

    Company Description
    At ILB, we are dedicated to enabling cost-effective production of biopolymer from organic wastes. The general products of interest include specialty high-value bioproducts, renewable chemicals, and biofuels.
  • PCN Materials Logo
    PCN Materials

    Company Description
    Nano Materials with disinfection and antibacterial activity targeting materials, water, and air
  • Aqdot Logo

    Company Description
    Aqdot is a chemtech company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products based on the transformational chemtech platform AqBit.
  • Aegis Packaging Logo
    Aegis Packaging

    Company Description
    More than a packaging film manufacturer, Aegis will become a future global leader in manufacturing regenerative high barrier coating for flexible packaging.​
  • Nanotronics Logo

    Company Description
    Nanotronics produces and offers nanostructured materials from highly renewable indigenous plants, and provides bespoke technical solutions leveraging its core competencies in advanced and nanocomposite polymers, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies.
  • Alchemy Logo

    Company Description
    Alchemy is a next generation platform that provides customized workflow-driven ELN and LIMS to specialty chemical and material science companies to speed product development and improve service delivery.
  • Volatile AI Logo
    Volatile AI

    Company Description
    Small sensors for food quality testing. Our innovation combines bioinspired machine learning algorithms with long lifecycle gas sensors, which can last at least a year in industrial environments.
  • Typhon Treatment Systems Logo
    Typhon Treatme…
    Typhon Treatment Systems Logo
    Typhon Treatment Systems

    Company Description
    A UV LED water treatment technology & equipment manufacturing company. Our design represents an optimized geometrical configuration of UV LEDs for use in high flow-rate water treatment.
  • Spero Renewables Logo
    Spero Renewabl…

    Company Description
    A green chemistry company that develops tech for plant-based alternatives to products manufactured with petrochemicals. Utilizes its tech to unlock the resources of available biomass for making cost efficient and natural products.
  • Silencions Logo

    Company Description
    Silencions is a smart acoustic materials startup working on innovative technology that delivers significant noise and vibration reduction of the structure and air born sound via its engineered architecture.
  • SAFI Tech Logo
    SAFI Tech

    Company Description
    Develops no-heat solders, including a No-Heat SAC305, for use in electronics manufacturing and assembly. No-heat solders utilize significantly reduced processing temperatures enabling significant improvements in both cost and design.
  • Pure Blue Tech Inc Logo
    Pure Blue Tech…
    Pure Blue Tech Inc Logo
    Pure Blue Tech Inc

    Company Description
    Pure Blue Tech Inc. provides low-fouling membrane-based solutions for the desalination, wastewater, oil, gas, mining, food, beverage, manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Pellucere Logo

    Company Description
    Develops and manufactures low-temperature curing, Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling coatings including its that delivers energy gains on solar modules of 3.4% - 4.3% from anti-reflection and more.
  • Nobio Logo

    Company Description
    Nobio develops antibiofilm, antifouling and antimicrobial solutions for materials and surfaces in manufacturing facilities.
  • Nanoz Logo

    Company Description
    Nano gas sensors for selective detection of harmful gases. No matter what kind of industry you are operating in, with our sensors you can collect data about: protection, industrial process, safety and environmental regulations.
  • MITO Materials Logo
    MITO Materials

    Company Description
    MITO produces safe to handle and easy to integrate nano additives to be utilized in fiber reinforced composites to either toughen or lightweight at a 0.1%wt.
  • Microwave Solutions (MWS) Logo
    Microwave Solu…
    Microwave Solutions (MWS) Logo
    Microwave Solutions (MWS)

    Company Description
    Re-imagining a circular carbon economy: solving our biggest carbonaceous waste recycling challenges (all plastics, fiber reinforced composites, rubber/plastic composites, tires, rubbers), while providing critical and scarce materials.
  • Melodea Logo

    Company Description
    Melodea develops innovative CNC based barrier solutions for the packaging industry that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  • Halomine Logo

    Company Description
    Halomine manufactures and supplies high-performance and human-friendly antimicrobial coating materials and technology.
  • GoLeafe Logo

    Company Description
    Using organic materials and non-energy intensive equipment, GOLeafe produces graphene through an innovative, 5x more cost efficient and eco-friendly process, from readily available source materials, such as wood, sugar, and waste tires.
  • E-Sens Logo

    Company Description
    e-sens manufactures a new generation of hand-held instruments that dramatically simplifies the process of testing water quality.
  • Dispersa Logo

    Company Description
    At Dispersa, we are harnessing the power of microbes to present low-cost, 100% biodegradable, and natural surfactants used in a variety of industrial applications.
  • 9T Labs Logo
    9T Labs

    Company Description
    9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.
  • StenCo Logo

    Company Description
    StenCo's patent pending barrier coating system blocks oxygen, is cost effective, and biodegradable.
  • Valentis Logo

    Company Description
    Valentis is a platform technology incorporates select nanoparticles (NP) into a cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) base to produce highly improved polymeric films, coatings, and compounds.
  • Tyromer Logo

    Company Description
    Tyromer is the cleantech tire recycling company, focused on implementing a circular economy in the tire and rubber industry. our recycled product is the perfect base polymer to use in TPVs. Great opportunity to develop new materials and IP.
  • ThruPore Logo

    Company Description
    heterogeneous chemical catalysts, offering the chemical industry high-performing precious metal and carbon- only catalyst products at the 100+ ton scale. ThruPore is innovating in include energy, aerospace, medical and animal feeds.
  • SAS Nanotechnologies Logo
    SAS Nanotechno…

    Company Description
    SAS Nanotechnologies is a smart microcapsule technology such that the microcapsules can be activated to release the chemicals inside them “on-demand” opening opportunities to a variety of industrial problems including corrosion inhibition.
  • Nth Cycle Logo
    Nth Cycle

    Company Description
    Nth Cycle developed a modular recycling technology for cost-efficient recovery of the critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector.
  • Interface Polymers Logo
    Interface Poly…

    Company Description
    Interface Polymers developed radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, and is opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining, and finishing.
  • Funxion Logo

    Company Description
    'fabrics of the future'. A world where our fabrics and fashion are smart. This includes changing the color of our apparel or accessories on-demand or enabling the continuous monitoring of our physical and mental health.
  • ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive …
    ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive Technologies

    Company Description
    ElectroActive Technologies is pushing a new paradigm for sustainable cities of the future where waste produced in cities, as well as renewable electricity, is used to generate zero-emission fuel for local use in the form of hydrogen.
  • Corumat Logo

    Company Description
    Corumat uses micro-engineering to produce layered bioplastics that are lighter, stronger, and cheaper than comparable products.
  • Cambridge Electronics Logo
    Cambridge Elec…
    Cambridge Electronics Logo
    Cambridge Electronics

    Company Description
    Cambridge Electronics develops advanced GaN technology for data centers and electric cars. Based on breakthrough technology originally developed at MIT, CEI's GaN transistors offer 2-4x in performance improvement over the competition.
  • Bolder Industries Logo
    Bolder Industr…

    Company Description
    Bolder Industries develops the most sustainable rubber and plastic products in the world using Bolder Black®.
  • Biorgani Logo

    Company Description
    Biorgani is a provider of sustainable plant-based resins for the packaging industry. Their products are certified and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.
  • Azolla Logo

    Company Description
    Azolla is a Carbon Tech company determined to meet demands for infinitely sustainable society by inventing high- performance biomaterial that will be produced without depleting limited natural resources, without toxic chemicals and will remove CO2 from the air.
  • Ares Materials Logo
    Ares Materials

    Company Description
    Ares Materials creates novel optical films with a set of unparalleled optical and mechanical properties that enable new products such as foldable and rollable displays, near-eye displays (AR and VR) and other optoelectronic applications
  • Aequor Logo

    Company Description
    Aequor’s “green” chemicals uniquely remove bacterial and fungal biofilm in minutes, prevent biofilm formation for days, and kill a broad spectrum of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens/“Superbugs.”
  • Spoonfuls Logo
    Spoonfuls Logo

    Company Description
    the first and only patented spoon-cap package with ‘flip and go’ technology delivering a packaging solution poised to disrupt the marketplace with multi-use functionality and ergonomic design for unsurpassed convenience.
  • SoundGuard Logo

    Company Description
    SoundGuard has created the world's first soundproofing paint.
  • Naneon Logo
    Naneon Logo

    Company Description
    the world's fastest nanocoating to prevent damage for electronic devices against liquids, moisture, humidity, gases, dust, corrosion and bacteria.
  • Moeco Logo

    Company Description
    Moeco helps companies to manage logistics in a better way. Its feature-rich cloud platform and disposable trackers enable real-time monitoring of shipments, goods, and inventories with actionable insights.
  • MicroRio Logo

    Company Description
    MicroRio's technology makes biodegradable plastic affordable.
  • Magnomer Logo

    Company Description
    Magnomer introduces a Design2Recycle™: Magnetizable inks that enable bottle recyclability. Our inks complement or substitute ink currently used during package manufacturing (printing) to impart magnetization.
  • Inhibit Coatings Logo
    Inhibit Coatin…

    Company Description
    a New Zealand based start-up company producing high performance antimicrobial paints and coatings for use in food safety and healthcare applications.
  • Hydrox Technologies Logo
    Hydrox Technol…
    Hydrox Technologies Logo
    Hydrox Technologies

    Company Description
    a manufacturer of advanced, sustainable agricultural plastics
  • Gamma Alloys Logo
    Gamma Alloys

    Company Description
    a powder metallurgy company that uses a patented technique to distribute nano-sized alloying ingredients into metals.
  • Fleep Technologies Logo
    Fleep Technolo…
    Fleep Technologies Logo
    Fleep Technologies

    Company Description
    evelops and produces microchips and integrated circuits that are flexible and recyclable, defining a new paradigm in the electronics and semiconductor industries.
  • DryWired Logo

    Company Description
    Drywired’s mission is to harness nanotechnology as a catalyst for change. Their eco-friendly protective thin-film coatings make buildings more energy efficient, surfaces cleaner, lessen e-waste and reduce city air pollution.
  • Circulor Logo

    Company Description
    Traceability for supply chains and plastics waste. Empowering better business
  • Arevo Labs Logo
    Arevo Labs

    Company Description
    Arevo Labs produces products and provides services pertaining to 3-d printing.
  • Nanosferix Logo

    Company Description
    Advanced nano-materials for lightweight composites and specialized applications in pharma/drug delivery/cosmetics etc.
  • Checkerspot Logo

    Company Description
    Designs high performance materials at a molecular level with technology at the nexus of biology and chemistry.
  • Pivot Materials Logo
    Pivot Materials
    Pivot Materials Logo
    Pivot Materials

    Company Description
    Pivot specializes in manufacturing lightweight, sustainable, durable and cost competitive composite plastics for injection and extrusion molding applications using natural fibers including bamboo and rice waste fiber.
  • OakBio Logo

    Company Description
    Commercializing a fundamentally new way to make the building blocks of food and materials, using natural microbes to capture and covert industrial CO₂ emissions into new products.
  • Magic Add Logo
    Magic Add

    Company Description
    Magic Add uses unique identifiers and a cloud-based platform to make cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • Loomia Logo

    Company Description
    LOOMIA creates drapable circuits that can be used for heating, lighting and sensing.
  • Industrial Microbes Logo
    Industrial Mic…
    Industrial Microbes Logo
    Industrial Microbes

    Company Description
    iMicrobes invents green manufacturing methods using synthetic biology by partnering with Global 500 companies to bring chemical products to market.
  • Elemental Machines Logo
    Elemental Mach…

    Company Description
    Smart lab platform delivers powerful, data-driven insights that improve R&D, laboratory operations, and manufacturing outcomes.
  • Drop Water Logo
    Drop Water

    Company Description
    Drop Water is solving the plastic waste problem associated with bottled water, while making the industry more profitable and efficient.
  • Digital Alloys Logo
    Digital Alloys

    Company Description
    For manufacturers of hard metal parts, additive manufacturing with Digital Alloys’ radically simple Joule Printing™ delivers the highest speed and lowest cost.
  • Arcanum Alloys Logo
    Arcanum Alloys

    Company Description
    Disrupting global steel production one alloy at a time.
  • algotek Logo

    Company Description
    Creating algae based bio plastics to help combat the waste generated from traditional plastics.
  • XOnano Logo

    Company Description
    XOnano engineers enhanced foam products which can sense impacts and pressure.
  • Tethis Logo

    Company Description
    Tethis designs and licenses high volume biomaterials
  • Serionix Logo

    Company Description
    Serionix bring color-changing air filtration technology designed for NASA and Astronauts to your family, pets, homes, and cars.
  • Salus Nanotechnologies Logo
    Salus Nanotech…
    Salus Nanotechnologies Logo
    Salus Nanotechnologies

    Company Description
    Coatings for energy & sustainability in consumer & industrial space
  • Radisurf Logo

    Company Description
    Developing unique replacements of glue and primers for strong plastic-to-metal bonding - an environmentally friendly nano surface coating
  • Novarials Logo

    Company Description
    A leading nanowire technology developer
  • Molecule Works Logo
    Molecule Works
    Molecule Works Logo
    Molecule Works

    Company Description
    The company develops and produces thin micro-porous metal and molecular sieve membrane sheets for energy and environmental applications.
  • Is It Fresh Logo
    Is It Fresh

    Company Description
    We are digitizing food supply chain through our unique freshtag (combination of sensors and NFC chips) which can be integrated in almost any type of packaging.
  • Flora Coatings Logo
    Flora Coatings

    Company Description
    Development and Manufacturing of Advanced Intelligent Coatings
  • Cruzfoam Logo

    Company Description
    Compostable plastic foam
  • Bioserie Logo

    Company Description
    Durable, heat resistant, USDA 100% biobased and MADE SAFE certified baby essentials (and potentially more!)
  • ACI Materials Logo
    ACI Materials

    Company Description
    Develop, manufacture and sell advanced aerospace coatings and materials for FHE
  • Vessl Logo

    Company Description
    With the Vessl™ technology we have been able to compact and mobilize heavy liquid containers, bringing a wide array of liquid products into the age of ecommerce.
  • Cambridge Crops Logo
    Cambridge Crops

    Company Description
    Natural and edible solutions for extending the freshness of food
  • CRATUS Technology Logo
    CRATUS Technol…

    Company Description
    AI platform bridging the gap between business intelligence and the physical world, making it extremely easy to access to real time sensor data and analytics for enterprise software.
  • Liquid Wire Logo
    Liquid Wire

    Company Description
    Provider of printable metal gels for stretch electronics, in garment RFID, and biofeedback.
  • WEAV3D Logo

    Company Description
    EAV3D Inc. is a manufacturing technology company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing processes and processing equipment.
  • Metalmark Logo

    Company Description
    Metalmark has a technology platform that creates nanostructured coating, which treats airborne pollutants and toxins to support indoor air quality systems.
  • Opus 12 Logo
    Opus 12

    Company Description
    Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals like methane, ethylene, and ethanol.
  • Lingrove Logo

    Company Description
    Lingrove is a material and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins that outperform traditional materials while preserving elegant natural grain finishes.
  • Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)
    Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)

    Company Description
    TG0 is an interactive technology that allows brands and manufacturers to build 3D touch control systems.
  • Monolets Logo

    Company Description
    MonoLets is building an end-to-end encrypted and enterprise-scale data warehouse. We build the network with batteryless and standards' compliant wireless mesh sensors, at a profile and price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects.
  • Bare Conductive Logo
    Bare Conductive

    Company Description
    Bare Conductive is a printed electronics company providing functional coatings, printed sensors and integration solutions to industry for applications in smart home, pest control, security, and healthcare.
  • TacitWear Logo

    Company Description
    TacitWear enables the transfer of tacit knowledge for workers and ready access to expertise / information in context supporting universal and emerging enterprise wearable devices.
  • Smart Planet Technologies Logo
    Smart Planet T…
    Smart Planet Technologies Logo
    Smart Planet Technologies

    Company Description
    Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering and intellectual property company with innovations in packaging technology.
  • SLIPS Technologies Logo
    SLIPS Technolo…

    Company Description
    SLIPS Technologies, Inc. is a venture-funded Harvard spin-out that makes SLIPSTM, the world’s only fully-slippery materials and coatings with liquid-interface surfaces that repel virtually all fluids and biological fouling agents.
  • Riffyn Logo

    Company Description
    Riffyn provides cloud-based process design and analytics software to life science, materials and food industries — reducing time-to-market and unprecedented analytical transparency.
  • LIMEX Logo

    Company Description
    LIMEX is an amazing future material, made from Limestone. We can save water by LIMEX.