Plug and Play Spring Startups 2018

Brand & Retail

plug and play retail startups

AddShoppers Inc. – The leading data-driven customer recovery and acquisition platform. View their Website >

adnymics Inc. – Offline retargeting with 100% personalized eCommerce package inserts. View their Website >

Cargo Systems Inc. – Cargo is the leading in-car commerce platform for the rideshare economy (Uber, Lyft etc). We enable passengers to purchase and sample essential goods, in-car, on-the-go. View their Website >

DeepMagic Inc. – DeepMagic is designing the store of the future - powered by AI. View their Website > – B2B AI platform that can tap into the subconscious behaviors of humans to reveal very powerful business outcomes. View their Website >

Eloquent Labs – Their AI can teach itself by reading documents, integrate with existing systems to perform custom tasks, and conduct business in a conversational manner--including small talk, sentiment analysis, and personality customization. View their Website >

Fyusion – Fyusion applies 3D computer vision & machine learning expertise to make images as intelligent as they are beautiful. View their Website >

Indivio – Indivio's software makes it easy to mass-customize videos and automatically test them to improve ad performance. View their Website >

LISNR – World’s most advanced ultrasonic technology. View their Website >

PredictSpring – The Fastest Mobile Commerce Platform. View their Website >

Productale – Productale's platform provides a realistic, interactive product experience for online shopping, that is the closest thing to touching and experiencing a product in-store. View their Website >

r4 – r4 is the first company to apply AI across the enterprise, driving new revenue and profit growth without changing systems and people. View their Website >

RADAR – RADAR is an RFID & computer vision platform that automates and augments all retail store processes. View their Website >

Relativity6 Inc. – Our proprietary algorithms can predict which lapsed customers will make a re-purchase with at least 80% accuracy rate. View their Website >

Robby Technologies – Autonomous last mile delivery robots. View their Website >

ShareIQ – ShareIQ is the earned media performance platform for brands. View their Website >

Slyce – Slyce is the market leader in image recognition and visual search for retail, powering the camera mode for more than 35 major US retailers. View their Website >

Snap2Insight – Provide Consumer Product Goods (CPG) brands with visibility into retail store execution, to improve execution of their products and promotions and increase sales. View their Website >

StandardCognition – Improving the checkout experience by removing it entirely. View their Website >

Wyzerr – AI to turn customer feedback data into insights and tasks for managers. View their Website >


Plug and Play Energy and sustainability startups

Actifile – Actifile is operating in an evolving segment of the information security market: protection of data originating from business applications and cloud services. View their Website >

Aves Netsec – Deception-based security that offers a quick and painless way to detect adversaries (e.g. ransomware, worms, APT, insiders).View their Website >

BotDoc – BotDoc is the 'Secure FedEx of Data', making the secure transport of documents and data ridiculously easy. View their Website >

CloudeAssurance – CloudeAssurance created the first and most comprehensive (10,000+ cloud services) Cyber Security Rating Services (SRS) focused on cloud security assessments, scoring and benchmarking. View their Website >

Certus – Certus has developed a multi-layer, smartphone-based authentication platform that offers the only password-free login that enables businesses and online users to conduct streamlined, yet highly secure web-based transactions. View their Website >

Cyberlytic – Advanced web application security software that uses AI to detect and prioritise web attacks. View their Website >

Delvelabs – AI-driven vulnerability assessment solution (Smart VA) that can provide 100% continuous asset coverage without human intervention. View their Website >

Digify – Digify is a cloud-based document security platform. View their Website >

Dispel – Cybersecurity applications specializing in high speed, anonymous, encrypted communication and collaboration systems. View their Website >

Eastwind Networks, Inc. – Eastwind offers the only breach analytics cloud that provides complete visibility as you undergo your digital transformation. View their Website >

Kiana – Presence Analytics, Premise Security and Safety Solution: Protecting people, locations and assets is a critical part of any enterprise. View their Website >

OverWatchID – OverWatchID delivers a feature-rich platform that comprises privileged access management (PAM), identity access management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and cloud access security brokering (CASB). View their Website >

Threat Locker – ThreatLocker provides onsite and cloud based solutions to organizations to protect from malware, viruses and other security threats. View their Website >

Vir2us – The company provides Vir2us Immunity suite of software and hardware solutions. View their Website >

ZecOps – ZecOps, Inc. Automates Threat Analysis at scale. View their Website >


Plug and Play Fintech startups – The Abe AI platform, Conversate, is a full-stack solution to design, build, deploy, and maintain AI-powered conversations. View their Website >

Alloy – Alloy is an API & software platform allowing regulated financial institutions to better manage their identity-related requirements, resulting in increased conversion, lower fraud, and lower back-office manual review costs. The Alloy API allows you to customize which data sources you access and the rules you apply to validate an identity (fulfilling KYC/AML obligations, anti-fraud checks, etc.), and the dashboard lets you update customer records, perform backtests and explore onboarding analytics, and perform manual reviews. View their Website >

Ascent RegTech – Ascent Technologies is a RegTech firm that helps customers simplify and automate their regulatory compliance programs. Its IntaaS (Intelligence-as-a-Service) platform uses a proprietary vertical AI and automation processes to convert the rules and documents of a regulatory body into units of intelligence that are distributed to customers online. View their Website >

Checkbook – Checkbook is solving a major problem of paper checks. We've built a way for businesses and individuals to send and receive Digital Checks, with a few simple clicks. View their Website >

Cignifi – Cignifi’s big data platform provides an end-to-end solution to monetize mobile data for telecom operators, banks, insurers, and other retailers. View their Website >

Clearnomics – Clearnomics is the market insights platform for the wealth management industry. View their Website >

Cognive – At Cognive, we believe in an organization where people think, work, and innovate as one body. Starting from practical solutions in anti-financial crime, our solutions enhance the environment across the entire institution. View their Website >

Eloquent Labs – Eloquent Labs provides a fully integrated conversational artificial intelligence that can inform customers, leverage existing self help, assist agents, and automate internal processes. View their Website >

EquBot – Our powerful AI uncovers unique investment insights on over 15,000 publicly traded global companies so that investors can take advantage of more informed investment decisions. EquBot's AI is now powering more than $130 million in assets. View their Website >

Extend – Extend is a platform that enables credit card holders to share their credit card through the distribution of virtual cards. View their Website >

FI.SPAN – FI.SPAN is an API services management platform that allows banks to integrate and deploy new business banking products and services quickly and easily. View their Website >

ID R&D – ID R&D provides new generation of biometric technology with a focus on frictionless ID. View their Website >

Jacobi – Jacobi is a cloud-based platform designed to drive efficiencies and enhance client engagement for your multi-asset investment team. Seamlessly linking your capital market assumptions, data and portfolios on one customizable platform, Jacobi enables you to run both historical and hypothetical risk/return analytics across your portfolios in a dynamic visual environment. View their Website >

Lisnr – As the leading, global provider of data-over-audio technology, LISNR®’s near-ultrasonic protocol sends data-over-audio to enable proximity engagement, seamless, and secure methods of authentication, and device-to-device data transmission for connectivity and automation. View their Website >

Moxtra – Moxtra, created by the founders of WebEx, provides an omni-channel customer engagement platform for financial services companies. With Moxtra, banks can deliver a customer-centric, digital branch experience to help attract, engage, and retain today’s banking customers. View their Website >

Ohalo – Ohalo automates data governance to help enterprises be compliant with data governance regulations. View their Website >

OpenRisk – OpenRisk is an enterprise platform providing a comprehensive derivatives collateral and liquidity management solution by leveraging Semantic Web (FIBO), AI, and Blockchain technologies - Driving global capital markets transition progressively into a DLT eco-system. View their Website >

Quarule – The Quarule Artificial Intelligence Expert System emulates the decision-making ability by using knowledge of internal operations, policies & procedures for fewer false positives while exposing audit trails to deliver risk-adjusted returns on investment due to 50-70% compliance cost savings. View their Website >

Regalii – Regalii is building the new standard for financial data, which connects any financial institution to merchants. View their Website >

Relativity6 – Relativity6 is a machine learning company focused on identifying and reactivating lapsed customers. View their Website >

Sandbox Banking – A universal adapter that helps financial institutions quickly and safely work with software from fintech startups. View their Website >

Stackfolio – Stackfolio is the online marketplace for loan trading between financial institutions, powered by a data research platform. View their Website >

Trust Stamp – Trust Stamp uses proprietary facial biometric artificial intelligence with proof of life matched to government-issued photo-ID and social media data mining to provide cross-platform authentication and trust scores for blockchain, cloud, and server-based applications. View their Website >

Verrency – Verrency turns Open Banking on its head and puts banks back at the center of their customer’s payment touchpoints by enabling them to deliver payments innovation quickly and easily without replacing their existing payments infrastructure. View their Website >

Wisor – Wisor is helping loan officers and mortgage brokers to close more deals and reduce the cost of handling leads. View their Website >

Food & Beverage

Plug and Play Food & Beverage startups

Adrich – Adrich's tech-tag usage insight platform allows brands and retailers to listen to consumer behavior and communicate during the point of consumption. View their Website >

bext360 – bext360 provides a complete digital-first solution, utilizing Blockchain, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), to create more transparent and efficient supply chains that improves farmer income & livelihood and provides increased visibility to consumers. View their Website >

Boost Biomes – Boost Biomes has a novel platform to understand and engineer microbiomes and is using it to address critical needs in agriculture. View their Website >

Chinova Bioworks – hinova Bioworks has developed natural, healthy preservatives extracted from mushrooms for use in food and beverage products. View their Website >

Finless Foods – Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and mass manufacture pioneering marine animal food products for human consumption. View their Website >

Folia Water – Folia Filters: the world's first water filter for pennies not dollars, the next $1B staple. View their Website >

GEA Enzymes – The worlds most advanced industrial protein builder. View their Website >

Greenteaspoon – Greenteaspoon is a food tech company improving health with microbiome therapeutics. View their Website >

Innit – Innit's Connected Food platform helps consumers across the entire food journey of plan, shop, prep, and cook. View their Website >

Intello Labs – While harnessing the power of AI and Image Recognition, we are able to analyze the quality of the produce and check for nutrient deficiency, and alert for crop infestation. View their Website >

ISOThrive – ISOThrive LLC is a compelling microbiome company that has developed a new microFood™/prebiotic platform. View their Website >

KLUE – The first platform that delivers true and actionable intelligence into eating and drinking behaviors. View their Website >

Know Brainer – We make products to power the mind and metabolism. View their Website >

Novolyze – Novolyze provides revolutionary solutions for food safety, that make the industry save time and money while making safer food.
 View their Website >

PeopleVine – PeopleVine makes customer engagement personal at scale. View their Website >

PHENIX – PHENIX is a pioneer in waste reduction solutions. We create recovery channels for products that were intended to destruction. Our goal is to give unsold products a second life and enhance their value. Our turn key services enable our client to recover and optimize the value of theirs unsold products and waste instead of paying for their disposal, thus creating financial and environemental benefits. View their Website >

Robby Technologies – Autonomous last mile delivery robots. View their Website >

Seek Food – Seek is a line of healthy snack foods incorporating sustainable, protein-rich cricket flour. View their Website >

Sugarlogix – Sugarlogix is a biotechnology company recreating human milk sugars, crucial components of human milk with prebiotic and anti-microbial properties, by using yeast fermentation. View their Website >

Vence – The Invisible Fence / Fitbit for livestock. Automating livestock farms. View their Website >

Wasteless – A continuous stock level monitoring system and dynamic pricing system that lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a product based on its expiration date. Wasteless continuously monitors stock levels, if an item is almost out of stock, the store is alerted. And if it has been on the shelf for too long, the price can be automatically reduced. View their Website >

Yo-kai Express – Eat anywhere 24/7. View their Website >

New Materials & Packaging

Plug and Play New Materials startups

Adrich – Adrich's tech-tag usage insight platform allows brands and retailers to listen to consumer behavior and communicate during the point of consumption. View their Website >

Alchemy – Alchemy is constructing state-of-the-art nano-coatings to enable the use of advanced polymer windshields in autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

Diatomix – A bio-engineered photocatalytic technology that actively and continuously improves indoor air quality by adsorbing and degrading toxins to safe byproducts. View their Website >

Folia Water – Folia Filters: the world's first water filter for pennies not dollars, the next $1B staple. View their Website >

Global Thermostat – Our revolutionary technology FARMS THE SKIES: very low cost Direct Air Capture of CO2 for commercial use - no transportation needed. View their Website >

Hexigone Inhibitors – An agile and progressive pigment company that collaborates to create environmentally responsive coatings to replace toxic and mutagenic chemicals. View their Website >

IGNIS – IGNIS has developed a fire extinguisher material via nanotechnology which can put off fire when temperature rises or flames erupt. View their Website >

Imagine Intelligent Materials – Imagine Intelligent Materials: the Sensing Power Of Graphene enabling every thing to communicate. View their Website >

Living Ink Technologies – Living Ink Technologies is the only company using algae for ink and are developing the most sustainable ink in the world. View their Website >

Mesofilter – Mesopaper is our exciting new filtration medium that eliminates arsenic, lead, mercury, radioactive elements and other harmful pollutants from air and water. View their Website >

PolyDrop – PolyDrop creates conductive materials for lightweight elastomers and coatings. View their Website >

PurThread – PurThread Technologies, Inc. protects fabrics with its patented process of embedding EPA-registered silver salts into fibers and yarns, making them permanently antimicrobial against the effects of microbial contamination and odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. View their Website >

Reality AI – Reality AI is an AI Signal Processing Engineer that detects anomalies, makes predictions and classifies signals in real-time, at the edge. View their Website >

Shoof Technologies – Shoof’s technology for asset monitoring and tracking overcomes the unreliability of current wireless technology for logistics and supply chain management, particularly indoors. It offers a cloud platform and equipment to track assets in motion anywhere, in real time. View their Website >

Sylvatex – Sylvatex replaces petroleum based solution chemistry with a technically superior, lower cost, higher performing non-toxic solution chemistry. View their Website >

ThroughPut – Automating Bottleneck Elimination Strategy for the Digital Supply Chain. View their Website >

Visolis – Engineered Biology enabled Carbon Negative materials. View their Website >

Vizru – Vizru offers a Digital Transformation suite that allows enterprises to adapt to any changes in the industry. View their Website >

Supply Chain & Logistics

Plug and Play Supply Chain Startups

Aquifi – Aquifi has developed unique 3D vision sensors for a portfolio of software applications to accelerate and automate processes in logistics, manufacturing and ecommerce. dimensioning, counting, identification, and inspection of objects using deep learning techniques developed specifically for their sensors. View their Website >

Bext360 – Bext360 provides a complete digital-first solution, utilizing Blockchain, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), to create more transparent and efficient supply chains that improves farmer income & livelihood and provides increased visibility to consumers. View their Website >

BigML – BigML is a consumable, programmable, and scalable machine learning platform that makes it easy to solve and automate classification, regression, cluster analysis, anomaly detection, association discovery, and topic modeling tasks. BigML is helping thousands of analysts, software developers, and scientists around the world to solve machine learning tasks from end-to-end. View their Website >

Cogniac – Cogniac makes it insanely easy to automate any visual inspection task using state of the art convolutional neural networks that learn by example. All aspects of data curation, model design, model testing, and model deployment are fully automated, enabling anyone to build visual AI's that classify, detect, count or measure items or conditions of interest. View their Website >

DataRobot – DataRobot provides a machine learning platform for a spectrum of data-driven users and skill levels. They also provide a predictive analytics platform to rapidly build and deploy predictive models though the cloud for an enterprise. View their Website >

Dawex – Dawex is a global data marketplace that enables you to share, monetize, and acquire data without intermediaries. View their Website >

Dray Alliance – The drayage industry lacks a single source platform that allow drayage trucking companies to locate the best freight, skip rate negotiation, dispatch drivers, and pay on time. By eliminating freight brokers and using data and algorithms, Dray Alliance can decrease transportation cost for shippers and increase profit for the transportation providers. View their Website >

Eloquent Labs – Eloquent Labs uses proprietary NLP and on-the-job learning techniques to automate conversation in customer support with an AI chatbot (FAQs, tracking, cancellations, returns, etc.). View their Website >

Evertracker – Evertracker has developed one of the first artificial intelligences for the logistics market. They can use it to revolutionize processes and provide you with a competitive advantage. Their artificial intelligence knows today what will happen in your logistics chains tomorrow.View their Website >

Hivetracker – HiveTracker transforms how overall Supply chain actors get real-time end-to-end visibility. View their Website >

IAM Robotics – IAM Robotics develops autonomous robots that retrieve products from distribution centers. View their Website >

Lanetix – Logistics providers use Lanetix to power their Revenue Transformation. Their workflow, collaboration, and CRM suite enables 3PLs and carriers to grow their revenue and profits, while competing on the basis of value—not just price. View their Website >

LoadDocs/Vector – LoadDocs is a mobile-first collaborative workflow management system for logistics and field services. View their Website >

ODYN – Bloomberg for Logistics -- Armada is a predictive supply chain intelligence platform that helps shippers make better logistics decisions so they can reduce their working capital spend. We analyze the movement of everything that moves in the global supply chain using public data sets, private data sets, and our own low-cost pallet tracking solution so we can make predictions about what's going to happen. View their Website >

Planet – Planet designs, builds, and actively operates satellites while also delivering data to customers via a highly scalable web-based platform. View their Website > – Reality AI is a software company that offers AI-driven tools for R&D teams developing products with sensors. View their Website >

Robby Technologies – Robby Technologies is building self-driving robots for last-mile delivery of food, groceries and packages. View their Website >

Skymind Inc. – Skymind bundles open-source AI in an enterprise distribution that helps data science teams train and deploy neural networks at scale to make highly accurate predictions about their data. View their Website >

SUDU – Sudu is a VC backed trucking services platform that utilizes big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to connect companies that ship freight with a network of trucks and carriers. View their Website >

TradeLanes – A digital trade room that automatically generates global trade documents providing such benefits as Digital Documents, Shipment Tracking, Status Notifications, Vendor Collaboration, Online Bookings, Detailed Reporting. View their Website >

Wasteless – A continuous stock level monitoring system and dynamic pricing system that lets consumers choose how much they want to pay for a product based on its expiration date. View their Website >