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  • Spin Pay Logo
    Spin Pay

    Company Description
    Spin Pay is a fintech that offers instant payments services. We are a network that connects payers and payees, who want to manage resources in a simple, quick and secure way. Our goal is to enable a more open and democratic financial ecosystem that promotes the collaboration between the parties.
  • SlicingDice Logo

    Company Description
    SlicingDice supports organizations looking to become data-driven but that are struggling due to complex, expensive or outdated data technologies that require many human experts to make it work. We empower technical and business people to quickly and easily transform companies' raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions, without requiring data experts or dedicated BI teams. Any organization, doesn't matter the size, must have data analytics to be competitive and stay in business, but small and medium businesses can't afford the current tools and the required professionals to make them work. According to the World Bank, there are more than 130 million SMB in the world and we see all of them as our potential addressable market. We currently don't have any competitor with the "All-in-One" approach with a UX that is suitable for SMBs, but all these companies could eventually build something "similar" to what we have: DOMO, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Salesforce, etc.
  • Rock Content Logo
    Rock Content

    Company Description
    Generate leads, nurture your audience, and deliver high-quality leads to sales. Buyers conduct research and make purchasing decisions before they ever interact with your sales team. How do you transform your content marketing outreach efforts to build a relationship before connecting them to sales? Our demand generation approaches help you drive awareness and interest, bridging the buying cycle gap so sales can step in when audiences are on the path to purchase. 6 offices (Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Juiz de Fora, Guadalajara, Boca Raton, Toronto)
  • Rhizom Logo

    Company Description
    Winner of the most relevant award of the year in the Science, Technology and Innovation category at the end of 2018, Rhizom is the first Blockchain Protocol written 100% from scratch in Latin America, which has more scalability (100,000 transactions per second), a new model of consensus, unprecedented innovations in Smart Contracts, and a business model with a robust framework that enables new P2P marketplace and more competitive payment system arrangements - with lower rates, faster and more scalable. In addition, it is also the world's first protocol that the underlying token is a Security Token - a new asset class protected against fraud and speculation - meets all requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Finma in Switzerland . According to Gartner, a market with potential trillions of dollars - which also allows dividend distribution. The team consists of masters, doctors and postdocs in computer mathematics, economics, philosophy, game theory, neurosci
  • PandaPay Logo

    Company Description
    PandaPay is an expert at financial services and Blockchain technology. Explore the financial flow of your customer network in the best way possible through our e-wallet whitelabel with real-time dashboards gaining operational efficiency, behavior data of your base and new products offerings. A whole set of financial services: multi-cash-in, instant and unlimited p2p transfers, QR codes, phone top ups, bill and invoice payments, utilities vouchers, billing in app through notification, bank transfers, card attached to the wallet to buy online and at any POS, ATMs withdrawals , asset tokenization through blockchain and more. The data is fully segregated and the solution is 100% customizable with your brand identity. Soon: remittance. Finalist of startups competition and awards in Brazil. Accelerated by Plug and Play and Cielo. The founders have a proven track record at Fintechs, Blockchain and Financial Markets.
  • OroraTech Logo

    Company Description
    OroraTech is developing the first global wildfire intelligence service from space including risk assessment, early detection, real-time monitoring service. Wildfires are a natural phenomenon, yet due to global warming, they are becoming more severe, causing billions of Euros in damages, thousands of fatalities and 10% of global CO2 emissions every year.
  • Nuveo Logo

    Company Description
    Nuveo is a computer vision company specialized in complex backoffice and frontoffice automations. We have expertise in reading and interpreting data, whether structured or not. Our patented technology, UltraOCR, works on the preprocessing of images so that the extraction is done in the best possible way. Due to our high technological level, we are able to automate processes from end to end, with a high level of accuracy. In addition, our proprietary technology allows us to explore various applications at the edge, placing the software on different types of image capture hardware. That is why, today, Nuveo is known for excellence in its still image and dynamic image solutions.
  • Nextcode Logo

    Company Description
    A product that uses computer vision and machine learning to analyze identification documents, such as CPF, RG and CNH, as well as proof of residence. It works 100% online and without human intervention in the process of ideation. Ideal for credit assessment, profile and fraud detection operations. Areas of activity: Financial services, retail, ecommerce, document expertise, among others. As the market works with resolutions only up to 300dpi, their product recovers data in images from 72dpi.
  • Kublau Logo

    Company Description
    Card tracking platform (CRM) that helps Issuers improve delivery, increase activation and optimize Card´s lifecycle enabling a proactive and personalized onboarding experience 1. Ensure cards sent are correctly delivered By being directly connected to the major couriers worldwide, Kublau is able to centralize and standardize card shipping information, allowing the platform to: Report relevant info related to the delivery process in real time, analyze the data to create visual reports and facilitate problem resolution. 2. Increase card activation and optimize life-cycle By having traceability of the shipping process, issuers are able to send proactive and personalized notifications during and after the shipping process to their customers. Sending the right message at the right moment, not only improves onboarding experience but also boosts activation, incentivizes card use, increases expenditure and reduces attrition.
  • Kakaxi, INC Logo
    Kakaxi, INC

    Company Description
    KAKAXI is an AI powered platform to easily collect and analyze remote images and ambient data. We designed the Kakaxi camera device to capture the natural world and utilize data from remote environments . With zero maintenance and easy installation, the Kakaxi device can upload images and climate conditions such as temperature, humidity and solar radiation to the cloud from virtually any location. From the outback of Australia to the mountains of Colombia, Kakaxi is the world’s only camera with climate sensors that is fully solar powered and connected by 3G in over 130 countries.
  • InCeres Logo

    Company Description
    Our clients are Farmers; Crop Consultants; Cooperatives; Sugar Mills; Input and Machinery dealers; Soil laboratories and Universities. To them we deliver Performance; Data Security; Customization; Data management and Scalability To farmers we deliver RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION & HIGHER YIELD; Agronomic recommendations; Planning & Strategy We have a platform (SaaS) with agronomic technology for Precision and conventional farming to manage soil and plant nutrition There are apps to gather information from the field and app for farmer field operations. The platform collects data about soil fertility, Compaction, texture and topography, electrical conductivity, IoT, Satellite and vegetation indexes, plagues, diseases, Climate, planning and operation data We generate one database for BI and another for AI. Our clients may access use our solution to support decision making We create technology for the assisted and distribute to the smaller
  • Grao Direto Logo
    Grao Direto

    Company Description
    We connect farmers and buyers making the agricultural commodities market more efficient and transparent for all players. This includes not only supporting trade, but also great future opportunities in financial products, market data, insurance, logistics, etc. This is a $60 billion USD market in Brazil, which is one of the world’s leading countries in agriculture. Problem Agriculture has faced a revolution over the last 20 years with modern harvesters, drones and more technology to increase productivity. However, in terms of trading, it continues doing business as before: using telephone (which is an archaic and inefficient process that generates a lot of information asymmetry in the physical market). Solution GRAO DIRETO creates a network between buyers and farmers connected in a more intelligent way. Through our technology, farmers receive notifications about opportunities registered by grain buyers, which can reach a much larger number of farmers using an easier and faster process
  • Gavea Marketplace Logo
    Gavea Marketpl…
    Gavea Marketplace Logo
    Gavea Marketplace

    Company Description
    Gavea Marketplace digital platform simplifies the trading, execution and settlement of Physical Commodities, cutting out the middlemen and paperwork, making the whole process much more efficient and cheaper to participants, in a safer and transparent environment. Some of the benefits are: - Digital Trading Platform (Exchange) - Supply Chain Automation - No Middlemen - Higher Profit Margin to the Users - Lower Transaction and Operational Costs - Tailor-made Digital Contracts - Safer and Transparent Environment (blockchain)
  • FullFace Biometrics Solutions Logo
    FullFace Biome…
    FullFace Biometrics Solutions Logo
    FullFace Biometrics Solutions

    Company Description
    FullFace was born with the mission to break all paradigms of biometrics technologies, bringing to the market an accurate, customized and accessible solution for all businesses. To overcome this challenge, we developed a proprietary technology for facial biometrics, specialized in people identification, easy to integrate with any hardware and software, being able to distinguish identical twins in less than 0.5s. We guarantee information security, creating a facial ID of each individual, so their characteristics become a password. Our biometrics platform maps 1024 face points and doesn’t store images in its process, making it possible to have an unlimited database and making any recognition process more agile. The solution allows the creation of a platform capable of integrating physical, mobile and web processes, in addition to being able to use any hardware with a capture device such as cell phones, tablets, webcams and notebooks in all processes that you need to ask yourself “who".
  • DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture Logo
    DigiFarmz Smar…
    DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture Logo
    DigiFarmz Smart Agriculture

    Company Description
    DigiFarmz assists agronomists and farmers in controlling soybean diseases by providing parameters for better decision making. Guidance as to what to use (fungicides, mixtures, etc.), when (ideal date of each spray), how much (number of sprays), and anti-resistance management. The constantly expanding database (crowdsourcing + field research) also allows for optimization of resources and investments in farming, contributing to the reduction of the impact on the environment. We are expanding predictive mathematical models beyond soybeans to include corn, cotton and cereals, as well as herbicides and insecticides.
  • Datarisk Logo

    Company Description
    DataRisk is an online predictive modeling platform focused on credit, collection, and fraud serving mainly financial institutions. The company uses tools to deliver a complete, scalable web solution. A model available for shoring is possible in a few hours. It also develops a SaaS solution that makes data science reachable to any company without a data scientist. It enables the development and automatic updating of machine learning models for applications such as credit, marketing, and fraud prevention. The products are created to extract information and generate a predictive model. DataRisk was founded on 2017 and it's headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil, with an office in Sao Paulo as well.
  • Buzzmonitor Logo

    Company Description
    Buzzmonitor is a customer experience and customer care management solution designed to help small businesses to improve intelligence and accountability on consumer touchpoints, such as Google My Business, Chat, WhatsApp, E-mail and Social Media using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

    Company Description
    Brainn is a venture studio specialized in new technologies and digital product frameworks. We have built web and mobile products and solved problems for ambitious clients in different segments, e.g., an investment bank in Brazil, a tourism platform in Amsterdam, a global SaaS business based in San Francisco. Also, we have already worked with PlugAndPlay corporate clients. Mastering the agile framework and providing multidisciplinary squads, we work together with our clients to achieve a 100% alignment on how the final project will be delivered. Typically our projects have three different steps: ideation, delivery, and training. Without bureaucracy and a clear communication framework, we allow business stakeholders to make informed decisions based on actual data from the team and the product, enabling better results and, thus, increase the ROI — think of one unit of business and technical experts working together to achieve a real solution and great outcomes. This is Brainn.
  • Atollogy (acq. by ThinkIQ) Logo
    Atollogy (acq.…
    Atollogy (acq. by ThinkIQ) Logo
    Atollogy (acq. by ThinkIQ)

    Company Description
    Atollogy’s proprietary algorithms and capabilities are revolutionizing how physical operations are managed by integrating the physical world with artificial intelligence. Atollogy's focus is helping companies enter the modern world of operations technology to drive improvements to their bottom line without enduring the pain, expense & process changes that are the hallmarks of classic enterprise systems.

    Company Description
    VALID LINK aims to be an end-to-end agnostic chain traceability solution. By applying IoT, Blockchain and digital platforms, we have created an integrated and secure product information source. With the "Intelligent Warehouse", an automated WMS solution that tracks all warehousing and industrialization processes by applying Industry 4.0 technology. All data tracked can be consolidated in Operations Centers, with visual dashboards powered by advanced AI and Analytics, which provide valuable insights for the actors involved in the chain. For the Agrochemicals and Mineral Water, for instance, it's possible to track&trace each product, since production, through distribution channels and consumers.