Round 5. Innovation Challenges.

Digital detection solutions to enhance safety.

The Lloyd's Register Safety Accelerator is delighted to be working with PepsiCo, Phillips 66, and DCP Midstream, for our fifth round of safety and risk Innovation Challenges.

Sourcing for Round 5 is closed and the winning startups will be announced shortly

Challenge 1: Revolutionary Listeria Detection.

Corporate Sponsor: Pepsico

Pilot Winner: To be announced

This challenge, set in conjunction with PepsiCo, the multinational food and beverage corporation, seeks revolutionary digital solutions to increase the speed at which food manufacturers can detect listeria in their food production facilities. The successful solution should deliver continuous or same day results and should be effective across a range of foods, liquids and dairy products.


Challenge 2: Digital Plastic Pipeline Detection.

 Corporate Sponsor: DCP Midstream

Pilot Winner: To be announced

This challenge, set in conjunction with major US pipeline operator DCP Midstream, seeks innovative digital solutions to accurately pinpoint the location of Poly, PVC and Fiberglass underground pipelines, to reduce injuries, damage and releases caused by line strikes. The successfully solution should have the capability for long range pipe locates, including under paved conditions.


Challenge 3: Data analytics to detect pipeline faults.

Corporate Sponsor: Phillips 66

Pilot Winner: To be announced

This Challenge, set in conjunction with Phillips 66, the US energy manufacturing and logistics company, seeks innovative IoT, machine learning and AI solutions to more effectively identify anomalies from the immense ILI data sets. The solution should be capable of processing both raw ILI and historical incident data, to identify pipeline integrity threats with higher accuracy, reducing the risk of pipeline leaks and major incidents.

Phillips 66

Challenge 4: Data-driven compliance and assurance for safety-critical industries.

Corporate Sponsor: Lloyd's Register

Pilot Winner: To be announced

This industry-wide challenge seeks innovative digital solutions to transform the way we ensure confidence in an asset, shifting from an ad-hoc to a more dynamic and proactive process. The proposed solution should be capable of drawing data from assets, procedures and people, as well as regulatory policy data, to give operators the ability to review and balance real-time changes to their assets and changes to regulations.

lloyds round 5

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