Round 4. Challenges and Successful Startups.

Improving safety through data analytics applications.

Our fourth round of Innovation Challenges were set in conjunction with industry challenge partners Scorpio, Bernard Schulte and the Discovering Safety Programme, who each sought innovative digital solutions to improve safety through data analytics applications. Data Analytics technology has the potential to transform how we address safety, by providing insight into previous incidents and in doing so, preventing similar incidents occurring in the future.

Challenge 1: Video analytics for safe operation of critical equipment on commercial ships

Corporate Sponsor: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Pilot Winner: Invision AI

Invision AI is on a mission to transform the Internet of Things into the Internet of Intelligent Things. Our AI software runs directly on edge devices, enabling them to create valuable situational insight without expensive hardware or cloud uploads


Challenge 2: Marine Incident Detection and Insights, using sensor and video analytics

 Corporate Sponsor: Scorpio

Pilot Winner: Sensing Feeling

Sensing Feeling makes advanced human emotion sensing IoT products, powered by computer vision and machine learning, and is designed to be used to sense how users are feeling, just by observing their behaviour, in real time, and in unconstrained (“in the wild”) real-world conditions.


Challenge 3: Automatic anonymising and desensitising of health and safety data

Corporate Sponsor: Discovery Safety Programme

Pilot Winner: Ohalo

Ohalo automates data governance to meet regulations like GDPR and state data protection laws. Ohalo has two products: the Data X-Ray uses a machine learning algorithm to scan data sources ranging from SQL to Google Drive for sensitive data. The Data Protection Router maintains a record of data lineage across multiple data sources to enable easy simultaneous deletion, access, and rectification of data.


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