Round 3. Challenges and Successful Startups.

Innovative Risk Detection Methods.

For this round, our challenge partners came from the marine, energy and food industries respectively. Shell, Benugo and Wallenius Wilhelmsen each sought innovative solutions to detect risk and sought applications from startups who had developed such solutions. Effective risk detection methods can potentially prevent safety incidents from occuring. 

Challenge 1: Early detection of gas leaks onboard a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tanker.

Corporate Sponsor: Shell

Pilot Winner: MSquared

M Squared is an innovative award-winning manufacturer of lasers and associated systems. MSL is vertically integrating into its core sectors of biophotonics, quantum technologies and industrial sensing, commercialising novel technology such as microscopes, gravimeters and standoff chemical sensors.


Challenge 2: Pre-fire Heat Change Detection Onboard Ships.

Corporate Sponsor: Wilhelmsen

Pilot Winner: Monolets

MonoLets provides a real-time data stream using a wireless mesh network with low cost disposable wireless sensors. The standards compatible (BLE/15.4) wireless mesh network improves the coverage, reliability and robustness of the wireless network, which is a prime concern for saftey-critical applications. The wireless modules have a built-in temperature sensor and other sensors (eg; MEMS based sensor) can be attached as appropriate.


Challenge 3: Tracking, Detecting and Communicating Accurate Allergen Data in Restaurants.

Corporate Sponsor: Benugo

Pilot Winner: Allergy Amulet

Allergy Amulet is creating a paradigm shift in food safety and transparency with a rapid and portable food allergen/ingredient detection device. It allows users to quickly test their food for unwanted allergenic ingredients (e.g. peanuts). The Allergy Amulet can be configured as a wearable or attached to everyday products.

Allergy Amulet

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