Round 2. Challenges and Successful Startups.

 Eleven startups were shortlisted to pitch for our second innovation day, in areas such as AI, computer vision and behaviour recognition. Cutting-edge solutions were presented, to solve some of the most urgent safety challenges within the marine, energy and critical infrastructure industries, set by the Safety Accelerator in collaboration with challenge partners Scorpio, Pacific International Lines (PIL), Infratek and Odfjell Drilling.

Challenge 1: Determining master’s and crew’s psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Corporate Sponsor: Pacific International Lines (PIL)

Pilot Winner: Senseye

Senseye is building a direct link between humans and computers, and working to enable you to use the human brain tomorrow, the way a mouse and keyboard are used today. Senseye’s moonshot, Human-Computer Symbiosis, will revolutionize the way humans communicate with technology, using a unique, sensory interface technology, we are developing a direct link from the brain to a computer via the eye.

PIL Senseye

Challenge 2: Improving how quickly errors are spotted in work on infrastructure assets.

Corporate Sponsor: Infratek

Pilot Winner: Number Boost

Numberboost applies the use of machine learning to solve computer vision problems through custom interactive visualisations and data analytics. NumberBoost builds custom solutions using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to solve a variety of real-world prediction and computer perception problems. NumberBoost has experience building custom interactive visualizations and handling massive datasets using high-performance distributed computing technologies.


Challenge 3: Video detection of physical asset changes to prevent falling objects.

Corporate Sponsor: Odfjell Drilling

Pilot Winner: Cogniac

Cogniac enables enterprise customers to extract information from ever-increasing streams of video and image data. If you can see an item or condition of interest — even if it requires professional expertise — Cogniac’s system can automatically observe images and video and detect that item. Using modern advances in deep learning, Cogniac’s products achieve better-than-human performance at many highly-focused observation tasks.


Challenge 4: Understanding why wrong decisions happen to reduce the risk of human error incidents.

Corporate Sponsor: Scorpio

Pilot Winner: To be confirmed


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