Round 1 Challenges and Successful Startups

 The nature of marine and offshore, and the environments in which these industries operate, can be particularly dangerous. Although conditions for crew and personnel are improving, there is more to be done to improve the safety of life on board ships and floating platforms. Round 1 sought innovative digital ideas to find ways to create safer work environments, featuring two industry-wide challenges and two challenges with industry challenge partners Gassco and Kotug.

Challenge 1: Detecting minor leaks in complex industrial environments

Corporate Sponsor: Gassco

Pilot Winner: MultiSensor Scientific

MultiSensor Scientific has developed an advanced imaging capability for detecting, visualizing & quantifying methane leaks.

Safetytech winners challenge 1

Challenge 2: Navigating gas vapour clouds

Corporate Sponsor: Kotug

Pilot Winner: Neurocontrols

NeuroControls develops Cognitive Sensors and Systems using the latest A.I. technologies in electronics and cloud computing. They provide COGNITIVE SENSOR and COGNITIVE COMPUTING solutions for sound, vision, motion & data. They enable everyday smart interactions with environments and surroundings.

Safetytech challenge 2 winners

Challenge 3: Ensuring marine and offshore crew competency

Corporate Sponsor: Lloyd's Register

Pilot Winner: Workerbase

WORKERBASE offers the first smartwatch specifically designed for industrial use with manufacturing apps connecting to an IoT backend.

safety tech challenge 3 winners

Challenge 4: Enhancing dynamic risk assessment

Corporate Sponsor: Lloyd's Register

Pilot Winner: LexaTexer

LexaTexer is next generation software for predictive analytics. Easy to use, precise and secure. LexaTexer is optimized for Legal, Health, Compliance, Customer Interaction and Predictive Maintenance use cases. Data collection and processing is as easy as copying files into a virtual data room. Security is guaranteed by our award winning DocRAID® secure data rooms.

Safetytech challenge 4 winner

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