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  • Bringly Logo

    Company Description
    Your Sustainable First-to-Last-Mile Partner.
  • Onomotion GmbH Logo
    Onomotion GmbH

    Company Description
    Moves your Business - Move the World
  • Shopi Logo

    Company Description
    Shopi is a cloud-based retail operating platform that connects inventories with customers at all channels in the most efficient way possible.
  • ASAP Logo

    Company Description
    Fully integrated Q-commerce-as-a-Service
  • ZenOwn Logo

    Company Description
    ZenOwn - All your products in 1 place
  • Etvas Logo

    Company Description
    Marketplace and platform for value added services
  • Citkar GmbH Logo
    Citkar GmbH

    Company Description
    Setting new Standards for sustainable smart urban MOBILITY
  • Trivie Logo

    Company Description
    Trivie uses cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification to help employees remember training information longer.
  • LIVEBUY Logo

    Company Description
    White Label Live Video Shopping Technology for Brands and Retailers
  • CRM Spy Logo
    CRM Spy

    Company Description
    CRM Spy is a competitive intelligence platform that provides access to competitors' hidden customer communication.
  • Insertcoin Logo

    Company Description
    Insert Coin uses behavioural science and gamification to increase companies ability to achieve sustainable digital growth by improving key metrics such as engagement, retention, and churn.
  • Everskill Logo

    Company Description
    Everskill helps L&D experts to revolutionize their learning culture.
  • Millimetric Logo

    Company Description
    Automated and Actionable Anomaly Detection
  • Spoon Guru Logo
    Spoon Guru

    Company Description
    Helping consumers discover the right food whatever their dietary preference, health objective or lifestyle choice.
  • Gocomo Logo

    Company Description
    Gocomo moves away from “gut feeling” in influencer marketing towards a long-term, data-driven approach. They combine social media, innovative tech and actionable data to create meaningful value for their partners. They bring together brands with their fans and their specific target group.
  • Centricity Insights Logo
    Centricity Ins…

    Company Description
    Centricity is a SaaS company providing micro market pre-purchase intent data to today's modern retailer & CPG companies.
  • E-bot7 Logo

    Company Description
    E-bot7 is a solution integrating AI into existing or custom CRM systems to increase the efficiency of customer service operations. The solution quickly classifies support queries, forwards them to the right agents, and suggests the best answers to each query.
  • Udentify Logo

    Company Description
    Google Analytics for Brick and Mortars
  • Placense Logo

    Company Description
    Placense empowers stakeholders in the physical world to realize their assets’ potential through unprecedented insights about their customers and audience.
  • Magnwall Logo

    Company Description
    Completely electrified display systems
  • LocalUp Logo

    Company Description
    Automation of location based Online-Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads for customers such as Coca Cola, Skoda and Adticket.
  • Lizee Logo

    Company Description
    Lizee's mission is to accelerate brand’s integration into the booming renting economy with fast ROI and high impact thanks to turnkey technology, logistics and managed services solution.
  • Intelistyle Logo

    Company Description
    Intelistyle helps retailers address the needs of customers looking for styling advice by scaling their personal styling online, in store or at home using AI. Its outfit recommendations outperformed human stylists at London Fashion Week and convert 2x better than traditional recommendations.
  • Geospin Logo

    Company Description
    Geospin software turns your data into prognoses by adding Smart City data.
  • Active Energy/ Faunder Logo
    Active Energy/…
    Active Energy/ Faunder Logo
    Active Energy/ Faunder

    Company Description
    We use AI and IoT Technologies to analyze and decrease energy consumption significantly while supplying Energy at cost-price to the consumer.
  • Cognigy Logo

    Company Description
    Cognigy.AI, is a self-improving Conversational Management Platform, that allows to easily integrate voice and chat AIs into their devices and applications, connecting through various channels
  • Bagaj Logo

    Company Description
    On Demand Locker Service Platform
  • 7lytix Logo

    Company Description
    7LYTIX is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. We are experts in Artificial Intelligence and use your data to develop solutions that are impossible with conventional software development.
  • Outernets Logo

    Company Description
    Outernets transforming windows into interactive digital displays.
  • AB Tasty Logo
    AB Tasty

    Company Description
    AB Tasty helps marketers increase online conversions through A/B testing, data insights, personalization, and user engagement
  • Kustomer Logo

    Company Description
    Kustomer is an omnichannel Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM platform specializing in customer service.
  • ZyseMe Logo

    Company Description
    ZyseMe is an AI-powered retail platform that makes customized clothing an accessible, affordable and sustainable choice.
  • Retailquant Logo

    Company Description
    RetailQuant develops technologies that enable physical retailers to understand their customer’s motivations, desires and habits at scale.
  • Caper AI Logo
    Caper AI

    Company Description
    Self-Checkout made easy. Scan, pay, and go! No more lines.
  • YR Store Logo
    YR Store

    Company Description
    YR are a global software and services business focused on customisation and on demand production.
  • Coindrum Logo

    Company Description
    Coindrum provides self-service units in airports that passengers use to convert leftover coins into airport shopping vouchers.
  • Spirable Logo

    Company Description
    Spirable enables brands to create the optimal video for every person, every time, everywhere. The state-of-the-art platform brings data & modular assets together to create quality videos that are relevant for audiences based on location, behaviour, time, weather etc across all social & digital channels.
  • Texel Logo

    Company Description
    Texel develops and manufactures solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis of human body.
  • Dotaki Logo

    Company Description
    Dotaki improves e-retailers conversion rates up to 30% by adapting content, text, pictures and UX, to each online visitor's psychological traits.
  • Tiliter Logo

    Company Description
    Updating the way customers shop at the self-service checkout. Supermarket chains lose billions of dollars each year through theft including the dishonest use of self-service checkouts. By speeding up the checkout process, increasing customer satisfaction and preventing theft and reducing waste, retailers can expect a significant positive return on investment
  • Reactive Reality Logo
    Reactive Reali…

    Company Description
    Reactive Reality has developed an advanced and proprietary augmented reality (AR) engine for mobile devices that overcomes a major e-commerce problem: experiencing products before buying them. Our technology is a driver of sales conversions, increased basket sizes, user engagement and retention. Moreover, it lowers return rates by enabling users to experience products before buying them online.
  • Packator Logo

    Company Description
    Packator is the digital order solution for courier services. Like mytaxi for the taxi market is packator bridging the gap between offline couriers and costumers who want to book, track and manage their orders online/digital. For retail customers we offer a plug&play last mile delivery solution based on our courier network.
  • Orby Logo

    Company Description
    Orby is a flying robotics company at the intersection of next-generation flight technology and navigation systems for commercial applications. Using our flying robots a business can track its assets, optimize inventory, scan barcodes, run surveillance and even map out their warehouses, backrooms, and stores. We're bringing these safe flying robots to help our workforces.
  • OptioPay Logo

    Company Description
    Optiopay is the world’s only FinTech company specialized in processing disbursements and transforming them into higher value payout options at your store! Our partners are large banks, Insurance companies, Energy companies that allow you to make your store attractive as a payout option in the moment when people receive money.
  • Metigate Logo

    Company Description
    Metigate helps companies to improve their margins by automatically adapting their business strategy to weather conditions, thanks to its API platform and connectors. Metigate transforms standard weather forecast into purchasing intentions and realize actions into Adwords, Facebook, CRM application or ERPs to benefit from weather conditions potential.
  • MessengerPeople Logo

    Company Description
    Messengers (like WhatApp or Facebook Messenger) have become the most popular consumer platforms with billions of daily active users. MessengerPeople enables companies to communicate with their target audiences via messengers, for customer service and for marketing.
  • Livello Logo

    Company Description
    We are a food and tech startup that has developed a smart fridge that automatically detects, manages and sells products. We offer companies “fresh food as a service” and deliver deliciously healthy meals, snacks and drinks several times a week. Our mission is to provide our customers with easy and fast access to good food, 24/7.
  • Cellomat Logo

    Company Description
    Support retail partners to automate mobile device lifecycle services including trade-in, trade-up and sale of mobile devices, based on Cellomat’s unique technology
  • BuyBuddy Logo

    Company Description
    Buy Buddy is the developer of the smart shopping tags. Through these shopping tags, customer can shop without going to checkout, retailers can track their inventory in real time, track customer behavior and secure it's items with smart security.
  • Qopius Logo

    Company Description
    Automating and optimizing retail execution using cross-platform computer vision.
  • WUNDER Logo

    Company Description
    WUNDER is deeply understanding customers taking AI to perceive and serve their needs and wants in real-time.
  • Locarta Logo

    Company Description
    Bringing new metrics to the physical world through a panel of smartphone users.
  • Brick Spaces Logo
    Brick Spaces

    Company Description
    As the largest platform in the German-speaking area, we offer businesses access to short-term commercial spaces.
  • Jetson Logo

    Company Description
    We are an intelligent "voice-first" commerce platform that delivers a best-in-class buying experience for your brand.
  • Adways Logo

    Company Description
    Adways offers an amazing online platform enabling anyone to make video interactive. This to boost audience engagement and monetization hence accelerating the conversion funnel.
  • Augment Logo

    Company Description
    The augmented reality platform that drives sales and engagement.
  • IDEE Logo

    Company Description
    IDEE offers businesses a technology to make their customers’ digital identities shareable, trustworthy and secure.
  • Cryptowerk Logo

    Company Description
    Cryptowerk’s Digital Trust Engine makes it easy to integrate enterprise applications with any blockchain, creating an unalterable system of record for digital transactions that verifies trust and meets even the strictest compliance requirements. Using Cryptowerk, business leaders in multiple industries are building trust into their products, services and processes as a competitive advantage.
  • AiFi Logo

    Company Description
    AiFi, a computer vision technology company, is introducing the first scalable checkout-free solution for stores from small convenience shops to mega-retailers. At AiFi, we're building intelligence at scale, and targeting the trillion dollar market of retail. Using computer vision, deep learning, and edge computing, we're developing a scalable checkout-free solution with minimal store modifications to the stores and enable AI-powered real time in-store analytics.
  • 2txt Logo

    Company Description
    2txt automates the creation of informative, engaging e-commerce content. Our software transforms data into high-quality, unique, actionable content, all in the blink of an eye. We help companies maximize organic traffic and conversion rate with our innovative and intelligent content generator.
  • Checkout Technologies Logo
    Checkout Techn…
    Checkout Technologies Logo
    Checkout Technologies

    Company Description
    We are building solution for the cashier-less stores using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. We now have a product launching on the market for April, it is a self-checkout machine using computer vision instead of reading barcodes, it is 72% faster than a barcode scanner and allow also elderly people to use the technology.
  • LightnTec Logo

    Company Description
    The future of Light is digital, and on thin film. Digital illuminated Spaces. Any Size. Any Shape. Any Place. Ultrathin. Ultra Lightweight! Made by LightnTec. Made in Germany. Our vision: Connecting Senses, in order to communicate to people you need to get them connected to the ambience.
  • ZigZag Logo

    Company Description
    ZigZag is a returns solution for retailers. On the front-end we provide a branded portal through which the customer can book a return from a list of convenient returns options. On the back-end we provide a SAAS platform that tracks all returned items throughout our network of 200 warehouses and 50 courier partners in 130 countries.We are helping retailers like Arcadia and Selfridges to cut returns costs by over 50% and processing and refunding times by as much as 65%.
  • Smartmile Logo

    Company Description
    The current model of urban last mile delivery is inconvenient for consumers, inefficient for couriers and retailers and creates congestion and pollution in cities. SMARTMILE is a cloud based software platform, connecting automated parcel terminals to any online buyer, courier and retailer. SMARTMILE creates a unique open and shared urban delivery infrastructure and makes deliveries in cities more efficient, convenient and sustainable, and turns stores into hubs for parcel collection and traffic.
  • ThingOS Logo

    Company Description
    ThingOS bridges differences in wireless and wired sensor/actuator technologies to drastically speed-up our customers development of smart environments and Industry 4.0 automation scenarios. By using our technology platform (hardware and software) our customers can focus on solving business problems instead of low-level problems.
  • Heptasense Logo

    Company Description
    "More than 100 billion dollars are spent every year due to theft in all value chain of retail. Heptasense developed a platform that connects to current surveillance infrastructure, using artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behavior and alert the security teams. On top of that, companies also can use it to do customer profiling (age, gender, heatmaps, products interaction)."
  • Free Machines Logo
    Free Machines

    Company Description
    Free Machines improves the user experience (UX) of online shops, by making them adapt as quickly as possible to the needs of each and every individual user. We achieve that using an artificial intelligence that build the shop Lego-like in real time. This for example reduces the time until a users finds relevant items by a factor of 2-4, which then increases revenue.
  • Vayyar Imaging Logo
    Vayyar Imaging
    Vayyar Imaging Logo
    Vayyar Imaging

    Company Description
    Vayyar Imaging creates sensing and monitoring solutions based on a unique radio wave technology that sees through and inside objects. Our smart retail shelves enable high-resolution sensing across the entire shopper experience and inventory life-cycle. Our products do not use cameras, so data collected is completely private.
  • Traxas Media Logo
    Traxas Media
    Traxas Media Logo
    Traxas Media

    Company Description
    Traxas Media develops advertising, interactive and realistic effects to present products, brand, and advertising campaigns of companies successfully. Give your advertising message a broader impact, inspire your target group by means of innovative and interactive product presentation, and thus achieve a higher branding factor. How? Traxas Media develops and designs individual and interactive product presentations for your company combined with the latest technology.
  • Store2be Logo

    Company Description
    Store2be is an online booking platform for store-instore retail and promotion space in shopping malls, retail stores and special locations such as health clubs and movie theaters. Store2be allows companies to find and temporarily book various types of offline marketing locations with guaranteed footfall to reach the right customers in the offline world. store2be connects tenants to the right space owners and simplifies the booking and payment process.
  • OKIKO Logo

    Company Description
    OKIKO offers a safe online payment method designed for kids and teens. It is a "safe PayPal Express for minors.” OKIKO enables kids and teens to independently, securely and legally shop online wihtout compromising the parental control. The statup's intelligent content filter scans every item in the shopping cards to make sure only age appropriate items can be purchased. Online merchants benefit as OKIKO offers access to an exclusive new customer group which leads to more sales and revenue. OKIKO is designed to be conventiently used by users and to ensure online merchants maximal protection.
  • Streetspotr Logo

    Company Description
    Streetspotr is the smartphone app that connects businesses to Europe’s largest mobile workforce, more than 600,000 'Spotrs'. They’re focused on making it fast, easy and cost efficient to collect information, photos and insights from (potential and existing) customers in-store, at home and on the street, using mobile crowdsourcing. Their clients, FMCG/CPG and retail companies (including P&G, Unilever, Ferrero, Red Bull, GoPro, Ubisoft, Burger King) are provided with real-time results in online client dashboards suiting their cases (e.g. product positioning, promotion checks, facings, stock levels, pricing, customer experience), KPI comparisons.
  • Rapitag Logo

    Company Description
    Rapitag is taking classical theft prevention and payment processes in fashion retail to another level by offering highest convenience, lowest cost and no compromises. Brick and mortar shops are under increased pressure due to the advantages of ecommerce such as abundance of articles and payment process convenience. Rapitag is taking classical EAS (Electronic-Article-Surveillance) tags and payment processes in fashion retail to another level by offering the world’s first patented security tag that can open itself automatically by using smart materials.
  • Weview Logo

    Company Description
    Weview is the first platform for user-generated product videos. It is the goal of Weview to revolutionize shopping by combining the medium of our time – video - with personal reviews of real users and interactive elements, so that customers can find the exact products they were looking for. At weview.tv, everyone can upload a video about a product or service - be it critical or complimenting - and share their experience, opinion and tips. For every successful recommendation they do not only get the appreciation of the WE community, but also make good profits (e.g. up to 60 times more per view compared to Youtube).
  • Neuro-Flash Logo

    Company Description
    Neuro-Flash taughts a supercomputer to ‘think’ like a consumer, by feeding him the same information consumers use to understand the world (News, Wikipedia, Youtube, Social Media etc.). With this 'big data brain', the product helps clients to precisely develop their ideal brand positioning & strategy, track emerging trends before their competitors, and quickly and accurately predict and improve marketing materials’ impact.
  • ParcelLab Logo

    Company Description
    We optimize the post-checkout communication for online retailers via real-time delivery monitoring and marketing automation.
  • Combyne Logo

    Company Description
    Next generation mobile solution for fashion retail.
  • Adnymics Logo

    Company Description
    We enable online retailers to print fully personalized package inserts right in their distribution centers via the adnymics Smart Package Insert technology. We are the first company worldwide combining instant tracking- and userdata with digital printing.
  • Commerce.AI Logo
    Commerce.AI Logo

    Company Description
    COMMERCE.AI is the artificial intelligence that sees, reads and listens to the world’s product information. The platform uses proprietary deep learning technology to automate product related decision-making and workflows for retailers and brands. Our team previously founded a successful commerce technology startup that got acquired as part of $340M deal.