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  • WAIR Logo

    Company Description
    We help shoppers order the best fitting products.
  • Phaze Logo

    Company Description
    Phaze is a powerful payment solution that enables enterprises to issue digital gift cards, prepaid cards and mobile top-ups.
  • Gr4vy Logo
    Gr4vy Logo

    Company Description
    Gr4vy is a cloud payment orchestration platform that helps businesses manage their payment solutions. We enable retailers to streamline and manage payment methods, services and transactions all in one place.
  • EON Logo

    Company Description
    EON is the leading Connected Products Cloud bringing every garment online with a Digital ID
  • Charles Logo

    Company Description
    Charles develops software that helps companies integrate their existing e-commerce and chatbot tools into one interface.
  • Arylla Logo

    Company Description
    Arylla connects products to the internet
  • Sook Logo

    Company Description
    Sook, one of Retail Week’s Top 10 Global Tech Startups 2020, maximizes the utility of empty spaces by fitting them out with a digitally-enabled canvas which anyone can put any digital content onto. This allows a wide spectrum of occupiers to create a bespoke environment at the touch of a button.
  • Zipline Logo

    Company Description
    Zipline is the operations platform that powers retail’s most complex work.
  • Uncrowd Logo

    Company Description
    Uncrowd's FRi™ is fundamentally about showing a retailer when and why a customer will prefer them to a rival.

    Company Description
    A real-time Deep Tech solution designed to optimise content performance for digital, e-commerce and shopper marketing people
  • Loko AI Logo
    Loko AI

    Company Description
    AI Autonomous Systems for Critical Missions
  • Recurate Logo

    Company Description
    Recurate enables a used product P2P market directly on your e-commerce store. More traffic. More sales. More sustainable.
  • Vaayu Logo

    Company Description
    Helping online retailers calculate carbon
  • Bagboard Logo

    Company Description
    A people-owned, sustainable advertising platform and marketplace that enables people to earn from and spend on sustainable brands they love.
  • Resonai Inc. Logo
    Resonai Inc.

    Company Description
    AI navigation system that transforms commercial buildings to intelligent environments
  • PICKL Inc. Logo
    PICKL Inc.

    Company Description
    Cloud sourcing for brands and retailers to gather product data from everyday shoppers
  • PalledAd Co., Ltd. Logo
    PalledAd Co., …
    PalledAd Co., Ltd. Logo
    PalledAd Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Optimizing Out-of-home advertizing
  • ONE-INCH Ltd. Logo
    ONE-INCH Ltd.

    Company Description
    CBD oil for human and pets
  • MappedIn Inc. Logo
    MappedIn Inc.

    Company Description
    Developing and providing a easy-to-use indoor mapping plaftorm
  • Flora Co., Ltd Logo
    Flora Co., Ltd

    Company Description
    Bringing cutting-edge technological solutions to prenatal care
  • CRUST Group Pte Ltd. Logo
    CRUST Group Pt…
    CRUST Group Pte Ltd. Logo
    CRUST Group Pte Ltd.

    Company Description
    Upcycling breadwaste into alcoholic beverages
  • awoo Japan Inc. Logo
    awoo Japan Inc.
    awoo Japan Inc. Logo
    awoo Japan Inc.

    Company Description
    Provides a AI-powered marketing automation platform
  • unerry Inc. Logo
    unerry Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing marketing measures for consulting and consumer behavior change, based on offline data
  • Shopperations Research & Technology, LLC Logo
    Shopperations …
    Shopperations Research & Technology, LLC Logo
    Shopperations Research & Technology, LLC

    Company Description
    SaaS tool for Retail Marketers that helps Plan, Execute and Analyze Shopper Marketing Promotions
  • Sensing Feeling Ltd. Logo
    Sensing Feelin…
    Sensing Feeling Ltd. Logo
    Sensing Feeling Ltd.

    Company Description
    High accurancy of IoT device to dectect human behaviour
  • SandBox Inc. Logo
    SandBox Inc.

    Company Description
    Analyzing and improving advertisements, LP / EC sites, AB tests etc. through brain wave analysis
  • ROAR IO Inc Logo
    ROAR IO Inc

    Company Description
    Self-service platform to build AR experiences in a few clicks, designed for CPG brands and Retailers
  • RetailNext, Inc. Logo
    RetailNext, In…

    Company Description
    Creating tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data about customer in-store engagement
  • Playbasis Pte Ltd. Logo
    Playbasis Pte …
    Playbasis Pte Ltd. Logo
    Playbasis Pte Ltd.

    Company Description
    Enhancing consumer engagement via gamification solution
  • Payless Gate Co.,Ltd. Logo
    Payless Gate C…
    Payless Gate Co.,Ltd. Logo
    Payless Gate Co.,Ltd.

    Company Description
    Touchless personal authentication with high-speed, high-precision position measurement
  • HIVERY Pty Ltd. Logo
    HIVERY Pty Ltd.
    HIVERY Pty Ltd. Logo
    HIVERY Pty Ltd.

    Company Description
    AI company helping companies generate a Return on Retail Space Investment in vending machine
  • ELYZA, Inc. Logo
    ELYZA, Inc.
    ELYZA, Inc. Logo
    ELYZA, Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing solutions for AI implementation - from requirement definition stage to system operation
  • DataWise, Inc. Logo
    DataWise, Inc.

    Company Description
    Utilized GPS data and data analytics solutions to enhance business DX in retail and other industries
  • Dashmote B.V. Logo
    Dashmote B.V.

    Company Description
    Data analytics solutions to forecast trend using SNS, location data and consumer behavior
  • AdeptMind Inc. Logo
    AdeptMind Inc.

    Company Description
    Provide personal product reccomendation to consumers in shops on on-line stores.
  • SPARK Neuro Japan Logo
    SPARK Neuro Ja…
    SPARK Neuro Japan Logo
    SPARK Neuro Japan

    Company Description
    A service that uses biometric data such as brain waves to visualize the viewer's response to content in terms of "attention span" and "emotional ups and downs.
  • SpaceEngine Logo
    SpaceEngine Logo

    Company Description
    Providing a wholesale site "orosy" for businesses to streamline wholesale purchase transactions
  • Saffe LTD Logo
    Saffe LTD

    Company Description
    Developed an application that enables mobile payment and authentication through face recognition
  • Red Yellow And Green Inc. Logo
    Red Yellow And…
    Red Yellow And Green Inc. Logo
    Red Yellow And Green Inc.

    Company Description
    Subscription Salad delivery service with the mission of "improving the performance of workers"
  • QBIT Robotics Corporation Logo
    QBIT Robotics …
    QBIT Robotics Corporation Logo
    QBIT Robotics Corporation

    Company Description
    Robot service provider that develops automatic serving robots
  • Evering Co Logo
    Evering Co

    Company Description
    Developed smart ring "EVERING", that can be used for payment and unlocking - using only a ring
  • Jigyonary Company Inc. Logo
    Jigyonary Comp…
    Jigyonary Company Inc. Logo
    Jigyonary Company Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing MachiTag, a social location service that allows users to find "I want to go" right here, right now.
  • HARTi inc. Logo
    HARTi inc.

    Company Description
    Producing public spaces such as commercial spaces, medical care facilities, and offices using contemporary art
  • Genome Functional Food Company Logo
    Genome Functio…
    Genome Functional Food Company Logo
    Genome Functional Food Company

    Company Description
    Functional drink with scientic evidence.
  • AlikeAudience, Inc. Logo
    AlikeAudience, Inc. Logo
    AlikeAudience, Inc.

    Company Description
    Audience Intelligence Platform specialized in consumer behavioral analytics
  • X-Locations Inc. Logo
    X-Locations In…

    Company Description
    Development and providing of services that can be used for marketing and business strategy planning by analyzing the big data of location information at high speed
  • TRINUS, Inc. Logo
    TRINUS, Inc.
    TRINUS, Inc. Logo
    TRINUS, Inc.

    Company Description
    Co-creation platform that utilizes the community of manufacturers and creators to combine technologies and needs for commercialization.
  • TRiCERA, Inc. Logo
    TRiCERA, Inc.

    Company Description
    Cross-border EC platform for domestic artists
  • TÖST Beverages LLC Logo
    TÖST Beverages…
    TÖST Beverages LLC Logo
    TÖST Beverages LLC

    Company Description
    Naturally derived, low-calorie, non-alcoholic sparkling drink
  • SELF Inc. Logo
    SELF Inc.

    Company Description
    Personalized interactive AI chatbot #Artificial intelligence #service AI #communication
  • Marine Innovation Logo
    Marine Innovat…
    Marine Innovation Logo
    Marine Innovation

    Company Description
    Development of biodegradable plastic and paper using seaweed
  • Load & Road Inc. Logo
    Load & Road In…
    Load & Road Inc. Logo
    Load & Road Inc.

    Company Description
    IoT teapot for tea drinkers
  • GREEN UTILITY Co., Ltd. Logo
    GREEN UTILITY Co., Ltd. Logo

    Company Description
    Mobile battery sharing for easy rental and return anywhere
  • FARM8 Co. Ltd. Logo
    FARM8 Co. Ltd.
    FARM8 Co. Ltd. Logo
    FARM8 Co. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing various foods and projects with the theme of reuse of sake lees
  • earth eyes Co., Ltd. Logo
    earth eyes Co.…
    earth eyes Co., Ltd. Logo
    earth eyes Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    AI-equipped cameras for retail stores
  • Aquabit Spirals Inc. Logo
    Aquabit Spiral…
    Aquabit Spirals Inc. Logo
    Aquabit Spirals Inc.

    Company Description
    Smart plate that instantly retrieves information by simply holding your smartphone over a battery-free device with a built-in IC chip
  • bitBiome Inc. Logo
    bitBiome Inc.

    Company Description
    Creating microorganism products and services through a single genome analytics platform
  • Bringly Logo

    Company Description
    Your Sustainable First-to-Last-Mile Partner.
  • Onomotion GmbH Logo
    Onomotion GmbH

    Company Description
    Moves your Business - Move the World
  • Shopi Logo

    Company Description
    Shopi is a cloud-based retail operating platform that connects inventories with customers at all channels in the most efficient way possible.
  • ASAP Logo

    Company Description
    Fully integrated Q-commerce-as-a-Service
  • ZenOwn Logo

    Company Description
    ZenOwn - All your products in 1 place
  • Etvas Logo

    Company Description
    Marketplace and platform for value added services
  • Citkar GmbH Logo
    Citkar GmbH

    Company Description
    Setting new Standards for sustainable smart urban MOBILITY
  • Saara Logo

    Company Description
    Helps reduce returns, wastage and labor cost for Ecommerce and Logistics businesses using AI and computer vision.
  • Tonkean Inc. Logo
    Tonkean Inc.
    Tonkean Inc. Logo
    Tonkean Inc.

    Company Description
    Tonkean simplifies the orchestration of complex business processes with an enterprise-grade, no-code platform.
  • Spiral Logo

    Company Description
    Spiral is an AI that takes customer support data and detects emerging issues before they blow up
  • Clash Logo

    Company Description
    A social video app with internal tools for video creators to earn a living, and communities for fans to come together.
  • Olvin Logo

    Company Description
    Olvin is an AI-powered solution focussed on predicting consumer intent. It leverages billions of real-world data points to help businesses understand what drives their customers in the real world with both historical and predictive analytics.
  • Retina Logo

    Company Description
    Retina is the customer intelligence solution that provides accurate customer lifetime value metrics early in the customer journey.
  • Immersive Virtual Apparel Ltd Logo
    Immersive Virt…
    Immersive Virtual Apparel Ltd Logo
    Immersive Virtual Apparel Ltd

    Company Description
    B2B Marketplace for branded digital assets
  • Catch&Release Logo

    Company Description
    Catch&Release is a creative technology company that empowers brands and advertisers to source and license visual content from anywhere on the internet, at scale.
  • Fast Logo

    Company Description
    The world’s fastest online login and checkout experience
  • Fabric Logo

    Company Description
    Fabric is a headless commerce platform helping direct-to-consumer and B2B brands utilize an e-commerce platform designed for their needs.
  • Zycada Logo

    Company Description
    Zycada enables the fastest digital shopping experience in the world by leveraging the power and scale of botnet technology.
  • Forma Logo

    Company Description
    Forma is building photorealistic avatars that are dynamic and deeply personal, allowing people to see themselves in any item, digitally.
  • Nexite Logo

    Company Description
    Nexite's Connected Merchandise Platform is a game-changing retail platform, which, by turning passive objects into active ones, enables a whole new world of retail. The platform combines its unique battery-less bluetooth tag with a SaaS Platform to deliver a complete solution.
  • BRGHTLY Logo

    Company Description
    Contact-Free with Personality! Managing buy online/pick-up in-store (BOPIS) for retail.
  • Rillavoice Logo

    Company Description
    We do speech analytics AI for conversations frontline employees have with customers in physical locations. Think retail, fast food, airlines, bank branches, groceries and car dealerships.
  • Pairzon Logo

    Company Description
    Pairzon is a leading AI technology solution for retailers which connects in-store consumer to its online identity enabling retailers to boost sales, retention and customer engagement dramatically. ROAS (return on Advertisement Spent) taking in consideration the behavior of customers in-store.
  • Spoon Guru Logo
    Spoon Guru

    Company Description
    Helping consumers discover the right food whatever their dietary preference, health objective or lifestyle choice.
  • WalkOut Logo

    Company Description
    WalkOut is transforming the physical store by replacing cashiers with a smart checkout system that mounts on existing carts and baskets. The solution uses machine vision to identify products and offers a screen to communicate with customer and offer real-time suggestions to increase the basket size
  • StatSocial Logo

    Company Description
    StatSocial enables brands and agencies to gain extensive insights on consumer and market trends while being able to identify their best consumer prospects.
  • Socialive Logo

    Company Description
    Socialive is an enterprise video platform that makes it refreshingly easy to capture, create, and distribute video.
  • Perksy Logo

    Company Description
    Perksy is an on-demand consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with real consumers through an interactive and gamified mobile app that rewards users for answering questions.
  • Impira Logo

    Company Description
    Impira is an AI Platform that helps teams aggregate, enrich, search, and distribute product data and content. With more streamlined workflows, Impira helps unblock creativity so teams can focus on crafting more meaningful work.
  • Immerss Logo

    Company Description
    Immerss is a live commerce platform that connects online shoppers with in-store sales associates via live shoppable video.
  • Idiomatic Logo

    Company Description
    Idiomatic makes AI software that helps companies use customer feedback to make better decisions. They help companies act on customer feedback to elevate their customer experience.
  • Hopps Logo

    Company Description
    Hopps is a live and on-demand expert platform for engineering and marketing teams.
  • Grabango Logo

    Company Description
    Grabango is the leading provider of checkout-free technology for large scale grocery and c-store chains. Built for existing stores, our enterprise class technology is powered by proprietary hardware with ultra-high reliability.
  • Fullstory Logo

    Company Description
    FullStory is a customer experience data app that captures customer experience data in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.
  • Centricity Insights Logo
    Centricity Ins…

    Company Description
    Centricity is a SaaS company providing micro market pre-purchase intent data to today's modern retailer & CPG companies.
  • Agot.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Agot's AI restaurant manager improves order accuracy, visibility and labor efficiency for QSRs.
  • Qloo Logo

    Company Description
    Qloo is a cultural artificial intelligence platform that operates via an application programming interface. Qloo has developed cutting-edge machine learning processes and AI algorithms to predict taste for any target audience and map relationships within and between cultural domains, including: Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books, Travel and Tech.
  • LifeNome Logo

    Company Description
    Award Winning Precision AI Platform for Personalizing Health and Wellness Products, Programs, and Services.
  • Relativity6 Logo

    Company Description
    Relativity6 is a machine learning/AI platform which enables financial institutions and insurance carriers to accurately predict when their customers or brokers/ agents are most likely to churn.
  • Butlr Logo

    Company Description
    Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions using artificial intelligence and real-time behavior analytics. AIoT insight and intelligence for indoor people movement without violating individual privacy.
  • Airkit Logo
    Airkit Logo

    Company Description
    Airkit simplifies how real-time customer experiences are made, with a Low-Code Digital Engagement platform for CX that integrates with existing systems. This turns any team into builders of digital journeys that truly engage customers.
  • Corumat Logo

    Company Description
    Corumat uses micro-engineering to produce layered bioplastics that are lighter, stronger, and cheaper than comparable products.
  • Is It Fresh Logo
    Is It Fresh

    Company Description
    We are digitizing food supply chain through our unique freshtag (combination of sensors and NFC chips) which can be integrated in almost any type of packaging.
  • ShopShops Logo

    Company Description
    An Interactive live-streaming retail platform and global marketplace
  • Bolt Logo

    Company Description
    On a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy.
  • Swyft Logo

    Company Description
    Global leader in retail automation solutions allowing brands to build a high-profile automated retail channel, access new efficiencies through automation, grow their brand exposure and access consumer insights.
  • Pythia Logo

    Company Description
    With the help of artificial intelligence, we can make trend research for future market demands - with much greater precision.
  • Strivr Logo

    Company Description
    Utilizes VR to train individuals and improve performance. Learn faster and more effectively with the power of immersive VR.
  • Endear Logo

    Company Description
    Brick-and-mortar marketing platform empowers store associates to reach out to local customers over email and text in order to increase foot traffic.
  • The Peak Beyond Logo
    The Peak Beyond

    Company Description
    Develops smart store and interactive merchandising display technology.
  • Well Principled Logo
    Well Principled

    Company Description
    An A.I. Management Consultant for Marketing and Supply Chain Processes.
  • Qopper Logo

    Company Description
    Deploys Industrial Sensors and Software Agents on an integrated IoT Intelligence Network.
  • Zebra IQ Logo
    Zebra IQ

    Company Description
    Helps brands collaborate with Millennials and Gen Z by quickly testing ideas, from concepts to ad messaging to packaging to brand surveys.
  • Fabric Logo

    Company Description
    Fabric is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers.
  • The Call List Logo
    The Call List

    Company Description
    Interactive video for e-commerce. Our plugin powers video calls from an influencer or expert to their entire audience at once AND you can share products to be shopped in realtime (10X conversion rate).
  • Wisy Logo

    Company Description
    Software platform for real-time online and offline data collection at any location using AI driven analytics and behavioral design to empower fast, precise decisions and action across multiple industries.
  • Ziva Dynamics Logo
    Ziva Dynamics

    Company Description
    Ziva Dynamics is a software company that specializes in character creation and human simulation.
  • Xborder Logo
    Xborder Logo

    Company Description
    Xborder(US-China), Omni Channel Retail SaaS softwares
  • Shoppable Logo

    Company Description
    Shoppable's patented, universal checkout technology creates a frictionless commerce experiences allowing consumers to shop at the point of inspiration.
  • Polymatiks Logo

    Company Description
    Enrich the customer experience through personalized pricing
  • OrderGroove Logo

    Company Description
    OrderGroove helps big brands and omnichannel retailers shift consumer interactions from momentary transactions to ongoing recurring relationship and ordering. Ordergroove uses AI-based technology for personalization of reordering and subscription in every channel.
  • Ivee Logo

    Company Description
    Ivee creates engaging passenger experiences on ride-hailing networks. Combining digital and physical touchpoints, Ivee helps brands build a meaningful connection with consumers during and after their ride.

    Company Description
    FINDMINE uses machine learning to automate manual and tedious tasks in the retail industry, while providing 3-10% total revenue lift and helping brands scale their unique POV.
  • Dexterity Logo

    Company Description
    AI robotic solutions with human-like dexterity for fulfillment, pick-&-place and palletizing
  • Conscia Logo

    Company Description
    Conscia enables organizations to build and manage relevant omni-channel customer experiences with its content intelligence platform.
  • Aiqudo Logo

    Company Description
    Aiqudo (pronounced: “eye-cue-doe”) is a software pioneer that connects the nascent world of digital voice assistants to the useful, mature world of mobile apps through its Voice-to-Action™ platform.
  • B8ta Logo

    Company Description
    B8ta is a software-powered retailer designed to make physical retail accessible for all.
  • Placer Labs Logo
    Placer Labs

    Company Description
    Placer Labs allows you to get insights into any place.
  • FlavorCloud Logo

    Company Description
    FlavorCloud makes international shipping easy, affordable and friction free for retailers and their consumers.
  • Syte Logo

    Company Description
    Syte is visual AI that helps retailers connect consumers with the products they love.
  • Blue Bite Logo
    Blue Bite

    Company Description
    Blue Bite connects brands and customers through products by transforming them into a content channel.
  • PkgSpot Logo

    Company Description
    The PkgSpot platform gives retailers the opportunity to open up their Click & Collect locations for any e-commerce shipments, providing consumers with a convenient and safe local pick up option.
  • CameraIQ Logo

    Company Description
    CameraIQ is a camera experience manager. The company helps digital marketers create new worlds that customers love to explore.
  • TalkinThings Logo

    Company Description
    TalkinThings is a complete IoT smart packaging platform for brands to benefit from connected products throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Surf Logo

    Company Description
    Surf places media tablets in rideshare vehicles to entertain passengers and promote brands & businesses.
  • Streetbees Logo

    Company Description
    Streetbees is a global intelligence platform that reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from its 1.7m users worldwide.
  • Reveel Logo

    Company Description
    Reveel helps brands and retailers increase revenue and engagement by inviting consumers to explore, learn and buy from all forms of visual media.
  • Twiggle Logo

    Company Description
    Natural Language Search for E-Commerce
  • Radius8 Logo

    Company Description
    Sell more to consumers by creating store-centric online experiences and in-store experiences based on local digital demand.
  • Popwallet Logo

    Company Description
    Mobile Wallet Marketing Automation
  • LexSet.ai LLC Logo
    LexSet.ai LLC

    Company Description
    Influenster is a digital destination where millions of consumers research and review products and where brands can connect with shoppers.
  • Flexetail LLC Logo
    Flexetail LLC

    Company Description
    Flexetail builds & leases MTRs (mobile tiny retail) units that are 100% off-the-grid, mobile, and turnkey so companies, brands, and retailers can quickly expand retail footprint without the carbon footprint.
  • Feed.fm Logo

    Company Description
    SaaS audio platform improving customer engagement through music.
  • Clinch Logo

    Company Description
    Clinch is a dynamic creative solution for video and display ad automation and personalization across social and programmatic channels, that helps brands significantly increase online and in-store sales.
  • Allure Systems Logo
    Allure Systems

    Company Description
    Allure Systems creates stunning on-figure garment visual experience for clothing retailers using advanced virtualization and computer vision technologies.
  • AfterPay Inc. Logo
    AfterPay Inc.

    Company Description
    Afterpay is an installment payment product targeting millennials. We integrate with retailers to allow customers to pay for their product in 4 equal payments, interest-free.
  • Viralspace.ai Logo

    Company Description
    AI-first enterprise software that predicts the performance of visual assets for marketing teams at large companies.
  • Tastes Natural Logo
    Tastes Natural

    Company Description
    We are an Ingredient Technology company that produces proprietary all-natural ingredients which block negative tastes in food, beverages, and nutraceuticals. We sell our ingredients directly and also produce products that reduce or eliminate sugar and sodium in food and beverages.
  • Simporter Logo

    Company Description
    A.I. platform that predicts sales for new products before they hit the market.
  • FlavorWiki Logo

    Company Description
    FlavorWiki helps the food and beverage industry evaluate consumer perception and preference in record time, from anywhere in the world.
  • PERKii Logo

    Company Description
    PERKii delivers live and protected probiotics, in a refreshing water-based drink with a delicious splash of natural flavour.
  • Influenster Logo

    Company Description
    Influenster is a digital destination where millions of consumers research and review products and where brands can connect with shoppers.
  • LuckyMobility Logo

    Company Description
    Location Based marketing API that allows brands to engage with and gather consumer insights from people as they travel throughout a city using mobility apps (ride sharing, e-scooters, bike share, etc.) by creating personalized experiences.
  • OneClick.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Enable businesses of all size with better and faster predictive capacity powered by automated AI technology.
  • Oculogx Logo

    Company Description
    Oculogx builds an order fulfillment platform with a focus on empowering the workforce with the tools they need to work better.
  • Doddle Logo

    Company Description
    Doddle helps online retailers and high-street retailers provide their customers with in-store delivery options, resulting in lower logistics costs, up-sell opportunities, and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Automation Hero Logo
    Automation Hero

    Company Description
    Automation Hero combines RPA with AI to form an intelligent process automation platform to automate repetitive business processes.
  • AB Tasty Logo
    AB Tasty

    Company Description
    AB Tasty helps marketers increase online conversions through A/B testing, data insights, personalization, and user engagement
  • Kustomer Logo

    Company Description
    Kustomer is an omnichannel Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM platform specializing in customer service.
  • Qopius Logo

    Company Description
    Automating and optimizing retail execution using cross-platform computer vision.
  • Airship Logo

    Company Description
    A Customer Engagement Platform that creates deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel.
  • ChargeAfter Logo

    Company Description
    Buy now, pay over time.
  • ProcessGold Logo

    Company Description
    Every use of IT-systems (ERP, BPM, etc.) leaves digital footprints behind. Process mining uses this data to visualize and analyze the actual end-to-end processes, with all variants and relevant key performance indicators. Potentials to increase efficiency and reduce risks becomes visible, and the process can be optimized. Our recommendation: Stop guessing. Act on facts.
  • Bare Conductive Logo
    Bare Conductive

    Company Description
    Bare Conductive is a printed electronics company providing functional coatings, printed sensors and integration solutions to industry for applications in smart home, pest control, security, and healthcare.
  • Twikit Logo

    Company Description
    Twikit is a technology company with a sharp focus on mass customization and digital manufacturing. We set a new standard for how brands and industries design and create products: customizable, on demand and digital. The company has its HQ in Antwerp and a commercial office in New York City. The core differentiator of Twikit is the combined knowledge of software development, product design and engineering for digital manufacturing. We work with companies all over the world to help them step into customization by developing seamless end-to-end solutions from ideation to integration. Our unique strength is that we integrate digital manufacturing and mass customization into any business and digital production flow.
  • Astronomer Logo

    Company Description
    By leveraging the power of Kubernetes, Astronomer makes it easy to run Airflow in our cloud or yours.
  • Remesh Logo
    Remesh Logo

    Company Description
    Remesh is a next-gen AI platform for engaging and understanding a group of people in real-time to draw out insights to contribute to an organization's success.
  • AdInte co.,ltd. Logo
    AdInte co.,ltd.
    AdInte co.,ltd. Logo
    AdInte co.,ltd.

    Company Description
    Providing the service to analyze the behavior of smartphone users in places that cannot be acquired by GPS
  • Milezero Logo

    Company Description
    MileZero develops cloud-based logistics software that enables enterprise retailers and carriers to optimize large-scale logistics networks and delivery fleets.
  • Loyyal Logo

    Company Description
    Loyyal is the industry-leading blockchain platform for incentive management. We are built to incentivize any behavior, action, or event. The only limitation is imagination.
  • Quid Logo

    Company Description
    Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.
  • Splitit Logo

    Company Description
    Splitit enables both ecommerce and brick & mortar merchants to offer interest-free monthly installment payments to their customers at checkout.
  • Conversation.one Logo
    Conversation.one Logo

    Company Description
    Conversation.one is a build-once-deploy anywhere platform for conversational applications that combines deep-learning and crowd-sourcing to improve the accuracy levels of voice and chat interactions
  • AiFi Logo

    Company Description
    AiFi, a computer vision technology company, is introducing the first scalable checkout-free solution for stores from small convenience shops to mega-retailers. At AiFi, we're building intelligence at scale, and targeting the trillion dollar market of retail. Using computer vision, deep learning, and edge computing, we're developing a scalable checkout-free solution with minimal store modifications to the stores and enable AI-powered real time in-store analytics.
  • ZigZag Logo

    Company Description
    ZigZag is a returns solution for retailers. On the front-end we provide a branded portal through which the customer can book a return from a list of convenient returns options. On the back-end we provide a SAAS platform that tracks all returned items throughout our network of 200 warehouses and 50 courier partners in 130 countries.We are helping retailers like Arcadia and Selfridges to cut returns costs by over 50% and processing and refunding times by as much as 65%.
  • Headstart Logo
    Headstart Logo

    Company Description
    Headstart is diversity recruiting software focused on breaking the cycle of exclusion. We help calculate candidate suitability, increase diversity in talent pools and minimize bias in the hiring funnel.
  • Ople Logo
    Ople Logo

    Company Description
    Ople uses advanced machine learning to automate and optimize Data Science processes, accelerating the delivery of new, more accurate models from months to minutes. With Ople, business executives will gain first movers advantage on new opportunities, team leaders will deliver faster, more accurate results, and, Data Scientists will now be able to focus on actual business objectives, not just workflow.
  • Breinify Logo
    Breinify Logo

    Company Description
    Breinify is a time-driven AI engine for predicting and acting on an individual's highly dynamic interests. The technology blends traditional machine learning and AI techniques with a complex temporal foundation so the engine can learn, react, and make extremely granular intelligent decisions that vary for each individual at any time.
  • Adrich Logo
    Adrich Logo

    Company Description
    Adrich closes the information gap by providing real-time accurate consumption/product usage data through connected smart labels that helps brands understand consumer needs.
  • Enigma Logo

    Company Description
    Enigma is a cloud platform that stores and processes encrypted data, without ever decrypting. It is the first solution to enable data-in-use protection, allowing businesses to safely share data with each other for processing, without actually giving the data away.
  • Omniscience Logo
    Omniscience Logo

    Company Description
    Omniscience commercializes US intelligence agency AI and distributed data mining research to connect the dots across large, diverse data sources.
  • Addshoppers Logo

    Company Description
    AddShoppers is the leading data-driven Customer Recovery and Acquisition Platform -- leveraged by world-class brands like Hanes, Tupperware, and Avery. Using proprietary technology, big data, and strategic services; AddShoppers automates customer recovery by identifying and recovering high value customers through 3 major channels: Onsite Behavioral Messaging, Triggered Emails, and Ad Retargeting.
  • Adnymics Logo

    Company Description
    We enable online retailers to print fully personalized package inserts right in their distribution centers via the adnymics Smart Package Insert technology. We are the first company worldwide combining instant tracking- and userdata with digital printing.
  • Cargo Logo
    Cargo Logo

    Company Description
    Cargo is the leading provider of in-car goods and services for the rideshare economy. With access to Uber’s API, Cargo’s in-car commerce platform enables passengers to use a smartphone browser to buy from a curated mix of snacks, gum, premium electronics, cosmetics, and personal care items while in transit.
  • Dotin Logo

    Company Description
    Enterprises are spending billions of dollars in understanding their users (Customers/Employees). The current software’s focuses only on users 10% conscious mindset data (clicks, tags, text, etc.) yielding poor business results. Hence we have devised a cognitive AI decision-making software that can tap into other 90% insights of users (subconscious mind) to yield powerful business outcomes.
  • DeepMagic Logo

    Company Description
    DeepMagic is developing the physical store of the future – powered by AI. The company is designing new store formats that fully automate physical store access, check-out, and security. DeepMagic’s Qick technology platform enables retailers to reduce shrinkage, save cost, extend store hours, operate stores unattended, and improve the customer experience.
  • Eloquent Labs Logo
    Eloquent Labs
    Eloquent Labs Logo
    Eloquent Labs

    Company Description
    Eloquent Labs was founded by two of Stanford's top NLP researchers. They founded Eloquent to develop truly conversational Artificial Intelligence. The technology Eloquent has developed doesn't simply answer questions and collect important data. Their AI can teach itself by reading documents, integrate with existing systems to perform custom tasks, and conduct business in a conversational manner--including small talk, sentiment analysis, and personality customization.
  • Fyusion Logo

    Company Description
    Fyusion enables more immersive & engaging imaging, captured from smartphones in HD & viewable on any device. Capturing in 3D means that we give images super powers beyond what’s possible with 2D photos & videos; from changing backgrounds & adding rich data tags, to visual search & creating VR/AR-ready assets . No professional photographers or tools are needed - it’s immersive imaging at scale.
  • Indivio Logo

    Company Description
    Modern marketers know that customizing ads to make them more relevant improves performance. The problem with customizing video ads is that it's time consuming and expensive. Indivio's software makes it easy to mass-customize videos and automatically test them to improve ad performance. Indivio is backed by Y-Combinator and the Facebook Marketing Accelerator.
  • LISNR Logo

    Company Description
    LISNR® is an advanced, near-ultrasonic, ultra-low power data transmission technology that enables fast, reliable, and secure communication between devices that have a speaker and/or microphone. Acting as a local proxy for data transmission, our technology is removing the need for complex, expensive, and power-consuming RF or audio fingerprinting-based technologies. As the leading, global provider of data-over-audio technology, LISNR®’s proprietary protocol is being used across the connected world to power over 100 million devices and counting. Founded in 2012, LISNR®’s near-ultrasonic protocol sends data-over-audio to enable proximity engagement, seamless, and secure methods of authentication, and device-to-device data transmission for connectivity and automation.
  • PredictSpring Logo

    Company Description
    PredictSpring powers mobile apps, mobile websites, and in-store digital experiences for over 30 brands. Our innovative technology dramatically transforms and simplifies the way consumers shop on mobile phones and bridges online customer experiences with in-store endless aisle and clienteling solutions.
  • Productale Logo

    Company Description
    Productale's platform provides a realistic, interactive product experience for online shopping, that is the closest thing to touching and experiencing a product in-store. Productale allows users to interact with the product and see how it fits into their life so they can make better and faster buying decisions. Value proposition: Increased conversion, engagement and loyalty. Lower returns.
  • RADAR Logo

    Company Description
    RADAR is a hardware and software platform that combines RFID and computer vision to automate all retail store processes. Our proprietary technology can locate any product or person with unprecedented speed and location accuracy, enabling retailers to optimize inventory management processes, completely eliminate checkout lines and capture true e-commerce quality analytics within physical stores.
  • Robby Technologies Logo
    Robby Technolo…
    Robby Technologies Logo
    Robby Technologies

    Company Description
    Robby Technologies makes the world’s most complete and reliable self-driving robots for last-mile delivery. For our retail and delivery partners, we offer: self-driving robots with integrated hardware and software solutions, safety and security support ensuring every package is delivered on time every time, local (regulatory) licensing, and insurance coverage.
  • ShareIQ (acq. by Cision) Logo
    ShareIQ (acq. …
    ShareIQ (acq. by Cision) Logo
    ShareIQ (acq. by Cision)

    Company Description
    ShareIQ has proprietary image mapping, tracking, and analytics that enables Fortune 500 clients to gain unprecedented insights into how their user-generated and brand-generated visual content leads to discovery, influence and purchase. ShareIQ is the only software platform that helps brands analyze and fully optimize their earned media, and benchmark the performance of competitive earned media.
  • Slyce Logo

    Company Description
    Slyce is the market-leader in image recognition for retail, powering visual search in apps for retailers such as Nordstrom, Best Buy, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, and Macy's. Our service can identify virtually any product from an image, and enable customers to snap a photo to buy something, add it to a wishlist, find it in store, or create another retail moment.
  • Emotion Research Lab Logo
    Emotion Resear…
    Emotion Research Lab Logo
    Emotion Research Lab

    Company Description
    The emotional software company. We are using advanced facial emotional analysis to measure emotional responses unobtrusively and cost effectively, in real time, in real life.
  • Snap2Insight Logo

    Company Description
    Snap2Insight provides turnkey solution for measuring shelf/display execution at retail stores by analyzing photos using image recognition technology. CPG brands use our solution to improve display execution, planogram compliance, on shelf availability, trade promotion execution, and thereby increase sales. Retailers use our solution to reduce out of stocks and improve planogram compliance.
  • Standard Cognition Logo
    Standard Cogni…

    Company Description
    Standard Cognition is a computer vision company that has built an autonomous checkout solution that uses only cameras on the ceiling. Standard also offers never before seen retail analytics for brick & mortar stores and a loss prevention and security system on a single platform.
  • Wyzerr Logo

    Company Description
    Wyzerr develops artificial intelligence to turn customer feedback data into insights and tasks for the different roles within a company. We help marketers and managers quickly identify the gaps and opportunities in the customer experience.
  • actiMirror Logo

    Company Description
    actiMirror is a disruptive IoT data analytics platform engineered to change the rules of the game in the Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors. actiMirror delivers powerful emotional connections via real-time personalized consumer experiences, while providing businesses with valuable analytics insights based on data collected via the company's data gathering platform. The company monetizes its services via a highly lucrative and scalable SaaS model with four price points.
  • Boomerang Commerce Logo
    Boomerang Comm…

    Company Description
    Boomerang Commerce powers competitive pricing and assortment decisions for next-generation retailers. Through dynamic pricing, we have driven millions in revenues and margins. Boomerang Price Optimizer enables Category Managers, Pricing Analysts to 1. Balance competitiveness and profitability while optimizing revenue and profit goals 2. Test, measure and implement competitive pricing strategies. System leverages advanced Data Science to make pricing decisions for each SKU on an hourly basis, by modelling over 100 variables.
  • Bouxtie Logo
    Bouxtie Logo

    Company Description
    Bouxtie [pronounced bow-tie] is transforming the way individuals and companies give gifts and connect with its enterprise software solutions for the gift card market.