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  • Revery AI Inc. Logo
    Revery AI Inc.
    Revery AI Inc. Logo
    Revery AI Inc.

    Company Description
    Revery AI is a scalable, affordable and easy-to-integrate virtual try-on solution for fashion retailers.
  • Emperia Logo

    Company Description
    Emperia creates virtual stores and galleries that help businesses in retail and art boost their sales and customer engagement.
  • 3D Look Logo
    3D Look

    Company Description
    3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and fit solutions that uses a patented technology to provide personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers to help brands reduce returns while increasing conversions and AOV.
  • Obsess Logo

    Company Description
    Obsess is an experiential e-commerce platform, enabling brands to create photorealistic 3D Virtual Stores on their websites.
  • Naker Logo

    Company Description
    Naker is an automated visual content factory to help retailers show off their products online & reduce purchasing barriers.
  • Get Circle Logo
    Get Circle

    Company Description
    Get Circle is a data-driven multibrand social selling platform allowing brands' customers and any other individual to sell products from home, a café, a friend's place, on TikTok...
  • Answerable Logo

    Company Description
    Answerable is a consumer powered brand advocacy platform helping turn conversations into conversions.
  • Mi Terro Logo
    Mi Terro

    Company Description
    We turn milk waste into soft, sustainable, and affordable fibers that can apply to apparel, bedding linen, and packaging wrap. Our fibers are applied to apparel, bedding linen, and packaging wrap. Through our patent-pending technology, we created the world's first apparel line made from milk waste.
  • Poplar Studio Logo
    Poplar Studio

    Company Description
    Poplar is a platform that provides AR campaigns on demand. We activate a new generation of global AR creators and provide collaborative tools that make AR production affordable and quick.
  • GeeIQ Logo

    Company Description
    GEEIQ is an enterprise data platform that identifies ideal partnership opportunities and optimises brands’ gaming and esports strategies. GEEIQ provides a standardised perspective on the core metrics in partner selection, paired with a nuanced understanding of the gaming industry.
  • AlloReview Logo

    Company Description
    AlloReview is a simple and fun way for customers to talk about their experience orally instead of filling out an often lengthy satisfaction survey. We have developed a proprietary artificial intelligence technology, awarded by ACL 2019, the first world conference in natural language processing. It enables the understanding of the voice and transforms it into key information to engage and retain customers.Thanks to this new feedback channel, 4x more consumers talk about their experience, giving a wealth of information to engage them.
  • Acquire App Logo
    Acquire App

    Company Description
    Acquire is transforming e-commerce by creating unforgettable checkout. Our innovative, beautifully designed platform does it all, providing retailers with a powerful tool to attract and retain customers, giving end-users an easy, streamlined shopping experience.
  • Pledg Logo

    Company Description
    "Pledg is the easiest solution to pay later for individuals and business, both online and in store. White label and truly omnichannel."
  • Storr Logo

    Company Description
    Storr is a social selling and analytics company building sell from anywhere technology. We provide a brand with seamlessly connected mobile apps, personal website, and analytics tools to allow their network of customers and affiliates to become digital salespeople.
  • Bambuser Logo

    Company Description
    The Bambuser live video shopping solution is a white label experience where the retailer controls both the brand narrative (design and customer journey) and the data (consumer and transactional). The video can be edited directly in the platform if needed.
  • Quicklizard Logo

    Company Description
    The platform helps online, omnichannel and brick and mortar retailers identify optimal price points to increase revenues and profits through every sales channel.
  • Personify XP Logo
    Personify XP

    Company Description
    PersonifyXP automates digital experiences for anonymous digital shoppers, driving on average a 10% increase in revenue and is a Gartner Cool Vendor in personalization.
  • Salesfloor Logo

    Company Description
    Salesfloor is a mobile clienteling and virtual selling platform designed for in store associates to connect with customers beyond the store. Frictionless in-store experiences via mops platform.
  • Trustrace Logo

    Company Description
    Trustrace offers deep tech powered Product Traceability and Transparency Platform.
  • Freepry Logo

    Company Description
    Freepry helps textile players to establish a second-hand market in their stores. We support them in optimising this business with our SaaS software.
  • Fairly Made Logo
    Fairly Made

    Company Description
    Fairly Made is a sustainable sourcing and manufacturing company in textiles. Thanks to our expertise in the selection of factories and our traceability protocol, Fairly Made helps brands to develop garments that respect both works and the environment.
  • Ordre Logo

    Company Description
    "Ordre is a global fashion tech company that has become a world leading virtual showroom platform, an additional and complementary channel to facilitate the management of luxury wholesale buying. The company has developed 360-degree photographic hardware. "
  • Veesual AI Logo
    Veesual AI

    Company Description
  • Eva Engines Logo
    Eva Engines

    Company Description
    Eva Engines creates AI based solutions to help transform fashion in a digital, sustainable and inclusive way. We have the ambition of becoming leaders in generative AI.
  • Shomi Logo

    Company Description
    Shomi helps established brands gather quality insights from their most important but missed audience: Gen Z and millennials. Instead of just blasting out surveys, we build engaged communities. In a word we are the IPSOS of the TikTok generation.
  • Laponi Logo

    Company Description
    Laponi SaaS optimizes the workforce by sharing employees among the different company places. If necessary, companies can also hire external candidates on their platform.Internal or External, companies find the right person on the spot.
  • DreamAgility Logo

    Company Description
    From Using Visual AI to quickly create accurate, relevant multi lingual product data from images, at a fraction of the time and cost it would take a human, to driving footfall and online traffic to store more efficiently and with better sales than any other technology in the sector. Their in-house built, proprietary Visual AI and Machine Learning has seen Retailers gain triple digit growth in sales at either a marginal increase in cost or at a reduction in cost, at a time where acquiring sales and customers is typically getting more competitive and expensive.
  • Alcmeon Logo

    Company Description
    ALCMEON is a provider of Frontline platform for B2C brands' engagement on social media and mobile.
  • Sourcemap Logo

    Company Description
    Technology for 100% traceable, transparent, secure supply chains.
  • Patch Logo

    Company Description
    Patch provides solutions to calculate emission and carbon footprint. It provides API to automate the sustainability goal for the business. It integrates with businesses, calculates their emissions, and compensates their environmental footprint by purchasing verified from carbon removal projects
  • WalkOut Logo

    Company Description
    WalkOut is transforming the physical store by replacing cashiers with a smart checkout system that mounts on existing carts and baskets. The solution uses machine vision to identify products and offers a screen to communicate with customer and offer real-time suggestions to increase the basket size
  • The Fabricant Logo
    The Fabricant

    Company Description
    The Fabricant is the first digital-only fashion house. Their mission is to lead the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination.
  • Stocklear Logo

    Company Description
    Stocklear is a B2B marketplace dedicated to overstocks and 2nd life products.
  • Riskified Logo

    Company Description
    Riskified is an AI platform that enables eCommerce merchants to manage fraud risk, increase revenue, and enhance the customer experience at every stage of the purchase funnel.
  • RevLifter Logo

    Company Description
    RevLifter personalises deals for retailers across any marketing channel. The platform uses AI to understand real-time signals from users onsite behaviour to deliver the right deal to the right customer at the right time, to achieve the advertiser’s goals.
  • Presize Logo

    Company Description
    Presize is a mobile body scanning software for fashion ecommerce. End-user turns around once in front of the smartphone and gets the perfect size recommendation right away. Reducing returns & increasing conversion rates.
  • Paywax Logo

    Company Description
    Paywax is a software company dedicated to making eCommerce checkout easier, faster, and more secure. It is a one-click checkout powered by all the largest wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc.
  • Paptic Logo

    Company Description
    Paptic produces a unique new PAPTIC® material, where the main raw material is sustainably sourced wood fibre. It is a renewable, reusable & recyclable flexible packaging material that enables the replacement of less environmentally friendly materials, e.g. plastic, with little effort.
  • LabSense Logo

    Company Description
    LabSense empowers brands & retailers' content with AI. Their unique multilingual solutions automates content generation & benefits from 8 years of R&D, embedded SEO duplicate analysis, in 14 languages. Their goal is to boost brands & retailers' SEO and CRO content efforts to attract and convert customers into clients!
  • Kleiderly Logo

    Company Description
    Kleiderly solves two environmental problems at once. We recycle textile waste into a plastic alternative, meaning that your old clothing can be used to make anything from clothing hangers to furniture. This is a truly circular solution to divert textile waste away from landfills and incinerators, whilst reducing the need for oil based plastics, whilst saving up to 85% of CO2 equivalent emissions.
  • Hipli Logo

    Company Description
    Hipli provides and operates reusable packaging for e-commerce, as a Packaging As A Service company. They design mailers that can be reused up to a hundred times and a logistics to ensure that they are really returned and reused. Their clients are e-commerce clothing and cosmetics brands in France.
  • Gocomo Logo

    Company Description
    Gocomo moves away from “gut feeling” in influencer marketing towards a long-term, data-driven approach. They combine social media, innovative tech and actionable data to create meaningful value for their partners. They bring together brands with their fans and their specific target group.
  • Element AI Logo
    Element AI

    Company Description
    Element AI is an artificial intelligence solutions provider that gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology. Bringing together the best in entrepreneurship, technology and academic ecosystems, Element AI is building an AI-First World to elevate our collective wisdom.
  • Contreeb Logo

    Company Description
    Contreeb is the first data-driven B2B SaaS platform which helps businesses calculate & compensate the carbon footprint of any product. They enable brands and retailers to sell “carbon neutral” products to address consumers’ demand for sustainable goods.
  • Buywith Logo

    Company Description
    Buywith is a livestream shopping technology for brands and retailers to host virtual shopping events on the e-commerce site using influencers and experts who take their followers on a highly engaging journey through the brand’s website, to drive sales and users' engagement.
  • Branch Metrics Logo
    Branch Metrics
    Branch Metrics Logo
    Branch Metrics

    Company Description
    Branch is transforming how brands and users interact across digital platforms. Their mobile marketing and deep linking solutions are trusted to deliver seamless experiences that increase ROI, decrease wasted spend, and eliminate siloed attribution.
  • Booxi Logo

    Company Description
    Booxi is an online appointment/event scheduling solution made for retailers to attract customers by offering value added services / VIP experiences in stores. Booxi allows retailers to setup a seamless omnichannel experience, improving online conversion with highly qualified customers (web-to-store).
  • Aive Logo

    Company Description
    Aive is the first all-in-one AI video platform powered by an unique creative artificial intelligence for qualitative video post-production and distribution at scale.
  • Qloo Logo

    Company Description
    Qloo is a cultural artificial intelligence platform that operates via an application programming interface. Qloo has developed cutting-edge machine learning processes and AI algorithms to predict taste for any target audience and map relationships within and between cultural domains, including: Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books, Travel and Tech.
  • Mediar Logo

    Company Description
    Mediar is a retail tech company delivering real-time shopper insights to continuously improve in-store performance. Their AI platform delivers advanced analytics to help retailers & brands maximize conversions by understanding how shoppers behave. They use store's existing hardware to do this.
  • Ayolab Logo

    Company Description
    Ayolab provides Brands and Retailers with digital store checks to allow data-driven decisions on their online distribution strategy. For each marketplace x sellers, data includes assortment at SKU-level, price and discount level, for Brands and their competitors.
  • Zeekit Logo

    Company Description
    Zeekit's patented technology enables fashion brands to let their customers virtually try on their entire catalog, and show in one click how the catalog looks on someone that represents them well. In addition, personalized lookbooks and size & fit guidance are part of Zeekit's technology.
  • Heyday Logo

    Company Description
    Heyday helps e-commerce merchants scale their business by automating marketing, sales and support conversations. Unlike traditional live chats, Heyday leverages Conversational AI to help retailers elevate the entire customer experience and enable personalization at scale via chat and messaging.
  • Stairwage Logo

    Company Description
    What if everyday was a payday? Thanks to StairWage, the employee can now at any time automatically request and receive payment for part of his wage, rather than waiting for the pay day at the end of the month.
  • PricingHub Logo

    Company Description
    PricingHUB’s vision is to serve (e-)retailers with best in class pricing tools to increase their profitability by delivering Dynamic Pricing capabilities and leveraging on-line data to optimize their trading objectives. Our goal is to leverage the digitalisation of the shopping experience in order to bring smart and dynamic pricing to the physical stores.
  • Zeotap Logo

    Company Description
    Zeotap is the only global data & identity platform that offers a deterministic end2end solution to onboard, understand and activate 1st party customer data across Europe, North America, LATAM and India. They help brands achieve better Marketing ROI.
  • RevenueStudio Logo

    Company Description
    Revenue Studio replace Excel to optimize markdowns during sales period. They use AI and advanced data processing to collect and analyze billions of datapoint to accurately distribute markdowns among products.
  • Navee Logo

    Company Description
    Navee helps luxury brands fight online counterfeiting through AI-based image filtering. Their idea is simple; scammers re-use the same pictures over and over to create counterfeit listings, and they stop this from happening.
  • Pickme Logo

    Company Description
    Pickme is a collaborative platform where your neighbor becoming your new nearly Pick-up locations: localized, paid, noted and available when you are. Their core belief is that receiving parcels should be convenient, simple, and above all with a positive social impact.
  • Good On You Logo
    Good On You

    Company Description
    Good On You is the go-to source for trusted brand ratings and leading sustainable fashion. They’ve rated over 2,500 brands and helped millions of shoppers to buy better. Their comprehensive rating system helps retailers know the impact of brands on the issues shoppers care about.
  • Codec Logo

    Company Description
    We are a cultural intelligence platform. We help brands grow by putting cultural intelligence at their heart. Supporting you to make more impactful marketing decisions with objective, AI-driven insight across brand strategy, creative, and media.
  • Radius8 Logo

    Company Description
    Radius8 is a localization platform that creates brand new hyperlocal shopping experiences that leverage the context of “When and Where” which drive online engagement and in-store traffic. Every enterprise with physical locations needs Radius8.
  • Unsupervised.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Unsupervised.AI builds intelligent robots to revolutionize delivery and logistics. In a couple of hours, they build a map of the environment and are ready to safely navigate autonomously whether it is delivering a package to a home or sending an item to different locations in a large factory or warehouse.
  • Twicpics Logo

    Company Description
    TwicPics is a real-time image processing service for websites. It enables businesses of all sizes to deliver rich visual content with high performance and easy setup.
  • Tousfacteurs Logo

    Company Description
    Tousfacteurs is a B2B last-mile logistics and delivery platform that enables carriers and retailers to organize scheduled, optimized and green deliveries for their customers through a fully digitized and interactive experience.
  • Syte Logo

    Company Description
    Syte is a visual AI technology provider that improves the retailer's site navigation, product discovery and user experience by powering solutions that engage and convert shoppers.
  • Stylitics Logo

    Company Description
    Stylitics helps brands produce more shoppable digital content in one day than they can in a year. They power interactive visual content at scale through their platform.
  • StoreDNA Logo

    Company Description
    StoreDNA is a new generation of analytics reinventing the management of the physical retail stores by blending economics of stores and retail networks, assortment, footfall, staff planning, marketing and customer behavioural data into intelligent digital platform which quickly becomes the tool for new way-of-working across retail organizations.
  • Snapshift Logo

    Company Description
    Snapshift is a collaborative workforce management app specialized in the Retail and Hospitality sectors.
  • ShareGroop Logo

    Company Description
    ShareGroop is the 1st group payment solution integrated on e-commerce websites. They have developed a wide range of payment modules like split payment, aggregation of individual orders, gift card or installment payment.
  • Mood Logo

    Company Description
    Mood is a live shopping mobile application connecting retail stores in Europe and millennials in China.
  • Mention Me Logo
    Mention Me

    Company Description
    Mention Me helps brands harness the trust that their customers have in them. The Mention Me refer-a-friend platform enables businesses to turn word-of-mouth into a controllable and meaningful marketing channel.
  • Lizee Logo

    Company Description
    Lizee is the first turnkey white-labeled logistic solution dedicated to rentals. In only two months, they help retail brands enter the circular economy enabling multiple uses of each good they produce.
  • Kraaft Logo

    Company Description
    Kraaft is a vocal messaging system reinventing the human to human interpersonal communication in factories, warehouses, and store floors. They help non-desk workers to communicate better.
  • Galam Robotics Logo
    Galam Robotics

    Company Description
    Galam Robotics develops an extremely fast and space-efficient robotic storage solution, radically disruptive by its modular design, that enables retailers to face storage challenges in urban areas.
  • Edgify Logo

    Company Description
    Edgify has built a platform (framework) that allows training and deployment of deep learning models directly on edge devices (POS, in store cameras etc.).
  • Divido Logo

    Company Description
    Divido is a platform for retailers that want to offer end-consumers retail finance; omnichannel, multi-market, with multiple lenders, all via a single integration.
  • Brandquad Logo

    Company Description
    Brandquad is a collaboration platform for retailers and brands that simplifies and enables governance, enrichment and validation of product data, automating data syndication to export channels, and providing insights into product performance via in-depth analytics on the e-retailers’ shelves.
  • AdAlong Logo

    Company Description
    AdAlong enables brands to communicate visually through their communities. Their AI-powered platform is the "pinterest" of brands' community-generated content. In a couple of clicks, brands curate the content, contact their creators and promote them on multiple channels (social network, website, locally...).
  • Fabric Logo

    Company Description
    Fabric is a company that builds a supply-chain allowing retailers to offer sustainable delivery service to their online customers.
  • Blue Bite Logo
    Blue Bite

    Company Description
    Blue Bite connects brands and customers through products by transforming them into a content channel.
  • Automation Hero Logo
    Automation Hero

    Company Description
    Automation Hero combines RPA with AI to form an intelligent process automation platform to automate repetitive business processes.
  • Spirable Logo

    Company Description
    Spirable enables brands to create the optimal video for every person, every time, everywhere. The state-of-the-art platform brings data & modular assets together to create quality videos that are relevant for audiences based on location, behaviour, time, weather etc across all social & digital channels.
  • Dotaki Logo

    Company Description
    Dotaki improves e-retailers conversion rates up to 30% by adapting content, text, pictures and UX, to each online visitor's psychological traits.
  • BuyBuddy Logo

    Company Description
    Buy Buddy is the developer of the smart shopping tags. Through these shopping tags, customer can shop without going to checkout, retailers can track their inventory in real time, track customer behavior and secure it's items with smart security.
  • UntieNots Logo

    Company Description
    UntieNots disrupts loyalty and promo with AI. 1to1 challenges that reward shoppers if they increase their loyalty. +24M€ incremental sales in 3 months.
  • Stylesage Logo

    Company Description
    StyleSage powers AI-driven data process APIs + competitive market intelligence for retailers. Our clients represent $100 billion+ in apparel/footwear.
  • SnapCall Logo

    Company Description
    We replace phone numbers. A call button allows customers to make calls from digital platforms and connect immediately with the right agent.
  • Smartkeyword Logo

    Company Description
    SmartKeyword is a powerful online SEO tool combined with support from SEO experts designed to give digital marketers control of their online strategy.
  • Nomagic Logo

    Company Description
    Nomagic provides the smartest pick-and-place robot to automate repetitive tasks in warehouses with efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
  • Nextail Logo

    Company Description
    Nextail is a smart platform for retail buying & merchandising. It delivers agile data-driven decisions using AI for retailers like Versace.
  • Items Logo

    Company Description
    Items delivers receipts, offers and loyalty directly in customers’ banking app & provide retailers with anonymized access to customers’ banking data.
  • Flowlity Logo

    Company Description
    Flowlity brings Amazon supply chain efficiency to retailers with an AI platform acting as the trusted 3rd party in between them and their suppliers
  • Blacksheep Logo

    Company Description
    Seamless ordering at restaurants. Allowing customers to order and pay directly on their smartphone and allowing restaurants to boost sales and reduce costs.
  • Remesh Logo
    Remesh Logo

    Company Description
    Remesh is a next-gen AI platform for engaging and understanding a group of people in real-time to draw out insights to contribute to an organization's success.
  • Persado Logo

    Company Description
    The Persado platform uses sophisticated AI, data science, computational linguistics, and machine learning to generate the perfect message by leveraging the world’s most advanced language knowledgebase of more than one million tagged and scored words and phrases.
  • yReceipts Logo

    Company Description
    Link online marketing campaing to in store purshase (use cookies to link the mail at the cashier to buyer cookies).
  • Veesion Logo

    Company Description
    Software to understand real-time gesture using deep learning recognition algorithm, to automatically detect shoplifting behaviors.
  • Toucan Toco Logo
    Toucan Toco

    Company Description
    SaaS of data visualisation allowing business to leverage their data.
  • Processout Logo

    Company Description
    SaaS for online merchants to monitor and optimize their payment system while lowering fees and increase the number of successful transactions.
  • Paylead Logo

    Company Description
    Platform leveraging banking data for retailers, in order to understand better their customer.
  • OneStock Logo

    Company Description
    SaaS that minimise stock-outs both online and in-store by connecting online demand with store-side supply.
  • Omnia Retail Logo
    Omnia Retail

    Company Description
    SaaS allowing constant automated optimisation of pricing and online marketing for e-retailers.
  • Nuggets Logo

    Company Description
    Platform to store your identity and payment information in the blockchain, allowing customer to pay and identify securely on the web.
  • Joko Logo

    Company Description
    Joko is a millennial-focused mobile app rewarding its users when they shop at their favorite stores using their credit card. Joko uses transaction data to help retailers acquire and retain customers.
  • GoInStore Logo

    Company Description
    Platform to connects online visitors to instore sales staff using immersive real-time HD video. Allows stores to improve their customers experience.
  • Askhub Logo

    Company Description
    SaaS solution providing marketers and developers actionable insights about their bot performance.
  • Andjaro Logo

    Company Description
    Staffing optimisation. SaaS allowing large organisation to leverage their internal staff to temporarily work on understaffed sites.
  • ShowSourcing Logo

    Company Description
    ShowSourcing is a SaaS Enabled Marketplace in the product sourcing industry. We help buyers in the first steps of the supply chain process taking notes digitally on fairs and optimising their decision processes.
  • Buy Buddy Logo
    Buy Buddy

    Company Description
    Buy Buddy is the maker of Hitag, the smart apparel shopping tag and the connected analytics platform, that help retailers manage their inventories, customer behaviors and employee efficiencies.
  • Stockly Logo

    Company Description
    Stockly (ex Sneakerguy) is a service that allows any e-commerce website to automatically switch to "marketplace mode" on stock-outs.
  • Place2Swap Logo

    Company Description
    Place2swap enable retailers to create a new source of revenues by integrating 2nd hand market into their business model.
  • Splitit Logo

    Company Description
    Splitit enables both ecommerce and brick & mortar merchants to offer interest-free monthly installment payments to their customers at checkout.
  • UnMade Logo

    Company Description
    Unmade is a complete digital solution that enables the world's most innovative brands to create unique customisation experiences at an industrial scale.
  • Returnado Logo

    Company Description
    Returnado offers online merchants the world's best returns process through it's unique technology and process.
  • Allo Media Logo
    Allo Media

    Company Description
    The Vocal Cookie is a plug-and-play proprietary technology which transforms all phone discussions into customers structured data.
  • Tekyn Logo

    Company Description
    TEKYN is a digital factory providing an on-demand fashion manufacturing service to its customers (the brands).
  • Duel Logo

    Company Description
    Duel is an enterprise SaaS platform for brands and retailers to automate and manage customer content and engagement at scale.
  • ReStore Logo

    Company Description
    ReStore is a customizable Saas eCommerce platform that lets retailers sell online using their existing POS as digital hubs.
  • Selectively Logo

    Company Description
    Selectively identifies, attracts and retains the best staff by providing them with the best work environment : on the spot wage payment at the end of assignments, bonuses for attaining objectives, one-click contract signing, personalized training programs, upward mobility and also a great community that gathers regularly for sport sessions, parties and shopping advantages,..
  • Ownest Logo

    Company Description
    Ownest aims to provide practical blockchain applications from business to mainstream. Specialized in traceability and certification, Ownest helps customers and operators to trace the life of a product and keep the certificate of their purchases.
  • Mercaux Logo

    Company Description
    The Mercaux mobile platform enables retailers to provide a digital in-store experience; delivering the speed, convenience, and personalization of online into the hands of sales associates and customers.
  • Grand Shooting Logo
    Grand Shooting

    Company Description
    Grand Shooting analyzes photos in real time and at every steps of a production, enabling : workflow acceleration; automatic error detection to master quality; easier collaboration with inner and external photo studio.
  • Datadome Logo

    Company Description
    DataDome is a Saas cybersecurity solution for web and mobile applications that analyses non-human traffic in real time to provide a bot management interface with filtering and blocking capacities.
  • Braineet Logo

    Company Description
    We’ve been helping more than 50 companies in their collaborative innovation. Thanks to Braineet, they are receiving thousands of ideas from their clients or employees thanks to a simple and intuitive platform (and mobile app !). They can discuss the ideas with the users and co-create better innovations. They assess ideas to give some feedback to users. Then, Braineet helps them analysing all these ideas thanks to semantics and segmentation tool in ordrer to take the best decisions.
  • Kairos Fire Logo
    Kairos Fire

    Company Description
    Kairos transforms in-store traffic into data, enabling: Cutting-edge knowledge of in-store traffic; Better retainment via targeted mobile marketing campaigns; Media scoring: ROI drive-to-store campaigns, 100% sure
  • Snaplytics Logo

    Company Description
    Snaplytics enable brands to utilize new social platforms better and faster by providing necessary tools, insights, and knowledge.
  • Heuritech Logo

    Company Description
    Heuritech develops AI solutions to detect trends online for luxury, fashion, and beauty actors.
  • Euveka Logo

    Company Description
    Euveka developps smart connected and evolutive dummies to create, produce and sale garments at the exact size.
  • Clustaar Logo

    Company Description
    Clustaar develops an AI-powered platform which automates customer relation interactions through chatbots and other conversational agents.
  • Guesswork Logo

    Company Description
    Guesswork is a product recommendation engine. We help e-commerce sites to recommend products for their new users.
  • Angus.ai Logo

    Company Description
    In-store customer behaviour monitoring.
  • EuroPass Logo

    Company Description
    EuroPass is an emerging player in the Chinese outbound travel industry, developing WechatPay, leading Chinese mobile payment solution, in the European retail and touristic organizations.
  • Cypheme Logo

    Company Description
    Cypheme is an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing the product's packaging microstructure, using only a cellphone camera.
  • Transaction Connect Logo
    Transaction Co…

    Company Description
    Transaction Connect transforms any credit card into a loyalty card. No hardware or point-of-sale integration needed, it leverages innovative banking technologies to identity customers, collect and analyze purchasing data when they pay with their usual credit card.
  • EasySize Logo

    Company Description
    EasySize analyses purchase behaviour of millions of online shoppers and predicts the correct clothing size. No measurements/photos are required. It helps to achieve higher conversion to sale (9.5% from a page view) and lower returns (9-10%).
  • AiFi Logo

    Company Description
    AiFi, a computer vision technology company, is introducing the first scalable checkout-free solution for stores from small convenience shops to mega-retailers. At AiFi, we're building intelligence at scale, and targeting the trillion dollar market of retail. Using computer vision, deep learning, and edge computing, we're developing a scalable checkout-free solution with minimal store modifications to the stores and enable AI-powered real time in-store analytics.
  • ParcelLab Logo

    Company Description
    We optimize the post-checkout communication for online retailers via real-time delivery monitoring and marketing automation.
  • Slyce Logo

    Company Description
    Slyce is the market-leader in image recognition for retail, powering visual search in apps for retailers such as Nordstrom, Best Buy, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, and Macy's. Our service can identify virtually any product from an image, and enable customers to snap a photo to buy something, add it to a wishlist, find it in store, or create another retail moment.
  • Alcméon SAS Logo
    Alcméon SAS
    Alcméon SAS Logo
    Alcméon SAS

    Company Description
    All those who speak in the name of your brand on social media networks are your ‘frontline’ in your customers' eyes. Help them meet this challenge! On Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, customers don’t reach out to a particular department. What they want, or what might convince them to buy, is a quick and relevant answer. This is why we developed Alcméon : A cloud based platform that all your customer advisors, community managers or sales reps can use together, and a powerful tool using cutting edge machine learning technology that will speed up and automate all the filtering and answering tasks as much as possible...
  • Cappasity Logo

    Company Description
    Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that lets online stores easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experiences. Cappasity’s mission is to make 3D imaging as easy as taking photos. We strive to help improve online shopping experience for everyone and make it as engaging and exciting as it is when shopping in retail shops.
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    Company Description
    Primo1D manufactures and sells micro-electronics components into textile yarns. The E-Thread ™ technology marks the beginning of a revolution marrying electronics and textiles. Our invisible RFID UHF yarn brings new added values such as anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, in a single component, beyond the traditional benefits of RFID UHF! Set up a real source tagging strategy, secure your supply chain, create an amazing customer experience thanks to our intimately incorporated and non-detachable identity...Welcome to the world of augmented inventory of Primo1D!

    Company Description
    Shoprunback, turns online returns into customer satisfaction. Based on our logistic services, plug&play easy return process, control app and merchant dashboard and a great team, we are offering a complete environment to manage and re-enchant online returns. Our tools allow to provide as many return solutions as possible in the customer area and merchants can sponsor fully, partially or not, the return cost but still providing a fantastic experience to their customer while benefiting of qualitative data. Our unique value proposition lies in the association of professional logistic services (local warehouses, control, relocation, etc.) with a digital return process available through API & Plugins. Key merchants already trust Shoprunback to manage their returns such as Mango or Nokia over 70 countries.
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    Company Description
    Stylitics powers outfitting and look-based content for large retailers, allowing them to inspire and engage their customers with stylist-quality looks, using their own products, across every channel. Stylitics handles all aspects of content production and delivery, helping to scale content creation while saving the retailer time and money and boosting sales.
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    Company Description
    Chute is an enterprise user-generated content platform helping retailers connect with their most avid customers to glean both insights and directionality, as well as obtain rights to use these authentic photos within the brand's online store to increase conversion and cart size.
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    Company Description
    Smartzer's interactive video player turns existing videos shoppable and navigable making it easy for consumers to engage with content. Items in a video can be clicked to see more information and make purchases. There is also an extensive analytics component providing valuable video engagement data for deep understanding of how consumers interact with video content. Brands benefit from the ability to use videos to generate measurable sales, build on customer preference data, and to use the analytics on how consumers interact with videos to shape future video strategies.