Working Remotely Due to COVID-19? These Startups Can Help

Published on Apr. 09, 2020

If you live on Planet Earth, you’re probably dealing with the consequences of COVID-19. The virus has forced companies from all over the world to adapt to the situation at record-breaking speed, and one of the main consequences is the need to work remotely. 

Remote work was already an option before COVID-19, but now it’s mandatory. Fortunately, many startups offer tools that help organizations deal with these circumstances. At Plug and Play, we are in touch with the world's best startups. Experts from our Enterprise Tech vertical have chosen five startups that you should keep on your radar.

Testfire Labs

startups enterprise remote work covid 19 testfire labs

Testfire Labs was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada. They have developed a tool called Hendrix, a natural-language AI assistant that “attends” business meetings, transcribes meeting summaries and action items, and archives those summaries in a simple dashboard alongside insights about users’ meeting history. 

With COVID-19, face-to-face meetings are nearly inexistent, and tools such as Hendrix can be a huge help for employees in order to keep track of everything that’s said on virtual meetings. With it, users can search keywords, dates, or names within a dashboard, to easily find the information they’re looking for.


startups enterprise tech remote work covid 19 xor

Don’t stop recruiting the best candidates just because you can’t meet them personally! XOR is a San Francisco-based startup founded in 2016. They develop technologies for human resource and talent acquisition workflow automation. XOR’s technology uses AI to scale an organization recruiting efforts, speed the hiring process and reduce costs. 

Among other things, with XOR you can communicate with your candidates through channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook; you can automate recruiting tasks with chatbots or even send automated emails from your recruiting inbox. Check out their website to find out everything they offer.


startups enterprise tech remote work covid 19 jam

Internal communication is essential for companies, but it’s not always easy. And it’s even harder when you’re working remotely. Jam is a startup based in New York that gives employees the possibility to visualize who is working with who and what they are working on. By doing so, it helps workers find those in the company who can help them accomplish their best work. 


startups enterprise tech remote work covid 19 hopin

Events from all over the world are being canceled due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you should cancel yours. Hopin is a live online video events platform that mirrors the experience of an in-person event. There is live, face-to-face one-on-one networking, group breakout sessions, main stages, the backstage, expos, ticket registrations, recordings, multi-level chat, analytics, and more.

Hopin can host up to 100,000 attendees (try finding an affordable venue with that capacity!). If you want to throw an event, take a look at the article they published recently explaining how they can help. 


startups enterprise tech remote work covid 19 jamm

Jamm helps your team remain productive when working from home. This startup offers all the lightweight collaboration features that you need to work remotely: voice, video, recording, screen-sharing, white-boarding, share pointers and more. 

When working from home, it’s hard to have a quick conversation. In order to talk to someone, you need to schedule a proper meeting and then wait for it to happen. Jamm enables 1-click video communication, mirroring casual conversations that happen in office settings and speeding things up. 


startups enterprise tech remote work covid 19 flip

Flip is a Stuttgart-based company that has developed a messenger-type app that connects employees and enables top-down communication. All of it, in a legally compliant manner. It's perfect for those that don't necessarily work in an office, such as the employees of a hospital.

This Progressive Web App combines features of private social media tools, so it's intuitive and easy-to-use. It is also a white-label solution, and can be integrated into existing IT systems, even in large corporations. 

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