The Top 10 Most Iconic Phrases From HQ Trivia

    By Kayvon Deldar Published on April 24, 2018

    We, here at Plug and Play, pride ourselves on our ability to source nascent startups and invest in the most promising ones. While we have industry verticals that focus on investments in HealthTech, MobilityTech, InsurTech, and many other sectors, we unfortunately have yet to create a focus for mobile gaming applications. This remorse stems from a company that hits close to home: HQ Trivia. A wildly-popular interactive mobile trivia game show where winners win real money, HQ Trivia has recently raised a new round of funding valuing the company at 100 million dollars.

    HQ Trivia checks a lot of boxes that signify a solid venture investment. The team behind the app is the same team that created the viral video app Vine, which indicates that they might have particularly good insight into consumer desires and behavior. The customer traction has been undeniable thus far, with roughly a million players per time slot. They have entered a market that has little to no competitors, and thus they’ve benefited greatly from first-mover advantage. They’ve received reputable funding from Silicon Valley titans like Peter Thiel and his Founders Fund. Their ability to capture millennials’ undivided attention for 20 minutes straight could have great implications for potential marketing revenue, as this attention is treasured and quite hard to capture.

    HQ Trivia has taken the nation by storm, and not surprisingly, that craze also found its way into our office. We have an ultra-dedicated team of at least four people that, without fail, gather into a room to play together at noon every day. We’re so dedicated to the game that we’ve even created a recurring daily calendar invitation. We were just an ordinary band of lowly trivia enthusiasts and HQ-wannabes, but after surviving the 12-question gauntlet on one winter afternoon, we have become the self-proclaimed HQ Dream Team. We have a printout of our victory screenshot, which is the hallmark of our esteemed headquarters in Sunnyvale, so much so that we have even included the HQ victory in our popular office tour.

    However, it’s not quite fair to write an article about HQ Trivia’s addictive nature without mentioning the one man that has attributed to that nature the most: the host Scott Rogowsky. His energy is infectious, his wittiness brings smiles to our faces, and his iconic phrases keep us guessing. Scott has endearingly been named the Quiz Daddy, Trap Trebek, Pat Slajak, Quiz Khalifa, the Quizard of Waverly Place, and many others - the whole list would probably take up a whole paragraph. In case you’re interested in hearing them, here’s a compilation:

    Soooo, coming from the greatest city on Earth, the city that never sleeps, Sunnyvale, California, we bring to you ten of the most iconic phrases of the most iconic mobile gaming show host.

    1. Quiz with me and get some money
    2. $5,000 dumplings, $5,000 duckbills, $5,000 dollars!
    3. With all that money you could buy...
    4. Who’s making money move tonight?
    5. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s get this show on the road, qumero numero uno
    6. Oh Boy Oberto! We’ve got some savagery here!
    7. Hq-ties
    8. Oh the HQ-manity!
    9. It all boils down to this!
    10. We’ve got winners babaay

    We hope to be able to find and invest in the next HQ Trivia, but until then, we’ll still be playing relentlessly to reach the promised land of HQ victory.

    If I've convinced you to download the app, please use my referral code "kdeldar", so that I can put food on the table.