The Moment When You're Doing Too Much on Social Media

By Martyn Crew, CEO & Founder, Bootstrap Marketing Published on May. 31, 2018

Is it Possible to be Too Active on Social Media?

The short answer is yes. The last thing you want to do is fill your customer or fan’s social feed with content that doesn’t appeal to them. That will result in an unlike or an unfollow and your company losing this direct access to the customer possibly forever. So how do you find the social media sweet spot for your startup? First we need to look at a few factors:

  1. Your company type (B2B or B2C)
  2. The social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest, blog, etc.)
  3. What you have to say

B2B or B2C

If you’re a startup trying to sell enterprise software, bombarding your customer’s Facebook feed with customer testimonials or product specs isn’t the way to go. Take a conservative path that will be respectful of your customer’s time and “personal space.”

If you are a consumer brand, you’re likely trying to build up a foundation of superfans who will advocate for your brand. Give them what they want with a slightly higher frequency of posts. Give them the entertainment and excitement they are craving from social media.

Which Channel?

It’s important to learn the appropriate posting rate per channel. Through years of trial and error, Bootstrap has developed these posting rules of thumb. Go too much above these rates and risk losing fans, too much below and your engagement might suffer.

social media posting frequency bootstrap marketing

Say Something

Here’s the kicker: You need to have something to say to or show your followers on any social media channel. Be creative, think of different ways (including graphically!) to get your messaging across. And have fun with it--remember most social platforms are entertainment first.

Martyn Crew is the CEO and founder of Bootstrap Marketing, a San Carlos-based digital marketing agency. Bootstrap works with industry leaders like SAP, high-growth companies like Pentaho and startups like Yeti Data to help them position their solutions with content and campaigns that help them get to market fast and stay ahead of their competition.