10 Startups Offering Innovative Knowledge Base Solutions

By Andrés Diaz and Isabel Serna Published on Apr. 27, 2023

Intelligent databases are transforming the way businesses operate in today’s world. As technology advances, so does the way companies utilize knowledge bases to uncover insights and make decisions faster than ever. With these advancements comes a surge of startups helping businesses leverage intelligent knowledge-based systems to their fullest potential.

There’s a massive problem across companies; information is siloed and hard to access. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, specifically intelligent databases, it’s possible to solve this problem by making information accessible to employees and clients for self-service features.

Here are ten startups that are revolutionizing enterprise technology in 2023:

1. Golden

Golden is on a mission to change how we gather, process, and communicate information. It leverages Artificial Intelligence to build the world’s first self-constructing knowledge database. It combines its power with human efforts to create a collection of topics to which a wide range of users can explore and contribute. Golden can simplify the knowledge creation and dissemination process by implementing AI, making it more accessible and effective for users.

2. Raffle.ai

This startup is changing how businesses access and utilize their internal knowledge and data. Its comprehensive platform and cutting-edge AI helps search engines optimize internal information access, enhancing employees’ search capabilities, facilitating knowledge sharing, and gaining deep insights into customer behavior. Moreover, the customer service extension allows employees to predict and answer questions using data from the company’s sources.

3. Moveworks

Moveworks leverages AI-powered automation to help organizations boost customer service performance by quickly addressing common requests without manual intervention. This AI service platform allows customer service teams to promptly identify and resolve common customer issues in real-time, freeing agents’ time for more complex tasks.

4. Wonderus

Wonderus aims to make it easier for companies of any size to access, manage, and leverage their knowledge base content. This innovative chatbot provides immediate answers to the company’s queries, making it a convenient platform that captures frequently asked questions, tasks, and processes, ensuring consistent and timely responses. It also fosters an always-up-to-date data dictionary and utilizes a ubiquitous language, making it easy for the team members to use and understand.

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5. Korra

Korra is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that helps organizations provide better customer service experiences. Using a conversational console and AI to answer questions intelligently, Korra can understand customer inquiries and provide fast, accurate answers from its knowledge base. The platform also offers an automated self-service portal where customers can access various valuable resources, allowing businesses to save time and money on customer service.

6. Mindmesh

This startup provides a comprehensive AI knowledge management system that helps product-oriented teams solve context switching and information fragmentation. By offering an innovative interface that centralizes all the company’s tools, Mindmesh enables employees to quickly find the answers they need without switching between multiple applications.

7. Boost AI

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Founded in 2016, this Norwegian software company specializes in conversational artificial intelligence, providing complete software for building, implementing, and operating virtual agents powered by conversational AI. Its technology offers an easy-to-use solution to customer care queries that helps banks, financial institutions, and other enterprise companies meet compliance requirements.

8. Stonly

Stonly is a software company that offers multiple solutions to improve user satisfaction and retention while reducing support costs. Stonly’s AI-driven platform helps reduce customer support costs by automatically answering user questions and tailoring solutions to the user’s needs. Moreover, the platform also counts with an Agent Guide, which helps and guides customer support agents to the right resources and responses for each ticket, reducing the time spent per query. Their self-serve support, product adoption, support agent performance, and learning modules are tailored to meet the needs of any business, making customer service more efficient and hassle-free for both users and support teams.

9. Dala

Dala is an AI-powered search tool that helps organizations quickly and easily access information without switching between multiple applications. Through Dala, employees can access corporate information regarding processes, tasks, etc., through a single tool and gather insights into customer behavior while automating tasks such as document archiving and team collaboration.

10. Strattio

This organization offers a comprehensive enterprise knowledge management system that helps teams collaborate, share information, and analyze customer behavior and trends. By utilizing natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and cognitive search technologies, Strattio’s platform enables companies to quickly access the information they need from multiple sources to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.

Machine learning, AI, and more as knowledge base tools

Companies use machine learning, language processing, and artificial intelligence to process and understand intelligent databases, which allows them to uncover insights, make informed decisions, and provide better customer service. These startups and others in the enterprise technology space demonstrate the potential for advancement and innovative thinking the intelligent database industry offers.

The continued growth of these startups will undoubtedly provide even more exciting developments and benefits for businesses in the coming years. By working with companies in this space, we can help ourselves understand this area, work with these systems, learn how to speak the language of the future, and how to operate with the new procedures.

The insurance industry has the potential to broadly benefit from this sort of data accessibility and AI solutions since not that many industries own data as insurance does. Leveraging this data properly will allow insurance companies to spearhead their implementation and develop proprietary models that are not black boxes, similar to what Bloomberg has done with BloombergGPT.

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