5 Startups That Protect Remote Workers from Cyber Attacks

Published on May. 07, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread, most organizations are asking employees to work from home and maintain business operations remotely. Unfortunately, threat actors have taken notice and are seizing this opportunity to launch phishing campaigns, malware, and attacks to business emails, targeted at individuals who now are no longer protected within the traditional enterprise security perimeter. 

Cyber attacks related to the coronavirus outbreak could not have been more widespread. According to multiple reports, thousands of new phishing and scam websites are cropping up every single day. To name an example, malicious actors have recently targeted organizations like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to spread virus-related panic through disinformation campaigns.

Moving forward, it's very likely that threat actors will continue targeting individuals working outside of the office. It should prompt small and large businesses to invest a lot more heavily in different areas of cybersecurity, whether it's endpoint security, malware detection and prevention, security awareness training, or even anti-phishing solutions.

We are excited to showcase five really exciting early-stage cybersecurity startups addressing key issues that remote work presents:


Alcide secures Kubernetes multi-cluster deployments from code-to-production. Their customers use Alcide to scale their Kubernetes deployments without compromising on security. This enables the smooth operation of business apps while protecting cloud deployments from malicious attacks.


Resec is an innovative cybersecurity company, overcoming the limitations of conventional anti-malware detection solutions by using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. Focusing on complete prevention, ReSec’s multi-engine solution treats every file as a threat and therefore leaves the original file outside of the organization’s network and delivers the end-user a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real-time. ReSec currently protects dozens of customers from diverse industries, including military and defense, finance, government, telecommunications, and oil and gas.


ZecOps focuses on Security Operations automation with the philosophy that organizations are already compromised. Their solutions are designed to uncover attackers’ mistakes by automating threat analysis and digital forensics to accelerate Incident-Response and Forensics investigations from months to minutes to enable organization-wide disinfection.


At Findings, they believe that increasing security requirements and evolving skill gaps cannot be bridged by the current manual risk evaluation model. That’s why they are aiming to disrupt the supply chain risk management segment by providing AI-driven assessments, gap analysis, compliance verification and recommendations at scale.


Security Advisor

SecurityAdvisor reduces cyber risk in a quantifiable way by engaging with employees- especially higher risk employees. This is also interesting to cyber-insurance players as they can help improve their margins using our unique loss control approach. The core thesis of SecurityAdvisor is that users are central to an organization's cyber security. SecurityAdvisor's approach is to figure out the security needs of each user by integrating with a customer's existing security and platform investments and then contextually and in real time coach users in a friendly way using bite sized training modules.

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