20 of the Best Startup Explainer Videos Ever

By Kamron Nafarieh, Marketing Associate Published on May. 21, 2018

1. Unroll.Me

This mobile app allows users to unclutter their email inbox(es) in seconds. This video is great because it shows tons of people’s negative reactions towards a cluttered inbox, which is something that we all experience every day. It also shows the same people’s positive reactions to using Unroll.Me, which portrays how easy it really is to use the app

2. Zopim

Zopim is a customer service platform that allows websites to better engage with their customers. This video is great because it shows company representatives having discussions with customers over the internet in real time. The narrator in the video speaks in a simple, soft-spoken way appealing to all audiences. A white background keeps you focused on the content of the video, and people interacting throughout the video helps convey that as a customer browsing online. You are never alone with Zopim.

3. Tripcase

Tripcase simply makes traveling better, by keeping all of your trip information in one place. In this video, a lady is walking in a busy airport while explaining the app. The background music is upbeat and melodic, keeping the viewer engaged. While the lady is walking and talking, there’s people running around in the background, bumping her, pushing her, but the camera focus is still on her.

The carelessness of the other people in the airport displays one of the many hassles of travel, showing that everyone is in a rush and neglectful of the people around them. This setting is tangible and makes the viewer feel as if they are really there. The lady then ends her pitch by saying “Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t love traveling, but with Tripcase, I’m really good at it,” for a perfect finish.

4. Ucella

Ucella is essentially a smarter mailbox and your own personal post office. The speaker in the video’s attitude is condescending towards regular mailboxes, and he speaks quickly, portraying an attitude implying that a regular mailbox doesn’t make sense at all.

The startup explainer video shows clips of the speaker wasting tons of time tracking packages, waiting for packages to arrive at the door, and stressing over it unnecessarily. Then when he begins to discuss the benefits of Ucella, he speaks slower so the audience can understand the new information.

The video displays clouds of information in bullet form around the speaker so the viewer can read while he talks, helping the viewer engage and remember important information. The speaker and a post-office employee high five at the end, showing their casual relationship and displaying that you don’t need to waste time at the post-office any longer, because with Ucella, you have one right at your door.

5. Yellowbag

Yellowbag makes online shopping much easier by allowing you to save your favorite items from any website, and you’ll receive a notification when the price drops. Their video is completely animated, with a cheerful narration voice and harmonic music. The animation essentially shows how the service is used on a smartphone as well as a desktop computer, emphasizing its simplicity and usefulness to anyone who likes to shop online.

6. Mightycall

Mightycall simplifies the way businesses respond to customer requests, by organizing all email, phone calls, text, and social media notifications in the comfort of one app. Their startup video is set up in a elementary setting where even young kids can understand it.

Charts, graphs, smartphones, computers, and other symbols are all thrown into the video with an attempt to interact with the viewer. All of the symbols track what the narrator is saying, making the video simple and effective.

7. Clear

Clear is the simplest and best way to organize your life. Add tasks and mark them as complete for things you need to do on a daily basis, and most importantly, avoid clutter. There is no dialogue in the video; just a man with his smartphone using the Clear app, and the video shows how easy and helpful the app really is.

Nothing more could have been done to make the video better; sometimes simplicity is really the key to a good sell.

8. TextMeUp

TextMeUp allows you to create multiple phone numbers and manage them from one account. You can call or text anyone in the world for free, from different phone numbers, even if they are not TextMeUp users.

This video is completely animated and filled with guided symbols to help the viewer follow the dialogue. Animals are the “users” of the app in the video, which helps the viewer see how virtually “anyone” can use the app and benefit from it.

9. Moov

Meet Moov, your personal fitness coach. Moov is a small, light wristband that talks to you while you’re working out, tracks your progress, corrects your form, and keeps you motivated.

The video displays a few high-level athletes, men and women, using Moov to help them reach their goals in their respective sports, including cycling, swimming, running, and crossfit. Moov talks to the athletes, helps them push their limits, and accomplish their goals. You can really begin to feel the drive in the people using it.

10. Safedrive

Safedrive is an app that rewards you for NOT texting while driving. The video starts off by playing news clips stating that texting and driving is more dangerous than drunk driving – a sharp realization.

The startup's video is completely animated as well, and two cars moving through traffic, one with a texting driver, and an annoyed driver stuck behind him. The texting driver fails to proceed at a green light, almost runs somebody over, and then swerves and gets in an accident, outlining all of the known and regularly seen issues with people that text and drive.

iPhone text message bubbles then pop up stating that “thousands of people die due to phone usage while driving every year” and that “most of the victims are younger than age 25.” This provides a painful overview of how many young people die due to reckless driving and bad habits. The video then shows how drivers can be rewarded by not texting and driving through their app, providing instructions on a smartphone, rounding off the pitch.

11. June, the Intelligent Oven

June is a computer-oven that cooks, bakes, roasts, toasts, and broils, all by itself. In the video, a lady shows you how to use the oven for different items that you want to cook, from baking cookies to roasting chicken to frying a steak.

She walks you through all of the oven’s benefits, including the LED lights, a built-in camera, and a hand-crafted recipe list tailored to the June oven. The food she makes looks so appealing, and so much easier to make than your traditional way of cooking that you start to salivate.

The video shows that you don’t need to stand there and watch your food cook, and how the app will let you know when your food is done, which is a major deal-closer for anyone that loves food but wants to multi-task.

12. Frigo

Frigo is your personal grocery shopping concierge. Track what you buy, always know what’s in your fridge, and always know when things are going to expire. Frigo’s video is short and effective; it displays a lady picking up groceries, unloading them into the fridge, using the app to track what’s in your fridge, and discovering suggested recipes based on what you bought.

13. BriefMe

BriefMe is the new best way to get your news; the BriefMe Score identifies the top 10 most consumed and shared news articles of the moment, and also allows you to explore the most relevant news from different categories.

The video displays a busy businessman going through his data, and he talks to us about how busy he is, receiving phone calls, texts, and all types of alerts every few seconds while he’s talking. This realistic setting appeals to any “busy” person who’s phone can be a distraction.

He states that BriefMe saves him so much time and only gives him the most important news, or “just the cream.” He then takes a sip of milk and leaves a milk mustache punching home the point.

14. Luna Sleep

Luna Sleep is a mattress cover that makes your bed smarter; intelligently warming or cooling your mattress. It gives you feedback on your sleep, your daily life, and much more to ensure a good night’s sleep as often as possible.

The video's narrator explains Luna in-depth and also contains clips of the founder of Luna discussing how he came up with the idea and how it has personally changed his life – a key aspect of the video.

After Luna is explained in detail, the founder finishes the video by saying he “needs our help” to bring Luna to the world, with an incentive for customers to pre-order the product.

15. Near Lock

Near Lock turns your iPhone into a personal key for your Mac, a better alternative to entering your password. The founder of Near Lock introduces himself and his sister who loves to play pranks on him when he leaves his laptop unattended.

The video shows his sister messing around with his computer when he gets up for a few minutes, and then shows that with Near Lock, he can get up and leave (with his phone) and his computer will automatically lock, and when he returns, it logs right back in. This simple demonstration is a perfect pitch for this product.

16. Qork

Qork allows you to share what’s going on in your area in a matter of seconds; so people can discover what’s happening in their area, anytime, any place. It’s like a network for local events.

Their startup explainer video contains no dialogue, simply showing people using the app to find people doing cool things in their areas, and having fun together. This helps convey the simplicity of the app.

17. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes connects the blind with sighted people through a live video connection. The video shows how blind people are not different from anyone else – playing music, going to school, and going to work. It then shows some blind people having trouble at some points of the day, and how they can use their phone to connect to a sighted person who guides them through their video connection. At the same time, it shows how easy it is for a sighted person to help, and how much they are contributing to society when they answer a request on the app, creating an emotional appeal for the viewer. 

18. Digit

Digit automates your savings so you don’t have to worry about it, by analyzing your daily spending habits and setting aside money in a separate account in a way that you won’t even notice. Their startup explainer video isn't the most visually appealing or descriptive, but the narrator executes the pitch perfectly well. 


19. The Happy Home Manager

The Happy Home Manager takes care of anything that needs to get done in your household, from painting, to organizing, to cable service, to plumbing, The Happy Home Manager has you covered 24 hours a day by sending you the best talent for the job needed in the shortest amount of time.

The video starts off with a Happy Home Manager Employee introducing Amy, a woman with a full-time job and two kids. While she’s running around the house getting things done, a few Happy Home Manager employees are fixing different things around the house, while explaining how the app works. The video also portrays a friendly relationship between the home owner and the Happy Home employees, with lots of hugs, smiles, high fives, and selfies exchanged between one another.

20. Final

Final eliminates the hassle of having one debit or credit card number by generating a new, unique card number for anywhere or anytime you want to use it, and allows these numbers to be stored on all of your smart devices, not just your wallet.

The video displays a man who is simply tired of getting scammed. He is relaxing in his home, and uses sarcasm to show his irritability – and his satisfaction with the Final app.

His tone remains the same throughout the entire video regardless of his actual attitude, adding a touch of humor to his pitch. It shows him using the app while cooking dinner, showing how little effort it takes to use and how much easier it makes his life.