These Are 5 Startup Companies Innovating the Consumer Insights Industry

By Mary Volynets & Dillon Hall - Simporter Published on Jul. 21, 2022

Data is key. Without it, your brand could be missing out on a significant amount of intel that could shape and change the way your business makes decisions. The volume of data available to companies these days has a major impact on business, and there are several resources available for you to retrieve any type of data you’re seeking.

It’s important not to ignore consumer insights when making critical decisions for your company’s product lineup. Ask yourself: are you and your company doing everything possible to gather customer feedback and adjust your efforts accordingly? If you feel like your internal data collection, storage, and analysis processes aren’t serving you effectively, it might be time to seek external guidance and assistance.

Here’s a list of five consumer insights startup companies you can work with today to get a leg up on your competition.


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Simporter’s ability to automate new ideation research and pre-market forecasting can significantly impact how your brand leverages data to improve and scale your business. The White Space Artificial Intelligence, or AI, tool automates product research with artificial intelligence along with ideation research and pre-market forecasting. The platform analyzes billions of data points across searches, sales, socials, and reviews, so you can quickly meet consumer needs and de-risk new product development.

The White Space Artificial Intelligence, or AI, tool automates product research with artificial intelligence along with ideation research and pre-market forecasting.

Unlike a consultancy, Simporter is updated 24/7 to provide you with insights you can act upon to cement your brand with a first-mover advantage. And instead of using focus groups and panel services, which require you to decide from hundreds of opinions, you can choose from millions for more qualitative decision-making. Rather than using separate tools for each data source, (e.g. a social listening tool, e-commerce, search tool, etc.) you can use one holistic platform within your team.

Some analytics tools are complex, so the Simporter platform is configured to give you just what you need in a simpler fashion. Its proprietary AI algorithms, combined with exclusive databases, increase new product revenue by an average of +23%.


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Zappi is a technology platform that offers over 30 unique software solutions to customers. This platform recognizes that the creative process isn’t linear, so no matter what a customer’s needs are, Zappi has a solution designed to address those needs quickly and efficiently. The company uses AI to provide customers with a place to test hypotheses and browse past studies to uncover trends, patterns, and themes.

Getting set up on the Zappi platform is seamless, with a straightforward five-step process to get started. First, clients select the solution most important to them, determine a location to test, and pick an audience (from their pre-set audiences or create-your-own). Then, customers can configure their ideal study to pinpoint the right attributes, price points, and custom questions to ensure they get the answers necessary to take actionable next steps. Third, customers launch their studies to begin data collection.

As is the case with any data-based study, customers can then analyze and share the data included in their reports. Zappi automatically cleans, models, stat tests, and visualizes the study’s findings against industry or category benchmarks to help customers get the answers they’re seeking.


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Founded in 2014, Remesh is a tech company dedicated to representing the people's will and amplifying their collective voice. Remesh believes that conversations that bridge cultural, political, social, economic, and geographic divides lead to a more cohesive, unified, and communicative world. The Remesh platform uses AI to conduct focus groups online at scale. Their intelligence analyzes the opinions and interactions of up to 1,000 participants in real-time and helps make sense of the responses that best represent the focus group, all within minutes.

Remesh allows clients to have a live, online conversation with consumers, citizens, and employees — all of who have the opportunity to express their opinions in their own words. Remesh’s technology stack analyzes each group member’s response as it’s submitted so that you can continue to ask the most relevant questions that will generate the highest level of engagement.

After the focus group conversation has concluded, Remesh clients can export all the data they’re interested in learning more about (including segments, stimuli, the spread of opinion, responses, etc.) with just a single click of a button. Their customer base, which covers most major industries, uses Remesh to understand their customers and audience in great depth. This enables them to make the best possible products, companies, and governments.


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AlloReview offers a unique solution to an evergreen problem of collecting consumer feedback: it’s challenging to get the accurate details of what’s good and what needs improvement. 9 out of 10 customers do not respond to generic satisfaction surveys that rarely ask relevant and high-importance questions of the surveyee. That’s where AlloReview comes in.

AlloReview is a platform that conducts customer feedback surveys using curated and tailored questionnaires with a voice-response system. Their technology allows those surveyed to provide honest, direct, and relevant information to companies without worrying about the meaning getting lost in translation (for example, ranking 1-5, which is very subjective).

Customers can provide more detailed and specific feedback compared to traditional surveys. Plus, the data their platform collects gives customers the power to confidently move forward with changes to products, services, or processes because they know the feedback they’ve received is genuine. It takes less than a day for AlloReview to fully integrate with their customers’ systems, so they’re as high-tech and convenient as can be.


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PICKL is a consumer insights platform designed to deliver real-time competitor and category data, intel, and recommendations to help drive more customers to stores. The PICKL platform allows its customers to take advantage of an activated and engaged community of shoppers to gather the critical data and research needed to scale sales efforts and maximize profits.

Customers are given a centralized dashboard, called the PICKL details page, which shows them all the competitive intelligence needed for research and development. Their customers simply assign custom tasks to PICKL’s system, and shoppers will begin to gather the data they’re seeking. Companies that wish to collect customer feedback in real-time can get in-the-moment, direct feedback through PICKL’s unique Insight feature. Brands can create customized questionnaires to ask the most relevant and interesting questions to shoppers while they’re in the process of making product selections.

If you’re in need of assistance generating valuable, relevant data insights for your product, marketing, or business development teams, reaching out to any of these platforms is a great place to start.