September 2021 | Our Monthly Event Recap

Published on Oct. 01, 2021

September has been one busy month! It's been filled with a variety of different events, ranging from conversations on aging to discussions of retail trends post-COVID and many more. Of course, no need to worry in case you missed any of them. We have compiled a list of every event in September detailed below, ready for you to watch whenever you like.

Agriculture Outlook & Innovation

We brought together a panel of NDSU professors & researchers to talk about trends that help transform the agriculture outlook in 2021, including: Robotics solutions in weed identification, Soil health and sustainable agriculture, and Agriculture and Growth of Economy.

The Role of Wearable Diagnostics in Personalized Nutrition

Innovations in the wearable diagnostics space providing the foundation for personalized nutrition solutions to offer real-time, data-driven recommendations, and ultimately drive better health outcomes. This is particularly the case for measuring how each of our body's blood sugar levels responds to the food we eat.

Changing the Conversation on Aging

Aging is not just about loss. Healthcare’s transition into the home and digital solutions to enhance our lives have opened up new opportunities to be well and thrive as we age. Please join Plug and Play and our featured speakers, Alan Goldstein of P&G Ventures, Vera Maljkovic of Eli Lilly, and Kenneth Smith of Stanford’s Center on Longevity, as we cover trends and solutions for active aging, managing chronic illness and longevity.

Liquid Fertilizer: Taking a Deep Dive

Liquid fertilizer has increased in popularity in recent years due to its effective, yet convenience and ease of use. However, fertilization can be confusing and exactly who should be using this? Kevin Crandall of Nachurs Alpine Solutions led the recent conversation and helped us understand more about this topic.

Plug and Play China: Alliance to End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform Expo Day

On September 17th, Plug and Play China celebrated our Alliance to End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform Expo Day in Shanghai with our corporate partners, startups and experts.

Women in Ag

Relive our Female Grower’s Panel, where we had four amazing women from all walks of life on their farming journey and how their stories inspire more women to make a difference in the field of agriculture.

Plug and Play Rhine-Ruhr Premiere

We are beyond excited to share our Premiere event of the cross-industrial Plug and Play Rhine-Ruhr Sustainability platform in Düsseldorf! Share this joy with us and learn more about our unique cross-industrial ecosystem approach to accelerate the sustainability activities in the Rhine-Ruhr area.

PNPTC Mobility & Energy Corporate Reverse Pitch

Corporate partners from our Mobility, IoT, Real Estate & Construction, and Energy programs presented their innovation projects, shared an overview of their companies, and explain what they look for in startups.

Appealing to GenZ

Digitally native Gen Z demands more out of the corporations they interact with. These preferences, while established in the technology space, apply directly to insurance providers. A hunger for financial literacy, transparency and trust in corporate activities, a seamless customer experience, and accessible channels of distribution are just a few of the things Gen Z will require from their insurance providers moving forward. Join us to learn more about how Gen Z consumer preferences are shaping the future of the insurance industry, and how you can meet their needs.

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